Nov 3, 2017

FACT CHECK: "Teal Swan Answers to the Allegations"

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This is in no way a "hard hitting interview." Let's get that much out of the way, right now. This is an in-house production posted on teal's own channel. She is not being interviewed by a professional journalist, but by an unidentified member of her team. This nameless, off-screen voice is reading a list of prepared questions, with no follow-up or clarifying questions. He challenges her on nothing. Worse, I think they are trying to mislead people into thinking it's a real interview and that teal is really being challenged. Notice in this Instagram video, teal flubs, first referring to this as a a video, then correcting herself and calling it an interview. And they sure are ratcheting up the drama, with not one but two introductory segments of her sitting bolt upright in her chair, with darting eyes and a nervous expression, like she's about to interrogated.

But first, let me back up a bit. Way back in July, Blake Dyer reached out to Katherine Rose Breen for a list of questions from what teal calls her "hate group," or what people without persecution complexes call Truth Tribe. Truth Tribe is a support group on Facebook where people discuss cults, spiritual abuse, and life after Teal Bosworth Scott Swan. As Katherine explains on her blog, it was presented to her as a short video of around 15 minutes, that may not get to all the questions. The result, however, is nearly two hours long and still doesn't address a number of the questions, which have all been listed in Katherine's post. She does address a handful of the major issues that have dogged her, things that have been discussed on this blog and elsewhere. But a lot of the video is devoted to her answering softball questions, that no "hater" has asked, like how all this "antagonism" has harmed her.

The result may be the most self-aggrandizing pile of verbiage to escape from teal's mouth yet. She announces herself "superior" to her followers and the vast majority of spiritual teachers. She compares herself to Albert Einstein, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Nikola Tesla. She declares herself an expert, despite her lack of training, education, and certification. Her credentials? She survived Satanic Ritual Abuse, she's been suicidal, she's been married four times, and she's "extrasensory."

One of the many questions teal did not address in this video was this one: "As a survivor yourself, how do you feel about Blake’s perspective that Tori wasn’t really raped, and that the assault was due to her 'poor boundaries'?"

Tori took it upon herself to try to hold teal's feet to the fire on her Spiritual Catalyst page. The "teal eye team" doubled down. When comments supporting Tori started to come in, the whole exchange was deleted.

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What follows is a segment by segment analysis of this video. I am using the same segment titles used in the video to simplify navigation.

Crossing Timelines of Abuse and Normal Life

"One of the things that I started off my career thinking was that by sharing the truth about my past, people would see that as a credential for why to listen to this person," explains teal. She wanted to show what she'd overcome, to demonstrate her strength as a self-help personality.

Her error, she explains, was in not realizing that much of society couldn't handle the hard truth of Satanic Ritual Abuse, so her critics set about trying to poke holes in her story. The central problem with that explanation is that it ignores the Satanic Panic of he 80's and 90's and the fact that SRA was widely and credulously accepted for a number of years. There were countless talk shows and self-defined experts. People went to prison for their "Satanic" crimes. But the evidence was always thin and a number of those cases have since been overturned. Therapists have been discredited for creating false memory. The FBI, after a thorough investigation, found that there was no evidence of vast Satanic networks raping and killing in the name of their dark lord. So teal's timing was poor. She came along with her story after so many stories just like it – I mean really, really similar – had been at first accepted at face value, then debunked.

The problem according to FBI agent Kenneth Lanning's report is not that people can't handle the horrors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, quite the contrary. It's that the realities of crimes like sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and child murder, are so horrific that it's easier to blame the devil than to acknowledge that human beings do these heinous things all on their own.

For those who know anything about criminology, one of the oldest theories of crime is demonology: The devil makes you do it. This makes it even easier to deal with the child molester who is the "pillar of the community". It is not his fault; it is not our fault. There is no way we could have known; the devil made him do it. This explanation has tremendous appeal because, like "stranger danger", it presents the clear-cut, black-and-white struggle between good and evil as the explanation for child abduction, exploitation, and abuse.

From there teal explains away the inconsistencies in her timeline, by pointing out that most abuse victims don't go missing like Elizabeth Smart. It's certainly true that most abuse victims aren't stolen from their families. The perpetrator is usually a family member or close friend. But teal takes this idea to surprising extremes. She seems perfectly satisfied to throw away the victims who do go missing... because it's rare and their perpetrators aren't very skilled, according to her.

One thing that people have to understand is that it's the rarity when it comes to abuse, a person who's stolen out of the house and vanishes and is kept in a basement for years upon years, that's actually the rarity. And it attracts attention because those abusers aren't particularly good at what they do. These are not the abusers we need to be concerned with in today's world, the people who you know go to those types of lengths to make someone vanish.

Screw those amber alert kids, man. Their kidnappers are just sloppy.

The problem with this explanation, though, is that teal seems to want it both ways: a common story of secret shame and denial and the drama of kidnapping by a cult – two cults actually, one Mormon, the other Satanic. She's been telling people for years that she was, among other things, repeatedly kidnapped from her bed at night, chained in a pit in her handler's backyard, prostituted out, used to lure other children to their sacrificial deaths, sewn into a corpse, repeatedly drugged, and forced to have sex with a corpse. All this we're meant to believe happened without her parents' awareness, while she was getting straight A's in school, and modeling around the world. Nothing in this video explains why all this does not strain credulity.

After explaining that she was living a double life – throughout her 13 year odyssey of abuse – graduating early from high school with straight A's and acquiring early bird scholarships, she blurts out, "Then you know the sad reality is once I escaped I had no life skills. I had no life skills other than skiing."

An accelerated student and professional model with no life skills? And in this blog post, she also claims that she became a licensed EMT at 18. This she would also have had to do while being tortured by cults, because she "escaped" at age 19. I'm pretty sure being an EMT qualifies as a life skill.


"Ya got me. My actual goal is to get everyone to commit suicide," says a grinning teal. It's astounding how much teal laughs and jokes about suicide, but some of us are not so sure she's kidding.

What teal does in this segment is narrow the scope to Leslie Wangsgaard's suicide, ignoring the numerous statements she's made which sound alarms for many of us. She also botches the timeline and tries to pin the entire controversy on Cameron Clark. There were concerns about teal's commentary on Leslie Wangsgaard's suicide during the Santa Fe workshop long before Cameron went public about her own experience of having teal try to convince her that she was suicidal and should take a long drive and decide whether she wanted to live or die.

Concerns about the Santa Fe workshop were mentioned in comments on my first post on teal. I watched the video and was stunned. I raised the issue in my second teal post. As more public critics began to find their voices, that particular concern began to spread, for reasons that should be obvious. This was never about what Cameron had to say about Leslie's death. It's about what teal herself said about Leslie's death and about countless other shocking statements on the subject of suicide.

In Teal Tribe, over a year ago, teal also typed out a long explanation as to how she was in no way responsible for Leslie's suicide. The first thing that strikes me about this conversation, is how people have to phrase their questions about teal, so they don't risk getting banned. Heart emoticons and assurances that they love teal and aren't against her are de rigueur.

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In her attempt to defend herself, teal threw her client under a bus. She accused her of not wanting to get better, an appalling and lazy thing for any healing facilitator to say about a client seeking help. And she revealed personal information that any licensed practitioner would face serious penalties for disclosing.

Why would she allow a client to become dependent? She's not a clinician and has no training in dealing with such a delicate situation. Why, if she knew her client was dependent and suicidal, would she not have made sure she had back-up while she was out of cell phone range?

These justificatory statements of hers also ignore her previous statements about her client's death during the Santa Fe workshop, which sure make it sound like she was fully aware that Leslie had made the choice to kill herself.

Her failure to prevent a client's suicide aside, teal is pretty sure that she has the answers on suicide and that the field of psychology does not. This will probably come as a shock to people who have been successfully treated for suicidal ideation. It also stands in stark contrast to her own statement in the Santa Fe workshop that, "There's nothing any healer could ever do for that type of vibration."

What qualifies teal to treat suicidal people? She tried to kill herself four times. Not only is this not a qualification for handling a life-threatening condition, it's fundamentally narcissistic. Why is teal so sure that her experience of being suicidal is the same as everyone else's? But it always comes back to this with teal, she universalizes her experience, she projects herself onto everyone else.

She's also very confident that she knows exactly what will happen if people visualize their own suicide. Echoing her "What To Do If You're Suicidal" video (addressed here), she states with certainty that people who visualize their own suicide will realize that the peace of death is boring and choose not to kill themselves.

But for all her talk of the pain and isolation of the suicidal person, she reduces suicidal ideation to a binary choice.

It is your life. You get to decide whether to take it or not. Unless you realize that it's your choice, you can't actually, consciously commit to life. People who are suicidal are fence-sitters.

Yes, that's the real problem with suicidal people. They're so indecisive.

Money and Spirituality

I don't know who if anyone is giving teal guff about charging money for events and products, or who expects her to "be a Mother Teresa." She has always charged for sessions, workshops, books, her "art," and the many products made from that "art." If she's faced criticism over that, I haven't seen it. She is getting some flack about the money question now, but I think what's new is that teal is getting price resistance. It's coming from her followers, who are finding themselves priced out of a lot of her new offerings, not from her "antagonists." Her new events are mostly high ticket and a lot of her new content is behind the paywall of "Teal Swan Premium."

It's all well and good that teal wants to charge for events and even that she has a "premium" section on her site. It also makes sense that she needs to charge high rates for some events. The problem is that a lot of this seems disingenuous.

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Why put something like the 2-3 minute versions of her daily update videos behind the paywall, teasing followers with truncated one minute videos on Instagram? And why complain that Instagram only allows minute long videos, as if that's the reason she's charging for the extra minute or two of content. Did she suddenly forget that she has a YouTube channel?

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And what makes 2-3 minute videos on her celebrity crushes, cooking breakfast, and video production, "premium" content from a spiritual teacher?

One of the things that my antagonists loved to say about me is that I have a religious nonprofit because nobody has to claim the amount of money that goes through the religious nonprofit. It's not religious nonprofit I have to claim every single cent that goes through this nonprofit. That being said we've done projects with this nonprofit. We did a books to prisons program for example. I haven't done anything that I wanted to do with my nonprofit yet it's literally sitting there waiting for future projects.

None of the many "antagonists" I know have suggested she has a religious nonprofit. I've simply never come across this idea. How on earth would she qualify? What people have asked, repeatedly, is why the books for her nonprofit, Headway Foundation, have not been made available to the public. She said they would be as soon as money was in that account. She was asked this very directly during what I like to call the "entities melee." (Discussed in the comments here.) At that time, January of 2015, she said her books would be open as soon as there was anything in them.

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It sounds from her statements in this video like money has moved through that account. They've done projects. So where are the open books?

Are You a Guru?

Some people will idolize me. That is the reality in today's world. The same thing happens to pop stars.

Yup. Being a spiritual teacher is like being pop star.

She also doesn't think she can prevent "severe idolization" because that's just the level that some people are at in the "evolution of their awareness." They've disowned their own positive traits and naturally project them onto her.

However this is what I'm going to say in the spiritual field it seems to be the only place where being an expert is not acceptable. It seems to be the only place where superiority in terms of knowledge, or information, or capacity to see, is not something that is respected?

Since when? Has she never heard of the pope? Lots of spiritual leaders and teachers are respected for their knowledge and understanding within their disciplines and within their faiths. A lot of them write books, give lectures and interviews, and are tremendously respected for their insight into spiritual life.

Perhaps teal thinks this because she does not respect other spiritual leaders and teachers.

So my issue here is that people expect a kind of lethal humility for me, whereby I say there's no such thing as expertise, it's just one perspective. No. I'm teaching because half of the things that I'm looking at I think are a total BS. I mean nobody comes in as a game-changer, as a thought changer, and thinking that everybody's got it right. I think most people have it wrong.

I was raised Episcopalian, and though I've moved on, it's a church I still respect tremendously. One of the reasons it holds a special place in my heart is its active ecumenicism. Not only did our church reach out to other Christian denominations to do shared programs, it reached out to other religions. My youth group, for instance, invited the local Rabbi to do a presentation on his recent trip to Israel. We also went to a service at that synagogue and their youth came to a service at our church.

When I hear any spiritual leader talk about why their spiritual teachings are superior to others, I get very, very nervous.

As we all know, teal is against humility on principle. She rejects the idea that she is simply offering a perspective, because hers is a "superior" perspective.

Do I see myself as unequal to the people who are following me in this setting? Yes, I do. Otherwise I wouldn't be teaching.

What makes teal an expert? She's "extrasensory." Other people not so much.

How do I have all this information? It's because I'm extrasensory. I'm not limited to this dimension or time-space reality. But I'm not asking you to believe that. I'm asking you to look at my content.

Well, I have looked at a good deal of her content. I'm of the opinion that it owes not so much to her ability to move through dimensions, as to her ability to google and hit cut/paste.

Being extrasensory makes her a victim, too. It sucks. But she can "see truths others don't see" because of their "perceptual incapacities."

Now it's time for the superior dance. Hit it, Pearl.

After explaining that she has a superior vantage point and superior knowledge, that most of what other people in her field are teaching is crap, how much she is suffering to gain this incredible knowledge so that she can impart it, and that she thoroughly rejects the idea that her perspective is equal to other people's, she suddenly does an abrupt volte-face.

One thing that I will say is that I never taught anybody to see me as a guru. I am NOT the venue through which your spiritual information will come. I'm a person who's providing a new perspective. If you can't look at that perspective and own it as your own, it's just my perspective.

She can't possibly be a guru, because she's so "authentic." She's open about all of her "dysfunctions."

If I'm like, okay, and my personal life, my relationship is not doing well right now, what do you think people are gonna do? Are they gonna see you as a guru? Are they gonna look at you and say, oh they're dysfunctional. I don't want to follow them anymore. Believe me, if I wanted people to see me as a guru and the one through which their spiritual enlightenment is going to come, I wouldn't have taken that step.

And yet people do follow her. By her own admission, many people "idolize" her. Perhaps not as a traditional guru, but certainly as a "guru-type," which is how she defines herself elsewhere in this very video.

More to the point, teal is promoting herself, not just as a spiritual teacher, but as a celebrity. She talks about her own fame constantly. How do celebrities market themselves? Not by calling themselves famous celebrities all the time. Even by Hollywood standards, that's just crass. But what celebrities and their publicists know very well is that sharing their private lives, leaking to gossip columnists about their relationships and break-ups, and sharing personal stories in interviews, they keep themselves in the news cycle, and they endear themselves to their fans. It gives people a false sense of intimacy with these stars who are otherwise so out of reach. What teal is doing, in this regard, is not new or fresh. It's not some bold social "movement." It's plain, old-fashioned self-promotion.

Law of Attraction

Why, the nameless, off-camera voice asks teal, has she law of attracted so much "antagonism" compared to other spiritual teachers?

If you were expecting teal to take any sort of personal responsibility for why she's magnetizing so much of what she considers "hate" or "antagonism," you will be sorely disappointed. The problem is with everybody else, not her. According to teal, she's magnetizing antagonism because she herself is an antagonist, but against all those "old paradigms."

It's not anything she's doing wrong. It's what she's doing right. She's a "game-changer." It's everyone she opposes who is wrong.

What you're doing is coming up against the systems that currently exist. That means that anybody who's a part of those systems, anyone who believes in those things, or who has taught those things, now suddenly is being invalidated by you. So they have an option. Either they admit that they were wrong, that their entire way of doing it was misguided, that they've spent their life in vain pretty much and that their life is not valid. Or they hate me. What are you gonna choose?

Gosh, I cannot imagine why teal telling everybody they're wrong, that their entire lives were invalid and will continue to be if they don't embrace her teachings, could possibly make people angry.

It's really interesting to me that people, you know, always want to put the emphasis on how is teal the one making this happen, when the reality is I'm a revolutionary in this field. That's what I am. So look at what happens to revolutionaries. What do you think happened with Martin Luther King? What do you think happened with Christ? What do you think happened with Gandhi? Look at these people. What's happening with them is what's happening with me. 

That is some pretty rarefied air she inhabits, very select group.

Apparently, people like her represent only 1% of the human population. She is a "reflector," she explains. I was baffled by this concept, as it seems to fly directly in the face of her professed belief in oneness. It was explained to me that she is speaking of a specific system called Human Design. According to this system, what they call "reflectors" are only 1% of the population. I will not pretend to understand this system, but as presented by her and by what I subsequently read, I still say it's at odds with both mystical oneness and the derivitive law of attraction beliefs, in which we are all reflecting each other all the time and cannot do otherwise. But there is nothing new about teal being a walking, talking box of contradictions.

After going to great lengths to explain why it's her specialness and her revolutionary ideas that have put her on a collision course with "antagonism," she finally gets around to answering the question posed. Why is she law of attracting this? So is this where she takes personal responsibility for what she is magnetizing? Nope. It's still someone else's fault, in this case her family and her largely Mormon community, which "ostracized" her and made her the "black sheep."

According to teal, no spiritual teacher has ever been open and honest about the difficulties in their lives before. That does not accord with my experience. There are lots of teachers who've opened up about current and past difficulties in their lives and shared a range of emotions. But your better spiritual leaders also know that what they're teachings isn't really about them and try not to make themselves the issue.

Poor teal is constantly working against preconceived ideas that spiritual teachers have to look a certain way and should maybe not be living in a never-ending state of drama.

I mean it's really funny because there's a lot of speculation about how it should look but are you awakened? Then how do you know how it should look? This is the big question that I have for people. Because, like I said, it's all speculation until you get to that point and, believe me, it looks a lot different once you're there.

If no one knows what an awakened teacher looks like, because they're not "awakened," how can they possibly know that teal is awakened? Because she says so?

As her mind-reading of her "antagonists" goes on – and really, we can speak for ourselves – this whole thing takes a dark turn.

Another reason why people antagonize me like they do is because in this group that I've set up, which is an intentional community that's worldwide, is a sense of belonging. A lot of the people who are following my material are deeply lonely people. The only place they find belonging is in this group that I've created, the Teal Tribe. Now the problem is when, let's say, that they decided that they hate something that I've said, or they're starting to speculate about what kind of a person I am, and they turn against me, then by virtue of turning against me, in the type of group that is set up around the support of me [emphasis added], they now are seen as an antagonist. 

So Teal Tribe is set up to "support" teal, not the other way 'round. And there is only mutual support and friendship, in that group, so long as members are not questioning or criticizing teal. Got it.

When that happens, they lose their sense of belonging within the Teal Tribe. Now you've got a person who did feel belonging and is now losing belonging. And they're alone and isolated and where are they gonna go now? They have to find a sense of belonging. And what my hate groups have done is set up that belonging, oh if you don't belong with teal, belong with her antagonists. so they're literally switching one belonging for the other sense of belonging, and belonging is one of the principal needs for a human being. So this is another reason why. And the problem is once they fall in with each other to get a sense of belonging, their only way of staying belonging in that group is hating on teal so they have to keep doing that.

They are either "belonging" with her, or "belonging" against her, according to teal.

In point of fact many people come and go from her "hate groups." Many get complete with their processing of what they've experienced with her and move on with their lives. That's what a healing context looks like. It's not about becoming part of a new group. Most of these people have lives. Some restore their relationships with their families and friends, relationships that had been damaged by following teal. People are not adrift without her and in desperate need of a new group identity.

She's building global community, not teaching ideas. She's made this about belonging. That sounds awfully culty to me. It doesn't seem to occur to her that people should be able to pick her material up and put it down as one of many sources of information. They're joining something.

I have come into the world on a platform of authenticity, which means that I have shared the deepest aspects of my own vulnerability with people. And that is a level of intimacy which is not normal to have with most people, especially most people who are famous. And by virtue of doing that, people feel like they know me. So what happens when they feel this level of intimacy with me and I don't know them at all? Because I'm a public person I don't know one fan from another fan often they feel completely rejected.

If you don't know one fan from the next, that is not intimacy. That is obsession. As I said above, she's creating a false sense of intimacy, the same way celebrities and wannabe celebrities have been doing  since the dawn of PR. She's also taking it to extremes.

Another reason that I feel like I get the amount of antagonism that I get is that I'm not a fluffy person. I do not sell novocaine. I'm gonna tell you that like 99% of the people that are in this business, they sell novocaine. It's just I'm gonna give you whatever material makes you feel better and then you're gonna have to keep coming back to my material. Nothing's really gonna change but I'm gonna keep feeding you this positivity and you know all these beliefs that basically make you feel like the world is better. I don't do this. I'm in the business of serious, lasting change.

I'm not real fluffy, either, and I've been pretty outspoken about the tyranny of a positive attitude for a long, long time. For the few minutes I was enjoying my first reading of teal's blog, her apparent dismissal of love and light was the reason... you know, before alarm bells started ringing in my head.

But I take her invented statistic with a few grains of salt. It's not based on anything but her own narrow reading of what constitutes the spiritual marketplace and a back of the envelope calculation that I expect only has meaning to her. It also very conveniently throws all her competitors under a bus.

But the larger problem is that she's not leading her followers to independence anymore than she claims all those novocaine paddlers are. In fact, she's far worse. She's openly fostering dependency on her "tribe" as a place of belonging and participation in some greater mission of authentic something, something.

I also think her work is potentially far more damaging than the love and light pabulum. Her work has the potential to break people down psychologically. Her "processes" are push polls into despair. Her Completion Process can, by her own blunt admission, lead people to self-harm and suicide. On balance, maybe that novocaine is the better option.


Why should anyone take marriage advice from a 33 year old woman who's already on her fourth marriage? In teal's tortured analogy, because sea captains who have only ever sailed in calm seas aren't prepared for storms. But a storm is a natural phenomenon, something beyond any captain's control. I think a better comparison might be to the sea captain who ignores weather forecasts, heads out into storm systems despite warnings, sinks one ship after another, and then publicly disparages the crew.

It's hard to be in a relationship when you're famous and she's very, very famous. Like all celebrities, she has fans waiting in the wings who all want to take her away from whoever the current "asshole" is. Is this a veiled admission about the demise of her third marriage, and the fan who sent her a mash note about the Eiffel Tower? Hmmm...

Anyone who wants to be in a relationship with teal has to be "addicted" to "awakening" and to "being worked on all the time." And this is very hard, by her own admission.

Why? Because just come to one of my events and sit in the hot seat and see what it's like to just be in that position for one hour. To be in a relationship with me, that's your life. I do not put up with a lack of awareness. I won't do it.

I'd just like to point out that the term "hot seat" is slang for the electric chair. To be in the hot seat is to "face intense questioning, criticism, punishment, or scrutiny." Having seen some of her workshops, that sounds about right.

One thing you get pretty quickly watching teal in action is that she's one of those people who is just never wrong. To hear her tell it, it's her personal torment that she's so aware of what's wrong with everyone else, that when they don't acknowledge it, it's like being gaslighted. It's never because she's mistaken. If you disagree with her at all, or if what she's saying doesn't connect, she just verbally beats you into submission.

During her Dublin workshop, a woman sought her help with Chronic Fatigue, but teal's interpretation of the cause didn't resonate. And the more she resisted, the more aggressive teal got. Over the course of about an hour, teal enlisted peer pressure by bringing another CFS sufferer up on stage to "play them against each other." She scared her with warnings about her potential death, played her discomfort and frustration for laughs, and after repeatedly invalidating her, busted her chops for thinking teal had criticized her at all. Talk about gaslighting.

And then, of course, there was the man who went to Philia for a singles retreat, only to have teal assess his "vibration" as "creep."

So on this I agree with teal. Being subjected to that kind of treatment 24/7, in any sort of relationship, sounds like hell.

Much of this we already knew from her interview with Ale, who explained her ministrations thusly:

Because you’re always a work in progress and she sees all your imperfection, and you have to be willing to see them yourself. Because if she sees it and you don’t see it, then there’s a conflict. And she’s not going to let go.

And challenging her on her imperfections?

I don’t go there… what people don’t realize about Teal, her self-esteem is not high. She’s struggling with self-esteem issue…. I had this advice from a friend who gave me a reading early in our relationship that we shouldn’t walk on each other, but the truth is I should never walk on her.

In other words, she's free to walk on him. Sounds lovely.

Your Pain

Just in case you were fooled by the set-up of this video into thinking that the off-camera voice is a real journalist and this is a real "hard-hitting interview," this question should put an end to that illusion.

What pain have you experienced from this situation and antagonizers accusing you of these lies?

Wasn't the point of this exercise for teal to answer questions from her "antagonists?" (I'm assuming that's the word she found in her trusty thesaurus, because it sounds a little more sophisticated than the very juvenile "haters.") So what "antagonist" ever asked how she was being hurt by their "lying?"

To illustrate the pernicious nature of "slander," teal explains that Napoleon Bonaparte was not short, he was tall for his era, but was insulted by some nameless foe, who called him short. The Napoleon Complex is predicated on a lie, according to teal.

I love teal histories. They can be counted upon to be wildly inventive. Napoleon was indeed not particularly short, but neither was he very tall. He was of average, or slightly above average, height for his time. The confusion comes not from any defamation, but from a difference in measuring systems and his predilection for surrounding himself with tall soldiers.

Napoleon was not short. At the time of his death, he measured 5 feet 2 inches in French units, the equivalent of 5 feet 6.5 inches (169 centimeters) in modern measurement units. The confusion stems from the French and British measurement systems used at the time of Napoleon's reign, which used the same terms even though the actual measurements varied.

Napoleon was of average height, but his battle strategies may have earned him a reputation for being short. Apparently Napoleon preferred to surround himself with very tall soldiers, and these members of his personal guard made him look short-statured in comparison.

So, yes, errors happen and mythologized history can be pervasive. All that is true, but it doesn't explain the problems that teal is having.

I have lost talking deals based off of these campaigns, people who don't want to work with me because they're afraid of the controversy. Most people in this field do not require security. I require security teams at every single event. Most people in the spiritual field who are in the love and light don't feel comfortable with that type of dynamic happening at their events.

I'd just like to point out that teal has been alluding to threats against herself and her family since at least 2013, which was when I first became aware of her. Back then it was the "establishment" and nameless corporations and she was going to flee to Europe for her own safety, which, of course, she never did. Now, it's "antagonists" and evil plots hatched out of that "hate group" Truth Tribe. So this is just the latest completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, with which she can create drama and paint herself as a victim in need of protection.

Criticism is not slander. Perhaps teal's losing talking deals and not getting the support she wants, not because people are avoiding controversy, but because at least some of these folks recognize that there is ample truth in what her "antagonists" are saying. From the time of my first blog post on teal, she characterized my work as "outrageous claims." But, as I pointed out in the second post, I made no claims. I simply analyzed her own public record and stated my own opinions and deductions.

Since then people from her inner circle have come forward and shared their own experiences with teal. While much of this can't be empirically verified, their stories share many similarities. They also accord with her public record in many ways. The way that teal has retaliated against these folks, personally and through proxies, looks similar to the way Scientology handles the "suppressive persons" who've publicly broken with the "church." She doesn't take the high road. She takes no personal responsibility. She doesn't apologize for how she may have even unintentionally hurt them. The problem is always them. It's up to readers and viewers of that material to make their own deductions as to who seems more credible.

She compares her work to a "crown jewel" that nobody wants. None of her "famous" friends are giving her a hand up while she is doing so much to help them. I don't know. Would these be those same spiritual teachers who she says are selling "novocaine?" Or perhaps other people in her industry whom she's plagiarized? Ever think maybe teal makes at least some of her own problems?

Unusual for a law of attraction teacher, teal proclaims herself a "victim." She'll admit that she's a "vibrational match" to this, but that's because of how she was ostracized as a child. It always comes back to how she was victimized by others. Nowhere in this does she take any actual, personal responsibility. It's all blame-throwing, all shadow projection.

She is right about one thing, though. Some of us really do think people need to be protected from her influence, not necessarily because we think she's "like Satan." But as I've said many times since I started cataloguing her, someone had to bell the cat.

College Dropout

By her own admission, teal has no academic credentials beyond a high school diploma. Her answer to that conundrum is that she doesn't need any.

Okay, so my question to you would be are you gonna go back in time and sit at the foot of Albert Einstein and ask him for his credentials? No. People who know him understand that he was given a PhD. Why? Because he didn't need to study. What was going on his material was already better than what was going on. 

What she appears to be saying here is that Einstein only had an honorary degree. This is woefully inaccurate.

Later, they moved to Italy and Albert continued his education at Aarau, Switzerland and in 1896 he entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics. In 1901, the year he gained his diploma, he acquired Swiss citizenship and, as he was unable to find a teaching post, he accepted a position as technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. In 1905 he obtained his doctor's degree.

He did receive many honorary degrees throughout his very accomplished life, but those were in addition to those he'd earned academically.

According to teal, traditional education doesn't create "game-changers" like her. It only teaches people old, outmoded thinking. Of course a lot of thought leaders and change agents have had traditional educations, people like, say, Albert Einstein. This is the kind of basic information that she would know, or at least  know how to fact-check, if she'd had a proper education.


The question and the answer are, once again, narrowed in scope, focusing only on the allegations of plagiarism in The Completion Process, ignoring her long history of plagiarizing from multiple sources. I have it on good authority that my Fullmetal Plagiarist post was discussed in Teal Tribe, that she defended herself within in the confines of that group, and that the entire discussion was deleted, as criticism of her typically is. Can I prove that? No, it was deleted and no one got screenshots. But I also know that the issues raised in the post have circulated widely. I'm pretty sure she knows that she was caught plagiarizing swathes of text, word for word. But she's not addressing any of it in this video, only The Completion Process, where I guess she feels safe. She's not safe, for reasons that will become apparent.

According to teal, Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda "who was already hating me because I'm competition for her in terms of the world stage and disseminating teachings as female prophet, basically, uh, she decided when she saw this process coming out called The Completion Process, having been angry that I used her guru's picture, flipped out, I mean literally flipped out..."

What someone literally flipping out would look like, I can't imagine, so let's assume teal means she figuratively flipped out. What she actually did was post a video on teal having plagiarized Nithyananda. But teal's narrative is very inventive and makes many assumptions. We all know that envy is the prime driver of any woman who takes issue with her, according to teal, so this is nothing new. But the thing about the photo I knew wasn't right either, so I checked. In point of fact, Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda had no idea about the use of the photo until after posting the video in question. She learned it from a comment on that very video.

Click Image to Expand

In teal's version of events, Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda and the Nithynanda followers, unable to prove the similarity of the two bodies of work, turned their attention to Michael Brown, but that is bollocks. Nithyananda's followers are still actively and aggressively targeting teal for plagiarizing their guru and they were never the people who accused her of plagiarizing Michael Brown.

I had been hearing chatter about teal plagiarizing The Presence Process long before Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda's video. In fact I was directly contacted about it shortly after my Fullmetal Plagiarist post went up and asked if I could look into it. This was before her book was published and when the details of her process were not available for perusal anywhere, so I could not find text to work from. It was Katherine Rose Breen who ultimately did the pick and shovel work of comparing the two books and her post can be found here and here.

In her video, teal claims that she has spoken to Michael Brown and everything is good between them. A friend of mine reached out to him to find out whether or not this were true. Brown had nothing good to say about teal. He provided the following statement. (Screenshots follow.)

"When Teal Swan's management first contacted me, asking if we could engage on some level about the commonality of our work, or some other pretext like that, I brushed them off. I said something like, 'when people do explorations into themselves they likely find the same things...blah, blah, blah'. When readers told me Teal Swan is plagiarizing The Presence Process, I wasn't really interested. I do recall comparing such mutterings to, 'yapping dogs'. I apologize for that now. My initial flippant response is because I have heard exact sentences, verbatim from my two books, come out of the mouths of many known New Age 'teachers', and even celebrities like Jim Carey, Oprah and Ellen. Even my own friends do it to me, not realizing they are talking my book back at me. This is because The Presence Process is full of perceptual catch-phrases I created in the 90' to communicate the intricacies of emotional processing, which have now become meaningless New Age memes. People love to use them to impress, especially when they have no experiential clue what they really imply. Some of these catch-phrases now appear on fridge magnets in New Age homes, always ascribed to some fake guru, like Teal Swan. The word 'integration', for example, was only used in the context of the business community before I added it to the vocabulary of emotional processing in the early 90's. So I take people plagiarizing my work with a pinch of salt. However, Teal Swan does take it to a whole new level. Since my one and only interaction with Teal Swan, last year if I recall, Namaste Publishing Inc. has been contacted about this matter by others and did pass their documentation on to their legal advisers. I would encourage readers to contact them again if this matter concerns you. [Attention: Constance Kellough ] I have not read Teal Swan's recent book, or any of her writings, other than excerpts sent to me by concerned readers. So beyond what has been shown to me, I have no idea to what extent she copies anything by anybody. But I have seen her videos on you tube. Teal Swan is everything I hoped the writing of The Presence Process would protect people from. I guess I failed a bit here!!! As long as people confuse 'taking their power' with 'following another despite their obvious inconsistencies', the Teal Swans of the world will be here to rake in the cash and leave a wake of confusion and disappointment. The Presence Process is delicate, personal, self-facilitation, written in context and with extreme care. People using any part of it to gain followers are naive, reckless, irresponsible and ignorant. Or otherwise they are just power-hungry psychopathic narcissists." Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process and Alchemy Of The Heart.

Practicing Psychology Without a License 

Neither I nor anyone I know, and you how we "haters" stick together, put the State of Utah onto teal.

In a classic teal move, she claims in this video that the citation is ridiculous because they based it on her using the clinical term "social anxiety." It's not because she used the term. It's because she used her process to treat this clinical condition.

Compared to a laundry list of abuses that could have gotten her license revoked if she had one – like, say, abandoning a dependent and suicidal client to go on vacation and then disclosing that client's personal details after her death – the technicality the State cited teal for may seem trivial. All I can say to that is that they brought down Al Capone on tax evasion.

Cult or Movement?

Here again, the question is narrowed, in this case to Teal Tribe, the Facebook group, but even some of her answers point to the larger issue, which includes things like the building of intentional communities of her followers.

I may at some point do an analysis of her Cult or Movement blog post, but now is not the time. One can certainly, though, compare even what I've documented in this post to the checklist she presents in that post and see some of the problems for themselves. I also took a look at some of the cult criteria I think she meets in this post here.

We can also just look at what she says in this segment of her video.

She claims here that she'd be a terrible cult leader because she's teaching people to "follow their own internal guidance system." Take another look at the Dublin video. How is she helping that poor woman with CFS to follow her internal guidance system. By invalidating everything she says, including how she feels her own intuition and "guidance system" have been serving her?

"There is no money to belong to this group," says teal. That's true if we are narrowly defining group to mean her Teal Tribe Facebook group but to be an active participate in her greater "tribe," there are certainly costs. She charges for her events, and a lot of her new offerings are pricey. People have to pay their own travel to get to those events. She has much of her new content behind a paywall. To really engage with her material, costs are involved, and they are increasing.

There may be no consequence for breaking from her "tribe," but there sure are for speaking out about your reasons, as discussed above.

Nowhere have I ever taught that this is the one truth. Do I think I have a hell of a lot of things to share and that most people on the planet in this field of doing it wrong? Hell yes. Otherwise I wouldn't be standing on this platform. But I've never said that there is one true truth and that is something that all cults do.

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. She may not have the "one truth" but most everyone in her field and in the world are wrong. She is, at the very least, in a very elite group of people who are  right. Who those other people are, she does not say, nor does she cite most of her sources, so...

Whatever problems people are having in Teal Tribe, it's because the group is made up of people. Some of them are "super awake" but some are "super asleep." I love the way she just casually throws away a swathe of her members for, ya know, not being "woke." Anyway, what problems people are having, it's with the membership, not with teal. Nothing is ever her fault.

"It's basically a mini-society." It's not a cult, though. It's definitely not a cult.


Says teal:

I'm an empath. It's impossible to be an empath and a narcissist at the same time. Basically, by definition, narcissists are incapable of attuning. They can't feel other people's emotions. An empath is the exact opposite of that. My entire career is set up upon the basis of me being able to feel other people's emotions and see them and experience them. I would be really bad at my job if I couldn't do that, so you can't argue that I'm a narcissist.

Scroll up this page and take a look at that Dublin workshop footage again. Where exactly is all this empathy? Here's what I see when I watch that and any other workshop exchange. She's not a good reader. Her answers are one-size-fits all assumptions, based on her own beliefs. In the above example, she insists there's only one underlying cause for chronic fatigue syndrome and when it doesn't resonate for the woman in front of her, she plays her against another woman with chronic fatigue, as if all chronic fatigue sufferers have the same problem and there's only one way to deal with it. A good empath would find something specific about this woman, as a unique individual, to help her gain insight into her situation. Instead of "feeling into" this woman, she plays her mental chess game, "I'm gonna do a checkmate move. I'm sorry, you asked for it. You ready?"

She uses this kind of chess terminology a lot in her workshops, which is very interesting because it really echoes her thought experiment in this video.

Because I am an energy vampire, I am a master at manipulating energy. I could become a brilliant energy worker. I have the capability of consciously pulling in negative energy and transmuting it inside my own body. This means I can feed off of illness and discordant energy rather than stealing life force from people’s bodies. I can manipulate energy to heal people. Also, being an energy vampire, I am a master at mental chess. I play mind games with people. So, the highest aspect of that trait (what we call the exalted aspect) is to play mind games with people that benefit them. I could become a brilliant counselor or psychologist. I could outsmart other people’s egos and help them to see things about themselves that they are totally unaware of.

And she plays to win.

Narcissists aren't introspective and she's very introspective, according to herself. But narcissists are very definitely self-absorbed.

She exposes her dark side and lets people see her "in a bad light" which is "not the action of a narcissist," according to teal. But as anyone who has had much experience with narcissists can tell you, what they crave is attention, and if it's not positive, negative attention will suffice.

The narcissist’s insatiable quest for attention (what Vaknin was the first to describe as “narcissistic supply”), leads him or her to seek out a steady source of admiration. Where that is in short supply, the narcissist prefers to inspire fear or hatred than suffer the nightmare of being ignored.... While the narcissist’s need for “supply” is inexhaustible, their sources are not. Devoid of empathy, narcissists will escalate the drama of a situation – regardless of whether the attention is positive or negative, it is simply more attention.

Why does it matter if she's narcissistic? Why are displays of narcissism discussed? Because "pathological narcissism" is a defining feature of toxic mind-control cults.

Is she using her "seduction and looks" to grow her business and fame?

She tries to appear passive in the way her image is being used to market her. It's beyond her control, because she has employees who handle her marketing and social media. And she can't help that she's pretty and sexy. It's just who she is. She thinks it's terribly unfair that there's an idealized image of what a spiritual teacher or "guru-type" should look like.

I want to smash the paradigm of the image, this little, boxed image, of what we think spiritual information needs to come through.

I almost agree with what she's saying here. There shouldn't be a certain type of appearance or level of attractiveness that determines your value as a spiritual teacher. The problem is that teal is on record saying exactly the opposite. She's said that her looks are very important to her ability to get her message out all over the world and that the Arcturians designed her to be pretty for that reason. Black women are seen, according to teal, as "pretty ugly" except to other Africans, so they're not able to get the kind of attention that she is. She's said that the mainstream doesn't want to hear spiritual teachings from someone who is "wrinkling and greyed." So teal has her own little, boxed image of what a spiritual teacher should look like and it's pretty, young, and white, because "sex sells."

Shadow Motivations

She's enlightened like the Buddha, and is now leading others toward enlightenment, but she feels unsafe in the world. Doesn't enlightenment mean awakening to the illusory nature of this world and that all that awaits you is Nirvana? What then could she possibly fear? How can she feel unsafe?

The Buddha stayed in the world to teach, as she claims she is doing, but out of compassion and to alleviate the suffering of others, not because it was the only thing he could do and was otherwise incapable of functioning.

Not for the first time, I am very troubled by the way she characterizes "extrasensory" ability. She presents it as this very unusual ability that she has, this rare "gift." Psychic ability is our birthright. We all have it and so do our pets. We certainly vary in our awareness and acceptance of our "sixth sense." Some of us have more developed abilities than others, but we all have these abilities and can refine and improve upon them. In my own practice I facilitate my clients innate intuitive abilities, help them to recognize and develop them.

I think I'm even more disturbed that she's also characterizing these abilities as a "curse." This makes psychic development sound scary and is potentially discouraging to people who want to acknowledge and expand upon their own innate abilities. Once again, she's fostering dependency on her. She is suffering to bring you insight, so you don't have to. How benevolent of her to martyr herself in this way.

Why Now?

Synopsis: She and her team followed the "what you resist persists" playbook. Turns out some things persist even when you don't give energy to them.

Suggestion: Might be time to rethink that whole what you resist persists idea.

Note: No one is lobbing actual bombs at teal, to be clear.


I am again left wonder what "antagonist" has asked her to share her life passion and mission, but here we are.

My life purpose and mission is to find an answer to suffering and one that I can convey. 

Didn't she just say that she was enlightened like the Buddha? Didn't he already do that? And didn't he understand the cause of all suffering when he became enlightened and only stay in the world to teach that?

But first, her mission is to "infiltrate mainstream media" and make it "so it's almost like you're tricking people into becoming conscious." It's always about the tricks and the mental chess, isn't it. Not surprisingly, her focus is reality programming. For some reason she thinks it's a novel idea to teach better relationship dynamics through television scenarios, and this is how she's defining "consciousness."

Note to teal: Higher consciousness has already "infiltrated" media. You are so far behind the curve.


All powerful movements within society are controversial, says teal. Sure. But that doesn't mean they're all good. The Nazis were a powerful movement that ultimately upended the fledgling democracy of the Weimar Republic, instituted a dictatorship, invaded other countries, and put their eugenics beliefs into practice by killing millions of Jews, Gypsies, disabled people, and anyone else who opposed them. Some social movements it's better to resist.

What are people resisting when they criticize teal? Messaging that we think could lead to suicide... and arguably has? Yes. We are resisting that. I know that's not the message she claims to be sending. But many of us disagree. If we really thought she had a great model for preventing suicide, we'd support it. It's not that her "haters" are against preventing suicide.

Many of teal's stated goals sound good, prison reform, integrating holistic health care... As overarching ideals they sound fine. But the devil is in the details and her details range from puerile to scary.

I find it troubling that teal can make even "authenticity" a binary, with me or against me thing. It's particularly troubling in that teal has redefined authenticity to mean a lack of personal boundaries and privacy. Authenticity as TMI. If I thought it were an actual movement, I'd be against it.

I mean the reality is is that when racism was the issue, people found themselves at that point. Are you gonna side with the, the aspect and with all the antagonism of being pro integration of blacks, or are you gonna be against it?

Well, you heard it here first, folks. Racism is not an issue anymore. Apparently, once segregation ended, it was all over. But even if we define racism that narrowly, it's far from over.

One thing that I would wish is that people stop focusing so much on me and start focusing on the content. It speaks for itself.

Whaaaaaah?! (LaVaughn carefully wipes coffee from the computer keyboard.) Is that why her group is called Teal Tribe and she thinks its purpose is to support her?  Is it why she has endorsed her followers calling themselves "tealers," and calls anyone who questions her "anti-teal?" Is it why all her social media is awash in glamour shots of her and she embraces these "sex sells" marketing methods? Is it why she does daily updates about her celebrity crushes, her cooking skills, and whatever is irritating her on a given day? Because she wants people to stop focusing so much on her?!

If You Could Say Something To Your Haters What Would It Be?

Hate is your word, teal, not mine, and it's a lazy and juvenile way to dismiss legitimate criticism.

I would love to be able to say to you that you haven't impacted me at all, but you have. You've impacted my life immensely and I know that there's part of you that's happy about that. But the question that I'd have for you is can you honestly rejoice in the suffering of others?

I can honestly say that I have never rejoiced in the suffering of others. I know some people experience schadenfreude, but I never have. I can't stand to see anyone suffer, even hardened criminals. I do like to see criminals removed from society, in order to prevent them causing more suffering. And this is one of those ways that you and I differ, teal. You may not want to see even your own alleged abusers incarcerated, even if it means others might suffer, because, hey, you can't protect anyone from the law of attraction. Yet here you are, asking for an exemption.

I am so troubled by the sight of suffering that your public humiliation of your ex-boyfriend motivated me to put pen to paper. I think you're a spiritual abuser, teal. I think you cause suffering.

If you hate something, it must have hurt you. How did I hurt you?

How can you ask that when a number of people have already posted their own accounts of how you have hurt them, and your response was to attack and defame them, never to consider that there might be at least some truth to their words, never to acknowledge their suffering at your hands. Why ask a question when you clearly don't want to hear the answer?


  1. Thank you for this detailed analysis.

  2. After reading your article I am as speechless as I was when I was forcing myself to listen to the first 20 min of her “Stoic Tealer reads cupcake questions to Teal” interview. But both states have a very different emotional layout. I watched myself gagging, holding my wildly shaking head, hitting my forehead numerous times, laughing historically in disbelief with wide open eyes starring deeply at the - so far - best piece of evidence about her utter madness and skill of manipulation. Whilst I was still hanging in there in the hopes of at least getting ONE ANSWER to one of the questions, the dinging noise of flying in youtube comments of fish who bit the worm, made me give up on the quest to awaken those catches. Then I read your article which included every single thought I had whilst watching Teal munching on her Tealer’s brains in the “It ain’t an interview my dear” piece aka self promotional video - aka shit show. I prefer that kind of speechlessness.

    Thanks for that
    “Hate is your word, teal, not mine, and it's a lazy and juvenile way to dismiss legitimate criticism.”

    and also that
    “I think a better comparison might be to the sea captain who ignores weather forecasts, heads out into storm systems despite warnings, sinks one ship after another, and then publicly disparages the crew.”

    and THAT
    “I think you're a spiritual abuser, teal. I think you cause suffering.”

    Thank you Mr Brown for finding words too.
    “Teal Swan is everything I hoped the writing of The Presence Process would protect people from. I guess I failed a bit here!!! As long as people confuse 'taking their power' with 'following another despite their obvious inconsistencies', the Teal Swans of the world will be here to rake in the cash and leave a wake of confusion and disappointment. The Presence Process is delicate, personal, self-facilitation, written in context and with extreme care. People using any part of it to gain followers are naive, reckless, irresponsible and ignorant. Or otherwise they are just power-hungry psychopathic narcissists”

    And THAT and THAT….

    The Teal files are growing. Everything got recorded and there will be a day in future when she will explain her followers that she made 95% all up for THEIR sake. And they will send her hearts and gifts, praises and even more money. :D But this article will wake up a tone of them. Good job LV. You r good hound and very good with de pen and de head!

    There was one real moment in the candy-for-tealers video though and it touched me deeply - when she was talking about the suicide, what not to say and that there is no real help out there (for HER). Your suffering must be hell and the messingwithothers seems to be your only way to distract yourself from it whilst feeding your never full ego(s) with men, money and desire projections of others towards you. I understand. And the multiple personalities don’t help on top of it. I care for you as much as I care for those who open themselves to your madness. The problem is that your dancing on too many opposing weddings. There are aspects in you who want to learn, grow, do good to people. And there are so deeply corrupted softwares in you - you are plain dangerous for all the gentle searching souls out there. Your ugly faces are the worst I’ve ever came across.

    1. And of course there is loads of beauty in you as well, sometimes you also act on it (i am not talking about your “sexting the world strategies”.) But somebody as insane as you are will always be recognised for that and there are people out there, including LV, I who will warn others of your insanity. I fully agree with Lv: although you are very gifted you harm people. I consider the world “authenticity” as useless after watching you abusing it over and over again…with a smirk in your face.

      Teal you will always be confronted with people who protect those your are messing with. It is based on your doing, your act of providing evidence constantly. The liar in you will always be written about. The lover in you is gorgeous, the artist in you too. But liars always dig their own holes in the ground. Your “Inter View” was ridiculous and stupid, a sick presentation of manipulation, enlightening to a certain degree about your many games. I am amazed how deeply you must be convinced that people are stupid. Only those under your spell my dear. My question is: under what kind of spell are you?

    2. T. always remember:
      Every day you can make it right.
      It's very simple:
      Stop making up shite.
      Stop being a pirate.
      OWN the lies of the past

      No mainstream media, no network, no newspaper, no director, no publisher, no spiritual speaker (who follow proper practise of research) will be able to go beyond THIS article and YOUR hocus-pocus video because you lost control of all the little and fat lies. It is getting out of hand now.

      Every day you can make it right.
      DO IT.

      My wish for you would be that your intentions are pure, benevolent to all of us, driven by love and motivated by a nurturing desire to help yourself and others to experience peace.

      Good luck T.

    3. Always wonderful to hear your voice GA. <3

  3. Hot off the proverbial presses, a new article on teal in And, yes, yours truly is quoted. Leave say, teal really shot herself in the foot when she called the reporter "antagonistic" in a blog post right after giving this interview. Also glad to see this reporter got Rick Ross on the record characterizing teal as fitting the profile of a cult leader.

  4. I see Teal just got some well-deserved criticism on her own instagram page for posting a video about what looks like one of those group therapy talk sessions where one of the members is being subtly blamed for not prioritizing the cult leader's personal feelings. In this case, it is Lynn, the newly wed wife of Teal's former (sex) boyfriend, Blake who was telling the story that once she and Teal went to the gym and Lynn was in a really good mood but Teal wasn't (I can already guess why that was, her age old jealousy was creeping up again because she wasn't getting the usual attention of her slaveboy now that he married Lynn, even on Teal's command).

    Yet Lynn was being reprimanded for not being in (teal's) reality and not bringing her mood down to teal's level. Oh how selfish of Lynn to have stayed in a good mood whilst not allowing herself to be brought down to teal's level of jealousy lolol.

    1. I know!!! This one is unreal. I don't think Lynn and Blake are married yet. I think they're still engaged, unless you've seen something I haven't. Blake has me blocked and Lynn's open profile isn't terribly informative.

      I didn't realize it was Lynn at first. Note that she's not identified in the video. That should be your first clue. The video could be called "nameless teal hanger-on has the piss taken out of her for not making teal the center of her fucking world." I saw her name in some of the comments and said ohhhhhhhhh... splains a lot. And this video follows shortly after the video with Graciela, in which teal invites her on to talk about teal. *But enough about me... What do you think about me?* But at least she says Graciela's name. Pat, pat, on the head, Graciela for being properly codependent.

      Even if you didn't know this was Blake's fiance, this video is unbelievable. It's another example of teal turning everything on it's head. Denial is about not being aware of someone else's psychological state, rather than your own. Narcissism – because yes, it's hashtagged #narcissism – is about not catering to teal's narcissism. It's positively Orwellian.

      Meanwhile, how is Lynn supposed to know that teal's in a particularly bad mood? When isn't she Debbie Downer? When isn't she miserable and complaining? God, how can anyone be cheerful around this woman, while she's taking their inventory and putting them all in the "hot seat." God bless Lynn for maintaining good cheer against those odds. I hope teal doesn't break her, but she sure is giving it her best shot.

    2. And we all know, if it were the other way around, if Lynn would have been in a bad mood and complaining about that, the 'spiritual lesson of the day' would be quite different. Probably something along the lines of it being proof of her not being enlightened and projecting her negative energies onto the 'enlightened master Teal' . It would be a great opportunity to market her stolen 'completion process' to perform right there on her little follower, but not when she is in a bad mood of course.

      I just checked the video with Graciela. I guess the stupid sheeple didn't realize that she was actually not joking when she said "it's so fun to look at her (Graciela's) shit problems." You could see the duper's delight in her eyes after she said 'no it's not'. It also occurs to me that Graciela kind of lets herself go by not looking after herself very well, I mean appearance wise. She could be looking a lot better but I guess she has such low self-esteem comparing herself to her guru all the time who is far from ascetic btw, that she doesn't even wants to put the effort in.

      I actually don't know whether blake & lynn are already married or just engaged. I just assumed they were, so I did a little google search and instead stumbled on this long ass rant from blake's blog, once again an attempt to demonize her critics :

      He got some well deserved criticism on that one too btw lol. I also don't know who Tori is he is speaking of but agree with a commentator that it's more like blake is crossing boundaries by victim blaming this person who claims having been raped.

      Gosh, the irony of it all: "She (Tori) told Teal that she expected Teal to stop any business association him immediately."

      Well isn't that what Teal demanded of her followers that they would stop any type of association even with any of her critics? And these are not even people who raped her..

      "Later Tori’s article came out about her incident. Furthermore she spent the next year or more in a relationship with this guy. And again we have a person that is unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. Why couldn’t that have been a story of “I don’t have good boundaries, so I let this person walk all over me?”

      So what about Teal then and her claims she was ritually abused by her alleged cult leader. Yet we've seen her love letter towards him, years after the abuse. So why couldn't she turn that into a story of I am unwilling to take responsibility of my own actions and have no boundaries instead she constantly throws a pity party about what so called happened.

    3. Here's my write-up on Blake's post.

      And here's Tori, in her own words.

      Graciela's a pretty woman, but she's hiding it well. Not being a threat is part of job description, I think. That video is so weird, tragic really.

    4. Holy shit!!! WHY is it everyone else's job to be attuned to Teal's feelings??? WHY isn't it HER job to attune to Lynn's heightened emotions and join her in celebration, to share happiness with her??? I have the answer: She is The Savior Superstar, Enlightened Magnificent Being, The Greates Eucharist. Every other human on the planet is her servant. Ok now I need to vomit. She's so incredibly toxic.

  5. So I should use my magical skills to see if someone is in a bad mood instead of them just telling me. Of course Blake the fake won't stand up for his girl. Teal is jealous, because Lynn is super cute. Like really. Teal is just a fading model who runs a cult of people who sleep with, gaslight, and abuse each other.

  6. I found her latest blog post dated 11/21 disturbing. She uses weird examples like the wife cheating in her husband (hello, Ale? Do you not see what is coming?) and the darker example about the mass shooter. What is she thinking? I wonder if the proper authorities are watching her after her stories about being kidnapped by the "cult", running her own cult in another country like Jim Jones, and now talking about (rationalizing?) mass shooters.

  7. I'm just gonna hang this here. It's not about teal, it's about Bentinho Massaro. The more I learn about this guy, the more I'm convinced that he and teal were pressed out of the same mold. Seriously. There must be a factory somewhere, and I don't think it's on Arcturus. This article is so excellent that he's trying to get it taken down.

    If you haven't read it previously, here is Gaby Petris's post on Massaro.

    1. "Seriously. There must be a factory somewhere, and I don't think it's on Arcturus."

      LMAO, I can already see them popping out of the factory machine.
      There's also this woman, called Omnec Onec who claims to come from planet Venus and would be a couple of hundred years old. But either she has alzheimers or bad acting skills (most likely) because I've seen her mention 2 different ages which wasn't adding up with the dates of the video's.

      And what about this dude? Igor Kufayev, he really grosses me out:

      You can see him sitting on his 'trone' and his disciples are sitting on the floor. Hmm where else have we seen that? I haven't watched the full docu, because I don't even want to but just wanted to give the link to show you who I'm talking about.

  8. I read that article and actually was looking to see if you had posted it. Your comment about the "same mold" struck me exactly. What does that mean to you? Is it some governemnet psyop or ultradimensional guiding? They are so similar it's just uncanny.

    1. I'm really not sure. I know that there are cardinal traits with cult leaders, that pathological narcissism lies at the heart of them. So I would expect a number of things to correlate. But some of this is really spooky. Too many of their ideas and stated goals are the same. It's just really creeping me out. I don't know why this is and I don't want to speculate.

    2. It could be that they read the same books (hehe)? I think this is a video that has good info about cults.

    3. Oh, I definitely think they're drawing from a lot of the same sources. And there are predictable patterns with cult leader personalities. But there are some subtleties with these two that are freaking me out. I may flesh it out more when I have some time.

  9. Because this is in no way a cult, teal is declaring her birthday as an international holiday, because she can do that. She hasn't even bought herself a country yet, but somehow she has the authority to declare holidays. Yup. And why? Because lack of "connection" is the greatest problem facing the world, and she alone can fix it.

  10. I kinda hoped you were joking until ..."Get out your calendar because I'm serious about this one..." Speechless!!!
    Still concerned now that little Vesta's BD is so close (she shares it with Trump though). But most toddlers are selfish drama princesses, right?. :Oo

    1. Yes. Relax. Selfish drama princess is quite normal for a toddler. Expect it to continue through the teens, after which, it should subside.

      And, yeah, I wish I were joking, too. It's like she's not even trying anymore. The grandiosity is just right out there. Most spiritual teachers are shite, but she's to the answers. She's Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi, all rolled up in one pretty Arcturian-designed package. And she's the only one equipped to correct this connection problem, so she should have her own holiday for it. I mean... you couldn't create a caricature of a cult leader that spot on, if you tried.

  11. I guess she stole this too?

  12. I'm going to post this here, too, because there are so many comments on the plagiarism blog. Just unreal.

    Someone sent me a video this morning outlining another example of teal's blatant plagiarism.

    She made a video in 2012 on changing your beliefs and it's straight out of this blog post published two years earlier. Not only are there words and ideas lifted straight from the article, she even took an image from the article, an explanatory graphic. It's just blatant.

    1. Repeat:

      I was alerted to a rather surprising development by the video-maker. Team teal actually added a citation in the copy for the video. A citation! From teal!!! Will wonders never cease? But the video-maker was smart enough to take a screenshot of the original copy. HAha!

      That citation is also NOT in the video itself, which is a dead giveaway. Also, it makes no sense, because in the video she claims that she learned about the table example at a seminar, and now she's admitting that she learned it from a blog post, in which the author writes about learning some of this at a seminar.

      But, hey, she cited a source, so there's that. Five and a half years late, but she cited a source.

  13. Her latest blog "Cacao" is a bunch of malarkey. She cracked a tasteless joke about dying to someone with a heart condition and then spent the day crying with one of her lovers because no one laughed. Wow. What a b... witch.

    1. Let's see... how many items on the toxic personality checklist did she hit in this one short piece of writing. First, a total lack of empathy for a person with a heart condition, then a total lack of empathy toward half the other class members when she cavalierly notes that they're the ones who will probably die young. Then there's her inability to control inappropriate laughter, aka., duping delight. Oh, silly people, with their survival instincts and fear of death, they're paltry ability to see their life paths like she can. (It's funny how she can see their life paths, but have no idea about their feelings and sensitivities. Some empath.) And she's wrapped it all up with a grand pity play. Death jokes are funny, but teal's extreme specialness is a burden and we should all feel very bad for her. Just remarkable.

    2. Is this entry an example of metaphysical solipsism at its finest? I'm looking forward for my LO to emerge from her egocentric existance, but for some the day never comes, it seems.

    3. If anything, teal is becoming more grandiose by the day.

  14. That video re:chronic fatigue was the most blatant display of gaslighting that I have ever seen. That was sickening.


    1. I started watching it yesterday. Very compelling. Can we stop calling this monster "Osho" now? Please?

  16. Someone's not wearing their wedding ring lol.

    1. Someone is also talking about big and uncomfortable changes in her life. #relationships

      Possibly owing to incompatibility? #marriage


    2. Oh oh...and there I thought for whatever reason she might've been pregnant by now.Maybe after visiting her blog page and seeing smth on motherhood (no interest whatsoever what might be written there) and skimming thru her Santa Fe entry.

    3. I know what you mean. She's always dog-whistling something, but it's not clear just what. I found that post insufferable. I have no idea what she was on about there.

    4. Just an FYI, teal is quietly removing Ale from all her public platforms, while periodically whining about how horrible EVERYONE's relationships are. She posted a poem called You Hurt Me: A poem Teal wrote about when you're hurt in relationships. It's terrible, worse if you listen to her dramatic reading on IG.

      She's removed all the blog posts about their relationship, like the thing about the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. She's even hacked him out of other blog posts. Like that post Ratatouille no longer says anything at all about ratatouile, because that was about his mother making it. So it's now just a post about her trip through Germany and France that is inexplicably called Ratatouille. It's so weird. I've also heard that his blog has been removed from her Premium section.

      I'm seriously beginning to wonder if she's just going to full Orwell, just throw her whole fourth marriage down the memory hole. Ale who? Oh, you mean that millionaire who invested in some of my projects? Married? We were never married. And, by the way, we were always at war with Eastasia.

      As of now, his only visible presence in teal world is that he's still slated to run a workshop at Philia the first week of July called "Create your Dream Life by experiencing Love & Connection with your Relationships." Maybe it's meant ironically?

  17. Once again, teal does not understand the concept of oneness. She does not get it.

  18. From Be Scofield, teal has been removed from the Hay House World Summit lineup.

    She was on the schedule as recently as March 24th, as you can see here.

    She is no longer listed.

    Her next book is being published by Watkins, so it looks like Hay House has been moving her toward the door for a while.

  19. spiritual parody on teal swan from Polina Outkina

  20. And yet another case of blatant word for word plagiarism, caught by a follower of hers. Her explanation of the Akashic record, comes straight from another person's text. The video is here.

    And it gets worse. The woman who made this video reached out to the author Cam Kooray and learned that teal's ex-husband Mark actually met with the author and offered to buy his research. The author refused. So teal just stole it and they never spoke to the author again.

    1. An update on this has been posted acknowledging that teal has FINALLY acknowledged the author in the description under her Akashic records video. So that's one down and an incalculable number of plagiarized sources to go.


    At 12:03 she's talking about ALE. Spiritual/religious people are the fakest around.

    1. I agree. I had the same thought. A few minutes later she talks about another, um, client, who was married to a CEO type, who turned his ruthless business acumen on her. Ahem.

      Is she pretending these are third-hand accounts because she's trying to protect hers and Ale's privacy (authenticity anyone?) or is it because, once again, her extraordinary psychic abilities failed her. This is, after all, the woman who can see everyone's "shadows" and feels like she's being "gaslighted" when the people around her don't own them. How is it she saw none of this coming? No, no. These must be things that are happening to these clients of hers who must surely have given her permission to broadcast their private lives.

    2. Wow, how obvious and pathetic this is.

  22. Yay! It's out. Gizmodo Launches 'The Gateway,' an Investigative Podcast About a Controversial Internet Spiritual Guru

    "Teal Swan is an internet spiritual guru who produces hypnotic self-help YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Many of her videos share unorthodox messages about mental health with her hundreds of thousands of fans who follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and in person."

  23. I just listened to episode 2 of The Gateway, Gizmodo's podcast on teal. This episode digs in deeper on Leslie Wangsgaard's suicide, including an interview with John.

  24. I just listened to the first one. Omg, is this you at 21 min?!))
    Anyone knows what happened to her movie? And to Sarbdeep? I just checked,he closed his blog and facebook?
    So the new divorce is coming now

    1. Yup, that's me.

      Sarbdeep is moving on with his life, I think. Trying to put teal in the rearview.

      The "documentary" was released online. I saw it. It's really short. And really embarrassing. I think they do private screenings here and there, too, but it didn't win any festivals or get a distributor. So if you want to see it, you have to purchase it online.

      And, yes, husband #4 has gotten his walking papers.

      The more things change...

    2. Thanks for your answers.
      I am reading, or rather trying to read, her Australian entry. Her writing is not getting any better, is it? I mean stylistically and structurally. The content is her usual rubbish.
      It takes me long to make sense of what she is trying to say, starting with the very first sentence, for some reason. But she tries so hard to be a "brilliant writer", maybe that's the reason it also makes it so hard to read. Kinda like Ivanka Trump with her misuse of "fancy" words.
      There are repeating "every so often" in just one paragraph, for example, and of course "ironically" made it too.))

    3. "The paper soft bark climbs in light tan colored camouflage patterns to the blue above. The sky is tickled by the feather like leaves of the tree canopies. Every so often, a wild flash of white sporadically passes from one canopy to the next; one of the wild yellow crested cockatoo that call these trees home. There are black birds that never fail to make me laugh. They sit on branches just overhead and emit a call that sounds nothing like a bird call but instead like a really fat cat that is complaining about an empty food dish. I have nicknamed them Garfield birds after the cartoon character as a result. The soil is moist underfoot. I walk in the ancestral magic of this foreign land not as a trespasser, but as a guest. Despite the welcome, I am not of the land enough to feel relaxed. Every so often my presence startles one of the nearby wallabies and sends them hopping away. The time gap between hops and the heaviness of them on the hollow of the ground sounds much more ominous than a sound that one would expect to originate from the adorable creatures that create it."


    4. It gets worse! Ooooo
      "Ironically my trip here this time started on that note. It turns out that we didn’t procure the correct type of visa for this trip. I’ve become big enough that like any celebrity, I will be made an example of if anything is not exactly as it should be. As a result, I had the worst experience of my international career upon arrival. After a 15 hour flight, I was separated from the rest of the team and I was taken to a white jail like room with a window looking out at a collection of officers all debating what to do with me and making phone calls and reviewing security tapes. For hours, I was interrogated, cross-examined, threatened and then shamed for not knowing better in my position as a ‘leader of something that is so much bigger than myself’. I ended up in tears."

    5. Have you seen a single reference to this incident anywhere other than her blog? Sydney Morning Herald? The Age? A single Australian paper? People? Us Weekly? Page Six?

      How are they making "an example" of a "celebrity" if it hasn't gotten a single mention anywhere? You'd think the press would be clamoring for a whiff of just this kind of scandal wouldn't you?

      She's FAMOUS I tell you! Very, very famous!

    6. Nothing, only in her blog. Was she trying to recreate the headlines caused by Johnny Depp and his ex wife in Australia perhaps? Cs i do remember that scandal

    7. Depp said in his video apology that “Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. If you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly.”
      Teal writes in her blog: " In general as a people, Australians are not conflict averse in the slightest. It is difficult to stay out of trouble when you come from another place and are not up to speed on what the rules and regulations actually are… No one fears to angrily inform you on what they are. In general, softness is the practice that the people of Australia need to implement the most."

    8. I don't remember Depp complaining that he was being made example of, because he's so famous. That's the thing about famous people. They don't complain much about fame, except, on occasion, wanting to have some semblance of a private life, wishing the paparazzi would get out of their neighbors' trees, when they're lazing about by the pool. There are no paparazzi chasing teal down the street. And teal's so "authentic" she'd open the bloody door for them. No one cares.

      She's trying to program people into thinking she's famous by saying it over and over. Did you see this?

      What makes this a #celebrityportrait? That she maybe kinda looks like a Warhol hanger-on at 4:00 am? That it's she's got kind of a heroine chic thing goin' on in it? Grab that 15 minutes, teal. What famous celebrity photographer took this photo? Do you even see a credit? How is this ever a celebrity portrait? And, for that matter, how does that pic suggest either #health or #wellness? It's just bizarre.

      Oh, god. I just realized something. She changed the copy. The hashtag #celebrityportrait is still there, but she changed "Teal Swan celebrity portrait" to "Teal Swan portrait." Maybe got tired of having the piss taken out of her for the sheer absurdity.

    9. Omg, I didn't see that. Oh no, it's my bed time, now this "portrait" will haunt me. Im not on instagram, not entirely sure what this hashtagging business means, but i would call it "the person i wouldn't want to share an elevator ride with" or " your typical Hotel Cecil guest".

    10. As it happens, I grabbed a screenshot of the original post, just because I thought it was so peculiar.

      Celebrity Portrait 1

      Celebrity Portrait 2

    11. Thanks for Funny new article on teal
      I wanted to comment on that energy sucking meet and greet the messiah part, but figured i'd done enough copy pasting for a day. Nauseating stuff

  25. I'm listening now, half way thru...chilling details. I also learned today about Kate Spade,so sad and strange, her poor daughter...

    1. Another one...who knows what or who she was listening to

    2. And i liked Bourdain actually, watched " No reservations".

    3. Stunning. I was just really thrown by this. So damn sad.

  26. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first two episodes, but think The Gateway got off the fence with Episode 3.

    Should have had a sound effect of a door closing at the end. (Door to the mainstream)

    1. Episode 3 was a real barn burner. I'm enjoying the whole series, though, so far, and have actually learned new things, which is kind of a thrill. And I've had the same thought many times. Her foray into "the mainstream" has not gone so well.

    2. Yes it is filling out the picture with stuff that's never been online. And Teal was practically serving her the behind-closed-doors Philia craziness up to the microphone in this last one. It bodes well that Episode 3 was so compelling - because that means there might be something bigger to come.

  27. Poor Ale. Have you read his last few blogs? He is losing his marbles. He really needs help and I am not being facetious. He needs a good family psychologist, therapist, or counselor to help him. His blog posts are full of pain and I believe this new age stuff with Shiva, Kiva, cacao ceremony, etc. are not serving his needs. If anything, they are probably contributing to the anguish he is feeling. He needs help putting things in perspective. His belief system is hurting him and it's no different than if he was a devout christian saying that Jesus is his medicine. He can't have back the time he wasted being away from his kids.

    1. I believe you mean Prince Valiant, well, as of the 20th, when officially becomes Vaillant. (God, help me.) I haven't read his most recent. It looks, um... uh... yeah...

  28. It is very painful to read his blogs. What a mess. It's gross to read about him describing himself in terms of him being a sexual being. It seems to me that he's having a midlife crisis. I wonder if he's doing all this in a pathetic attempt to win Teal back. When the dust settles, he will look back and realize how pathetic he has been acting and how the real things that matter aren't there anymore (his children). I imagine his professional life must be suffering too since he is clearly obsessed with Teal and spirituality to the point where he is publicly blogging about details that probably should be kept private.


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