Sep 6, 2010

Astrological Trends for September 6-12

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Passion launches the week on Monday, September 6th, when the Moon is in the ardent fire sign of Leo. Late in the day, the Moon will be enhanced by Mars, the planet of action, prompting you to pursue the person or object of your desire. Romance and love are definitely in the air with Venus and Mars in relationship-minded Libra exchanging harmonious energy with Neptune/Chiron and Jupiter/Uranus. Venus rules the affectionate nature and the things we find pleasurable or comfortable. Mars is a planet which rules the physical aspect of love. Neptune joined with Chiron creates the happily-ever-after yearning, which leads to marriage and a family. Jupiter represents growth and expansion and Uranus seeks stimulation and change. Often, Uranus plays Cupid when two people meet, causing an instant and highly exciting attraction, which can be strongly romantic or sexual if Venus or Mars are exchanging energy with Uranus by transit or between two charts. Leo rules the fifth house of love affairs. With all the potential for romance and sex today, it would be a great loss if you tried to keep your mind on anything less than love. But wait – there’s more! The Sun is parallel Mercury, assisting the flow of easy conversation. Mercury and the Sun are both contra-parallel Chiron, which indicates your thoughts are on creating or enhancing a secure, long-term relationship rather than a short-term Uranian fling. It is easier now to speak clearly and honestly about your desires and be heard. Sex and romance are not your only options for this passionate Moon phase. You may direct the energy toward anyone or anything you love, such as your children, pets, or hobbies. The solar-ruled sign of Leo governs the heart, so as long as you stay in your heart space you will have an extraordinary day.

Logic and practicality step into the picture on Tuesday, September 7th. The larger love aspects are still in effect, but now the Moon in analytical Virgo steps back to see what’s really going on and how much long-term potential truly exists. The conjunction of the Moon to the retrograde Mercury indicates you may be making an emotional inventory list and checking it twice. The Moon activates Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. Memories of past relationship difficulties may remind you that you promised yourself to be more circumspect and to be sure you and your potential partner are right for each other before becoming serious. Now is the time to discuss the things that matter most to you. It is also the time to listen – and take seriously – everything the other person says. Make your lists of peeves and pleasures both large and small and share them. In matters of love and in any other area of life, the planets advise you leave no rock unturned and nothing dangling or unfinished before you embark on something new.

New is the word for Wednesday, September 8th, as you tap into the energy of the Virgo new Moon. Intuitively, I heard the word “cleanse.” Virgo rules the sixth house of health and hygiene, so the word is appropriate. We are now at the end of summer and the first signs of fall are appearing as shorter days, cooler nights, and shifts in weather patterns. Traditionally, the time just before the season changed was a time to do a fast or cleanse the body through the use of specific foods or herbs. Where I live, the elderberries are hanging ripe and ready to be made into juice or jelly. Elderberries have been found to be excellent immune system boosters and health food stores market an elderberry extract that is recommended to prevent colds. Isn’t it amazing that nature provides such a wonderful protective food just at the time children return to school and germs are more easily spread and brought home? Virgo is a mutable earth sign. It is adaptable, flexible, and more inclined to take thought before action. You still have a few more days before the Virgo Mercury turns direct, so I’m inclined to think your new Moon energy will feel like a fresh start with some extra thought or delay before you pick up the rhythm of a new cycle. Turn your attention to your body and what sustains you. Have a cleansing ritual, clean your cupboards of empty calories, shop a farmer’s market for fresh seasonal produce. Spend some time in nature and see if any messages or signs come to you. “Hey, what about the love stuff,” you ask? Maybe love is the reason you are motivated to clean out the old and make a fresh start. A new Venus/Pluto aspect hints that love may be deepening.

A mental and emotional intensity is present on Thursday, September 9th. The Moon in the diplomatic air sign of Libra joins sobering Saturn, squares Pluto in Capricorn and has a mildly supportive aspect with Mercury. The demands of two different schedules may make it difficult for passion to find the time to grow between you and your love. You may be finding that restrictions and delays keep you physically apart for the time being. I’ve mentioned before that when planets change signs, you may feel out of sorts or off kilter a bit until you integrate the new energy. Two planets changing signs now, added to the new Moon residual energy, may be enough to make things temporarily appear worse than they really are. Unfortunately, Moon conjunct Saturn tends to make the glass appear half empty. Today, Venus leaves Libra and moves into the intense water sign of Scorpio. Affection has just shifted from the thinking realm of air to the feeling realm of water. If love is your focus now, things may turn more emotional and desire for each other can grow quickly. Retrograde Jupiter is slipping out of impetuous “me”-oriented Aries into sentimental, boundary-dissolving Pisces. This subtle but profound shift from independent fire to inclusive water will draw you toward deepening a love connection. So, the overall energy of the day can be a bit shaky as you lose some air and fire and take on more water while your emotions may feel like they are tied to a cement block. Your elemental inner self may picture this as being on a burning, sinking ship about to drown. Fear not, love is your life boat.

Communication with a purpose is highlighted for Friday, September 10th, as Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury and Saturn are semi-sextile, which just adds a bit more oomph to the earthy seriousness this energy brings. You have the mental focus to put the final touches on any plans you may have resurrected during the Mercury retrograde period. All that remains is to check the fine print, make the copies and the presentation. The Moon in charming Libra joins Mars and Venus and is expanded and electrified by aspects to Jupiter and Uranus. Now is the time to make a pitch or sale, stand up for your cause, or move ahead with a relationship. If you already have a partner, this entire week, but especially today, is an excellent window of time for you and your mate to take a second honeymoon or renew your vows. On a more mundane level, today is a wonderful day to plan or shop for a home improvement or expansion project or any kind of major personal enhancement, such as cosmetic surgery. I would recommend waiting until Mercury is entirely free and clear before hiring a contractor or signing any agreements, though. Plan now, but sign after the 12th.

Remembrance is a keyword for Saturday, September 11th. The Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus deepens feelings of love and gratitude. The planet which rules Scorpio is Pluto, planet of death, transformation, and re-birth. Today, the Moon is amplified by an aspect to Pluto and aspects to Saturn and Mercury. I am sure this configuration will add weight and reverence to this Day of National Mourning, also known as Patriot’s Day, which has been designated in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001. Mars, the planet of physical action, in equalizing Libra is trine to sacrificial Neptune in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This energy will help you honor the brave people who selflessly came to the aid of their fellow men that day. The general tone of today is introspective and intimate. An understanding of the fragility and sacredness of life increases the desire to be protective of those you love. In your daily affairs, your ability to perceive hidden agendas or get to the truth of matters is stronger than usual. The Moon sharing energy with Venus maintains the romantic tone of this week so far.

Sunday, September 12th, is one of the most peaceful days you have enjoyed for some time now. Do you remember the nasty T-square of the recent past, which threw you curveballs on an almost daily basis? Another piece of that pattern has faded away with Jupiter/Uranus and Pluto no longer challenging each other. The brakes are off – there is no one pulling back on the reins anymore. A remaining Saturn/Pluto square is a separating aspect beginning to loosen its grip, too. I suspect the restriction and opposition to which you’ve become accustomed won’t be missed once you realize it is gone, but you may feel a bit empty until you begin filling the void with “yes” instead of the former “no.” What have you tried and tried and tried to accomplish for the last few months? What did you literally give up on, even when you knew you were right, but you just couldn’t seem to win? With Mercury turning direct and Jupiter/Uranus free of Pluto’s control, you may be able to succeed with surprisingly little effort now. The general economy and your finances may get a boost now, too. The Moon in Scorpio is in harmony with the Sun in Virgo and Venus is happy with Pluto and Mercury. A sense of rightness and well-being is present today. You have the confidence to talk about your feelings and express your affection easily. You know exactly where you stand in matters of relationship now.

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