Aug 16, 2010

Astrological Trends for August 16-22

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The Moon in persnickety Virgo squares the Sun in exuberant Leo on Monday, August 16th, for a good part of the day. This mildly awkward energy may cause feelings of frustration when you want to take action, but rules and proper methods of operation prevent you from moving ahead quickly. Sometimes precautions must be taken and patience and delay can have a purpose. The Sun contra-parallel Neptune today can make you a bit dreamy, romantic, and gullible. Later this evening, the Moon in seductive Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius, which can bring out the deceptive side of Neptune. The Moon also makes a favorable aspect to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. While Jupiter and Uranus are retrograde, the dark sides of both those planets are likely to manifest. You may find yourself believing the stories of an unstable, but highly stimulating, individual against your better judgment. The Venus/Mars conjunction still has libidos amped up and this could be an evening where the unusual or taboo holds a strong appeal. Playing is fine, but don’t expect to play for keeps now.

You are chomping at the bit to advance a cause on Tuesday, August 17th. The day begins with the Moon in high-minded Sagittarius exchanging positive energy with Jupiter/Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto. You have the idealism, energy, and staying power to spearhead a movement that benefits many. Later in the day, the Moon is in harmony with Mars, the planet of action and Venus, the planet of affection and pleasure, conjunct in Libra, the sign of relationship. Share an outdoor activity with your partner to make the most of the stimulating and adventurous energy. The Leo Sun is now in opposition to Neptune in Aquarius the rest of this week. Your newest creative ideas may suddenly seem unobtainable or impractical. This is just a temporary illusion and when the Sun moves on later next week, the fog will lift. With a Mercury retrograde cycle about to begin this Friday, it may be best to put new things to the side, anyway. A new project almost always involves a heavier communication load, which is just the kind of load Mercury delights in tipping over!

Thoughts and feelings may be at odds with each other early on Wednesday, August 18th. The Moon is still in optimistic Sagittarius, but it is being challenged by a worry wart Mercury in Virgo. You may be all fired up with a desire to do something, but your mind may be finding all kinds of logical reasons why action may not be the best choice. “Look before you leap,” is the saying that best represents the energy of the morning. The energy shifts later in the day to the benevolence of the Sun in Leo trine the Moon in Sagittarius. Presence, passion, and action are aligned in the primal element of fire. This excites energy in all areas of life in a positive way. If there is something you wish to have accepted by someone else or you are wanting to have a meeting, party, or social event, planetary energy this evening supports you.

Thursday, August 19th, appears to be an emotionally intense day. The Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn, which is still part of the lingering T-square we’ve been dealing with for a while. I’ve mentioned before that when an energy pattern is in place for a while, you adjust to accommodate it. You have probably found an uneasy compromise in some key areas of your life to help you integrate the T-square. The Moon affects the whole tone and mood of society as it transits signs every couple of days. When it joins a planet that is part of a challenging energy pattern, it can stir things up a bit. The T-square planets are Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter conjunct Uranus. With Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus all retrograde, you may find yourself going over something you have already addressed concerning the areas of personal power, expansion, and change. The Sun/Neptune opposition may make you view the situation from the standpoint of victim, savior, or martyr. Today you may feel as though you’ve had just enough of putting up with conditions or situations that are limiting and burdensome. Later in the day, the Sun and Uranus aspect each other favorably. Either a brilliant flash of genius enables you to see things from an entirely different perspective or your strong desire to break free culminates to a point of action. If you are unable to change a situation, you may find relief and release through physical activity or a change of scenery.

The focus is on relationships on Friday, August 20th. This morning the Moon in Capricorn challenges Venus and Mars in Libra, creating an atmosphere of friction and possible contention. Most likely you think your way is the best way and the other person feels their way is the best way, too. The flow of energy between the Sun and Uranus definitely favors independent behavior – perhaps too much or too little of this quality in the relationship is the underlying problem. There is an opportunity for rational discussion later in the day when the Moon supports Mercury, the planet of communication, in cool and grounded Virgo. Clear the communication deck now before Mercury retrograde causes incorrect assumptions or unspoken resentments to snowball.

There is a calm, uncluttered feel to the beginning of the day on Saturday, August 21st. The Moon is still in Capricorn and you feel grounded as you start your day. At lunch time, a positive aspect between the Moon and the Leo Sun enhances optimistic feelings. A weak but pleasant flow of energy between the Moon and Neptune in Aquarius helps you accept and enjoy the company of others. If you’ve been delaying a shopping expedition, now is actually a good time to find quality and value when you shop, as well as a stress-free shopping experience. A word of caution when it comes to cars, vehicles of any kind, computers, and communication devices of any kind – window shopping ONLY until the Mercury retrograde cycle is complete. This evening, the Moon moves into the friendly air sign of Aquarius and exchanges happy energy with Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aries conjunct Uranus in Pisces and the Sun in social Leo. This is an ideal energy for reconnecting with friends or your mate in a social setting. Make plans for an evening of dinner and a show or any other activities that allow you to party from early evening to the wee hours of the morning. It feels good to have a big night on the town every now and then, doesn’t it? This evening is ready made for sensory overload.

Are you too worn out from last night to do much of anything today? Well, the good news is that Sunday, August 22nd, doesn’t have much planetary energy of note that would require you to do too much anyhow. The Moon in Aquarius may find you online catching up with your e-mail and Facebook friends. The energy flow between the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus may keep you in a happy buzz all day. Uranus pulls in a bit of support from Neptune, adding a shot of hope to the mix. The Sun/Neptune opposition challenge is beginning to fade and even the T-square is less strong now – in fact, near the end of August it begins to collapse – ah, relief is in sight. The Mercury retrograde vibe is settling in. If you take to the streets or the air today, be on double alert. The Aquarius Moon can bring the unexpected and unusual, so don’t be surprised if plans change or there are cancellations, detours, or standby situations to deal with while traveling. You may feel the build up to the full Moon beginning now and the evening could bring restless sleep or strange, disjointed dreams. Allow your body some R&R because tomorrow appears to be an emotionally and physically demanding day as a new work week begins.

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