Aug 10, 2010

Natal Chart Analysis for Antonio Banderas

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Happy Birthday, Antonio Banderas! Born August 10, 1960.

Every day I post celebrity birthdays on Twitter. This is something I enjoy doing because I get to learn more about the celebrities as people when I read their short biographies and I also get to look at their charts. Almost every chart of a famous person has something that jumps out at me and proves to me how astrology really works.

Today I lingered a bit on Antonio’s chart (what female astrologer wouldn’t?) and a few things jumped out at me immediately that clearly show why he is such an attractive man and popular actor – especially with the ladies.

Many charts with an acting vibe often have Neptune in the 1st house of self, which gives the individual the ability to be chameleon-like in their appearance and projection. A 1st house Neptune individual can intuit how another wishes them to appear or behave and they naturally step into the role. Banderas does not have Neptune in the 1st house, but he does have a Pisces Ascendant. Neptune is the ruling planet for the sign of Pisces, so the shadow and presence of Neptune energy can be felt in the 1st house almost as strongly as if the planet itself was there. And where is Neptune in his chart? The 8th house of sex in the sensitive water sign of Scorpio. How is that for deep sensitivity and emotional intensity?

But wait…that’s not all! His Moon is in his 1st house in the fire sign of Aries and Aries says, “I am.” It makes an aspect to Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th, saying, “I am magnetically sexy.” Some more sexual appeal can be seen in Venus conjunct Pluto in his 6th house, which would increase his physical beauty and power of attraction – true charisma and a beautiful form. Venus/Pluto favorably aspect his 8th house Neptune and his Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 10th house of career. This helps to make him feel friendly and approachable, good natured, exciting, and adventurous. The Sun conjunct Uranus in Leo in his 6th house also aspect Jupiter. This is a strong fame aspect and makes him stand out in general. It gives a regal or royal air.

Mars, the masculine planet, is in the sign of Gemini in the 3rd house of ideas and communication. His Mars aspects the Moon, Neptune, and the Venus/Pluto conjunction. Mars also aspects his Mercury, the planet of the mind, in the 5th house of creativity. All this gives him a youthful charm, quick mind, a way with words, and a playful nature, a flirtatious sparkle in the eye that mixes in well with his smoldering looks and magnetism.

But all this attraction does not an actor make. Besides the Neptune/Pisces 1st house influence, I have seen in many charts that there must be strength in the 5th house, which is where the dance, drama, music, or art springs from, and the 11th house, which is the audience, the group, the stage where the creativity is presented in order for the full talents and abilities of a potential actor to be recognized fully. Banderas has Mercury in the 5th house, perfect for an actor or singer to be able to express well. He has his Saturn in Capricorn in the 11th house. The Moon in his 1st house is in square aspect to Saturn. I considered this challenging aspect to be a favorable driving force in his life. He strives to do the work of acting and wishes to be seen as an accomplished actor. That same Saturn is favorably aspected by the Venus/Pluto conjunction. This indicates that his power to pull in an audience has as much to do with his powerful physical appeal and charisma as his increasing talent and hard work does.

His Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 10th house of career favorably supported by his Sun/Uranus conjunction in his 6th house indicate he will continue to raise his own bar and seek to reinvent himself and look for new and unique roles that challenge him and allow him career growth. The last thing that this man wants is to be type cast.

When looking at his overall chart and recalling his performance in Zorro, I can’t imagine a better role to suit a chart. Next time you watch Zorro, watch it through the eyes of the stars and I think you’ll see what I mean.

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