Aug 16, 2010

Horoscope for August 16-22

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Creativity is the driving force behind your week, Aries. You are striving to bring a feeling forward that expresses a personal view of Heaven or a more inspired way of living. Meanwhile, relationship issues are pulling at you and responsibilities at work are taking a lion’s share of your time, preventing you from putting all your focus on the creative urge within. Paperwork and communication tasks may be the last thing you feel like doing, but the choice may not be yours to make or there is no one else to do the work. Midweek, a partner may express some discontent over the workload you are shouldering now. The truth is that you would like some time to yourself as much as you would like to have a romantic interlude. Later this week, your hidden genius emerges and you are finally able to catch that elusive storyline or mix the right color or even conceive a child, if that is what you have been wishing for. Expect a bolt from the blue.

Home sweet home is where you long to be this week, Taurus, but the outer world is pulling against that. Are you able to cut back on work hours a bit or work out of your home to satisfy that desire? You may be able to free up some time for yourself by delegating (what a concept!) tasks to others. I know delegating is a concept foreign to your basic nature, but it can do wonders for your health. The planets would like you to watch the scales now and pay attention to your diet, exercise, and beauty rest. Get outdoors and walk. The deep breathing and time to think that walking offers will keep you at the top of the game while you are in demand. You may have an unusual and entertaining house guest late in the week.

Hmmm…you may have a bee in your bonnet this week, Gemini. You’ve got some far fetched ideas or an itch to do something unusual, but your fan club may not see things your way yet. You tend to be impatient at times, but usually have a good-natured way of dropping something and moving on to another distraction or amusement. This week, you are just not ready to give it up. Impatience can mix with irritability and lead to a few spats, especially with a partner. You are a bit too caught in the realms of air and fire now and it’s got you worked up. Some physical activities like kissing and spooning – or maybe kickboxing and arm wrestling – can help you work off some of your nervous agitation and ward off spontaneous human combustion.

Steady your finances this week, Cancer. Communicate on the job to settle any issues surrounding your paycheck or outstanding balances with clients. Then, when you know where you are at with your own cash flow, look at your financial relationship with others. I suspect if you closely examine your loans or agreements to share in expenses with a housemate, you will find things are not as they should be. You may find you’ve been paying more than necessary. So, refinance and renegotiate and you may discover you have enough money after all to take that last minute summer vacation you thought you couldn’t afford. If you can bring yourself to sell a few things on Craigslist you might get to travel first class. Rather than thinking you are losing something when you list it for sale, remind yourself that when you sell it you can now shop for something new and better.

An old conditioned response pattern backfires early this week, Leo. Bless it, for it is a reminder that you still have work to do when it comes to controlling your thoughts. You have come a long way already in your new thinking and conscious awareness skills – don’t let a little backslide lead you to think you have failed. There is a lack of clarity around your relationship with your mate or your own relationship with hidden aspects of yourself. It is best now to simply express your own thoughts and stick to your own values while your ability to understand another is hindered. Make no assumptions. Later this week, you may be appointed chief spokesperson at work or find that you have an important sales, writing, or teaching task that is your responsibility. You may meet an unusual person at the end of the week who could be your soul mate, or your mate may have a surprise in store for you.

This week finds you on a low cycle, Virgo. It is a good idea for you to stay home and keep your outings short and local during the first half of the week. Later in the week, you may venture forth into the world with less stress or anxiety. Your mind is working overtime now and you could put yourself into an unnecessary state of fear. Too much worry may affect our health, creating vague but uncomfortable symptoms. Your nervous system and body may be in need of some attention and healing energy work. Fill your home with pleasant sounds and smells to help you relax and let go of tension. Money issues may still be a cause for concern, but you are an excellent strategist and can work out short- and long-term plans to improve your finances. The current frustration of feeling in limbo will pass soon as your birth month approaches.

A friend who has overextended him or herself may look to you for financial help. You’ve been working hard and your friend may assume you have plenty of money to share, but your spare cash may have gone into investments or growing your own business. It’s possible the friend may be upset if you say no. Then you may be inclined to make a sacrifice and change your no to a yes. Please take time to think this through. How did the person asking for money arrive at the point of needing yours? What are your real reasons for saying yes? Later this week, you may join a group or organization that represents something unusual that you feel strongly about. It is refreshing to meet like-minded people who have the same interest or support the same cause as you.

Work may put you in the spotlight this week, Scorpio, and I know that is not your favorite place to be. You are a private person and being the center of attention (unless it’s a one-on-one) makes you feel trapped and defensive. To make matters worse, you may not feel you have the talent or ability to hold the position you find thrust upon you now. Although you may feel that you are just putting on an act or bluffing your way through, no one else is noticing that you feel less than sincere. In fact, they think you are doing a great job and are eager to hear what you have to say or sell to them. I know you always seek to break your own personal records. Just look at your challenges this week as personal records to be broken and fake your way through.

Your whole take on spirituality, philosophy, and religion may shift this week, Sagittarius. A sudden loss of faith may occur or you may find your beliefs no longer serve you. Doubt can actually be a stepping stone to a deeper faith. Your inquisitive mind goes off in search of answers and becomes wider and more open as your search unfolds. Doubt and confusion transform into excitement and wonder. A desire to visit a foreign country or culture may be met by an unexpected windfall that makes the trip possible. Perhaps the book or film Eat, Pray, Love will inspire you to begin your own personal odyssey.

Caution, Capricorn. Your usually sound judgment and inner compass that guides you to what is sound and true is skewed this week. Someone may tell you something in confidence which may not be true at all. Investigate further before taking the information to heart or acting upon it in any way. Also, your emotions around money or investments are not steady now. How you feel about something this week may not be how you feel about it next week when the planetary energy causing the uncertainty shifts. Most of this week you are a bit more arrogant, power hungry, and opinionated than you usually are. Can you see this is not a nice mix for conducting business? Stick with what works for now and avoid any decisions until the end of the week when you get your smarts back and your emotions evened out.

Relationships may not be easy this week, Aquarius. If you are single and looking, you may not be sending clear signals to would-be partners. Some of the people you may be attracted to are more interested in what you can do for them than in your own needs or happiness. If you are in an established relationship, you may be feeling lost in your partner’s shadow. A friend you turn to for advice may give you some you’d rather not hear – isn’t it better that they be honest than kind? Begin a list of what you want and do not want in relationship, add to it daily, and by the end of the week you will have a clearer idea of what your perfect relationship entails. Your mind is busy taking in lots of new information and some Aquarians are eager to be back in school. News of money or a gift may arrive in the mail or by phone.

Stop the world, Pisces wants to get off! Busy phones and more commuting or idiot work than you can handle seems to be the norm for your week. You have the urge to clear the desk before Mercury goes retrograde and brings your attention back to matters of partnership and shared lives. You can also sense a wide open weekend of freedom on the horizon and you are willing to put in the extra time during the week to complete projects so that nothing interferes with your plans. If you are going to live on caffeine and adrenaline, please eat some extra protein and take your vitamins. You want to have some energy to spare this weekend when you get together with your friends and go wild. Think along the lines of white water rafting or hang gliding – the stars are encouraging a group activity that comes with a big rush.

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