Nov 13, 2013

Who and What is Teal Scott?

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Because Teal Scott speaks for God!

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Several weeks ago I followed a link to the blog of one Teal Scott, self-described Spiritual Catalyst. I was pulled in for a bit. At first blush it struck me as the very open, honest disclosures of a psychic sensitive in a lot of pain. I can certainly relate to the challenges of being a super-sensitive in a jagged world. Teal was writing about her latest man trouble, about repeating abusive patterns in relationships. Yea verily, sister!

But as I clicked through a few more pages and tried to trace the narrative, things became increasingly convoluted. And was she really disclosing this man's identity? Wait, was he disclosing his identity on her blog? This man she was describing as a psychopath? That seemed most peculiar. And what was she really saying about the workings of spirit? It was something of a jumble, which would be fine, if she weren't relaying it all with such authority and certainty.

My bullshit meter was blinking red. I closed the tab and forgot all about Teal Scott.

A Facebook friend put her back on my radar when he posted one of her video lectures the other day. This led to a very frank discussion about spirituality, sexuality, sexism, and whether or not Teal Scott is a total fraud.

I had never listened to her speak before. I'd only read some of her text. I immediately found the moving, talking Teal more off-putting than the written Teal and stopped the video after only a couple of minutes. But I felt I needed to ask myself some hard questions about why that might be. Could it be that I'm just reacting with the societally programmed threat response to an attractive woman who men just gush over? They do. And they did.

Teal Scott is Very Pretty

The reactions to her appearance were swift and strong. Much of it was along the lines of, I'm way too distracted by her sexiness to listen to what she's saying.

Why does her appearance matter, I asked? Why does it always come down to that with women? At what point are we neither too homely nor too pretty to be taken seriously for what we say? Where is that sweet spot in between beauty and ugliness that allows our words to matter more than what we look like?

The answers I got surprised me a little. It wasn't so much that she was pretty. It was the sense that she was using her sexual allure in a very deliberate, even calculated, way to get their attention. Some felt like they were being manipulated. One found himself thinking very lascivious thoughts about her that rose unbidden and uncharacteristically in his mind, even though he didn't consciously even find her attractive or appealing. Another suggested that it might be a kind of "magical working." 

I will be the first to say that women, throughout history, have been unfairly blamed and punished for daring to be attractive to men. And it would certainly not be new for men to resent female attractiveness for its power over them. Such accusations have resulted in little things like witch trials and the failure to convict rapists. But what I heard from these men was something quite different. These did not seem to me to be the kind of men who ordinarily go around blaming women for making their pants feel tight. They seemed genuinely confused and discomfited by their own reactions.

As our discussion progressed and googling ensued, still more difficult questions about Teal Scott developed. It's not so much that she has a somewhat obscured history as a lingerie model. It's that these and other documented facts don't jibe very well with the rest of her stated narrative. In short, the timelines don't mesh.

Finding a factual history of Teal Scott is muddied quite a bit by the sheer glut of information a search will bring up. As one of a tiny handful of Teal Scott critics observed, "190 thousand pages in two years, wow. If you put Teal Scott in quotation marks in you [sic] google search box, that is how many pages are by her and about her."

It gets a little more interesting when you put her maiden name Teal Bosworth in the search engine. This will bring up some of her surviving modeling pages, such as this one. Other pages seemed to disappear when questions were raised about them in comment threads such as this one. Some can be found with cache searches such as her Model Mayhem profile.

Scott makes passing references to her modeling career but if she's said anything about having marketed herself as a nude model, I've missed it. Granted, I haven't sat through her many, many, YouTube lectures, nor will I. She did, though -- market herself as a nude model. Her website has since been repurposed. If you've looked at in the past few years, you've found it to be very New Agey. The splash screen has all the sacred geometry staples: the flower of life, Metatron's cube, the vesica piscis. But if you put it in the wayback machine you find it looks more like this. I won't post the image here because it could cause my blog to be flagged as unsuitable for children under 18. Sacred geometry of a very different sort is what I'm saying.

None of this is a judgment on Scott's right, legal or otherwise, to market her body and sexuality in a manner of her choosing. But when you combine this with other elements of her life story, as she has presented it in various venues, not only do the psychological elements strain credulity, it's hard to understand how she found the time.

The Cult Years

Scott claims to have spent most of her childhood and teen years in the thrall of a cult leader, a family friend who unbeknownst to her parents was the head of a "blood atonement" Mormon offshoot.

She tells of being drugged and tortured by group members, and she says she has the scars to prove it. She also says her abductor worked tirelessly brainwashing her to do his bidding and remain quiet about it all.

But the macabre tale doesn’t stop there. Scott said the abductor, a man with multiple personality disorder, crossed over into Satanic groups — the rivals of the Blood Covenant in the regional cult underground. She claims he covered her with animal blood to prostitute her to fellow Satanists at a local motel and used her to lure illegal immigrant children to him in Southern Idaho.

Now hold on to your hats. Scott also claims to have witnessed those children being burned to death as human sacrifices.

In comment threads like the one following that column, many people have raised the bullshit flag. If you draw from her various bios, including the since deleted ones on modeling sites, you come up with a CV that looks something like this: From age 6 to 19 she was in a torture cult which her parents somehow never knew despite the fact that she was living with them and a brother in a two room cabin. At age 12 she was spotted in a horse supply store by a modeling scout from a New York agency and began traveling the world as a model. That would make her 16 in these photographs. She was also an accomplished equestrian, archer, Telemark skier, fly fisher, and speed skater, some of which is documented. At age 6 she started her apprenticeship with a shaman/accupuncturist which lasted roughly 13 years. One assumes that's not her crazy cult leader but the timelines do kind of, more or less, rather, exactly coincide. Meanwhile she was being mentored in quantum field theory, which she started apparently at birth, because it was "throughout" the first 19 years of her life. She graduated high school at 16. After that she was off to Beijing to study Qigong and energy healing. And she still found time to become a Wiccan High Priestess.

That's an impressive roster. And even more so when you consider that she was taking in this fine metaphysical education while being tortured by an LDS splinter group who thought her innate psychic abilities were of the Devil -- her being female and all -- and that they needed to be tortured out of her. But this is exactly what she explains in this interview.

And can someone explain to me why, if her family was so lovely and didn't know about the cult, she needed to be rescued by a friend and hide in his basement for five years?

I'd also be curious to know how telling people to focus on the positive and stop noticing the negative so that they can train their thoughts to properly create their reality is the "exact opposite" of being "Pollyanna." But honestly, her insanely convoluted rendition of The Secret is the least of my concerns... for once. But happiness is a very high priority for her and the last thing she wants to do is focus on the negative aspects of being tortured by a network of abusive and murderous cults. That's just not helpful.

This ruthlessly positive outlook may account for her rather lackadaisical attitude towards any criminal prosecution of her abusers. The authorities don't have enough evidence to prosecute but that doesn't really interest her.

“It was never my intention to go on record as desperate to ‘spill the beans’ or ‘expose’ horrendous activities going on in Utah,” she said. “My intention was to use the story of the truth of my life to show people that there is nothing that can be done to them that will render them unable to find health and happiness and success.”

In this transparent puff piece it says she has "no desire to see her abusers prosecuted or to have the iron hammer of justice brought down upon their heads." Her story was brought to the authorities only belatedly and only because of reporting laws her therapist had to comply with. Because, you know, crimes had occurred. Prosecutors ultimately did not have enough evidence to bring a case. But Teal thinks it's really for the best that abusers and murderers should escape the long arm of the law.

When I asked Teal about her views on the status of her case she said “Most women who escape from situations like I did do not ever tell about it. I did tell, but even the physical evidence I had was not enough given the years that had passed since the last incident that occurred. And I am glad for that in retrospect because you could say …I don’t want torture and abusers in this world… so we must punish all of those that torture, and torture the torturers so to speak. Contrastingly, instead of saying…I don’t want torture…one could say …I want compassion… and show those same actors of violence compassion that they perhaps have never been given before. Happy people who feel loved do not hurt other people”. It is Teal’s belief that the de-humanizing environment of jails and prisons do not rehabilitate criminals, they create even worse criminals. She says it is impossible to punish someone into wellness, that punishment for crime is like fighting fire with fire, and so it is time for the justice system and the environment of jails to change.

I have my own criticisms of the criminal justice system but let's consider this. Teal Scott says she was used to lure immigrant children who were then burnt to death before her eyes. She not only witnessed but participated in crimes in which children were murdered. But she's moved beyond that and so should everybody else. Not only should we have compassion for people who tortured, abused, and murdered children, but they should face no consequences at all. Nor, apparently, should society be protected from them.

Children. Murdered. Move along, folks. Nothin' to see here.

Teal Scott, survivor of abuse, torture, forced prostitution, and participant in infanticide, has moved onward and upward, and now she's ready to teach everybody else how to put their past behind them and live happy, fulfilling lives.

When I asked Teal why she wrote her book about happiness and the universe instead of her amazing story she said “While I acknowledge now that this story is out of the ordinary and has the potential to inspire people greatly, not much good comes out of me writing a book where the dominant message is…Look at how amazing I am that I overcame all of this… However, overwhelming good comes of me writing a book where the dominant message is…Look how amazing and powerful and free you are that you can overcome anything like I did, and find happiness no matter what you are experiencing as reality today”.

So a book about how she survived torture and abuse in a cult is too self-aggrandizing to write. But a book that only makes passing reference to the horrors she's overcome and positions her as a dispenser of life wisdom isn't? How about a merchandising machine that includes several websites, multiple Facebook pages, a YouTube lecture series, and live events around the world? Is it self-aggrandizing yet?

Meanwhile all those people who talk and write about their abuse histories -- share their experience, strength, and hope -- and inspire other abuse survivors to break their silence and undertake their own healing journeys, what a bunch of egomaniacs they must be.

This unwillingness to waste time and energy on the past, however, doesn't prevent her from swinging her victim status like a club whenever she faces questions or criticism. The very mixed reaction to her story as it was reported in that Herald Journal column was upsetting enough that she wrote a response in that paper. Skeptical of her story? You're causing her pain -- retraumatizing her even. Do you really want to do that? Do you?!

There is a conflict in victims like myself between the desire to deny trauma and the desire to proclaim it. This conflict is the central dialectic of trauma. Individuals who come out with the truth about the abusive atrocities they have suffered run the risk of being discredited by a waiting society, who does not want to admit such things go on. They also run the risk of inviting upon themselves the stigma that is associated with victims of abuse. The abuse itself devalues us and then, as if to add insult to injury, the abuse often serves as a vehicle of condemnation to a life in which we are exiled from society, because we can no longer fit into the socially validated reality. When a victim suffers from a traumatic event at the hands of another person, the only real way for the victim to truly heal is through connection with other people. Survivors should never be placed in a situation in which they must choose between expression and connection with others.

Unfortunately, this is often the position in which society places victims of abuse. Support from society for a victim of abuse alleviates much of the impact of the abuse whereas opposition in the form of discouragement, judgment, hostility or disbelief can compound the damage of the impact of the abuse catastrophically. It's up to you.

So writing at any length about her abuse would be an exercise in egotism, and yet she wants to "proclaim it" and get the full, unquestioning and unequivocal support of all of society so that she can heal properly. Otherwise she could be "catastrophically" harmed all over again because of the abuse we should all just forgive and move on from rather than prosecute. Confused yet?

Teal's Army

When it comes to criticism from the public, Teal Scott rarely resorts to such blatant displays of emotional blackmail. She has people for that.

They descend like locusts on those seemingly rare occasions that Scott and her story get any serious pushback. It doesn't happen often and it never happens on her own threads which appear to be very well cleaned. For instance, this comment appeared at one time in the comment thread for one of her YouTube videos.

Searches of key words bring up no remnant of that comment in the thread. A cursory reading of that and other comment threads on her own postings is uncharacteristically kind. Read any comment thread of a video that gets a lot of traffic and try to find one as positive and supportive as hers are. Only the mildest criticism survives and only if it's ably shot down by her followers.

Where comment administration is beyond her control her followers are out in force, writing devotionals and slamming any critics who might emerge.

The reviews for her book on are a prime example. It's an outpouring of unreserved praise from readers who mostly have 1 or 2 reviews to their credit. As of now there are 82 5-star reviews, 9 4-star reviews, 1 3-star review, and 1 1-star review. The single, solitary 1-star review is most notable for the fact that it is the only one that received comments and the poor guy was pummeled.

As one commenter on a thread that Teal Scott doesn't own pointed out, she herself refers to her followers as an "army." One such reference can be found on her blog.

My box was full of presents and letters sent by “fans”.  I feel so weird calling people who follow my material fans. It feels more like they are members of my army or like they are extended family members scattered all over the world.

Teal Scott loves having fans and she loves getting presents. I know this only because she's said so. Repeatedly. Here is Teal Scott on the many gifts she gets from her fans.

I can only hope that they (you) know that when I continue to create the things which I hope will add to the richness of their lives, gratitude for their support and love is contained within each creation.  I love presents.  Gifts is my love language.  I live in a terrible country to have that love language.  The influence of Christianity has made it so that gifts are seen as materialistic and therefore shameful.  Not many people in America speak that love language, and many are even repulsed by it.  In fact, I’ve never been in a relationship with a man who speaks my love language.  Gifts are the visual symbol of love.  They are reminders of the fact that people love you.  I admittedly have a hard time believing and remembering that I am loved.

Get it? She's talking to "you." She wants presents. It's not enough to say you love her. Prove it by sending her presents because gifts equal love. Christianity in America has ruined everything by destroying our natural instinct for materialism. (Apparently she's never heard of Christmas shopping.) And she's feeling so unloved. Men have treated her badly. They haven't given her enough presents. But you, gentle reader, fan of Teal Scott, can help her heal by sending her more stuff!

I don't think I've ever seen a "spiritual leader" who so unabashedly reveled in attention.

As my fame increases, I am being recognized more and more now on the street.  I’ll be shopping or exercising and someone off in the distance will stop and give me this look, like my skin has turned blue.  For a moment, it causes me to feel self-conscious, like something is seriously wrong with me.  But then, they come over to me and with caution, they say “Oh my god…you’re Teal Scott aren’t you?”  I have to tell you… To me, there is a kind of heaven inherent in those moments.  Every person that runs up to me on the street has some kind of wonderful story about the effect that my material had or has on their life.  And for a moment, I feel like my life has all been worth it.

. . .

Then, as if out of nowhere, I am asked to sign autographs or take pictures with people on the street.  I show up to my workshops and hundreds of people are there in front of me in one room.  They have flown there from all over the world.  Many of them cry as they greet me. Many of them seem to know more details about my life than I do.  To them, I am already a familiar fixture of their lives.  I’m that person, who made them feel as if it would all be ok.  I’m that person who helped them get through cancer, or survive a divorce, or end up in a wonderful career.  And In those moments, I feel like I could die and go to heaven.  I am dumbfounded in the best way.

Or who so gleefully fostered dependency.

Teal's Credentials

Why should we "Ask Teal?" Because she's an Indigo and because she was "sent as a 'Eucharist' into this physical life by the non physical grouping of energy called 'Adonai'." For all the references to a range of spiritual trainings in her various modeling bios and other random write-ups, none of it appears on her official bio. There is no reference to any training or certification. No teachers are referenced even obliquely, let alone by name. She doesn't even name any person or philosophical tradition that may have informed or inspired her work. She's an Indigo and a Eucharist. That's it, unless escaping that nasty cult has prepared her to teach the eternal truths. Other than that it's a lot of her likes and dislikes. Did I mention that she loves gifts? She really loves gifts.

Why should it matter that she has no teachers, training, wisdom tradition, lineage, or any other source for her ideas? Only because she's teaching a lot of material that clearly comes from somewhere and, to date, the only source I've heard her cite is "source," aka., God.

In the video lecture above, she not only presumes to answer the question, "What does God think about sex?" but she does so without citing a single theological, philosophical, or scriptural source, from or about any religious or spiritual tradition. She only makes very general references to many religions and cultures and how those traditions are "out of alignment" with "the objective truth or source/God perspective." This "objective truth" is something she somehow knows and can lecture on where all these other religious traditions and cultures have failed. The messaging here is that she needs no study, nor does she need to provide a single citation to explain how she arrived at this "objective knowledge." I get very nervous when anyone starts claiming they know "objective truths" because, well, it's impossible. Human experience and knowledge are always subjective. It always comes through the filter of our perceptions. Yet Scott would have us believe that we simply need to come into alignment with our own "positive" thoughts as if any of our ideas of what is positive or negative are free from religious or cultural bias. She also implies that this alignment would put us in such integrity that negative things like STDs just wouldn't happen. This is fairly dangerous advice.

It sounds to me like a lot of warmed over Secret, Abraham-Hicks, law of attraction type, material. I think I've made my opinions on all of that abundantly clear. But what is particularly pernicious here is that she isn't citing any of it. It all apparently comes from God. Did I mention that she's a "Eucharist?"

I can't help wondering why someone who has gone all the way to China to study energy healing and Quigong, was mentored for 19 years in quantum mechanics, apprenticed with a shaman/accupuncturist for 13 years, and became a Wiccan High Priestess, wouldn't cite any of that on the bio she's using to promote her metaphysical knowledge. She saw fit to put that information on modeling bios but not on sites where she's promoting herself as spiritual leader? And I have yet to see a single name, school, or coven associated with any of that.

It is not only in the area of metaphysics where Scott holds forth. She has some rather strong ideas about psychology. Obviously she's not a psychologist but she sees no need to cite any references for some rather forceful claims on the subject. Notably, she thinks many people are psychopaths. She has stated that the cult leader who dominated her life for 13 years was a psychopath but also had multiple personalities. A psychopath with DID? Really? These would appear to be very contradictory diagnoses with which she's labeling this nameless man without a shred of tangible evidence.

Scott has also labeled her ex-boyfriend as a psychopath.

She offers this exegesis on pscychopathy and explains Fallon's pathology.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are not born; they are made.  For some people, when the pain of their life is unbearable, they chose to numb out to the pain.  They teach themselves to feel nothing.  And so, years later, they can only feel the most extreme of emotional states.  They can only feel when they are fighting or having sadomasochistic sex or sky diving or in extreme cases, killing someone.  They shut off from other people because of the pain that other people have caused them until they cannot feel human connection.   The empathy that disables people from hurting other people is not something that belongs to them. [emphasis added]

. . .

For the psychopath, which is the most advanced kind of sociopath, they feel special, they feel worth something and they feel powerful when they know that they are capable of doing something that no one else is capable of doing.

. . .

A member of our communal family, Fallon, is a psychopath (paranoid type) who is trying to recover.

Where to begin... To say that none of this accords with the current theoretical models for  psychopathy would be an understatement. Robert Hare, who is the pre-eminent researcher on the disorder and the developer of the Psychopathy Checklist would disagree. In Without Conscience, which is an excellent and accessible book on the subject, he explains that the terms sociopathy and psychopathy are often used interchangeably, largely he posits, because using the term sociopathy avoids the common confusion between psychopathy and psychosis. (This is almost certainly what Scott has done here by inventing out of thin air the diagnosis of "paranoid" psychopath.) This merging and interchanging of the terms exists not only in popular culture but among psychology professionals.

In this fairly recent interview, Hare goes into a little more depth on the subtle distinctions between the terms, explaining that sociopathy is really a sociological distinction, whereas psychopathy is a psychiatric condition.

The terms psychopathy and sociopathy refer to related but not identical conditions. Psychopaths have a pattern of personality traits and behaviors not readily understood in terms of social or environmental factors. They are described as without conscience and incapable of empathy, guilt, or loyalty to anyone but themselves. Sociopathy is not a formal psychiatric condition. It refers to a pattern of attitudes, values, and behaviors that is considered antisocial and criminal by society at large, but seen as normal or necessary by the subculture or social environment in which it developed. Sociopaths may have a well-developed conscience and a normal capacity for empathy, guilt, and loyalty, but their sense of right and wrong is based on the norms and expectations of their subculture or group.

So, no, psychopathy is not an "advanced" form of sociopathy. Hare is also of the opinion that psychopaths are indeed "born" and that while the genetic propensity towards psychopathy can be offset through early social conditioning, a psychopath cannot be "made" through purely sociological factors.

All personality traits are the result of genetic-environmental interactions. Recent research in behavioral genetics indicates that callous-unemotional traits and antisocial tendencies, likely precursors to the dimensions of psychopathy described earlier, are highly heritable. There is no evidence that psychopathy can result solely from social or environmental influences. This doesn't mean that some people are destined to become psychopaths, only that the process of socialization is much more difficult for those with early indications of the precursors of the disorder.

None of this is to say that Hare or any other researcher into the phenomenon of psychopathy is not unimpeachable or that the definitions of these terms won't continue to evolve. But where Robert Hare has years of research, practice, and a foundation in the work of his predecessor and colleague Harvey Cleckley, Scott has what? That she's an Indigo? Or a "Eucharist?"

Also troubling is Scott's use of language in the statement I've bolded above. Empathy "disables" people from hurting each other. It makes it sound like hurting people is the normal state that is unfortunately short-circuited by that pesky empathy. Language and word choice matter. They reveal things about how we think. That statement just strikes me as bizarre.

So why does it matter that Teal Scott has authored an unsourced, slipshod definition of psychopathy? Only that she's positioned herself as an authority on the matter for her followers, her readers, and most importantly for Fallon Dobson.


There are public break-ups and there are public break-ups. This one is being thoroughly cataloged by Scott in her confessional style blogging, which, as I said above, is where she nearly hooked me. But then there was Fallon. Poor Fallon.

A pattern of sociopathic abuse seemed to me like a bold and possibly libelous allegation to make against a named party. But there was Fallon -- his life laid bare. There was Fallon in photographs. And there was Fallon in his own words, inviting commentary from Teal's followers. And there was Fallon discussing his sociopathy on Teal Tribe because, OH MY GOD, there's a Teal Tribe! You can tell it's Teal's tribe because the background color is, wait for it, teal.

I think it worth noting, at this point, the role of public confession in cult programming. In Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Lifton marks it as one of eight primary brainwashing techniques.

Here we have a man who was part of Scott's organization and her paramour. The relationship went south. What ensued was a very public excoriation of him and his very public attempts to confess, atone, and gain his spiritual leader's forgiveness. It started within the "communal" living situation he was then sharing with Scott's "family" -- another thing about which I have some real questions... concerns... um... yeah...

Eventually, as a group, we told him that until he is willing to look at the possibility that he does not want me to be happy, but instead wants me to suffer, he would be unwilling to stop deliberately hurting me.

At some point he confessed to Mark (her ex-husband?) that he was part of the Blood Covenant cult that tortured her and that he was there to destroy her. We know very little about how this unfolded but as he later retracted it, it sounds a little like a false confession, of the type people give police under duress. Then he had a total meltdown and determined to move out and get some psychological help.

While sitting in the living room after that, he realized that he did not feel any emotion about the impact that this information would have on me.  The sheer psychopathy inherent in that pathology effected him so badly that he crumpled into a ball on the floor and realized that he can not be around me or anyone in this community, and that he is a danger to me.

None of this sounds remotely like the behavior of a psychopath. It sounds more like he was in shock, really. But Scott seems very committed to that diagnosis with which she had already labeled him.

Fallon's public humiliation later moved to YouTube where he allowed himself to be interviewed by another Teal Scott supporter. I have to say, it's one of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while.

Listening to this is fairly excruciating but we learn a number of very interesting things. Fallon here says he was not part of the cult sent to sabotage her. He doesn't know why he said that. But because of his "spinelessness" and her attempts to cure him of it, he'd gotten into that habit of just agreeing with everything she suggested. He thought they were all doing a "memory exercise" and blood cult is just what came out. (She says no, it was not an exercise, and that he only thought that because he's disordered.) There seemed to be a lot of confusion about where their romantic relationship ended and her role as spiritual leader and diagnoser of his psychological maladies began. For his part, Fallon is quite clear that everything is his fault. The relationship with Teal ended entirely because of his failings. He really thought he was a sociopath but has since realized that actually he's very emotional so probably he isn't. But he's pretty sure that she's just like Jesus. Did I mention that she's a "Eucharist?"

Odds, ends, and WTF?!

Navigating Teal Scott's blog is challenging. To see a comprehensive list of her posts you have to just keep hitting plus until all the large graphical headings open and your browser crashes. It took me a while to discover that there even was a way to access sidebar data. It's tricky. It requires wanding over the area carefully until you hit it just right and a second scroll bar opens up. It just isn't very helpful. There's no tag cloud and her tagging and categories are not consistent or comprehensive anyway.  There's an archive that lists the months but clicking on them doesn't open up the entire month. Hitting plus after that just starts loading it from the most recent post again. I've tried this on three different browsers. It seems like site navigation is deliberately hidden. Under construction, maybe? We shall see. You know what isn't hidden? The donate button. Can't miss it.

Having found my way through a good bit of her blog at this point, though, there's much that gives me pause. Her phrasing is often peculiar and she periodically leaves little thought droppings that seem very telling.

My workshops will no longer be all about me.

Which would seem to imply that to date they are.

Teal Scott quotes herself. She actually puts her own quotes on  graphics and posts them as discreet entries on her blog under the category heading of "quotes." She doesn't quote anybody else, just herself. Many of the quotes are as incoherent as the one her modeling photo here. She quotes herself.

Apparently she's a genius of remarkably high caliber. 

They call me an idiot savant.  When I was younger, I was given the IQ test twice.  Both times the score came in at over 170 points.

Move over Stephen Hawking. Teal Scott has knocked you off the list.

Why is there a sexy, lingerie photo of an obviously young Teal Bosworth in the middle of her exegesis on why she and Fallon were so toxically matched? And why is it right above a reference to herself being forced into taking sado-masochistic photos when she was a small child by still another Satanist?

And why is it also here.

There seems to be a pattern of her using sexy, come hither images of herself when she talks about her dysfunctional love life and how it mingles with her history of abuse. She rips open these emotional wounds as she soul stares into a camera.

"There's something about the black of a camera lens that digests you in a way.. Therefore, understands you. It is? Without  judgment, so you can act as far as possible from yourself, or leak to it, so much of your pure, unfiltered emotion that if it could feel, it and would break." ~ Teal Bosworth on Model Mayhem

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  1. Fallon Dobson closed his YouTube a very short time ago. I know that because I was listening to his interview just a couple of hours ago. If I can replace it I will. Or not. Maybe it's better to just respect his desire to take some of his private life off the web. Trust me, though. It was heartbreaking.

  2. I am sorry you are so bitter and maybe jealous.. You have only been following Teal Scott for a couple of weeks and your research is not correct + because you have just discovered Teal you have no idea what she has been going through for the last 2 years. A couple of weeks of research and obsession about Teal's pictures will not give you a right to say that what you write here is justified.
    Teal is raw; and she is real. Her message has always been self empowerment and her intentions are not dark.
    As Teal would say herself - if you believe something very deeply you will get universe to reflect these believes back to you.
    And as for pictures - I really really DONT GIVE A damn! if I had body like that I would like to show it off. It means nothing to me and it definitely does not make her less of a spiritual person.
    You just wasted a lot of your precious time...

  3. *sigh* I knew it was only a matter of time before I started hearing from Teal's "army."

    Justina, How very typical of you to assume that it's bitterness and jealousy. Because if a woman is critical of another woman, it's always petty jealousy, right? Way to play right into a sexist trope, Justina.

    "As Teal would say herself - if you believe something very deeply you will get universe to reflect these believes back to you."

    Yes, I did take from her materials that this is her take on the whole "law of attraction" thing. Her perspective is not original but it's as sadly truncated as its unattributed sources. We don't simply attract what we think. That's a very ego centered perspective. The world reflects our entire selves. It cannot be otherwise because each of us is the universe in microcosm. More here:

  4. Great blog post, and thanks for writing it.

    Now that you'll undoubtedly come under attack, I wanted to share with you a piece of my experience with Teal Scott.

    I dined with Ms. Scott on a couple occasions, having been a friend of her now ex-husbands when they met and married. I cut ties with the couple after the following discovery...

    As they began reaching out for publicity, they were sharing articles about Teal on Facebook. I had read a few out of curiosity, never really being into the New Age stuff, more or less wondering what my friend had got himself into. One author, Michael Freeman was particularly gushing of her abilities, and very detailed about past instances of abuse.

    I found another article online that questioned Teals claims of Satanic abuse, written in the area where she grew up. In the comments section, a swarm of people were attacking the author and anyone else who dared question the story. One name struck me as familiar, the Sundyer. Teals right-hand man, Blake Dyer, was a friend of mine as well. Reading Sundyer's remarks, comparing them to the others, I realized they were all avatars being used by the same one or two people to shout down anyone questioning Teals history.

    Creating fake avatars to attack people online? Made me wonder now if the articles praising her were ghost-lighting too. So I dug up some info on Michael Freeman. Found a P.O. box, a phone number, and a distant photo of a man who resembled...Blake Dyer.

    I called the number, and instantly recognized the voice at the other end. "Hello?" It was Blake. I asked if Michael was there, disguising my voice, and heard, "uhh, who?" "Never mind," I said. "Wrong number."

    I was so disappointed and disgusted that my friends were misleading these people on the internet, and shaming into silence anyone who dared question their nonsense, that I cut all ties. I no longer answered my friends calls, and when I ran into them again, was simply cordial and polite, going on my way.

    I have no doubt that Teal Scott suffered some kind of horrendous, mind-fragmenting abuse as a child, but it is not as she imagines. It is not the "reality" she has created for herself. That's all fantasy, a scar over painful truth. I feel bad for any man that falls into her psychological trap. I've seen what it's done to Blake, to Mark, and though I've not seen them for years, I saw how Fallon was sucked in and spit out, too. Hopefully she gets some help and they all quit pretending along with her that this fantasy world she's built is real.

  5. I would suggest an edit, as well. Towards the end you ask about a young 'Teal Dobson' when I believe you meant 'Teal Bosworth'.

    After a more thorough read, I see you've referenced the Herald Journal article to which I was referring. Give the comments section a red and see what you think. I believe Teal herself wrote those shaming responses before writing her editorial response 'in her own words' shortly after.

  6. HI Mykeyta, Thanks for catching that. And thanks for sharing your story. So what you're saying is that Teal's "army" is largely made up of the sock puppets of a couple of people. Interesting. I already know more about Blake than I ever wanted to know because I've read portions of her blog. I know, for instance, that she recently had to let him know that he's been hanging on for 10 years for a relationship that's just not going to happen and that he had to go process that for a while and journal. Why do I know this about him? Because apparently no one in her sphere is entitled to a private life. It's all there on her blog. ( And, apparently, they all live in the same house. Boundaries anyone? I've know women like this. She's a collector.

    Thanks again.

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  8. Thank you for doing this research. Makes me a little sad that she's not legit, but your words ring true for me. The irony is, many of her videos are actually helpful and positive. The ulterior motives, though; I wouldn't care to guess, but that is worrisome.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi C.J. Thanks for the heads up. She had to address it some time. There's too much documentary evidence. And she may have addressed it before, for all I know. And, as I said, I don't have a problem with her former career. It just makes her very complicated and internally contradictory CV even more complicated.

    I saw the thing from the photographer. Could be, but who knows. Without knowing more specific info, I can trust it as much as and no more than I do her various supporters and their sock puppets who show up to vouch for her story in comment threads.

  11. ..and you're spiritual? She's "fake", she's "not real" blah blah. This is an argument I learned to not have waaay before I picked up interest in spirituality. How are these evidence supposed to benefit you anyway? Find your own way, be your own person. Don't be concerned about what others do.

  12. i dont know about Teal, but you are full of hate, yes she is pretty, me too:) but you know whats ugly, your poor hate.
    You suppoused to be healer right?
    Teal is like 28? must she be a perfect teacher already, im sure she will grow, i hope you too.

  13. Also worth noting: the commenter above, Justina Geneviciute, is the creator and organizer of the London "Love of Teal Scott" group on Meetup dot com. From brief interactions, she herself is a somewhat lost woman with a difficult past, and a lot of emotional pain related to physical appearance, et cetera; someone no doubt looking for hope and has found it in various external sources, such as Teal Scott.

    Fallon Dobson deleted his Facebook page a few minutes after posting this disturbing status message about Blake Dyer sexually assaulting Teal Scott:

    Fallon Dobson
    Blake abused Teal Scott two nights ago, he fingered her and she froze scared to death. Teal refuses to tell the world about it. I have been paying her mortgage and she refuses to tell the world about it. I have been hurt so deeply.
    Like · · Share · 14 minutes ago ·

    Others saw this post but are deeply offended and upset that anyone would actually want to openly discuss this for the sake of understanding and exploration. Again, a total resistance to any form of questioning their leader. This is clearly groupthink behaviour.

    Whether her followers choose to stand by her side or go on their own way does not matter. What does matter is that they are open minded and intelligent enough, empowered enough, to be exposed to this kind of information without instantly going into slandering mode; it's important that they consider it for themselves and realize that enough people have shared unsavoury information for it to be - duh? - at least somewhat valid. Wake up.

    What happened with Fallon is one of the most disturbing things I've ever had the misfortune to witness online. I felt physically sick that Teal made what happened so public, that she posted photos of him and his name online with a pseudo-scientific assessment that she's not qualified to make. I felt sick that she sat next to him while he listed all of his horrible attributes only to post them online (he was no acting autonomously, for the record). It wreaks of emotional immaturity, this is not something anyone thinking soundly would do, no matter what relationship difficulties ensued. I am concerned for him and hope he is well, where ever he is. Not for a moment do I believe he is anywhere near what would be termed a sociopath and/or psychopath. I have an academic background in psychology/mental health and his behaviour is not coherent with this diagnosis. The claims and the behaviour don't match up, simply put. He was very clearly manipulated. Sure, he might have been a difficult boyfriend, whatever, but not to the severe degree he's been painted. I hope he now has the support he needs to let all of this go and knows that there is life after this, that his reputation won't be completely tarnished except by the few die hard Tealers who choose not to think for themselves. Fallon, if you're out there and reading this, please reach out publicly if you need any support or help. I'm sure there are many of us who care about your situation and are willing to help clear your name.

  14. Despite what "Tealers" will tell you again and again, that it's "out of alignment" to question anything about Teal, or Teal's rebuttal to this article where she claims that this is a form of resistance, it's fair to to ask questions given the circumstances, to discuss, not in the name of destruction but in the name of awareness. This is a healthy discussion given the extreme bias of information tilting in the other direction. Like the Buddha said: one must question everything, always. The Buddha told his students to question everything he said to assess whether it was true for them, resonant or not. But apparently this does not apply to Teal Scott? Go figure. This appears to be something I've noticed Teal often does, consciously or not, which is that she has a justification in the form of an esoteric teaching that only she can verify due to her spiritual status, and which others cannot possibly refute because they are unable to perceive the universal knowledge that she is able to tap into. It's dangerous territory.

    Her "Tribe" is completely opposed to ANY discussion of anything other than the fact that "Teal is a miracle," as one of her devotees/housemates (Flavia) claims over and over again publicly (see the Thanksgiving Shadow House episode on Livestream).

    But it is entirely possible to be balanced in mind and heart - to be both high vibrational and loving as well as intelligent and discerning. This, at the moment, seems to be escaping the majority of Teal's students. And therein lies the danger.

  15. "..and you're spiritual? She's "fake", she's "not real" blah blah. This is an argument I learned to not have waaay before I picked up interest in spirituality. How are these evidence supposed to benefit you anyway? Find your own way, be your own person. Don't be concerned about what others do."

    "i dont know about Teal, but you are full of hate, yes she is pretty, me too:) but you know whats ugly, your poor hate.
    You suppoused to be healer right?
    Teal is like 28? must she be a perfect teacher already, im sure she will grow, i hope you too."

    Here comes the onslaught of spiritually egotistical (i.e., "X is spiritual, Y is not spiritual, therefore you are not spiritual") and otherwise vacuous replies.

  16. When people hate others; it reveals more about the person hating than the object that gains the hatred. Hope you find the way to the light.

  17. Honestly, this is why I am leary of the New Age Movement, anyone can be a guru / massage therapist / narcissist and draw followers. People can get hurt. Integrity is extremely important, there is a reason why God is equated with holiness. If Teal did experience this abuse she needs friends around her that will be honest with her, not put her on a pedestal, or use her as a money machine. She isn't perfect. A lot of your observations are astute, especially Fallons confusion. I saw this coming from 1,000 miles away, I was leary of the communal setting because I saw the potential for people to orbit her. This really isn't her fault. Slandering her isn't the answer. She needs love and compassion, like all of us do.

  18. I agree with Vincent Zetta, that slander isn't the answer and that she needs a lot of love and compassion. I also think she needs real friends around her to help support her, ground and guide her; she does not need fans living with her and feeding this, people telling her that everything she does is perfect when some of it is misguided. My sense is that the things she did with Fallon, such as making it public, were done out of naivety and not malice (as messed up as that was to do). But having intelligent, mature, truly loving friends around her would likely have resulted in them advising her that it wasn't wise to do what she did, or would even have prevented it from escalating because friends would have likely asked her why she was with someone that she was not happy with from the beginning. I think there's obviously a lot more healing Teal needs to do and having worshippers feeding the idea of world fame is not serving her whatsoever. I really hope she has some heartfelt grounding from balanced, thoughtful, intelligent friends. It will do a world of good and stop this shitstorm train from going any further.

  19. Fuck Teal and everything she stands for. She is a fucking slut who uses sex to make money.

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  21. Vincent Zetta, You can't have looked at my site very carefully if you deduced that I'm a Dawkins clone, an atheist, or a skeptic. Not sure you came to that conclusion but it's belied by literally everything I've ever written on the subject. And I have written a good deal on the subject. You might want to start here:

  22. I see from my stats that Teal's "army" has arrived in force. Just starting to weed through the comments, but it makes for great reading so far. Carry on.

  23. That's because she posted something about it in her blog.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. sorry, your right, I just flipped out when I saw the Dawkins video, I totally agree with your TED assessment. My apologies. Many times skeptics will act like fake parapsychologists ect. just to mess with people.

  27. Yes, Arnold Irving, I deduced that. I have since found her mention of me on her blog. Thx

  28. Fallon, you went through a classic case of spiritual drama. Much of it wasn't real. It was delusional.

  29. Ive been there done that ... it can get extremely weird, lines get crossed, things get confused. It isn't Teals Fault like I said above but a lot of it can be very unhealthy and you have to realize that.

  30. Jared, I'm glad you found something of value in my post. I saw The Master as well. I thought it was excellent, if disturbing. I wish you all the best in your healing process.

  31. I got only one thing out of this detailed novel. And that's that your so jealous you can't see straight. I'm not an avid follower here to attack and discredit any criticism that comes her way. I'm just saying, it ain't about her it's about you

  32. Okay, so did everyone see the new South Park episode about Kimye? Just watched it last night. Hilarious. Here's the upshot: Girl points out the elephant in the living room. Everyone decides she's just soooooo jelly. Can be viewed here:

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  34. Esther, if you read slut-shaming into what I wrote, I don't know what to tell you. What references there are to her nude modeling are most definitely NOT the first thing in my post, they constitute a very small portion of a very long piece, and I stated quite clearly that I'm not making any judgments about it. So, you've misread me.

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  36. Dear LaVaughn,
    As a member of spiritual community, you should be ashamed of yourself. You attack someone who did not do anything wrong to you, spreading lies about her, invading her privacy revealing her personal information. That is very dangerous. Someone may get hurt or killed by it.
    Are you not ashamed of yourself?
    What about if people do the same to you?
    You are not afraid to lose your business and credibility?

    Teal Scott is not perfect, but she is reflection of you. You hate her, you hate yourself. Please continue saying bad things about yourself. I am listening...

    To Fallon: You are so handsome. You and Blake actually are good looking. Teal likes you because you are smart and in IT, you know. Deep down she admired you, but you didn't know. Hihi.. it's her lost to ever dump you.
    Blake is also good looking. If only he knows. He should go to Asia, there will be many ladies who like him.

  37. HI LaVaughn,
    I do listen to Teal's messages, I am 48 years old woman and have gone to many spiritual talks in my life. One of which was a lovely lady in her 60 sixty's who was not sexy who had exactly the same messages as Teal, who helped me through a really rough time in my life she did not have any credentials expect for the fact that she was highly connected. I had amazing spiritual experiences. She at the time gave me tools to help me, live this life. and come into my own power. I use to drive 2hours to go see her. I'm in Canada by the way. Half the the things you wrote were unnecessary and came from a dark place. I don't know what your goal is? I will be honest and say I had the same thoughts about the abuse and the time line issues. The rest of it does not matter, her cloths her nude website...all that does not matter. Just her messages and they resonate with me. You on the other hand did nothing for me. I am not in the frame of mind to judge. You need to do a worksheet from Byron Katie judge your neighbor it will really help you.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. LaVaughn warned me to not be too cruel in my criticism of Teal, for all you LaVaughn doubters.

  40. But please, telling LaVaughn someone might be killed because of her criticism? No one is going to get killed. Why would anyone kill Teal? Are you insane or was that a veiled threat?

  41. Linda you are nuts. Sorry. What exactly is membership in THE spiritual community? That is too vacuous to respond to. And placating Jared will get you no where--surely you realize you just put him down. And how can anyone get hurt or killed by ANYTHING LaVaughn has revealed? Its all out there on the web. How does LaVaughn hate herself by supposedly hating Teal? Please, compose yourself or go away.

  42. LInda, Loathe as I am to respond to your overheated rhetoric, you've made some false assertions that need to be corrected.

    I have not revealed any private information about Teal that she did not reveal herself. All I did was quote her and link to her body of work. So if you think that information put her in any kind of jeopardy, you might want to take that up with her.

    Likewise, I didn't tell any lies about her. Again, I didn't post anything but content she created. So I would defy you to find where I've lied about anything.

    I find it very interesting how tweaked people have gotten by the material in this post because I didn't really create any of it. Teal Scott did. I just documented it and subjected content she generated to a little analysis.

    And for the record, I don't hate anyone.

  43. @whiteangel, The name Byron Katie rung a bell. Now I remember, I did a little digging when someone mentioned that she uses a lot of the same techniques as James Ray. ( She's another one who does the homeless exercise and all that. ( Bloody dangerous. No thanks.

  44. Just to allay any confusion, the blog post which mobilized Teal's army is here:


    Fake her business is fake.

  46. @Mark Stuart Ekdahl
    Actually the post that "Mykeyta" wrote, there are too much personal information revealed.
    You know Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered because the hotel room number and address was printed on the newspaper.

    Anyone would be crazy if being written like that.

  47. Be specific, Linda. What in Mykeyta's comments reveals details that could put Teal Scott at risk. Because I'm just not seein' it.

  48. (part 1)


    I am neither a fan nor critic of Teal. I have been following her work for quite some time from a strictly objective space, being very careful to watch for any unconscious or unresolved patterns in me that might cause me to arrive at incorrect conclusions about her. In fact, I think it is this very issue through which Teal offers each of us the greatest opportunity to grow.

    Much of what your article focuses on is actually not that important, other than to see where you get triggered by who, and what, Teal represents in your life as an opportunity for you to grow. In my opinion, from an objective viewpoint, you missed the important issues, and instead got sucked into the less important drama.

    My feeling is that Teal has triggered some unresolved issues in you. Her appearance triggers you. Her ability to draw significant numbers of followers triggers you. Her ability to acquire a certain level of power triggers you. Her success triggers you.

    In my opinion, your focus should have been to analyze Teal's teachings to discern what seems credible and what is not. I had never heard of you before, but my sense from this first post of yours is that you have the capacity to help others see where Teal's work falls short. You could really serve people in this way. Instead, you focused on drama.

    The drama in Teal's life is overflowing, particularly in regards to her history, her appearance, and the way she uses her presence to affect people. But this is all too common for people in her position. It is true for innumerable gurus (for example, Mooji). There are many, many people willing to bow to teachers/leaders like Teal. People are desperate for answers, and will quickly give away their power to anyone who appears to have solutions to their life problems. Critiquing Teal on this front is a waste of time. Better to help people see where and why they are giving their power away, than to focus on exposing Teal through an analysis of the drama in her life.

    Let's look at the substance instead.

    Teal has a great gift for speaking eloquently on a very wide range of topics. In my opinion, based on my 40 adult years on my spiritual path, much of what she shares is accurate, timely and useful. I have watched at least 50 videos which feature her, including numerous interviews which sometimes include other teachers. She is generally respectful of others and surprisingly self-critical and open about her shortcomings. In fact, she is one of the most transparent teachers I have ever come across.

    That said, there are a number of very important places where her teachings fall short. By far, the most glaring area is in her message that we can create and control our reality if we just maintain the right inner dialogue and focus on feeling positive. Her message very much aligns with that of Abraham/Esther Hicks, which as many of us know, created a life of material success and fame for the Hicks'.

    I am personally very well versed in that message, having embraced it thoroughly when it first showed up in the mid-80's. I lived and breathed it until I was absolutely certain of its shortcomings.

    ... continued in part 2


  49. (part 2)

    There is nothing more powerful then to tell people that all they need to do is xyz in order to get 123 for a result. Nothing draws people in like being able to tell them they can have money, a great job, a nice house, a wonderful relationship, etc., if they just follow these simple steps. This is the heart of what Teal is presenting, and THIS is the greatest shortcoming of her story and message...because this teaching of hers is incomplete and inaccurate. It is actually deceptive.

    That said, I do not believe Teal is attempting to actually deceive people. I think she believes what she says. That is a common situation for many teachers.

    What is really true is that it is each persons responsibility to discern whatever comes their way. Life on this planet has required people to learn what is truth by embracing and living what is false. No one is responsible for this situation other than each one of us individually.

    For anyone who has been on the spiritual path on a truly deep and open manner, there comes a time when one realizes that it is impossible to control what unfolds in our lives, regardless of the technique we employ on a daily basis. Our 3D lives unfold from higher dimensions of our full being. All we can do here in the physical 3D is control how we respond to what unfolds. In this respect, much of what Teal shares can be very helpful. But I feel she is doing a large disservice by suggesting people can have what they want if they just follow her technique. Again, though, the ultimate responsibility here lies within each persons choice to discern truth from fiction.

    What is troubling at present is that Teal just posted about her need to leave the U.S. out of concerns for her safety. Everything she wrote about this move smacks clear in the face of the heart of her teachings. It should be clear to people that Teal is unable to use her teachings to control the unfoldings of her life. She has stated that her move overseas is primarily driven by fear. That's fine. She is allowed to have fear. But the point is, she is not demonstrating the ability to live her teachings. Her teachings are failing her.

    Now, she may argue that she is not perfect. She may say that her teachings are correct, but she is failing in her ability to employ them. Well, if anyone chooses to buy into this line of reasoning, they are truly fooling themselves. This is snake oil at its finest. If TEAL can't employ her own teachings for one of the most important decisions of her life, what chance do others have? There is something very troubling in this picture, and it would be far better if Teal were more transparent around this. But the fact is, if she told people that there is no method that can actually control what unfolds in our lives, she would lose many of her followers. THIS is what concerns me the most about Teal and her story.

    I hope someday she comes to realize that she needs to adjust this key piece in her teachings. She has a lot to offer, and she could serve many. But as it is now, this glaring shortcoming will eventually be exposed. And with that, her potential to bring about positive change will be, at best, seriously diminished.


  50. Her captor had DID, she now has DID. Is there anyone else with DID? Follower or non follower, if you want to lie to yourself and say her story makes sense from start to finish, then you are truly under the spell of lies and deceit. Any deceiver has got to have likeability or you would not defend them so vehemently. If you call the author above a hater then you are lying to yourself, the author has shown you things that are factual and if you cannot come to terms with it then you are truly under the spell of a cult leader.

  51. RDMiller, Well, I agree with you on Abraham/Hicks et al, which you'd know if you'd read my blog at all. The problem with the LOA material is something I've written on so extensively, I don't have much to add at this point. ( And where Ms. Scott is concerned, I didn't actually find her teaching on that material coherent enough to comment on. But you make a good point re: her moving and everything -- a new development of which I've only just become aware. I'm also not highly motivated to delve into her body of work much more than I have. It's headache inducing. As far as what "triggers" me about Ms. Scott, I think I've been fairly transparent about my thought process and you've got it pretty well wrong. In a nutshell, what triggers me is when I see abuses of power and that's how this reads to me. That guru phenomenon you allude to definitely triggers me. You may not find that important or interesting, but I do.

    Might I suggest that if you think there are other areas of Scott's work that merit critique, you might want to do that yourself instead of telling other people what they should write about. I'd probably enjoy reading that sort of analysis of her work but writing it, not so much. If you ever do write something on the topic, by all means, let me know.

  52. LaVaughn,

    If this is what triggers you:

    "... abuses of power and the guru phenomenon"

    ...I do not think you will have much success convincing her followers or even neutral parties that you can substantiate she is deliberately abusing her power, by focusing on historical issues which can be refuted or are not even very important to many people. You'll just get lost in the drama.

    Better (in my opinion) to prove where her teachings fall short.

  53. BTW... I already did what you suggested... on her site... and they eventually published it.

    You'll need to search for my name (Richard Miller) in the Comments to find my lengthy critique.

  54. RD Miller, I think I've accomplished my own aims for the time being. It's clear from Ms. Scott's post that what people read on my blog raised uncomfortable questions for them. If I've inspired a little critical thinking, I'm well satisfied.

    I would also never presume to "substantiate she is deliberately abusing her power." I don't know what's in her heart. I'm concerned with results, not intent. When it comes to her motivations, I can't say. I can only go by her own written record and the fact that it's full of contradictions.

    Thanks for the link. I think what you wrote above is more pointed, but I know full well that sharp criticism of Ms. Scott doesn't see the light of day on her blog.

  55. This is an unfortunate truth:

    "I know full well that sharp criticism of Ms. Scott doesn't see the light of day on her blog. "

  56. Miss Scott will now suggest she is being increasingly victimized and will no doubt hire more bodyguards to protect her from herself, further scrutiny and reasonable questioning and so hide behind their veil of protection buried in denial. It is a veil that separates her from her lies and those who quite rightly seek to expose her lies. She will imprison herself in Europe most likely citing victimization and hatred when it is nothing of the kind. Any serious future TV interview would be bold enough to get to the nitty gritty of who she claims to be and challenge her story and ask some tough questions about her claims. If Blake is trying to secure a future TV interview deal then let's hope it will answer these questions without fail, otherwise the smell of deception will linger forever more around Teal Scott's career. I commend La Vaughn fro publishing this, I bet she has no army coming to her defense but she was brave enough to speak her truth and it resonates with me. I doubt if La Vaughn will accuse her detractors of being haters, rather than just good people who happen not to agree with her. She has spoken out on behalf of people perhaps afraid to ask or speak out against the Teal Army. How dare Miss Scott deem people haters for simply asking questions they are perfectly entitled to ask.

  57. One last point, to create some greater perspective.

    As a friend of mine mentioned, the name Teal Scott is virtually unknown amongst the public at large. She may have an "army" of followers, but in fact, that is a VERY small army. I doubt 1 out of 1000 people have ever heard her name... it's probably more like 1 in 10,000.

    Given her rather detailed discussion about ET races and her own (purported) Arcturian lineage, she is not going to become a personality like Wayne Dyer anytime soon.

  58. Don't feel bad La Vaughn, Teal has publicly humiliated her parents and brother, her ex husband, Fallon Dobson and now she wants you set upon by her loyal army, she has criticized her mother frequently and her father, Fallon had been deemed a psychopath and a danger to her, everyone who comes into contact with Teal seems to end up being publicly humiliated and you are just the next victim.

  59. Not to worry, Glen. I don't feel humiliated or victimized at all.

  60. Dear LaVaughn,

    You attack someone who is vulnerable. That's the problem. She did nothing wrong to you. If you attack lululemon, mcdonnalds, or big corporations, that's OK.

    But this is someone who has beed abused terribly. She is not perfect, but yet tries to survive, and stay positive.

    If someone with broken leg, trying to learn to walk again. In the attempt to walk straight, someone may crippled once a while, and fall again, trying so hard to stand again. And here you are attacking the crippled person, instead of helping.

    Where is your heart? Why are you so cruel?

    What's your point of creating 10 pages of exposing someone's vulnerable side? That will make her scared to death. She is pretty much alone.
    You maybe have parents, siblings, etc who are protecting you. She has no one. Why are you so cruel?

    There are bunch of (predominantly male) crocodiles who are supporting you in this blog. They are probably Teal's victim (you know males, they are only after one thing: sex). But you are not the victim.

    Come one, please. I believe you are the only person who can see the light in this blog.

    Pleeeeaseee, put yourself in her shoes. Where is your heart?

  61. Linda,

    I've put it to you twice to justify your assertions. You've accused both myself and Mykeyla of posting personal information that could endanger Teal Scott. Instead of backing up these claims, you just keep changing the nature of your accusations. This one is no more credible.

    Teal is a public figure. She has stated repeatedly that she is very famous and her fame is growing. Public figures who put out a body of work have to know that work will be critiqued. That's all I did. I put her very public statements to a little scrutiny. If she can't withstand that, perhaps public life isn't for her. Of course, she says otherwise, that she knows as her "fame grows" she will receive negative feedback. She seems to be well aware that it comes with the territory. It's her followers like yourself who get whipped up into a frenzy any time she receives any scrutiny. I must assume that you don't think her public statements can withstand such examination if you think raising some questions puts her into such emotional peril.

    You write:

    "There are bunch of (predominantly male) crocodiles who are supporting you in this blog. They are probably Teal's victim (you know males, they are only after one thing: sex)."

    I don't share your contempt for men or think it's right to victimize them. I don't believe anyone deserves to be victimized.

  62. LaVaughn, you didn't really put into scrutiny Teal's "body of work" as a public figure and spiritual teacher. I am not her fan, much less yours. The method that you chose for your scrutiny is to sort through her lingerie, dirty and clean, and shape it up in a brand new product that you are presenting in your article. What for? For sale of course! I bet you haven't had this much attention in your entire life! What a chance to shine in somebody's spot light !Teal has an easy donate button on her page? Well, your price list is not very far from this post of yours either. As RDMiller pointed to you already you would get so much more credibility and respect if you put your efforts into scrutinizing Teal's teachings. So much use and help could you bring to people with your psychic perspectives and understandings!

  63. Hi LaVaughn,

    I think you are pretty too. If you are really like your picture in your icon. I think you are prettier than Teal. Why can't you see it?

  64. Linda, What makes you think I can't see it? ;- What does appearance matter? Upthread you make references to Fallon about his being good looking as if his value is tied up in that. I have nowhere compared my appearance to Teal's because I think it's irrelevant in any context other than modeling and beauty contests. That's not what any of this is about. So why do you keep bringing it up? If you read my commentary above as being about that, you missed the point, which was that women are constantly being judged by their looks rather than what we are saying and doing. And here you are, all wrapped up in appearances. How unfortunate.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lol! How come you were going by the name Fallon?

  66. I just read Teal's post about moving to Europe, and thought about it for a while, and I have to say I just can't buy it. It just seems like a fiction in a candy land of delusions. Its rife with red flags. She's vague about who might...murder her. Or why. Satanists from her youth or establishment psychos? And how can moving to Europe really make her safer? I don't blame her for wanting to leave the US. I've been fed up and hope to move there one day, and even fancied trying to get asylum just for the kind of oppression I've felt. But I know I wouldn't get it, and for Teal to get it she needs to provide proof of being persecuted, if she is implying legal asylum. I wonder if she is fleeing her own evolution in consciousness. She doesn't seem to be genuinely in fear for your life. If I was afraid for my life, I wouldn't care about defamation lawsuits, I would name names and arm myself, etc. How can she go from that right to talking about the theater? I'm thinking of watching all her videos and writing a detailed critique, but I wonder if it is worth it. She seems to nudge the reader to approve of what is really a psychiatrist's boatload, to give a nod to her psychotic journey and join her. I'm truly puzzled, as a truth-seeker. I'm frustrated every day with the US, and find some comfort in socialism and like minded friends. I hope for massive shifts in consciousness and society. But that doesn't mean every point of view or new age concept is truth. I guess I need to know more what I'm dealing with here, but not sure if it is worth my time and effort, like LaVaughn put in. Its just so weird, but I'm weird too. It could be a growing experience for me perhaps.

  67. I've rubbed a lot of people over the years with my rants and my political viewpoints, and been threatened numerous times, but I'm not in fear for my life. I won't live in fear, as hard as that can be in the US sometimes.

  68. Hi Mark, I'm with ya on the moving to Europe thing. That was seriously strange. But I thought RD Miller's point upthread was on the money. If she's "in alignment," why is she law of attracting death threats? And if she has that little mastery of the LOA, why is she teaching it? (I'm paraphrasing.) But that's always the trouble with the LOA. It works every time... until it doesn't... and then there's a whole bunch of excuses and rescripting.

    I know I couldn't stand to sit through all of her videos. I've made it through a couple and they're kind of revealing -- like this one where she talks about how she used her attractiveness to manipulate men and get them to do whatever she wanted them to do. ( But I couldn't invest that kind of time. My threshold for her material is very low.

    I will say, though, when I sat through four months of the James Ray trial and blogged the whole thing it was very therapeutic. A little crazy but I think it was good for me. It helped me sort out a lot of things regarding bad teachers I've had. (Of course none of them killed people, but you get the idea.) It was good. A big time investment. Drove my family nuts but I think it was very healing. I needed to do it.

  69. Teal's passive aggressive response to your post has really turned me off, as does the information that she's up and moving to Europe..with someone she has know for what all of two months? Give me a break. She put up a blog post today about "haters' and how she's above it all yet she is still taking to the time to 1) write about it in the first place and 2) she included your name so that all the "Tealers" could find you and attack you. If she is above it all, why is she sticking her followers on you. I don't find anything you said cruel, and you didn't reveal anything that she didn't reveal herself. She really isn't emotionally healthy and some of the advice that she has been doling out as of late is downright insane and potentially harmful.

  70. MsLori, I agree. It was pretty passive aggressive. But sicking her "army" on people is nothing new, as I noted above. My husband thought the giant graphic about HATERS in the middle of her even-tempered, "above it all" post was particularly hilarious. He's taken to calling her Zaphod Beeblebrox -- you know with the little head that pops out and spouts the things that "aren't presidential."

  71. LaVaughn, I find it particularly amusing that she mentioned you in her blog hoping that her supporters would descend upon you and wage holy war and yet, with the exception of a few weak wishy washy replies, most can clearly see that what you've written is valuable and that her integrity is questionable. Frankly, I now find her and her teachings disturbing in light of everything. I have taken the time to study her and the truth is that everything is unoriginal - all originates from Esther/Abraham Hicks, Bashar, pop psychology, other teachers, and self-help books - with the exception of her ET claims and talking about being the highest rank of Arcturian on the planet, their leader, that there are 14 other Arcturians here to help with her mission and... you get the point.

    No doubt she has some psychic/extrasensory abilities but I think she's experienced an high level of trauma and has created elaborate stories to cope in order to survive. Extrasensory abilities do not equate to being an avatar or master or whatever, it's just a matter of having open chakras. I've also watched her and she is definitely a master of manipulation, not quite on Derren Brown's level but similar idea (Jared, check out Derren Brown, I think it will interest you after this experience). That's evident in her videos, in her personal life, and in Jared's story, among others.

    It's a common thing that people do, to create stories for survival. I don't blame her for her, if even half of what she has said about her abuse is true then just surviving would be a struggle without the back drop of a hopeful, purpose giving story to keep you going. Dissociation/delusion is a common in trauma cases.

    Also, placebo effect: when people discuss the vibes and energy at her events, it's likely completely due to their expectation to feel those things given that the majority of those people are highly suggestible. In other words, it has more to do with their own inherent energy and power than anyone outside of themselves, they tap into that.

    Jared, was the post below from Facebook true? (From a previous post, see above.)

    "Fallon Dobson
    Blake abused Teal Scott two nights ago, he fingered her and she froze scared to death. Teal refuses to tell the world about it. I have been paying her mortgage and she refuses to tell the world about it. I have been hurt so deeply.
    Like · · Share · 14 minutes ago ·"

    I hope you're not still financially supporting her. And I'm happy to see you've taken your name back. Don't let this define you, there's plenty of happiness to be had beyond this. I'm confident that over time you will gain more and more clarity about this situation, will see it for what it was. That wasn't a spiritual, balanced, aligned-with-love house: You were living in a house full of some of the craziest cray cray I've ever seen. You're so much better off. Having known people who've experienced similar things, though not with romantic involvement like you, my advice (for what it's worth) is to distance yourself from her and her teachings, give yourself a lot of time to detox, and just get back to basics of doing things you enjoy, back to real life. You're so fortunate to have your family. Don't give her any more attention, it's not serving you at all. If you give yourself time to get clear, you'll be better able to see it for what it was. Which was unfortunate. But you're now in a stronger position than they are because you're out of the haze (I hope).

  72. Her new relationship is interesting given that she talked in the past about needing a protective man who will take care of her (in fact, she more or less described a body guard...); is it any surprise that she falls for a man playing the role of her bodyguard? A man who says he starts feeding a woman when he's attracted to her, and slid food over to her at a restaurant when courting her (from her blog)? I've googled him and apparently he's a former PA to celebrity clientele so he's adept at serving people with high demands, like his former client Madonna. As soon as Teal met him, she said she had a vision of living in London with him, and a couple of weeks later she announces she's moving to Europe with her new boyfriend who's British... Anyone else see what's going on here? And does it not look like a repeated pattern for a man to move to be with her in a matter of weeks? Is it a new situation for someone to give up his/her life to serve her? Does this not raise red flags for anyone else? Now she's living in a house with her child's father/her ex-husband, a man who's desperately in love with her (Blake), people who worship her, and her new boyfriend. Well, slap my ass, no way.

    Recently she mentioned being interviewed by another fledgling - ahem - aspiring "self-help expert", who's basically another woman using her body to sell things with what appear to be the numerous photo shoots she pays for, and this woman has put Teal down behind her back repeatedly in self-righteous and spiteful ways (much of it related to slut shaming). Now this person is getting a tiny bit of promotion through Teal's blog and it's, "I love you, I'll let you know when the blog comes out," in her comments. So: fame hungry desperation. Period. If Teal were psychic, wouldn't she see people like this a mile off?

    Anyone with substance can see that all of Teal's fame claims are exaggerated. I agree with the poster above who said it's probably 1 in 10,000 who know who she is... If she were truly that popular, any publisher given her manuscript would see dollar signs and agree to print her book without hesitation but that hasn't happened despite having a literary agent. But she seems to be convincing her existing following that she's more famous than she is, or maybe she truly believes she's more famous than she is, thereby creating bigger buzz within her existing fan base. Blake was looking for help getting Teal on television and some of the proposed ideas made it glaringly obvious that people are unaware that she isn't going to join the ranks of Wayne Dyer or Marianne Willamson on Oprah any time soon, as an earlier poster said. I think most people who are spiritually grounded will look upon Teal and her work as kind of sad and desperate, strange, nonsensical, naive, but the mass appeal won't happen. At best, she'll stay in a similar position to where she is now, which is still good and I'm sure she can accomplish a lot if she finds peace with being on the fringe, which could result in a long career. There are a lot of New Agers who love talking about ETs and calling each other this and that rank of ET and identifying solely as being starseeds and so on, and her appeal is strong there. I'm sure she has helped quite a few people to have hope again with her teachings and she deserves credit for that. If they're not hurting anyone, it's fine. Where my concern lies is that what she's doing clearly IS hurting people.


  73. I can't make up my mind about whether or not her heart is in the right place and we're talking about someone who's delusional, in need of love/compassion/professional help, or if there are strong ulterior motives. I know that initially they presented Teal Eye as profiting no one, including her, but when she couldn't pay her mortgage suddenly she would be taking money from it (or something? Her explanation didn't quite make sense). I appreciate a place to discuss this openly and honestly, as it's instantly policed and deleted if you attempt discussion like this in one of her online groups by the ever-defensive Yona Curtis. Funny that, because I'd guess that if you asked Teal publicly about censorship, she would be against it. She has been very forthright about airing her dirty laundry in the name of demystification. And yet, if you attempt to continue that line of logic by discussing any doubts related to Teal, her minions freak out and delete you. Very "aligned" of them, no? They are clearly very insecure about her otherwise you could call Teal a shape-shifting reptilian and no one would even bat an eyelid; their online groups would be an honest representation of people's thoughts instead of some bizarre altar to their leader.

  74. Okay, wait. Back up. Did you, open ID aol person, just say that she claims to be the highest ranking Arcturian on her home planet? Do you have a citation for that? Because, um, WOW!

    I gotta say, this deluge of comments she sent my way has been a real learning experience. Despite all the commentary from her devoted fans that I'm unhealthily obsessed with her and invested mad amounts of energy picking through her lingerie, I really barely skimmed the surface of her public statements. I have not, for instance, listened to all her videos and you couldn't pay me enough.

    But in the last couple of days I've learned that she now claims to have suffered from DID. (Thank-you, Glen Paterson.) I have since located this information on her blog. Ummmm...

    I've learned that she's planning to move to Europe with her new boyfriend/bodyguard. Except that it's REALLY because of all the threats to her safety by nameless entities from the corporate powers of the world which for some reason won't be a problem in Europe because... it's not... part... of the... world... (???)

    Oh, and this: the Laura Marie thing you mentioned. I had just read that on her blog and was a little dismayed to see how she was equating the divine feminine with physical beauty. Not helpful. Not helpful. Like women don't have enough problems feeling good about themselves without a model-pretty woman waxing philosophic about another model-pretty woman to elucidate the divine feminine.

    *heavy sigh*

  75. Sorry for another post, but another questionable thing that's been on my mind related to Teal: In her online groups, you come across people who say, "Teal told me I'm Arcturian", "Teal told me I was X in a past life", "Teal told me I'm a powerful healer" etc. It seems like every person who goes to her about their soul origins or mission in life or whatever aspects of themselves is given a grandiose answer. And with Fallon, there was something in one of the groups alluding to him being told he was reptilian, an obvious negative connotation, and this was a person who she decided she had mixed feelings about (in other words, when it served her to do so, she put him down). Does this strike anyone else as odd? I would be interested to hear whether any one who has gone to her was told something other than what they wanted to hear, as a way of deepening their liking for her. I saw this happen with another spiritual teacher, Derek O'Neill; he would tell people things about themselves that they had no way to verify, but that were flattering, because they'd given their power over to him and he could use it as he pleased. Derek engages in highly questionable behaviour and generates A LOT of money through his workshops by charging thousands, he then uses some of it for good causes. But is it sound to make money dishonestly for a good end? Is that any different to dealing drugs and using the using the money for certain good causes? In my book, it's not. It reminds me of Fring from the show Breaking Bad, if anyone has seen it they will understand what I mean. Anyway, just another observation of a tactic that seems to be working as far as bringing more people into her "army".

    (By the way, I keep using my AIM to post, not sure why it's showing my username as a jumble of letters and numbers.)

  76. Yes, LaVaughn, it's something to that effect. It was during a NovaZem interview, I can't remember if it was part 1 or 2 (I think it may have been 2) so you will have to wade through it to find out unfortunately, though it sounds like you're not keen on spending more time with her material (I'm in agreement with you, I've observed and am very much done myself).
    Links here:
    P1 -
    P2 -

    Yes, the Laura Marie thing. It's kind of funny really. Apparently LM is someone who tells people that she's been told by a psychic that she is to be hugely famous, and drones on and on about her appearance and ability to get any man she wants if given the chance. She has done a good job of making herself appear more successful than she is but she struggles with money and is clawing her way to fame, apparently now through Teal if possible. It's an easy business tactic: you interview someone and then blog about it to attract more attention. From what I've heard, she didn't like Teal at all and said that Teal behaves the way she does with men because she's been raped, that Teal's behaviour is disgusting/slutty, that she (LM) in comparison is so pure (see photos of her half-naked, ass shots, breast implants on full display, and complete focus on her physical appearance for evidence of her pure intent and divine femininity). She's questioned Teal's teachings privately with others, and the list goes on. Abject cattiness. I found it amusing that Teal was suddenly mentioning how divinely feminine LM is and, like you, was saddened that it was by appeal solely to her appearance. The most beautiful women figures historically exemplified divinity with their being, and the actions that followed; it has nothing to do with wearing dresses, breast implants and bleached hair.

    And, again, wouldn't Teal have seen an ulterior motive given her abilities?

    But it brings it to light that women like Teal and LM gravitate towards each other because they share a self-serving world view, so they share an agreement and the big sister (Teal) reinforces it for one of her followers (LM), solidifying in their minds their rightness. They view it as an objective truth when, really, they're subjective beliefs and not profound or deep at all. We're talking about someone who's a few clowns short of a circus, if you catch my drift... So the emphasis does become solely based on appearance because there is nothing else to rely on.

    It's such a shallow fallacy to assert that a person's outward appearance is somehow a meaningful reflection of his/her inner personality. I think beautiful women are wonderful thing and I'm considered a very attractive person myself, but I don't see any basis for equating this with spiritual acumen. There are many beautiful women out there who are complete and utter assholes. I understand that the argument is that if one is spiritually aware, they seek to express all manners of their being, including their femininity. But we're going, AGAIN, into dangerous territory by ascribing to the idea that femininity is based upon the media's description of physical beauty + one's fashion sense (wtf?). If you're tapped into the divine feminine, you are that no matter the exterior smock you're wearing or your fitness regime. That article re: LM and divine feminine is one of the most shallow, unconvincing commentaries on spirituality I've ever come across.

    Exhibit A:

  77. "A few clowns short of a circus." LOL Oh, 888116..., you very nearly made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. So stealin' that.

    "They view it as an objective truth when, really, they're subjective beliefs and not profound or deep at all." Precisely! That's it in a nutshell. I thought the same but you've articulated it perfectly. I have not heard a single thing from Teal Scott that I found fresh, original, or particularly insightful. Some of it I agree with. Some of it I don't but there is nothing new here and she never seems to cite any of her obvious sources.

    Laura Marie: I found her Facebook page and it is replete with cheesecake images. See, very excruciating for me to read Scott's stuff on the divine feminine because goddess mythology is something of a touchstone for me. And no. Just no.

    The equating of physical beauty and spiritual attainment is something I'm seeing more and more of and I'm just so horrified. And I think it owes more than a little to The Secret and its like. Very dangerous messaging.

    Thanks for the links. I'll try to wade through and find that thing on her Arcturian credentials because, um... yeah...

  78. I want to encourage people to remember that Teal is a sensitive human being and should be treated with respect as such… particularly given her disturbing history (even if it is a bit blown out of proportion).

    I know for myself, if someone was to dig into my past and judge parts of it out of context, I could be portrayed in a way that is not reflective of my true being. This could be true for most of us.

    Perhaps more importantly, Teal has been very direct in saying that she lives in a highly flawed manner. She stated that it is very possible for a spiritual teacher to be able to access and share insightful information of a high order, even though they may personally have considerable difficulty leaving those teachings. In fact, she stated that her personal experience was that many spiritual teachers... including very well-known ones... fit this picture precisely.

    I think this is a really interesting phenomena... the idea that a person is born with a gift to access deeper truths and share these eloquently, yet may have no more ability to live those teachings than anyone else. This idea feels like it could be accurate to me.

    This is why I encourage people to focus on discerning the accuracy of Teal's teachings, rather than judge her by her actions or appearance. In this respect, I have yet to read any comments here that question any aspects of her teachings, other than that related to manifestation and the law of attraction (which is an area of great concern to me, but also a very challenging issue to fully comprehend, let alone teach). Having listened to much of what she has offered, I find her teachings and presentation quite good, overall… better than that of many other teachers, including well-known ones. I certainly have some differences of opinion with her on some of her specific teachings besides the LOA issue, but these are far more subtle.

    I suppose I am asking others here to list a few specific objections you have with her teachings, besides those related to LOA. If we can't come up with much (of substance), this is simply something to observe and give her credit for… because her students CAN really benefit from her, as long as they are not expecting fairy-tale-like rewards through their manifestation efforts (which, unfortunately, manner currently are).


  79. Richard, we're going to have to agree to disagree. I don't find much worth discussing in her teachings. I'm listening to this interview that 88116... hipped me to and it's insufferable. (Mostly I'm just running searches of the transcript because I can't listen to her voice anymore. I just can't.) Let's be honest here. She relies heavily on her story and her appearance. She's the one who's put that front and center. And what I've heard and read of her teachings do not hold my interest. I see nothing new here, as stated.

    If you do find value in her teachings, please feel free to share it. Please feel free to analyze it. You've probably noticed that unlike Ms. Scott I really don't censor comments on my blog. Unless something is really spammy or totally off-sides, (profane, hate speech, etc.) it won't be deleted.

    So, by all means, tell us what you find of value in her teachings. Tell us where you think they fall short if you want, but please don't expect me or anyone else to write about what's important to you. If you don't enjoy reading what's written here, no one is forcing you to read it. If you think we're missing something vital, by all means enlighten us.

    In fact, I'll go you one better. If you'd like to write it up as an essay instead of a comment, I'd be happy to post it as a guest essay. Please, feel free to hold forth if you want. But I'm not going to write about what's important to you. I write about what interests me.

  80. LaVaughn,

    I think that is an unfair response. I never asked you to write about what is important to me. I asked you (or anyone) to name something specific in her teachings that you disagree with (besides LOA). I also didn't state that what she teaches is particularly new. Let's assume there's not much new. But if it is well-presented and accurate, let's give her credit for that.

    Of course, you don't have to answer my request. No one does. But that would be telling.

    Remember... I am NOT a Teal fan, nor a critic. Just an objective observer, as best as I can be.

  81. Richard, It's "unfair" of me to offer you a platform to focus on the things you think have gotten short shrift in this discussion? Seriously?


  82. LaVaughn, I just skimmed a little for you through the NovaZem interview for you and that info is in part 2. It's spread out a bit throughout the interview, but the first bit of interesting info is quite near the beginning and then around the 25 minute mark she begins to explain that she's a representative for an ET light federation and that there are 13 others that are here as back up for her. The entire interview is framed as a revelation of all of her ET knowledge, and much of it is not congruent with actual evidence from the Sumerians, Egyptians, and other ancient information.

    According to her theory, a 6th dimensional Pleiadian being saw a ape-like, primitive pre-human Neanderthal with very little higher cognitive functioning: The Pleiadian fell in love with this primitive creature and they made love, thus began human beings. Isn't that like if a human being fell in love with a Gorilla and made love to it? In other words, what would bring a 6th dimensional being to fall in love with a Neanderthal? *sigh*

    To be completely honest, watching this back now more fully in context (her past or current Dissociative Identity Disorder, the drama and unhappiness of her personal life, her past abuse... etc.) I feel very sad that this is happening. I don't think she's consciously or maliciously doing what she's doing. It's just all very sad. And much sadder that people are choosing to play along. But to each their own.

    Have you seen the documentary Kumar about the guy who posed as a guru and amassed a group of ardent followers? He purposely made his teachings absurd and people still ate it up like a sundae on a hot summer's day. Only for him to reveal at the end that it was a ruse. Highly recommended.

    I hope for all the best for Teal, and for some people with common sense to step in and help... somehow. Watching her, it reminds me of being in a clinical setting with someone who's highly dissociated. I fear that this is going to go very badly if it continues.

  83. 88116... Holy cow! So, I think I've found the Arcturian thing you referenced and I'm... uh... wow...

    It starts around minute 10 of the second video. Let's see, where to begin... The Arcturians designed her to be universally pretty -- yes people of all races will find her pretty because she's just that pretty -- and therefore, she will be able to reach the world with her message. That's so much more grandiosity than I was even prepared for...

    Okay, I'm going to see how much more of this I can take while I finish my coffee. Then I really do have to go rake some leaves... and stuff... wow...

  84. Fair enough, LaVaughn. It's your site. No offense intended.

  85. LaVaughn, YES. You got it. Grandiose, much? Sad, sad.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. *Oops, 5th dimensional Pleiadian! Not 6D.

  88. 88116..., Thank-you for the overview. I was wrong! This is so totally worth investigating. Are all her teachings this fascinating? So, what you're describing sounds like Sitchen and Bashar in a blender, add ego, plus pretty, maybe a soupcon of Drunvalo, et voia!

  89. P. S. Holy Crap! Damn. And I have so much I need to do today.

  90. I think that you guys covered pretty much everything with the exception of one thing. When in Dynasty series we had UFO thread we knew it is going to lose viewers.
    Ms Teal Scott is a MARKETING PRODUCT. We can observe her evolution and downfall just as we could see it in all soap operas, Big Brother and similar series.
    Background: Beautiful young woman. Abused. ( inspired/copied the stories of other New Age writers - see Victim. Apparently very transparent and honest. Extraordinary, talented, ultrasensitive with all of the virtues. A true Eucharist, Holy Mary for us mortals etc
    After her background has been exploited in all of the videos to the maximum and her main theme became a bit old, she decided to invite more spark to her aging theme and victimise Fallon that she got bored of anyway.
    Currently the survival of that soap opera is desperate to survive. First came the new love thread with Sardeep. Sardeep motive in Teal’s soap opera went silent for the last few days.. How about saying that she is prosecuted by some big corporations and he has to seek asylum in Europe instead of admitting that she is in a rush to tie bonds with the new guy with a good salary? ( I have no doubt that none of the immigration control border agencies in Europe would take it seriously)
    Let's cover it all up in the same blog post a picture how affluent she is. She owns the house and other assets in the most expensive area in USA. Yippee... Park City, in the Mormon state of Utah is surely pretty and charming but is not listed next to New York, Florida, Aspen or any most expensive zip codes in California. Never mind though))...
    Now she is resorting back to the victim thread. Hate Alert!!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is aging soap opera desperate to find some excitements. I can't wait to see what other threads is Blake Dyer & Production Co going to come up with...
    About Ms Teal herself- well... She is just like any other mentally disturbed actress, a DRAMA DIVA. Maybe a victim in the childhood as many attractive girls unfortunately are, but surely 90% of her story was made up to stir excitement. People fail to see through Ms.Scott objectives because they do not understand the psychology of prostitutes. Some of them were forced to it at the beginning, some were not, but nearly all of them continue the profession all the time moaning about being victims. It is addiction and easy money. Some of them quit thank god and resort to nude/lingerie modeling but still use their physical assets to seduce and get what they want mixing it with the "poor victim" trick that the naive would buy.
    I am enjoying the show while it lasts!

    Well done LaVaughn for seeing through it. Great job and surely you helped with your post a lot of young naive people who are unfortunately easily impressed with superficial and easy to digest qualities of appearance and self-seeking attitude.

  91. MOP, the Sarbdeep thing and sudden European move is very odd. Interesting observations.

    I had a quick skim through her blog and the replies to her "haters" article are obviously censored. Most are pro-Teal and the ones that aren't are, at best, mildly diplomatic and fair. But one person is accusing that they aren't allowing his/her comments to be posted. So there ya' go.

    LaVaughn, you don't know the half of it. Unfortunately I think the old Shadow House episodes on Livestream are no longer there, but did you ever hear about the old follower/housemate named Cameron? If you think Fallon had a rough time, this girl was publicly slaughtered and told she was a psychic vampire bitch (almost verbatim) by Scott. She then left the house on bad terms (.. wait, is this Big Brother?). An interview with her would be very enlightening, I suspect. I imagine she is doing much better now that she is out of that environment and she handled it with a lot of grace at the time. Not only did Teal go at her, but Teal's army joined in on the attach. Most would have crumbled to pieces if their reputations were torn apart like hers was. If you're reading this, Cameron, my hat's off.

    The investigation IS worth it, I 'spect...

  92. *attack, not attach. Must proofread.

  93. Oh, there was also the racist rant where Scott attacked Mexicans, African Americans and others while doing shadow work, as in full on hate speech. One of her housemates, Justin, was terrified by what she was saying but they went with it anyway in the name of freedom of speech/transparency. These were all on Livestream under Shadow House.

    Dava S. (88116)

  94. I was actually surprised at how much made it through moderation onto that thread. I saw something about Cameron and the shadow house thing. This sounds like really typical cult stuff. The scapegoating, the way she forced Fallon to publicly confess and atone. There's simply no excuse for that kind of abuse. It's horrifying.

    You're right that the critical posts are very diplomatic in tone but there are several that called on her to address the questions raised by my post and others. I wouldn't hold my breath but who knows.

  95. Did you see the thing on her move to Europe where someone went off on Muslims and how they're worse than Mexicans? There's something about Teal's bad experiences with Mexicans. I don't know. It was strange. And racist. Racist and very strange.

  96. LOL. Yeah, racist and strange sums it up well. It was based on the Shadow House episode I mentioned. She talked about how their smell, their food, everything about them disgusts her. She justified it because of some early experiences she had related to prostitution, I think. And black people annoy her also, or something. I don't know if that episode is archived or not.

    Dava S.

  97. Oh myyyy... Is that because she's a projected 5D Arcturian? Or is that the human... third... third, right? Or is she just a bigot?

  98. Just running through my mental checklist of Eucharistic qualities... Unconditionally loving benevolent 5D beings... Characteristics that make 3D persons basically good... Umm... Yeah.

    When I skimmed the comments to her "haters" post, methinks I spotted Cameron enjoying leaving a clever little comment about your blog. I also think mentioning this article to her audience backfired (though I was already hip to some of it and knew things were gum drops and lollipops, I found it through her; others will too). I think it might be the digital form of taking people by the shoulders out of their fugue state by going "HELLO!"

  99. *Were NOT gum drops and... damn, sorry.

  100. Not to worry, Dava, I speak typo fairly fluently. I knew what you meant. So, yeah, I saw the comment from Cameron and the responses to it last night so I had wondered about the shadow house, Cameron as human pariah thing. You've connected a few of the dots for me. Thanks.

    I've now raked the leaves -- phew -- and i'm listening to this thing again and OH MY GOD! I love the thing about how people with red skin (???) were really socially attractive so they bred like rabbits but how NOW even "super-unattractive" people are breeding. Imagine that! Eugenics be damned.

    But, see Teal was designed by a panel of 6D Arcturians to be conventionally and universally pretty. Whereas a woman who might be attractive "down in Africa" -- you know, bl*ck -- would be considered ugly here in the US, Teal was designed with "traits" that are attractive on every continent. That way she can get her message out to the whole world. See, if she weren't such a pretty, white girl, she might not be able to reach humanity.

    And is that a bed? Is she seriously being interviewed in front of, like, Nanny's Messy Bed? In her robe?

    Oh, and I found Kumare on Netflix and added it to my queue. I vaguely remember hearing about it. Thanks for putting it back on my radar.

  101. Thank god people hate teal as much as I do. She uses her beauty to get men and money. But she isn't famous.

  102. Your are right and Teal is right.
    That's all that is to that.
    Unit it and/or play with the sides of the one.
    Interesting Game.

  103. Wow, I can't believe all the information coming out about Teal on this blog. I feel like I'm stuck in Vegas in a nightmare and can't wake up. Its strange how some folks defending her simply say its OK if she lies , since she must be that important. And equating beauty with spiritual advancement is pretty scary. I have trouble with its-OK-for-teacher-to-live-in-a-flawed-manner. Especially if its REALLY flawed. Sure, I have my own flaws, which is probably why I'm no spiritual teacher, despite my occasional moments of genius. But I could make a page emphasizing all my greatness and attract a following. I wish Teal would just like snap out of it, get real, and admit some mistakes. Jheesh. And I'm wondering if this has something to do with what Buddhists and other traditions call "crazy wisdom." I think its especially common in certain Zen traditions. And in Tibetan Buddhism as well. I don't really buy it, but its premise is that erratic and seemingly insane behavior among the clergy or masters is allowed and must have special significance. Like one Zen Buddhist who discovered he was being robbed, so gave the thief his clothes, and fed on maggoty bread because it tasted good. I think this mythos often spawns immoral behavior in some roshis/lamas/etc. And telling people they are masters or certain incarnations is very disturbing. Her icy "Don't believe me?...then..." startles me most. She's said it on more than one video. She demands to be believed. But she just seems to be acting like a spiritual teacher, its all about her. Maybe she has had or still has DID, which is very sad if so, but does that mean that her insanity exempts her from honesty and being straight with the rest of humanity?

  104. I don't know, Mark. I think we're all flawed. I know I am. The comments along the lines of "who cares if her life story is a fiction" definitely make me nervous, though. A lot of people are very emotionally invested in her life story and cult abuse thing. It's a powerful hook. So if it's a fiction, that's kind of serious, in my book. I don't ever expect perfection. Integrity, honesty, a life story that isn't fictional... those things matter to me. But that's just me.

  105. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. MsTeal is not going to stand up to challenge of discussing the points you raised, LaVaughn,
    Instead, she is responding with another blog entry quoting a letter from the abused one. This way she wants to emphasise that she is doing a good work for other people who were abused in the past.
    The fact that MsTeal helps this and that person who can empathise with her stories does not justify the whole egocentric arcturian bulls*it she is selling. Maybe naive will buy it.
    Blog post after post, MsTeal is slowly and gently manipulating the pattern of thoughts of her readers in case some of them read the very intelligent post by LaVaughn and started using their brains. Now her fans will think... well in the end she is doing good job for distressed victims. Somehow they will forget that at the same time we are exposed to her egotistic fantasies and manipulations.
    Yes there are abused people out there. But there are hundreds of people who help them. Anonymous helps who are not calling themselves Eucharist or Acturian turning them into self seeking sociopaths as Ms. Teal is.
    My question however is to Teal, why did she dare to abuse mentally Fallon, if she has experienced mental abuse in the past herself? Practice what you preach Goddess because with inflated ego and paranoid approach that the cult that prosecuted you is creeping from every corner, soon you will be fitting in the shoes of your cult prosecutor. A common incident in the psychology that a pray becomes a predator.

  108. When people look for fame, they'll stop and nothing to get what they want - including dragging family and loved ones through the mud.

  109. 52f3c1ac-68f8-11e3-99ce-000bcdcb8a73- you posted a very perceptive comment about Teal's kid.I hope Mark will come to senses.
    I recall from her blog post she had problems in the hospital when she was there to give birth. I think that the nurses wanted to call for social services. I bet they did..

  110. La Vaughn, I see people are asking you why you are being so cruel to Teal. It seems you cannot speak your truth. Remember Miss Scott is a WARRIOR (her words) see the recent interview with Victoria Vives. Teal is poised to take on big pharmaceutical industries, The food industry and The care Sector, Teal Eye is about creating an unstoppable company. Is anyone honestly telling me that a woman prepared to put herself up against those companies is a shrinking violet? No one asked Teal to become what she has, she has chosen that for herself so if a writer like you is devastating for Teal how will she cope with major corporations? I mean, that is what she's going to be facing I understand. Does anyone want to dispute what I have said? Are people not allowed to point out what they think is not in keeping with a persons claims without being labeled a hater. Are you telling me that La Vaughn has not told the truth? If she has not told the truth then why does it keep resurfacing? Can Teal cope with the pressures of being part of a company if she is susceptible to stress, multiple partners, Multiple personality disorder, seizures, parenting and dealing with criticism of any kind?


  111. Glen, and exactly what do you mean by " a woman prepared to put herself up against those companies is a shrinking violet? "

    What does it mean apart from hot air? What do you mean how she will cope? Is there anything to cope with? Many people openly criticize this and that when it comes to corporations and nobody is murdering them on the spot. The fact that she stated that she doesn't like vaccines etc? Do you think that big corporations are even bothered to be concerned what on videos says some 29 yrs old new age cult leader from Utah full of similar bizarre cults? If you think so then you have no knowledge whatsoever how those corporations function and perceive their PR staff to waste their time with some petty issues with words of the meaningless in public people. Yeah an ant that thinks she can fight the sun.

    Again some grand achievements of a warrior Teal are assigned to her without any tangible facts in that matter just words words words...

    Yeah the warrior with Multiple Personality Disorder against the corporations. You are a joker, man... lol

    Glen, now to put your question back to you why Teal has been such a CRUELLA for Fallon and Carmen? Is the cruelty only something that La Vaughn has at her disposal? Wake up man!

  112. I should add also that the whole concept of escaping away to Europe to be apparently far away from the reach of corporations proves only that MsTeal is a silly girl without a basic understanding how those organisations work. There are international agreements between US and Europe when it comes to legal prosecutions. All of the large corporations have their offices in every single country in EMEA or region because they sell worldwide....
    Before starting challenging any enemy you have to understand how they operate otherwise it is just an attack of an ignorant.

  113. I'm reposting sceptic's comment without the private address information. Nothing personal, sceptic, but I have rules about such information being posted on my watch. I have to say that, yeah, the thing about the street name is... kind of interesting. And thank-you for your comment. It follows:

    52f3c1ac-68f8-11e3-99ce-000bcdcb8a73 said...

    Hello, I am the person who posted on Teal's blog and in Teal Tribe about my comments getting deleted. I also used to go by the name sceptic on Teal Tribe. I was often accused of being a troll because I'd question her teachings. I was often attacked by Arius and others who were afraid of their image of the goddess Teal being tarnished.
    Teal's plan to have her nonexistent army attack you, LaVaughn, has backfired. This goes to show that she really isn't as famous as she'd like others to believe.
    I often wonder what happened to Cameron. I saw the shadow house episode where Teal cursed out the entire house and wouldn't let anyone get a word in. Cameron got the worst of it. I could tell something was off about Fallon. He was doting on and fawning over Teal and was so afraid to lose her that he sided with her no matter what. Also, I happen to know Flavia Fortuna (who uses the name Flavia Paiva) and her mother is so concerned about her. She thinks Flavia got involved with a cult. I think she may have mentioned this on another shadow house episode.
    Child services needs to be called on that house. Teal's lifestyle is unfit for her son. Now she is planning on taking him to Europe? Without her husband's approval, that is kidnapping. I posted about this and it got deleted.
    If you Google Sarbdeep's name, interesting results come up. I bet they aren't really in love. She's paying him to be her personal assistant. she gets the money to do that from idiots who donate it to her via her blog.
    If Teal wants to post private info about others, now it's time for her info to be posted: [redacted]
    If any evangelical Tealer asks where the address came from, tell her that a mean and evil nameless corporation posted it.
    I hope that her son is safe and he needs to be removed from that crazy household. Mark should know better.

    December 19, 2013 at 4:55 PM

  114. Mystery of Presence, I know. I said the same thing about the move to Europe. She herself says that these company's are running the world, or some such, so she's moving to Europe?! Pretty sure Europe is part of the world.

  115. ....A warrior that had no guts (or more likely...proof) to press charges against her long term prosecutor and a murderer of innocent children.
    ...A warrior that doesn't stand up for herself responding in detail to any criticisms and always resorts to the convenient niche of being a childhood victim.
    ...A warrior who is running away to Europe from a danger from large corporations for some vague and general comments
    Glen, don’t judge a person by what she calls herself but review if her choice of description matches her deeds.

  116. MysteryOfPresence

    Try your best not to be rude to me, go and read slowly what I wrote previously. I was pointing out that if Teal Scott is going to spearhead a campaign to change the way certain companies do business then she cannot react to people by calling them 'haters'. That was what I was trying to point out, you need good health both physically and mentally and focus to do altruistic works I imagine, but Teals life is a constant drama minus any bliss or joy it would seem and given all her difficulties it would surprise me if she could function sufficiently to do any of the things she is intent on doing. I am not responsible for Teals background of abuse but it SHOULD NOT PRECLUDE ME from speaking my mind and I should not be called a 'hater' for doing so. Is Teal seriously going to start calling people HATERS in a business meeting if they are critical of her business strategy? I mean, do you see how ridiculous this has become, she is supposed to be Identifiable as the leading figure in an LLC and she is calling people names like 'hater' and it's bizarre. What is Teal doing, is she a spokesperson for ritual abuse or a spokesperson for changes to end of life care or a spokesperson for changes to pharmaceuticals or a spokesperson for Arcturian green peace or a spokesperson for vegans or a spokesperson for food industry change? If all her army have this attitude, who would want anything to do with her companies when it has supporters who attack free expression.

  117. The vision of Teal changing economy is, I am sorry but nothing short of hilarious. The girl has no basic knowledge of world geography or economics and it is all based on qualitative “grand words” without any realistic insight into practical implementation of it. There are much wiser minds of this world who are trying to resolve challenges macroeconomics. Hot air from her side only...again.
    Glen, try to avoid taking what I am writing “ad personam “. I have no intention to be rude to you.
    Yes, I agree with you that if she is not able to face the criticism in a mature calling her critique “Haters” only proves that she is infantile.

  118. I mentioned this way upthread but I'm going to post the link again to the South Park episode. So funny and soooo synchronous.

    Someone posted this on Facebook and I watched it on her recommendation. Hilarious. Wendy calls Kim Kardashian a photo-shopped fantasy who really looks like a hobbit. (In other words, the uncomfortable truth.) Kanye freaks out. Everyone attacks Wendy for being a HATER and threatens to send her to the JELLY SCHOOL. I sat up late watching this thing and laughing out loud.

    The very next day Teal Scott posts a blog about how I'm a hater and her "army" attacks me for being totally jelly.

    So funny. Check it out:

  119. Because beauty seems to be your obsession to Teal Scott.
    It seems like you think she is far more superior good looking than you.

    You are also jealous that she can use her beauty to attract bigger audiences, which you can't. For that reason, you feel very very ugly.

    In your blog, so many words mentioning her beauty... beauty...
    lingerie.. sex, etc.

    There's no sign that you see the beauty in you, which I feel very sorry for you. Your ugly words, have putted you in the "ugly people" category.
    I see the beauty in you, yet you turn me down. Again and again. How does it benefit you?

    Yes, looks matter. Because you keep mentioning about Teal's beauty in your blog.

    Look I don't mind if you just strictly criticizing her teachings.

    But you bring up her past, her birth name, her bikini pictures (she didn't post it), Blake's aliases, Sarbdeep profile. That is very unsafe for her.
    Especially your threatening post from your troll, to call child services to take away her child from her. Accusing her of child kidnapping.
    What did she do wrong to you? Seriously?
    You invade her privacy too much.

    You are like paparazzi who killed Princess Diana.
    You are like the prankster who called Kate Middleton's hospital posed as queen, that caused the nurse to suicide.

    I am very concerned that you open doors for real psychopaths out there who wants to attack her for real. Remember, her abuser is still alive.

    You think you are harmless. Hey, she moved out from USA partly because of you. It cost thousand of dollars, while you are sitting here laughing, and creating enemies.

    Your harassment works. I hope you are very happy now.

  120. What about the blog post she wrote about giving birth to still born twins on a mountain by herself...having been impregnated by her abuser...
    Definitely felt disturbed, horrified and confused after reading it. I truly hope she made it up because that would be an unfathomable experience.

  121. Linda, You need to work on your reading comprehension. I am not "obsessed" with her beauty. Nor am I jealous of her ability to use her beauty to build her business. If I were trading on my body to build my practice, I really WOULD feel bad about myself because it would go completely against my value system. I'd tell you to reread what I wrote about all these subjects but I'm not sure it would help. You seem to be determined to misconstrue me.

    You write:

    "But you bring up her past, her birth name, her bikini pictures (she didn't post it)..."

    Yeah, actually she did.

    She's also posted her maiden name. Here is one such mention:

    "When I was born, the Mexican hospital staff could not pronounce my last name 'Bosworth', so when I was rolled into the room from the nursery, the name on the label was 'Beeswax'."

    You continue:

    "Blake's aliases, Sarbdeep profile. That is very unsafe for her."

    I didn't post any of that. Mykeyta posted something about Blake in the comments re: the fact that he apparently masqueraded as a journalist named Michael Freeman and wrote a profile of Teal Scott without in any way disclosing their association. Is that what you're talking about? Because if I were you, I'd be much more concerned about the ethical issues involved in that arrangement.

    I didn't post anything about Sarbdeep. I see one posting in the comments of something from a newspaper.

    The only private information that has appeared on this page that Teal Scott has not herself made public was one mention of her home address which I went to the trouble of deleting from the comments, because that violates MY policy. So, again, you are woefully mistaken.

    Again, if you think all this private information is so dangerous for Teal Scott you need to take it up with her because everything here came from things she posted.

    You might also want to discuss with her the way she violated Jared, aka., Fallon Dobson's privacy by dragging their personal drama out into multiple public venues. If anyone was slandered, it was he, whom she "diagnosed" as a psychopath (absurd). You might also take up with her the way she announced to the world that Blake was in a coffeehouse writing in his DIARY to process the fact that he will never have her as a lover again. (He's in the "friend zone.") She trots out the private lives of everyone in her orbit in her blog, her videos, and her, God help me, livestreaming of "shadow houses" where she apparently humiliates people and reads some of them for filth for all the world to see.

    And you're worried about what I'm disclosing? Seriously?

    You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, Linda, because what you've written here is unmoored from reality.

  122. cont.

    I'd just like to quote from the comments on Teal's own blog:

    "In my opinion Teal has no business making these kinds of negative assessments about people, and asserting with such authority that it is because of her ‘special powers’ that she ‘sees’ these things… especially people who take her word like the word of god or something!" ~

    "Teal, if you are going to be a public figure you are going to have to develop a public relations strategy. If it’s really your aim to be transparent then I suggest that you do publish your rebuttal, because the issues raised in the blog you mentioned are issues that have been raised before and issues which have not been adequately addressed by you." ~

    "This information is out there for the world to see and you can’t make claims and then not be prepared to back them up when you specifically call yourself a ‘teacher’. You clearly enjoy the fame aspect of this and your team have posted on Facebook about wanting to get you on TV…….and you think this post was bad!?
    This woman has executed the piece well and with ALL your own work, so the argument for lies and slander is very weak." ~

  123. Linda, for your information Teal has not moved from US yet and might not move at all as currently she is not following any longer the subject of moving away from US. Follow her blog more carefully. Teal is clearly a seriously disturbed girl that says many things. Multiple Personality Disorder.

    As for child services, most likely you have not read Teal's blog post where equally she puts her childhood abuse with the pains of giving birth. Honestly, millions of women went and are going through enormously painful birth and it is not uncommon. In the very same post she stated that the nurses wanted to call services. ( maybe they did) Sorry but hospitals are not doing it without a legitimate reason, they have to have a concerning evidence.

    Linda stop offending us. We are not trolls neither psychopaths. We are genuine people . We have right to have different opinion than you. The fact that you going on and on about the way MsTeal looks for me suggests some kind of obsession. Concentrate on what she says. Beauty is only skin deep and all in the eye of beholder. Many find Teal attractive, many will find her strange looking. Concentrate on what she says and consistency of it rather than superficial qualities.

  124. What a rabbit hole I've enjoyed!
    Thank you for all of the commentary.
    Something about her eyes gives her away, unauthentic.
    In the research I've done, I found that she did an interview with Project Avalon. Their viewers didn't buy her bag either.
    It kind of confirms my skepticism of the PA interviewees.
    Go with your gut, people!

  125. LaVaughn, I'm looking forward to watching the South Park Kimye episode. Laughing already from just reading your description. Apropos.

    The thing about these issues is they will not go away. What I take away from her "haters" article, in which she says these allegations are so off the mark that she won't comment and that everyone who's not in love with her is in resistance, is that she has no defense. There is enough actual evidence here that she can't negate it. And so a new agey justification - i.e., critics aren't in alignment, let's ignore them, don't give it power - is all she has. As she would say, it's a total cop out. But if she and her minions continue clawing for fame, these same issues will come up again and again... And no one will give her any clout. Anyone who even considers putting her in the public eye will dig this information up and see the red flag glaring at them.

    As I said before, these claims of fame are so blown out of proportion that it's laughable. She would have a book deal in a matter of days if they were accurate. I know other online figures who don't have to drone on about their popularity (and certainly aren't considered famous, but they're well-known) and who have raised several thousands of dollars in donations for their projects with very little effort, while Scott's team couldn't even raise enough for her billboard campaign, in which her art was going to be put onto large billboards to help raise the vibration of the planet... So... when are her minions going to cut the BS?

    Flavia Paiva/Fortuna seems like a sweet, well-meaning person but I can see the cult-like behaviour in her more than the others. I remember the Shadow House episode in which she talked about her mother's visit to Utah, and how unhappy she was; her mother is completely right to be concerned for her daughter being involved with a cult. The girl worships Teal. Her eyes look glazed over half the time... She has publicly referred to Teal as a miracle again and again for some reason. The language she uses to describe her "master" (which is how she refers to Teal) is disturbing. Supposedly Scott says she doesn't want followers, but people to walk beside her as empowered leaders themselves, and yet she's enabling worshippers and even feeding it. (cont...)

  126. The thing I also find troubling is that four people - Graciella, Flavia, Cameron and Justin - GAVE UP THEIR LIVES TO MOVE TO UTAH to "be with" Teal and help her mission (read: quest for fame and attention). Of those four people, the most intelligent were Cameron (who was Fallon-ed and booted out for not conforming the the cult's beliefs and systematic emotional abuse) and Justin. Justin is apparently a well-educated student of philosophy and he seems to have quite a good head on his shoulders. But I don't think intelligence necessarily means that you can't be duped into a cult. At the end of the day, he's a very young man and Teal told him some grandiose things about his past lives that made him feel special. That's all it takes for a lot of folks to fall for this stuff, a simple appeal to ego in the form of "this is what I know about you, you ARE special and we have a contract to be together again in this life". Apparently, in one of her past lives she was Shirdi Sai Baba and Justin was Shirdi Sai's friend or servant or something. He's a devotee of Shirdi Sai... Ipso facto, he now believes he's back with his old guru in her new, perfectly designed (and white, of course, because the whiter you are, the more higher dimensional ET DNA you have) physical form. He was the only one who challenged her when she began spewing racist hate speech on Shadow House. He looked like he was going to run off camera and even attempted a debate with her. To no avail. She has mastered, if nothing else, the ability to spin any argument to her side by appeal to her teachings, which is convincing enough for people who don't have the eyes to see through it and don't believe in themselves as their own master/guru. So she made Justin believe he was in the wrong... and. he. fell. for. it. But I think he will come around in time, he just seems very young and also over-the-moon to be accepted into a group/community. Which leads me to another point...

    All of the people living with her have felt alienated, abandoned and like they've never fit in anywhere else. They find a place with other misfits where they feel acceptance and they have a sense of elation they've never felt before. Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted, which is fine, except when it's under dangerous guise.

    The other two, Graciella and Flavia, seem the most easily swayed. They are getting some level of fame online by association with Scott and seem to enjoy it based on their public posts and Shadow House behaviour. Flavia especially likes to appeal to her public. But when you watch their behaviour and listen to their words, it's quite clear they will literally give up their entire lives and whatever they have for their leader. They're young girls and appear to be naive. Graciella has been accepted by the popular girl in school and it has helped her come out of her shell. Scott has told her that she is also Arcturian, that she's a master healer, and she is now Scott's apprentice, presumably that means she is privy to learning everything Scott knows (ahem). At the same time, Flavia is admittedly very jealous of their relationship. It's more of the same old story of people looking to feel special by their guru, people who've longed for acceptance their entire lives. And Scott has provided it for them.

  127. Blake is a mystery. This relationship probably runs much deeper, and much sadder, than any of the others. She has all of his power in the palm of her hands and she knows it. I was surprised to read about of his posing online as someone else to help boost her career. He has obviously been in love with Scott from the beginning and continues to stay joined at her hip while she parades different men in and out of their house. The admission that he's still in love with her came as no surprise to anyone. I cannot wrap my head around an unrequited love, an ex-husband, and now another new boyfriend (a few weeks after Fallon's exit) living in the same house with the woman they all lust for. Cock fighting anyone? My sense is that Mark likely stays to protect his son. But he has always seemed more sensible than the others, refusing to appear on camera and generally staying uninvolved with the soap opera drama. It would appear he won't allow her to involve him publicly since he is the only one who has been spared, so far.

    Jared may not know it but he is actually the luckiest of the lot for being exorcised from that house.

    And now there is Sarbdeep. Who ever was freaking out above about posting information on Sarb must not know how to Google someone. Type in Sarbdeep Swan and his career information is publicly available. We live in the information age ya'll, it's all at your fingertips. I'm certain this relationship will turn into the same soap opera drama. He has rushed into this so quickly, he probably has no idea about half of her history with men, of what's been written about here, etc. Or else this is what he's always wanted and it will serve both of their needs. Until someone with more money and stronger protective instincts/desire to feed her enters her life and he's no longer the one she sees in her visions. Either way, something is amiss when two adults are desperate enough that one leaves their home country to move in with each other in a matter of a few weeks. Like, why the rush? Really.

    If you go back through Scott's blog posts, she has been very open about what she likes and wants in a romantic relationship. She wants to be financially supported (see the old Shadow House episodes with Fallon in which he was constantly ashamed not to be earning enough money to pay her mortgage, buy her gifts, etc.) and physically protected (a.k.a. a bodyguard) to help her deal with all of her fear in day-to-day life. You couldn't make this stuff up: she flies to London for a workshop, hiring a bodyguard for some reason instead of just keeping the details of her wherabouts private, and falls in love with the bloody bodyguard. She's admitted to loving drama but... my... god.

    The reason the spiritual community has such a bad name in the intellectual world is because of the too-easily persuaded, silliness that you can find written all over most of the Scott army's comments in this thread, and all over her Facebook page, and everywhere else they gather. Being spiritual does NOT mean disempowering ourselves and/or not using decisiveness to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Dava S.

  128. Linda... Just, stop.
    Just get off this blog, go back to Teal Tribe, and keep drinking her Kool Aid.
    Teal has not moved to Europe. I doubt she will, too, unless she marries Sarbdeep.
    She married her first husband after knowing him for 2 weeks, same thing with Mark, then immediately jumped into bed with Fallon and immediately after with Sarbdeep. She's way too unstable and should takes care of her life first before giving advice to others about how to live theirs.

  129. Wow, Dava. More great background stuff that anyone considering running away with that circus should read.

    You write:

    "Justin is apparently a well-educated student of philosophy and he seems to have quite a good head on his shoulders. But I don't think intelligence necessarily means that you can't be duped into a cult."

    On the contrary. Intelligent people seem to be at GREATER risk when it comes to cults and cons. Steve Hassan, the former Moonie who has gone on to do extensive work on cult psychology is a prime example. He's a very smart guy. There are many reasons for this. One is that the highly intelligent tend to think they can't be fooled or taken in. This makes them more vulnerable to being fooled and taken in. The highly intelligent are also likely to be seekers, dissatisfied with conventional answers to life's questions.

    I also think the negative attitudes towards people who are taken in by cults is a disservice in terms of protecting people from cults. It means a lot of people are quite sure they don't fit that negative image of the crazy, deluded loser, who would end up in a cult. Anyone, I mean anyone, can be taken in by a charismatic cult leader. And we really need to remove the shame and stigma. It's unfair and it gives people very distorted ideas about what it really means to be manipulated by charismatic leaders, religious groups, multilevel marketing, political movements, etc.

  130. Arnold Irving, I don't hate Teal and I don't think LaVaughn or anyone else here does either. Hate doesn't even enter into it for me. I think what we're discussing here is integrity, or lack of it, and cult mentality; the concept that she appears to be a troubled soul posing as some sort of all-knowing superior Arcturian goddess who simultaneously has discussed how easy it is for her to manipulate men with her appearance and use them to meet her needs. Her public declaration of racist views accompanied by the NovaZem interview where she essentially announces that white people are more appealing universally, that she was designed to be the MOST attractive woman cross-culturally (and she is a WHITE woman, translation: white folks are best), amongst the other mad and inaccurate things she claims in that video... Her divine feminine article where she declares that big breasts and blond hair make someone in tune with their sacred femininity, robbing the young plain Jane teenager of her self-esteem in the process. And I can go on. Read through all the comments to get the full scope. But personal hatred doesn't come into this. It's about the fact that this person appears to be abusing her power and hurting people along the way while at the same time being delusional about her reach. I'll speak for myself when I say that I am so over teachers/gurus/masters and all of this dogmatic corruption that people are getting away with. She has adversely affected the lives of several of her followers, which we've discussed above, and who knows who else. Spirituality is supposedly free of dogma and yet what Scott is preaching is as religious as the Mormonism she claims to despise. But please don't put words in my mouth and group me in with hatred. My interest lies in making people aware that we can do better than this, for silliness like what we see in the Scott community to stop finally. I mean, you might as well call them the Romans.

    Dava S.

  131. LaVaughn, VERY well said. You made an essential point about and I'll be more conscious of it in the future. There's no shame in making a mistake, falling under the spell of charisma, and wanting something better for ourselves, our families/friends and our planet. Of course it's a very intelligent desire to have. From what I've seen in Justin from what he's presented publicly, he's full of great potential and capable of doing great work, real work. He's written a few articles that are very bright indeed, if you sift out the Scott influenced bits. I hold the most hope for him with regards to pouring his Kool Aid down the drain...

  132. Dava, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head! Very well put.
    I hope people from Teal Tribe come over and read this.
    I hope Justin leaves the Shadow House. He's way too smart for that. I think that the Shadow House has fallen apart, anyway.

    Oh, the evangelical church of Teal Scott..... How can these Tealers who complain about organized religion not see that they've creates their own religion? They treat nonbelievers the same way Mormons treat nonbelievers! They shun them and accuse them of being trolls or anti Teal!

  133. Dava, very insightful comments. I especially like the last paragraph.

    >As I said before, these claims of fame are so blown out of >proportion that it's laughable

    Yet young people are watching her videos on youtube seem to believe it. This is really worrying how naive people are and how easily one can brain wash through mass media.

    >She wants to be financially supported (see the old Shadow >House episodes with Fallon in which he was constantly >ashamed not to be earning enough money to pay her >mortgage, buy her gifts, etc.)

    I wonder why intelligent woman as Scott is, she has not completed any formal training, any higher education of any sort. Yeah she probably would respond that she was born with all knowledge she needs ( or is a product of the brain wash of her cult abuser) . However, the consequences of not having any job training are that she continuously has financial problems. She prefers to rely on men and bullsh*itting people and getting from them donations rather than getting involved in any activities that give her steady income.

  134. Out of curiosity, how did Teal's housemates get selected? Did they randomly show up or did she have a casting call?

  135. From the Shadow House episodeS (plural) where the sh*t hit the fan and everyone went after Cameron, it was revealed that Scott's business needed more help - Blake couldn't do everything for her AND hold down a job so he could earn some income - so they were in a bit of a panic as they can't afford to pay anyone. This was right around the time when she split with her husband, Mark. Jared can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he approached a few of Scott's students or they approached him or something and he decided it would be a good idea for them to come and live with them in a communal setting while working for her business (for free). I think the people that moved there went with good intentions, especially Cameron who continuously spoke about being the only one who got anything done with the exception of Blake, and how the others basically just wanted to hang out and befriend Teal. She didn't want anything to do with them and said she'd prefer if they just worked for her but she never had to actually SEE them... because she's just so damn busy and important, she she needs hired help, not more relationships. Can you imagine what kind of diva would come out if she actually did become famous? Teal and Fallon appeared to go completely bonkers because they had to have their nearly constant sex in a house full of people (their words) and chaos ensued. This is what led to Cameron taking a beating for the team; she seemed to be the clearest and have the strongest will, she did not want to do Byron Katie's The Work around the table and on camera, even though Scott forced her to do it (so she half-heartedly did it to appease Scott). Justin was noticeably absent during a lot of this, having risen up to say he thought it was wrong that she would only carry on with them on camera for the public to see. He also had a major issue with Fallon. I think he started to reappear on Shadow House just as Cameron left for some reason. Cameron never addressed anything publicly and, as far as I'm concerned, has dealt with this with utmost maturity and class, as I noticed many people asking her directly what happened to no avail. She could probably reveal much more than anyone else, having lived with Scott under scrutiny for months, but she has just gone on with her life.

    On another note, I can't believe I'm actually writing this out and this has happened. I'm off to bang my head against a wall.

  136. Oh, also, she couldn't afford to pay her mortgage after her divorce so Fallon moved in straight away to pick up where Mark left off... then he struggled financially despite his efforts. Combined with the fact that the housemates had no jobs and couldn't contribute financially, having just moved to Utah. Note that this is all information from them, not my words.

    Dava S.

  137. 52f3c, are you the person who said they know Flavia personally and that her mother is concerned?

  138. Yes...
    Also Fallon is once again friends with Teal on Facebook using the name Jared Michael Dobson and posting on her wall.
    *shakes my head*

  139. Yes...
    Also Fallon is once again friends with Teal on Facebook using the name Jared Michael Dobson and posting on her wall.
    *shakes my head*

  140. A brand new Facebook page announced 12/18: Teal Tribe Dating


  141. Intergalactic dating site does not surprise me. Teal is a versatile lady like Martha Stewart. She already has video production studio, website, blog, publishes her books. I bet soon she will have her organic cooking videos "Arcturian Cousine". She will release the new single called “Adonai”, starts a de-fallonzation process of victims on her TV interviewing show in the Oprah W. style (the Abused ones vs. Abusers ring ). I hope that she will not come up with Arcturian escort services that will be a branch of the the dating site .

    Dynasty,Dallas and Bold and the Beautiful mixed with Big Brother. We are still Missing X-Factor and Dancing with the Stars ( opps Arcturians)

  142. This is from the page:

    "Teal Tribe turned out to be an easy awesome way for people who are familiar with Teal to find their true friends and soul family, and now you have a chance to meet your true love too. That idea works by the law of attraction: The vibration in this group is high because of the high vibrational message of Teal Scott; Which means meeting high quality and spiritual-minded people."

    She also recommends that people introduce themselves to potential partners by discussing their "Favorite Teal's Video/Art/Quotes"

    So she's now in the business of engineering romantic relationships that are all about Teal Scott.

    This is really sordid.

  143. You Have to ask yourself why you would spend a large portion of your precious time investigating and pulling apart a women you have never met?...Discrediting and bitching and being hurtful to those in her circle and people who enjoy and learn from what she teaches...Why on a personal level would you want to try to damage her reputation...What is in you that needs addressing?...Seriously not interested in any of this past stuff quite frankly ...Don't care if she was a prostitute lived in a hole rode Lamas or picks her nose and eats it...Teal Scott has always been pretty open about her past she seems intelligent enough to know that it all seems to BAD to be true so why then would she make up such claims if they weren't true? surely she would make it more believable and work out dates etc she really is not a stupid girl ...Sometimes you have to give people the benefit of the doubt ...WHAT MATTERS IS THE NOW!!! and for NOW you get copious amounts of spiritual information if you need it it's there for FREE on the internet to help people as well as helping herself which she readily admits...She does three day workshops for the price of a half hour tarot reading do me a favor you get value for money, she's certainly not ripping anyone off!!! and as she says you can dip in and out, if it resonates with you go with, it if it doesn't move on, Which is probably what you should do .... People aren't stupid we can make our own assumptions as to whether someone is a fraud or not ...
    By the way she does have scars under those tattoos I've seen them recently at her London workshop so the photographer who says she didn't must be blind or a liar.....Scars can also be airbrushed out ...

  144. Helena, your concern for how I choose to invest my time and energy is touching. You wonder why I would take time exploring the claims made by Teal Scott? Ask yourself why you felt the need to look at my blog post. Ask yourself why you would take the time to write a comment questioning the potential pain my writing might cause to her followers. Consider for yourself why you invested a lick of energy in challenging me for my public statements and you'll have your answer as to why I wrote this blog post.

  145. My concern for how you choose to invest your time and energy is NOT touching as well you know try to be in your truth here ...
    The reason I read your blog is I CAME ACROSS IT WHILE GOOGLING TEAL SCOTT lol certainly would not have heard of you otherwise, great publicity off the back of Teal Scott fair play wish I had thought of that ,,, I am one of the few people on here other than Falon who has actually met the women in question and done the workshop, you have neither experienced talking to her or experienced first hand how she operates ... while you are entitled to your evidence and research findings etc I find the manner in which you have written this blog to put it bluntly extremely BITCHY, not disputing that you haven't done a good job, must have taken forever correlating all this information ... but without meeting someone how can your findings be totally accurate?.... for the record as I said SHE HAS SCARS so they came from somewhere right?,,, in my humbe opinion she is Authentic as spiritual teachers go, and believe me 10 years working the circuits at MBS festival taught me authentic, as 90 percent of them are money grabbing fakes poor Teal can't even pay her mortgage cause she charges jack shit for her workshops and teachings, so bitchy comments about donate buttons don't wash here ...

    She does also get triggered it was hard for her to do the workshop in London I know that she had a hard time some thought she wasn't going to make it, but she did she broke down twice during it ...She is not happy about the fact she has to have a load of people live with her but she wants her child to be safe and looked after and does not want her regular seizures to be seen by her son she protects him from this in this way surrounds him with good people for the days she can't cope yet there are people who won't believe she is an abuse victim why not? It's pretty common...

    Not sure what it is you do and why you have this blog but my guess is you want some sort of recognition/publicity from spiritual endeavors? perhaps you don't like competition?...
    I take the time to comment because as I said unlike most on here I have met her and was actually sick of half arse know it all CASTING STONES ...She does a good job and I believe comes from the heart ...which is why I am here wasting my time on this ... which brings me back to my original question why did you feel the need to pull her apart in thIs blog in the first place?...I would give you more cred if your weren't so Bitchy and just stuck to the facts ...
    And for the record what is really annoying is the cult references 5 people living in a house does not make a cult and watching a few vids and attending a workshop does not make you an Army ... I am my own person with an opinion like everyone else ... My only interest in Teal is the spiritual information alot of which I resonate with,and i like the way in which she gets her point across in the videos and her workshops are great ...Go to one and you will be writing a blog from a different perspective...Don't judge by what you read JUDGE BY WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE as I have ...

  146. LOl just seen what you do says it all is it any wonder ....
    How much do you charge for a reading? bet its the same as a 3 day workshop with Teal ... what a joke ....
    You look about as psychic as a ham sandwich in a Jewish bakery...

  147. I can see, Helena, that you missed my point, which is simply this: You have taken the time to read and comment on what I wrote here because you were bothered by it. Similarly I was bothered by what I was hearing from and about Teal Scott, so I wrote about it.

    You are entitled to your opinion of Ms. Scott and her work and even welcome to express your opinion of both her and myself. Unlike Ms. Scott, I don't censor blog comments that are harshly critical of me. So my readers can read not only what I originally posted but all of the comments representing a range of perspectives and come to their own conclusions.

  148. It really is a soap opera. Watching the drama unfold is reality tv caliber entertainment.


  150. >I am one of the few people on here other than Falon who has >actually met the women in question and done the workshop, you >have neither experienced talking to her or experienced first hand how >she operates ...

    Yeah my best friend went to 2 workshops and left the second one after 2-3 hours because felt that people selected to talk to Teal were pre-determined. He felt that was a set up from the beginning and nobody by chance could not make up to the scene. He was very dissapointed

  151. >and believe me 10 years working the circuits at MBS festival taught >me authentic, as 90 percent of them are money grabbing fakes poor

    MBS the one in Royal Horticultural Hall or the one in Australia? Exactly who do you consider there fake? The one that sell angels, sell smoothies, the guy who does inverted yoga or the guys with singing bowls and gongs? lol.... . Why working there would that give you any further insight that anybody else? funny argument....amusing

  152. >poor Teal can't even pay her mortgage cause she charges jack shit >for her workshops and teachings

    Interesting choice of spending money. Not on the mortgage but on the bodyguard.

    >but she wants her child to be safe and looked after

    Then perhaps she herself should spent more time with him because it is his mum and not cult followers that her son needs the most

    >and does not want her regular seizures to be seen by her son she protects him from this
    Are you suggesting that she is a woman with disability incapable of taking care of her son? Sorry but it sounds like that. Even more reason why Mark, her ex should step in and take care of their son. She should see doctor about the seizures and surely she is not "alligned herself" if she has a problem of this sort.

    Normal people are not looking for their cult followers to take care of their kid for free. They hire nanny or babysitter and pay them.

    If you claim that Teal cannot afford to pay her mortgage then she should consider changing job. Most of people employed even in a very basic jobs do afford to pay mortgage. Hmm and here is Ms Teal who spends all this time online, interviews and helping people and cannot earn money for the mortgage...

  153. HELENA C CARTA you are so brainwashed and blind.

    Also, bakeries don't sell ham sandwiches. What a stupid comment. You must be a 12 year old troll behind the keyboard.

  154. Helena C Carta wrote: "You look about as psychic as a ham sandwich in a Jewish bakery..."
    Very revealing about what kind of person we're dealing with here. Apparently all psychics LOOK psychic? There are certain physical attributes that people with psychic abilities have? Or is it their fashion sense? Is it race related, eye colour, err? Does this sound like the same line of logic that Scott used when referring to the divine feminine? Anyone?

    Helena, your drivel isn't even worth addressing. That's all you have? And do you honestly think that because you were at a meet and greet with Scott that you know her? You don't think people are capable of putting on a certain air in public, playing a role? You know her about as well as you would know a politician whose hand you shook, or the cashier at your supermarket's till. Come on.

    Also, Jared... Brother, what are you doing? She doesn't care about you and will only continue using you for her gain. I just can't... *shaking my head*

    Dava S.

  155. Dava, I know! That comment. What does a proper psychic look like I wonder. Not like me, I guess. Or maybe she means that my "traits" wouldn't be attractive on other continents, like Africa maybe? How can I possibly get my message out if I'm not attractive on all continents?!! Or maybe she just means that I wouldn't be attractive to Jews? Although I have dated some Jews and they seemed to find me quite attractive. So, I don't know. It's weird.

    Some of these Tealers are really shrill, huh?

  156. MysteryofPresence, So many of the things you point here... actually a lot things that have been pointed out in this thread... Not exactly testament to the Law of Attraction, huh? She can't pay her mortgage but she pays her bodyguard. Why is she making herself a "vibrational match" for the kinds of threats that require her to hire a bodyguard... or to move to Europe? I'm not a Law of Attraction believer but if I were, I'd have some hard questions for someone who purports to teach the law of attracting so much trouble.

    So many of the passionate defenses of Ms. Scott are all about how vulnerable and fragile she is. Why isn't she just shifting into her... positive vortex... or whatever Abraham/Hicks tropes she knew all about before she knew who Abraham/Hicks was? If she has so mastered these principles that she's teaching them without source or reference, why isn't she making them work in her own life?

  157. I was wondering when someone was going to chuck the Brainwashed argument at me lol No not brainwashed just in reality quoting fact her workshops are not staged I know that because I know one of the people she chose... So put your friends mind at rest obviously what he was seeing he thought was too good to be true! so perhaps assumed it must be staged ...

    I am fully aware DAVE S that people put on fronts when meeting we all do! but most humans have the ability to follow their gut instinct as I do and make their mind up upon the energy and vibrations of a person they meet Teals energy on film is much harsher than in real life in the flesh she is softer energy wise and much more beautiful that's a fact I am sure people who know or have met her her will verify this ... As I stated I've met
    her you have not ... You stupidly assume I ,met her at a meet and greet and assuming is the Mother of all fuck ups!!! ...

    I have spent alot of time around celebrity in my life and am not starstruck but anyone quite the opposite ... Believe me when I tell you she did need a body guard when she came to London as there were around 500 people in the room alot wanting her attention it's not Rocket science it was necessary for her safety... I was there you were not...

    As regards her child Mystery of presence that's really no ones business how she chooses to have him brought up as a Mother if she feels it safer to have other people around him than that's the way she rolls what's wrong with that? who has the right to criticize certainly not anyone here or you or I!!...
    Yes by her own admission she has disabilities and not capable of looking after her own son you got it!!! Clever girl ...

    And no she is not always in alignment and has problems and major issues it is hard for her to cope you see her warts and all people stupidly expect spiritual teachers to be on a pedestal 24/7 in the light always why? Jesus and Buddha weren't all the time so I certainly wouldn't expect it of her I actually find it refreshing and more realistic that she has problems like the rest of us! Yes I am sure she has seen a doctor for her seizures, again not your or my concern she has done the sensible thing and made provisions for her inadequacies around her son ..

    The fact that she couldn't pay the mortgage was a spin on what was posted above ... I was sarcastically saying it's probably because she doesn't charge enough for her services but she obviously does this to not alienate poorer folk ... I Don't know her full financial situation neither do I care she delivers a service if you feel like it you pay for service, get what you want, and move on end of argument...

    She can do what the hell she likes with the money I got what I wanted and that's the bottom line ....

    When someone here gives a tarot reading or crystal healing do your customers write blogs on your finances no of course not lol And all here who are psychic and charge would be interesting to see your proof of psychic/healing ability do you have any youtube vids that would assist my spiritual awareness perhaps? lets take a good look at you ...

    As I have said proof is in the pudding what Teal is preaching is nothing new but it is in a form that is easy to understand she is doing a free service on Youtube and there are many thousands arond the World who are not JUDGE-MENTAL quite happy with what she offers she is one of the few good teachers out there... let her do her job let the people of the world follow their own feelings on her and come to their own conclusions as you have and go be Witch/Bitch finder general somewhere else...

    P.S As I stated before I have not qualms with your article great reading but I do have an issue with the attacking manner in which it was written... And I am sure that alot of the points could be explained logically from the other side as it were I am just being devils advocate I can only tell you my experience and what I perceive to be true from my point of view...

  158. >And no she is not always in alignment and has problems and major >issues it is hard for her to cope you see her warts and all people >stupidly expect spiritual teachers to be on a pedestal 24/7 in the >light always why?

    I personally do not believe any psychologist, teacher or guru who have serious problems with himself/herself ( like seizures) but is trying to help others. Medice cura te ipsum. In order to help others you have to be in control of your life first. Otherwise, you are only confusing others and not focusing on your own problems.

    >do you have any youtube vids that would assist my spiritual >awareness perhaps? lets take a good look at you ...

    Do you judge people by the number of videos they recorded?. Yes, I do I have a good look at myself every single day and I would not dare to publish on youtube such inconsistent, self consumed aggrandizing shit to people and surely I do not get easily impressed and trust so egocentric "teachers" that did what she did to Fallon or Carmen. THAT WAS DISGUSTING and turning point in my opinion about "spirituality" of this manipulative cult leader( MsScott).
    If she has such grand psychic abilities why she will not make any prophecies about 2014? Easily she will provide a proof to us and I will be first one to say: yes! Teal Scott is amazingly sensitive etc. So far it was only hot air and one grand theater online and during her workshops with prepared guests.

    >Jesus and Buddha weren't all the time

    Sounds like you know them personaly to state it huh? Again from books, peoples tales or

    >a free service on Youtube

    Great vehicle to promote her book and other services ( you don't know obviously much about mechanisms of marketing).

    >and there are many thousands arond the World who are not JUDGE-MENTAL quite happy with what she offers she is one of the few good teachers out there.

    I recommend to study basic psychology or at least Myers Briggs test to get slightly enlightened about the purpose on this world of people who are not naive sheep but are capable to judge.

    >make their mind up upon the energy and vibrations of a person they meet

    I have to sent you back to the sentence I put above about my friend who was most disappointed with Teal's workshop

    >Teals energy on film is much harsher than in real life in the flesh she is softer energy wise and much more beautiful that's a fact I am sure people who know or have met her her will verify this ...

    and here we are back to the topic of the look. Beautiful people = spiritual people. Soft voice people= enlightened people. Yeah...
    Judge people by deads and not by superficial qualities, please

  159. I was making an observation on her nothing to do with her spirituality of course Beautiful soft spoken people are not necessarily enlightened ... I Know about the Myers Briggs types that has absolutely nothing to do with my observations ...You are free to choose great spiritual perfectly aligned people if you can find them lol... Perhaps start here

    ring any bells people? this stuff was written in 2011 by God know who...
    Google it!!!

    Here are some excerpts

    Starts by saying

    "LaVaughn is some stupid bitch who runs the psychic reading scam at this website "


    * Occupation: Psychic Intuitive
    * Location: United States

    About Me

    LaVaughn is a psychic intuitive with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic ability. She is certified in Aromatherapy by the Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics, Crystal Therapy by the Academy of Earth’s Medicine, and Sandlin Technique Bodywork by Virginia Sandlin, Cherokee Mystic and founder of the Sandlin Institute of Matrimatix.”

    They go on to say:-

    "You can see her empathic side at work when she goes after other so-called “scammers” with the savage qualities of a rabid-dog on her website above.

    Of course, being certified in “aromatherapy” and “crystal therapy” totally validates her claims of being intuitive (read; falling prey to delusions of grandeur and pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo). She’s as intuitive as you are stupid to give her money.

    Take a look at how she portrays herself with a fake picture, undoubtedly and unconsciously communicating fake picture = fake lavaughn"

    Ooops No Smoke without Fire I say!!! lol

    Love the next bit

    "She often attacks other scammers on her site to deflect from her own equally despicable scams. But you know, there’s a lot of dumb fucks out there who are willing to paypal this scum bag scammer money to have a “reading”. This is her email:

    Must feel big and mighty to attack others from a fake name and picture, huh LaVaughn? Well, here ya go then! Suck it up!

    Here’s the universal answer to anyone stupid enough to send this cunt money"

    Ouch!!! Got to hurt a bit harsh I feel but hey what goes around comes around..Wonder how long this comment will stay on for ..Not long I wager but I could be wrong!!!...Have a nice life all My work here is done...Goodbye an good ridence!!

  160. Look Helena, and get it straight - I am not LaVaughn. Hardly do I know her apart from this very perceptive post about Teal.
    I do not necessary feel concerned with other people comments about anybody including LaVaughn. I make my own judgement... also about Teal and what she says.
    . There are several people taking here,not only LaVaughn. If you read carefully you will notice different writing styles. It doesn't take much intelligence to spot it out that LaVaughn surely is a better writer than me as English is not my native language. It is easy to gather that several of us differ in style here. Therefore, I will respond only what has to do with my posts and not some comments about LaVaughn.

    Read more about Myers Briggs tests and how people mind functions. It is quite holistic concept like astrology and many other comprehensive systems. Stop for a moment and reflect upon a necessity of critical reasoning in human evolution because if humanity carried only concept of not using logic and judgement we would not leave the caves.

    It isTeal who decided on full transparency. She decided to talk in public about her money, abilities etc- just like in Big Brother:))) Honestly, you cannot expect that people will not use logic and be concerned if info she provides is not adding up. Teal should face the fact that with inconsistent messages intelligent people will be critical of her.
    I am not easly convinced she is great just because she is ...pretty or soft-spoken or has charisma. And even if she had in fact some spiritual abilities, for me she is in the spiritual kindergarten until she shows integrity and be a person of a great character. IT IS CHARACTER THAT SHOWS REAL SPIRITUALITY. Instead I see disturbed woman who is deluded, with egocentric massive ego who has victimized so far 2 members of her army and manipulates masses.

    Anyway, she is not the only one.

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  163. Oh man this is one interesting discussion. I started watching videos by "spiritscience" not too long ago and was turned on to Teal through her collaboration with him. At first I wasn't sure about her, mostly because of this coldness in her eyes when shes speaking. I found it unnerving somewhat, I decided to keep watching to see if I could figure her out in some way. I will say that much of what she says resonated with me, not all of it, but enough. However something that felt off was that most of her deep insights are things that any philosophy or spiritual centric person would find in any book on the subjects. I also noticed that in a video where she was talking about other dimensions, she was basically mimicking stuff from Rob Bryanton's "Imagining the tenth dimension" videos. I still continued to watch because I believe there is some truth to those concepts and so of course you would basically hear them over and over again from others who do too. And Rob himself was inspired by books on spirituality and metaphysics, so why couldn't she. But what made think something was off was that it didn't sound like there was any heart to it, it sounded like it was being read from a script...Which it probably was because she does read from a script with every video. Watching some of her less recent videos showed that as her eyes constantly move to her laptop. But again that doesn't say anything, as lots of people read from scripts because they want to get their message across without messing up too much.

    So I went on and genuinely started to believe she wasn't just some phony looking for a quick buck by pandering to a growing, but still under represented community that is looking for people to express it to the masses. Then in one video she mentioned her abuse and so I became very curious about her life story, so I looked her up. I had no idea about the abuse or her alleged psychic abilities so that just muddied the waters as they were starting to clear. Reading her story I have no doubt that she was abused. The level of detail she goes into about it isn't something someone would do if they were just making it up...Well unless they were crazy. However given how far of a reach the invents of her retelling of her childhood trauma was, I still venture to say that it isn't all true. Seeing her talk about it I believe she believes it's true. But I've heard and read way too many stories of childhood abuse victims who make up a fantasy in their heads to cover up the real horror of what happened to them. Like in the movie "mysterious skin", one of the characters makes up a story about alien's abducting him, which spirals into a life long obsession with UFOs... all to cover up for the fact that his little league coach raped him. For the psychic I'd like to believe I want to believe. But for every person with genuine psychic gifts their are 100 fakes and 1000 crazies who just think they are. I won't necessarily say she's one or the other, after all I haven't met her to witnessed her doing anything. And as someone with a spiritual and metaphysical bent to them, I don't feel right saying someone's a fake just because they haven't shown off their gifts to prove it and if I don't have proof then it must not be real.

  164. On the point of how her followers or cult depending on which way you look at it. I'm not going to lie I can see it. I think we've become so use to image of the male cult leader that we tend to not notice a woman that shows some if not all of the same characteristic. She definitely has a bit of a narcissistic flare to her. But whether or not that's real narcissism or perceived narcissism I can't say as I have never met her. Also you are right what she put that Fallon guy through does seem extremely similar to what a cult leader does when one of their own has upset them. I don't believe she's intentionally starting a cult, but when you're narcissist and you have people constantly kissing your ass, it's very easy to fall into that trap. I do believe that she is what you described as a collector as I have met women like this. They use their looks or sex to charm men into doing anything they want for them to fill some void within themselves that they can't fill one their own. And when things go bad they give them a sad story to garner sympathy. However again I don't know if she's doing it intentionally or just subconsciously.

    On a whole Teal just comes off as a total enigma. Just when you think you have an answer to her some new questions seem to arise. That video of the interview you posted makes things even more complicated. Because she seems to be showing sincere emotion there. Which says that she believes what she is saying.

  165. >I don't believe she's intentionally starting a cult, but when you're >narcissist and you have people constantly kissing your ass, it's very >easy to fall into that trap. I do believe that she is what you >described as a collector as I have met women like this.

    Very True...

  166. Oh Goody! The DimSum guy. Yep. I have detractors too. Kind of comes with the territory if you put yourself out there publicly in any way. Well enjoy yourself Helena.

    It might interest you to know that Mr. Dimsuminyourbimbum thinks ALL psychics are fakes. Not just me. I encountered him when I was blogging the James Ray trial. I don't think he could wrap his head around the idea that a new age flake like myself was also highly critical of James Ray after he cooked people to death.

    Anyway, that page was personal. He got mad at me after I took him to task for something really, really sexist that he said on Salty Droid's site and hastily built a page to call me names. Personally, I thought it was kind of hilarious. So knock yourself out, Helena.

    You'll note that in the piece I wrote about Teal Scott I relied on her own material and actual analysis. I didn't troll the web to find loonies flinging baseless accusations and calling anyone the c-word.

    For the record, LaVaughn is the name on my birth certificate. I was named after my grandmother. And the photo is quite real and part of a series of photos I took with a photographer friend named Damien Miles.

  167. >It might interest you to know that Mr. Dimsuminyourbimbum thinks >ALL psychics are fakes

    I just say something that surely you know and it is an obvious thing for you LaVaughn. Nobody is a Psychic. There are people who are sometimes psychics. Some more often than most of people but still it is a very temperamental, subjective ability and therefore nobody can prove it in objective circumstances.

  168. >Which says that she believes what she is saying.

    I agree with 99% of what you said hellohi. For me you hit the nail on the head.
    I am still concerned, however, that masses out there are exposed to and are learning from teachings of somebody so disturbed. For them life is based on principles of teaching of a very disturbed individual who is feeding them what she read + her own life drama mostly a fantasy. + in the background we have skillful producer and digital marketer, Blake.

    What a pity that such surely charismatic and intelligent woman as Teal is did not have enough of character ( or a victim with damaged character) to study something useful and contributes to the society in more sensible way than repeating New Age messages and turning her life into public drama like a mediocre exhibitionist..

  169. MysteryofPresence, I believe ALL people are psychic. It's our birthright. Some of us are better than others at a) realizing we are psychic, and b) being able to tap into that awareness with some degree of consistency. Much of that comes with practice, practice, practice, like anything else. I am "a psychic" as opposed to "psychic" because I do it professionally. But we're all psychic, in my opinion.

    Actually, there is a growing body of empirical research into psi and it's more provable than you might think. If you look at some of the blog posts I did regarding the TED controversy, I delve into that a bit. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the speakers TED censored has done some impressive research and he's not the only one. That material can be found under the tag DeleTED.

  170. >I believe ALL people are psychic.

    well it is a discussion about nomenclature:). We all have to some extent psychic abilities. What I am trying to say is that nobody has all the time at his/her disposal accuracy in his psychic vision

    >Much of that comes with practice, practice, practice, like anything else
    I don't know about that. Maybe you have more experience with it if you do it professionally and have some observations.
    In my case it comes when it wants to come:)

    I read about Rupert Sheldrake collective memory and his experiments with apes. But I thought it is more about telepathy ( yes it is part of being psychic) than let's say insights into the future etc. Got to read your material on Rupert here then.

  171. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

    While still fairly new to the world of spirituality, I have rapidly tuned into my intuition about its promoters. I came across Teal Scott early this year and was taken by her, primarily because she was, at the time, speaking about keeping ourselves focused on what we want and not what we don't want, which is a tenet that resonates with me.

    But, as the months went by, and I looked a little deeper, and began to associate with people who were her "followers," my bullshit monitor began to register something - a whiff here and there...I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it didn't feel quite right to me. Something's just off. At one point, I said, "Ironically, this is starting to feel a little cult-y to me." Trust your gut.

    I don't need to justify or qualify my feelings about her - I trust my instincts and I don't have any stake in whether people believe her or not. She now serves as amusement for me - along with her minion followers/family/army members. It's high camp, IMO.

    Thanks for the interesting post! I hadn't bothered to look any further into it because I have better things to do, but it's good to know that I'm not the only one who feels that there's something fishy in Denmark.

  172. I should say that I believe that Teal is clair-whatever, but that doesn't obviate sociopathy, IMHO.

  173. MysteryofPresence, So you're familiar with Rupert Sheldrake. Cool! I really only learned of him fairly recently when his TEDx talk was promoted by Graham Hancock. I enjoyed his talk on The Science Delusion very much and then TED pulled both that and Hancock's talk and it turned into a whole big thing. I hadn't realized how much work in psi had progressed, honestly, until I collided with that particular controversy. Really fascinating. And the stuff on Sheldrake was particularly interesting because he really has put together some great experiments. He seems to really terrify materialists. In particular, you might want to read this one which gets into his history with people like Dawkins, Maddox, et al.

    It's continued to percolate. Much of the battle has moved to Wikipedia with its Guerilla Skeptics or whatever the hell they call themselves. I haven't kept up with it as I might like because I just haven't had the time. Craziness. But the DeleTED posts are full of links to some other great blogs and discussions on the subject. It was quite a learning experience. I had no idea there were so many other people out there who were as troubled as myself by New Atheism and scientific dogmatists.

  174. Per the first definition of 'Cult': 'a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies', then Teal Scott is not a cult, but Christianity is - as well as all other religions and plenty of other stuff as well, like 'Americanism', hehehe.

    It is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th definitions where Teal and her followers fit the bill: #2: an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers

    #3: the object of such devotion

    #4: a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc

    Anyone who thinks for themselves will take what they can use from a teaching or whatever, even from a person who offers a teaching or example with which they do not agree, and they will discard the rest.

    Someone who doesn't think for themselves will fall prey to any number of 'snake oil salesmen' and 'dog and pony shows' and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, or need to do about it... they will eventually find their own way home.

    I think the poster who recommended the Kumare 'documentary' was onto a good thing (thank you for putting me onto it!)

    Personally, I think that Teal Scot is an inspired and inspiring individual. Yeah, she's 'young and dumb', possibly deluded, vainer than the song 'You're So Vain', and apparently has some sadomasochistic tendencies, but she is also brilliant, talented, visionary, and has created a wonderful internet community for people to exchange thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people. And I think, at least I hope, that Teal will outgrow this 'I'm more wonderful, beautiful smart and psychic, than anyone else in the world'. I sure had a rough time 'outgrowing' it, and I'm DAMN glad I did not have to do it publicly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a big fan of 'the teachings of Abraham' too... I think Esther Hicks is an amazingly clear channel. What people do with the information is an individual thing.

    I am not a fan of the movie 'The Secret' though, and there was not one single person in that movie that inspired me to 'join up with them and make their agenda my own', least of all the Ray guy you posted about in another blog entry. Anybody who resonated with him enough to give their money (or their life) to him was asking for it in my opinion. And if he didn't get them somebody else would. If you feel it is a valuable contribution to 'expose' these 'charlatans' and save all the poor innocent victims in the world from them then that is your business, not mine. (Although my mars in Scorpio sure loves uncovering the hidden aspects of anything!)

    However, I do love your 'dripping sarcasm' and your writing style LaVaughn!!! This has been a very entertaining and, especially with 88116a9e-6761-11e3-9ea5-000bcdca4d7a's posts, a very informative read!!! I sure am curious who that guy is and how he knows so much of the goings on in the 'inner circle', hehehe! And how he managed to get a copy of the facebook post by 'Fallon Dobson' where he accused Blake of 'sexually abusing' Teal minutes before he ('Fallon') deleted the account! What a stroke of luck that would have been for a journalist type!!

    Yeah, this has been a blast! Thank you one and all!

  175. Hi Avalon, Are you the same Avalon who raised some questions re: Cameron and the shadow house thing on Teal's blog? Because that sure was interesting. So thanks.

    I also have to thank you for this: "Although my mars in Scorpio sure loves uncovering the hidden aspects of anything!" I'm not terribly knowledgeable about astrology but I find that very interesting as I also have Mars in Scorp. Hmmm... Food for thought.

    On Abraham/Hicks, we'll have to agree to disagree. More here:

    I also need to say this about the people who followed James Arthur Ray, including the people whose deaths he caused: lovely, lovely, highly intelligent people. When I was blogging that trial I got to know a number of them and I don't think yours is a fair characterization. As I said above, anyone, ANYONE, can be taken in by cults, charismatic leaders, con artists, and the like. Hucksters like Ray go after people by appealing to their highest aspirations and triggering their deepest fears. We are all susceptible and thinking we're not makes us even more susceptible.

    I also want to say that your definition of cult is one of many. I know when I use the term, I'm referring specifically to mind control cults and relying on criteria offered by people like Hassan and Lifton. Also germane is the body of work on the psychology of influence from researchers like Milgram and Zimbardo.

    But thanks for your feedback and any further insight into what happened with Cameron -- that would not violate her privacy anymore than it already has been by Teal Scott -- would be welcomed. Still trying to wrap my head around these shadow house things and Scott's need to humiliate people on livestream broadcasts.

  176. I'm the same Avalon. And yeah, I saw up above where you quoted from one of my posts on Teal's blog.

    And regarding that Mars in Scorpio thing, what's even more interesting (imo) is that as I was writing it I got the feeling you also had that placement, in fact, I 'knew' it! Of course I can't prove that, but I hope you will take it on my word, hahahaha.

    But I never said that people who are 'intelligent' don't get drawn into cults, I said people who think for themselves take what they can use and discard the rest.

    I was a Scientologist for 15 years. I know exactly what it takes to get drawn into a cult. LRH was exactly one of those 'charismatic leaders/madmen who went "after people by appealing to their highest aspirations and triggering their deepest fears". You stated it perfectly. I also know what it takes to move on. Mars in Scorpio helps, hehehe. I pity all the poor fools who lack that placement! Hahahahahaha!

  177. PS: And personally, I would have been poorer in experience had someone come along and 'exposed' LRH before I had a chance to come to my own conclusions!!! Even though some might say Scientology drove certain people mad and killed others! It's the same with drugs... some people went mad and/or killed themselves with psychedelic drugs, but I wouldn't have missed out on my psychedelic years for anything!!!!

  178. Hi Avalon, Scientology, eh. What an adventure that must have been! For me it was a fairly brief immersion in born-again Christianity. I've never been a joiner since extricating myself from that experience. Mars in Scorp, maybe. I just know I have a very low tolerance for cognitive dissonance. I need shit to make sense. Too much internal contradiction or hypocrisy and I start to get very uncomfortable. And that totally did me in on the fundamentalist path.

  179. I am so glad to see this information and ensuing discussion which hits every nerve and cord of intuition in me about Teal Scott. It is finally pulled together and out there. And her followers lack of civility toward you, or ears for this information here is another telling thing. Congratulations LaVaughn. This is rich material and truth should always be available and welcome to all spiritual warriors and seekers. And in spite of the obvious Teal Scott sympathizers here who perhaps have found some hope or light where there was none for them before because of her work … you also speak for many less angry folk who can listen to her, absorb her impact on the world and question her, her life and her story, as any spiritual leader worth their salt would have their students know and do first thing.

    You have illuminated here many valid points and a lack of transparency which affects the evolution and potential wider impact of this group. The Buddha himself will not claim to be born with or to have acquired or possess any special super powers but will equate the "power" they see him holding as having been learned through diligence and discipline in their practice every day as being the Way. The Way - accessible to all beings.

    This discussion is important and rich and relevant because as Teal continues to gather "fans" and teach from her own admittedly unstable spaces, there might be an inherent danger there and the result I'm seeing is that folks are actually appealing to HER lowest common denominators of behavior and her reactions to the Earthly conundrums they share around the table. From a woman who cannot be in a room with her own child even for very long (her words) other very raw and vulnerable people are learning how to Love? I think that Teal Scott might be gifted and persuasive and intelligent, but at this point I think she should Catalyze her own spirituality like a real Leader (Rom Bomjan being a good example of this) and go sit in Zazen in Nepal for a year … sit in the room with her child for a whole day without a seizure … THEN come back and teach these poor vulnerable people about real communion, real Love, and real Freedom via the actual TRUTH.

    It's really amazing to me too that people who call themselves her "Tribe" and "Army" give her their money to teach them … so she can do what … throw it all into a big mystery pile where her good friends the Ascended Masters will show her where it all will go ? ... one divine day? That's in a video somewhere too, how friendly she is with Jesus and his pals. She almost stated it one time, I remember, like they call her up almost and they all go have coffee in a really nice section of the Astral Plane that she loves to go to (smoking or non?) ... when they really need us lowers down here to know something important that day. Now I'm no expert in the room but I have studied some religion, spirituality and a few world philosophies and I can just bet it all that no Master ever really actually "ascended" by way of a bright orange Paypal button.


  180. Oh well this is interesting, I'm also a mars in Scorpio.

  181. Born again Christian?!? Hahahaha.... I'd take Scientology any day over that! (No offense meant to you, hehe) I think it was the born agains that stole Bob Dylan from the world of free thinking. I saw an interview with him where he 'confessed' that he had 'sold his soul to the devil' for fame and fortune. (insert VERY dismayed emoticon here)

    Then there's Stuart Wilde who flipped out and started fighting 'the ghoul wars', and didn't recommend yoga because the ghouls would come up from the floor into your "yoni"! And he had a huge following too! They would post on his blog their experiences fighting the ghouls!! It was unf*cking believable!

    No, I'm not much of a 'joiner' type person myself - even when I was a Scientologist I was not a 'good Scientologist', and often found myself in 'ethics' for questioning the words of LRH... because the whole future of mankind depended on him and if I disagreed with something he said then I must be 'pts' or an 'sp' or not have sufficient understanding of the english language.

    Rabid f*cking followers who are incapable of thinking for themselves are one of the most annoying things in the world to me.

    I do however 'follow' certain people with my interest. Teal is one of them. When I am no longer interested I will move on.

  182. Hey, hi, hello, how are you heyhihellohowareya! Hahahaha! (I enjoyed your posts, btw)

    From what I have read (and I have collected quite a bit on mars in scorpio) that is a very powerful placing. In fact I strongly suspect that Teal herself has Mars in Scorpio. The following is why I suspect that (this being some of what I have collected re: Mars in Scorpio):

    With Mars in Scorpio, your energy is so powerful that self-discipline and self-mastery are a must. It's important to commit yourself to an ideal, for you have a lot of healing power. You're intense, proud, strong-willed, and your presence is so strongly felt by others that you can be commanding in silence as well as in speech. You're drive for power and your sexuality are very strong and often concealed, and you can easily manipulate others to get what you want.

    If you have Mars in Scorpio, you may have been told that you are magnetic, extremely desirable, and very intense. You are capable of reaching into the depths of human experience and bringing them forth in a concise and controlled way. Determined and self reliant, you are courageous and have no qualms about going after what you want. A little bit of James Bond may lurk somewhere in your soul, providing you with fabulous foolproof plan after plan, one always more ingenious than the next. You may even outwit yourself at times! You are able to remain focused in situations that take patience and perseverance. You are powerful and transformative. Overwhelming odds can be overcome by someone with this placement! You offer emotional depth to your relationships and are happiest when others provide you with what you are seeking.

    Let’s say that the President of the United States has Mars in Scorpio, and aliens attack from outer space. The first thing they would do is reach for the thermonuclear weapons. Now let’s say that there is a fly buzzing around their head and disturbing them. The first thing they do is reach for the thermonuclear weapons.
    Scorpio Mars is complicated. They are master manipulators. Do not piss them off, they are truly dangerous. They can wait for revenge… they never forget and never forgive. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but someday they will get you.

    With Mars in Scorpio you have a magnetic energy and desires that run so deep they might intimidate other people. There's an inner strength to this sign that no one can compete with. You have the power of a volcano inside your body, along with the self control that chooses when to allow it to explode. Mars in Scorpio is very much concerned with the deeper significance of sex and love. This sign wants full intensity and commitment in sex and will want to own a sexual partner. You may resort to manipulative or subversive tactics to accomplish this if you feel love is threatened. The attack of Mars in Scorpio is akin to the searing pain of burns on your flesh. But just as you are capable of these dark depths, the heights your energy can achieve are more healing than any other.

  183. The "ghoul wars?"!!!! Oh my gods and goddesses. Yeah... What the fuck happened to Stuart Wilde. He wrote some lovely books and then, you know, wow!

    Years ago, at a psychic fair, I met a guy who told me he'd gone to a Stuart Wilde workshop and it was a disaster. He said Wilde was so drunk he kept sliding off his seat. And he was completely incoherent. The ghoul wars. Jesus H. Christ. Wow. Speechless.

    And just so you know, Avalon, I pegged you as an SP right off. You're sooooo suppressive. But I give, what's a PTS? Not Post Traumatic Stress, I take it.

  184. Hahahahaha... no, not post traumatic stress, although I did experience plenty of that when I got the balls to walk away from scientology. In scientology lingo pts means 'potential trouble source' and refers to a person who is connected to a 'suppressive person', and thus a potential source of trouble, for themselves and for scientology. You say you don't like cognitive dissonance, well I don't like complex fucking theories, just give me the simple version, thank you very much.

    Yeah, Stuart Wilde. I loved some of his books, and I really loved his sense of humor. He told a story about seeing a penny in the road one day as he was walking to the limousine with a few wealthy friends, and to prove a point to the universe or something, he decided to pick up the penny. He tried to discreetly and inconspicuously stoop down and sweep it up without losing a beat, but he fumbled the move and dropped the penny, and since he had already started the act, felt compelled to carry it through to it's conclusion, and so chased the penny as it went rolling down the muddy gutter, in the rain, wearing a white suit, while his friends waited in the limo for him thinking he might be mad... hahaha, I guess they were right!

    Yeah he drank a lot, I think he was using a lot of drugs too.

  185. >I was a Scientologist for 15 years. I know exactly what it takes to get drawn into a cult.

    Holy Cow... Definitely you have vast experience in the cult world and I bow to the fact that after 15 yrs you manage to liberate your mind.

    > You stated it perfectly. I also know what it takes to move on. >Mars in Scorpio helps, hehehe. I pity all the poor fools who lack >that placement! Hahahahahaha!

    Mars in 8th house with aspects to planet/s in Scorpio works in a very similar way;)

    >Mars in Scorpio is very much concerned with the deeper significance of sex and love.

    that would again depends on the house placements and aspects of that Mars too. e.g Mars in Scorpio in 10th house or 6th would not necessary act like that ...Otherwise astrology would be a very simplistic system

  186. This comment has been removed by the author.

  187. Excellent observation Avalon! I bothered to do her natal chart from the birth info we've gotten from her and she has Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio. I also said that she probably had some strong Gemini energy, and wouldn't you know it her Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Gemini as well as her North Node. I also figured Capricorn might have been one of her main placements and yep her moon is there. Sadly I don't have her birth time so no house placements. But if I had to take a guess I would say Scorpio is either her ascendant or it's in her 2nd, 4th, 5th, or 7th house.

  188. what is here birth date?

    >Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio

    as everybody from her peers...

  189. This comment has been removed by the author.

  190. Teal Scott is surely a sweet lady when it comes to the personal interaction as Helena said. With the Sun conjunct stationary Venus and application aspect with Mercury. ( stellum)But does it make her spiritual? Hm... This is all very superficial qualities.Smooth talker Gemini and charmer. She gets that charisma if we add it to strong Pluton: trine with sun, Venus
    But all that strong planets in Gemini show that that it is only skin deep beauty- Gemini qualities. Mercury in Gemini is strong so she is very articulate and a good writer. Coupled with Venus Sun, but come on, where is the depth of it? ...strong Air element. VERY marketable astro profile for great actress , for PR and anybody who the screen is in love with. I am a bit disappointed because it is a horoscope of a model and not a guru...
    Surely there was some kind of older persona in her childhood who damaged her personality. Saturn sq Moon and Pluton sq. Moon. I know you guys like Mars in Scorpio but not when coupled with Saturn like in Teal’s case. I am a bit scared of Mars conjunction Saturn people. It can be ruthless aspect. It gives hard experience and give others around that individual too.
    I would be seriously concerned with her alleged psychic abilities. Neptune is opposing Sun (people who aspire to be gurus often have connection between those planets). Neptune sq Venus (delusions of love and harmony), no aspect between Neptune and Mercury- all that doesn’t promise much psychic abilities or intuitive skills. I don’t see any loving or empathic abilities with rather chilly moon in Aquarius coupled with Sun in Gemini.
    I am trying to find anything in transits around the time she has met Sardeep. Moon started opposing Venus in secondary progressions. I don’t have much trust in relationships that start on non harmonious aspects

  191. Nice post Mystery. You should do my chart sometime. Her Gemini placements and aspect definitely caught my eye. I was also just watching that interview and I just realized. The thing she was saying about the grays cloning themselves to the point that they can no longer reproduce...That's a plot line from Stargate SG-1 .

  192. Stargate SG-1. That's cute. But actually, they didn't make that up either. That idea goes back at least as far as Lyssa Royal's material on the root races, I believe. Drunvalo talks about it as I remember. I think Bashar does as well. I know he talks about their being a doomed species whose only hope is the breeding program of which his hybrid race is a result. Like most of Teal Scott's material, it's not original.

    Speaking of which, I'd love it if someone could explain this to me. I'm looking at her most recent post on hospitals and insurance companies. ( It's loaded with factual and statistical data and not a single citation. Is she just allergic to citing sources?

    Are we supposed to believe that she just divines all this information from the universe... including statistical data?

  193. I stand corrected LaVaughn. But either way the point is the same. A lot if not most of her stuff is just things from other places that she either intentionally or unintentionally passes off as her own. Or at least that's how it seems.

  194. Precisely. Video lectures where she tells what God thinks about various things, involved explanations of psychological issues like psychopathy, statistics on c-section rates and aspiration of vomit rates in the US and abroad. Never a source. Nothing. She just pulls it all out of the ether, apparently.

    And all her ET shit comes from somewhere. If it were information I were more invested in, I really could run it down to the various sources, channlers, and so on. I have yet to hear anything from her that I haven't heard elsewhere and better.

  195. I didn't know Teal had so much time on her hands in or out of body that she could pop down to the local hospital and spend hours there offering comfort to people who had just lost loved ones. I don't know what to make of her most recent blog, I feel like I am going a little crazy myself taking in the bizarre writings of this lady that read more like a novel rather than her actual day to day life. Who am I to question a medical intuitive? I am just glad that I am not on my own thinking I am in the minority with my opinions and observations of these stories which defy belief. Thank God you're here La Vaughn otherwise I might think I am going insane. I hope someone can make head or tail of this, I can no longer match it to my sense of reality or the likelihood of it being truth.


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