Aug 30, 2010

Astrological Trends for August 30-September 5

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A day of practical purpose is in store for you on Monday, August 30th, when the Moon in stable Taurus trines retrograde Mercury in meticulous Virgo. Your emotions are intensified due to a Moon contra-parallel Pluto aspect in the morning. No matter what minor annoyances or interruptions come your way, nothing can deter you from working surely and steadily. Mercury is contra-parallel Jupiter and Uranus, enabling you to see the bigger picture and to follow a progressive, future-oriented plan. Issues surrounding relationships of all kinds are still highlighted while Venus and Mars are still conjunct in Libra. Some of the issues may deal with equality, fairness, or gender roles. Now that the Sun is well into the mutable earth sign of Virgo, joining the retrograde Mercury in Virgo, it makes any Mercury retrograde effects more noticeable. As you move through this week, you may experience more communication or transportation snafus than last week. The planet Mercury rules Gemini and as the Moon advances into the sign of Gemini mid-week, you will want to pay extra attention to all communication/transportation things. Instances of distraction and interruption are more likely once the Moon leaves the grounded sign of Taurus. A longer-term, weak but favorable aspect between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius may signal a phase of rapid technological advancement for society as well as increased interest in the strange, unusual, or inspirational. Watch the news for more stories showing how science and spirituality are becoming one.

Waking to vague anxiety is possible on Tuesday, August 31st, when the Moon in Taurus square to Neptune in Aquarius may have you wondering how much tougher things might become for you and humanity. There is definitely a tendency to feel that you are struggling to endure without enough of something because of this worrisome aspect. But the Moon also aspects gentle Venus and relief from your worry can be found in sharing physical affection, cuddling with pets, or appreciating the material comforts you do have. Many people in this world do not have a full refrigerator or hot running water. Gratitude is a good attitude to have now. Sometimes when a difficult long-term aspect pattern which has become an integrated energy in your life begins to loosen its grip, you can feel a bit shaky. Even if the pattern was challenging, it became familiar and the loss of it can make you feel as though something significant is lacking in your life. Today may be a day where you are aware of such a feeling because Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra are no longer in a tight opposition and the larger T-square aspect pattern they were a part of is dissolving. Saturn in Libra is still square to Pluto in Capricorn, exposing anything less than truth and fairness in authority and power structures. Jupiter, the planet of growth, in initiating Aries and destabilizing Uranus in sensitive Pisces are still square to Pluto. Society as a whole is pushing for change in the old order, yet there may be discomfort from, or resistance to, those changes. Your fears subside and optimism lifts later today as the Moon supports Jupiter and Uranus. Late in the evening, the Moon moves into witty Gemini. A Moon/Pluto energy flow pumps passion and power into your thoughts and conversations.

Wednesday, September 1st, is a good news/bad news comedy routine kind of day with the Moon in Gemini challenging the Sun/Mercury retrograde in Virgo. You can count on the lost e-mail, missed appointment, late bus, or mistaken meaning. That’s the bad news. But the Venus/Mars in Libra conjunction is in a lovely trine aspect to Neptune in Aquarius. Your affectionate nature, goodwill to all, and appreciation of culture, art, and beauty are greatly enhanced. That’s the good news. The Sun contra-parallel Mars can be both aggravating and stimulating. If you do not provide this energy a physical outlet through exercise or participation in a sport of some kind, you may invite confrontation or accident energy into your auric field. The images that come to mind when I look at today’s energy are Laurel and Hardy having one of their obtuse, yet hilarious, conversations and Groucho Marx ardently romancing, yet insulting, Mrs. Teasdale. Maybe you can just stay home today and work out while watching old comedy movies – that might keep you and the planets in line.

The inconsistencies of yesterday are forgotten on Thursday, September 2nd, as the Moon in Gemini supports Mars in Libra with a beneficial trine. It should be much easier for you to know what to say or what action to take. Romance may be especially appealing while Venus and Neptune favor each other, as well. If you ruffled any feathers or bruised any egos yesterday, a beautiful Grand Trine this afternoon between the Moon, Mars/Venus in Libra, and Neptune in Aquarius will bless you with intelligence, charm, and the best of social etiquette, enabling you to woo, schmooze, or apologize gracefully. After you maximize the social potential of the Grand Trine, you will appreciate some time to yourself tonight when the Moon in Gemini squares Uranus in Pisces, making you hear a different tune no one else does. If they can’t dance with you, you will dance just fine by yourself.

I’m sorry to say that the morning of Friday, September 3rd, begins with the moody Moon in sensitive Cancer opposing intense Pluto in stuffy Capricorn and squaring restrictive Saturn in diplomatic Libra. This difficult energy may make you touchy, defensive, and unwilling to bend in order to cooperate well with others. This uncomfortable dynamic fades with the passing of the morning. I would recommend you hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door and save meetings and dealings with people for the afternoon when the Moon moves into harmony with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Negotiation and compromise will be so much easier then. Venus in Libra, which has been stimulated by Neptune in Aquarius for a while, is now quincunx Uranus in Pisces. Any indecision or hesitancy when it comes to love is now swept aside as you determine that the pleasures of relationship are worth the risk. Couples may enjoy a spontaneous romantic interlude tonight or have some fun with costumes and fantasy.

The morning of Saturday, September 4th, is subdued and quiet with the Moon in watery Cancer, free of any aspects until the afternoon. Cancer rules the fourth house of home, family, and your psychological foundation. I feel the energy this morning favors going within and assimilating some of the new aspect patterns, such as the Venus/Uranus quincunx, which may have facilitated a change in your outlook on love. The Moon in Cancer has a difficult time with Mars in Libra later today and perhaps you have some temporary reservations about a turn a relationship has taken. Later this evening, the Moon in Cancer square both Mars/Venus and Moon quincunx Neptune/Chiron. Recognition of karmic lessons or past life connections in love may dawn on you now, along with the knowledge that there is something you must work through once and for all, rather than avoid or lightly pass over.

You feel confident and ready to take on the world Sunday, September 5th. The Moon in Leo is made buoyant and joyful by a trine to expansive Jupiter in brave Aries. The Moon is intensified by Pluto in strong Capricorn. Support from Saturn in Libra helps you to apply strategy and leverage in your dealings with other people. If it sounds like you have all that you need to begin a crusade and win a war, you are correct. Today is a day of optimism, growth, power, and strength. Mercury contra-parallel Chiron activates your ability to comprehend and communicate what needs to be done to achieve success. Late in the day, as the empowering effects of Jupiter and Pluto fade, the Moon mildly aspects the Sun/Mercury in Virgo conjunction and Venus is contra-parallel the Moon. The evening brings mental peace and satisfaction, contemplation of a day spent in positive forward motion, and possibly some emotionally rewarding time spent with someone you love.

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