Aug 31, 2010

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Cross-posted from Aloha Astro

Today, August 31st, I noticed the first signs of Mercury retrograde on the road. Many instances of people jumping out impatiently, cutting people off, drifting out of lanes, directional signals not being used or being left on, and an extremely long funeral procession that I had to wait out before I could continue to my son’s school to pick him up. Lots of craziness!

With the Sun and Mercury now in a tighter orb of conjunction and the Moon in naturally impetuous and slightly scattered Gemini square to the Sun and Mercury on the morning of September 1st, please be extra careful in your commute, folks. Allow yourself some additional time to get where you need to be and be alert and aware. Wear your belts and watch the speed.

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