Aug 7, 2010

Cardinal Grand Cross August 6th & 7th, 2010

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The Grand Cross holds the possibility of pivotal crisis and change for many people. The Moon is in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, which is associated with the fourth house of home, parents (especially mother), root belief, and the foundation of the soul. The Moon rules Cancer and is at ease here. I am hearing the expression “coming home to roost” when I consider this lunation. The most important part of this grand cross event is the emotional aspect, in my opinion. The Moon opposes Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with the tenth house, sometimes father, our home or place in the outer world where we become an authority or are respected, our career. When Pluto aspects the Moon, feelings are magnified and become more extreme or dramatic. When it is a challenging aspect, such as this opposition, the negative emotions of fear and anger are more likely to be evident. Just by being aware that you may have a flood of emotions all at once now may help you to play the role of observer rather than reactor.

For a while now, we have all been experiencing the T-square dynamics involving Saturn in Libra opposing a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries. Mars and Venus have recently joined Saturn in Libra. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that has to do with self identification and self assertion. Its home is the first house of self. Libra is a cardinal air sign with seventh house association. Relationships, the self and another are highlighted. Both sides of that opposition are in square aspect to Pluto. It’s been feeling a bit like a volcano getting ready to blow. Now that the Moon in Cancer has opposed Pluto and squared Saturn/Venus/Mars and Jupiter/Uranus, we have a complete geometry of a Grand Cross. With the energy of crisis comes the final breakdown of something that has to collapse. While some situations may not appear positive, now is not the best time to determine good/bad. It is better to simply accept what is and allow your emotions to rise for observation.

More important than the individual planets involved are the actual primary areas of concern. Self, other, home, career are major life areas and the aspect patterns in place now may trigger sudden and major change in one or more of those areas.

I encourage everyone to look upon the energy as a time of great release. Wherever the mounting pressure escapes in your own life is an area that is not sufficiently strong enough to withstand extreme pressure. Use the revealing Moon to work with your feelings and transform them through awareness, acceptance, and release. Apply strength in new ways or assert yourself in areas you may have been passive in the past. Nearly everyone will be able to address some area of life that is being affected now. Pluto offers the chance to choose fear and turmoil or strength and transformation.

Together, Venus/Saturn/Mars and the flow of energy passing between them and Neptune/Chiron help to keep hearts open and our souls on purpose.

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