Jul 4, 2017

Teal Swan

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I was once close friends with Teal Swan. This was us. I met her in the summer of 2011. We became close instantly. I had never met anyone like her before. She was different, and I like different. One of the first things Teal told me was that she was an alien and that there was a reason why I had come back to her, all in a very detailed fashion. That we were colleagues. Okay,cool- I can handle this, I’ve had strange experiences all my life this was something I could entertain. It wasn’t weird. Simply intriguing. And for a bonus, I fit in here.

In the fall of 2011, just after Thanksgiving, I had gotten in contact with the creator of Spirit Science. I introduced Teal to the website and thought it would be cool for her to upload this question and answer type video series that she was talking about doing, a little like the Abraham Hicks styleforum that we all knew and loved. She had held her first Synchronization workshop in Salt Lake and published her first book “Sculptor in the Sky” just before we had met. When she began to work with Spirit Science, I had moved to the Virgin Islands, and from afar I watched her views soar. It was amazing and exciting, we skyped often. She told me that she’d come and visit me in the astral plane. Comforting and strange at the same time. But I had had weird out of body travels before so I wasn’t going to doubt her experience.

We had this inside joke, when I would stay over at her house at night we’d say to each other “goodnight! I’ll see you in 5.” Because of our strange and vivid dreams. Life with Teal was great. I loved her very much. Each morning we would wake up, she’d cook an awesome breakfast for her family, we’d watch this boxed set of Abraham Hicks dvd’s that she had and then she’d get to work typing up a script for an Ask Teal episode. Each night she would sing her son to sleep.

She had bookshelves full to the brim with esoteric, self-help as well as parapsychology and occult type books. They were all annotated and dog-eared. She would write down my name eventually next to an aura color and personality type. She and I both had a fascination with Human Psychology and philosophy so we got along great. It wasn’t soon after that she began to tell me about her dark past. It was detailed. It was calculated. It would have made an amazing novel, and I let her tell it with my mind open to it. Even though a lot didn’t add up. After all you never question the victim… right? Right?

Twenty twelve.

It was soon though that she was talking about this communal living and this desire for money, fame and a wealthy lifestyle. She wanted to change the world and she was born for this. A lot of people want to change the world and they do so everyday.  She saw things differently and people seemed to appreciate it. She wanted to help people. Teal was the most dedicated person I had ever met.

I was able to see what Teal was doing from very early on. It didn’t take long to notice how every piece of her life is carefully calculated. Her friendships, her interactions, her reasoning behind everything she does, her voice and every movement. It is designed to draw you in, to captivate you. It didn’t bother me at first. I am a loyal person. Her behavior was just her behavior, whatever.

Our friendship took a drastic turn when I began struggling with extreme PTSD after I was raped by the man I was traveling with. I was experiencing hallucinations, depersonalization and delusion thoughts, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was lost.  I needed to handle it with medication. I have a great deal of respect for the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. Instead, she wanted me to tell her all about what I was experiencing, which was fine- she was a friend, friends talk. These strange and vivid thoughts made me feel insane. When I did tell her, she asked if I remembered certain things. If I said yes that was fine. If I said no, I just couldn’t see what she sees…  “Go into it, what happened next, what happened next.” It began to get twisted. Suddenly I was feeling like I should be remembering something that never happened… I was told it was valid, not to question it. You have seen this too, I am sure when she uses the phrase “cop out” to bully you into believing she knows the ultimate truth about you.

If I didn’t believe her, she’d get frustrated. I just wanted to hang out and not do all of this deep work (call me unconscious, I dare you). I began to feel that she was overstepping her boundaries. The absolute apex of my relationship with Teal came when she attempted to make me believe that I grew up in the very satanic cult she was a part of. I knew my childhood- but Teal knew me better than I know myself. I was being driven absolutely mad. I loved her so much but we both had these butting-head type of differences and disagreements- disagreements that I found increasingly harmful to my psyche. Funny thing about Teal is that she will tell you “from universal perspective it’s all valid, it all needs to be dissected, it is your repressed memories” Repressed memories in general are a very controversial topic in the field of psychology. It is MUCH more likely that a memory is implanted than to be repressed. We both kind of had to back away from another if we were going to make this friendship work.

Eventually Teal gave me the name of her Psychologist that she had seen for the last however many years… the one who changed her life. The one who “specializes” in Satanic abuse because it is such a massive problem here in the State of Utah. Barbara Snow. I visited her just to see if I could get any answers, for myself or for Teals behavior. It was almost immediate that the leading questions began. I would tell her exactly what was on my mind- and suddenly she would finish my sentences. Safe to say I got the answers I was looking for. Her methods are very controversial. She believes heavily in the idea of repressed memories. Searching her name will pull up the articles describing her behavior almost immediately. She has had quite a few issues with other clients adopting storylines of Satanic abuse here in the State of Utah, having her license revoked 3 times since the mid-2000’s (around the time Teal was19). All of this information is open-source. I believe Teal adopted this method as gospel.

So, let me say this- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very serious illness, it should be treated by Professionals who have gone through actual University to attain their degrees. By Professionals who are licensed by the State. Psychology is not to be taken lightly. It isn’t a game.

Later on, Teal came up with excuses as to why I could not be trusted. This excuse involved the cult that we were supposedly a part of. Teal continued her storyline that I was a part of cult she was in, and that I was meant to drag her back to that hell, but more obvious than her “back door” way of manipulating me into submission was the fact that she could tell I knew her secrets (and we all know and love how Teal mentions “getting needs met through “backdoor manipulation” amiright?!). I was told that I had been trained by the cult to bring her back if things got too risky with her being out in the world. I was told that I would either leave and be free from the cult or that I would digress. I was told that I was programed to do exactly what I am doing now- to speak out.

The truth is that if you are building a world upon lies- you will absolutely be paranoid of being found out, you won’t trust anyone and you can easily train the vulnerable ones to hold two congruent truths at once without them even knowing it’s happening. It doesn’t take a psychic to know that someone is a danger to the empire you create with lies. Teal is a fascinating character. She would make a brilliant writer if the work were fiction instead of something that she is trying to pass off as real. There are many lives at stake here. Including all of yours.

Teal doesn’t understand the human psyche…. She has no place to give herself authority over others. She may understand her own psychology, but her psychology is skewed by a heightened sense of herself. Teal has studied various cult leaders down to a tee. She relates to them not because she is smart and cunning- but because she only has the capability to think exactly as they do. Though she was never inducted into one herself, she IS using the tactics that she has learned through various measures of psychology. The man that she created “Doc” to be are really just  aspects of her that she channels into this character in order to embellish a back story. This “Doc” character is based off of a man that Teal knew growing up. Again- it isn’t politically correct to question the victim. She learned that early on. It is part of the reason she has so many followers with dejected souls. She says that everyone is looking for a place to belong because of an unmet need, when the truth is- some of us are just fine on our own. Just because she says she sees things from “source perspective” doesn’t mean that you should hang on her every word. There is a reason she places herself on a pedestal like that.

It is very difficult to be friends with someone who plays mind games for fun, for life, for a career. It is another thing entirely when you care about them regardless of their Narcissistic and Psychopathic tendencies. I am not trying to paint myself as “good” by any means against Teal. I smoke, I drink, I make mistakes, I am impulsive, I am not spiritual.

Twenty Thirteen and The Suicide Obsession

In 2013, our friend Leslie committed suicide. I met her earlier that year and didn’t know her well, but she would reach out when she was sad. It struck me as odd when Teal, her husband and I were sitting there talking about it that her reaction was to say (in paraphrase) “I am not upset because she’s dead, I am upset about the fact that I lost a client and it could hurt my credibility.” It blew me away. And I just sat there. A few days later, we both attended Leslie’s funeral. Blake had set up a camera and Teal was the last person to speak. She introduced herself as Leslie’s Spiritual Guide stating “suicide is never the answer.”

A week or so later Teal released her first video on suicide. Calling suicide a reset button. As someone who has been there before, Teal made suicide sound like a siren’s call. I knew that pull, I know what it feels like to want it. But she would take out the hardest part for a lot of people with her words. It’s just a step off of a curb. Yes- I related to that. I related to her. But it wasn’t right. At all. As someone who has been suicidal, who has dealt with self harm- borderline personality disorder and bipolar… I found myself needing to back away again. It was to much for a person struggling with mental illness already to handle. I began to notice that Teal had an affect on people. She sets herself up to be that way and she sets up those that follow her to be manipulated. She is calculated, she watched for reaction, she makes you believe that she is inside your head. She makes you believe that she sees the truth. The truth is- she likes the control. The power over other people.

Later during a Synchronization Workshop in Santa Barbara, Teal would mention Leslie. She mentioned her only as her “first client lost to suicide”, stating that they had “that very serious sit down talk” was Leslie going to commit to life or not? Teal mentioned that, the answer to the question was “‘no, I am done’. So there is nothing any healer could ever do for that type of vibration- which is totally fine.” She went on to tell her audience in a humorous tone that Leslie’s death was in vain- as she reincarnated 2 days later into the same situation that caused her to leave this life. The audience laughed. They all laughed at Leslie…

There is so much wrong here. Teal made a grave mistake by not providing Leslie with the option of taking her to the hospital. It is a stressful situation to deal with someone who is suicidal. It can be hard to know what to say. It is important that the suicidal person visits a mental health professional. A “spiritual guide” is not a mental health professional- no matter how much they portray themselves to be.

Recently, a video was placed online. It contains 40 minutes of nothing but Teal speaking of suicide, glorifying suicide and coaxing guests on stage into believe that there is nothing wrong with suicide.

Summer Twenty Thirteen.

It was in the summer of 2013 that I met her new housemates, Cameron, Justin, Flavia and Graciela- the only one of that group who still lives with her today.The first thing that Justin told me when I met him, was that he had been doing trauma work with Teal and recently discovered he had been severely abused but repressed it. He was also told that he was an alien. I was shocked but not surprised, as Teal had tried this very tactic on me.  I witnessed how poorly Cameron was treated because she too saw through Teal. Although Teal never told me think about whether I wanted to commit to life or not- I have witnessed it happen through Cameron and through the countless videos that you can find- submitted by Teal herself.

I also met Fallon, her new boyfriend (Teal decided to name him that- another grand cult tactic). Out of respect for him I will not share his real name. I witnessed Teal manipulate this man so that he would protect her no matter what. He is adorned with symbolic tattoos that Teal drew herself. In the end she publicly diagnosed him as a psychopath and threw him to the mercy of her followers in order to gain sympathy. He is one of the kindest men i have ever met and has been through hell after what he endured, privately and publicly in respect to Teal- which also makes him one of the strongest and most understanding.

When dealing with someone like her, it takes a lot. Her game of mental chess is intense. Her manipulation and control becomes too much. You begin to feel like she is inside your mind and controlling what you believe. This is gaslighting at its finest.

The most frustrating part was that I would disagree with her on so many points. And as soon as you question her, the mind games begin, and if that doesn’t work- you are out. You cannot question Teal. She sees you, knows you better than you know yourself. Even if all you want is the truth, even if you would never judge her no matter the truth. The only problem is- the lies are becoming much worse and more manipulative.

Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Sixteen

In 2015 I was hospitalized. Having been raped 3 years before, the stress of dealing with it on my own was too much to handle anymore. It was that same year that I told Teal about it. She knew my perpetrator well. She got her start uploading to his website. I knew that they had a falling out, so I felt okay talking to her. It wasn’t that I wanted to rekindle our friendship- but I wanted to make sure that everyone that I knew back then had the chance to know what was about to happen- just incase they were still associating with the man who raped me. She listened and then I left. We still couldn’t handle each other so we kept this meeting short and too the point.

In 2016 my rapist came into town looking for me and hoping to talk with Teal. He messaged me. I didn’t say a word back. I received a message from Teal stating that he was in town, and that she was letting me know that he might try to talk to me. I told her he already tried. She told me that she had called the Police. I was grateful that she had my back in this, despite us not being close anymore.

A little later that year I found out that my rapist was publicizing her work. The more I looked into it, the more I had realized that Teal had been publishing her work on Spirit Science again since the winter- when she had told me that she called the police on him. After a little more digging, I found out that Blake had set up a meeting between my rapists organization and Teal’s organization. I was understandably livid. Why was this person working directly with my rapist? After everything I told her in confidence? After supposedly enduring sexual abuse herself?

I decided to confront her about it. I messaged her and asked her why? Why was she working with my rapist? Her response is one that I will never forget.

“It’s business. And besides, I don’t believe you were raped. You have shitty boundaries.”

When asked again, she explained that she needed his “Alexa rating” which ranked in the 100’s as opposed to her lower rating hundred-thousand away from being #1. The woman who validates truth attempted to tell me that what happened to me, didn’t. My rape was an inconvenient truth. Teal Swan who supposedly experienced rape and trauma for 13 years wanted to work with her friends rapist because he could get her higher ratings- more traffic to her content.  She serves one person on this earth. Herself.

We have seen this tendency time and time again, from an interview in 2013 where she states a panel of beings would construct how she looked in this life. That she is beautiful to people of all Continents, as opposed to “an African woman considered beautiful coming to America only be considered pretty ugly”. To her written and video blogs. She is the living definition of Narcissism. 

I began to notice that Teal was banking her entire career on the political correctness of “NEVER QUESTION THE VICTIM”. What if this victim IS a pathological liar? What if she lies even when she doesn’t have to? What then? **This is not to say that she hasn’t been through something terribly traumatic at some point in her life**

I noticed something that I would never put below Teal when she married the man who became her ex husband shortly after. She wrote a long article all about the name that she would be taking. How this new name was a representation of her new life. She was now a Supreme Swan. Paramahamsa. It became a MAJOR part of her brand. She took his name- and then tarnished him when he did nothing but help her career.

Teal’s Dedication

I can tell you with an extreme amount of certainty that Teal is the most dedicated person I have ever met. She is dedicated to running this facade that was her supposed childhood abuse between two cults by a man called “Doc”. I have seen the lies form right before my very eyes. I have seen the story change again and again. I have seen details edited out because she found out it wasn’t possible, I have seen both her and Blake back out of interviews that might be too difficult or in which they might feel cornered.

I have seen Teal lie about her extra-sensory abilities, claims that she cured people from cancer, claims that she travels out of body to prevent certain situations

I witnessed Teal tear down Esther Hicks and Eckhart Tolle to say “Spirituality needs a young pretty face”. Only years later to name drop Eckhart surrounding the release of her Completion Process.

Teal often states “we in the spiritual, self-help or Psychology field….”. Let me explain why this is harmful. Psychology and Spirituality do not belong in the same field. Psychology is a science of the processes of the brain. Spirituality is a system of belief- a faith. Faith can be helpful for people in life- especially in times of need. But your personal belief has no place within the realm of Psychology. Especially because what Teal is essentially doing is performing delicate trauma therapy in a setting which might feel personal and safe because you get to be on stage with your teacher- but its very public and that will influence how you feel and how you act.

It is illegal for Teal to be using such a process without a Degree and License in the state in which she lives. If you are thinking that Teal is a genius for knowing such grand forms of psychology without a degree, think again. She is misusing and abusing the field of Psychology to her own benefit- and by misuse I mean acting inappropriately using manipulation and calling it Psychology. Teal is known for her contradictory teachings based off of where an individual is within their own spiritual development. It’s easy to do and it creates a sense of cognitive dissonance in the minds of those subject to this type of abuse.

The Synchronisation Workshop is the perfect playground for a psychopath to roam free in full power. She is on stage, she pits herself against and above you by saying that she can see your vibration, she can see your thought forms, that all of you are there for the exact same purpose. This isn’t a magic trick, there is nothing special about it in anyway. It is plain programming. Cult Leaders around the World do this well. She never learned this behavior from a cult that she escaped from. She learned it because it’s all she has ever known.

I have watched her story conveniently change and adapt once she faced too much criticism.

Last Week

I have been in touch with Blake off and on these last few months. Each time I have been very open about asking the difficult questions that many are coming to finally ask. The questions that are being overlooked by those that follow Teal blindly. I was able to get through to him after causing enough noise. He wrote me with a simple suggestion of asking Teal why we were no longer friends. It a truth that’s obvious. I could disrupt this following that she has, this fame that she needs so desperately.  We had a civil discussion. I was thrilled when Blake decided he would like to talk to me despite knowing that I had some majorly difficult questions to ask. Things that to me, just didn’t add up at all. Things that to a lot of very rational people just can’t understand because it’s simply not possible.

Blake and I agreed that we should talk. I had questions, and he said he still cares about me. I was very much looking forward to this discussion- to finally getting somewhere. We agreed to meet in person. I was thrilled when Blake decided he would like to talk to me despite knowing that I had some majorly difficult questions to ask. Things that to me, just didn’t add up at all. Things that to A LOT of very rational people just can’t understand because it’s simply not possible. We had been friends and it had been a hell of a long time since the last time I saw him. We agreed on a time and place for the following day. I was ready to hear his side to the story. Unfortunately, I already knew that he wouldn’t be able to follow through. It was evident in his reasoning that Teal had warned him not to visit me. He told me he had a scheduling conflict. Of course he did. I knew this would likely be my only chance, so I pleaded with him to meet me.

 All I wanted was the truth, for him to come clean. After the “scheduling conflict” copout wouldn’t work, he asked the next question that I knew was inevitable. “If you can’t fix things with Teal, why bother meeting?”. I told him that my friendship with him was not dependent on my relationship to Teal. Teal and I most likely would never be able to fix what we had because the manipulation was too much- this was personal. I was personally harmed in part by this woman’s lies and manipulations. He told me I needed to look at myself first. What good was that going to do now? This is all I have done for the last 5 years.

He mentioned that if I had anything to say, that Teal was standing there and to do so. I wanted to try and get through to Blake not Teal. I tried once more to get him to come and talk with me. It sucks because I strongly believe that he would have if it weren’t for Teal talking him down. I decided to ask my questions anyway right there instead: Why did Ale lie about Teals ex husband hiring a hitman? Why did he also lie about the fact that his ex wife did the same. Why tell a lie so embellished and dangerous without a shred of evidence to back it up? These types of lies are potentially dangerous to the person they are being told about. It puts them at risk for being attacked, it puts them at risk publicly. To my surprise he responded by continuing the narrative: “he did hire a hitman”. After I asked about Jason Freedman and lying for Teal in order to promote this insane story that would otherwise not hold any flack- he blocked me. This is their true authenticity movement.
I do not believe that Blake would be who he is today without the influence of Teal. Teal met Blake soon after the passing of his brother from a cycling accident at 18. Teal told Blake that she channeled his brother. I am sure it was convincing, with him being in such a vulnerable state. He has taken care of her every need ever since. I have seen first hand how loyal he is to her. So loyal that he wrote the first article ever published about her claiming to be an award winning journalist as well as a PHD- I know because the number published was his very own number that I had in my cell phone for him. Blakes family has a difficult time understanding his relationship to Teal. Blakes own mother feels a distain towards Teal.

Followers, Teal Tribe, Tealers

As authentic as you may view her to be, it is all a ploy to gain your sympathy and your empathy. I implore you, do not waste anymore of your time believing that she is your savior, that she sees through you, that she is in your brain. You are sovereign people. You are individuals. As I stated above, Teals every move is a calculation. She places herself above you as “The Spiritual Catalyst”- the extrasensory omnipotent. Has she ever been able to prove her abilities? I have seen her personally over power so many of you by telling you that you feel a certain way even if you know you don’t feel it. It is a classing con trick. Teal has been disproven time and time again.
To those of you who believe that a Degree is “just a piece of paper” and that Teal is “Helping so many people”… take a look around. How many of you have lost jobs and are having to turn to means like Gofundme when you could make an honest living and be satisfied. Is every cell of you screaming that your reality is in jeopardy right now? Are you denying it? How many of you have shunned family for not seeing reality through your lenses. How many of you have adopted dizzying stories of abuse, causing everyday life things to throw you into a triggered state? Many of you have dedicated many years of your life to this woman, saving all of your money to attend her retreats, spending your time watching her content online. Defending her. I know it’s hard to look at this situation from another viewpoint. But this is exactly where she wants you to be. Defending even the pettiest of lies so that she can live in this reality that she has build around her.

In Conclusion- Twenty Seventeen

Teal is not the person that she portrays herself to be.I know that a lot of you will say- no one could possibly come up with that type of story, so detailed without it being true. The truth is, people can and people do. There have been quite a few before Teal who have created stories to gain exposure in the world, to gain a status. Would Teal have the affect on people that she does without her dark past? Probably not. When I knew her, I remember her telling me that she “chose into this life path” including her looks, full of the worst kinds of abuse just so that she could reach the world with her message. To reach anyone and anything. She experienced the darkest past so that there is nothing that shocks her- she understands all things.

Respectfully, when Cameron came forward with her story, I was so proud of her. I wasn’t ready to share mine yet. Teal and I live in the same State not 5 miles from one another. I know what she is capable of. I wasn’t ready then. I had a lot I needed to make sure got done before I came forward. I was taking care of my own mental health after everything that happened in 2012. In particular my rape case. I thank Cameron from the bottom of my heart for doing what she did and for facing such horrible amounts of criticism.

My biggest problem after witnessing all I have, is that Teal associates herself with the Psychology community and yet uses methods that are not only controversial to the field, but for which she has no training, no education, no degree or certification. Her Completion Process puts its “certified” practitioners at risk for future trouble with the Law, facing the same fate of being cited by Government Officials for practicing Psychology without a license.

In response to this article, I am sure Teal will respond more or less carefully than she has in the past. That’s fine. She has absolutely no power over me now and I am ready to share my story and put this to rest- finally.  After everything that I went through in 2012 and 2013 I went back to University to study Psychology and Criminal Justice- working towards this Degree has been the most rewarding and incredible experience of my life.

And finally, to those of you who may dismiss me as a “jealous hater, obsessing over someone instead of leading my own life”. This is such an important cause for me. I witnessed first hand how troubling it can be to be at the mercy of a true psychopath. That word can be thrown around a lot- and I assure you, this is not one of those times. It is a dizzying maze to return from. I want you to know- that I am so glad to be away for the grip of this relationship. I am thankful every day that I do not have to deal with covering up lies and mistruths everyday. I am thankful not to have thousands of fans, grateful not to have to go to greater and greater lengths to appease my sense of greatness to myself. Teal’s life is one of misery and a tangled web of lies. I hope that one day she will receive the help that she needs.

I knew Teal very well, not because I am some psychic or extrasensory but because I am human and I have endured the insanity myself. I stayed silent for a long time, first out of loyalty, but it’s gone too far now. Before you dismiss this as a non factual article- please tell me, is there any factual evidence against this? To see the absolute facts- do your research.

This is a Cult- and it will only get more and more dangerous the longer you stay, please be careful. Please take a moment to evaluate your current situation. It can be very difficult to maneuver your way back to reality- but there are many people, including myself who have found life after this type of abuse.


  1. Hi Tori

    I already commented in regards to your post on the “Her Philia” blog.Great to know from another person which spent time with her in the past that she was fully aware of Abraham Hicks. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Spirit Science never gave her the platform and manga intro.

    I have a question or two : 1) did you notice her strategy how she targets a person which can serve her and her business? Obviously she made you feel very special, she focuses on THIS person, scans them for their needs and gives it to them. The authority weakness most of us share, she uses cunningly well. We both probably got the same wrong vibe once she started Dobson and made him her CEO, communist living was following. That was her magical spell turned into a stinky con smell. ( ;

    2) i don’t understand why Blake is covering her up so much. Is he really buying all of it and is fully spell bound or is he her ally.

  2. The article states "involuntary consent". This is more American feminist garbage of infantilizing women and not affording them any responsibility for their actions. No means No. Say it and you won't be "raped" by the likes of that guy. No charges were filed and no court case was opened: no rape happened. In this odd case Teal is actually right: poor boundaries. What you are doing here is defamation and no: the female "victim" perspective is not the only thing that matters in this universe. This young man has a life as well. This is unacceptable behaviour and you are even endorsing this LaVaughn. Ms Maclallan's feelings are understandable, but her's to deal with.

    1. Strawman: "the female 'victim' perspective is not the only thing that matters in this universe"

      No one has suggested otherwise. No one but you.

      Your assumptions that coercion rape only happens to women and that it's a woman's responsibility to actively defend her vagina say it all. It's opt out only, girls!

      That this wasn't prosecuted is an accident of geography and time, and the laws are changing. Get used to it.

      Read and learn: https://www.bustle.com/articles/67926-is-it-rape-if-you-say-yes-5-types-of-sexual-coercion-explained, https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/26/victims-sexual-coercion-blind-to-crime

    2. This person clearly doesn't understand how consent works *shrugs*

    3. Jesus that was embarrassing to read. Do you understand what coercion is? It happens to men too. Something tells me you would only actually care if it happened to men. Sounds like you ONLY care about men. This girl was hurt and you're saying it's her fault and you only think about the poor, poor rapist male. Typical anti-feminist. You straw men us and then you blame the woman for a situation you don't even understand.

  3. I've always found Teale's story a little too fantastic, I wonder if anyone in her family has ever spoken about her or if any of them ever really knew this man named Doc who would be an abuser.

    1. He was a family friend. Her family have discussed the situation publicly. They were unaware of what was happening.

    2. I don't think she was lying about it. You'd be surprised of all the crazy, sick things that happen in the world. You ever hear of the nth room? I'm sure if there was no video evidence, nobody would believe it. Because it sounds too "fantastical" and nobody ever takes women's stories at face value. Sooner or later the victims of it will come out, it's not gonna stay hidden in the dark forever. And that she was accusing her of being in it, she sounded afraid that she'd be taken back. That sounded like ptsd she had from the experience. I don't believe she lied about. She sounds kind of delusional. Either she's actually nuts and hallucinated the whole thing, or it happened and she hasn't actually worked through it completely. Either way, she believed it happened.

    3. This is a great question. It's hard to believe specifics, like that her abuser and the cult he belonged to killed around a dozen children right in front of her. Or that she was sewn into a corpse when she was 8. How would that be physically possible?

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  5. This seems like more of a personal dilemma backed by a lot of fear and incomprehension of the kind of reality that Teal is presenting. There are always things we cannot accept as reality. For example, I was living with my close friend in my teenage years. Her father came on to me. When I mustered up the courage to tell my friend, she couldn't accept the reality that her father could've behaved that way and it ruined our friendship. Doesn't't mean it didn't happen. I also thought I was raped at one point because that's how it felt because I had withdrawn consent but put myself in a dangerous situation. I also realize i did have poor boundaries. However whether it was rape or not it was still damaging.I think that a lot of things Teal may have said to you have been taken out of context and misunderstood. How do you know for sure what she said isn't true? You've certainly experienced a lot of suffering in your life. Is it true that accepting realities Teal has presented to you could temporarily send you Into an existential crisis if accepted fully? When I first opened pandoras box, It was extremely uncomfortable feeling alone in my new found spirituality, and a lot of me did not want to accept my research and experiences as truth because for a while I felt very alone in it- but only temporarily. I know when people are consciousness aware and whether they simply can't handle the idea of something being true, even if it is. If it was truth it could be very personally invalidating. Every time i shift major belief systems it feels like a part of me dies, but also reborn. Reality is is that we all experiemce different realities and different perspectives. We all have different beliefs systems, we all have a threshold of what we can accept as truth and what we cannot. A lot of my esoteric beliefs never came from Teal in the first place, and so I found her because I already resonated with the core of her teachings. So instead of her haters going above and beyond to try and sabatoge Teal's platform and make her life extremely difficult, maybe it's possible that people can realize that people find Teal for a reason. Whether or not her backstory is true or strings of information don't add up to certain people, it doesn't change the fact that Teal has changed lives. It only takes looking at testimonials all over the internet and Facebook to realize this. The people that have similar perspectives will find her, and the people who do not will look elsewhere. We need to trust people to find their own truth. To discern for themselves. To me I'm embarrassed for the haters that become so passionately aggressive in trying to actively oppress her. I would never personally believe people who didn't understand that everything in life has a place to exist because to me those people are not fully conscious. They are in states of resistance and fear. It's not our job to save others from this information or decide what is right or not right for people to believe. People have the right to discern. People have the right to see her work and choose for themselves what is truth and what isn't. Her followers are not victims. It's not anyone's responsibility to save anyone. Share their perspective yes of course, but half the things I know her haters have done to her is just appalling to do to another human being. Just because some people think she is a psychopath(did you come to that conclusion with your own professional opinion since you put so much emphasis on credentials to treat psychosis/diagnose?) it doesn't exactly sound honourable to me for a group of people to actively try to ruin her career and hurt her and her family in the process. As I love her as a person and as she has helped me in my life so much, this hurts me

    1. Pro tip: Paragraph breaks are good and very good. They make commentary readable. Walls of text do not invite the eye. You're welcome.

    2. If that's all you had to say in response to the comment you could have stayed silent. Sometimes people don't add breaks because on certain media pressing return posts the comment prematurely. You're welcome

    3. That was all I had to say in response, because I found the comment unreadable. The effect of posts like that is kind of like when you're standing at a train terminal and a total stranger just starts telling you their life's story, nonstop, without letting you get a word in edgewise. They just keep bombarding you with words. They barely stop to breathe and after a few minutes, your senses are so overwhelmed and you feel so trapped, you can't breathe either. You want to flee, but you can't because you have to get to work on that train. That's what trying to read comments like that feels like.

      I just thought whoever put that much effort into writing the comment deserved to know that, for many people, the comment ended up being more alienating than informative or provocative.

      On such media, shift+return usually does the trick. You're welcome.

  6. Not sure if you all have seen this before? Teal Swan Answers To The Allegations Made Against Her (Exposed, Fraud, Fake, Scam) I don't even want to watch the whole thing, it's almost 2 hours long! I read in the comments section that the video had already been uploaded and someone answered she deleted the first because of too many hateful comments. I don't see much 'hate' comments now, or maybe she edited the video again because things weren't adding up again?

    1. I broke the whole, awful, 2 hour thing down right here:


      The first version of the video was deleted, but it's nothing to do with the comments. Negative comments are routinely deleted, so it doesn't necessitate deleting the whole video. The first version was deleted because she complained a good bit about Ale's children and the court case, which she is legally constrained from doing. That part had to be removed and the video reposted. I saw both versions. There are still some vestigial references to case, but her monologue about Ale and his kids has been expunged, as it needed to be.

  7. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/first-person/2018/1/24/16925444/aziz-ansari-me-too-feminism-consent

    1. I look forward to reading this later. I've read some other really good articles on this. I'll try to dig them up. So disappointing, the whole thing.

    2. Excellent article. I wonder what teal would make of it. Why do I say that? Wait until you see what she made of this one. Somehow she's reinterpreted an article about the pain women are socially conditioned into tolerating in sex and relationships into a treatise on women's poor boundaries and how confused men are by it. If you see this a thinly veiled swipe at Tori, you might just be very perceptive.



    3. Hey! How come you have the patience to read Teal Swan’s diatribes containing zero paragraph breaks?

      Maybe you should pick on the over-validated narcissist instead of a vulnerable victim who bravely mustered the courage to share about her ACTUAL trauma...

      It’s almost as if your disdain for Teal S is more of a resentful obsession...

      I get it though...

      Like, why didn’t a narcissist like YOU think of channeling your OWN comparable cold nature & superiority complex (and I’m assuming your shared enjoyment for gaslighting the vulnerable) into your own fraudulent money and power heist using the fool-proof guise of self-help??

  8. Lady, your post, or whatever this is sounds a lot like the defence of a bitterly hurt and spiteful person. Whatever the truth about Teal Swan is, her content is northing short of life transforming. One of the best, down to earth and effective in the industry. So I don't really care about her personal life, all I know is that her teachings have helped me a lot. And if you have a functional brail cell in your head you can realze that she actually makes sense. Nothing different from soooo many many spiritual teachings and yet nor quite the same. I can tell you for a fact that pretty diagusting things are happening behind a chirch's closed doors. If that is true for a legalised institution, what do you think is going on in the extreme cults? What about the children in Saudi Arabia raped and crushed to death by their fathers? Are those fake stories too?

    1. Why would you believe things just because someone told you they were true? I was in the "New Age Industry" for 5 years with top speakers and 90% of them are people I wouldn't introduce to my friends or to children, and should be in jail based on number of laws broken. Look at what just happened with John of God. Might want to research Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Writing is on the wall, and not just from this blog post. Nice to be able to take info and use it for your life; but the message is not the messenger. The fact that Barbra Snow, Teal's therapist had her license revoked and was inducing repressed memories into her patients says a lot in terms of "proof".

  9. LaVaughn: reading your post I could sense a lot of unsealed pain. I have no doubt you’ve been hurt. But I wonder if you were harmed. I write that because hurt and harm or not the same anymore than pain and suffering are the same.

    While I don’t doubt that you were hurt by any number of people, perhaps even Teal herself, It’s not clear how you were harmed. What is patently clear is that you are deliberately trying to harm Teal.

    As you continue your studies, I sincerely hope you come to understand that no matter how much you harm others, it will never heal you.


    1. I didn't write this post. But, fwiw, you might take your message about harming others to teal, because the list of those she's harmed is long. Perhaps you could try reading this again with a little more attention to detail.

  10. Dearest Ghoste:

    We are terribly sorry for the pain and hurt that is so evident in your writing. It is true that Teal has undergone some traumatic experiences in her life, the truth of which is not our place to disclose, but that does not excuse her from acting in a way that tends towards non-Existence towards you. You deserve better.

    Nevertheless keep your head held high. You are powerful and beautiful and capable, and you are indeed stronger than this. Never forget to do that which tends towards Existence. Keep showing love, unity, and peace to your brothers and sisters and do not allow this twisted-at-times Creation to pull you down, weaken, or distract you.

    We're all behind you whether you know it or not.


  11. This is written from a place of emotional pain. The result is unfortunately one of emotional manipulation, appeals to authority outside of our own intuitive guidance systems, and a lot of appeals to emotion.

    I am sorry for the pain that you went through, but the answer to your pain is not spreading more.

    1. Riiiiiggghhhttt... Pain should be endured quietly, alone, and not interfere with anyone else's enjoyment of life, even if that enjoyment is gained through emotional manipulation and abuse of authority. Shouldn't harsh their mellow by speaking your truth. You sound an awful lot like that Tony Robbins fellow.


    2. Why comment on things as if you know - when you don't?

    3. So you want her to stay quiet and keep all her pain inside? Its the internet. Everyone has freedom of speech here. When you go through a heart breaking experience that hurt you, would you just keep quiet about it? She has the right to talk about what and who hurt her.

      Seems the world is still telling women to suffer in silence.

  12. This is so sad. I hope you overcame whatever was going on.
    The consensus is that Teal is great and that she is a devil. Its funny how we portray her. But I feel like your story clearly shows that Teal is really trying to authentically help people in authentic (not good or bad way) and I know that not many people have the guts to look pain in the eyes and it looks like someone wants to hurt you. This is why there is Ego to show you when to stop because it has no power over truth. So you stopped. Though warning us is a bit childish.Its like Teal intimidated you so hard that you need to warn the world showing how bad your pain was. As I said I really hope you overcame all of this and are surrounded with people who love you and show you love the way you feel it should be shown.
    I just hope that instead people waste their time spitting over people who actually helped them they would take that time and invest it in themselves, your growth. Or if you dont care about yourself than at least chase people who have so much money and power that are bringing the whole planet down and are owning it for centuries.

    1. You are passive aggressive and abusive. You have no empathy for this girl. Or probably anyone, I'll bet my buttons.

  13. I dont really care if shes a psychopath in her private life. She hasn't done anything bad to me and she puts out good content that I resonate with. I also feel energies, and she has been right about many things. We all have stories.

    1. im very sorry though that you had to go through this.

  14. Thank you for sharing . She’s a fake and has narcissistic personality disorder

  15. Thank your for sharing. I just ran across her today and was actually enjoying her videos. I decided to do a little more research about this person and found this. I may or may not continue to view more of her videos etc. but if I do it will definitely be with caution. I wish you the best in your journey of life and continued personal growth and healing.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Thanks great article and the only reason I looked up information on Teal Swan was I had the unfortunate experience of seeing her at a conference in London 2015. I had never heard of her. She was on the panel and on the first day introduced herself as an alien. I wasn't impressed that she was part of a panel of scientists when it was clear she didn't have any education and spouted off Abraham Hicks teachings word for word while dressed in her best Angelina Jolie styled look.
    I saw right through her I knew she was a fraud and when I came back to Australia looked her up happy to find all the pages of fraudulent stories. Thanks for confirming what i already knew - she study and memorized Abraham Hicks. Sorry you had the misfortune of knowing her although what a gift to beable to expose someone that really needs exposing. I wrote to Hay House but never heard back. Im amazed she has got away with publishing plagiarism??!!

  18. Wow....I am sad to read this because I have found her teachings so helpful. But I have a lot of respect for you for speaking out. Even if I feel more confused now, I can understand that someone might have helpful teachings and still be a dangerous person to those close to them. It's disappointing and I'll probably have to spend a lot of time processing this. Oh well. It's another learning experience. It's interesting to note how some people are responding to this with defensiveness and spiritual jargon and no empathy towards what you wrote. Reminds me of the very things that I thought teal stood against.

    I guess for now I'll take a break from her videos, or at least watch them with a different eye.

  19. The content of most of her videos is good .... So don't throw away what you're learning... Thing is the content is simply passed off as her own when it's based off other teachers. In everything you have to always consider the source, reference information like you were taught when writing papers in school. One thing that I take from my college years is the more sources the more objective and direct quote and paraphrase citing original sources. Sad thing is Teal is a great presenter of info. She would have gotten so much more respect for just being authentic, ironically. 😃 Always filter out the b.s. take it all w a grain of salt.

  20. I first stumbled across teal a few months ago, and instantly had a bad feeling about her. I didnt think much of it, but tonight I watched two of her videos because my friend wanted to know what I thought, and I couldn't even finish them. She is so full of shit. I get the worst vibes just listening to her, or looking at her.
    I love esther hicks and have studied abraham hicks for years -so I immediately picked up on the way she was answering questions. Something in the way she moved and spoke reminded me so much of esther, except Teal is much more full of herself. I was married twice, to two different narcissist. My dad is also a narcissist. Teal definitely is one.
    Also, I'm not a hater. She just reminds me so much of Tony Robbins. I was in San Jose when he made all those awful me too comments. What no one got on tape was the comment he made about women who are raped playing the victim: "the body is renewed every 7 years, so women who are raped dont have an excuse to play the victim." I walked out... and Teals energy reminds me very much of tony Robbins; in it for fame and fortune yet havent worked through their own shit yet.

  21. Hi! :-) I discovered Teal's articles just a few months ago and I really liked them. And until your text here I would be ready to defend her always. So sad not all is what it seems to be... And THANK YOU. So, as always, use my down-to-earth judgement, pick what is good for me, leave the rest... You know, I had quite a few mystical experiences myself, most of them really beutiful, BUT in one or two hint of a greatness bigger than... It has scared me, and you article is a good back-up to why. One has to be REALLY CAREFUL with this, ALWAYS use one's common sense. THANK YOU AGAIN, and I'm REALLY SORRY for the attacks you are receiving.

  22. Wow. I am just blown away by anyone that could ever take this woman (Teal) seriously. Good for you for speaking out. Time will expose her as the fraud she is.

    1. What about the thousands of people whose lives she's helped changed for the better. Are you saying they're all frauds too?

  23. There are so many holes in the article that I can't even start to fill them without dedicating several hours. A few points though - someone commented that the list of people she's harmed is long. I think what you'll find is that there's a list of people, no longer than any other list that a well known person invites, of people who feel aggrieved by elements of their contact with her. Secondly, if what she is doing was illegal she would have been arrested and charged by now. And finally anyone who believes that psychology and spirituality are not intrinsically linked does not understand the human mind or condition. There is one more point - don't over estimate the quality of psychology degrees or training to produce credible competent psychologists or therapists. The number of narcissistic and abusive therapists is mind boggling. There are thousands and thousands of testimonials from people who've received the most outrageous treatment from psychologists and therapists. And most people actually see very little improvement in their core issues from seeing one - despite therapy often taking years and decades. One example of how a non-psychologist practitioner has become invaluable is Narcissistic Abuse recovery expert Melanie Tonia Evans. She is considered the world leader in this field and now also trains doctors and psychologists. Her NARP (narcissistic abuse recovery programme) has considerable parallels to Teal's completion process and it has helped tens of thousands of people recover and thrive after abusive relationships in a matter of months/a year or so. Some of these people have been receiving traditional therapy for years and still have considerable trauma and no relief from their childhood wounds as the results. There are so many areas in this article where an alternative conclusion can be drawn that it just doesn't stand up. I'm sure the author has been through a horrendous time but that doesn't equate to Teal being responsible for all of it.

  24. I believe you because I sense this- I’ve always felt something off about her- yes her teachings are great but I feel she is harnessing a power that is not entirely coming from her- it’s a dark entity- there are a few very famous healers I feel channel from entities that thrive off the frequency vortex that they create for people. She’s VERY hypnotic and draws you in immediately- her knowledge is solid but I fear it is extremely cult minded

  25. I read her books detailing her abuse and I never believed it. Why not tell anyone, why stay. I was being beaten and abused as a child and I did everything including running away, sleeping outside in a tent, my siblings and I ran to the police station. I left at 13 and left the country at 16. I wanted to get away so bad. The part when she was sewed inside a corpse in a mortuary was just ridiculous. She is extremely vain and loves herself. Men are spellbound by her looks and she loves it. Her marketing and money making sales tools have reached fever pitch. Tarot cards, courses, endless books of gibberish.

  26. Years ago she rang true. I am not a Dr. of anything but my observations and gut feelings tell me she is schizophrenic. A really sweet person and high IQ but she has lost touch with physical reality. Sad for her so I will pray.

  27. Great read. You are an amazing writer. Honest. Tactful. Surgical. Connecting with her on a personal level screwed up my head, good. How, and why, someone with all the goods in the world chooses to be a creeper is a mystery. I tried, tried, tried with Blake, tried after getting burned. She is an "alien"; a 00 unit, as some call them. They're not supposed to be here. Connecting with them is like a drug that leaves you unable to find that feeling again. If she'd just realize she has all the goods and drop the gimmicks and use her built in Ph.D. instead of teaching pre-school to create mind control victims, she would really have something. That's the flaw in all of us, the human part, we work towards our demise to achieve life; to live we have to keep the dream alive.


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