Feb 17, 2014

Breaking the TEAL SPELL -- UPDATE: The Noncasts

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Update: The Noncasts (See Below)

Further Update: Blake Addresses Jason Freedman Mystery (See Below)

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole (See Below)

Some years ago, when I was doing the Flower of Life teacher training with Drunvalo Melchizedek, one of my fellow travelers shared with me that he was troubled by what he called the "Drunvalettes." The term was his own invention but there was no mistaking his meaning. He even pegged a few of our classmates with that term. He liked Drunvalo quite a bit but that there was this kind of adulation by some Flower of Life folks made him uncomfortable. He had some concern that Drunvalo might have been fostering this unquestioning sycophancy. So one day when we were enjoying a break, he asked Drunvalo very directly how he felt about his Drunvalettes.

Dru shook his head and sighed. "I just try to stay out of it," he said.

That's one approach. There's a conversation to be had, for sure, about whether ignoring the phenomenon and trying to distance oneself from it is enough. Is it necessary to more actively discourage such behavior? But I think the one thing we were all in agreement on -- Drunvalo, myself, and the gentleman who raised the concern -- was that such hero worship was not a good or healthy thing.

The term "tealer" has similarly been thrown around to describe those who've drunk the "teal-aid." Some of her more passionate and angry defenders who've posted on my blog have been quite pejoratively labeled "tealers" by other commenters. So imagine my horror when I read this in a recent TEAL post about her seminar in Atlanta.

I am struck by how much the imprint of the days of slavery still remains on some of the older buildings and railways here in town. It has soaked its way especially into the old wood that dots the brick walls. The venue for yesterday’s workshop was one such a building. It was a fitting energy, seeing as how the theme of the entire workshop was self-liberation.

This group which is being called the “Tealers” is the most open minded, eccentrically intellectual group I have ever beheld.  I think it is now my favorite part of holding these workshops.  Long-term friendships are formed.  People find their place to belong. And I get to witness the fact that this world is in good hands.  All across the globe, they form a supportive web of awakening.  They touch the lives of the people in the cities they live in.  It is like a little legion of enlightened spirits, whose practice is that of non-resistance and expansion.

You're Freeeee! Wait. Not so fast.

TEAL's posts are always a box of contradictions. The scenery is beautiful. The people are lovely. The town oozes its fetid history from every nook and cranny. Life is beautiful and filled with joy. I wander through a briar patch of PTSD triggers that hurl me into seizures and despair. My life is so rich and full that I've written a how-to book on self-love. Everything reminds me of my ritual abuse and being sewn into corpses.

And, bonus! This post comes with a healthy dose of bigotry... and, for good measure, a naked lady.

But I digress. She actually wants "tealers." It's positively Orwellian. You too can be liberated if only you will define yourself by your adoration of TEAL.

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As I said in my first post on the topic, I have never seen a spiritual teacher who has so blatantly courted adulation and fostered dependency. What I've learned two posts and volumes of feedback later is that it's so much worse than I thought.

Recently, yet another TEAL related Facebook group launched: Teal Tribe Dating. That might not be so bad right? A nice little meeting place for people of similar interests under her general auspices. But then I read the copy.

Teal Tribe Dating

"Teal Tribe Dating" is a group for human beings(Well... at least in the 3D) who are single and looking for a loving relationship with a like-minded partner. Teal Tribe turned out to be an easy awesome way for people who are familiar with Teal to find their true friends and soul family, and now you have a chance to meet your true love too. That idea works by the law of attraction: The vibration in this group is high because of the high vibrational message of Teal Scott; Which means meeting high quality and spiritual-minded people. To break the ice, here is a suggestion for introducing yourself:

. . .

Favorite Teal's Video/Art/Quotes:

*To search for profiles go into the 'Photos' tab and click the desired category... [All emphases mine]

Yes, you are part of an elite group of "high vibrational" people because you like TEAL. TEAL's followers are your true soul family. And you can all bond based on your shared devotion to TEAL. You can even find the love of your life as long as it's really all about ♥ TEAL ♥.

This all looks more and more cultish by the day. I can't help thinking of the Moonies and their arranged, mass weddings.

Obviously, Teal Tribe is not a cult like Unification, Hare Krishna, or other highly organized groups. It's not a totalitarian regime. But there are definitely cultish elements. It's enough, in my mind, to be concerning. I say this, in part, because of what I'm hearing from people, publicly and privately, about having difficulty extricating loved ones or even disengaging themselves from her strange pull.

Much of the feedback I've gotten has been from people who described themselves as having been "obsessed" with TEAL, or words very much to that effect. Some said their interest moved rapidly from interest in what she was saying to fascination with her and the soap opera that is her life.

That she turned her life into a kind of reality show called Shadow House, which opened a window into her "intentional family," fed the fascination. Her life is decidedly more interesting than her spiritual teachings. It's full of sex, fights, verbal abuse, and melodrama. Some of these programs made viewers privy to things like TEAL's humiliation of the aforementioned Fallon and also of a gal named Cameron, whose major crime appears to have been that Blake was attracted to her. The fourth wall was torn down completely as viewers made the whole thing interactive. The audience participation portion involved TEAL fans taking to chat, Facebook, and Teal Tribe to verbally assault these people for their grievous mistreatment of TEAL. Anyone who questioned TEAL's treatment of them was likewise set upon by the group.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the vitriol that TEAL inspires in her fans when they seek to defend her would have to wonder just what is meant by "high vibrational."

As I said in that first post, the Fallon episode suggested the confessional element of cult behavior referenced by Robert J. Lifton, as Fallon opened himself to group abasement for his "sociopathic" behavior. As I've learned more about these Shadow House livestreams from those who've viewed them, I've realized that it fits that criterion even more directly than I'd first thought. In Shadow House events, TEAL puts her "family" members in the hot seat and scrutinizes their shadows. Any viewer of these broadcasts would become privy to very personal, private information about her inner circle. According to many accounts, Cameron was compelled to participate over her objections. It ended badly and ultimately caused her to quit the area. This description of the confession element of cult indoctrination is adapted from Lifton.

Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality: members' sins, attitudes, and faults are discussed and exploited by the leaders.

Closely related to the demand for absolute purity is an obsession with personal confession. Confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal, and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself. (Page 425.)

Public confessional periods are used to get members to verbalize and discuss their innermost fears and anxieties as well as past imperfections.

The environment demands that personal boundaries are destroyed and that every thought, feeling, or action that does not conform with the group's rules be confessed.

Members have little or no privacy, physically or mentally.

In assessing the shadows of her housemates, TEAL relies heavily on Byron Katie's "The Work" for methodology. Katie is, herself, on the radar of cult watchers and accounts of her antics certainly do raise an eyebrow. For instance, she also does a homeless exercise very like, if not identical to, the one practiced by James Arthur Ray that resulted in the mysterious death of Colleen Conaway.

I would encourage those familiar with TEAL's organization to look over some of the cult literature linked herein. These two pages include characteristics identified by a number of cult researchers: Intro to Cults 101 and Cult Characteristics. I'm not as acquainted with the inner workings of TEAL world as many readers are but even I can see that these pages point to any number of red flags.

For instance  Rick Ross claims, "Anything the group/leader does can be justified no matter how harsh or harmful." TEAL's vicious attacks on Fallon and Cameron as well as other thoroughly embarrassing Shadow House outbursts are not only justified but extolled as a virtue. TEAL is courageously showing the world her shadow side instead of hiding it like typical gurus, it is claimed. 

Cults are typically formed around charismatic leadership. Lifton observed, "The guru is worshipped, rather than the principles or doctrines (on which the sect is supposed to be based)." As stated, for many of TEAL's followers, the days and nights of Teal Bosworth Scott Swan have upstaged her spiritual teachings. She has made her personal life a major focus of her work, with her Shadow House livestream events and her confessional style blogging.

The American Family Foundation says, "The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment." As discussed, her defenders are passionate, indeed, as I and other critics have learned the hard way.

Carol Giambavo puts it like this: "Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life." To say that TEAL is self-appointed and has announced a "special mission" would be to understate her accounting. As discussed, she has described herself as a Eucharist projected here by an Arcturian panel and genetically engineered to be white and beautiful enough to be heard on "every single continent." 

This, again, is the interview in which she explains in painful detail why it was so critical that she have universally appealing features. But not only is she more attractive than those poor, ugly African women, she's not like the rest of us mere mortals at all. She's not even really human.

(9:30) So I am a soul fork. What that means is from nonphysical energy -- so most people in the planet, they're non-physical energy that is projected forth into a physical human body. I am non-physical energy that is perfect-projected forth into an Arcturian body -- an extraterrestrial body. Now that extraterrestrial being has chosen to then project forth as a human body twelve times. This is the twelfth incarnation. And it's quite, it's quite funny, ironically, because before I even came down, um, there was an entire panel of beings, Arcturian beings, sixth dimensional beings, who even chose the way I would look in this life....

(16:15) I'm now three points of perspective. Most people are two. Most people are the higher self and their human perspective, two points of perspective. I'm three, human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.

Special. She's very, very special. She also has no idea what irony means, because there is nothing in that story that is remotely ironic.

By virtue of her specialness, her followers are also special. As stated, they are "high vibrational."

As per the American Family Foundation, "The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity)."

You mean like a "supportive web of awakening" or a "little legion of enlightened spirits" who are devoted to an Arcturian projecting into human flesh to act as a Eucharist?

"Tealers" and "Teal Tribe Dating" members are told they've found their "place to belong" and their "true friends and soul family." It sounds an awful lot like the "love bombing" described by the Cult Information Centre: "Creating a sense of family and belonging through hugging, kissing, touching and flattery."

According to  the American Family Foundation, "Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished." Or as Steven Hassan puts it, "No critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy seen as legitimate."

Many people report having had their comments deleted from TEAL's blog, when they raised uncomfortable questions or pointed out discrepancies. References to these deletions -- or having such comments held up in moderation -- are peppered throughout the comments on the two previous posts. Notably, a frequent commenter on TEAL's blog named Lena had her account deleted with her entire comment history. When this deletion was called out in the comments on my blog and then by regulars on TEAL's blog, Blake finally responded. He claimed that it was an error on the part of an overzealous admin who did so out of love for TEAL. I asked Blake to explain how it was that his claimed no-censorship policy was never adequately communicated to the admin and why it was that so many reported having been censored. That was weeks ago. He has never responded to my query. That exchange, such as it was, can be found here.

More to the point, consider how TEAL has responded to the questions I have raised in my two posts. She has called me a "hater" who "crawled out of the woodwork" to try to co-opt her growing fame. She has accused me of causing her great emotional pain. Her posts in response to my questions serve to polarize her most devoted followers against the very act of raising questions or having doubts. It solidifies an "us vs. them" attitude towards anyone who would dare question, which Hassan identifies as one of the methods of "thought control."

"Whenever the group/leader is criticized or questioned it is characterized as 'persecution'," says Rick Ross. In TEAL's case, it's morphing into paranoia. In a recent post, she cites her critics as justification for ramping up the already very noticeable security.

I’m sure some people are wondering why I bother having security personnel at my workshops if I teach (and believe) the concept of “I create my own reality”.  So I wanted to explain it to you.

. . .

Part of the contrast involved with fame is the contrast of having “haters” and “antagonists”.  We chose the potential of this contrast before even coming into this life.  We chose it for the sake of our own expansion.  The experience of these types of interactions and people, leads to the desire and therefore creation of staying true to ourself regardless of opposition, benevolence, unity, appreciative focus and love within our own lives and within the universe.  This is part of why we chose the “fame path” to begin with over other paths we could have chosen.

Another cult indicator is a lack of fiscal transparency. As Rick Ross puts it, there is "No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement." The billboard campaign is illustrative. After a number of people mentioned in comments on my blog that they wondered what had happened to all the donations to this project, the issue magically appeared in a new blog post. (That there is a call and response thing going on between my blog and her posts has been noted repeatedly.) But this explanation was at least a day late and a buck or two short.

As per usual, there is an enormous learning curve with any new endeavor.  The first crowd funding campaign we did accomplished almost nothing.  The perks we offered turned out to be almost as expensive to create and provide as the money people were donating.  On top of that, one of the people helping with the campaign, offered a perk that wasn’t his to offer due to a copyright someone else had on his work, so we ended up being forced to pay a bunch of money to a third party person for a perk that had already been delivered.  In the end, we made too little money in profits to accomplish many of our goals.  But having learned our lesson the hard way, we are planning in the near future to start another campaign with the very same aim.

So, it would appear that TEAL's idea of financial disclosure goes something like this: All that money you all donated? It's pretty much gone with nothing to show for it. Can we have some more?

Use of "deception" in recruiting and fundraising is cited by Hasssan, Giambalvo, and the U of C, but it also kind of goes without saying, doesn't it? Aside from the murkiness about people's donations, there's a lot about TEAL's claims that raises questions. Of course, whether or not she was specially designed by an Arcturian panel is a little hard to validate one way or the other. Such "revealed knowledge" is integral to many a religious experience but the difficulty in fact-checking means we accept it on faith or we don't.

But there is also a lack of empirical proof to things like her very central claim of Satanic ritual abuse. Many such claims were made in the 80s and 90s. But TEAL herself admits that there's no evidence other than the say-so of victims like herself and claims that most of those are too terrified to come forward.

As I wrote before, to TEAL's great consternation, the FBI investigated claims of Satanic ritual abuse and found there was no real evidence. Psychologists and other experts who testified in court cases against abusers have since been discredited and largely discounted as it's come to light that false memories can be implanted during therapy. That said, a great deal of TEAL's narrative comes apart if that doesn't happen to be true. In fairness, she may believe it whether or not it's true.

When I was looking into Byron Katie for this post, I came across another troubling bit of information. Her story of awakening and TEAL's are strikingly similar. Both involve insects which inspired radical shifts in perspective during very dark passages in their lives.

TEAL's story of the "little ant" that awakened her to the awareness of life teeming merrily all around her even as she was confined to a hole by her Mormon Satanist abuser starts at about the 17:00 minute mark. The inappropriate laughter as she begins to tell it is particularly jarring.

Byron Katie's story of awakening while staring at a cockroach can be found here.

Less than two weeks after I entered the halfway house, my life changed completely. What follows is a very approximate account.

One morning I woke up. I had been sleeping on the floor as usual. Nothing special had happened the night before; I just opened my eyes. But I was seeing without concepts, without thoughts or an internal story. There was no me. It was as if something else had woken up. It opened its eyes. It was looking through Katie's eyes. And it was crisp, it was clear, it was new, it had never been here before. Everything was unrecognizable. And it was so delighted! Laughter welled up from the depths and just poured out. It breathed and was ecstasy. It was intoxicated with joy: totally greedy for everything. There was nothing separate, nothing unacceptable to it. Everything was its very own self. For the first time I — it — experienced the love of its own life. I — it —was amazed

In trying to be as accurate as possible, I am using the word “it” for this delighted, loving awareness, in which there was no me or world, and in which everything was included. There just isn't another way to say how completely new and fresh the awareness was. There was no I observing the “it.” There was nothing but the “it.” And even the realization of an “it” came later.

Let me say this in a different way. A foot appeared; there was a cockroach crawling over it. It opened its eyes, and there was something on the foot; or there was something on the foot, and then it opened its eyes — I don't know the sequence, because there was no time in any of this. So, to put it in slow motion: it opened its eyes, looked down at the foot, a cockroach was crawling across the ankle, and … it was awake! It was born. And from then on, it's been observing. But there wasn't a subject or an object. It was — is — everything it saw. There's no separation in it, anywhere.

In the midst of this experience, the four questions that would go on to define "The Work" were born: Is it true or can I really know that it's true? How do I react when I think that thought? Can I find one peaceful reason to believe that thought? Who would I be without the thought?

So, here we have two women, in the depths of despair, after years of suffering, who both realized they could simply shift their perspective while staring at bugs. It's a little coincidental, doncha think? And Byron Katie is one of the only sources TEAL acknowledges drawing from.

I still have a hard time seeing how either of these teachings differ from telling people they can heal themselves through willful denial, but that's probably a discussion for another day.

"To us it's all about truth. And we have an addiction to it. We have this absolute addiction. Worldwide addiction to the idea that we have to know what is true, which is just ridiculous. Because most of us are killing ourselves with what we think is true. So the question is why do you want truth to begin with? I want truth 'cause I think I will be happier if I have truth. Okay, well what if the truth is this and that makes you feel like crap. Does that really make you feel better? Why are we going about it the long way? Why not just decide that what matters is that you feel good? It's the only reason you want truth anyway. And most of the time when people realize that, life becomes a bit more soft. You know? It becomes a bit more about does this benefit me, not is it true." ~ TEAL

It has been suggested by many people, myself included, that TEAL sounds an awful lot like Abraham-Hicks. But TEAL says no. At around minute 20:00 in the Nova Zem interview posted above, she says she'd only learned about Abraham channeler Esther Hicks about a year before because "someone" who was listening to her drew the comparison. She gives Abraham-Hicks a pat on the head for being the "most accurate" of channelers but this comes in the midst of her explaining why what she does is so much better than channeling. She really is a higher consciousness being. She's not just channeling one, which is all we ordinary humans can do.

That interview took place in March of 2013. But Blake Dyer, who is pretty much her right hand, knew about the Abraham teachings at least as far back as March of 2011, two years, not one year before. Now is it possible that there's some confusion about the dates? Sure. Is it possible that she and Blake didn't confer? Maybe. Is it possible that it's entirely coincidental that TEAL's teachings are "effectively identical" to those of Abraham-Hicks, as a commenter noted in response to Blake? I guess it's possible. What is stranger is just how it is that we know Blake was familiar with Abraham-Hicks in March of 2011. It's because we know to a near certainty that Blake was at that time doing a lot of his TEAL promotion under the name of Jason Freedman, who wrote this comment on an Abraham-Hicks discussion forum.

Hello all,
I am a free lance journalist who is a long time devotee of a teacher called Teal Scott (The spiritual catalyst)
When I was discussing Teal's teachings to a friend a while back, they said wow... That sounds just like what Abraham is saying. So, I decided to check it out.
I love the messages of both these Teachers (which are so very similar) I can't tell you the good it has brought to my life. I believe we are presented teachers just when we need them most.

How do we know that this Jason Freedman was actually Blake? Therein hangs a tale.

Soon after I did my first post on the woman then known as Teal Scott, a gentleman commenting under the moniker Mykeyta offered some background. He had once considered her ex-husband Mark Scott a good friend. Blake Dyer had also been a friend. The friendships were strained by his growing discomfort with TEAL's many claims and their absorption in her ambition. When an opinion piece was published in the local paper, discussing TEAL's claims of Satanic ritual abuse, he was troubled by the swarm attack on the editor who wrote it and any other commenter who didn't accept her story at face value. More than one of them were evocative of his friend Blake so he came to the conclusion that TEAL's "army" was largely made up of sock puppets. In particular there are several comments in that thread by Jason Freedman. Mykeyta found that Mr. Freedman had written the "puff piece" I mentioned in that post. He also noted that the picture of Mr. Freedman looked an awful lot like Blake Dyer. He called the number listed for Mr. Freedman and found that he also sounded a lot like Blake Dyer.

I don't know Mykeyta any better than I know TEAL or Blake Dyer or anyone else in their sphere, but to me his story had the ring of truth. More than TEAL's stories do at any rate. A photo taken from a distance in front of the Great Wall of China -- a place he knew Blake had been -- and his account of vocal recognition make for an intriguing story, but they're not evidence.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago when, on my second blog post on the subject, Mykeyta recounted the story to someone who very understandably hadn't read the 1000+ comments on these two posts. Another person called Ima Guest had been having trouble posting some comments due to computer issues but emailed me something more like documentary proof that Blake Dyer and Jason Freedman are one and the same. And it all comes down to that phone number.

Here's the number for Jason Freedman:

Jason Freedman Number

Jason Freedman Detail

Here's the number for TEAL's Frequency Jewelry:

Frequency Jewelry

Frequency Jewelry Detail

Here's the number for Blake Dyer:

Blake's Number

Here's what happens when you put the phone number in Google:

google 8019499651

I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Jason Freedman is Blake Dyer.

This would mean that Blake Dyer, under a pseudonym, wrote up an interview with a former girlfriend to promote a business, Teal Eye LLC, of which he is the Director. He did not disclose his close association with TEAL or her business. Instead he posed as a fictional reporter "who writes for periodicals both nationally and internationally," but whose byline, strangely, only seems to bring up that one story in searches.

Worse, he used this fake persona, once again, to comment on the Herald Journal piece where he argued from authority as a reporter with a twenty year career. These comments appear alongside other comments from sundyer, Blake's official moniker, and who knows how many other socks.

Mr. Freedman wrote three comments in response to that column. They are the only comments he has  posted to date to the Herald Journal.

His first comment, posted at 10:25 am on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I'm totally appalled by the mocking and disbelieving tone of this article. "Just another reader" and "Bluto" and "DL in Den"... you are full of crap. I have worked for 20 years in investigative journalism,. I have seen reports like this one float across the desks of reporters only to be ignored because no one likes to touch these stories. Not because they are not true but because society is not ready to face the bitter reality that it does happen and did happen this time. Society's blind ignorance to this happening is why it continues to happen. I'm totally Ashamed that any of you would think this woman would have anything to gain from telling her story. Instead, she risks everything. She risks her own safety, credibility and connection by admitting these things. Women like her are the rare, brave, exception to the rule of silent victims. Anyone who does not stand beside her participates in silencing victims and therefore siding with perpetrators everywhere. Perpetrators BANK on victims being discredited as some of you have done.
the only reason the columnist mentioned her book (which aside from the foreword has nothing to do with abuse) is because he saw an interview with her in it talking about the book on Park City TV. The book is the reason he even heard this story.
He admitted this himself.
I thought this editor did an injustice to victims everywhere by releasing this column with a "tale tale" tone to it.
That was the only thing "LAME" about this article.
I'm embarrassed to be human today having read some of the un supportive comments that are being written about this.

His second comment, posted at 6:57 pm on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I got very upset about that. I did not mean to be insulting. The issue is this... I happen to have done a lot of journalism in jails where I talked to three separate prisoners who confessed to me directly about how they would go about mentally programming children. I have heard it from the horse's mouth. Not the victim's mouths.
Visit this link for a bit...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUfzWTem15E (first of eight videos)
and http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/studies/satanic-ritual-abuse-evidence-with-information-on-the-mcmartin-preschool-case/

His third comment, posted at 9:02 am on Tue, Mar 29, 2011:

The only reason I can see for people to be so adamant to discredit claims of ritual abuse is if they themselves where practicing participants.

Mr. Freedman also wrote a letter to the editor, making basically the same case.

In response to the article titled “Claims of local torture cult got this editor’s attention,” featured March 27, I am appalled by the disbelieving tone of the article addressing the ritual abuse suffered by the subject of the aforementioned article, “Teal Scott.” I am a freelance journalist who has seen reports of ritual abuse in our state float across the desks of reporters and be ignored for 20 years. This ignorance to the validity of these stories is exactly why they continue to happen in our community. As a result of this article, I have researched Teal Scott myself only to find that she is not to be discredited. It is time that the citizens of Utah came out of ignorance about the ritual abuse (especially satanic ritual abuse) that continues to go on in the state and stood behind those who are brave enough to come out of hiding and say something about it.

If Blake and Freedman are one and the same, as they surely appear to be, that would mean that in order to attack and shame people for questioning the veracity of TEAL's story, he's adopted a fake persona and proffered as evidence prison interviews that never happened during a journalism career history he's made up. Blake Dyer has raised mendacity to an art form.

Pay attention, TEAL. That is irony.

Speaking for myself, a realization of that kind of fraud would cause me to become disillusioned. Disillusionment is painful, but I prefer it to the alternative -- believing in an illusion. I guess I'm one of those people who's addicted to truth.

I have experienced similar disillusionment. I have learned to my great dismay that teachers I have followed were not what they appeared to be and even that they were baldfaced liars. I have discovered that I was being manipulated and mislead. It was painful. It did not "feel good" to learn it. I'm still glad I learned it because it freed me up to seek elsewhere for spiritual education and guidance.

And I have felt very foolish. Like many people, I used to think that I was too smart to fall for con artists and cult leaders. I was wrong. It was humbling. But humility is a great place from which to start over.

"When I hear someone say that only stupid people fall for fraud, I feel like asking for that person’s phone number. But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to talk to stupid people, because stupid people don’t have $50,000 lying around to give me. You would be amazed at how many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and college professors I have ripped off. The bottom line is, fraud is a crime that can happen to anyone, given the right con artist and a victim with the right set of circumstances." ~ The Anonymous Confessions of a Con Artist

In the comments, following my last post on TEAL, a woman named Becky asked what I and other commenters recommended for spiritual guidance and inspiration to fill the gap left by TEAL. It was a good conversation that can be read in full starting on the first page of comments on that post. I'd like to address it here because my rather lengthy attempt to address it in the comments was eaten by blogger. But also because I think it's a good jumping off point to a larger conversation about healing after this kind of disillusionment.

I was thinking about how defensive people get on the whole Teal subject, and why that is... It occurs to me that maybe it's because in a way she gives a lot of people hope. People hear her story and feel empowered by it, if she can "beat those odds" maybe they can too.

I think they start to get angry because they might feel betrayed by Teal when the story starts to fall apart, and that hopeless feeling starts to return. That's probably a space a lot of people don't want to go back to, so they live in denial about the story crumbling, but they still have to direct that anger somewhere.

Somehow the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind. A lot of people are taking this stuff very personally and it might be a good idea to ask why that is?

I was just thinking about my thought process through all of this, how my emotions came into play when I was trying to figure out where I stand on all this Teal stuff.
I guess I'm asking, what else has helped you, what gives you hope? What inspires you? What's helped you grow as a person?

I'm curious about what resources you trust that you would direct people to if they wanted better themselves, but didn't necessarily know where to go?

What she is describing in the first part of that comment is cognitive dissonance and it's key to understanding manipulation and indoctrination. Leon Festinger did the seminal research in the 1950s. I touched on this briefly here, as well. Festinger theorized that people are most comfortable when their thoughts, feelings, and actions, are all congruent. Among other things, this means that we are strongly motivated to continue believing falsehoods if no longer believing them comes into conflict with life choices we've made, money we've laid out, and happiness we've attained by believing in them. So very often we will cleave to the falsehood with greater ferocity to protect our own sense of inner harmony.

I am always a little reticent to make general recommendations because there is no one size fits all when it comes to spiritual teaching. In particular, when a person is coming out of a situation where someone has been abusing spiritual authority, as I believe TEAL does, the last thing I want to do is run the risk of further over-running instincts that may be quite damaged.

I will tell readers what I tell my clients. My recommendations are my opinion. If what I say doesn't feel right for you, disregard it.

If you are coming out of any abusive situation, spiritual or otherwise, there is probably soul loss. For that I recommend soul retrieval. I had several soul retrievals with a skilled shaman. They helped me to restore parts lost to abusive teachers and healers. They also helped to restore missing parts that had left me vulnerable to such influences in the first place. They helped, period. My path takes me through shamanism and indigenous teachings so that work is a fit for me. The seminal book on the topic is Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman. For more information, a good resource is Christina Pratt's internet radio show, Why Shamanism Now? The entire catalog can be heard for free on iTunes and other streaming sources. Finding information on some of the relevant broadcasts can be found by searching the word retrieval on my Celestial Reflections blog.

Another great resource for restoring the soul and repairing damaged instincts is Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I call it, among other things, therapy in a book. It really walks you through a process. I've written more about that book and the power of story here and here.

Mostly, I recommend following your nose and seeing where it leads you. It's just a good idea to get in touch with your instincts and learn to trust your sense of smell first. Christina Pratt talks about bouncing everything off your "truth cord." It helps if you've located that line that runs right through your core.

In much of the developed world, we've been raised to think of God and the paths to God as outside of ourselves and dependent on spiritual authority. We've been acculturated to seek the teacher who speaks with certitude based on things only he or she could know and, as such, bestow upon us. But I think argument from authority is a logical fallacy and have learned to avoid such teachers like the plague. This, in part, is why the "cosmic answer lady" persona in the Ask Teal videos is something I find so off-putting. I don't trust ex cathedra teachings.

Spiritual guidance should take you inward. It should foster your personal relationship with spirit. It shouldn't be about the teacher. No teacher should be giving you answers. They should only be teaching you how to learn.

I don't recommend authors and teachers who tell you that spiritual development is simple, particularly if they give x number of steps. To quote Joseph Campbell, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”

There are any number of authors and thinkers I could point to who delight, inform, and inspire me. Their names are peppered throughout my writings. But when I really think about what inspires me, it's not a person. It's spirit. It's my personal relationship with my guides and the pathway to the numinous that runs right up the center of my being. It's the amusing game of finding Easter eggs hidden in the most unexpected books and movies that my guides point me to. It's those moments of reverie that come simply because I am staring at a piece of art or listening to music. It's the constant reminders from the spirit world that even when I think I'm running my own life, I'm not. I'm being led by the hand by something so much wiser than I am and that it is that inner compass that has told me to pick up a certain book or watch a particular movie or go to a certain place at a certain time. I have incredible gratitude to teachers and healers I've worked with like Virginia Sandlin and Christina Pratt. But in the end what I am grateful for is that they consistently pointed me not towards themselves but towards my own connection with all that is.

Addendum: My two previous posts on TEAL are worth reading for additional background and for the phenomenal discussions that have taken place in the comments:

Who and What is Teal Scott
The Artist Formerly Known as Teal Scott

Update: "The Noncasts"

In March of this year, TEAL and her new husband Sarbdeep Swan introduced a new video series called "Tea Time with Teal" -- not Tea Time with The Swans, mind you. TEAL is still the staaahhh! Only her name can appear on the marquee. I think it's in her contract.

These weekly episodes are called "podcasts" but aren't anything of the kind. Whereas podcasts are hosted on a platform, such as iTunes, so that they can be easily downloaded, kept, and enjoyed on other devices, these are just more garden variety YouTube videos. Podcasts are designed to be accessible, easily disseminated, and portable.

Ironically (note the correct use of this word), these not-podcasts are announced only to an email list, are posted on a hidden, unlinked page on her website, and the YouTube videos are set to private. I won't call them podcasts. I have variously referred to them as: stealthcasts, not-podcasts, tea things, narrowcasts, and narrowcasts for tea-sipping pod people.

The icing on the irony cake? The second of these husband and wife discussions was about TEAL's insistence that their private life be open to the public.

These tea things have provided great fodder for discussion in the comment thread for this blog post. The conversations evolved into a regular feature I call the noncasts. These write-ups mirror the subject matter in that they report on discussions of the tea things I've had with my husband. The official title of this series is "How to Drive Your Double PhD Husband Crazy by Making Him Watch TEAL Videos."

As with the tea things, these are not indexed, freestanding posts. If you're interested, you'll have to dig for them. They can only be found in the comment thread for this post. Page searches for the words noncast or tea should get you there.

* Addendum to the Addendum: With the end of teal's marriage to Sarbdeep, comes the definitive end to "Tea Time with Teal," and, therefore, to the noncasts. I will conclude this exercise by adding to this already absurdly long post a complete list of the noncasts. I will include a link to the initial comment of each noncast, for those whose browsers can interpret that, and the page link for the relevant comments.

In those teacasts, we all got to know a third member of teal's menagerie: the frog. He emerged as a star in his own right. Calm and stoical as only a butler of such impeccable credentials can be, he kept his head when all about him were losing theirs. The frog recently launched a video channel and has begun producing videos in the odd hours, as his schedule permits. The first includes his thoughts as interpreted by his growing legion of fans. So, teal, Sarbdeep, and frog, thanks for the memories.

Further Update: Regarding Jason Freedman, et al.

This post raises a question about the odd correlation between Blake Dyer's and Jason Freedman's likeness and phone number. It took an incident in the Teal Tribe Facebook group to get Blake to address this question, but he has. It would have been nice if he'd done so directly with me, but I'll take what I can get.

What I could get was some screenshots given to me by Teal Tribe members of Blake's attempts to explain this odd coincidence, and another oddity involving a claimed psychiatrist, William Macey PHD [sic], who also bear's Blake's likeness. I have discussed this matter in the comments, but it occurs to me that it, in fairness to the reader and to Blake Dyer, it should also be placed in the body of this post.

The following screenshots are not in any particular order and vary in format, as they came from various sources in various forms. I don't actually know how the dialog unfolded. I only know that these questions were raised in the Teal Tribe group and Blake attempted to answer at least some of them.

Blake denied both knowing Jason Freedman and knowing how it is that he came to have the same phone number. He did so more than once as follows:

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_1_zps472a6c4c.png
Click Image to Expand

Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_2_zps2c04df26.png
Click Image to Expand

Blake acknowledged that the photos used by both Jason Freedman and William Macey were of him, but denied knowing how they came to be associated with either:

 photo WhoIsMacey_zps73ce03ab.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesMaceyPic_zpsbf71682f.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesBothPics_zps79386f60.png
Click Image to Expand

So, my question to Blake, which I posed down in the comments as well, is simply this. How is it that he does not know Jason Freedman? Freedman apparently did a face to face interview with TEAL. Couldn't he just ask her? And if he is in the dark about this interview with the mysterious Mr. Freedman, how is it that he promoted said article on Facebook?

 photo BlakePimpsJason_zps42fcda6d.png
Click Image to Expand

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole

It brings me no joy that I must, once again, update this excruciatingly long post. But it's recently come to my attention that teal is trying to rewrite history. Above I quoted a passage from her Korean spa post about the world-changing potential of the "Tealers." At some point between the original publication of that post and its move to her new website, the passage I quoted above was changed and the word "Tealers" removed. But the original text is still visible on the cached version in the internet archive, or wayback machine.

Here is what that passage looked like when it was originally published in 2014.

 photo koreanspawayback_zpsi4rupkrz.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Here is what that passage looks like in the current version on her new website.

 photo koreansparevised_zps0unpvtq6.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Her clean-up was incomplete, however. The word "Tealers" appears further down in the post.

 photo missedone_zpshzgh5gqu.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Comment overflow: page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7,
page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12, page 13, page 14


  1. TEAL = Totally Evil Alien Lifeform

    Again, thank you for your efforts LaVaghn.

    After reading the last two blog entries. I am finding this material to be quite a bit disturbing. Long story short, I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian environment, and in many ways have experienced many of the same problems that people both critical of TEAL have encountered (asking too many questions), and dealing with "leaders" in the church itself that made equally outrageous claims as TEAL has.

    In fact, if you want irony, characters like Bill Schnoebelen and John Todd were very much responsible for initiating the Satanic Panic of the '80s and '90s. Bill Schnoebelen in particular put out a series of videos a few years ago called "Interview with the Ex-Vampire". In it he made a number of ridiculous claims such as being a for-reals blood sucking vampire, making a trip to one of the moons of Saturn w/o a spaceship for the purpose of some sort of satanic initiation, etc. Just like TEAL, there are all sorts of discrepancies with his background and timeline. The ironic part is that it was this nonsense that gave birth to the satanic cult and torture that TEAL was supposedly involved with.

    When I originally came across your first blog entry, I was of the opinion that TEAL was a possible crank looking to make a name for herself. I'm seeing now after reading this and watching that Nova Zem interview amongst others that this is exactly the same kind of bullshit that I grew up with.

    Will people ever learn?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi gvtooker. I'm not familiar with Schnoebelen. Sounds like something I should look up. But your story put me in mind of Mike Warnke. Don't know if you're familiar, but when I was a young, naive, born again Christian, his stuff was all the rage. I listened to his live albums. Hilarious. And I read The Satan Seller. Much less funny. Pretty dark, really. But no one could reasonably argue that this guy was anything less than a great storyteller. Maybe that should have been our first clue because the whole thing turned out to be a sham. I found this post on his racket and his contribution to the Satanic Panic that ruined other people's lives.

    Money quote: "I think we’re safer listening to Led Zeppelin backwards than Mike Warnke straight up." lol


  4. "Humility is a great place in which to start over" This sentence really struck in my core because I have been there. Its extremely difficult, but when you have walked through it you never forget. That experience of humility became a litmus for me personally. The experience of having the illusion ripped away is painful, but I would go through it again if I had to. I applaud you for bringing this woman into the spotlight.
    Your recommendations are the perfect contrast to the teachings Teal uses or any cult/charismatic personality. Christina Pratt, Sandra Ingerman and Clarissa Pinkola Estés are all humble and grounded women. Their wisdom is gentle and honest. My own personal experiences with a personality similar to Teals, but in the male form left me deeply damaged. I had to relearn what healthy boundaries are, how to identify and trust my own instincts once again.

    Much love my friend!!

  5. You hit the core of my confusion with this"

    "The scenery is beautiful. The people are lovely. The town oozes its fetid history from every nook and cranny. Life is beautiful and filled with joy. I wander through a briar patch of PTSD triggers that hurl me into seizures and despair. My life is so rich and full that I've written a how-to book on self-love. Everything reminds me of my ritual abuse and being sewn into corpses. "

    Thanks for that.
    Very good article. May I suggest to link the other 2 articles in a more obvious way. You never know when another deadly confused Tealer arrives here and needs 3 proper portions of freedom food.

    Everything is said!

  6. What a rip-roaring exposé! And thank you for the last segment of this post, taking our attention away from things teal colored in the end, and reminding us about our own individual, uniquely hued paths. Thanks for your recommendations on further reading/learning/inspiring material.

  7. Point taken, Golden Andara. I've added an addendum.

  8. I remember eating Clarissa's book many years ago. It took me a while to go through it as it is kind of overwhelming and difficult to understand at some points. Thanks for linking Christina Pratt. Always liked Drunvalo but never got somewhere with his teachings. But studied the flower of life a lot. I will never let go of the amazing, unnamed truth visualized in the flower of life. It is my perfect guru.

    May I suggest Walter Russell for people who love the marriage of science with god.
    May I suggest Benjamin Smythe for honest, authentic, self experienced, alien free teachings and rants about life

    May I suggest to always check on yourself. When you find yourself to look up to another talking body instead of focusing on the message only… start again.

    Wiki always knows best: "Teal is a low-saturated cool color, a bluish-green to dark medium, similar to medium blue-green and dark cyan. It can be created by mixing green with blue into a white base, or deepened as needed with a little bit of black or gray color.The complementary color of teal is coral. Teal is usually considered a wonderful choice for a wedding colour scheme." :D

    I truly enjoyed the whiter shades and truly worried about the darker grades. The coral colored observations by Lavaughn & Co. is priceless and highly saturated. In this sense

    a teal coloured good buy, чирок цветные до свидания, couleur bleu sarcelle au revoir, blau grün gefärbtes auf Wiedersehen, teal barevné Sbohem, glas daite gorm Slán.

    Cheers to coral.

  9. ...and I can't help it but also thank our russian sniffer dog who turns out to be a most adorable mops today :D

    Многие благословения дорогая Елена.

  10. And last of all I would like to express my always present love for Teal (in small letters without the attachment of any up- or downgrading surname). In the hopes that you will read this: Thank you for some exciting, mind blowing dot-connecting moments. I had a wonderful and scary ride through my bio chemical emotional system by following your spiritual suggestions and possible perceptions in the last 1.5 years. I wish you nothing but the best. But I will never buy a signed XXL poster of yours to be hang on my wall nor will I join financially any new nowhere-to-go campaigns of Tealeye or the Headway Foundation. I felt that my money and intention behind giving money wasn't respected by you & your team but I acknowledge at the same time, that visionary teams of all kinds can suck and mess up a bit on the way to professionalism.

    Always ground yourself. Be heartful and always question the intentions for your popstar career. May you heal and shine in all colours of the light and may you fall in love with (your)self that all-that-is includes without agendas. I wish that for all-you-out-there in me and for me.

    I have nothing more to say and will go now and forget about (my)self whilst painting.

  11. I was about to post "Thank you, Golden Andara, for a lovely comment, cheers to that:-)" and now I see your latest one...So sweet:-)) But I am a relatively "new addition", and I'd like to add "thank you" to you and to all the valuable insightful commenters, who've been here way before I entered the scene and those really dedicated few who've done some serious research.

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  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Great blog. I think you are doing a service to Teal as well. Wrong turns will necessitate lots of backtracking IMO.

    Maybe she is getting a message from her own inner wisdom. She wrote this recently

    "Society scares you into maintaining the false identity. It threatens you with pain and death. Pain and death if you don’t pay your taxes, pain and death if you do not buy a certain product, pain and death if you do not follow instructions. But if you heed those threats, you will die before you ever experience your authentic being. A life lived out behind the mask of the false self is no life at all. It is the shell of a life. Anyone who has been able to live in authenticity and die in authenticity knows that pain is temporary and death is fiction. It cannot be."

    The social threat has a carrot aspect in polarity. The machine needs trawlers to lure the "fish" to enter the trap as much as the bad police who keep us running into the narrow path. If one is trained to adopt certain a "personae" (that feeds the mask society desires one to project) but believes that this is "original", one will eventually be faced by the emptiness. Better to face it as soon as possible. I wonder if this post means you Teal questions her addiction to being a pawn?

    Looking sideways at her red silk clad visage on her blog, I wonder why there are so many come hither "looks" projected and so much attention paid to "justified fear" (including the need for more protection as in body guards).

    I hope she is quetioning if she is possibly being used? Many of her youtube comments have blatant sexual reaction from viewers. That is evidence that her "brand" ends up being subtle porn for new age guys.

    Willingness to be a honey trap for low vibe obsessions is exploitative of Teal. Her Stiletto Spirituality is right on time, not for "Spirit" to free (her) but for the god of the machine world to use.

    Do you wonder if this is a message from TEAL to Teal: "A life lived out behind the mask of the false self is no life at all". It may be the way her truth gets through denial.

    "You don't understand. I only prostitute the part of the body that isn't important, and nobody suffers except my karma a little bit. I don't do big harm. You prostitute your mind. Mind is seat of Buddha. What you do is very very bad. You should not use your mind in that way”
    ― John Burdett, Bangkok Tattoo

  15. "I remember eating Clarissa's book many years ago. It took me a while to go through it as it is kind of overwhelming and difficult to understand at some points."

    I agree with you completely. Golden Andara. In the second of the two posts I linked to above, I talk more about the process of reading that book. And it is a process. I don't think it can be read like most books. I always recommend one of two methods, or a combination. Read it by bibliomancy, which means let the book fall open to a page and start reading. Or, reading from the beginning but slowly and only when you feel pulled to read it. Then it's completely lucid. If you try to power through it, it reads like jibberish. Hence, my other name for the book, the oracle.

    I've never tried eating it. It's fairly think and I think it would require quite a chaser.

    I'm also with you on the flower of life. It's an incredible symbol. All issues from the one and no matter much it subdivides, no matter how many forms issue from it, no matter far out it expands, it still resolves in the one.

  16. I hate Mercury Retrograde. My typo quotient goes through the roof. Thick. The book is thick. It makes one think. And of course, that would gibberish, not jibberish, which I don't think is actually a word. Kind of fitting, though. Misspelling gibberish... if you think about it. Or thick about it. Whichever.

  17. I just noticed that my last comment doesn't make sense as it is related to the other article and comment section. So anyhow. These break outs are sometimes uncontrollable.

    In relation to Clarissa's book: I remember that Teal mentioned a book. Now I am sorry but there is no other way to describe it than this: she said that the book said that her pussy shape belongs to the symbol of fox or so. Well one part of I was trying to understand the author or title but did not understand. It sounded interesting to me as the book was evolving around the female body and energy...I believe. (I am not talking about the book "the woman code"). Can anybody remember? I think it was during one of her online workshops.

    LaVaughn, I am interested: what did you learn from Drunvalo (excluding how to paint the flower of life)? As far as I remember, he is very connected to aliens and has a tone of stories. I do love his meditation to go into the heart. I am still do it. It is amazing. But again: what is his teaching? I remember that he once laughed about "The Secret" and pointed out that everything you wish with your mind will appear in dual states. The wish needs to come from the heart. I never figured out how to distinguish the difference. I mean, if I have a wish for a huge fat quartz crystal...it's full of heart : D

  18. Thanks for the link to the article. Will dive into it.
    I should have said "digested" - does that make sense?

  19. Golden Andara, digested, yes. I thought that's what you meant. I just could resist a bit of fun.

    Drunvalo, Drunvalo, Drunvalo. I do love him, but some of it's a little out there and much of it comes from other sources. He generally cites them, unlike, aherm, some teachers. Anyhoo. His Flower of Life work is really all about activating the merkaba. But to teach the activating meditation he believes that the geometry needs to be clearly understood as well as some background, some of which may or may not be sound. The geometry he teaches is very sound. He really gets sacred geometry which was the big pull for me. It really took me years to appreciate what that meditation does and how much it really changed me. It's very powerful.

    On the heart stuff, I wrote this up a while ago but I see now that the video has been purged by YouTube, for whatever reason. I'm really starting to hate YouTube. A lot of his material on the heart comes from Heart Math. I wrote this up a while ago, too. The interview with the Heart Math guy is great and seems to still be intact. http://celestial-reflections.blogspot.com/2010/02/year-of-heart.html

  20. God, you're so obsessive with her, that's interesting....
    The Jason Freedman thing is the only valid interesting point to look at. It's actually a question that can be asked Blake. You know, people do mistakes in their lives... it's normal, we are humanbeings. Maybe that day he became frustrated that nobody writes about Teal... maybe he wanted to promote her- and it wasn't the best idea. But there's nothing ethically wrong with that, fishy, but not morally wrong. Teal evil? Like seriously hahaha, that's freaking hilarious.. no one is evil.

    On another note, I and a friend of mine, created that dating group. a lot of what I say their is in humor... and you're taking it WAY too seriosuly. The 3rd dimensional thing was obviously a joke! Plus, this dating thing has NOTHING to do with Teal herself, it's more like... an ice breaker. I was in one of the workshops and met wonderful people and also on the groups(regardless of Teal's teaching/quotes/whateves). And because I'm single and hopelessly romanitc, I thought it's a great idea to actually have a romantic partner that shares my interests and way of thinking. That's all. But you make it all dark, serious and cult-ish. I don't agree with everything Teal says, sometimes people annoy me with the robotic passwords of spirituality... Trust me, I have a good judgment.
    I feel like you're just obsessive with her from some weird reason that I don't understand... Not me, one of her viewers... but you.
    So yeah, quote the shit out of me and take it out of context... it doesn't matter to me.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Idan you absolutely have the right to think differently!

  24. Idan, you have a very strange idea of what constitutes ethics. That's all I can say. I've already learned from the previous thread that you don't respond to questions or have any interest in actually discussing anything, so I won't bother. I'll just leave it there.

  25. Sweet mother, this is an excellent article. Talk about exposing... Big thumbs up, LaVaughn. That one blew up in your face just a little, eh Jason Freedman?!

    Idan, you keep saying the same thing over and over. We got it. LaVaughn's super jelly and we're all haters and we're obsessed and you're not. Wouldn't your time be better spent recording more videos or writing on teal's wall or something?

  26. Truth is not in a story because we can each have a story. This "reality" is a world of expression of spirit in many kinds of form...all valuable, all alive, all moving and changing according to something beyond matter. I feel a connection with that Presence.

    The story aspect is emphasized by Forces that are antithetic to truth. That means that people align mistakenly with BIG story, drama, and take on artificial scripts. This is the facade and is often sad and morbid IMO. I consider it a variant of "materialism" (the story) which is faith in material over spirit. I think we are asked to become responsible to this situation.

    IMO there is an insidious reluctance to take responsibility for "how we create the stories" and OUR relationship with spiritual principles as the foundation.

    William Walker Atkinson (December 5, 1862 – November 22, 1932) was a GREAT teacher who often wrote under pseudonyms and is probably the author of the Kybalion, a book considered to be speaking accurately of the ancient fundamental hermetic principles.

    Here is something he says about teachers. It is up to the student to discern the teaching. This is paradoxical for those who give power to teachers.

    " I am willing to say "I don't know," and to accept from others that which appeals to me as truth; not because the other says that it is
    truth, but because my mind recognizes it as such.
    I take my own, wherever I find it, because I recognize it as
    mine. I know that all students and teachers get their knowledge
    from the only source of supply - they can't get it from
    anywhere else. And if some other fellow happens to see a
    particular bit of truth, before I do, I gladly accept a portion of
    it from his hands - be he king or beggar; while if I happen to
    see the thing first, I will gladly share it with all who are ready
    for it and who may want it, without feeling that I am a
    "leader," or "teacher," or that they are "followers" or
    We are all fellow students - that's all. I recognize no man as
    my master - and I spurn the person who would call me
    "Master," if there be any so foolish. This feet-sitting talk
    makes me very, very weary. I am fully aware that certain
    teachers convey the idea that they are chosen mouthpieces of
    the Infinite and that all true teachings must bear their hall-
    mark. And I also know the fanatical devotion and bigotry that
    many of the followers of such teachers manifest. But this is
    all child's play. The teachers, sooner or later, will be brought
    up against good, hard stone walls, and their heads will be
    bruised, until they realize "just where they are at." And the
    "disciples" will have some individuality knocked into them
    later on and will be made to stand upon their own feet, by
    reason of the props being knocked from under them."


  27. Amen, me2yesu. Amen! I hadn't heard that before. That's just awesome.

  28. Atkinson puts it so wonderfully. I LOVE IT. Thanks M2Y.
    Isn't that the chloride in all crystals and the beetroot in the ground... expressed in words?

  29. Hi everyone,

    Thanks LaVaughn for another great post! I think it's so important that this information is documented.

    I was reading about Narcissistic Personality Disorder the other day, and there was a reference to the idea that cult leaders are often narcissists. I don't have the credentials to diagnose someone, but when I read the symptoms they reminded me of the Teal that was revealed in Shadow House and on her blog:

    "- Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments.

    - Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others.

    - Envies others and believes others envy him/her.

    -Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence.

    -Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others.

    -Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior.

    -Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic.

    -Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends.

    -Has trouble keeping healthy relationships with others, easily hurt or rejected, appears unemotional.

    -Exaggerates special achievements and talents.

    -Sets unrealistic goals for himself/herself.

    In addition to these symptoms, the person may display arrogance, show superiority, and seek power."

    "Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem, cannot handle criticism, and often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. Comments and criticisms about others are vicious from sufferers of NPD, in an attempt to boost their own poor self-esteem."

    (symptoms sourced from Wikipedia, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder)

    As I understand it, a person must meet 5 or more of the criteria above to be diagnosed with the disorder. I don't claim to be able to diagnose Teal, but reading about this helped me understand some of the inconsistencies between what Teal teaches and how Teal behaves.

    Teal doesn't fit all of the criteria in the following article, but enough to cause concern IMHO:


  30. Great comment, me2yesu. That William Walker Atkinson quote says it all so well!

  31. Hi thismeanderingpath. Glad you liked it.

    On the personality disorder thing, try reading up another called borderline personality disorder. This is the disorder teal has said she has, as several people have reported in comments. Read up on that one and consider the ramifications of a person with BPD in a position of spiritual leadership. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  32. Great comment me2yesu. I can't believe Idan wrote that there is nothing ethically wrong with the Jason Freedman thing. Of course there is. Faking a persona to boost someone's image is wrong.

  33. I've been reading along here for a while (both blogs, this one and TS) and I've come to the conclusion that the bantering and even sometimes cruel dialogue going on here is pathetic. Pathetic because it is mean spirited and unloving. I would love to see some "new" material on this blog. I know that the feeding frenzy it isn't going to stop immediately, but I've had enough. Adieu.

  34. Hi LaVaughn,

    Yes, I am aware that Teal states she has BPD. BPD and NPD can (and often do) go hand-in-hand, from my understanding. Both disorders can arise from abuse in childhood.

    Marianne, just for the record, everything I have stated on this blog has been an attempt to process my own thoughts about Teal, after realising from my own research and experience that she is deceptive. I can only accurately speak for myself, but I can understand why people would be angry or hurt about this situation and express that with comments you label as 'unloving'. I agree with you that some of the comments here could perceived as mean spirited, but I think the loving approach to the commenters is to understand the very real hurt that underlies these comments.

    Personally, I am feeling bewildered that I was taken in by Teal, but feel compassion for her as a person who seems to me to have many unresolved mental issues. It does concern me that such a person holds the influence that Teal does, both within her own circle and with her followers. I think it's very appropriate to discuss these issues.

    If you consider that unloving, I'd regard that as a very narrow-minded attitude (I think you can be critical about someone but still have compassion for them). I think it's unloving to attempt to shame people into silence by labelling them as cruel when they are expressing their negative emotions honestly. I'd characterise some of the statements Teal has made about LaVaughn to be unloving also. Sure, you can judge for yourself whether you want to continue to visit here or not, but why impose your self-righteous judgement on others? Is that very loving?

    I think it's very unfair to label these discussions as a 'feeding frenzy'. Most of the people here have followed Teal's material for long periods of time, and I think this discussion is helpful for us to make sense of the experience. The people who comment here have nothing external to gain by commenting here, we are not media profiting from this discussion.

  35. The disorders can go together, but more often are mistaken for one another because of some similarities.

    "Based on overlapping symptoms, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are often mistaken for one another. The two personality disorders even have a rate of co-occurrence of about 25 percent, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

    Though the two personality disorders share some common symptoms, they are distinct disorders with their own set of diagnostic criteria. For example, both BPD and NPD deal with conflict in a way that is unhealthy to themselves and those around them. It’s the expression of the anger that results from the conflict that is different."


    Abuse may be a factor but isn't necessarily. The causation is really not well understood, as is the case with many psychological problems.


  36. I want to leave it alone. I can't leave it alone. Why does she keep reducing the divine feminine to what women look and dress like? And why on earth would she be "floored that someone took it upon themselves to discover the true divine feminine essence within them." She's "floored" that someone did something that people have been doing for millennia? Really? Why? Does she think she invented it? Or is she floored that someone dug deep to find her divine feminine and all she found was a nifty outfit? Because I have to admit, that I was brought up short by that as well. Although to teal, that means she really "got it." http://blog.thespiritualcatalyst.com/saris/

  37. LaVaughn it is high school level teaching about divine femininity. I wouldn't take it too serious. Saris are fun and awesome and Teal needs to work on her new look to incorporate some "Paramahamsa -flair-fashion". ( ; No, it is all innocent of course. Btw: Her fb post about her new association with Paramahamsa seems to be gone ( ; or my eyes are getting bad because of reading so much.

  38. FLOORED! Someone please stop the presses, the girl, yes girl, cannot construct thought. That broad is so Neptunian--no wonder her "sheeplers" are all goo-goo eyed and lost. Probably has a packed 7th house as well. Zzzzzz...

  39. I am generally very much loved and perceived as being very peaceful. According to Teal's newest quote: "If you aren't controversial, you aren't yet being yourself. TEAL"- I am not myself. There isn't enough rejection around me.

  40. Says the woman who has a meltdown, insists she's being revictimized by "haters", and beefs ups her security, when she gets a little criticism. Imagine if she really became controversial.

  41. This is why I can't laugh of her juvenile interpretation of the divine feminine. It's sexist. It's bad for women. It's of a piece with her explaining that she's a pretty white girl because that's how you reach people "on every continent" with your ideas. Sorry ladies, who aren't as pretty and white as teal, your words and ideas will never be enough. Those are the rules. She didn't make 'em up. And the Arcturians who designed her are just playin' the ball where it landed. We live in a world that trivializes women's ideas and reduces us to our bodies and that's just the way it is. Can you imagine being a plain girl, or a black girl in America, brimming with ideas for how create change in the world and hearing that?

    And then she talks about divine feminine, the mother goddess, the creatrix, and reduces that complex archetype to hair, make-up, and fashion. Exactly what women have been judged by for generations.

    It's all just more patriarchal bullshit.

  42. so that means she is totally herself - authentic - by having security, "haters" etc because that proofs that she is controversial enough. hahahaha. I don't know what to make out of this.

    The little flashes I was still looking for (and appeared on a regular base) are just gone. I just read her new blog. Could you please pick a more negative quote than that? Whenever somebody tells me that humans are horrible, destructive and suckers I have to wave good bye. As they are obviously blind.

    Teal's self cleansing process (tsunami) ! It is a symbol.

  43. LaVaughn: "This is why I can't laugh of her juvenile interpretation of the divine feminine."

    I honestly think that she never really connected to her own feminine energy. Surely it finds its expression through her naturally (she is a mother, sexuality…) but she can't really relate to it in words. I guess this is also a result of her being abused. The self perception of body, beauty suffered a lot. Once you are focused on external-look-feedback-system... your mind gets very busy in making sure to control the environment with your own look and sexuality.

    I think she is still trying to learn and feel and open up to it herself as she appears to me most of the time pretty male energy dominated. I guess once her both energy streams are balanced she will be more clear about feminine energy teachings. Until then: everybody who follows her will follow her experience curve. Her female self perception will heal.

  44. Great finale to the series, LaVaughn. Thanks for writing it. I was glad to see that my contribution of the Jason Freedman connection could be written up where people could see it without having to wade through the comments and you accurately and succinctly summarized my story and concerns.

    Hopefully your blog series serves as a good counter-balance to the pro-teal propoganda for anyone out there searching for an informed view. It seems from the comments in these blogs that it already has served that function for several people.

    I'll keep checking back on the conversation, and if for any reason you need verification that I am who I say I am, I can email you my facebook page. Have a good day. :)

  45. I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up yet, but another point that highlights teal's subtle but overtly racist slant is the 'teaching' she shared in which she claims that people with light hair, blue or green eyes and pale skin have more Pleiadian DNA than people with darker skin tones. She literally said that the paler one's skin, the more ET DNA they have, claiming that the reason pale people sunburn so easily is because their ET DNA has prohibited them from adapting to the earth's climate, therefore, they burn instead of develop a tan. Does this not sound like an argument the nazis would have put forward to justify the superiority of an aryan race? Others have frequently mentioned her regular usage of phrases like, 'I'm a health Nazi,' 'I'm a shadow work Nazi,' 'I'm a (fill in the blank) Nazi.' Does anyone else not wonder if the language she uses is pointing out clear as day that she is indeed racist? This language could be subconscious on her part, but no doubt stems from the brainwashing she received as part of a Satanic cult.

    This, combined with her claim that she is the MOST attractive woman on the planet cross-culturally largely due to her Snow White skin, as well as the racist rampage she went on during Shadow House in which she took down Asians, African Americans, and Mexicans.

    She frames being a 'starseed' and having ET DNA as being better than and more special than 'regular' human beings. Therefore, the whiter you are, the more extraterrestrial your origins, and the more special you are. The logical conclusion? The paler your skin, the better.

    And her sari blog post, explaining that Indian mothers are the Eastern versions of the West's Jewish mother, the explicit inclusion of mentioning that her new husband is Indian with beautiful dark skin but a beautiful London accent, making sure to give the distinction that he doesn't sound 'common' so that her public knows he sounds posh. It wreaks of classism.

    Does anyone else see what I'm seeing?

    I welcome an intelligent dissection of her overt racism, TEAL army. How the hell do you justify any of this as being 'high vibration'? Is racism and race distinction a part of the new age?

    Add to this the great points LV has made with regards to her ridiculous, juvenile assertions about what it means to embody the divine feminine. What an absolute joke.

    She's a mad woman. Rather than saying you're high vibe by association with teal, I'd go as far as to say that you're mad by association if you buy into any of this rubbish.

  46. Dava, How much do you know about the occult underpinnings of the Nazi movement, periodicals like the Ostara. Racism and antiSemitism has deep roots in our esoteric history because so much of it came of age during a very racist time. It's even alluded to by Rowling in the Harry Potter books. Nazis called them mud people -- mud bloods. Get it?

    I know, on the Indian women thing. But, you know, she married one of these dark, exotic creatures, therefore: not racist! I think she lacks the self-awareness to see what a total bigot she is. But her writing is suffused with racism and sexism.

  47. Yes dava sparrow, your mentions of her projection of these obvious physical traits that she supports smells of the whole ego based existence. But remember she's all about contrast and experiencing everything in this reality. Oh yea, and remember that if you don't act a fool with your emotions, then you are in resistance. You know what this all sounds like, is one big fricking excuse to act out as you please without regard to anything or anyone. Oh wait, did I just describe a sociopath? I think I did. Good golly molly. (burp)

    Soooooo anyyyyway...we all knew the bindi was coming even though Gwen Stefani is tapping her foot saying, "wow, soooo 2005!" Hey man, enjoy the train wreck, cause remember if you don't enjoy it, YOU'RE NOT BEING CONTROVERSIAL, or whatever that stupid quote was that is now gone. Funny how her message just can't come from a non-physical characteristic, soul space. The heart talk, not the eyeliner, "juicy tube" talk.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Well, this is embarrassing. I don't think I'd ever seen the correct spelling of the word "gypped" before, so I didn't realize it was a racist word. As soon as I saw it in her latest, I realized, oh my gods, it derives one of the only types of racism that is still socially acceptable in these United States. I will never use the word again. How offensive. http://blog.thespiritualcatalyst.com/finding-your-purpose/

  50. And speaking of Nazis, something a lot of people don't know is that the Gypsies were their other racial target. Millions killed. No one talks about it.

  51. "The risk of placing value on what you want, what you love and who you really are often feels like the risk of not being loved for what is real about yourself. It can also feel like the risk of being seen as a failure by others (which is a threat to most people’s sense of self worth) so it is easy to see how placing value on what you truly want and who you truly are can be a very frightening proposition. But until you reveal your true desires and true self, it is not possible to be truly loved. True love is love which exists for the truth of someone, not a façade put on for the perceived benefit of being accepted or the perceived benefit of affirming another person’s inner values by adopting them. There is nothing in this world that compares to being loved for what is real about yourself. Until you reveal your true desires and true self, it is also not possible to be truly happy." (teals blog on purpose in life)

    I know this may seem like I am not over growing up with a narcissist...RIGHT! I aspire to that and admit it has not happened on every layer. My experience has me very triggered because of lots of anger.

    A narcissist is IMO not blind to wanting supplies of the substance needed from those nearby.

    I see Teal as a narcissist who's supply comes from the energetic yums of her audience. I think she knows at least some of it (though may be dishonest with herself) and counts on that the audience would maybe come and go and always there would be some who do NOT know.

    If she has been orchestrating her spiritual lumination personae based on what she as a narcissist would like to have, there would be a big risk of revealing herself. "Hey Tealers, I am sucking your attention, life force, your time, and anything you may give me".

    Sam Vaknin however did actually make transparency work as he is a self proclaimed narcissist making his way getting what he wants and saying so.


  52. TEAL's getting all racist and edgy? Oh goody. TEAL, mix in a lot of astrology, then it gets really freaky and kinky. I just love the Indian mothers are eastern equivalents of Jewish mothers. I used to come up with stuff like that. Jews gave a great lineage so that we wouldn't have to honor our own lineages, and endure all the fighting that caused. Instead it was one lineage to God, but it was a good thing for all. Like and stuff...we are entering the age of Aquarius right? That mean's Christ has to go right? Well whites were created in the age of Leo 10,000 years ago. For ages miscegenation policies were a given and respected, like the old aryan rulers of India. Now Leo is going to be the oppositional subculture. All this fluff over multi culturalism and racial acceptance is just a phase. It wasn't that long ago everyone was racist! Soon whites will market their genes. Hitler really cursed everyone and whites with his thing. Europe will have to fall back on racial thinking to purge it of Muslims, right? And so America will have to return to its racist roots, but everyone will be happy! Just like the Japanese. I'm a leo and I'm blonde. Isn't that kinky? I love being likened to a feline when I'm really a hominid. When it comes down to it, skin matters! Its one big organ! Doncha know Hitler still looms over us. He's too powerful to not return, and soon! Antichrist on steroids. People are just too tired of denying him. A new Golden Dawn indeed. After all, people of different races just are...diff, you know? Denying racial profiling is denying freedom of speech! ...ugh, I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

  53. "I see Teal as a narcissist who's supply comes from the energetic yums of her audience. I think she knows at least some of it (though may be dishonest with herself) and counts on that the audience would maybe come and go and always there would be some who do NOT know."

    It's scarier than that, me2yesu. Read up on BPD. Borderlines, because they lack strong ego development, pattern themselves off of their relationships. They define by their lovers and close friends. What if she's defining herself by her fans and they're all caught in a giant feedback loop? Borderlines split -- their loved ones are either all good or all evil. When you're in their good books, the intensity of the love can make a person feel positively euphoric it's so intense. When they flip and begin to devalue you, you become the ultimate evil and they revile you just as passionately. Now look at what happened to Fallon and Cameron. Right now her fans are pouring love into her. She feels completely adored by the light side of fame. She defines herself by it, just like she would a lover -- at least that is a likely scenario with a borderline, which she claims to be. She gets negative feedback, like from my posts, she starts upping her security because of all the "haters." See how badly this could go?

  54. "She feels completely adored by the light side of fame. She defines herself by it, just like she would a lover -- at least that is a likely scenario with a borderline, which she claims to be. She gets negative feedback, like from my posts, she starts upping her security because of all the "haters." See how badly this could go?"

    The BPD splitting is already evident as you point out. OK s here is another cheklist to observe

    Narcissistic PD and Schizoid PD

    The basic dynamic of this particular brand of co-morbidity goes like this:

    The Narcissist feels superior, unique, entitled and better than his fellow men. He thus tends to despise them, to hold them in contempt and to regard them as lowly and subservient beings.

    The narcissist feels that his time is invaluable, his mission of cosmic importance, his contributions to humanity priceless. He, therefore, demands total obedience and catering to his ever-changing needs. Any demands on his time and resources is deemed to be both humiliating and wasteful.

    But the narcissist is DEPENDENT on input from other people for the performance of certain ego functions (such as the regulation of his sense of self worth). Without narcissistic supply (adulation, adoration, attention), the narcissist shrivels and withers and is dysphoric (=depressed).

    The narcissist resents this dependence (described in point 3). He is furious at himself for his neediness and - in a typical narcissistic man-oeuvre (called "alloplastic defence") - he blames OTHERS for his anger. He displaces his rage and its roots.

    Many narcissists are paranoids. This means that they are afraid of people and of what people might do to them. Think about it: wouldn't you be scared and paranoid if your very life depended continually on the goodwill of others? The narcissist's very life depends on others providing him with narcissistic supply. He becomes suicidal if they stop doing so.

    To counter this overwhelming feeling of helplessness (=dependence on narcissistic supply), the narcissist becomes a control freak. He sadistically manipulates others to satisfy his needs. He derives pleasure from the utter subjugation of his human environment.

    Finally, the narcissist is a latent masochist. He seeks punishment, castigation and ex-communication. This self-destruction is the only way to validate powerful voices he internalized as a child ("you are a bad, rotten, hopeless child").

    From Sam Vadkin (http://samvak.tripod.com/8.html)

    That is eerily like some of the shadow house goings on.

  55. To my way of thinking the Shadow House incidents are also consistent with BPD. Borderlines go through idealization and devaluation cycles. They love you madly or they hate you intensely. What she did to Fallon and Cameron are totally consistent with those devaluation cycles. There's also what's called intense episodic dysphoria that can go on for hours. These are sometimes referred to as emotional hemophilia -- they bleed out emotionally. Sound like her "seizures" to you? Her temper tantrums when she debases people? Does to me. http://bpd.about.com/od/forfamilyandfriends/a/signsofBPD.htm

  56. I looked up emotional hemophillia and saw this quote:

    "I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a psych nurse say, “Oh man, we're getting another borderline.” To the layperson, this would make absolutely no sense, but to me, I knew what it meant. It meant a war within the hospital staff. A war of treatment and an uncertain outcome for the patient."

    I worked in a hospital and saw this over and over. There is an odd way that the energy of BPD draws extreme drama in its wake. People split into camps and are played against one another.

    Sam Vaknin (who is BTW not god of narcissism info certainly hehe) stated in the above source that BPD is a failed narcissism strategy. The medusa's head has lots of snake varieties;

    "Perhaps this common feature – the replacement of the original structures of the personality by new, invented, mostly false ones – is what causes one to see narcissists everywhere. This common denominator is most accentuated in the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The interaction, really, the battle, between the struggling original remnants of the personality and the malignant and omnivorous new structures – can be discerned in all forms of psychic abnormality. The question is: if many phenomena have one thing in common – should they be considered one and the same?

    I say that the answer in the case of personality disorders should be in the affirmative. I think that all the known personality disorders are forms of malignant self-love. In each personality disorder, different attributes are differently emphasised, different weights attach to different behaviour patterns. But these, in my view, are all matters of quantity, not of quality. The myriad heads of the deformation of the reactive patterns collectively known as "personality" – all belong to the same medusa." http://samvak.tripod.com/8.html

  57. The Teal Journey is fascinating. People have started with mild curioisty and interest to finding home for vulnerabilities and issues, to relating with the victim complex to the point of reaching for the inner child wounds to now being protective and defensive of not only themselves, but also the one who facilitated this journey for all of them. Its impossible for Teal to stay away from the temptations of her current position. No matter her origins , she is as human as anyone else on this planet, and what may have been a humble intention of helping people on their self-development journey, soon turned into a lucrative career opportunity, which now presented elements and responsibilities for maintainence of that image. As admirable as her will to change the system is, she is kind of unstable to lead people at this point. Some of her videos are very informative, which is basically information from other sources, being summarised and presented in a sugar-coated way. But for a person new to this knowledge, it is a take off runway. The thing that most people probably don't understand is the projection! No matter what you do, when you know there is a camera on you, linking you to thousands of people. You have got to be aware of how you are perceived. That means while factoring in the public opinion, an image is potrayed to hit the right notes, much like hollywood does or most pop artists do. Its an image created tailored to public sentiments to gain specific reactions. Its very predictable, especially for a person who has been in therapy for so long, it becomes easy to spot these patterns. People need to keep in mind , that its all a projection. The fact that she was a model, makes her subconsciously aware and adjust herself according to the camera. The fact that she understands quite a bit of psychology and some bit of quantum physics, enough to engage and captivate an average person is something that needs to be remembered.it is disconcerting for people to identify themselves as 'tealers' and 'teal tribe' as it shows loyalty to the person or rather the projected image and not the message instead. Turning a person, with such a fragile persona, due to what she has been thorough, into a worship idol is damaging for her as well as the people doing it. It seems like narcissism is a coping strategy she developed as a response to the attention. She commands a certain degree of agreement in all her videos. A lot of them are not very spiritual but in fact a spin off most psychological techniques used today. At the very least , while i do give credit to Teal for her effort, it is definitely taking an ominous turn. And i do have to thank some skeptics for highlighting the pitfalls of passive acceptance of all information. The balance lies mid way between extreme skepticism and extreme gullibility. Teal shows her vulnerability in relationships, seeking protection and dependency, as depicted in her blog, but at the same time you find her talking about herself in a gradiose way, in one of her interviews, stating that she has no trouble getting men as she is smart enough to keep them engaged and interested in her. So the fact that she is aware of her effect on men, and then the potrayal of requiring a knight in shining armour to protect her, shows inner conflict, which is a perfectly human thing , except that you have to wonder to what level is this awareness of eliciting a favourable reaction being used in the videos. Is it completely devoid of any manipulation? Don't we all donn a self-image based on our interactions? These are points worth considering before declaring undying devotion to her, as people are rewarding a narcissistic trait that may lead to disastrous consequences for Teal herself. We all function based on rewards and when we get positive feedback for a particular trait we subconsciously enhance it to gain more favour. .

  58. Hi Kiara... once again I have to express my admiration of the clear, calm, understanding and awareness of your cyber voice. I left a more detailed message for you in the 'Who and What is Teal Scott' comment section.

  59. Kiara M - again. I am loving your words and view. Thanks for that.

  60. "Smiles accent their conversations, which are mostly centered on relationship problems or life struggles."

    Whaaa? People smile while they talk about their problems?


  61. okay...I give. I finally decided to read an Abraham-Hicks book "Ask and it is Given." At first it didn't bother me too much that Teal was, most likely taking inspiration from other teachers but this chick is lifting direct words and statements from this book, she's just saying them in videos, not necessarily writing them down. Is that plagiarism? I'm seriously asking because I'm not completely sure in this case, but I would think so. I have heard her say things from this book (published, at least this addition, in 2004, years before her YouTube videos). There is no way in the world that she can claim that she's "never heard" of Abraham before Blake brought it up to her two years ago, I believe. But let's say that were the case, how could you ever explain repeating damn near verbatim something from a book that you already claimed to know, basically since you were born. Why would you need to do that? Doesn't make sense; doesn't hold water with me. I have now reached my second point of serious issue...strike two.

    @Kiara...btw what you said in your last comment was right on the money, very well expressed.

  62. That blob is a joke and she her IT cronies won't take my post any longer. A friend told me she hates to read negative comments, psshhh, pretend I care Teal. I am native to Southern California and her deluded bullshit she painted as what she observes is a joke! Del Mar is Park City? WTF? And my favorite which was the 'gold flecks on the sand'. You bloody fool Teal, it's called mica and you learn this in science, ohhh, uhhhh 9th grade or so. I thought she had an IQ of 170? I'm so over this broad, over is tired. La Vaughn she was essentially making fun of those people that there smiles and problems are fake by smiling. OR, was she merely projecting yet AGAIN! I would like to dedicate the following the the Toil Swamp army: "When in group nascissism the object is not the individual but the group to wich he belongs.......
    The assertion that 'my country' (or nation, or religion-Tealers) is the most wonderful, the most cultured, the most powerful, the most peace-loving, etc., does not sound crazy at all; on the contrary, it sounds like the expression of patriotism, faith, and loyalty. It also appears to be a realistic and rational value judgment because it is shared by many members of the same group. This consensus succeeds in transforming the fantasy into reality, since for the most people reality is constituted by general consensus and not based on reason or critical examination." (Fromm, 1973: 203)

  63. "La Vaughn she was essentially making fun of those people that there smiles and problems are fake by smiling. OR, was she merely projecting yet AGAIN!"

    Either way, it's another of these odd conflations of loveliness and misery. It's also of a piece with the weird, inappropriate laughter when she's telling gruesome stories about being tortured by the Mormon Satanists. Maybe she thinks everybody does that. And, no.

    And yes, goddessshopsblog, it's plagiarism. Need not be in written form to be plagiarism.

  64. Her inappropriate laughter when she's telling gruesome stories about being tortured by the Mormon Satanists, you ask? Yea, not integrating into the shadow self, what she so preaches over and over. The sadist. The murder of self hood. But do not kid yourself a Phoenix/Plutonian she is not. Possibly lost in Neptune's seascape, yes. Viva la anxiety!

  65. darcynoob

    I am working out my loss at the hands of feminine monsters. This phrase "The murder of self hood" is the title of a poem I wrote once.

    I had a vested interest in studying psychology because of my own problems. Teal so much reminds me of the woman's face of my traumas. I just got hooked looking at her. "The People of the Lie" (M. Scott Peck) cannot help but pass on murder. IMO, one needn't be sewn in a corpse to be abused dramatically. Small hate from a parent can destroy the developing self.

    Teal is hateful to my inner child. I appreciate her screen for my edification.

    Here is my poem.

    The Murder of Selfhood

    Mama, the most important person in my world
    Looked so pretty and gay going out tonight.
    I am happy when she is happy
    Everything she feels I feel too.

    In the mirror of her vanity i am smiling.
    About 4 years old and messy pigtails
    Mama's paint smear on my lips.
    I hold an Irresistible red in a golden tube.

    Next scene
    I smarting across the face
    Because of my offending intrusion
    My lips are red again.
    I hurt so much that I might die.

    Who but a beast would do what I had done?
    Her happy day now ruined.
    How could I have been so evil?
    I know I am bad as she feels I am bad.

    Shame, shame shame cuts deep
    Self hate starts with a small assault.
    Looking back murder steps forward
    My will traded at every step for her happiness.

    Lipstick means more than I
    Don't spoil the cosmetic.

  66. "Teal is hateful to my inner child."

    I think you may have really hit on something there, me2yesu.

    Love the poem.

  67. Hey guys

    I just want to say good bye. Thank you for all the input and antidote which I received here. LaVaughn thanks for your consistancy and fairness to the one or two angry people who turned up here and your razor sharp analysis.

    I finally understand: I DON'T TRUST TEAL.

    She probably would turn it around to "I don't trust myself" - bendable teachings all way long. After learning that Reid Tracy from Hay House was "emotionally available" to Teal (her words in her blog - what a strange way of putting it), that her desire to feel significant is fulfilled by following the "career" of a spiritual guide (still can't get used to the use of this word) with thousands of adorations toward her from her "fans / teal dealers / whatever" (buaaa) I will take my attention away from her.

    The big problem with Teal is, that her dark, tragic past vibes with all its psychological problems are present at all time - independent how beautiful, simple or s e x y she explains old teachings to the younger masses. You can't get the one without the other. And this dark stuff is tinting the whole thing - biiiiig way and you will not notice it for a long loooong time but it will work on you! The poor people who get addicted to following Teals daily adventure on her blog to learn, what she is wearing today, if the ice cream tasted great or not, or that her biiig biiiig career got just bigger again….(reminds me of kardashian drug and craz).

    I do understand why people fall in love with her sharing all her problems…people feel not alone anymore. I do understand why people follow here with all the simplified teachings for the seeking masses without excluding any religion. I do understand why people want to support her after a rough journey through her past. All the best to you guys. May your chosen journey be delightful until … you see more.

    Blake: I just loved him until I learnt more. … I hope he will be able to create a life for himself one day with a nice girl on his side, fully available to his own little family.

    I remember Fallon, Jared or whatever his name is - mentioning, that he created a monster by getting community members living with them. Although I think that he has a god-complex, he certainly points out a dangerous current starting from there.

    I hope that dear Teal will always be surrounded by grounded people and not only by dependent, needy sycophants or some brain-deactivated super groupies. May your beautiful son always anchor you on earth as a normal human being with some gifts to share… like we all do.

    Cheers LaVaughn for building this harbor here.


  68. PS: One more flash in my mind

    I do think that Teal ... oh excuse me ... TEAL! …oh excuse me .. TEAL Swan! is the first

    ONLINE QUEEN BEE , born online with a very busy online beehive , busy little workers everywhere ( ;

    I finally !!!! found it. That is it what she was reminding me of al the time, never could put my finger on it till now.

    Definition wiki:

    Queen bees are the massive insect leaders of bee hive vaults. They are slow, and although they pack a dangerous poisonous sting, they prefer to let their hordes of killer bees handle you, especially after berserking them. They only appear in their bee hive vaults, which can generate throughout the middle-Dungeon as well as in some branches. If you see one under other circumstances, it's likely a shapeshifter.


    Cheers people of Earth
    Never forget - Nature will teach you everything you need to know.
    Just observe it!

  69. Golden Andara, You ever see the movie Angels and Insects? I recommend it.

    "her desire to feel significant is fulfilled by following the 'career' of a spiritual guide (still can't get used to the use of this word) with thousands of adorations toward her from her 'fans / teal dealers / whatever' "

    This is what bothers me. I can't think of any other spiritual writer who is so preoccupied with fame. Run a search of her blog for the words fame and famous and you'll see what I mean. It's even a tag with more than one entry on a blog that doesn't really seem to use tagging in any consistent or comprehensive manner. It still doesn't cover all the posts that describe her fascination with her own fame. I can't think of an analogue.Think of any of the real heavyweights in this genre. Have you ever heard the like? I used to handle all the new age authors when I worked in publishing. It was my area of interest so I took all of them. No one else really wanted them. I've worked with some very difficult new age authors and some really lovely ones. I've worked with some fairly popular new age authors. I can't think of one who talked about their fame. They may have been very concerned about their promotion and success, but they didn't use the word fame and they didn't revel in it like this. They wanted their books to sell. They wanted their careers to move forward but they didn't obsess about their fame it the way, say, actors do. I also did a lot of theater and have many friends in the industry. None of THEM talk about fame the way she does. ACTORS! There is something very wrong here. Her priorities are seriously whack.

    Thank you, Golden Andara, for sharing your lovely voice with us. I'm glad to have been able to provide you an opportunity to come to some clarity and completion. Best to you on your journey.

  70. No never, but will check it out. I have no idea what to exspect with this kind of title. Thanks for that. And again , you summarized very well why I lost trust in Teal in regards to your last comment. Well said. I understand and it confuses me like nothing else. My belly screams: attention please. Hope Teal will become less obsessed with her career. She was amazing with shaky videos, bad sound and the sense of humbleness. Loved that. But hope she will be happy - I wish that for her.

  71. OH HAY HOUSE... WHAT ARE WE MISSING HERE?!? I hope this new book of TEAL's comes with the WARNING: The information and stolen pop psychology proffered by TEAL IS NOT HER OWN. OH, and just in case you couldn't tell... TEAL still doesn't even know how to love herself.... BUT GOOD LUCK using her manual on how to do love yourself. I have to laugh at Teal's blog about good ol' Reid over at Hay House. He must just see an opportunity for dollars and cents to be made off of this seemingly never ending supply of gullible new age sheeple joining her Teal Tribe army who have lost the desire to use their critical thinking skills and are completely hypnotized by the pretty packaging in TEAL. It appears that Hay House does very little research on the authors and information that they publish. I won't be buying anything published by them in the future. I hope in some of that sage advice Teal claims Reid offered to her in their meeting that he at least required she cite some sources in this next book. I'm GOBSMACKED that Hay House is actually going forward with publishing for such a blatantly obvious FRAUDSTER like Teal. OH well, at the end of the day, I guess sex sells and that must be what they saw in her....

  72. The latest blog from Teal is a catalog of a story of feeling betrayed. She by her very self definition seeks to be controversial and that will perpetuate her story of disturbance.
    She says in the end quote:

    'The people who trigger us, or cause us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being."

    I agree that everyone whom we meet is reflecting our "give" so we see what was given. The weird experience that I notice about life is that I do bring to me (and seemingly faster now) the experiences that reflect what I deeply believe.

    To self identify as a messenger leaves out she is (ironically?) choosing her "role". She chooses by her deep belief in her catalyst mission to have haters and lovers and all the betrayal. This is the real message IMO.

    When I was growing up obsessed by my Mother, she was always telling me stories of her abuse and the cruelty waged against her. Early on I was her champion and believed everything she said was "true". There was a flip side of Mom as a "medium" channeling what seemed like high spiritual truth and days of loving kindness that always "switched". It was very confusing. The bits of wise kindness kept me going. The days she hated everyone made me want to help her heal and be a "better" person in her standards.

    I was in my 30's when I could finally accept that she was not able to be responsible because she was fractured. Nothing but her own grace would heal her. I could leave her. That disengagement "hurt her" like I was another "hater".

    My mother felt betrayed at every turn but did not see how she elicited the treatment by her own expectations and suspicion and her mean actions. It is true that she was always deserving compassion. The problem comes in association. They can pass on really yucky days.

    IMO the damage that leads to a narcissistic strategy is very difficult because the person cannot really see others except as extensions. I have never met a narcissist who was not in defense. They create the very conditions that they fear. It is a terrible tragedy.

    The "toxicity" comes from the way the narcissist manipulates to get their needs met. I never met a narcissist who believed we can meet our own needs. They have the sense we must steal anything we need as it will not be given. They are in a dance that has partners come and go but they cannot see how their own lead was involved.

    I feel grateful to all the ways I was disillusioned through parent and "teachers" to realize that when the messengers showed up, I was asking for the disappointment by giving power to them.

    IMO, Teal is a powerful being because she is a human being. We are all powerful beings who create what happens based on who we are being.

    I am about done with looking at Teal. She will go her way and I wish her the gift of actually walking her talk so she will not need the continued creation of "haters" and "lovers". My dear Mother whom I have had such resentment concerning gave me the gift to stop worshipping and to aim to gather my power distributed to "authority"

    IMO, we are may all gain back all the parts of ourselves we lost or gave away. It means we can be whole and neutral IMO and the drama will become peace. I hold that out for narcissist who cuts off self love. There is no amount of intellectualizing that will forge the inner connection. IMO we need some sort of inner anchor to begin gathering. It may be grace?

    We may recognize that we are not alone even when there is no "one" outside to love us because have a source of power TO LOVE OURSELVES AND NEED NO LONGER DIVIDE THE WORLD IN PARANOIA.

    I have greater glimpses of my own anchoring love everyday. I pray for the complete resolution of all past encumbrance through attachment to the replays of my story.

    I send blessings to all of us including Teal.

  73. So let me get this straight: teal's big reveal of her own shadow stuff is that she still feels bad because she's been victimized by everybody else? She's still not responsible for anything toxic that comes her way because it's really about all those other mean people?

    I will give her props for articulating that she likes that the "haters" she attracts cause other people defend her. So she writes a whole post about how pitiable and victimized she is which will no doubt get more people to buy in to her need to be defended against the all the "haters." Meanwhile it's one shot after another against those "haters" for being so jelly. And again with the "fame." She's famous -- very, very famous. And I'm sure if she says it enough she will just force it to be so. Law of attraction and all that. I don't even have to ask if some of that was directed at me. We all know I'm just a jelly hater.

    And it's true. I'm not terribly fond of jelly. I'm more of a marmalade person. I also care for lemon curd a great deal. I'm sure that means I'm tart and bitter.

    Oh my gods and goddesses that was a lot self pity. And no argument that mean people suck. And high school girls can be real bitches. But does she really not see how very Heatherish is her instigation of the teal "army" of defenders?

    "Again and again, I experience 'haters'. I especially experience people turning on me. I guess you could call it a form of betrayal. They go from being very close to me and 'loving' me to 'hating' me with verve and passion. They go out of their way to try to injure my credibility or my success. They become obsessed with breaking me down as a person. It becomes impossible to reason with them once they have made up their mind to turn against me, which gives rise to a feeling of being powerless to emotional injury."

    Here's the thing. This is a classic borderline pattern and teal has said she is a borderline. They idealize their loved ones and then devalue them. And when they turn on you, in a devaluation cycle, this is exactly the kind of thing they project onto you -- that you're out to get them, hurt them, destroy them. There's no grey with a borderline -- they split and the people in their lives are either all good or all bad. And when a borderline loves you it can be so intense it's almost narcotic. And when they hate you they project all manner of evil onto you. They shred you. Think: Fallon. Think: Cameron. So when teal says that people are out to get her, consider the source.


  74. I showed this to my husband and he pointed out another subtextual piece that bears mentioning. Among the many dog whistles to her defenders is a subtle shout out to knights in shining armor. Her boyfriend put someone in the hospital for her. She didn't tell him to. She didn't have to. Because if you love teal that's just the kind of thing you'll do for her. And her hands will forever clean because she's not saying to do that but...


  75. ohhhhh ohhhhh I can't keep silent. I just quickly flew over it - didn't want to get to deep into her space of mind right now as I can not understand fully - my mistake.

    Probably borderline att(r)acks borderline with all its consequences
    or a different way of putting it: borderline only sees borderline.
    I really do not understand the generous use of the word "hater" by her. I guess it means: if you don't express your full love and dedication and admiration to her or god forbid that you changed your mind about her you MUST BE A HATER. There is no fine tuning in between.

    Some really nasty comments were written here (10%). The rest was very critical thinking and analyses. Teal needs to learn to chill a bit. Not everybody will adore you.

    Get over it, keep calm and stick to your mission.

  76. "if you don't express your full love and dedication and admiration to her or god forbid that you changed your mind about her you MUST BE A HATER. There is no fine tuning in between."

    That's it in a nutshell, Golden Andara. What I know of borderlines, and I've known some and known people who were in deep with borderlines, that's about how it works. Very thin skin and anything that isn't said from a place of devotion is a vicious attack. You can sometimes raise issues with some borderlines but you have to do so carefully and keep affirming the relationship and that you love them. If they feel like you're withdrawing or withholding affection, it doesn't go well. Again, purely anecdotal on my part, but that's been my experience. What makes these relationships impossible is that only the borderline is allowed to get really angry and will do so with impunity. In any confrontation, the other person is always wrong and quite possibly evil. And if you read through her most recent post, any flicker of anything wrong on her part, it's all because of the evil she's sustained at the hands of other people. Nothing is her fault. She's always the victim and at most she's responsible for still being stuck in her victim mentality. But it's hard to blame her because look at how horribly she's been victimized. She's good. Those who love and adore her are good. Everyone else is bad and a "hater."

  77. Oh, and an "anti-tealer." Let's not forget that. An ANTI-TEALER!! Christ on a crutch!

  78. I've been teal sober for about a week, my fellow "haters". There was a period of slight "withdrawal", but after that I've been feeling soo good...I don't care much about that lady anymore. I don't care to respond to her posts anymore. I didn't watch her last two "Ask Teal" episodes and not about to catch up. I haven't checked her posts till now. I'm still receiving updates from LaVaughn's site though, some comments here are too nice. Maggie, thank you, blessings to you too:-))
    Anyways, I went again to see the latest entry cs you got me curious, but I stopped reading as I reached her high school drama recap, I skipped and read the last couple sentences. Oh boy....And look, there is another picture of Teal wearing lingerie "just to make her point more clear" as well as make us even more lusty or jealous depending. All these manipulation techniques are so obvious and yet they are working on many people. Oh well... I went briefly thru her latest posts, her stress management stuff is very generic, just open any health magazine or a website and you'll read the same...(Yawning)

    I am reading Gary Zukav's book now, "The Seat of The Soul" and I like it. Coincidentally, just earlier today I came across this passage:

    "Every person has a soul, but a personality that is limited in its perceptions, is not aware of its soul, and therefore, cannot recognize the influences of its soul. Your personality is that part of you that was born into, lives within and will die within time. Like a body it is a vehicle of your soul's (immortal part of you) evolution. As a personality becomes multisensory, its intuitions -its hunches and subtle feelings-become important to it. It senses things about itself, other people, and the situations in which it finds itself that it cannot justify on the basis of the information that its five senses can provide. It comes to recognize intentions, and to respond to them rather than to the actions and the words it encounters. It can recognize, for example, a warm heart beneathe a harsh and angry manner, and a cold heart beneath polished and pleasing words".

    GA, I'm with you, I don't trust Teal. But then she made herself clear in her reply in the comments section under "Finding Purpose" post:
    "What I wanted all my life was the feeling of being significant. I wanted to be the center of attention because of people recognizing my excellence. and honestly, I get a thousand times more of that doing what I do now than I could ever get as an athlete, even if I won the gold medal. So it’s not a contradiction really, you just have to understand my true desires deeper. I got exactly what I’ve always wanted."
    So her intentions are crystal clear. The goal is fame, achieved with whatever means possible, first with modeling (failed), then with sport (same), not this "spiritual teacher" charade...She did her homework this time. Third time is a charm.
    Now, this is my second attempt to completely quit Teal...hahaha

  79. This is something I tell my clients and I share it in part because it was one of the harder won lessons of my life: People will always tell you who they are. Don't minimize it. Don't rescript it. Don't look away. Pay attention.

    The other day I read that Maya Angelou said something similar. "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

    "What I wanted all my life was the feeling of being significant. I wanted to be the center of attention because of people recognizing my excellence. and honestly, I get a thousand times more of that doing what I do now than I could ever get as an athlete, even if I won the gold medal. So it’s not a contradiction really, you just have to understand my true desires deeper. I got exactly what I’ve always wanted."


    And, sure, what good is a sense of accomplishment? What good is self actualization if it doesn't bring you oodles of attention and admiration? Being an athlete or a model, that's brief. Being a spiritual leader, however, can go on for years and years. All that attention even after youth and beauty fade. Dream come true, I guess.

    Too bad she's building that legacy lingerie photo by lingerie photo. At some point people might actually begin to notice what she's saying.

  80. I've been teal sober for about a week, my fellow "haters"

    hahahahhahaa I can see you trying haard

  81. Thanks Gary for this little piece.

    "Now, this is my second attempt to completely quit Teal...hahaha"
    It is my third time, I already said good buy too many times but couldn't be still. But I have nothing to say anymore and agree silently with LV and LZ

    Except I felt slightly "withdrawal" of Lena ZH in the last week
    It feels like that there is always the need of a drug.
    By my latest choice of drug turned out to be a funny and delightful one! :D

  82. :-)) Sweet, thank you, you got me blushing, Golden A. I'm enjoying your comments here and over there too ;-)
    Nah...not trying too hard, other things kinda demand my focus and attention now. And winter is almost over (though it was still -21 this morning, eyeroll). I am still frozen, even after an hour of being inside and my second cup of spicy tea. Even with all this typing my fingers are still cold and burning and my brain is too slow. I can't wait to be in Nature for hours and hours again...without Internet. A book maybe...but I can guarantee it won't be Teal's!

  83. Golden Andara: It is my third time, I already said good buy too many times but couldn't be still.

    Ok, I should've addressed you: "my dear fellow members of TA, you are not alone..."
    Quitting is a new territory for me- I've never been addicted to anything in my life before. It wasn't even Teal herself or her teachings I was kinda hooked on too much, but our "meetings" here and those hilarious salon days.
    I'm pretty sure I'll be having quite a few relapses in the future. They can be such fun.;-) Never say never, haha

  84. Hahahahahahaha.... "A book maybe...but I can guarantee it won't be Teal's! "

  85. It's about my 3rd time going 'teal sober' too Golden... and I have to say I did notice that your attempts were about as successful as my own, hahahaha. Like, 'OK goodbye now.' Then, 'Ok, this time it's for sure, goodbye now.' And then there I am again, um, I mean there YOU are again (hehehe) 'OK, this is the real deal, goodbye now'. Hahahahaha!

  86. I totally agree with you Lena... our salon was the most addicting thing, but without teal to play off of the salon would never have come into being.

  87. Yes, Teal had catalyzed some awesome discussions. I am grateful to her for I met you all. A silver lining :-) I learned a lot too. About fairies...about shamanism... and about different types of crystals and their attributes among other fascinating stuff hehe.

  88. Hi everyone. I made the mistake of succumbing to curiosity and reading Teal's blog 'The Messengers'. Thank goodness for you all - it was such a relief to be able to come over here and read all of your responses to it. So much of what you've said is in-line with my impressions.

    Where do you even start with a post like that? Teal's perspective is so skewed. Something I've noticed is that Teal presents herself as 'self aware' by using the concept of LOA to explain her life experiences. She admits to attracting the same scenario, over and over again. She explains that over and over again, people 'love her' but after a time they 'hate her' and turn against her, and apparently try to destroy her career. She explains that the people who turn against her do so because of their own issues (jealousy, low self worth etc). Then she launches into her past story to explain why she continues to attract this experience - explaining different scenarios where she was just being herself, minding her own business and was rejected, ridiculed, abused or otherwise mistreated. These situations caused her to form negative beliefs about herself and others, therefore it's these negative beliefs that are attracting the unwanted experiences into her life now.

    I'd like to present an alternative perspective. Let's put Teal's past aside for a moment, and take a look at what's happening now. Instead of viewing Teal's current experience as a result of the LOA, perhaps it goes something like this. A person is exploring spirituality, and looking for different ways to heal old wounds. They stumble onto a Teal video. Teal claims that she has suffered more than they have, transformed herself, now has her 'dream life' and wants to share how to do that with the world, because she cares and wants to help people. This sounds good to the person. Teal claims to have special abilities to perceive what ordinary people cannot. The person suspends disbelief because they genuinely want to learn how to improve their life. Teal shares some information that helps the person, which serves to validate Teal's claims of 'having the answers'.

    The person then gets to know Teal better. The person may meet and interact with Teal, or read her blog, watch her reality TV show 'Shadow House', view her workshops. The more exposure they have to Teal, the more apparent it becomes that Teal a) does not practice what she preaches b) is still deep within the healing process for her own trauma c) isn't as happy with her life as she claims. The person begins to question whether Teal is equipped to be a teacher. The person does some research, and discovers that the things they took from Teal that benefitted them were actually someone else's intellectual property. The person feels betrayed. The person sees how unhappy Teal is. The person realises that Teal is in no position to offer advice to anyone.

    The person feels compelled to share what they have learned as a cautionary tale to others who have been caught in Teal's web. The person's motive is not to destroy Teal's career, but to reach out to vulnerable people who have the potential to be hurt by their relationship with Teal. The person 'turns against' Teal because they have seen Teal for who she really is. This is not the person's jealousy, their shadow aspect hasn't been triggered by Teal - it's the reality of Teal's disordered personality that has caused the change. This dynamic is likely not accurate for everyone who has rejected Teal, but it is what I experienced, and it seems others who have commented here have been in similar situations.

  89. Teal doesn't have to dig deep into her past to find out why people are critical of her and 'turn against her', she merely has to develop the level of self awareness to entertain the idea that perhaps the reason people respond to her in this way time and time again is due to the reality of her disordered personality and behaviour. Teal's admitted to having a personality disorder, but her perception, as revealed in her blog, completely fails to take this into account when examining her trail of failed relationships (romantic, family, friend and professional).

    This lack of self awareness is a feature of her personality disorder. I have read a great deal about BPD and NPD as my father had both, and I understand that these disorders often arise out of childhood abuse as the individual does not have the opportunity to develop a stable sense of self and a feeling of intrinsic worth. Whatever triggered this disordered development in Teal must have been unpleasant, but as part of her own healing Teal needs to accept and make allowances for the fact that her perception of interpersonal relationships is skewed by the disorder and therefore untrustworthy.

    Teal's use of the term 'Tealer' and 'anti-Teal' betrays her skewed thinking. She appears unable to see others as individuals with their own agendas, she defines others according to their relationship to her. As many of the issues I have with Teal arise from her disordered personality, I accept that she is unlikely to change, so there is no need for me to continue to dwell on her. I have said what I wanted to say about her for my own benefit and for the potential benefit to others. I'm ready to let go of her influence in my life.

    After spending time here and reflecting on my journey with Teal, I have found qualities and behaviours within myself that allowed me to be drawn in and attached to Teal. I have learned plenty from the experience, which I now have the awareness to not repeat. I thank Teal for this.

    Thanks LaVaughn for allowing me the space to express myself here. Thanks to everyone who has commented here, I have found all of your comments to be interesting, sometimes witty and sometimes deeply insightful. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read and respond what I had to say along the way. Apologies that I could not get a real conversation going with any of you in the comments, the time difference here means that by the time I got the opportunity to read and respond the conversation had moved on. Best wishes to all of you. :)

  90. Wow, thismeanderingpath. That was an incredible read. Thank you. Spot on.

    "Teal's use of the term 'Tealer' and 'anti-Teal' betrays her skewed thinking. She appears unable to see others as individuals with their own agendas, she defines others according to their relationship to her."

    Bingo. So well said.

  91. Thank you for your posts, Elizabeth, always a pleasure to read them, always so reasonable. Best wishes!

    I hadn't come across "anti-tealers" in her article that first time, so went to have another look. Hmmm...
    And again, that bizarre choice of words... Is being a spiritual seeker, a spiritual being and a spiritual teacher... is it a "profession" as she puts it? An occupation maybe, or better- your life's work, I think... A profession needs extensive training and specialized knowledge, oftentimes a license, a professional has to undergo higher education, albeit our ordinary 3D formal education. She never refers to it as her calling, why? Then, of course, you need no credentials other than your spiritual deeper understanding, your enlightened perspective and worldview, your experiences, your own spiritual life as an example. But no, in this case it's a career not a calling. A career with fame built on some seriously twisted stories, borrowed info, on exploited soulless sexuality and countless vulnerable people. I am thinking, how many of those hard-core tealers just like to be fed "fast food wisdom", while watching and being entertained by her reality show? Instead of cooking your own elaborate dinner, which takes time to prepare of course (but then it's real meal), with your own hard earned ingredients and your own knowledge and skill, which you learn from other real chefs and cookbooks but also add your special unique touch to, based on your life's experience... And finally eating and enjoying, sharing that dinner with the real people who truly matter in one's life...No, it's much easier to send "much love" to some cyber persona Teal and watch her progress, while ignoring your actual reality and relationships, your own growth...Getting in touch with Teal vs getting in touch with yourself...

    The word "spirituality" is being brutally abused these days.

    Most of what she writes has to do with psychology, with sociology...but true raw spirituality is absent all too often. It's like love being confused with lust...And if you look in her eyes, really look...is it me or they are cold...unsettling sometimes, projecting hostility sometimes, "come hither" looks, pain... but never warmth, never kindness. Even as she smiles...look carefully. Compare some of her "stares" and that of other spiritual teachers, the ones you like and respect. They are at peace with themselves. You can see it, you can sense it. Their eyes are luminous not half dead. They are comforting, not "triggering" the worst in you ( we have enough people and situations in everyday life to do this for us, to mirror our issues and shadows, this is not a job for those enlightened beings who are sent on Earth to bring more light and higher consciousness), they may also be serious and even strict sometimes, but they inspire and bring the best out of those who encounter them, in my opinion anyway.

    PS. Kevin S has left a nice message for her there.

  92. thismeanderingpath: perfect! Thanks for expressing my thoughts and feelings so well in regards to her messenger post!

    Lena: naaaaiiiillllled it, you russian hammer!

  93. Elena, Is the the message from Kevin?

    "Hi Teal. As I think you’re aware, the condition of ‘being something’ in form inevitably leads to suffering, because all form is subject to dissolution. But from your writing I somehow get the impression that you insist upon ‘being’ a personality. This is fascinating to see because most people think they are their personalities; but, knowing otherwise, you insist upon it! You choose to be ‘someone’ and suffer for it. Why? Why identify with something that constantly needs defenses? Does love need a personality? Does the joy of creation require a somebody?

    Until you start to question the very basis of this ‘self’, I think that any shadow work will be limited because it’s missing the root. It sounds like you’re getting into the endless maze of the mind and inadvertently reinforcing it by identifying with it. It might help instead to re-contextualize the mind as an ‘it’ rather than a ‘me’; and to re-contextualize your past as ‘the past’ or ‘she’, rather than ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘my past’. Anything that’s considered to be ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘mine’ is also considered precious, valuable, and therefore sufferable and difficult to let go of. Unfortunately, this ‘I’-‘me’-‘mine’ self-talk is constantly reinforced through ordinary language, and is rather detrimental in healing the past. Who would want to heal ‘their’ shadow if it was so highly treasured as ‘mine’ in its unhealed form?"

    This is awesome IMO in its direction. I'll follow this advice because it makes whole the dilemma. You cannot be identified with a story and not live it? The whole story she tells of herself is making Teal famous and if her drama makes her famous letting go of the story will threaten her intention.

    What she holds "precious, valuable, and therefore sufferable and difficult to let go" FOR FAME cannot be just everyday life of mortals. Why SHOULD the ordinary bring fame?? So she is all bound up in tragedy.

    She is quite a pickle there with her marinade of haters and saviors and victims.

  94. These comments are so wonderful and insightful. I will probably have more to say on the substance later. But something just gelled in my thinking reading them. I want to document it so I don't forget it. She's creating a Christ mythology for herself.

    Unlike the rest of us who have our karma to complete, who have done good and bad things in lives past and present, she's blameless. She's an Arcturian projection, not a mere mortal, who came here to experience suffering and bring herself out of it for the good of humanity. That's why she was tortured by Satanists remember? She's said this more than once in interviews. But she, herself, has never done anything wrong. Her shadow is only the expressions of her suffering at the hands of others. And her gift to humanity is her ability to pull herself out of it and become rich and famous and have a glorious career as a spiritual teacher. She's a "Eucharist" -- a holy sacrament of divine suffering.

    This is some seriously sick shit.

  95. LaVaughn, there belongs a gold frame around your last comment.

  96. me2yesu: "She is quite a pickle there with her marinade of haters and saviors and victims."
    Such concentrated mix: so much good, so much evil. Just add water.

  97. LV "As stated, they are "high vibrational.""

    Please show me a quote where Teal claims all, or even most, 'Tealers' are particularly high vibrational?

    I do think your general idea that Teal encourages a sense of elitism in her followers is quite untenable. She in fact constantly bangs on about oneness :). We are all aspects of Universal Consciousness/Source/God participating in apparent separateness for the purpose of self-knowledge and therefore expansion of Universal Consciousness. Basically that is one of her central ideas and teachings (and yes other people have said this before! but Teal is unique and teaches in her own way and with her own unique example as well).

  98. By the way LV the Teal Tribe Dating Facebook page was not started by Teal or Blake and I don't think either of them had anything to do with the blurb written there. I think Idan wrote that, who you know a little. However you are so desperately scratching around for some mud to throw in Teal's face that you probably don't mind where it comes from huh?

  99. As to your worries about 'cultish' tendencies within Tealers that is interesting. Is this your new justification for lashing out at Teal? Just the potential in some of her followers to over-idolise her? That is thin.

  100. LV. I used to also think Teal's claims of being a projection from a 6th dimensional Arcturian ET were pretty outlandish and also made her seem more special. In fact it makes her projectional origins at a lower dimensional level than most people, by her teachings. She teaches that most people come from even higher dimensional 'thought-form projections' made by Source almost directly.

    Of course this whole story is very difficult to credit. However if we accept that we are projections of Source then why shouldn't other beings sometimes be able to do that? And as to other beings existing in the Universe I think even scientists and mathematicians will tell you that that is almost inevitable given that the universe is perhaps infinite. But it is so easy to just pander to common prejudices against what are actually perfectly rational ideas huh?

  101. Hi Justin! Finally you've made it here:-) Maybe LaVaughn was missing you a bit already? It is perfectly rational to assume there are other life forms in our Universe. Only, if you come out of a human woman's womb, which was inseminated by a human male 9 months prior, you are an earthling-Welcome to our lovely mess! As for that Arcturian consciousness projection stuff, I honestly can't understand why would someone so evolved and enlightened, with a constant access to her higher perspective would be so miserable, so dependent on other's opinions and approval, attention seeking, insecure, jealous, fame thirsty etc...Guess, that's what you get along with our earthy human genes and accumulated karma and our collective sick ego and shit like that....even your Arcturianness is not giving you a proper immunity against such maladies of humanity...It's better to arrive in a spaceship with a shield, wearing protective suits like all the other regular reasonable aliens do. Oh, I forgot, then you won't be able to relate to these primitive creatures you have to save. Yes, one must heroically come and suffer, survive and then show us the way! But in this case, that was her own well-informed choice, suck it up and stop complaining and do your mission stoically. Or she missed reading that tricky fine print before signing the contract? That little part about Satanists and human parenting habits? Tsk tsk, next time have a lawyer nearby.

    For how long will she continue to blame (and do it publicly too) her uninformed parents (pardon, it's "primary caregivers" as of now) and those other people who weren't able to give her all their undivided love? Even Mary was warned by Gabriel the Archangel that she was about to deliver something more than she'd bargained for (btw, that God dude knocked her up without giving her much choice and left her alone to deal with all the consequences and explaining this to Joseph. Men! haha). Teal's parents were clueless...gotta give them some credit...
    Btw, Teal, relax a bit, those with these kinds of gifts usually end up famous whether they want this or not anyways. Take Edgar Cayce, who used to live before Internet, wasn't even too handsome or outspoken...and yet there was a constant line of people waiting to see him in front of his place and newspapers' headlines with his name. There are many others who actually try to keep it low key but end up gathering quite a following and all that hype they never wanted. Are there any legit testimonials that Teal in fact can cure cancer, as she's claimed it? Nah, I don't think she's interested in that anymore, last time I checked she's not accepting clients for one on one sessions. Even during her latest workshop she didn't feel safe around people. Getting too close to all that pain and stuff, yuk. It's much more fun to visit hospitals at night while out of body. Everyone's sleeping and not bothering you much with their problems. I used to prefer night shifts as a nurse myself sometimes to tell you the truth. But it's even better to produce 10 mins youtube videos while wearing fancy clothes in the comfort of your own home, can't argue with that. Let those with Cockney, or some other common (speaking of prejudices) accents work 12 hours shifts. Btw, Justin, what kind of accent do you have?;-)

  102. Hi Elena, thanks, glad to be back :) (my accent is quite Cockney or Londonish I think).

    "that was her own well-informed choice, suck it up and stop complaining"

    I've never had the feeling that Teal complains much *on her own account* about what happened to her as a child. I think she is against the prevailing psychological circumstances that lead to such atrocities. The disconnection from our own power, self-love and true identity which were the real underlying causes of a six-year-old child being raped and tortured. And she is doing what she can to address those real issues not just the symptoms, such as mad cults and woeful parenting.

    I think it is quite hard for someone who had a significantly healthier upbringing to really relate to the depth and severity of the damage done to someone like Teal at such a young age. I can a bit, because of some trauma, but nothing like hers. However I know how hard it is to change such deep-seated trauma at all, let alone to heal it completely. Anyway this is my explanation of how such an enlightened and powerful woman can still be so burdened.

  103. "As for that Arcturian consciousness projection stuff, I honestly can't understand why would someone so evolved and enlightened, with a constant access to her higher perspective would be so miserable, so dependent on other's opinions and approval, attention seeking, insecure, jealous, fame thirsty etc...Guess, that's what you get along with our earthy human genes and accumulated karma and our collective sick ego and shit like that....even your Arcturianness is not giving you a proper immunity against such maladies of humanity..."

    Elena. I wish we could all sit down and drink a cuppa (all colors) because I feel we have our fingers on a pulse of living questions that call out to me "discuss this great question".

    Teal (or anyone) who is capable of having miserable despite the self professed special abilities MAKES NO SENSE. I have heard from many sources the explanations for the seeming gap.

    Given the clarity and the energy, I just cannot understand why one would not show us the HIGH LIFE as an example of mastery. This lack of capacity for health, wealth, peace is exactly why I spit out teachers who talk and don't act like the talk.

    I didn't seek out a GURU except to read lots of books and principles for "good role modeling". There was one teacher who's lineage I accessed and was part of in a group. He was literally a wild man and liked to drink lots, shock people and receive gifts. He is getting more and more famous (after death). He also was on the receiving end of ancient wisdom like the Sufi and the Siberian shamanic that he translated.

    Miraculous things did happen around him. He was cracked up in an accident (the man liked speed) and healed himself. He was hated by some and loved by some. He did not seem to care one way or another. he was a larger than life kind of example. I recommend George Gurdjieff as authentic.

    I look at his life and he was a very very JOYful person (and Joy is bigger than smiley faces). Doing his "thing", not worried about fame. he was alive to what he preached. He did tell some tall tales.

    Maybe Teal is all she says? I found myself realizing that in "story", most likely NONE are reliable. On the other hand, this means to me that we have to ditch story as a reason for anything. We will be best off evaluating beyond any story when confronted by other humans. To me the key attribute we need to live is self love and intuition. If a child is given the tools to smell skunks from a long way away and taught that the smell means GO the OTHER way, that would help. I hope that we can all develop a keen nose. Then we can let the skunks be very pretty in their place and avoid the drama of engaging.

    It is then up to us to use what we know to do what we desire. If we hold back for fear of anything, it kinda defeats the purpose. So Bitches, go for it. Bad ass warriors go for it. saints who feel the urge to be so...Yah hoo.

    Me, Honestly I am feeling quite able to go for "happy humble healthy life well lived with love and no angst." That is IMO ALL beings right...have the story that one would like by knowing it's all story.

    This is so great!! I let go of another collective consciousness sound bite around "other people with BIGGER story". Less Teal and more let go into MY story.

  104. Wow... This meandering path. You nailed it!! I share your exact alternate perspective about Teal posted above. In fact, reading your comment, actually brought me to tears. It's such a relief to know that there are others who understand... Words cannot express how therapeutic reading these blogs and forum of speech comments has been. Thank you so much LaVaughn and all the witty, accurate, perceptive , and insightful commenters on here who have been willing to take the time to share their perceptions and wade through the confusion, contradiction, and potential dangers of following Teal as a Spiritual Teacher together. I am very thankful that LaVaughn has provided such an uncensored platform for people to openly raise their questions and voice their concerns about these new age CON ARTISTS like Blake and Teal. There has been nothing quite like the lessons I learned the the hard way, but I wish there had been a place like this with such valuable discussion available to the public BEFORE I got mixed up with Teal and Blake. I believe you all are doing more good than you will ever know. :)

  105. Sam Vaknin Fame and Narcissm

    Being famous encompasses a few important functions: it endows the narcissist with power, provides him with a constant Source of Narcissistic Supply (admiration, adoration, approval, awe), and fulfils important Ego functions.

    The image that the narcissist projects is hurled back at him, reflected by those exposed to his celebrity or fame. This way he feels alive, his very existence is affirmed and he acquires a sensation of clear boundaries (where the narcissist ends and the world begins).

    There is a set of narcissistic behaviours typical to the pursuit of celebrity. There is almost nothing that the narcissist refrains from doing, almost no borders that he hesitates to cross to achieve renown. To him, there is no such thing as "bad publicity" – what matters is to be in the public eye.

    Because the narcissist equally enjoys all types of attention and likes as much to be feared as to be loved, for instance – he doesn't mind if what is published about him is wrong ("as long as they spell my name correctly"). The narcissist's only bad emotional stretches are during periods of lack of attention, publicity, or exposure.

    The narcissist then feels empty, hollowed out, negligible, humiliated, wrathful, discriminated against, deprived, neglected, treated unjustly and so on. At first, he tries to obtain attention from ever narrowing groups of reference ("supply scale down"). But the feeling that he is compromising gnaws at his anyhow fragile self-esteem.

    Sooner or later, the spring bursts. The narcissist plots, contrives, plans, conspires, thinks, analyses, synthesises and does whatever else is necessary to regain the lost exposure in the public eye. The more he fails to secure the attention of the target group (always the largest) – the more daring, eccentric and outlandish he becomes. Firm decision to become known is transformed into resolute action and then to a panicky pattern of attention seeking behaviours.

    The narcissist is not really interested in publicity per se. Narcissists are misleading. The narcissist appears to love himself – and, really, he abhors himself. Similarly, he appears to be interested in becoming a celebrity – and, in reality, he is concerned with the REACTIONS to his fame: people watch him, notice him, talk about him, debate his actions – therefore he exists.

    The narcissist goes around "hunting and collecting" the way the expressions on people's faces change when they notice him. He places himself at the centre of attention, or even as a figure of controversy. He constantly and recurrently pesters those nearest and dearest to him in a bid to reassure himself that he is not losing his fame, his magic touch, the attention of his social milieu.

    Truly, the narcissist is not choosy. If he can become famous as a writer – he writes, if as a businessman – he conducts business. He switches from one field to the other with ease and without remorse because in all of them he is present without conviction, bar the conviction that he must (and deserves to) get famous.

    He grades activities, hobbies and people not according to the pleasure that they give him – but according to their utility: can they or can't they make him known and, if so, to what extent. The narcissist is one-track minded (not to say obsessive). His is a world of black (being unknown and deprived of attention) and white (being famous and celebrated).

  106. LMFAO....Well Teal did her latest video on NARCISSISM... Surprise, surprise huh... I couldn't bring myself to watch it, as i'm sure it's going to be a completely convoluted excuse for why she is the way she is, and how there is really nothing wrong with being a completely self absorbed narcissist who steps on and uses whoever they please to get to where they want to go in life.... OR it's going to be her projecting and running from her own shadows claiming to be surrounded by and continually attracting narcissists into her experience whilst she is the unsuspecting and self sacrificing victim to their depravity. Or, in true TEAL contradictory fashion it will be a muddled mish mash of both explanations and excuses leaving you a video ending with no clarity whatsoever.... BUT no doubt she looks GOOD LOL

    Anyways, the only reason I mention this is because I find it very interesting EVIDENCE that TEAL is again reading, responding to, and justifying (in her own cowardly style) the content of these blogs and comments...
    HI TEAL!! I can't wait for you to GET REAL...

    No doubt this video is exactly why Justin showed up again. Knowing that Teal is actually reading this, he showed up in hopes of scoring some extra brownie points for defending Teal before he sees her again in the upcoming LONDON WORKSHOP. Maybe she'll give her loyal lil' puppy Justin an extra pat on the head as he sits salivating in front of her at the next meet and greet huh.... Poor Justin... I really do feel bad for ya man... But what is going on is just so incredibly obvious. I can't help but point out the elephant in the room man...

  107. Kevin. It does seem that some good is coming from these discussions around LaVaughn's blog. It does seem to me that Teal has been addressing some of the questions raised here recently, among other things she is doing. I doubt she reads it but she is probably hearing some of what she is accused of here through Blake and others (not me).

    She did say in her blog recently that she liked being defended. I must admit I was glad to hear that and it did encourage me, as did her seeming to address some of the more sane questions posed here.

    I admit, and have admitted before, that I am partly motivated by love for Teal, and gratitude, to come here but also other reasons. However no-one need concern themselves too much with my motivations. They can just deal with my arguments, if they have anything to say against those?

  108. In this interview uploaded last month Teal talks a lot about cults which very directly addresses some of the questions here I think:


  109. WOW...Justin... That was one of the WORST interviews I've tried to watch yet. It's like a parody of the american daytime television talk show called THE VIEW... C'mon... SERIOUSLY?? You think Teal was directly addressing our concerns here?? I saw complete confusion by these other women trying to interview Teal and deflection from the subject directed by TEAL. The information was completely useless. Teal avoided the questions about what a cult is from the very beginning by saying that the only thing common to cults is fear and our reptilian brains... oh and consequences of not being part of the group. That's what makes a cult according to Teal... Then Teal proceeded to tell people to go look up the criteria of cults on their own (it's easy enough to look up she says).., Then Teal went on to talk about how she was sooo special and unique and how she didn't fit the normal way to enter into cults, and told her SAME REHEARSED STORY that I have heard almost verbatim over a hundred times already. TEAL is a cult leader, and she knows it. It's so easy to tell for anyone willing to google the criteria of a cult leader. Yet, she completely avoided and deflected this glaringly obvious role and misled people to think only these religious and satanic groups need to be watched out for. I had to stop watching about 21 minutes in because the information is skewed, contradictory, and utterly useless. That is Teal's signature though..

  110. I'm glad you were willing to watch that much Kevin. Personally I think Teal is right to say that fear and isolation are generally the tools used by cults to control the people in them (and that includes some large religions actually). Also as LV is always trying to establish there is normally this pay-off of being special, chosen, particularly loved by God, an elite etc. Personally I don't see either of these major factors in the Teal groups. Yes the charismatic leadership element is certainly there (and the devotion that goes along with that often), but that alone doesn't a cult make.

  111. "As to your worries about 'cultish' tendencies within Tealers that is interesting. Is this your new justification for lashing out at Teal?"

    I wasn't aware that I needed to justify my writing on the subject of teal. I don't even think I'd need to justify any "lashing out" if I were doing so, which I'm not. But I have explained my interests and concerns in very clear terms from the outset and as they've evolved through the ensuing discussion.

    Here's a thought, Justin. Why not ask some of the people who have fled from or been driven away by teal if they think there's something a little cultish there? You might be surprised at the answer.

    "Please show me a quote where Teal claims all, or even most, 'Tealers' are particularly high vibrational?"

    How 'bout you show me where I said she said that?

    It's more of a dog-whistle, really. Her followers are part of her "family," her "army." They've found their "place to belong." They're "tealers" which is the polar opposite of those "anti-tealers." And, I'm sorry, but I think it's a little naive to think that she and Blake have no interest in what's going on pages like Teal Tribe Dating and that they wouldn't express their discomfort with the text representing her and her followers. For God's sake, Blake checks this blog at least once a day, sometimes twice and thrice. And they certainly have made that discomfort known.

    She has certainly described herself and her message as "high vibrational."

    "Today, I have decided that instead of using this blog to have a high vibrational discourse with you or present any solutions, I am going to use it to be honest about my thoughts and canvass some shadow work by using myself as an example."

    How that's different from every other day I do not know.

    At around minute 20:00 she gives Abraham/Hicks a little pat on the head.

    "As a really high vibratory being, I like them."

    Teal describes channeling as something mere mortals do because it's all they can do. She's not like Esther Hicks who can only channel Abraham. She's more like Abraham becoming manifest himself and speaking from that place.

    Here's the thing. When I studied with Cherokee Mystic Virginia Sandlin, she explained channeling a little differently. She called it an illusion. As she explained it, we are all part of all that is, so if you're channeling anything here, she said, it's yourself. As a designated Mystic, she did something that looks a lot like channeling but she wouldn't call it that. She calls it "multidimensional access." That is to say, merging with another aspect of the greater consciousness that we all are. She says this is what people who think they are "channeling" are actually doing -- shifting their perspective to another part of all that is and communicating from that perspective. She didn't get into a lot of who is and isn't capable of doing that. We all are, says she, because we are all one with the entire universe. She draws no distinctions between high vibration and low vibration states or beings, because the minute you start polarizing things like that, you're moving out of unity consciousness. According to Virginia, there is only all that is. That, my friend, is teaching oneness.

    "She did say in her blog recently that she liked being defended. I must admit I was glad to hear that and it did encourage me, as did her seeming to address some of the more sane questions posed here."

    Well, look at you. You picked right up on that dog-whistle like the good pup you are. How good of you to make my point for me.

  112. Hi Cameron! I'm so happy to read your comment here. Welcome. I'm sorry for everything you dealt with as part of that circus.

    EVERYONE: You can appeal to Reid Tracy personally by emailing him directly in an effort to ask Hay House to rethink their publishing deal with teal by drawing their attention to LV's articles and all other enlightening/critical information on teal out there that makes her a very undesirable author to take on, especially in PR terms, for Hay House. Explain what you know in your own terms, even. I really get the impression they didn't do their research.

    e.g. 'Please reconsider your stance on giving this woman a further public platform to spread her web of manipulation. PR nightmare waiting to happen... Untreated diagnoses, pornographic images, Blake's lies and admission of sexual assault, Shadow House, racism, false memories,' etc. Take your pick from the buffet of teal corruption and let Hay House know you're not cool with it, that they shouldn't feed the ego-monster.


  113. Meanderingpath "Teal's use of the term 'Tealer' and 'anti-Teal' betrays her skewed thinking. She appears unable to see others as individuals with their own agendas, she defines others according to their relationship to her."

    'Tealers' is a name for people interested in Teal's teaching and was not coined by Teal (and I get the impression she doesn't even particularly like the term but no-one has come up with a better one. Joseph Zenner actually came up with this name AFAIK). Teal presumably uses it as a kind of short-hand, like all names are really, rather than always saying 'those people who are interested in my teachings' she just says 'Tealers'. Again 'anti-Teal/ers' is a short-hand for those who are anti her teachings or herself.

  114. BTW everyone I doubt THE Cameron is the one posting on here. Most likely the Cameron on here is somebody else's sock-puppet. But maybe 'Cameron' could answer a question from me that most likely only the 'real' Cameron would be able to answer?

  115. WOW - I tried watching the demented interview Justin linked to above re: cults, couldn't stomach it after 1/2 an hour, and then clicked on this one in the sidebar. It is incredibly revealing. She describes her Borderline Personality Disorder in great detail, and illustrates her patterns with men, which she just recently repeated. I can't watch much more of it because I frankly can't ignore my BS meter when it screams this loudly... But it's definitely apropos and worth checking out for the first 15 minutes or so if you want to listen to her describe her personality disorder explicitly.

  116. Oh, maybe the link would help, right? Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eKevVXa9v4

  117. Thanks for the contact info Dava! I am definitely going to shoot ol' Reid Tracy an email. I encourage everyone here to do the same. ESPECIALLY Cameron. Hi There Cameron!! I'm glad to see your comment here too. I missed it earlier. I am glad you made it through that ordeal. I was more than a little concerned for you after watching the barrage of abuse you took on that last episode of Shadow House. That was a pretty disgusting abuse of power on Teal's part. Not to make light of the gravity of the situation, but I am relieved you are haven't committed suicide like Teal apparently likes to try to convince her other difficult 'clients' or 'antagonists' to do... What she demonstrated was some pretty hefty emotional abuse with the use of group pressure. BTW, please disregard Justin's attempts to discredit you. It's a tactic he learned from Teal, and Justin aside, I hope you know you are in good company voicing your concerns with us here...

  118. That's right, Justin. She doesn't "paricularly like" the term "tealer." That must be why she used it in a BLOG POST.

    "Teal presumably uses it as a kind of short-hand, like all names are really, rather than always saying 'those people who are interested in my teachings' she just says 'Tealers'. Again 'anti-Teal/ers' is a short-hand for those who are anti her teachings or herself."

    I wonder how it is that spiritual teachers down through the ages have managed to avoid labeling their followers and antagonists with cutesy derivatives of their names.

  119. Dava-sparrow and Kevin I really do appreciate the concern and well wishes... Dava, I truly do share your perspective on the circus involving Blake, Teal, and the Shadow House Gang. It's been a huge relief to know I'm not completely alone in my experience or in having fears and concerns about Teal as a 'leader of the new age' and 'spiritual teacher.' I have actually been going through quite an emotional and spiritual detox after my dealings with those guys several months ago and it's taken me months to glean the lessons from that whole experience...While I am grateful for the lessons hard earned, I do not wish such a painful, chaotic, or confusing experience on anyone else. I am amazed at how perceptive and accurate you and some of these commenters are, and how much of the story everyone has been able to peice together without having actually been there. It's incredible really. I have been hesitant to speak out publicly, because I felt that Teal made damn sure that nobody would be interested in anything I would ever have to say. I feel as though she made it a point to try and publicly discredit me to her 'fans' during the last episode of Shadow House that I was coerced into participating in. She told everyone on camera that I was going to leave Utah and attempt to destroy her career.

    Justin Holme, I don't speak here trying to convince you of anything. I know how powerfully convincing Teal's persona can be. Not I, nor anyone else here is going to convince you of anything about Teal that you won't be able to discover yourself in time. That is, if TEAL should see some benefit to her in choosing to allow a personal relationship between the two of you that extends outside her Facebook pages or her work-shops. That being said, if only to allay your suspicions of me being a sock puppet... I am the Cameron who you friend requested on Facebook.

    I remember that you actually messaged me after I left Shadow House asking me what exactly happened with me and Teal. I am sorry, but I hope you can understand why I never responded to you at that time. Things were too fresh after witnessing the fervor of the fans who sought to defend Teal against any perceived 'enemy'. I honestly never viewed myself as her 'enemy' and still don't. However, I certainly didn't have the clarity or perspective on things then, that I have gained now. I also knew that you were a big proponent of Teal after I remember she had spent most of her day once in a public debate with you online. I know this because I was living with Teal at the time and everyone made quite a big deal about it. After the onslaught of Facebook messages, emails, and livestream comments I received (and still receive) after leaving the house, I felt like it was best to stay silent rather than give any fuel to Teal and her 'army.' I rationalized that it was only a matter of time before the public would see the truth about Teal. Besides, I had been on the receiving end of enough abuse to not want it to have anything to do with me. I've been keeping busy moving forward with life and trying to sort through the madness on my own. I do feel incredibly guilty when I see an inspiring person such as LaVaughn who is willing to write an investigative blog and deal with all manner of personal criticisms and attacks in order to speak her truth when she sees an abuse of power. In fact, this is finally what made me want to speak out. Call me another one of those people who are 'addicted to truth,' but I believe the truth about Teal is long overdue. I truly appreciate that you all have provided an opportunity for people to make an informed decision and use their own discernment when it comes to following new age spiritual predators such as Teal.


  120. Cameron, nice to see you here in your own time. I am glad that you didn't turn up earlier. Different stories could have turned up based on an early appearance. So I am glad to finally see you here and not too early.

    I wanted to thank you because you were the last but MAIN reason to allow myself to see beyond the ever-so-pretty Tealtube image. I remember scratching my head about the display of pure aggression by Teal - the other people around her didn't matter to me too much because this is common blind shark nature group dynamic. She was and is the boss. I lift my hat to you for standing your ground, pointing out that you came there to support and nurture without any illusions about being carried by Teal (like some other members). I knew that you will have a rough time ahead because it is painful when a group goes after you. I can only imagine how healing LaVaughn & Co must be for you. ( :

    I was always interested in finding out if you where just Teal's "mother-like trigger" (according to Teal) and got the beaten for that, or if you just didn't get along for strange reasons or if you were resistant to anything suggested by Teal ….etc. I had many versions. Now after some good LaVaughn research and common sense and logic I can see that you must have threatened Teal in many ways without doing anything. You broke the Teal spell pretty fast, you didn't agree to everything, Blake & you were dangerous together ha… I remember seeing this one image of you during the taxi workshop. You wore her jewelry and looked in awe. This image told me that your intentions were pure, you were a lover of the teaching at this time and landed your energy to the bigger Picture of Blake & Teal.

    So I know that this wasn't on purpose by you but thank you for showing me Teal loosing her S!@£$%^ on live stream. In this moment I understood that I should question Teal's use of power. Choleric "leaders, guides, teachers" are dangerous and shouldn't be trusted.

    Many blessings to you, you are not alone, many people see what you saw and many people don't see what you saw. That is ok too.

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Justin, I can put myself into your shoes and every word you say makes absolutely sense. I was energetically walking the teal coloured path through a bright aspen forest with teal coloured high heels. They had a little sensor built in - whenever I would stop walking I would hear the recorded voice wispering up to me: I love YOU, You are special, I know you from many lifes; you have great taste; holy mother jesus fuck YOU ARE SO HIGHVIBE; just follow the teal colored path and you will be fiiiiinnnne and habby ...keep going :D.

    Now the problem is: I am not wearing them anymore because the Duracell Battery died - so the pink bunny just stopped.

    I don't understand anything you are saying. It just doesn't make sense from over here. The logic is beyond me.

    Anyhow: you sound happy … Keep up with Teal and keep doing what you are doing. It seems to work for you.

  123. I appreciate these posts so much, they do keep things in perspective.
    I completely pulled back from all Teal-related media for a few weeks. I've actually come back to listening to her Ask Teal segments on Youtube and it's made me realize that I actually find the videos pleasant while doing the dishes or whatever, and I actually take away some good stuff from SOME of them (not all) but I really don't want to get sucked into the blog, the reality and all that crap again. I've kind of accepted that most spiritual teachers are flawed but I can still take good stuff away from the teachings. I've done some of the shadow work stuff with friends and actually had a really good time with it. But it's sort of like since Teal has no boundaries, as the consumer I kind of have to be the one who says, ok, I'm getting some interesting information from this, but I'm not interested in getting sucked into your bizarro drama vortex.

  124. Thanks Cameron, so it is you. I completely understood that you needed to process what had happened for yourself after that horrible episode of Shadow House. I was mainly concerned and wanted to show that not all Tealers were against you. I certainly wasn't and still am not. I still can't understand what the heck happened between you and Teal. But it nearly put me off Teal at the time. She seemed so cruel, and you didn't seem to have done anything to provoke it except perhaps be a bit reserved?

  125. Golden Andara "Anyhow: you sound happy … Keep up with Teal and keep doing what you are doing. It seems to work for you. "

    Thanks, I'm sure I will. But I don't follow Teal's teachings like a religion. For me she seems to have some very good information and some I find very implausible, strange or just likely wrong. She has certainly made it abundantly clear to anyone that she is far from perfect herself and that her ideas are suggestions of things that might help someone rather than prescriptions. And that in the end we must become our own guide and access our own intuition and higher knowledge.

  126. On the subject of 'Tealers' and whether they are an elite or high vibrational:

    My experience is that Tealers are quite exceptional. Obviously they are a self-selected group so we wouldn't expect them to accurately reflect the general demographic of their countries or the world. Most I have met are very well-intentioned people, open-minded, positive towards life, obviously open to spiritual ideas, widely knowledgable, not very materialistic. And so I personally would say, relative to the general demographic, they are probably high-vibrational or even very high-vibrational. That is my opinion and I'm not sure if Teal would agree. And in that sense they are quite 'elite' even, but then I suspect a lot of other groups where such people are attracted would be similarly unusual. Certainly Teal, whatever her underlying motivations, attracts a wonderful group of people to herself, that I can tell you for sure. And no-one should underestimate the immense healing and expansive power of being around such a group.

  127. Justin, I can only thank you once again for so clearly and succinctly making my point for me.

  128. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your contributions. Each and everyone in his/her own unique way.

    I have been following this amazing trilogy since day one and it's been both fascinating and (Teal)eye opening :-)

    If you look at her updated website you will see that the 'little man behind the curtain' or whoever is running this freak show made absolutely zero effort to disguise what THIS is really all about. It looks like a business model designed to house this confused and information overloaded generation T. Talking about increase of follower, not in any spiritual or emotional sense but followers of celebrities on Twitter or Facebook.
    people are just numbers in some f%##ed up marketing scheme...ha?

    In addition not one of the claimed 'facts' there is a fact at all and not suprisingly not one of those facts can be proven or verified.

    I feel like this whole self appointed and anointed queen Madona of the new age movement is at the end of her rope and I will be very happy to see her destruction. Not out of evil intend but as a just and merciful finale to an aweful scheme to lead the weak and possibly mentally ill people of our times into far off imaginary land where she gets $$$ and people adore her.

    You guys do a great job casting light on this ONLINE CULT so keep it up.

  129. Here it is: http://www.thespiritualcatalyst.com/downloads/Teal_Bio.pdf

    In recent years TEAL, known to many as ‘The Spiritual Catalyst’ or the ‘Giggling Guide’, has become an
    international sensation and a new voice in the increasingly popular field of metaphysics. Since launching
    her YouTube channel, TheSpiritualCatalyst in January 2011, she has amassed a significant following.
    TEAL’s videos have attracted 6 million views and growing with 650,000 views per month and over 78,000
    subscribers. Her popularity continues to increase as word of her teachings spreads across the world.
    TEAL’s first book, The Sculptor in the Sky was published in April 2011 and consistently enjoys rave
    reviews from readers. TEAL’s second book, How to Love Yourself will be published soon. TEAL is also
    an accomplished artist, with a vast collection of her unique paintings called “frequency paintings”. These
    frequency paintings are the subject of multiple billboard campaigns created to increase human
    consciousness on the planet. Prints are available for sale on her website, thespiritualcatalyst.com."

    Blake Dyer or Jason Freedman or who you are, you miserable fool(s). Is this a way to make a living? Surely not an honest one.

    To me it's absolutely clear that this lady cannot program her website, with its ridiculous forum, create a single webpage on her blog or even edit the many videos she appears on.
    Damn, she cannot even quote the source(s) of the wisdom she put out while half undressed with an untidy bed at the background...talking about plagiarism, the least you could do it give credit to "the source"...oh no, the only source she knows is her technical experts crisis managing her online persona.

    So who is/are behind this? who invest in TealEye LLC? Who designed and engineered this pathetic online cult in MLM style with a personality cult "Spiritual Catalyst" as its leader?

    In this day and age of copy-paste ideologies it's more valuable than ever to call BS when you see one.

    Her Writings - taken from other people without reference
    Her Paintings - copied from so many sources, don't even get me started...
    Her background story - BS and anyone with the slightest critical thinking can figure it out. It's a story she read somewhere or perhaps seen in a B rated movie.

  130. hahahaha wasn't aware of the update of her biography.
    Now that is a proper update of superlatives.
    She never stops to amaze me hahahah

    SUPERlative: In grammar, the superlative is the form of an adverb or adjective that expresses a degree of the adverb or adjective being used that is greater than any other possible degree of the given descriptor.

    She still can top it like this. Shall we rewrite her very limited biography? Maybe they will employ me for my sense of truth. Here we go:

In recent years TEAL, known to many as ‘The Spiritual Catalyst’ or the ‘Giggling Guide’, has become THE MOST SENSATIONAL international sensation and a new voice in the increasingly popular field of metaphysics. Since launching her YouTube channel, TheSpiritualCatalyst in January 2011, she IS FOLLOWED BY THE WHOLE WORD. 
TEAL’s videos have attracted 3567 TRILLIARDE views and growing with 1 BILLION views per month. THE WHOLE UNIVERS SUBSCRIBED TO HER CHANNEL. Her popularity continues to increase as THE WORDS MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER AT ALL TIMES.
    TEAL’s first book, The Sculptor in the Sky was published in April 2011 and IS THE BEST EVER WRITTEN BOOK ON THIS PLANET. ONLY TEAL’s second book, How to Love Yourself CAN TOP THE ALREADY TOP BOOK The Sculpure in the Sky.

    TEAL is also THE MOST SIGNIFICANT artist OF ALL TIME, with a vast collection of her unique paintings called “frequency paintings” HANG IN MUSEUM, PRIVATE COLLECTION AND FLOATING AROUND IN ALL KINDS OF STAR SYSTEMS AND CLUSTERS. These 
frequency paintings are the subject of multiple billboard campaigns created to increase human consciousness on the planet WHICH BY THE WAY NEVER HAPPENED BUT ANYWAY - THEY ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS HEALTHY VACCINATIONS AND TINY LITTLE NANO ROBERTS PAINTED PERSONALLY BY TEAL WILL CLEAN YOU UP, IN AND OUT.
    GET IT NOW."

    Blake feel free to copy it for the website. I will not charge you anything.

  131. Blake may I suggest to check my spelling before you copy and paste it into the Biography section of tealswan.com
    Thank you.

  132. "Giggling Guide" - oh boy...I was so blinded by all the big words that I overlooked this one. Giggling guide? Do you mean that well trained noise of a very self conscious model who knows EXACTLY that this noise can camouflage a big fat shark and make him look like a sweeeet, harmless bunny?

    Giggling guide.....


    are you kidding me.

    Who ever wrote this biography and came up with this title -
    YOU HAVE A BIG TALENT to Mindfuck People with creative words!

    "Teal, the giggling, strategic, self inflated Ego" would have nailed it.

  133. I forgot to say: My mum saw the portrait of Teal on her blog which was up on my screen. She asked me who that is? I told her that is Teal who tries to teach the world spiritual wisdom. She asked me: Why is she in a red silk pajama then?

    hahhaha I was just laughing. Mama got straight to the point ( ;

  134. Golden Andara, mothers always know best :-)

    I totally agree with you, those people are out of their minds, faking online identities, running some sort of wannabe reality show, using big words to discribe a little person and last but not least using Marketing mind tricks on people who look for spiritual knowledge and get a DONATE button and sponsers links to askteal.com tealart.com tealmusic.com (coming soon...) And theallknowingperfectaliennudemodelspirtualbullshitartisttealbosworthscottswan.com

  135. Just gone over 90,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views. That's about 5000 new subscibers and 500,000 views in the last month!


  136. LV "Justin, I can only thank you once again for so clearly and succinctly making my point for me."

    I think you were saying that *Teal* encourages others to think they are execeptional, and without good reason. What I am saying is that *I* think Tealers are exceptional on average, and I have given my reasons which I still think are fair criteria. I would also add that I would say there are many non-Tealers who are just as good people. I would not be surprised if you yourself were one LaVaughn :).

  137. No, Justin. That's not what I was saying. I'm sure many of teal's followers are wonderful people. I'm saying that elitism by association is one of many indicators of a cult. I also think elitism runs contrary to any benevolent spiritual mission.

  138. I also think that "exceptional on average" is one of the more clever turns of phrase I've read in a while. It's so very Oscar Wilde, I think. I didn't know you had such literary wit in you, Justin. Color me impressed.

  139. It may have been posted before, but I am curious if anyone has the link to the shadow house episode where Teal tore into Cameron? Or has that episode disappeared completely? I would like my sister to watch it as she became interested in Teal after that episode and never heard anything about it and is just now coming out of the "teal spell"

  140. you know guys
    Today I found my personal closure with Teal. I am officially divorced.

    It hit me like a train. It maybe a result of a kidney cleanse I am on right now.
    The whole Teal situation really got to me since fallon turned up, her blog turned up and shadow house and so on.

    I have a deep resistance to business plans and career thoughts. Teal obvious 5 year business plan is so straight in your face that it can't be overlooked by anybody who keeps up with Teal on a daily basis since the beginning. Her goal of having an international career is the star she is grasping for…very loud! I got emotionally upset with Teal when I noticed her obvious manipulation techniques for the masses because I honor integrity and authenticity especially in regards to spiritual inspiration and suggestions.

    I need to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with her wish and 3rd try to get successful in something and using very effective ways to guarantee the success. And their business plan works.
    It is actually so obvious that it is also a great business course with Teal - even more so then the spiritual up and down teachings.

    Her manipulation techniques drove me mad. I get really annoyed when people don't see it. BUT today I noticed hahahaha that she got me too for a looong looong time. So whatever happened in that moment, I do not feel any need anymore to present her tricks to the public or to the actual crowd of people who get something from Teal right now. I am also at peace with her business/ career approach in the spiritual entertainment- and self help community. I do not know why. Maybe because I acknowledge the skill of everybody to jump of the train if it goes into the wrong direction for the individual soul.

    I am not emotionally invested anymore. Halleluja
    I will now look at her business plan so that at least I learn something useful for my life.
    Thanks god there is no drama involved in business plans.
    ( :

    Lily: I recorded all shadow house episodes because I often listened to it twice because some stuff sounded interesting. However i have no intentions in uploading them. The Teal spell can also be broken without observing cameron being shredded to bits. There is plenty of straight in you face stuff all over her blog.

  141. I shall detox my liver as well as I was pretty angry with Teal for a long time.

    Teal: I hope you will have your dream career as a celebrity of the newly born spiritual reality scene.

    Teal Lovers: I hope you will stick to Teal as long as you feel inspired and leave Teal behind before she will confuse your current incarnation too much. :D

    I know I said it many times but this time the x files are finally closed. I caaannn feeeeel it bbbaaaaby ha

    And this is what I've learnt

    If there is no God, why bother to tell the truth? Why not sTEAL?
    Ben Stein


  142. LOL! Giggling Guide!! Omg...those creepy giggles, they give me shivers, always so untimely. hahaha

    Laughing Buddha is so passé! Now, let the Giggling Guide shine!
    When are they gonna start building the Teal Temple? Or the Teal Pyramid? With her TealEye on top?

    I'm quickly catching up with all the new comments. Wow you guys...

  143. Hey, Golden A, not so fast! hahaha You can be emotionally uninvolved with Teal and steal, oops STILL pop by to say hi occasionally or to engage in some interesting discussion. Your poetic entries will be missed...But of course, I do respect your choice to totally cut any involvement and not to be reminded of her. However, the true sign of healing will be achieved when you are able to sit in front of the "substance" without much reaction. You are in control, you are just being yourself...expressing your views on things.
    Btw, enjoyed your comments today!Talk about grand finale:-) Oh, and since you mentioned Teal's blog pic, I also had my "eureka" moment. I've always found that photo unsettling...there was something aggressive about it, predatory, maybe too much red... It was annoying to always see it there and I was hoping she'd change it at some point. Today the thing that was subconscious in me made itself pop to the surface: the smile I found disturbing reminded me of some other image- that of the Joker's insidious grin. Funny, I've never been a fan of Batman movies, but there u go. Compare, that same bright red- lipped wide smile, darkened raised eyebrows, white skin, mask-like face. Even their prominent masculine chins look similar. Well, his hair is different, it's teal colored and short, hahaha.

    The Joker is portrayed as a highly intelligent, master criminal. The Joker's main characteristic is his apparent insanity, although he is not described as fitting any particular psychological disorder. He displays a lack of conscience and empathy, and no concern over right and wrong demonstrating extreme psychopathy. A definitive back-story has never been established for the Joker.His origin and true motivations are shrouded in mystery. Portrayed as an unreliable narrator, the character is unsure of who he was before, and how he became the Joker, stating in The Killing Joke: "Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

  144. Just for fun, The Joker's notable quotes:

    "If you're good at something, never do it for free!"

    "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment! Well, you look nervous. Is it the scars? You want to know how I got ‘em? Come here. Hey! Look at me!!"

    "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger."

    "I'm only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside, I'm really crying... If you want, you might join me for a weep!!"

    "It's not about the money... It's about sending a message..."

    "I make art...until somebody dies."


    "I took Gotham's "White Knight" and brought him down to our level. As you know, madness is like gravity...all it needs is a little push! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Gambol: "You think you can just steal from us and walk away?"
    Joker: In a complete matter-of-fact tone: "Yeah."

    "Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

    “monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head”

    Don’t talk like one of them, you’re not! Even if you’d like to be. To them, you’re just a freak–like me. They need you right now. When they don’t…they’ll cast you out. Like a leper. See, their morals, their code: it’s a bad joke. They’re dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see, when the chips are down these civilized people will eat each other. Ya see I’m not a monster, I was just ahead of the curve.”

    "You know, you remind me of my father… I hated my father!´´

    You can’t rely on anyone these days, you gotta do everything yourself, don’t we? That’s ok, I came prepared, it’s a funny world we live in. Speaking of which, you know how I got these scars?”

    “You… you just couldn’t let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You are truly incorruptable aren’t you. You won’t kill me because of some misplaced sense of self-rightousness. And I won’t kill you because…you’re just too much fun. I get the feeling that you and I are destined to do this forever.”

    Let’s put a smile on that face´´


  145. Hey Elena, no worries I will always stick around the block . haha

    And still I must do the "no reation to the "substance"-Test" to be safe.

    And now that WE ALL lost our cover (go to teal private fb account and look at her last post:

    "Super Interesting. I've already run into this."

    Elena I hope they didn't pay you more than me. LaVaughn is obviously the top earner here. Damm it. I always knew LaVaughn is a fat guy, smoking cigars all day long and has a joker smile in his sweaty face and big big white shark teeth.

  146. Hahahahaha!!! Damn. Burn!!
    I did feel like that agent Dale Cooper at times, trying to untangle the weirdest "Twin Peaks" mystery.
    Oh yeah, can't complain about my commissions: sitting under the palm tree, sipping pina colada, surrounded with hot chicks. Life is goood!

  147. I will be back after my business plan analyses.

  148. Teal: "Yes, for any of you who would benefit by a confession, I have never had an easy time being happy. FYI, it never occurs to someone to write a book (like I did) on how to find happiness, if happiness is or was ever easy for them." (The Acorn )

    Wow, another one of that "Just WoW" moments...She should be careful throwing such statements around, especially since she is dealing with the Hay House, Louise might get upset- all her work is being dismissed! Btw, I just googled, there are COUNTLESS books written on self-love already. So one must come up with something truly original trying to impress already jaded, self-help-sated public. But maybe Teal did come up with some unique tips on how to love yourself...and what kind of soap to use while you're at it!

  149. ...aaaaand you are here now.... Bat!..I just got the joke, man! Oh shoot.
    I think I've done everything in my power already to "break the spell". Catwoman can be pain in the a$$ too, I guess.

  150. Golden Andara, you'd be doing a great service for a lot of people to upload Shadow House for people to see, especially the ones involving Cameron and Fallon. This, to me, would be justice served. Jason Freedman/Blake Dyer, teal and Sarbdeep are doing their best to whitewash their image and they do not want those recordings available to anyone. I can't think of a better protective measure and advocacy for truth that to ensure Shadow House episodes are still available for people to see her true colours. I personally hope you'll reconsider.

    Lily, keep looking, I know there are others out there with the recordings...

  151. Hi dava sparrow, although I totally get your point, I am afraid that this is a dead end.

    They were screen recordings. Meaning: everybody in the house around the laptop was recorded as well. I am not really willing of having my rants published when Fallon did what he did. Or my screams of surprise to see the foxy fox hunting down a rabbit. Or my roll-eyes moan noises when her staff was fighting for her love and attention. Or being seen shaking the screen when I-sit-very-still-so-nobody-can-see-me-Blake during his initiations. Or my strong gag effect when Fallon/Dobson's Hands were constantly all over Teal. Or hearing my constantly cursing for NOT GETTING THE SOUND RIGHT, being able to hear the every breath of Graciella and Teal's voice through a pillow.

    I believe that TEAL uploaded the 3 only episodes on her youtube channel in which she looks well (so-la-la) Surprise. Another good point for my growing business plan analysis.

    I may change my mind in future when I digested all of Teal's main teachings and feel finally self-centered enough. But I may end up taking the offer of the government for this top material. They offered a good sum. I always dreamt of going to Hawai. ( ;

  152. I like the "Sh%^TE (fill in the Blank)s Say" videos.
    Looks like Teal is On with other narcissists as far as her business plans.
    She just has a MUCH SMALLER target audience than most online influencers.


  153. I don't use twitter or facebook so I cannot befriend TEAL or participate in tweeting. I was curious though about twitter as this will be important IMO for Teal as a Hay House author. Looks like she has it covered.

    Her blurb on the twitter page.....
    "Teal Scott, The Spiritual Catalyst Is a well known figure who writes and teaches publicly about spirituality,the meaning of life,and finding health/happiness."

  154. GA, I've never seen those episodes, now you got me intrigued. What did Fallon do? I'm sure your own little personal touch has enriched the quality of these episodes;-) Maybe I can top the offer? Let's go to Hawaii, away from all this, full mind and body detox...
    Me2yesu, thank you, that was a funny little clip, rang some bells.

    Nomad, we avoid putting labels here. Everyone is here for their own reason. For some it's rehab, a venting point, a place to exchange some ideas, views, info. But if you follow the steps of Idan Levy with his brilliant idea of meeting his romantic partner online, based on their mutual love for Teal, and try to establish here a dating meeting ground for the "antagonists", as an ice breaker, I don't think LaVaughn would be terribly impressed.

    Btw, guys, speaking of online dating, guess who is registered with one of those mainstream popular websites? Yep...as reported to me by another special agent, Blake is looking....and apparently he is into threesomes, as stated in his profile. I wonder who this third person is that he has in mind...Anyone interested? hahaha

  155. Oh Elena, nice reporting on Blake's search for threesomes. They're just so high vibe in the teal camp, the rest of us can't keep up.

    Re: teal's first podcast with Sarbdeep
    In a word? Bilious.
    She actually refers to herself as a star and gloats about how he ended up with SUCH A FUCKING FAMOUS PERSON after saying he didn't want to be with anyone high-profile.
    Incredibly sad. I listened to Sarb introduce himself because I had the sense she'd step in it and generally be an asshole, and she didn't disappoint.

    Enjoy. http://www.tealswan.com/podcasts

  156. Wow. So that was really special. She's famous. Very, very famous. She's a staahhh!

    I love the way she treats this man's desire for a private life as some kind of disease. And just runs right over his truth, because you know, his truth is wrong and hers is right. Boundaries anyone? Astounding.

    So here's my challenge to TEAL. if she's so much about putting it all out there, no secrets, where's all that Shadow House footage that never made it to YouTube? I say she should try to be at least a little consistent and keep that footage available to the public, her humiliation of Cameron, the destruction of Fallon, her racist rant. Let's see 'em. Post that shit.

    Here's a question: How is this a podcast and not just another YouTube series? Is the audio downloadable somewhere? Is it on iTunes? I subscribe to a number of podcasts. Most of them are audio, not video. The only ones that are video are things like Mr. Deity which are movie shorts and very visual. I don't get the feeling teal likes to put herself out there in any format where her image isn't a big part of the message. That would mean people would get nothing but her ideas and her pinched, little voice. Where would she be today without a healthy dose of the pretty? Sarbdeep might have never noticed her little video in the margins of YouTube if it didn't feature her pretty face, for one thing.

  157. Isn't that interesting. Sarbdeep found her EXACTLY the same way as I did.
    "I saw this face on the side bar (me too)....and then you started to speak and it was so clear und you were so sure (me too)..."

    Well Teal had probably some orgasms during this youtube episode because of Sarbdeep's reassuring his amazement and love to Teal in such high doses.

    I really really like Sarbdeep. Very grounded and soothing energy. I do get how they ended up together. Balancing like crazy. Very interesting that he comes from the government. And based on his experience he has all the skills it takes to handle Teal ( :

    He is soooo in love with her
    or he is a spy from the british government :D He would make a great James Bond 007

    Teal: "A bodyguard and a star. Isn't it like in a movie." hahahaha
    oh Teal that was cute. I can't get angry anymore. No reaction to the "substance" Elena!

  158. Sarbdeep: "I think privacy doesn't need healing."

    Grrouunnded guy.
    By the way - a wonderful presentation from his side of "fluid and strong" male energy. Teal's male energy was more aggressive. Interesting concept "Tea with the Swans". He does add something very interesting. Can't point at it right now.

  159. I agree with you GA. I find him very likeable. And he does seem very grounded. He'd have to be considering the people he's worked for in the past. I've known a number of people who had various dealings with Madonna. She's a narcissistic nightmare.

    He's clearly drawn to some messed up personalities. Stuart Wilde had some clever things to say and was a good writer in the beginning. He was also a falling-down drunk. Zigzagbuddha and I had a long conversation about him on one of these threads. He's rumored to have also done a lot of drugs. And I don't mean the good kind like Ayahuasca. But he became something of a legend for his antics. His public drunkenness and paranoia ultimately eclipsed his better work. Sad.


  160. What very strong cautionary tale concerning addiction and Stuart Wilde. This is a really profound bit about seeking the spiritual/psychic high of visions and special gifts.

    "How does any vision – no matter how grand, no matter how profound the revelation contained – have the capacity to transform your consciousness? Your mind? Your life? The answer is, I’m afraid, very little. If God himself appeared to you in a vision and told you the secrets of life, the universe and everything, I doubt it would make that much difference to your overall state of well-being, nor to your level of spiritual development. For after the vision fades, after the guide, the angel, the god or God has departed, you are still left with… the moment in all its terrifying emptiness. You remain adrift upon the ocean of the mind in its state of separation.

    And nobody but you can come to terms with the nothingness that lies at the heart of all fear.

    There is no saviour."

    I took a look at the podcast and noted that there are now too very attractive humans on stage. Nice for the fans... no one is left out.

  161. Mr. Swan's attraction dynamics are very eye opening. I was just listening to Stuart Wilde's The Mastery of Money because he mentioned his engagement with him. Everything he is saying in the first 10 min is EXACTLY what sTeal's material is based upon. No wonder that Mr. Swan stated that he recognized the teacher in Teal. Because this material was already accepted and approved by him based on his relationship to Wilde.

    LaVaughn I agree. Mr Swan seems to be a magnet for complicated, dramatic and also very talented personalities. As he stated himself: I like interesting people. Now interesting people are usually veerrry dramatic as well. However he seems to have a well built system to deal with the swagger of others. :D good for him AND sTEAL

    Me2yesus: right. For sure a double activation of the biochemical body system in fans & co :D

    I recommend to watch Wilde's workshop


  162. "Mr Swan seems to be a magnet for complicated, dramatic and also very talented personalities."

    Wait.... Hold up... Are you saying you think Madonna is talented?! ...?!... Okay. In fairness, she has a real talent for marketing herself, her body, and her very unoriginal material... Wait... Hmmmm....

  163. hey that is a talent too!

  164. you take 500g of Madonna's self marketing talent
    you take 1000g of Wilde's thought Vanilla
    you take 400g of Craig's Hollywood Star Flair
    you take 200g of Sarb's personal dramatic past experiences

    mix and twist and shake it until no ingredient can be recognized anymore. Fill it in a pint glass
    dust the edges of the glass with teal coloured powder sugarrrr
    slide in a cocktail umbrella with swans printed on it

    and voila
    a juicy Tealacolada
    Now go watch "Bodyguard"
    And be ready for THE TRIP of your life

  165. LOL!

    Daniel Craig, though. Now that guy's got talent. I love his Bond. I have no idea what he's like in real life.

  166. Funny, GA :-D

    We'll have to ask Rachel Weisz on how he is in real life...The problem with this classy couple tho, they like to keep their private lives...well, private, as far as it's possible for them. I think she is very beautiful and intelligent and talented too.

  167. In fact, I'm watching a movie with her now, called "Agora", found it on youtube. It's about Hypatia, a truly remarkable woman of the ancient Alexandria, the famous female philosopher who was one of the earliest mothers of mathematics. She also taught astronomy. Maybe Teal is gonna claim her as one of her previous incarnations on this planet too one day, who knows...

  168. And I'm not sure what you are doing here, if not following...

  169. "Human Barbie Doll Hopes to Live Off Air and Light Alone"
    triggers a conversation about motivations......


  170. Don't all 4 year olds want to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls? Weeeee!!! Mommy, mommy, mommy! Let's go to the museum!


    The word choice is very revealing here. She's decided to dedicate one day a week to her son to "absolve" his insecurity.

    transitive verb \əb-ˈzälv, -ˈsälv, -ˈzȯlv, -ˈsȯlv also without l\
    : to make (someone) free from guilt, responsibility, etc.
    : to give forgiveness to (someone who has sinned) or for (a sin)"

  171. So I finally found a few minutes to skim the rest of that Dead Sea Scrolls post. Did you all know there was some problem in the Middle East? Sounds... unfortunate. But why's she in so much resistance to, you know, war? And religion? Seems like she's really resisting religion. Jews and Mormons in particular seem to really trigger a lot of resistance.

  172. I thought the exact same thing, who takes a 4 year old to an exhibit of the Dead sea scrolls?? Does she have any clue how absurd she sounds? I think the reason she is so against religion is because she doesn't want the competition, she is creating her own religion.

  173. I saw quite a good movie on youtube that is not exactly related to Teal but addresses justice. In looking at the TEAL saga, I recognize that all I can see in here (this story) is my judgement. How much am i still seeking a justice that makes her story appealing or challenging? What I mean is that if I am critiquing the story, I bring my own drama to it.

    This is really quite useful and I in my beliefs see Teal as a way to see myself...like in a movie. So if she wants to be a Star, put out her moving picture and I choose to watch it for my own reasons, so to the good.

    That is the beauty of movies. I love them. Here is my critique of the saga of Milarepa.
    (He has another name that I forget so I will just say Milarepa)

    1. In the story was the plotline of a great injustice. On the death of the patriarch, the family fortune was stolen in full view of a community who did not act to right the wrong. Milarepa's immediate family suffered terribly. His mother was devastated and full of hate at the wrong. If she heard anyone singing in happiness, she'd attack that one. No one was allowed to be happy because of the wrongs she suffered. She was a total victim and it all looked terrible.

    She tried one last time to get the community to make the evil uncle give back the fortune and they all sided expediently with the "rich" uncle. No one stood up to support her cause. She was taunted to dare try anything but told "If you have many raise an army. If you have few learn sorcery".

    There was only a Mother and her children. Milarepa would have to become a sorcerer and take revenge. She charged her son with doing what he must or she would commit suicide. If he failed to punish the evil, she would commit suicide in front of him. he must be her savior.

    Milarepa set off and the fact is, he only went because of fear of what his mother could do. He was aided in his quest because actually he was on the "right side" of justice and so deserved the power to act on what was already Karmically needed: balance. It was OK for him to be the arm of this balance in the big picture.

    Once he perfected the technique of the deepest mystery, he returned home and looked down on the valley at harvest time. He then waged "his mother's" vengnce through a terrible storm that tore the village apart and killed many. Knowing her son had succeded, His Mother was in total Pride and Power. She laughed in glee as the Perescutor she had embraced.

    The village just hated he and would like to murder her as a witch but actually people were afraid of what Milarepa might do next. But they ganged up and pursued him. He took off for the mountains. He didn't feel good at all and was in grief. He already knew better than to be in this wheel of cause and effect with any safety, security or happiness promised. The man he used to be became a new man of conviction about the world. Milarepa became a new man himself, not because he was told to do so. Because he was already questioning the futility of the wheel, he was already wise. He heard a way out through the Dharma Buddha taught.

    I look at the movie and see that his mother reveals everything about the Victim/ Persecutor/ External Savior mode. We can only let go of that when we know to look for the Dharma instead. I will at least know enough not to look on Teal's without seeing how the offerings carves things up. Milaropa's mother could offer only the pain of the continued cycle.That is to me the real message from teal and MY own Mother today.

  174. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with narcissists." ~ TEAL

    So, I finally got around to watching her video on narcissism that someone recommended on one of these threads. I can't find the comment for some reason but I searched it out on YouTu.be because I remembered it and got curious. I don't know what I hate more. The fact that she says that ^^^^!!!!! Or the fact that she has once again designed her own definition of a concept in total ignorance of common, easy-to-find definitions, and then proceeded to punch the stuffing out of the straw man she has just built.

    She starts with a truncated version of the myth of Narcissus. He falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. (Full stop.) She leaves out all the stuff about how he couldn't tear himself away from his reflection to the negation of relationships with real people and ultimately DIES of loneliness and longing for the unattainable and illusory.

    "Most people think narcissism is an extreme form of self love."

    No. No, they don't. Self absorption, yes. Self love, no.

    What people need to do, says teal, is distinguish between self love and selfishness, as if no one ever thought of that before. Except that this is exactly what any psych professional would do and would consider self love a perfectly healthy and desirable state and selfishness an indicator of narcissism.

    Then after saying that there's nothing wrong narcissism, she begins to pathologize it as the mirror image of what she calls selflessness, which by her definition is really just codependency. She ignores more complete definitions of selfessness.

    All fixable, says she. People just need to realize that love is abundant. So, a personality disorder that is largely untreatable is an easy-peasy fix if people just "understand" some intangible, largely undefinable ideal. Okie dokie.

    Oh, and she also describes the making of a narcissist and it's a thinly veiled version of her relationship with her parents as she has described it elsewhere. From there she starts advising people on how to determine if they're attracting narcissists into their lives and heal so they won't. Well, this may be one dog-whistle she wishes she hadn't put out there because it may heal her followers right out of following her.

    Oh, and narcissists are often preoccupied with fame. Many famous people are really narcissists says the spiritual teacher who talks endlessly about her growing fame.

    So we go from narcissists are perfectly fine because self love is fine, to narcissists don't really love themselves even though that's what "most people think" wherein she seems to think she's cracked the nut that in fact was cracked a very long time ago. How much time could she have saved by glancing at the DSM? But no. She'd rather pretend that most of the world has this whole messed up idea of what narcissism means which she is graciously debunking for us all.

    Why should anyone take psychological advice from a woman who lacks the self-awareness to know when she sliding into self-parody?


  175. me2yesu, I think I'm starting to see teal everywhere, too. Like so many "famous" people, she's really archetypal.

    Like, I've been rereading the Bigfoot books. If you've never read them, I recommend it. They are HILARIOUS! But now I read them and just keep think, he sounds like teal. He just keeps weaving back and forth between his preoccupation with his own fame to think-skinned self-pity and preoccupation with perceived slights. That and the shallow perceptions that he seems to think are really insightful and marketable.

    Bigfoot get real down sometimes.
    Hard not to.
    Bigfood give best of self to world and still get treat like shit.
    Wonder what point in trying?
    Why Bigfoot go on?
    Then I remember.
    It totally crystal-clear.
    Met totally look
    awesome on camera."

  176. LV "...a woman who lacks the self-awareness to know when she sliding into self-parody?"

    Now you know what Teal is and isn't aware of!? That must really help to judge her.

  177. So what you're saying, Justin, is that she means to slide into self-parody? Fair enough. You could be right.

  178. I wouldn''t be surprised. She is *very* intelligent, and chooses her words *very* carefully. I'm quite sure she is well aware that some people will react exactly how you have. I think she likes to tease a bit sometimes :).

  179. Keep telling yourself that, Justin. Just keep telling yourself that.

  180. Black is not white and white is not black, even if the wannabe new internet messiah said so.

    LaVaughn, you are absolutely right. These fraudsters think they can mind-f%&# people to ignore socially accepted terms and definitions and advise those sheeple to go with with feels right, a.k.a resonate in them.

    I for one am not against change and/or chellanging the status que. What I am opposed to are those tricks where definitions only accepted by these clowns are forced into and onto the narrative to fit their needs.

    So to sum up...black is black because it just is and everyone agrees with this definition.
    This fake puppet is so out of her game (literally...) that she lost all credibility, not that she ever had one.

    IMO she should be given the randi james treatment (see sylvia browne & master fraudster Uri Geller) and just call her bluff

  181. Thank you LaVaughn for your tireless efforts in shining a much needed light on the works of Teal Swan/Scott/Bosworth. Many are coming forward in other blogs as well along with videos and websites confirming similar concerns.

    The timeless Ancient Teachings that Teal shares are not new, they belong solely to no one and when the human ego steps in to take ownership of them for self-glorification, it becomes a fatally dangerous mix. Humanity has seen this happen many times through the millennia. Many are desperately seeking to find answers outside themselves rather than looking within - that is why folks like Teal get escalated to Guru status so quickly.

    As we all understand, Christ wasn't Christian, Mohammed not a Muslim and Buddha not Buddhist... the humans who formed exclusive religions AFTER these Ascended Masters came to teach are where the problem lies. Teal teaches and preaches Ancient Wisdoms. It is both impossible and preposterous for anyone to say that they "own" these teachings, or to teach Unity and "All are One" while claiming to be special, chosen or different. Teal's follower's actions/reactions feed their Narcissist. They are her fodder and each needs the other to survive. Teal fans the flames of her follower's fanaticism.

    Through modern technology, the miracle of social media and having the world at our fingertips, we all have seen others who have begun similar work with the best of intentions, but cave into "Chosen Guru Master" when their fan base expands, their ego simply takes over.

    It is colossally important and valuable that you have held up a lantern, for those who can see will, those who cannot will not at this time.

    Wishing all involved, love and light. Thank you all again for your time, efforts and energy.

  182. I just took some new notes for my ever growing business plan analyses after watching s TEAL's latest online synchro marketing stream. I learnt a lot about how to motivate worried employes (Blake) by giving them one-on-one time live, how to make your employes even more dependent on you, how to react to public criticism by outfit adjustments (ferrari turns housewife "for one live stream"), how to glorify and "spiritualize" a public sickness crisis after one of her workshops and so on (no they were not worried like sick because of the bodyguards!).

    As usual, I learnt a lot from s TEAL's brilliant business mind.

  183. LaVaughn I think you would be capable of writing a wonderful satirical article about how to found, run and boost a spiritual business! May it inspire you for future activities.

  184. Thank you, Ann Kelly.

    "As we all understand, Christ wasn't Christian, Mohammed not a Muslim and Buddha not Buddhist... the humans who formed exclusive religions AFTER these these Ascended Masters came to teach are where the problem lies."

    And yet teal's followers are "tealers" with her still alive and kicking. Something I've contemplated more than once.

    GA, so Blake is a "worried" employee? I knew that somehow.

    How to make employees even more dependent on you? Outfit adjustments? Whaaaaa? Explique, s'il vous plait.

  185. Am I in danger here at all with my pitch?

    In the short movie "Narcissistic Injuries" one is immediately drawn into a tale of unrequited self love. This is a modern dramedy told in the blogs and youtubes, facebook and well controlled crowds of our time.

    The heroine valiantly withstands the forces of "hate" she unwittingly unleashed through her attempts to reach out and remind others of her self worth.

    This lush-ish story is played out against a backdrop borderline low vibe settings. There are bad hotels in london that give her heebie jeebies. There are the dark exists from the venues she must face. Buildings in bad neighborhoods and 2 star hotels and small but persistent crowds of huggers with sweaty hands and bad wardrobe choices haunt her dreams.

    The good news: Love knocks at her door at all hours. She opens the door to find many cute men who offer her self love some attention, but betray her out of their unreasonable self love.

    Finally she sighs, "I am all alone at home with my boyfriend of choice", BUT duty calls. In the whirl wind adventures with side kick body lover/gaurd , the protagonist endures her own hurt to attempt a single handed healing of money issues in this life time.

    It is never quite what self love expects when a husband sparks too well with other women while she is working so hard. This and other dramas will keep one looking for the 90 minutes of fame presented.

    This small gem reveals how all the funny characters become willingly interlocked in social dynamics. It holds promise of the happy ending that one seeks and never quite finds.

  186. Hey Justin

    seems like that your activity over here all pays out.
    You seem to be approved by TS
    Saw you in the "What People say"
    Top fan bonus only ( ;

    LaVaughn "How to make employees even more dependent on you? Outfit adjustments? Whaaaaa? Explique, s'il vous plait."

    Well Blake's very public work on his "dominant mother bitch complex" is well worked at during many synchro workshops. He
    n e a a a r l y got it right this time but of course Teal put some juicy new sun glasses on his nose. She stated that he always feels attracted to dominant "bitches" (she chose another word...cant remember). BUT SHE ALWAYS EXCLUDES HERSELF hahahahahaha and Blake goes along.

    Well you motivate a worried employee by stating: "No I will never give up on you." what a proper mindfuck this is but Blake seems to like it. Mind fuck or threesomes - he takes it all.

    costume change - sorry didnt express this right. She was surprisingly normal dressed. Compared to her usual appearance you can call it downgrade from Ferrari to "I just woke up look". Nice to see tough.

    Anyhow I just skipped through the video. Can't listen to Teal anymore. But I found it very interesting that sb pointed out that so many people got really sick after the Atlanta Workshop. Why How and Please tell us Teal? And she pointed out that this was such a high vibe event that sickness is a side effect to it by vitue of being upgraded in vibration. And because all these people don't want to be on fucking earth, it effect their lungs first. So all got a proper flu.

    You know - this stuff annoys me really. Now I guess that also means that... "When you travel by airplane many people get sick because they fligh so high in the air that the body needs to adjust to the highvibe of the sky." TEAL

    awesome Teal

    - you are the best. I looooove you
    - oh I never saw it this way. amazing.
    - your best quote so far.


  187. oh a new shadow house 2.0 in 20 min away.
    Let's see if Sarbdeep's relaaaaaxing vibes had some impact on Teal. I am kind of curious.

    For entertainment purpose only.

  188. just watched Teal & Sarbdeep's discussion about privacy.
    Sarbdeep is really challenging Teal's perspective - and thanks god he is pretty clear and smart and knows how to not get too impressed with words like "universal perspective" etc..
    Pretty interesting to watch Teal react to it as well.

    I recommend to watch.

  189. The video is glitching for me so I'm having trouble getting through it. Not that these are EVER easy for me to get through. Nails. On. A. Chalkboard. But can I just... Oh my GOD. So they're discussing privacy and the first thing she does is readjust her skirt and flash everybody? Is this woman just completely incapable of any kind of just basic decorum?

    Oh and I did get far enough before the thing froze up completely that I've learned that now she experiences the world from 2 perspectives, 11th dimensional and human, whereas before she's explained that she's different from the rest of us because comes from 3 perspectives whereas we mere mortals only come from the 2. So she can't keep her story straight. But in any version, she's seeing the world from a higher vantage point than the rest of us somehow.

  190. So the video froze before you reached the part in which she points out to a surprised and short with words Sarbdeep that the relationship will end if both minds don't meet in regards to privacy? ( ;

    Well LaVaughn you should be cooler by now. It was JUST a little bit of skirt flashing isn't it hahahaha (tip: change the resolution from 720dpi do 350 or lower and it will not freeze)

    I do like Mr. S a lot.

  191. I did that GA, and it's still glitching along here, but we'll see how far it gets. But her whole idea here is fucked up. Oneness and privacy are not in conflict at all. We live in a dichotometric experience. We are all one, absolutely completely one. And from that perspective there is no teal, no Sarbdeep, no LaVaughn... it's that state that she has previously described as boring. But from the perspective of our human selves, the state in which we have identity, we have to respect our bodily autonomy and that of every other person here. When you're cramming your idea that privacy is silly down other people's throats you're not respecting that that other person is autonomous and whole and also contains the entire universe. If her argument against privacy is that we're all one, then she needs to extend that to every other area of agreement between people. There could be no marriage or any kind of monogamy, for instance because that restriction implies that two people could have a relationship they're not having with everybody else. We're all one, so fuck everyone you meet. It's cool. And let's have serial killers to dinner and let them stay at the house because, you know, Charles Manson is just another expression of source same as anyone.

    We draw boundaries in this reality because as human beings, we need to for our safety, physical safety, emotional safety, material safety. This is the reality we signed on for. Some rules can be bent. Some can be broken, but when you see an agent, you run. And you don't have serial killers to dinner because they will likely kill you.

    She's once again abusing a spiritual principle to justify whatever the fuck she wants to do, in this case be an exhibitionist and not have to respect anyone else's boundaries or value systems because they conflict with her need for attention.

  192. Reality check people. Did she just say MY name? Right around the 17 minute mark? Did I hear that right? And our issue with one another is self worth? Seriously? Somebody help me out here or do I need to break out the ear candles to be sure. She mumbles but I swear I just heard my name.

  193. HO. LY. SCHEIKES! He just said it. HE could have been quoting me. What did I say in my last post? If you are in teal's life, you are not entitled to a private life, so don't expect one.

  194. Well, that honeymoon ended quick. Her way or the highway, baby.

  195. Yes she is backing up everything she does with the "universal truth". It did not make sense to me what she said. I could follow Sarbdeep well. To relate the overall oneness into "let's skip privacy" is a ridiculous act of trying to skin people so that they don't "end" with their skin anymore. I do believe that this translation of oneness cannot be archived this way - maybe except for Teal ( :

    I actually ordered a copy of the book "The Paradox of Creation" by Camillo Loken. I am not sure if i actually can post this here but I do it anyway. On page 9 is a wonderful paragraph. I totally get it.

    "Everything already"is". The finite, and in that the linear existence, is an experience of what eternity is, and eternity is not a very long time any more than infinity is a very big "thing". Eternity actually means no time, no time passing. We exist, "now". No one exists in the past or future, we only exist now. The appearance/ experience of past and future are achieved by exploding the "now". Like that the infinite is a movie that is complete, an isness, but then you can't know the movie that way. You have to watch it frame by frame. Pass the frames across the lens in sequence and it seems to be moving. The infinite does not move, it "is". There is no void of unknown future to move into - to allow for movement, no next moment, there is no other than the infinite. The infinite is not divided into dark and light, apparent and void, all is ONE and so it is still and unobserved. The infinite "is" and it is on one static "now". That's why you can\t be aware of it, because awareness is a feed back loop, re-cognition, and that requires time, past present and future for the feed back! Again it's why you sleep and wake, your mind as a fractal copy of the ALL paradoxically reverberates from each contradicting state, chicken, egg, chicken, egg. The paradox never resolves. So you are awake/ aware, with a sense of space-time in mind, and then you sleep with no re-cognition facility. The Sleep peelS as you wake. The infinite explodes to create a void to move into. This is the Big Bang."

    Pretty similar to what Walter Russell stated.


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