Oct 10, 2014

Former Insider: TEAL is "Deluded and Dangerous" – UPDATED

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Update: In Which Jess Calls Me Names (See Below)

First, a note on TEAL's moniker: I can't keep up. Teal Bosworth Scott Swan has simply changed her name too many times for me to keep updating and adapting. She now seems to be identifying as Teal Swan, but when she first married Sarbdeep Singh Swan, she announced that her professional name would be TEAL, in all caps. For a while she signed all her obnoxious self-quoting info-graphics that way. At some point, she changed that to Teal Swan, but I am past caring. Because I have no idea how many times her last name will change, I am sticking with her suggestion of a stand-alone first name. However, I refuse to do the all-caps thing all the time. It's annoying to keep cap-locking as I type a body of text, so what I have adopted instead is the use of her first name and in all one case. In titles and at the beginnings of sentences, that is all caps, and in other text, all lowercase. This also solves the problem of having her name constantly SHOUTED, as that is what all caps means in internet-speak. So, for the most part, she is now identified in most of my text as teal.

After I posted my first blog on then Teal Scott, which focused largely on her mistreatment of her ex-boyfriend Fallon, I learned of another member of her inner circle who was similarly targeted, scapegoated, and vilified. The name Cameron Clark came up repeatedly in comments. The Shadow House episode in which teal had subjected her to a range of verbal assaults had gone down the memory hole, but it was the stuff of legend. As she had done with Fallon, teal instigated a shaming and shunning among her followers that was gruesome. Anyone who defended Cameron also got scorched, in some cases directly by teal.

Some time later Cameron reached out to me and we discussed some of her teal related concerns privately. When she felt ready to break her public silence, she also made some comments on my blog, to the great relief of many people who had been very concerned for her well-being. I am thrilled that Cameron now feels ready to tell her whole story publicly. In the player above, she is interviewed at length by Jessica Schab.

It's a long conversation, over five hours, but for anyone who wants to know what life in teal's orbit is really about, it's worth taking the time to weed through it. For reasons that should be obvious, I do not agree with Jessica's framing. I don't think teal is emblematic of the new age, of non-traditional spirituality, or of any kind of religion. I think she falls firmly into the category of religious abusers.

That she abuses her authority was apparent to me when I read in her blog posts that she had erroneously diagnosed her own boyfriend as a psychopath, blurring the lines between lover and client, between uncredentialed healer and therapist, between reality and something else entirely.

In the time since writing that first post, I have learned that the problems with teal are far worse than I could have imagined. Much of that knowledge has come from former followers and acquaintances -- some, like Cameron, who've been on the inside track.

What Cameron describes is a life lived on a roller-coaster, rising and falling with the many moods of an emotionally unbalanced woman. She is capricious, manipulative, and sexually inappropriate, moving people around, by her own admission, like chess pieces. (See: Noncast: The Bottomless Rabbit Hole, page search: rabbit)

 photo tealchessboard_zps498a0071.jpg

The most disturbing revelation comes toward the end of the first hour. At one point teal seemed to urge Cameron toward suicide.

It caught me off guard the first time I experienced one of Teal's borderline tirades where she flipped a switch and began berating me for all of my shortcomings a few weeks after I arrived in Utah. It started when she became extremely irritated with me and accused me of questioning her integrity, after she told me her cat Cosmos was actually a holographic soul projection from the planet Sirius, and that he had been talking to me and telling me that my blood sugar was off... I casually mentioned that I had just happened to read about blood sugar and it's effect on the body in the book called The Woman Code that she had coincidentally recommended I read just two days before. Despite my offhand manner, she claimed that I was "attacking her" and pled her case to Fallon, Graciela, and Flavia. I was dismayed by her reaction, but she claimed to have read my energy and accused me of energetically "throwing a dagger" and not trusting her. Then, in front of those guys, Teal immediately jumped to trying to convince me that I was suicidal (despite the fact that I wasn't and had never been suicidal before). I explained this,to her, and she went so far as to tell me that I was "passively suicidal" instead, and informed me that I was "uncommitted to life." She asked why I had never considered suicide before... I told her that despite the fact that she may believe that life is just an insignificant video game from "source perspective".... I happened to believe that suicide would hurt my family and I would never consider doing anything that selfish. Teal responded flippantly saying, "Hm, It's about time you were selfish, isn't it?"

Teal compared me to her client that she lost to suicide, and even went so far as to say that I looked like her. She went on to tell me among other things, that she could see my thoughts and my vibrations and that I was a match to breast cancer, and that I had stomach ulcers... This was news to me, as I had never had any symptoms. I am not someone who has ever easily let people hurt me, but by the end of her tirade, Teal finally had me in tears. Only Flavia who was extremely taken with Teal at the time, expressed that she thought Teal was being really hard on me. This didn't go over well, and the rest of the group remained silent. Teal told me to get in my car and drive to decide whether I was committed to life or not. Thank god by that time, I had the wherewithal to recognize that Teal was clinically insane, so I got in my car and drove to my apartment with the intention of packing up my things and moving back home to Washington. According to Fallon, Teal then became frantic and was in tears after I actually left and she had him call and text me asking if I was okay. I couldn't believe she had the audacity to believe that I would actually kill myself because she told me to. In hindsight, I do believe that someone who trusted Teal, was already depressed or suicidal, and was unaware of Teal's own mental instability may have fallen for her line of BS and decided to kill themselves. I would be shocked if Teal's client who killed herself (Teal referred to her as Leslie) knew of all of Teal's various mental problems at the time she was being "treated," and neither did Leslie's husband who repeatedly called to yell at Teal after he found his wife dead. I believe that Leslie's husband would’ve been able to take legal action against Teal if he had access to this information. [emphases mine]

The Leslie in question was a woman I had hoped, when I wrote this post, was a fiction. I was saddened to learn that a client of teal's had, indeed, committed suicide. As I wrote then, I found it disturbing that, not only did teal appear to know her client was suicidal, she seems to be the one who suggested the idea. This is how teal recounted her sessions with this client:

And so we had that very serious sit-down talk where we had to say, alright, we're either committing or not committing to life because every time I gave her a suggestion she'd stop in two days doing the suggestion. [emphasis mine] So then we have to ask the question do we really want this to work. And what's interesting is that when she asked herself that question the answer was, "No. I'm done." There's nothing that any healer could ever do for that type of vibration which is totally fine. From  source energy there's nothing wrong with death from that perspective. So, she chose to commit suicide.

Note that in both of these cases, teal apparently phrased things in terms of their needing to decide whether or not they were "committing" to life. Also, in both cases, the issue seems to have come up around teal's frustration with people not doing what she wanted them to do. They were both being difficult. A while ago teal's not psychopathic ex-boyfriend Fallon wrote a blog post entitled "After living in two cults." He has since removed it, but in it he had also claimed that teal had urged him to kill himself, and again, it was because he was being difficult.

In the alien cult, the matriarch tried everything and nothing worked for me!! NOTHING!!! She eventually told me that there was no hope for me and that I should go and kill myself. (Man, that girl was hurting)

So, among the things this self-described Spiritual Catalyst is catalyzing is suicidal ideation. And at least one former client is dead.

Also quite alarming, a mere six days after this poor woman killed herself, teal posted this video.

Here she elaborates on the idea that suicide is a valid, if less than optimal choice. She thinks it's unfortunate that we have so many judgments around suicide and explains in her typically ahistorical fashion that it's because of a control agenda on the part of the early Christian Church. Suicide is simply a product of an incomplete "expansion" process and opportunity to press a "reset button." The video contains such gems as an explanation of how it's perfectly normal for the bereaved to feel a sense of relief because suicidal people are so negative and burdensome.

Absent from her description is any advice on how to respond proactively if you suspect someone is suicidal. When someone is feeling suicidal -- which is apparently something she feels the need to inform some people of because it can be subconscious or "passive" -- her approach is to force a decision on whether or not that person is committed to life. If they choose not commit to life, well, there's "nothing that any healer could ever do" to prevent that suicide. That someone who is supposedly in the business of helping people is that ready to accept their "choice" to off themselves is disturbing on many levels.

Do I even need to point out that teal is exactly wrong on this issue? That many suicides are prevented by suicide hotlines, therapeutic intervention, and simple human kindness? For instance, there's this fellow in Australia who has reportedly prevented 160 suicidal leaps near his rather auspiciously placed home.

Don Ritchie lives across the street from the most famous suicide spot in Australia: A cliff known as "The Gap." Most people would move, but Ritchie's stayed for almost 50 years—saving an estimated 160 people from suicide.

So what's his big secret? Ritchie wakes up every morning and looks out the window for "anyone standing alone too close to the precipice." If he sees someone who looks like they might be contemplating a jump, he walks over and... strikes up a conversation.

My husband tells me that in two suicide prevention courses he's had to take in the Marine Corps, they advised people to acknowledge each other in passing and say hello. They cited the case of a Marine who was headed back to his room intending to eat his gun, but who was prevented by just such an act of basic courtesy. Yes, just smiling at a suicidal person and acknowledging their humanity can prevent suicide. Think about that for a moment. Random strangers can prevent suicide by saying hello, but the Spiritual Catalyst doesn't think there's anything anyone can do when someone says they can't "commit" to life.

This at best passive endorsement of suicide as a solution becomes even more concerning when you consider that she has at least twice delivered convoluted apologia for Jim Jones. (See: Noncast: The Bottomless Rabbit Hole, page search: rabbit)

A little before the midway point of the fifth video in the interview, Cameron and Jessica discuss teal's strange fondness for villains and despots. She has also crafted apologetics for Hitler and for the "virgin killer" Elliot Rodger. As per Cameron, she is deeply fascinated with Hitler and views him as a catalyst for positive change. Some of her Hitler commentary gets even stranger as discussed here. (See: Noncast: Messiah Complex, page search: hitler)

Her passionate justification for Elliot Rodger was also deeply concerning. According to teal, anyone who'd lived the life he had would have gone on a killing spree. To arrive at this conclusion, she completely rescripted his life story, shifting all blame to his parents, well, except for the blame that she shifted to his victims. (See: Noncast: Sympathy for the Devil, page search: devil)

What has emerged as a theme is that she doesn't believe that there's such a thing as an evil or malevolent intention. She has repeatedly tealsplained that evil acts are misguided attempts to feel good. The pursuit of personal pleasure, in teal's mind, is always positive. It is a thoroughly narcissistic construction, justifying such things as rape, thrill-killings, massacres, and genocide.

As for the victims of such actions, well, you can't protect them from the law of attraction, says teal. It's all good because they learn important lessons.

What also becomes abundantly clear from Cameron's recounting is that teal's pursuit of personal pleasure is relentless and injurious to other people. This is a woman who has publicly stated and then self-quoted the following:

If we fear manipulative people, it is only because we do not realize that every being on this earth (including ourselves) is manipulative. Manipulation is not evil. It does not mean that someone intends to hurt or use other people for their own benefit. So what does it mean to be manipulative? To be manipulative is to speak and act in a way that guarantees that we get the response we want to get from other people. So you see, manipulation is how most of us try to get love. Manipulation is how most of us try to get safety… because we do not trust the world to be kind to us. Everyone is manipulative, we are simply more or less aware of that aspect within ourselves.

In short, she is relentlessly and unapologetically manipulative.

In my first post on teal, I stated concerns, my own and those of others, that teal used sex to manipulate viewers of her videos. What I did not and could not know then was the extent to which she sexually manipulates everyone around her. She has alluded to inappropriate sexual contact with clients during sessions. She uses sex to control both the men and women around her. Starting at around minute 17:00 in the the third video, Cameron talks about teal's sexual aggressiveness, which ranged from innuendo to direct sexual come-ons.

Tellingly, she had told Cameron at one point that she didn't understand why straight women would even want to be her friend. That she seems to see her entire value to other people as sexual is very sad. But it also raises deep concerns due to her position of authority as a self described "leader of the New Age." She doesn't seem to be comfortable with people who don't desire her sexually. Ultimately this may have been one of the factors in her turning so viciously on Cameron. Cameron just wasn't into her.

The salacious aspects of this aside, this part of the interview is must listening. That teal finds herself at odds with straight women is deeply troubling. She characterizes them as jealous of her, out to sabotage her, and as inevitable betrayers. That this plays into sexist tropes of women as petty, jealous, and back-biting is disturbing enough. Goodness knows that attitude is pervasive among her supporters, who go out of their way to tell me how jealous I must be of the beautiful and talented teal. Women just can't be critical of other women for real, substantive reasons now can they. Bitches just be shallow. But more than that, it demonstrates something that should come as no surprise -- that teal doesn't trust people she doesn't think she can manipulate.

In addition to leveraging her sex appeal, teal manipulates with constant self-focused drama. She is in constant pain as a result of her alleged Mormon Satanic Ritual Abuse. This includes a seizure disorder that somehow doesn't prevent her from holding a license and driving her car.

It is also evident from Cameron's recollections that teal plays people against each other. She uses her claimed psychic abilities to tell people what their connections are to each other and to her. Early in the second video Cameron relates how teal informed her that she had been abducted by Fallon in his alien form. Fallon, you see, is really a rogue reptilian who is acting as a kind of self-appointed emissary on behalf of humans. Of course, to prevent future abductions -- of which Cameron was informed she had suffered many -- she needed to help teal complete her mission. All of teal's inner circle were bound to teal by such agreements in their various roles assigned by a galactic counsel.

What is interesting about this maneuver is that it simultaneously binds Cameron and Fallon and places a wedge between them. Who can ever be really comfortable around someone with whom there is such violent history?

I have never called teal's organization a cult. I have characterized it as cultish and noted that there a number of cult-like indicators. But I find it interesting that at least two former insiders have called it a cult. They have said that they were brainwashed, controlled, deprived of sleep, had lost their sense of identity, experienced personality changes, and were implanted with false memories.

A bit under the halfway point in the second video, Cameron talks about how teal wound Fallon up to the point that he wanted to hunt down and kill teal's alleged abuser. She observed that teal's eyes lit up at the idea. Fallon himself alluded to this in a comment on my blog, admitting that he was so turned around when he was with her that he would have killed for her. As noted here, teal loves her knights in shining armor and frequently dog-whistles to prospective rescuers to rush to her defense. (See: Noncast: Chasing and Burning, page search: chasing)

If there is one thing teal is good at, it's speaking directly to the darkness in men's souls. Her growing obsession with her absolutely distorted version of shadow work, or what she calls Spirituality 2.0, is a cause for growing concern. As discussed here, this is neither shadow work nor healthy. It's a witch-hunt through the psyche that is potentially really damaging. (See: Noncast: What's the Point of 3, page search: 3.0)

At every turn, something darker and stranger seems to emerge with this woman. Early in the fourth video, Cameron and Jessica discuss her bizarre use of the Necronomicon symbol in one of her paintings. Of course teal's penchant for plagiarism is something that we have discussed ad nauseum in the comments, but this bit of image pilfering is completely bizarre. As I learned from a helpful commenter a while back, her Soul Retrieval painting also contains a Reiki symbol that is used to amplify energy. Why would paintings that are supposed to convey the way she sees energy patterns include existing symbols? And what on earth could the Necronomicon have to do with shamanic soul retrieval? Does she think people need to retrieve Lovecraftian demons? That would be the stuff of nightmares! H.P. Lovecraft, for the uninitiated, was a horror writer. The Necronomicon is a fictional book that he alluded to in his stories. The symbol comes from one of three attempts to turn this literary in-joke into a cash cow, by penning an actual book.

But there it is -- this quasi-demonic image in one of teal's "frequency paintings." It is strange, even comical, but just a little chilling.

I don't know how anyone can listen to even a little of this interview and not have grave concerns about where this is all going. Near the end of the fifth video, they discuss some of teal's grand visions for the future. She intends to buy up entire countries. It is hard to imagine what someone with teal's evident psychological problems might do with that much power. As discussed, we can take some comfort from the fact that it is a fantastical notion from someone with a child's grasp of finance and geopolitics. (See: Noncast: The Bottomless Rabbit Hole, page search: rabbit)

The unlikelihood aside, that teal is hatching such megalomaniacal schemes is profoundly concerning -- more so because of her penchant for absolving Hitler and Jim Jones of any responsibility for historic atrocities. She would tell you that buying countries is part of her special Arcturian mission to reach people all over the world and affect some expansive vision to improve our troubled world. But teal thinks Hitler was one of the greatest change agents in history -- no one thought about world peace before all that nasty business with the Holocaust. Okay, history is not her long suit.

So what exactly is this mission the galactic counsel sent her here for? What does an Arcturian Eucharist actually do? Does she intend to further our "expansion" by engendering still more conflict, division, and drama? Or could it potentially be far worse? None of it looks like a unifying or peaceful vision.

Sometimes it feels like you are on a battlefield against an army of people who do not care but if you will just turn around, you will see that behind you is also an army of people who do care teal swan

A complete transcript of Cameron and Jessica's conversation can be found here or here. For more information and supplemental documentation, see this page.

Update: September 6, 2015

I am, for the second time, updating the link for the transcript of Jessica's conversation with Cameron. I'm still not clear on what's going on or how this will all shake out, so I'm posting two and hoping at least one will continue to work on into the future. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of drama associated with all this which should be clear from the text on this version of the transcript. It reads in part:

Note: The interviewer [sic] is from a private conversation between Jessica and Cameron, and was stolen by guruethics who do not act in good faith or credibility to work with after Jessica refused to work with them when finding out that guruethics in fact have no ethics since they stole this material with out [sic] Jessica’s permission or giving her credit. It is clear that guruethics does not know what they are talking about, they are not legit and they are doing great harm to people who have suffered from cults. guruethics [sic] and a woo woo so called ‘psychic’ quack who refuses to claim any sort of responsibility for the irrational, delusional, mumbo jumbo she is spreading to fragile minds, [sic] she does not care who she hurts as long as she is the one to have the main scoop on teal as its [sic] her ticket to fame. This woman I am talking about is named La Vaughn of celestial reflections/confabulations. Her [sic] and guru-no-ethics were so petty and threatened by jessica, Diego and their EOF project that they even made an attempt to discredit them by doing an internet radio interview with sacredradio spreading lies...

I'm not working for Ethics and the Modern Guru, nor have I done a radio interview with them. I believe the interview in question is this one. Any fool can hear that I'm not involved in this discussion. I did listen to the interview. Does that count?

I know some members of the Guruethics team. I am on friendly terms with them. But, I have done no writing or interviews for the magazine.

I have spoken to some of them to find out what in the heck is going on with this bizarre attack that, for no good reason I can think of has, also includes my name. This is what I have been told.

Guruethics did not "steal" the interview. Jessica removed the interview from her site. This was observed by one of the reporters from the magazine on July 30. And, yes, the interview was removed. I was ultimately alerted to the problem and updated the link on this post to reflect the new url for the interview.

The original link downloaded a Word document, not a pdf. I still have it. That much is clear from an older version of this page taken from the Internet Archive. In the last paragraph, the hypertext link that says "this link" points to this url.

Funnily, by pressing that link, I accidentally downloaded another copy of the original Word doc of the interview. However, if you remove the web archive prefix, and use the original link, you get a 404, because the document was, indeed removed.

The magazine needed the interview as a reference, so Cameron re-edited it from her own copy to remove Jessica's text and "scrubbed" all references to the EOF. Jessica was notified to that effect on August 2.

This new version was posted on the Guruethics site to provide context and some references for their upcoming issue on August 2.

I was tagged into a Facebook post on the evening of August 2 when it was posted. I remember being very confused and wondering why so much of it sounded familiar, but it was eventually explained to me that Jessica had removed the original and that this was a re-edit.

If you look at the post itself, its clear that it was posted on August 2.

At some point, however, Jessica and/or Diego apparently got into their time machine and went back to July 29 to post a new version of the interview headed by this screed.

Confused yet? I know I am.


  1. you know LV - I just found this document again. Do you remember? I guess somebody forgot to take it down as the video is on private mode now.

    "In 2012 Teal started a company called Teal Eye LLC, a company aimed at positive world change. This revolutionary company has a large vision, this article was created for the purpose of sharing this vision with you.

    In 2012 I started a company called Teal Eye LLC. A company aimed at carrying out my vision for this earth. My vision is not mine alone; it is one that many people share. This vision can fit under one title: Positive World Change. I do not want this change because I am of the opinion that the world is somehow broken and needs to be fixed, because it is not. Instead, want this change because I see what is possible for humanity. And I have fallen in love with three little things: Health, joy and freedom.
    I have deliberately formed this company in a rather unusual way. It does not pay anyone a salary; not even me, the owner of the company. Everyone who is working with Teal Eye including myself earns their personal income separate from being paid directly by the company. Let me tell you how this works. Let’s say someone has developed a cost effective way to get health food into school, but they do not have the money to start the program and no one is paying attention to them yet. Teal Eye will umbrella them, help fund their idea and help them get the attention that their endeavor needs. The people, who thought up the idea, will make their money directly from their particular idea. The only risk they take, is believing in their idea enough to really take a chance at making it work. Like any normal investor, Teal Eye will be making a small percentage of the income that they generate. That money will then be turned around and go towards other programs, centers or ideas; and process repeats itself. If you do the math, this company will soon build to the point where it is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Except it will be unbeatable. It will be unbeatable because it does not pay out any wealthy executives. In fact, it has no expenses other than the normal one-time expenses all companies must pay such as lawyer or accountant fees.
    The real reason that I, Teal Scott am aimed at gaining fame on a worldwide level is that as the figure head for this company, the more fame that I have, the more attention I can draw to these positive endeavors. So the people, who have great ideas for positive world change, will piggyback on the fame that I accrue. And we all know that money follows fame. So it will only build on it ‘self.

There will also be a non-profit associated with the company called “Headway” which accepts donations and whose goal is the exact same thing as it’s parent company Teal Eye; positive world change. The money that comes in through Headway will go in the direction of anyone who would benefit most by the money but who does not have plans to make money with their good idea, such as other non-profits, disaster relief organizations and humanitarian efforts.
    If you think of a company as if it is a giant ship, the more money that is being paid out, the more holes are poked in the bottom of the ship. My goal is to have as little holes poked in the bottom of the boat as possible. In other words, money is energy. I want as little energy as possible to drain out of this company. This will enable it to grow into a monster. But this time, the monster is on the side of the people. It is on the side of joy, equanimity, peace, unity, health and freedom....

  2. ...
    As of now, Teal Eye makes its money from the workshops I hold and the things that I, personally create. None of that money actually goes towards supporting my personal life. So for example, when I hold a workshop, it doesn’t go towards my mortgage or towards a car payment or towards food or towards a shopping trip, instead it builds up in an account so that I can turn that money around and put it directly into investments and begin carrying out the vision of the company.
    So you might ask, why have I created a company like this? Why do we need to generate as much capital as we possibly can? In today’s society, money rules the world. Money even rules and directs our governments. So if you want to have influence over things like the government and the medical industry (like I do), you need to build a formidable adversary. It is true that it is unusual for a spiritual type like myself to want to build a financial empire, but I came into physical life on the day that I did (June Sixteenth, which is the day of the capitalist) to teach by example what true capitalism is; and true capitalism is conscious capitalism. I love money. Money is a fictional idea that has the power to create incredible ugliness or unparalleled beauty, depending on the mind that wields it. It is true that we could change this society by “going off the grid” as many conscious spiritual individuals choose to do. But because of where most people are in their lives today and because of how plugged into the system most of us are, this will not happen in large enough numbers to make a difference. So, a better way of going about it is to stay connected enough to the machine to become an important part of the machine, and then to change the machine from within.
    To give you an idea of some of the things that Teal Eye will be involved with here is a small list:
    • End of life care
    • Integrative medicine
    • Alternative Health
    • The education system
    • Environmental endeavors
    • Parenting programs
    • Humanitarian endeavors
    • Food industry reform
    • Animal welfare
    • Criminal Justice reform
Everything is consciousness. A person is a unit of consciousness. A race is a unit of consciousness. A country is a unit of consciousness. But what most people don’t know is that a company also has it’s own consciousness. And so, in a way, a company becomes it’s own entity. And I intend to build a company so driven and so large in its quest for positive world change that nothing can come up against it. Not even the creators, directors and CEOs themselves. I trust myself completely when it comes to carrying out this vision without becoming corrupt along the way; but just so you understand the depth of my dedication to what I have created, I will tell you that I have put controls in place to ensure that if anyone involved with Teal Eye (even myself) should fall out of alignment it can not effect the intention or direction of the company.
    I do not think of Teal Eye as my company. I may have given birth to it and even though the legal paper work won’t reflect this truth, Teal Eye belongs to everyone who is associated with it. The company belongs to the volunteers who lend their time to it, the accountants who make sure it’s numbers are in order, the people who participate in it’s programs, the people who create ideas for it to invest in. Anyone who benefits by this company, is contributing to the vision and survival of this company and so, it belongs to all of us. It is our baby so to speak.

  3. ....
    Everyone that is involved with Teal Eye, shares the beautiful idea that I personally am so dedicated to; and the idea is this: That we can live free and healthy lives here on this earth, supporting one another, following our bliss. I am dedicated to that idea. In fact, my life revolves around it. My joy is in turning that idea into a reality. And so I will.


    and here is the old Teal Eye video which is private now. I guess somebody forgot to take down the script


    - This video was my turning point after a pretty dedicated following of her material. It smelled so fishy and shortly afterwards she was dating the CEO of Teal Eye - the rest is history. I feel like a circle is closing with the cameron interview

  4. Hi GA,
    I share your vision: " That we can live free and healthy lives here on this earth, supporting one another, following our bliss. I am dedicated to that idea. In fact, my life revolves around it. My joy is in turning that idea into a reality. And so I will."

    I listened to all the videos and I read the back and forth of Jessica and Cameron.

    Jessica IMO has a guru too Diego. I notice the ugliness that they use to put down those they BELIEVE are at fault (all the "new age" lecturers. I noticed in passing she seems to still believe in aliens (except she thinks they want nothing to do with us).

    She had nothing good to say about compassion (which is a deep concept to unravel) and she several times promoted the coaching EOF uses (a year, money paying for it because paying for something is BELIEVED to make it more valuable. Also there is the belief there of money and how it arrives in our experience). Yes, more beliefs.

    IMO it is not that we have beliefs that is the trap but what we choose as the beliefs. IMO there is no way to have a earth experience that is not believable. I intend to turn the whole set of my beliefs inside out. I do receive confirmation in my daily life that I am onto a new reality for me. IMO this is NOT televised or on the computer.

    I have had more and more experience feeling my own inner depth and trusting my own knowing. That transcends my old belief IMO because again MY belief is that in my own relationship to a larger context, I am empowered. To experience how my beliefs work is eseeing from a metaphysical perspective.

    IMO almost all the stuff I see in Teal's promotion AND in Jessica's is seeing the world in what looks like a material way. It is trying to address one's own reality as already created that then needs to be dealt with, versus learning how to be in relationship to the spirit that moves through matter that is over seeing. In life everything changes bit I don't see the world crumbling into dust but i a chaos of renewal. I FEEL consciousness and its sentient connection. Though each of US and IMO the world is an expression of what part of creation we are looking on and then believing. I don't think now that I need to wait for others to be creating my own heavenly experience as that is what i choose my world to look like.

    I am feeling Jessica's anger, Teal's complete jaded "I will take because no one gives", Cameron's disillusion and seeking to understand. I am advising myself to focus on my knowing that we are all doing the best we can and that we are innocent really...that is because of the hologram and I am seeking to have the best one ever...no longer content to retell the same tired plot.

    I love that LV started this blog because I have come a long way through seeing the Teal drama playing out. I truly BELIEVE in my capacity there is a Tealer or a "cult leader" even, like teal or a crusader like Jessica or a social commentator like LV but I am NOT content with anything but being a creator of my own life as just an artist loving my world. Thanks for another opportunity to write out loud here. Maggie

  5. THIS post is about my real experience.

    A few years ago, I could no longer support my contribution to what i believe are systems based on suffering and lack. I had some savings but i never figured out what to do and lost money trying to create a vegan cheese (made with hmpp seeds) business with a narcissist biochemist.

    I keep running out of money and justwhen I cannot see what will happen, I seel something or find can access funds after all. Then this last week, I was flat broke but THIS time I have been deeply feeling my shadow. I did not need to look for it as it wells up readily hehe. I have been loving on my inner being connection and realizing that I value health (not no illness but never was ill), nonmanipulation (including marketing a product including information, business based on taking care of people who need something), and "God bless the child who's got her own".

    I am that child and I have been playing a game about hiding my pwoer and the last few weeks, I began to feel the power in my childlike paly of lack. So I have been sending the inner being gratitude and feeling the appreciation. Then I realized by looking at my old job's credit uion that I did have enough to pay my utilities, mortgage, buy animal food and gas and today I am just one inch closer to trusting the new game of abundance coming as energy and new information welling up and encapsulating my reality.

    The issue IMO is that YES there is a backlog of shadow but we will be finding it as we live forward toward what we LOVE. There is amgic afoot in the world of form beyond suffering when we love our inner beingness and begin to trust. So THERE matrix beliefs in lack and no comfort or support...it is NOT OUT there but IN here. Love, m.

  6. Okay, I just got done watching the above video. First off I'm not here to defend Teal, so. By the way, you two young ladies are attractive, so. But anyway. I watch with an open mind. My take away from the video is Teal is flawed and she doesn't handle rejection of her teachings very well. And I must admit, I now see Teal as a person in a different light. Not necessarily a disappointing way. More like a fallible individual. So she is into women and strange fetishes. Most of us are into extreme fetishes. So what. That's not narcissistic. This is a chase for her. Or what lesbians call a hen run. I myself thinks the woman's body inside and out is a lifetime of all kinds of fetishes, so I totally understand.

    But my question I wanted answered throughout the video is, does Cameron believe Teal's teaching to be false or what Teal is saying is not what the world is and what our consciousness is? They seem to be focusing on Teal's personal lifestyle. Her lack of mommy skills which many busy movie stars go through. Tell me if her teachings or philosophy is fallacious. I mean I listen all 5 sessions of this video wanting to see or hear what dangerous and misleading teachings Teal was sharing with the world, but all I hear is two women gossiping about a woman who loves unusual sex and who might have a medical problem. But give us grown up arguments not dorm room chatter. It sounds like an angry ex. And I'm really being open minded. I do admit, this revelation is very damaging to the Teal brand

    Look, my thing is is I listen to Teal, I listen and read your blogs, I read about ancient civilization history and their religion. I do my own meditation about things then I form MY OWN belief system. Others should do too and not rely on Teal, this blog and others to validate their own belief or spirituality. And by the way, you're spot on about that idiot Russell Brand.

    And just to let you know, psychic attack, demonic attack or voodoo is real, so be careful of what you wish for. That realm do exist. Research Left Hand Path and E.A. Koetting and you'll see.
    PS that urolagnia talk was such a turn on.

  7. As I wrote above:

    "That this plays into sexist tropes of women as petty, jealous, and back-biting is disturbing enough. Goodness knows that attitude is pervasive among her supporters, who go out of their way to tell me how jealous I must be of the beautiful and talented teal. Women just can't be critical of other women for real, substantive reasons now can they. Bitches just be shallow."

    Now here are some quotes from Newbie, sprinkled around my blog:

    From here: http://celestial-reflections.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-artist-formerly-known-as-teal-scott.html

    "I'm sure you brag to your friends about hundreds of posts or email you get about a blog you write and I'm sure it makes you validate your importance on the web. Maybe even having you family accepts you as a success after doubting your abilities all your life. I don't know or do I care. The one thing that is apparent here is, Teal's dropdead looks and success gets under your skin. Why?
    Let me just say, for me, the being Teal is more than just an ordinary life force. And I suspect you already know that whether you want to admit it or not.

    Anyway young lady i don't if you're a very unattractive sista or not but who cares."


    "You're a PSYCHIC? And here I thought you had a genuine problem with Teal. Now I finally understand why. It should be you uh?"

    From your comment on this page:

    "By the way, you two young ladies are attractive, so. But anyway."

    "I myself thinks the woman's body inside and out is a lifetime of all kinds of fetishes, so I totally understand."

    "I mean I listen all 5 sessions of this video wanting to see or hear what dangerous and misleading teachings Teal was sharing with the world, but all I hear is two women gossiping about a woman who loves unusual sex and who might have a medical problem. But give us grown up arguments not dorm room chatter. It sounds like an angry ex."

    What I noticed very quickly from your comments is that they range all the way from gendered to sexist to sexually objectifying.
    What I've written about teal is indeed real and substantive. So is much of the conversation between Cameron and Jessica. You just can't seem to hear what they're actually saying because you're so caught up in questions of attractiveness and sexuality. That all you seemed to take from 5+ hours of detailed conversation is that teal is into kink and that the women saying so are pretty is telling and downright disturbing.

    In terms of what Cameron thinks of teal's teachings, again, much was made clear in that discussion. She's quite clear, for instance, that informing people that they're suicidal, whether they know it or not, and need to decide right now if they should hit the reset button on their miserable lives is fucked up.

    Also clear from that discussion, many of teal's teachings aren't her own. Her house is littered with books and tapes of other new age teachers, filled with things she claims to just know from this "source perspective" that she somehow has unique access to. One of the most obvious sources is Abraham-Hicks, whom teal claimed only to have learned of fairly recently, but whose phrasing she apes almost word for word... and whose tapes are all over her house. Of course Esther Hicks is an older woman, not a righteous hottie, so....

  8. "So what exactly is this mission the galactic counsel sent her here for? What does an Arcturian Eucharist actually do?"

    ...but the rest of the book... IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!

  9. LaVaughn cut me some slack, I'm a sucker for pretty women, so guilty. Anyway, listen, I consider myself an undogmatic guy and for me, nothing is set in stone until proven otherwise. So, if what you're saying about the books and tape stuff and that can be verified by an independent party, then by all means, you should get a platform to shout your 'Teal is a fraud mantra.' And I suspect many of her die hard followers will do too... well, then again, her hooks goes deep. I'm curious to hear what your take on spirituality is.

  10. Newbie, I have an entire blog -- actually 2, but there's overlap -- explaining my take on spirituality.

    I don't have a teal is a fraud mantra, btw. I have never called her a fraud. But I have posted now four blogs and a plethora of comments from myself and others, checking her record, demonstrating her internal contradictions, and exploring her ideas, such as they are. I present the information and leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions as to her veracity.

  11. LaVaughn,I'll definitely squeeze in those blogs in-between my schedule and check them out, so.... ciao bella.

  12. I'm in receipt of some screenshots from Teal Tribe. At least once, but I think more times than that, tribers have tried to post Cameron's interview in there. Not surprisingly these posts have been deleted. There have also been some more bannings. I've placed one screenshot here in my photobucket acct for a couple of reasons.

    Reason 1: A triber, who shall remain nameless, voiced some concerns about interviewer Jessica Schab. In particular, she was disturbed by a comment from Jessica about the possibility that teal may have been raped as a child. This does not pertain to her SRA claims but to a more plausible account that Jessica believes may have occurred. Her statement regarding this was: "But, if teal was raped when she was a kid, I would not be surprised if she provoked it as well, so as to get more attention. Even that attention is good attention."

    I agree with the triber. It's a completely unacceptable statement. It's disgusting. No one is responsible for being raped, ever, let alone a child. Horrible. I repudiate the statement.

    There is much about Jessica's commentary and approach that disagree with. But I think disregarding the entire interview on that basis is lazy. I think a lot of people would like to find some excuse, any excuse, to avoid what Cameron has said about her time with teal.

    Reason 2: What the fuck is wrong with Sarbdeep? Asked how the content of these interviews could be discussed in TT, because people have real concerns, Sarbdeep says:

    "Delete + Ban = Problem solved."

    That put me in mind of another quote by, oh what was the name... Oh right, Joseph Stalin:

    "Death solves all problems -- no man, no problem."

    Way to go, Sarbdeep.

  13. Sarbdeep is a vibrational match match for her. He may be a mild mannered Briton who sounds well spoken but anyone crazy enough to marry a crazy woman he just met must be just as bat shit crazy.

  14. Teal Tribe (TealTribe.com) is not moderated unlike her blog. You can post anything on there and I'd personally like to see more people on there calling her out.

  15. I feel for Teal's parents. She really dragged them through the mud. I think they're at a loss for what to do with their daughter. She's just an out of control 20-something year old. Child services needs to be called to her house and her child should be placed with her parents or with the father.

  16. Looks like somebody's post survived the deleting sarbdeep (ha double meaning). More people should rate Teal eye on Facebook


  17. Oh I will be posting stuff on TealTribe for sure.
    The people on TealTribe are so brainwashed. Many of them are really in need of psychological help. Others are openly promoting the use of hard drugs (LSD, opiates, acid, etc.) to have so called spiritual experiences.
    The sheep on TealTribe don't realize that they all follow the church of evangelical Tealism. They don't see the connections between Teal and mega church evangelical pastors, reverend moon and his moonies, or the "Drink the koolaid" Jonestown tragedy. They don't even question as to why she has a giant PayPal button on her page and send her what they don't have.
    I noticed that she has Gabriel "Kundalini" Morris under her spell, too. I assume he must have fallen victim to her when he was visiting shortly after the fallout with Jared "Fallon" Dobson.

  18. "I noticed that she has Gabriel "Kundalini" Morris under her spell, "

    BIG TIME - he sings her praises up and down. I wonder ... i guess she was playing with him as well. :D At the end of the day he is like the walking himalaya devotee for Teal. He seems lovely and very gentle and peaceful but he is spell bound - no doubt about this. ... and pretty obsessed with Teal's orgasm video.... :D

    It was time to post it, now that Cameron outed her as sexpert of all genders.

  19. I don't want to sound rude and I don't want to lie. So I call it a theory...just like Teal's newest disclaimer on her page:

    There is a possibility that they fucked.
    I mean, she was hardcore pulling and flirting with him during his strange interview series. And there is a little video which shows him on a hike with Teal. Look at Teal and how she looks at him?
    Any more questions?

    ey Teal nothing wrong with fucking. I guess your orgasms always have long term plans and choose wisely where and with who to be reached. :D

    My sister called this kind of stuff "Let's fuck to grow the business" hahahahah

  20. So, another interesting thread on TT. It's always just all about teal's sexuality, isn't it. Someone posted a comment and once again, everyone who criticizes teal really just wants to either fuck her or be her. That's always what it comes down to with these people. And Sarbdeep is in lockstep agreement, btw. So he's a responsible adult. Whatever happened to Sarbdeep being the "voice of reason?" Not on TT, that's for damn sure.

    This is such junior high bullshit. I can't believe this is a spiritual teacher and her husband, her inner circle, her followers, all caught up in this woman's supposed desirability. Yuck. And then to learn from Cameron that she's fostering exactly this kind of environment, sexually manipulating everyone in one way or another. It's all just so sordid.

  21. That's the thing, though. She uses sex as a way to manipulate people. Gabriel is just one more shmuck under her spell. I agree with the weird dynamics. No doubt they got it on when he visited her in Park City.

    She even tried accusing her father of having sexual feelings for her and her mother getting jealous.

  22. Cameron is spot on about the story regarding her parents. I know her parents are scientists and teachers. (Public records and a quick google search of their names.)

    Jessica, it's not that her parents allow this behavior. They cannot do anything about it. Teal is a grown adult and she does what she wants. Obviously she has no regard for her family's reputation or feelings. I just really, really feel for them.

  23. Wow, interview 5/5 about Sarbdeep is spot on! The guy is in deep... no pun intended.

  24. I know. That thing about Sarbdeep's eyes starting to look glazed. I've noticed the same thing in more recent teacasts. They're starting to take on that empty, disjointed look, like they're just sort of floating in his face. He's starting to look like Kirk Cameron on the 700 Club.

    I feel bad for teal's parents, too. They're probably just feeling lucky to still have her alive and have whatever relationship they have with her. I don't know why anyone would expect them to dime her out. They're her parents. I'm sure they love her.

  25. Ha ha ha, TealTribe just blew up.

  26. Regarding if something happenned between Teal and Gabriel: There is a thin line between theorizing and high school level gossiping. ;-)

  27. LaVaughn, I agree with you about Jessica's methods. And some of her replies to the commentary below the video are somewhat immature, in my opinion. Cameron really strikes me as an intelligent, decent, and level headed young lady with a very pleasant presence.
    Seems like Sarbdeep is turning into a zombie soldier. Shame really.

  28. Here is the comment that's not going thru the moderation under the ebola post, in reply to what Lisa, BSN,RN, CCRN wrote "I couldn’t have said it better myself! Sharing with the nursing community. Someone needs to….. Thank you Teal."

    “Like AIDS, Ebola is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids (as opposed to air) such as blood, vomit, saliva, sweat, feces or urine. ”

    Something that nurse should’ve known:
    Saliva, nasal secretions, sweat, tears, urine, feces and vomitus are not implicated in the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS (you can’t “catch” AIDS, you only contract AIDS if you have HIV) , unless they contain visible blood! There are four basic body fluids that contain enough HIV to infect someone:
    • Vaginal Fluids
    • Semen
    • Breast Milk
    In order to become infected, HIV must enter your bloodstream. If HIV does not get into your bloodstream (through a cut, open sores, gum disease etc.), you will not become infected. However, a person who is infected with HIV might not exhibit any signs or symptoms for a long time (unlike ebola) and unknowingly infect many others through an intimate contact over the years, whereas in case with ebola virus, most likely you’d know you were exposed to it. The incubation period, or the time interval from infection with ebola to onset of symptoms, is from 2 to 21 days. The patients become contagious once they begin to show symptoms. They are not contagious during the incubation period.

  29. yeah Elena,I think I had a little jump into old Grundschule days. If I could I would delete it now but i can't because of livejournal. Let's pull it back and call it: "they probably did some mind fucking. ( : Is this better :D

    Sarbdeep protects his wife and guide and guru. What else can he do. My motivation is not love, nor obsession, nor sexual desire, nor jealousy. My motivation is "cracking the enigma-nut Teal. I personally feel great desire and passion ( maybe obsession) to find out if her stories are true or not. And if they are untrue, the Tealers shoudl be offered this knowledge. What they do with it is their business.

    It buffles me too Lv...why do they all think that jealousy or sexual attraction is the cause for this dialog?

    I personally wondered about some of Jessicas comments. Some are spot on, some are just strange, some are out of line and then some are interesting. Wild mix. However, great that she interviewed Cameron!

  30. "It buffles me too Lv...why do they all think that jealousy or sexual attraction is the cause for this dialog?"

    It's disturbing on many levels, GA. For one, it's sexist. For another it points to a really serious problem. This is not spiritual movement of ideas. It's all about teal. It's a cult of personality. She's a charismatic leader and her persona will always trump any substantive issue: the unbelievably convoluted, internally contradictory nature of her "teachings;" the potential psychological harm of both her "teachings" and her behavior; the abuse she's heaped onto people like Fallon, Cameron, and a plethora of TT members who dared to question her even a little... That all these issues are dismissed as so much petty jealousy of the pretty, popular girl is just disturbing. It creates an us v. them dynamic that's a little junior high lunch room and a lot creepy, culty, weirdness.

  31. The things I come across in my stats. I noticed a link from this page regarding a new teal interview. This assessment of teal's commentary is just laugh out loud funny.

    "The interview is a spaghetti mess. She is zooming between the relative and the absolute like a carnival ride. I'm dizzy."

    Nailed it!

    But I decided to listen to a little of this and I got stuck a mere seven minutes in by her oft repeated claim that she was singled out for her extrasensory abilities because only men should have them in her her little Mormonverse. She goes into a little more detail here. And I gotta say, I've known some Mormons through the years and this just doesn't ring true to me. It's absolutely true that priesthood roles are reserved for men, but the idea of women as not being able to have spiritual gifts or to heal, huh uh. So I did a little googling.

    There's this which describes some of the history... and herstory. It's interesting because teal makes the comment that Utah needs to come out of the 1800s. This is the role of women from 1830-1847:

    "Although the authority to administer most ordinances and preside over most gatherings was restricted to a male priesthood, the gifts of the Spirit were not considered to belong to men alone. Women received personal revelation, healed the sick, prophesied future events, and performed various other actions that required spiritual gifts. The faith of these women and their ability to develop spiritual qualities were essential for keeping the Church alive during its difficult first years."

    Nothing at all about women with spiritual gifts being of the devil, nothing at all.

    Even on the ex-Mormon site, I found this:

    "Women are, of course, excluded from the priesthood. This practice in effect says that a woman's prepubescent son is more qualified to advise her than she is to advise him. The official explanation is that women are kept from having the priesthood because women are more spiritual than men, therefore, men need to have the priesthood to teach them how to be better people (Johnson 86). Women are also told that, because they have the all- important ability to bear children, men need the power of the priesthood merely to remain equal with them."

    So, once again, one of teal's claims doesn't hold up to scintilla of scrutiny. Women with spiritual gifts aren't considered Satanic. They're considered an expression of their saintliness and spiritual superiority that men need to train to keep up with.

  32. And speaking of counterfactual nonsense, I tried to respond to your comment on ebola and HIV being similarly transmitted earlier, Elena. I don't know what happened there. But I skimmed her ebola post and I saw that. Just absurd. And that some tealer nurse signed off on that is just terrifying on so many levels.

  33. fresh giggling guide interview
    ahhh she is a flirt, isn't she ( ;

    Ritual Sexual Slavery and Unlocked Consciousness with Teal Swan

  34. YOU KNOW: it just hit me. I was asking myself the question WHAT exactly bonded me with Teal when I found her videos on youtube 1.5 years ago? And there it was: FEAR-removal!!!

    I remember going through ehr videos " there is no kharma", "god and hell doesn't exist" "you picked your parents yourself" "every shit that happened in life to you was wanted by my soul for higher purpose"...... a little summery of phrases which went on a rampage through my mind at this time. All have in common that they were perceived as very soothing, relaxing and fear was disappearing....as her convincing style and my fragile frame of mind i was in at this time...made it easy to take it all on board.ANy kind of shit that had happened to me, any kind of fear I was carrying around, were silenced.....WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. No wonder I was in awe with Teal the alien (hiya, Alien exist as well - great) :D

    That was a strong hook. In this frame of mind, Teal is gorgeous, amazing, a blessing, needs to be protected from all evil, dedication towards her is on a high because of all the happy hormons which were flooding my body after easily dropping fearful beliefs in a second, with her "ask Teal series".

    Now what?

    They all came back after her story fall apart for me and trust is broken.... You kno - whenever you meet a spiritual storyteller... enjoy the time but be aware that it is just a tale and it is there to entertain you for a while.

  35. by the way: I hope this bloody onion hasn't more layers.
    Layer for layer for layer, more detailed more detailed, finer finer...will this whole Teal thing ever end ?

  36. I was pretty interested in hearing Cameron's story and was looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and watching it... but boy, was I disappointed.

    The audio was terrible and in my opinion 'Jessica Mystic' is a TERRIBLE interviewer. I think it would have had much more impact if Cameron had just been allowed to talk about her experience with Teal, with occasional questions that helped clarify something, rather than having the flow of her story constantly interrupted by lengthy sales pitches from Jessica for her own (or rather, her boyfriend's) 'guruisms', and her repeated insistence that she was doing a serious interview and not simply gossiping. Yeah right.

    I believe teal is insane and should be institutionalized so that some sort of damage control can be effected while she heals. I hate feeling like that about someone and it is doing me no good whatsoever to keep tabs on her situation and in fact it has become extremely detrimental to my own mental health and well-being. It's like being addicted to a dark, sick and twisted soap opera without a single character in it that I can root for... it takes me days to recover from an episode and yet I keep tuning in to shock myself with the latest atrocity. I think I will have to follow in Maggie's footsteps and tune out of teal's life and back into my own.

  37. Boob signing - once you decide to admire sth. or sb. you are literally out of your mind :D


  38. zzb I ignored the strange interview style and Jessica's in between sale pitches... I was just interested in hearing and observing Cameron. Many people called her out on bitching - I don't see it. She was giving a detailed description of the personal treatment she received by TEal. There is no reason to let out the dirty stuff or details. In fact : details make it more real and for some reason, I can't see that she made it up.

  39. Good glory to God, she signed that woman's boobs. Wow. You know most of us bring, you know, books, if we want something signed. Books are filled with IDEAS. Is this gal following the teachings a spiritual leader or is she a groupie? This is rock star shit and it's disgusting enough in that world. When was the last time the Dalai Lama signed somebody's boobs?

    Okay, my husband tells me I'm wrong. He's reminding of that time Bishop Tutu, the Right Reverend Spong, and the Dalai Lama performed at Lollapalooza and they were just signing body parts right and left. So I stand corrected. He's pretty sure teal was there. She was twirling all over the place in a gauzy skirt. Then she stole a Snapple out of his cooler. He's still pretty pissed about that. She owes him a Snapple.

  40. signature on boobs. Why not. :D


  41. Cameron did not make it up. I study body language for a living. Cameron is a what you see is what you get personality type by my estimation. Her eye movements were very telling. Teal is a nightmare...I do believe she may qualify as psychopathic. The way Teal lies and presents different personas is troublesome. Thanks LaVaughn! This was very helpful. :) It seems as though Teal may have learned her lesson after her attempts to address your concerns backfired LaVaughn. I find it very telling that they won't even allow the content of Cameron's interview to be discussed on Teal Tribe. My guess is that they won't address any of it at this time because it's all true, and they don't want to risk losing any more followers by calling attention to it. Plus, if they try say anything false about Cameron, she would have grounds to legally sue them!

  42. Another note... This Cameron interview may have actually been a dog whistle to the craziest of the crazy of Teal's followers to double down on the weirdness. Boob signing being an indication of the caliber of Teal's fans. My guess is this interview may weed out the sane followers, but leave behind a concentration of the mentally unstable crazies for Teal to mind fuck and mold.... VERY SCARY future army indeed.

  43. Here is a comment from a Logan Tait I found in the comments section of a youtube video with a description of the TEALERS that were already following Teal. His description of these people is not promising. Teal is exploiting fragile minds, and I don't see this ending well...
    I just flew out from UT to see an old girlfriend of mine in Boston this past week, and I had no idea what I was walking into. I ended up in a house full of Teal followers, her new "family," and I have seen firsthand that they are all completely blind to what they've involved themselves in, and ignorant of the ridiculousness of a great deal of the things they believe.

    I was there a couple of days before I was supposed to go to some Teal Swan event with this girl, and I said no fucking way the morning of and got on the next plane home. It's sad; mostly they seemed like a lot of lost and damaged people searching for community anywhere they can find it-- and frankly, breaking their backs financially to constantly travel and chase around this woman and buy tickets for her seminars, all to perpetuate belief in and study pseudo-spiritual science-substitutes, for which they pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get certified in, or what the fuck ever, really, I don't even know. My return flight home landed like two hours ago and my mind is blown by how nuts that experience was.

    This girl that I know, the one I met up with in Boston, makes insane amounts of money for a person her age, and she squanders nearly all of it on this stuff, getting used by Teal and the rest of the smelly gang that can't hold down regular jobs or cope with reality. It wasn't creepy or dangerous as much as it was slimy, though I guess it was a bit of all three. Me and the old girlfriend had our own room at first, but one of the last straws for me prior to leaving was being told that we needed to move rooms and that we'd have to bunk with some of these people; many of whom seemed pretty emotionally disturbed. When I was faced with actually sharing space with them I realized that I didn't really feel safe or want to-- and in fact, as miserable as it was, I opted to sleep on the floor of the garage, just for the sake of privacy from the craziness.

    Maybe you don't even really care about this too much anymore, sorry to blather. I just had to say something to somebody who also knows how insane all that shit is-- and honestly, it was heartbreaking to see this girl who I've cared about for a really long time completely sold on this scam, because she's a little gullible and wants to be loved.

    It's hard for me to be judgmental, because many of the people seemed very nice and compassionate. And I'm no cult expert, but my understanding is that most cults have good, loving intentions.... at first."

  44. I wonder if he's referring to the workshop crowd. From what I understand, teal just did a workshop in Utah.

    I think your concerns are valid. I saw that with one of the really culty healing groups I was in. The cooler, more together people started to attrit, and the remaining, core group just got more consolidated. Some were driven out. Some left of their own accord -- as I did -- but with every purge, I heard a lot of stuff about how much better the energy was without them. Because, you know, THEY were toxic. And the remainder were dear, sweet people, but a lot of them were really damaged. And what was so painful was watching them get worse and worse instead of better.

  45. That's a good point you make regarding their need to just STFU about Cameron, too. I hadn't thought about that. But considering that they've already risked litigation by accusing me of taking payola, it's probably smarter for them to avoid comment.

  46. But of course I couldn't bring myself to unclick the 'notify me' button...

    Poor Rick Archer and his 'politically incorrect' faux pas. I think people get distracted by the superficial stuff (granted, it’s pretty 'in your face' and hard to ignore) and forget the more profound stuff - like maybe they didn't see the videos of teal with Cameron and 'Fallon' - obviously they're coming from a different perspective, the important thing (imo, and prossibly everybody here agrees with me), is that she uses her sexual energy to enthrall, and while people are thus enthralled, she has been 'caught on camera' planting what amounts to 'evil hypnotic suggestions', even down right 'top-secret orders' in people's heads!

    If it was just 'give me your money and I'll make you feel good'... with sex, with the promise of sex, with the dream of sex (all with her of course), whatever, even if she was a compulsive liar and could no longer recognize the truth, but was 'implanting' benign sorts of suggestions like 'please yourself' or promoting beliefs like 'you create your own reality' or whatever, then it would be easier for me to just mind my own business, but she is implanting shit like 'you are an evil-intentioned being who has ruined the lives of many and you are trying to ruin mine, and like 'I am a SPIRITUAL TEACHER (emphasis hers) and you have managed to piss me off... how fucked up can you possibly be?!? sorts of beliefs in people's heads that she has intentionally made suggestible!! It's like she's saying to these people "I SPEAK FOR GOD AND GOD SAYS I AM A MIRACLE BUT YOU SUCK!" WTF kind of 'spiritual teacher' is that?!?

    And then there's the 'in order to win my approval you will fight for me, even kill for me, and... oh god, wait, I'm coming!' belief that is a particularly nasty trap.

  47. I forgot to type 'cont'd' up above.

    Anyway, that all just gets a little hard for me to not say something about it, to just turn my back and walk away, without feeling just a tad irresponsible. (Nor can I deny that I am addicted. :( I think I have an addictive personality... somehow I don't think I'm alone there hahahaha! Oh well.)

    Whether or not she has a cult following (she does) is, in my opinion, not the issue, but rather, that she uses her sexual energy to practically enslave others. That she enthralls people and then while they are in that completely open, suggestible state, to plant nightmarish ideas in their heads that somehow serve her, but could end up fucking her 'victim' up for a lifetime, even if that lifetime was brought to an 'untimely end' by their own hand, is, for me, the real issue. I saw the videos with my own eyes! That was some pretty sick shit. I was stunned.

    I think some of those commenters over at that place where Rick Archer apologized for his imagined 'faux pas', have not seen those aforementioned videos, otherwise they would not be leaving some of the airy-fairy 'she is just manifesting her dreams' type of comments they were leaving.

    A being does not slice somebody, alive and kicking, up like that, in front of a live camera - she may as well have had a blood drain built onto that table for the 'sacrificial blood' that was drawn there at that shadow house altar that night (actually it was 2 or 3 nights), right there in front of my eyes - without my at least noticing that 'something is a little off here'.

    But even if it were to turn out that teal was to deliberately lead her 'army', or even just her 'inner circle', over the edge of a cliff, and they all were to blindly follow, like lemmings to the sea, what are you gonna do? Plant yourself at the edge of the cliff and issue warnings all day every day and night? Maybe get knocked off the cliff yourself by some heroically determined lemming?

    And if you survive, then racing off to the next freak show where a charismatic leader is capturing the minds of a crowd for his or her own nefarious purposes, and plant yourself at that cliff? And then the next, and the next, and oh, that one over there... You'd be frazzled with no time to enjoy your own damn life!!

    There might be some people who are inspired to perform those acts of heroism, but I am quit relieved to say that I'm not one of them! (Although, right here I am, hahahaha!)

    Whatever, at least I know that by writing this I have done what I can to help save a few lives. :) (Hope that 'smiley face' didn't look like an inappropriate giggle, hahahaha!)

  48. Hey zigzag, nice to see you... and hear you. I'm with you. I think there's something really disturbing about the way she uses sex to manipulate people. "Sex sells" what exactly? Laying aside for a moment that using her body to sell a set of spiritual teachings is pretty strange on its own, the ideas, such as they are, are increasingly disturbing.

    "Whether or not she has a cult following (she does) is, in my opinion, not the issue, but rather, that she uses her sexual energy to practically enslave others. That she enthralls people and then while they are in that completely open, suggestible state, to plant nightmarish ideas in their heads that somehow serve her, but could end up fucking her 'victim' up for a lifetime, even if that lifetime was brought to an 'untimely end' by their own hand, is, for me, the real issue. I saw the videos with my own eyes! That was some pretty sick shit. I was stunned."

    The thing is, so much of this is par for the course with cults and cult-like groups. The abuse of power typically includes sexual manipulation. The Sasaki Zen scandal is just one that broke in recent years. And as I mentioned in that post, I was at Kripalu shortly after the infamous Amrit Desai had been run out of town on a rail. Religious abuse almost always involves some sort of sexual exploitation.

    Even so, I was stunned by some of what Cameron revealed. She's clearly not comfortable with people she can't manipulate sexually, hence her distrust of straight women. But the attempt to engineer an de-engineer relationships is also typical.

    This is what I think may be lost on people, simply because we don't think of women as sex abusers: teal's come-ons toward Cameron, such as speculating publicly about what underwear she had on, is sexual harassment. Period. If teal were a male boss in a real company, that boss could face punitive action, the company could face lawsuits. That's a simple fact.

    Well, the most infamous of Shadow House episodes may have gone down the memory hole -- interesting, coming from the woman who claims to be laying her shadow bear and who doesn't believe in having a private life -- but a number of people, like yourself, remember.

    I've looked at some of the other comments on BATGAP, and these folks may not have seen Shadow House or know a fraction of the story, but some of them have pretty good bullshit detectors, anyway.

    "I had not heard of this person prior to the interview. Listening to it gave me cognitive dissonance, as I thought the interviews were with spiritually awakening people. What I heard/felt from her was a lot of opinions, seeming fabrications (as one example, I followed some of the links posted here and she didn’t seem to have any scars on her body although she stated that she carries physical scars from the ritual torture), and literally no spiritual teachings. This seems rather strange for a spiritual teacher.

    I don’t know which of the complaints and criticisms by her disaffected followers are true, but the fact that there are a number of people practically yelling, ‘stay away from Teal!’ is disconcerting, and warns this being well away.

    I found her silence in response to a number of Rick’s questions to be vacuous silence, rather than the vast silence of a teacher like Adya (for example). I felt that she did not follow a lot of what Rick was saying, and would answer with a barrage of concepts rather than a reporting of direct experience.

    From this perspective, the entirety of what she said was mind candy, and I felt no pointing to love emanating from her. As usual, it has been interesting to see, 'one man’s meat is another man’s poison,' in full flower. I couldn’t get away from this one fast enough …"

    Exactly. The whole thing is a mind-job.

  49. Sex sells everything, why do you think so many businesses use it. I once got hired as a waitress for my looks... he looked me up and down and said I could have the job. I was like, but wait, let me show you my credentials that I have worked so hard to accomplish, but he wasn't interested. Of course he could have just 'read me' on an intuitive level and knew I could handle the job, who knows.

    Turns out he was a French guy who worked for the mafia, and the cozy little French restaurant was just a cover for one of the top bordellos in D.C. I won't even talk about what was downstairs! I think the place had been shut down so business wasn't so good, but the mafia guy would pop in every few nights to collect his share of the money... they would do their business back in the dim corner of the restaurant drinking real Stolichnaya (the stuff behind the bar was watered-down cheap stuff.)

    Anyway, a female friend of my mother's used to say "When they're hard, they're soft, and when they're soft, they're hard." I think the same goes for women... when I'm turned on by somebody I'm much more inclined to ignore the bullshit, whether it's a male or a female.

    And there's always bullshit, especially in teal's case I think! I don't think she knows as much as she thinks she does, and I don't think she's as comfortable with herself as she pretends to be, and if people weren't turned on by her they would be more likely to spot that.

    Not only that, I haven't yet met a Gemini who could not have you believing the absolute truth of a story he just stood there and made up on the spot, or one who couldn't talk about something he didn't know the second thing about as though he were the absolute authority on the subject. Until you asked a few questions that he couldn't answer that is, and then you'd watch him go into some sort of lunatic loop, designed to send you off frustrated and confused. Yeah, I prefer to keep some distance between me and Gemini. But that's just a personal thing.

    I think there will always be cults and always be people doing some pretty weird shit, and there's really nothing you can do about it except get real good at wading through it when you have to and seeking out cleaner, clearer spaces that don't include shit or shark infested waters. But again, everything has a dark side, so there's no getting totally away from it.

    I think that as we all individually clean up our own personal inner and outer space the beauty we create will just naturally blossom out into our families, our societies and our governments and there won't really be any need for 'policing' the behavior of others. It's pretty hard to envision that when the crap is so right there in your face, but I really believe that, as the saying goes, "it's an inside job", and since you've gotta start somewhere, may as well start there!

    I didn't catch that bit (I skimmed a lot) about Teal speculating in public about what kind of underwear Cameron was wearing! Hahahaha! But I did hear her say that she made them take down the video(s?) with her in them. Is the 'Fallon' one still up, or did they take that one down too?

    And re: the batgap comments, yeah, I was very relieved to see that so many people were seeing 'behind the veil' so to speak. I didn't see that one that you've quoted though! What a great comment!!

  50. How to start your own cult in 7 simple steps



  51. Here's what bothers me about the phrase "sex sells." It doesn't mean sex sells. It means women's bodies sell. You rarely hear that phrase in regards to men and when you do, there's always at least a trace of irony. Is that because men aren't sexy? Of course not. But what we find sexy about men goes way beyond looks. It's humor. It's intelligence. It's accomplishment. The female equivalent of a Jon Stewart is never going to be a sex symbol, but he is.

    What I find tragic and sad about this whole thing is that teal is fully aware of her only real value in the marketplace of ideas. Her exploitation of her own body is conscious and deliberate. It may be the only thing she's absolutely clear on. One of the things that was cleared up in this interview is something my husband has speculated about many times. She's getting while the getting is good. She knows full well her real marketability has a freshness date and she's racing against the clock. Her intention is to be a well-established as a guru before time and gravity take their toll. When Archer reminded her that the clock is ticking, she said, "I'll be teaching new things."

    What an odd thing to say. What's wrong with what she's teaching now? Oh, I don't know. That it's a clumsy pastiche of things she's taken from other, less attractive teachers. Could it be that she knows full well that the cobbled together mess of internally contradictory ideas could never be sold on their own merits? That she needs to trade on her body to sell them? It would appear that she has at least that much self-awareness, if not much more.

    Worse, she's using her looks in that worst possible of ways -- to keep other women down. In that Nova Zem interview she literally says that pretty is what sells ideas, not the ideas themselves, and that white sells hella better than black, because, you know, African women are seen as "pretty ugly" in the West. Imagine being a woman, or a young girl, not terribly pretty, maybe black, who for some inexplicable reason takes teal's coddleswap seriously, and hearing that. Your ideas matter, sure, but only up to a point. You're not pretty and white. Tough shit. And in this BATGAP interview she upped the ante and pronounced older people equally useless.

    That there may be some truth to that is hardly the point, not when we're talking about someone who claims to be here to make the world a better place. Note that in her laundry list of things she wants to change in society, from prisons to hospitals, gender and racial inequality really don't make the list, and superficiality and materialism have simply never come up as an issue. She doesn't care because, for today, superficiality and materialism are her stock in trade. She not only doesn't oppose them, she revels in them. And if you're not part of the solution...

  52. Once in Atlanta I met a guru building a following like Teal at the time called Elizabeth Claire Prophet. She came to Atlanta and I briefly met her and saw that she was not attractive to me energy wise...but others did not and I was immune.

    My aunt and grandmother were into her "cult" of the ascended masters she channeled. My aunt was actually part of her inner circle in around 1974. She persuaded my grandmother to give money. They both had a love for St Germaine even after disillusionment with the prophetess.

    It is really interesting that Ms Swan is much more "attealing" to erotic feedback. So she is pulling in the guys. I keep seeing the blatant I seek the wisdom of "sniff your pants" response. The whole thing must be an extension of an already thematic sojourn of disillusionment in "other's" ?

    Men may become caught in the guru honey trap.
    I consider Teal a derailment figure who dissuades a person from in depth self trust but self trust has to have some resistance to build its strength IMO today.

    You don't just cut a caterpillar out of its cocoon. It needs the struggle. I refuse to give up my lovely butterfly imagery just because MK Ultra is said to twist it all around. This is like all the memes...we need the strength to take back what is beautiful and has value and make it our own not commercial but deeply.

    I found this as a way of placing Teal in the sociology of "Hyper real spirituality":


    "Can you address how science fiction, horror and fantasy provide resources for the creation of these myths and provide some examples of how these myths surface in certain religious or spiritual groups?

    Adam Possamai: Popular culture, in this context, is used as a source of inspiration as I already touched on in the previous question. Checking various Internet sites on Jediism, it is easy to find that people who are interested in this spirituality take elements from various religions (such as Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shinto and also Catholicism) and from the Star Wars movies, and then blend them together. As in a typical popular religion, there is no established theology and Jeddists use religion and popular culture for the personal construction of their spirituality (which is what is referred to by subjective myths). For example, when the movie, The Attack of the Clones, came out, Jeddists realised that Jedi Knights were portrayed very closely to a type of Franciscan monks (i.e., withdraw from wealth and sexual activities). This impacted on the construction of the subjective myths of certain Jeddists who pulled out from this spirituality as, I guess, they could not relate to sexual abstinence. Needless to say, being a Jeddist is not necessarily a permanent source of identity. People might be one for weeks, months, or years and then move to another spirituality, or even become atheist. Indeed, in postmodern times, the relation between people and religion/spirituality is very fluid. There are other examples of these religious groups, such as Matrixism which is inspired by the Matrix trilogy, the Baha’i faith and psychedelic studies. They too have a growing faith on the Internet. They were also earlier cases of groups mixing religion with popular culture, especially in the 1960s, such as the Church of All Worlds which was inspired by the science fiction book, Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein, and the Church of Satan which used some of H.P. Lovecraft fiction at a metaphorical level for some of its rituals."

  53. Also, I want to add that in my upbringing, the fact that my mom was a new age narcissist mixed me up terribly. I dislike Teal. However, I will give myself credit now that I no longer hate my mother for her extreme self absorption and what she could offer me but feel compassion for her misery.

    I will give myself credit for the strength that I feel in my own ability to stand for what I respect now. We should NOT just let the "sick twisted" use of others be unchallenged. IF there is any "good" in derailment (and I felt quite derailed much of my life) when believing others have more rights and more power, it is in taking the rights and power back.

    I see Jessica in this thought but I also see a great deal of anger. I also see that I do still believe in many "age old" precepts of what looks like inner technology.

    Therefore, I will allow that there is an authentic spiritual development that is the right of humans and that this is the only reason Teal can use others. She atteals to some things that look "right" as they have some "rightness" all mixed in with "BS" (belief system)

    So to call her out and "speak truth" to whatever is part true and smarmy inveigling people like Teal wield is necessary and important.

    IMO there are no ascended masters waiting around in the astral any more than Jedi are real. There are lots of beliefs in the astral waiting around to be dispelled.

    Since people make story real and then live it, this must be something more important than any one story. We do have the power to live out a story line that is happy IMO. That is what Is IMO real, understanding the process of how this manifests. IMO this learning how we use imagination is the reason we came into this realm. Thanks as ever for letting me "speak" to what I am thinking. Maggie

  54. Oh Eclare... that's what my friends and I used to call her. I had a crazy experience with the cult of Eclare many years ago. I saw a poster for a lecture on the lost years of Jesus, and went with some friends who were likewise interested in the topic. It was in a Hotel ballroom and largely consisted of videos of Ms. Prophet. She was just on the hotel television droning on and on and on. We realized very quickly that we had wondered into a cult and beat a hasty retreat as soon as it wrapped. Don't think we dodged the sales pitches. They were all over us trying to get our addresses and so on. But mostly, she just became an in-joke for us. I heard she died some years back. Whatever happened to that compound in Montana and the massive arsenal of weapons they were stockpiling? I really haven't kept up.

    And, Maggie, it's always pleasure to hear you "speak." I may not always understand your meaning but your use of language dazzles me. It's like prose poetry. Delicious.

  55. Thanks LV.
    Eclare...so funny!!

    I looked it up and saw that after the early 90's the church was still around but Eclare was less persuasive and then she died in 1999 and her daughter wrote a memoir.... sounds classic:"allure of infallibility led her mother to a conspicuous downfall"...

    Prophet's Daughter
    Erin Prophet

    "In early 1990, in response to apocalyptic prophecies given by her mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Erin Prophet entered a network of underground bunkers in Montana along with members of her mother's Church Universal and Triumphant, a controversial New Age sect. Emerging to find the world still intact, Erin was forced into a radical reassessment of her life and her beliefs. She had spent her adolescence watching her mother vilified as a dangerous cult leader even while attempting to meet her expectations by becoming a "prophet" herself.

    Prophet's Daughter describes Erin's search for her mother's origins and motivations. With the craft of a storyteller, she describes the combination of health crises and external pressure that drove her mother's ever-more dire prophecies. She reveals how the allure of infallibility led her mother to a conspicuous downfall, and how her mother's rapidly progressing Alzheimer's disease truncated any hope of resolution. A remarkable memoir with implications for the dialog about power, group behavior and the future of religion." http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001HL0F2E?btkr=1

  56. EC Prophet went mad in the end. For someone with such a loud and odd message, it was a sad way for her to go. I have a few of her books. They are not entirely useless.

  57. This is my third attempt at commenting about teal. I am sorry if these are redundant to an unknown moderator.

    Teal is beautiful. Her vocabulary is above average. She is acquainted with rooted metaphysical ideas (albeit shallow ones) and is fleetingly familiar with certain metaphysical principles. But what this is, is the real definition of pablum, and it is sickly sweet.

    I followed her for awhile, but I was always looking. At the eyes, the way she posed for the camera -- these are normal and human things to do, but not for a self-professed spiritual "leader" or guru. And then there was the monotone of her monologues, that weird and orchestrated cadence of the message, the posturing, the posing. This to me screams Not Spiritual. Not Connected.

    We all have intuition. It is good to use it.

    I remember myself 20 years ago and honestly, I was a boor. I was "sold out for Jesus", barging missionary-style into Hindu towns in Fiji and screaming at passersby on the streets of Waikiki about salvation. God. I realize now that I had no idea what the real gospel of Christ even was. Because I was fascinated with presenting. I was good at performing. There is energy in that, sure, and it is attractive -- but it's the kind of energy that inevitably runs out.

    A thing must be anchored in truth, especially a teaching, in order to last. And so I hope that teal moves out of this phase as I moved out of my own, though I suspect she is probably more resistant than I was. Because money. Because fame. Beauty. Followers. Platforms. Oh and yes because sex...which is so sexy.

    But falsehood is not sexy, not to a real seeker. False prophets are everywhere; Jesus was right about this. It really *does* take eyes to see. I hope that teal gets better at her life because of this, and better with her mouth and what she says to people on this planet -- oh, and also how she treats them. "Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly."

    Thank you for your articles, LaVaughn. They have helped me. You are also quite smart, and I like that a lot. I am a professional intuitive too, one who really and truly wants to be of some kind of service to other people (gasp!) and who feels willing right now to sacrifice all constructs of self in order to do so. I am saying: I have a heart for people. And so your work is important, because clearly you do, too.


  58. Maggie, That book sounds very interesting. Thanks. I think I'll have to add that to my very long reading list.

  59. Peau, Thank-you so much for sharing your story. I think you're right that there a lot of tells with teal. But her appeal was lost on me from the outset. The monotone alone was a deal-killer. But that's me. I just don't get it.

    "She is acquainted with rooted metaphysical ideas (albeit shallow ones) and is fleetingly familiar with certain metaphysical principles. But what this is, is the real definition of pablum, and it is sickly sweet."

    I so agree. But worse than being watered down, it's also very often distorted. I really recommend people use the google, because so much of her shit is skewed.

    Anyway, rambling, thanks again, Peau. Pleased to meet you.

  60. Interesting.

    Is The New Age Movement an Illuminati Conspiracy? - Teal Swan DEBUNKED By TVC


  61. ok....it started interesting....and here we just have another story.
    so mind can only exist with a story. Pick your story wisely...concept jumps need certain circumstances and "bridge" thoughts.

    Isn't it annoying that we can't exist without a story? Can we even survive without a story? I mean....pure perception....who is acting and reacting then. It feels like everybody is in a big earth supermarket and picks their own story. What a strange place to be in.

    I just watched 47 cronin and somehow Teal reminded me of the witch. Sorry this ain't a witch hunt but she reminded me of her....somehow :D this witch turned into a fox as well and her little games with the men....ah well.

  62. ok forget about this debunked video...i am half into it and this is just crap and i cant delete it because of live journal. He is crazy like teal bat as well.

  63. Hi GA,
    What is 47 Cronin?
    want no story? no problem....Here is a guru 4 that one 2 hehe


  64. ok I need to balance this debunked video.
    Here we go :D
    Love this guy


  65. Hey Maggie,a so la la movie


    Adyashanti.... I don't have patience for this anymore...
    bla bla no commentator
    bla bla just obervaton
    bla bla prestate of xxx
    bla bla just observe
    bla bla

    You know...my best days I had when I was an atheist, never asking myself the fucking annoying question: Who am I ...or what is the sense of life. There was zero inquiry and the pleasure of the pure word "phantasy games".

    I just notice that one side effect of jumping on and off Teal's band wagon is the total confusion. I have a buddha statue sitting in my house, looking pretty but that is all. When I welcome buddhists in my house they all tell me not to put it on the ground,....it is disrespectful. Then I say - what do you think buddha is doing with one of his hands there. Touching the fucking ground. Buddha once meant something to me when I was riding the buddhist bike. Now it is just a pretty face statue, well crafted, touching the ground for whatever reasons. I have all these symbols and thought "catchers" from all my journeys through the world of "mind explains lilfe but they are all meaningless to me right now.

    Strange strange place to be in.
    I do like my plants.... they will always have meaning to me...not man made but still man made in regards to the meaning.

    Man...this is complicated :D

  66. if you manage to ignore the heavy christian perspective of this conversation...it is very interesting to see the roots of all new age concepts connected to specific speakers, authors... etc


  67. Hi again GA,
    I looked at that video you just posted. I get the idea so far from that video that to say God indwells the creation is the main heresy of the new age? It is the big difference for me between the way I used to think about "god" nd what seems true now ....so I guess I am a heretic still.

  68. I am nothing right now Maggie
    I admit it - i am totally confused.
    And went back to the man who gave me a propper depression last time - I studied his stuff before I was attracted to one of Teal's video icons about the akashic records. But this time it is different.


  69. ...but at the same time...he is intense. I so can relate to this article.

    "Life is a Joy - Avoiding the UG Krishnamurti Syndrome"


  70. Yeah... I was aware of the teal is an illuminati hoax because Jesus is Lord thing. The depth of my uncaring knows no bounds. I won't play the my god is bigger than your god game.

  71. Great minds discuss IDEAS.
    Average minds discuss EVENTS.
    Small minds discuss PEOPLE.
    And most certainly: Hurting people hurt people.
    This blog would be more aptly titled: "Reflections on What's Wrong With...". I don't mean to be insulting....this is really not being left in that emotion. More, just disappointment, I suppose. I clicked a link because I thought (given the name "celestial reflections") that this would be an encouraging and uplifting environment. It seems that is only being done, if one can be uplifted by downing another. I send the hosts of the site love, compassion and healing energy. Forgiveness seems a much more "CELESTIAL" reflection than those here.

    Celestial: of or relating to the energy of the heavenly realms; ultimate good.


  72. Gosh Brandi, I'd take your criticism more seriously if I couldn't see from my stats that you clicked on the link because you were so obviously looking for information on teal, a person, not on all things celestial. You only bothered to read pages on teal and ignored every other subject discussed over a period of years. But if you don't think spiritual abuse is a serious issue worth discussing and would rather only read things that focus on the positive, feel-good side of spiritual exploration, I can certainly respect that choice. I wish you well on your journey.

  73. Hi my name is Priscila, I was part of the whole chaos and it's about time someone decides do unmask the beast! I went to all 1st four workshops, been on stage with her multiple times, everything was great until I realized teal was a total scam, a cult, satanic! As a matter of fact I was the one who told Carmem and two other people when we were at the New York hotel for a workshop! I said teal is EVIL! They asked why do you say that? I just know, something inside me keeps repeating and telling me she's evil she's evil! She is making people fall in love w her and making them believe she was loving them back when she wasn't, she is manipulating all of us and look how she is treating Carmen behind the scenes, How can this woman be any good? She's breaking hearts! Saying it's okay to kill yourself and that you will came right back into something else! NO! that's unacceptable! Every video simply felt like it was made specifically for me in details! Creepy! Creepy is what's inside her! So I came back to Florida and decided to take myself off teal scott society but before I did that I posted something like this "teal scott is a total scam she uses her synchronicity, her looks and her panting to manipulate people and you probably aren't going to believe me because you're being manipulated but don't tell me no one warned you! It's time to wake up and the time is now! I got 755 comments on that, everyone simply attacking me! Than I posted a naked picture of her and my facebook timeline and Blake text me what got into you, what do you want from us? I said I want my freedom! I never asked to get involved in a cult this world has enough problems for you to be causing more! I want you to leave me alone! He said ok and after that I was oppressed! My body felt heavy as if I had two hands holding and pressing my shoulders down, Someone who is a Christian came to my house telling a testimony and after wanted to pray for me, when the person had her hand over my head she prayed for my mind, to free my mind suddenly my ears popped and after that my stepdad screaming for everyone leave the house because the tile floors was shattering everywhere! This is true! This is not a joke the enemy is real and he possesses, oppresses people and is possessing teal! He wants to destroy and kill you us! and if you allow he will! When you had doubts about her identity don't hesitate to know she's pure evil! If you have any question Carmem will know how to find me and I will be glad to share in details what a horrible experience I had with teal!

  74. Pri, quero ouvir seu testemunho... I want to hear your story and what u have to say. I'm scared. Why the tile popped? What happened?

    1. Long story short she's out to destroy, I hope you aren't involved with her in any sort, I would describe her as the devil because only him wants to kill steal and destroy like she does! All my life I've been thought the gospel but I refused to believe more less commit I though they were wrong and I was right but like they say " se não vem pelo amor vem pela dor" and I went through it with her, she finds you at your lowest and than attacks your mind, during the last workshop I was having visions visions that helped me understand the truth, and that very truth is what set me free! The only reason I post this because I don't want people to go what I went through.

    2. Thanks for sharing! I find her videos when I was at my lowest. I was depressed and looking for answers. I used to be Mormon but I hated the church. I was converted a few years ago when I wanted god in my life. I also went to a universal church (pare de sofrer) and there were people possessed by the devil there and they take innocent peoples money. Then I discovered teal. Strange things started happening at home like someone was doing Macumba. I asked god to bless my home and it stopped. I got so scared because this started when I watched teal videos. Things in my home would move around on its own and someone was watching me. I felt the presence of evil spirits and I got so scared.

    3. Wow that's wild but it doesn't suprise me, when we are at our lowest we are lost confused and of course looking for answers, and don't take me wrong those answers can make sense and seem legit but it doesn't mean they are the truth, they are imitation of the truth, (things we want to hear) so we start believing in lies and become descieved and manipulated, the enemy knows our weakness and just how to use them against us! Your testimony can help people find the truth, the only reason there's so much darkeness in this world it's because we are in desperate need of light, unless we make a difference there will be no change because God gave us freewill so it's up to us if we want to serve God or the devil.

      On the workshop in New York I had this vision:
      I saw the devil he was huge the size of a building I was looking to left and I said to myself well if to my left I see evil if I look to my right I will most likely see good, when I looked to my right I saw God ( gotta remember at this point I never believed in God so it wasn't my imagination ) he had a gun pointing at the devil when I turned and saw God he shot the devil than pointing his finger at me he said " It's that easy to get oveyour fears"! In the vision God was an older man with long hair, wearing white with a gold rope against his waist! I also had a vision of a renewing of my mind the next day in the same hotel, meanwhile my mother had plenty of people praying for me at her church, they prayed I would see the truth! This makes me want to cry it's so deep!

  75. See, I'm not sure I want to know why the tiles popped. LOL

    But, yeah, Priscilla, why do you think the tiles were popping?

  76. "she finds you at your lowest and than attacks your mind"

    Priscilla, somewhere in the comments on a previous post -- I don't remember which one, I'm sorry -- there is a discussion about how every one of the people commenting discovered teal's work when they were at a very low point in their lives and vulnerable. It's something I've now heard over and over again. It's interesting. Thank-you for sharing your story.

  77. You're very welcome! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, and if you know someone involved please let them know she's out to destroy!

  78. In this post, I touched on the topic of a client of teal's having committed suicide and teal's disturbing attitudes toward suicide. The subject comes up here because it was discussed in Cameron Clark's interview with Jessica Schab, as Cameron, herself, felt pressured by teal to kill herself.

    John Wangsgaard, husband of the deceased Leslie Wangsgaard, is also a client and follower of teal's and he very recently made a statement on Teal Tribe and elsewhere, condemning Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive for their statements regarding this issue. He throws his full support behind teal. Thanks to some kind, little birdies, I am in receipt of some screenshots. Wangsgaard's statement can be found here.

    Among the responses to this public statement was one from Sarbdeep, hot off his lengthy hiatus from both Facebook and Teal Tribe. As you can see in this screenshot of the admin panel, he was re-added to TT only last Friday and, once again, made an admin.

    Sarbdeep comment includes the curious assertion that Wangsgaard had commented on both Diego's and Jessica's FB pages and that they had been hastily deleted. As you can see here, Wangsgaard liked Sarbdeep's comment, which would seem to support Sarbdeep's contention. Sarbdeep later edited this comment and expanded it to take some personal shots at myself, Jessica, and Diego. All I can really say about that is that I wish these people would consult a dictionary and stop abusing the term "slander" because it really doesn't apply here. For instance, his ridiculous insults lobbed in my direction, I would not in a million years call slander, nor any other form of defamation. Stupid, petty, off base, but not slander.

    - to be cont -

  79. - cont -

    But the part of this comment that really has me flummoxed is the assertion that Wangsgaard had his comments on Jessica's and Diego's pages deleted, because I don't actually think it's possible that he commented there at all. To have done so, he would have needed to be friends with them on FB. Their settings restrict comments on their pages to friends. I know this for certain because I am not friends with either of them and cannot post on their pages. Jessica was gracious enough to unblock me recently, in hopes that we might resolve our differences, so I can see her page now, but I still cannot comment.

    Here is what Jessica's page looks like to me. Here's what Diego's page looks like to me. Here's what the EOF page looks like to me. Here's what the EOF group looks like to me. I can't comment on any of them and I certainly can't post statuses.

    So, unless John Wangsgaard was friends with Jessica and Diego until very recently, this thing about him posting comments on their pages and having them deleted would be what we call in the vernacular a lie.

    I also find it terribly ironic that Sarbdeep of all people would be scolding anyone for deleting comments. Lest we forget, this is the man who administrates Teal Tribe with an iron fist and who coined the chillingly Stalinesque phrase "Delete + Ban = Problem solved."

  80. What is your opinion on the EOF project? Could you do a blog piece on your take of this endeavor? I looked into it but I'd like someone else's take on this who has expertise on the matter, such as yourself. Thanks

  81. I watch Jessica's body language when she inter views Diego. I also read her journals she posted online about her adventures with him I'm Bali. I think she sees him the way tealers see Teal. She puts him on a pedestal and it looks like she worships him.

  82. I have no expertise in the EOF thing. It doesn't appeal to me at all. I find the writing too inscrutable to invest any time into. And I find what appears to be the central premise -- becoming free of beliefs -- absurd. Even thinking you have no beliefs is a belief. So, no, it holds no allure for me.

  83. Im glad you, Priscila Oliveira , mentioned how you wrote a love letter to Teal and because she didnt respond and feel the same way you went and started calling Teal a scam and posting nasty things about her.... hmmmmmm

  84. This was posted by Jordan LaVigne on his Facebook page. The comments are interesting, too, if you can catch them before he deletes the whole thread. LOL

    "Been considering whether to post this or not, but here it goes. Depending on what happens, this post may or may not stay up.

    So I've talked to a lot of people who were followers of Teal Swan/Scott.

Every single one of them who has stepped away from her work, or felt the need to, has had almost the EXACT same things happening in their life, with their energy fields, and they've had the same currents and types of entities messing with them...they could feel these things happening at some level, and most of them even had dreams of Teal telling them to keep watching her stuff and to keep listening to her, and to keep doing their "shadow work". All of them felt these things before I ever mentioned anything about it to them, and most of them felt like speaking to me because they agreed with what I mention that I feel/sense/see surrounding this lady and people who are/were following her. These people(these are wonderful people I've connected with, great hearts, wanting the best for themselves and others, just wanting to know how to do their best) have all had very weird/bad things happening in their lives since they've been into Teal's work, have had a hard time being present with themselves, feeling their bodies and dealing with emotions, and have gotten worse and worse, while wholeheartedly attempting to better themselves. I cleared similar patterns from each of the people that have chosen to work with me, I have heard them all describe extremely similar feelings and scenarios in their lives, and they have all mentioned feeling "pressured" to not leave this group/teacher behind. When they begin to do so, the feel an almost "evil" (they describe it this way) force around them, and things tend to get worse...that is until they can get some assistance coming back into alignment with their bodies and spirits.

I wish for anyone who's in a similar situation to know that this stuff has NO power over you WHATSOEVER, any more than you allow it to. The attention has been led away from you, and you must reel it back, and become present with your own being, begin to reside in your own body. This is a challenge for anyone in this position, but as long as you let go of the need to take part, and get back in touch with yourself, everything will come back into balance. I'm not sure how deep this goes, or if some people are affected more than others..it seems it may be that some are more "deeply entrenched" in this energy currents, and may need to spend more time getting back in touch with themselves, or may need more assistance in doing so.

If you're experiencing anything like this, whether it has to do with Teal or not, I urge you to speak with a shaman, either myself, or someone you know, or feel in your heart that you can trust to be of assistance in your re-alignment. It is worth it. Everyone who has dropped this connection and has had some work done has been feeling MUCH better.

    Wishing the best to everyone on the path. 
Be still and keep moving <3"

  85. Along those lines, this statement can be found in the transcript of the Cameron Clark interview:

    "Also, how come I was told by two shaman and a psychic that she is consciously cording people, which is a big violation in the spiritual community??"

  86. Several months ago, I discussed some of my cord removal and soul retrieval experiences with LaVaughn privately. At that time, she encouraged me to find a way to share this information publicly. To say that I was reticent to publicly share the details of what I experienced is a bit of an understatement. I found myself jaded and cynical towards all things “new age” at that time. It seemed as though new age arena wasn’t much different than politics and Corporate America. After all, it appeared to be a feeding ground for spiritual predators bent on leveraging people’s aspirations and making money off their hopes and fears. I became disheartened when I noticed how many crazy quacks, narcissists, liars, fake “gurus”, and scam artists are posing as spiritual teachers running around charging people money to screw with their beliefs and emotions while fulfilling other hidden agendas.

    That being said, I do know that there are qualified psychics and shaman out there who could and should be sharing their professional opinions about teal. In fact, I’ve spoken to and worked with several of them. This was initially a source of bewilderment which then turned into frustration. On the one hand, they are willing to identify and clear out cords, share their knowledge, warnings, observations, and opinions about teal with me in private sessions. On the other hand, they do not bother to make any of this information public. Frankly, I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to sift through the sheer amount of crap and disinformation floating around in the spiritual community. So overwhelmed in fact, that I was ready to run away screaming and dismiss ALL OF IT.

  87. That’s when a very wise,dear friend was kind enough to point out that “Sturgeon’s Law” applies here. [ http://celestial-reflections.blogspot.com/2014/11/sturgeons-law-of-spiritual-practice.html ] I’ve since been trying to minimize confusion and examine my beliefs. I was concerned that this concept of energetic cording was a bit too woo woo to publicly discuss for my comfort level. I was concerned that relaying my experience with cord removal would only pass along confusion. In short, I was afraid to speak my spiritual truth. It is not healthy for me to invalidate, ignore, or deny my own experiences to myself. I can also not in good conscience ignore or deny what I see happening to other people. I agree with LaVaughn that people should be warned. At the very least, I think people should be made aware of the energetic cording phenomenon. I can not speak with any certainty about what teal is doing, but what I can do is share my observations, my own experience, and what was told to me after working with two shaman and several psychics over the past year. People can choose to do what they want with this information. I encourage you to investigate the phenomena of energetic cording and soul loss for yourself to see whether it applies to you.

    I have observed Facebook posts and received personal messages from former teal followers and disenfranchised Teal Tribe members. These people have shared their personal experiences after being heavily involved with teal’s teachings and the online Facebook community known as Teal Tribe. Some of these people have met teal personally at her workshops and had seemingly made many good friends in this community before they were unceremoniously blocked from the Teal Tribe facebook group for voicing concerns or saying anything critical of teal on the community threads. Some of these people left Teal Tribe on their own after noticing the creepy cult like worship and fervor surrounding teal. Regardless of their reasons for distancing themselves from teal’s work, what many of these poor people have reported experiencing is frankly alarming. They have reported feeling fatigued, drained, depressed, oppressed, confused, and have even said things like their brain feels like it has been “scrambled.” Many of these people have turned to organized religion for relief from their disillusionment in teal. Many have reported feeling the presence of “evil” or seeing entities as well. It is also interesting to note that nearly all of these people have reported having DREAMS involving teal somehow trying to bring them back to her teachings. The bottom line is that these people are clearly struggling as they try to sift through and dismantle teal’s teachings and distance themselves from teal’s belief system.

  88. A few months after I decided to leave Utah, a friend of mine recommended I work with a shaman/psychic he was familiar with. During our first conversation, this shaman immediately informed me that I had been “corded” by what he described as a female, power stealing guru. He confirmed that it was teal and suggested from that point forward, we should refer to her as “no-name” to avoid lending her power. He said there is unconscious cording and conscious cording. He emphatically stated that "no-name" firmly falls into the category of consciously cording her followers. He said this is a VERY disrespectful thing to do in the spiritual community. He claimed there were pre-existing tears in my aura that she had attached cords to, because I had never learned how properly ground, or shield myself. He said these auric tears were unhealed wounds that were easy to attach cords through. He claimed my chakras were wide open. He informed me that “no-name” had managed to attach herself to my emotional, physical, and etheric body. This shaman explained that the reason I had been corded was because I had “latent” gifts or abilities that I wasn't tapping into that this “entity” could. He claimed that by cording me, she could basically piggy back off the energy that I wasn't using at this time. He said that “no-name” has created an extensive cording grid by consciously cording her followers the way she is doing. He suspected that many of these are easy targets with preexisting auric tears. He claimed that she could even create new cords to followers through her existing followers. He informed me that I was not only directly corded to “no-name,” but I had also been corded to her though through other people. He informed me that these energetic cords can be created by doing things as seemingly innocuous as resonating with someone's information, but he pointed out that living in physical proximity makes cording so much easier.

    During one particular session, while attempting to call in the ascended masters to help energetically clear me, this shaman reported something interesting during his visualization. He claimed that "no name" had joined the group of the ascended masters pretending to be the Divine Mother Mary. He claimed he had to shine bright white light on her to make her go away, but still she had persisted in sneaking back into the group several times before my clearing was over. He informed me that he and the ascended masters were going to continue dismantling “no-name’s” cording grid. However, the day after my cord removal, this shaman contacted me to let me know that he had been unexpectedly visited by the “gray energy” the night before. He claimed that he had run into this energy once before, but this time he was completely unprepared for this visit. He explained that he has dealt with clearing dark entities and spirits his entire life, but the grays have some of the nastiest energy he has ever tried to clear. He was convinced that “no-name’s” energy is tied to the the grays.

    There is much more to this, that I do someday plan on sharing. All I can say for now, is that I felt much better physically, mentally, and emotionally after receiving help with cord clearings and soul retrievals with two different shaman so far. If you suspect you may have been energetically corded by teal or any other power stealing guru, I highly recommend seeking help from a qualified shaman. In my opinion, there are just some healing crises that our western medicine is not equipped to handle.

  89. Thanks for sharing your story, Cameron. How do I go about finding a good, reputable shamanic healer in Phoenix, AZ How do I know which one I could trust?

  90. chsdolls, Here's one list of practicing shamans. It is by no means the only resource, but it's a starting point. Bear in mind that not all shamans need to be in area. Some of them can consult long distance. The most important thing is that you listen to your intuition on who is right for you. Look at their material. Acquaint yourself with their body of work and see what resonates.


  91. Both Sarbdeep and teal have responded to Lavigne's post and the resulting questions. Mister "Delete + Ban = Problem solved" is true to form. Jordan is just another jelly hater and a plastic shaman to boot. See his comments here.

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a little odd that teal would use the word "malevolently" in this context?

    "What intention could someone possibly have for malevolently sneaking into your dream time and telling you to go in the wrong direction?" says she.

    I thought there was no such thing as a malevolent intention. Not even Hitler had a malevolent intention, according to herself. So, I don't know, is it a malevolent intention if sneaking into someone's dream and misdirecting them makes them feel better?

    She's so sad that people won't just discuss these things with her openly. But how can they do that when doing so gets them deleted, banned, and solved?

  92. I should mention that teal's comments were on Jordan Lavigne's post and Sarbdeep's, obviously, were on Teal Tribe.

  93. Oh, and I love that teal says "not one" of these people has ever met her in person. Cameron LIVED WITH HER!!! And, I've been given to understand that a number of the people who've complained about the kinds of symptoms Lavigne describes did indeed meet her in person.

  94. Cameron, thank-you so much for posting all that. It can't be easy to talk about your experience.

    I thought this was an interesting synchronicity. Right after I read your comments, I opened my FB page and this was at the top of my feed, posted by a FB friend. It's part of the Lament of Hermes. (A different excerpt can be seen in the sidebar on this blog.)

    “Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven ; the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good. As for the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, all this they will mock, and even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of heaven and of the gods of heaven, will be heard or believed.”


    I have received a plethora of screenshots in the aftermath of Jordan Lavigne's thread on teal, referenced above. He deleted the thread but it got pretty raucous when teal made an appearance. I was juggling clients and my daughter's massive homework assignment all day Sunday, so I missed the final blowout. When I did manage to get the odd glance, the whole thing was just weird because teal's blocked me on facebook. It looked like they were all talking to themselves.

    This is by no means complete. Jordan's thread was up around 800 comments and the follow-up on Teal Tribe ran about 600. I've assembled these to the best of my ability but I had to guess a the order. Anyhoo, there are some real howlers and some major reveals, particularly on Jordan's thread.

    I wanted to post as much of that as possible, because it's a rare opportunity to see someone really try to hold teal's feet to the fire. And a lot of it is her talking about how it isn't fair and it needs a different venue. Then, predictably she ran back to the safety of her tribe for some softball questions and ego stroking.

    I will have more to say on these, but I wanted to get them up as soon as possible.

    The main folder:

    TEAL Entities Melee

    The subfolders, by thread:

    Jordan Lavigne Thread

    Teal Tribe Thread

  96. So, I went to make myself a cuppa, came back to start posting my thoughts on these screenshots, and found that the ice storm had taken out the internet. Fun. I expect I'll chip away at this today as I get time and providing our internet connectivity holds.

    The big news is: Her company has no money -- not the non-profit arm, the one that has to be fiscally transparent. Oh, there are her "personal endeavors," of course. I guess that means workshops, clients, ghastly paintings, jewelry made from ghastly paintings, mugs and other curios made from ghastly paintings, book advance (did she get one?), that giant DONATE button...

    Am I missing anything?

    None of this, apparently has made it's way into her non-profit "Headway" thing.

    I can't help wondering about the people who've made generous donations in support of her "movement." Oh, and the billboards! Whatever happened to those?

    Remember when ALL the money was supposed to go directly into the company to be constantly reinvested? That was before she changed her mind and split her business into what I guess we could call her "personal endeavors," and the non-profit which was supposed to be funded, at least in part, by her "personal endeavors," aka, Teal Eye. That was in October of 2013, over a year ago.

    Remember when the paperwork for her non-profit was finalized and "Headway Foundation" was "officially born." That was in January 2014 just under a year ago.

    Remember when she was going to create "the largest non-profit in the world" and reform prisons, schools, hospitals, and pretty much remake civilization? That was in March of 2014.

    Dollars put toward that goal a year later? ZERO!

    Systems in place so that people can donate specifically to Headway Foundation, as opposed to teal's "personal endeavors?" Have you seen any?

    She's never gonna to buy any countries at this rate.

  97. In other news, teal represents authority. Not the first time she's said something like this, but this explanation was really special. Why is she the stuff of nightmares for many of her followers and former, trying desperately to detach, followers?

    "I am the symbolic representation of authority for people," says teal.

    She got a little pushback on this, but she's holding firm, as an authoritarian might.

    "people project onto me whatever they feel about authority so in their dreams, their feelings about that are symbolically manifesting." ~ teal

    I love the tealer who, in the midst of this insanity, says, "I just don't understand why you give Teal so much power over other people when it's not the case. Like people have their own power to choose. You basically say people aren't smart enoug hto choose."

    No, teal just said that. She said that people are giving her so much authority over them that it's giving them nightmares.

  98. If you look through that Melee LV. You'll see it. She's trying to play ignorant. Look around the part where it was asked about her driving and seizures. She waited for others to make the conversation pass, then jumped in and no one noticed. Then about the planned debate she bs'd her into not having it.

  99. Yes, Arnold. She was really slippery and evasive.

  100. Apparently, I can only post really short comments this evening.

  101. The attempt to get answers from teal, on a range of issues, was not terribly successful. The only thing she really wanted to discuss was the discussion itself, how unfair it was, and how unwilling she was to participate. She'd be willing to discuss things but not in that form, with those people, in that venue. They all have their "minds made up" about her, she says, because, you know, she can read minds. She quickly let it be known that she'd prefer to take any discussion back to Teal Tribe. Well, sure. It's called home field advantage.

    Of course, most of the people participating in that thread aren't on Teal Tribe. Some were banned, at least one blocked. She would have been happy to readmit them, if they'd asked, but that's still not an open forum and it's not like she would have admitted everybody on Jordan's thread -- certainly not the "haters."

    When it was suggested that she open discussion on her own page, her answer was interesting -- very telling, I think. She wouldn't do that because not all tribers can see her wall. She knows full well that all she'd have to do is make that thread public, as many of the posts on her page already are. She keeps all the juicy stuff set to friends of friends, which restricts access. So, bottom line, she did not want this discussion to be viewed by the public at large. Now, what's wrong with this picture?

    What happened to all that, I'm totally open to the public, no privacy, "open shadow" bullshit? This is the woman who berated her husband, over tea, for wanting a private life, but she won't address questions about her practices from the public. She'd rather not even address those questions in a format the public can see.

    When Jordan pointed out that he's never been able to post any of these concerns on TT because they were immediately deleted, she informed him that only material from her "hate groups" aren't allowed. Of course, he's being "anti-teal," too.

    "Actually Jordan, this post is anti-teal, not questioning. It is asserting a comment that is against me I have told people that can address concerns such as... Teal I feel upset about this and I want your perspective on it.."

    How one "asserts a comment," I do not know, but you better not do so in a way that is "against" teal. If you do that you are "anti-teal" and that is not allowed in her tribe. Did I mention that she wants to buy countries?

  102. What happens if she finally does achieve some of that fame she covets -- if she ever actually does grow beyond this YouTube, woo world creation that she is. She wants to do major media. Does she think she can dictate terms to the media like this? Does she think the legitimate press is going to carry her water and never question any of the discrepancies, the bizarre behavior, the very strange, communal living arrangement? Who does she think she is? Bill Cosby?

    Has she ever looked at a newspaper, or a magazine, or fucking... Gawker? Does she really think you can be famous and escape any sort of criticism, let alone gossip? Tell that to Fred Armisen.

    She has publicly stated that she intends to build a business empire and BUY COUNTRIES. She has some very grand, world-changing plans that she's raised no money for, but she thinks she should be exempt from scrutiny?! She wants to completely remake society but no one can question any of it unless they say, "I feel upset about this and I want your perspective, teal, but I definitely do not hate you, nor am I associated with any person or group that hates you. <3 In fact I think you're very, very lovely. <3 Who does your hair? It's fabulous!<3"

  103. She is just like Bashar. "Hey, I have special inter dimensional powers, but I won't use them b'c???" How can people NOT see this you ask? Well b'c we don't ask nicely, ask questions on the right website, and we're closed minded. I once asked on TT for her to prove her powers and people said there is no need b'c she shouldn't help world problems, b'c we aren't ready for it. LOL. Most of these people have been on this nonsense since at least 2013. Where is your shift people? Where is your telepathy? These people are all in the same spot since then. None of them have gained anything, but her. MONEY.

  104. IV I can't thank you enough for all your blog entries opening people's eyes about this woman. People evolve at their own pace. For some it may take a long time but when they are ready they will start looking for facts. I know sooner or later people will be drawn here and your other blogs.

    I got an email a while back---I used to subscribe to their mail list---it was she openly asking her supporters to help finance her movie. The reason was due to conflict of interest she couldn't finance the movie that was about her. And she said "Who better to fund the film than people who are dedicated to seeing the messages inherent in my life and my work spread?” It simply just didn't feel right. She is more and more like a show. That was the time I started looking into your blog in great detail---although I already knew it was there for a long long time. I'm so happy I did and so happy I didn't spend a dime on that stupid movie of hers.

    The first huge thing I encountered when I was browsing through that blog entry was Blake using the alias Jason Freedman to promote their business . From that point on I knew I'm already done with this pair and I didn't have to gather more evidence but I did read all your blog as well as go to Jessica's website to gather all the facts about this woman anyway. The Jason Freedman thing already proved she and Blake are a pair of lying frauds.

    I frankly don't know how some people could still continue listening to this woman's messages. Fraud is unethical and therefore unacceptable. Period. Esp in the spiritual field fraud is far more unacceptable because the teacher is responsible for guiding people's souls. I've seen a lot of people posting messages on youtube or elsewhere saying you shouldn't judge the teacher by her personality you should only judge her by her teachings, her messages, etc etc. I find this total bullshit. At least the teacher needs to prove her integrity. After finding about Teal and Blake's deceptive behavior, they are just a pair of frauds to me. From then on the moment I see her face on the screen or hear her voice the word "fraud" would immediately pop up in my head and I don't care what she is teaching.

  105. Fang He... See the thing that these people don't care to see is that no it does matter who she is. They seriously need people to ask nicely, but she can do what she does to others. How can they NOT see that its all fake? What has she proven from the stand of her abilities? That's the thing I'm going to keep harping on because its the most easily debunk-able thing. "I know about past lives, but no no I'm not going to talking about them." Garcelica and Sarbdeep really think that Sarbdeep's "higher self" was talking through her. "I know how to read people's energy, but I quit everything in life. Come on. Is that all is needed? Look at all of the unproven things she has said. What has she proven in any of the stuff she says? NOTHING.

  106. "I got an email a while back---I used to subscribe to their mail list---it was she openly asking her supporters to help finance her movie. The reason was due to conflict of interest she couldn't finance the movie that was about her. And she said 'Who better to fund the film than people who are dedicated to seeing the messages inherent in my life and my work spread?' It simply just didn't feel right."

    It's not right, Fang He. It's completely inappropriate. It's a conflict of interest for her to fund the film, but not canvas funds?! Really?!

    It's all about appearances. If substantial funds came from Teal Eye, it would be listed in the credits and it would look terrible. (It would also look dodgy that Teal Eye can fund this very long commercial and put NOTHING toward the non-profit, which still has ZERO funds.)

    I suspect the filmmaker had trouble getting other backing, because anybody serious would expect a documentary to have some journalistic credibility. They would expect opposing viewpoints to be represented. If she wanted to do real journalism, she'd be interviewing some critics, skeptics, disenfranchised tealers. She'd address some of the infamous incidents like what happened with Fallon and Cameron. She'd address things like the racist tirade on shadow house. She doesn't want to that. This isn't a documentary. It's breathless hagiography. If fucking embarrassing.

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  109. I'm still chipping away at those screenshots in my free moments. This incident really lays out what happens when teal is dragged outside of the bubble. She can't wait to get back inside it. She won't address the public, only her public.

    So, she started a thread on Teal Tribe and invited people to join her there. Now obviously, if any of her "haters" tried to join, I highly doubt they'd be admitted. But what's more, the woman who berates her husband for not wanting everything public, would only have this conversation in a closed group where the general public can't see it.

    She was kind willing to have a one on one discussion with Jordan, but she didn't seem too crazy about that being publicly viewed either. Said she, "people don't seem to want it to happen privately."

    At the prospect of having some sort of documented debate with Jordan, we got to see a little of the teal we saw in her scrap with Mary Sayard. She was spoiling for a fight -- ready to start "bashing each other" and making it "personal." And, she'll do that, you know, if she can only find the time.

    This whole thing was just a colossal waste of teal's time, so much so that she actually opened her thread on Teal Tribe by complaining about how it was distracting her from her all-important work.

    She also said she wanted it saved for future reference. Done! You're welcome!

  110. Well, it's no wonder she didn't want to discuss this on Jordan's thread. Apparently it was overrun with Jessica Schab's sockpuppets. And Jessica is her "new #1 hater." What's funny about that is that no one participating in that thread sounded anything like Jessica. She has a pretty distinctive writing voice, and no. It makes for a good excuse, though.

    According to teal, this is all about hate -- not disagreement or concern about a range of issues with teal's practices. Nope, it's hate. People just hate her, you know, because she's a "shadow worker." I wonder why Debbie Ford, who did real, legitimate shadow work and had a much higher profile, didn't inspire so much "hatred."

    Her explanation of the dynamics of this are really spectacular. It's because Jessica feels that she's a "crystal child" and she's just jelly because teal is more popular. It always comes back to petty jealousy with teal. Of course, Jessica has not considered herself a crystal for some time. She thinks new age concepts like crystal and indigo children are all bollocks and has been quite vocal about that.

    Jessica then attracted Cameron who hates teal "more than probably anyone has ever hated" her. It's increasingly unclear how many #1 haters teal has -- and how multiple people can all be #1. Pffft... math.

    Says teal, "when lots of people collect who all hate one thing, you have the birth of a hate group."

    White girl, please stop. This is what we call co-opting victim status. "Hate group" has a definition and that ain't it. Hate groups target classes of people, not individuals. As per the FBI, a hate group's "primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization."

    Let's just check with the Southern Poverty Law Center shall we? Here's a compendium of known hate groups in America, with a handy map. If anyone can find a group, in any state in the union, that targets teal, I will eat my hat.

    Anyone familiar with teal's passionate defenses of members of real hate groups, like, say, Hitler and Elliot Rodger, the irony is just too rich.

  111. Admit it, LaVaughn, you don't want to let go of your # 1 anti-teal place or share it with some Jessicas or Jordans, "plastic haters" wannbes, hahaha. You will always be the original "Number One" for us though, if it brings you any consolation, LOL.

  112. You know, Elena, I trained hard. I gave it my best shot. I thought I brought my A game, but we can't all be #1... or can we. It's not entirely clear.

  113. Why does teal inspire so much hate that she wants to be treated like a protected class of one? Well, it's the shadow work, as stated... and the fact that her eyes express the darkness in mens' souls. One of her tealers was perplexed as to why she was so freaked by teal's eyes in one of her photos. She got over it. Of course, some of us might call that a red flag. But, teal explains:

    "Most likely my eyes triggered the feeling aspect of a memory of yours. But I have also been to the void. So I contain the frequency similar to the depths of the trenches of the ocean. If people fear those depths, they fear me."

    Not just depths of the ocean, the depths of the trenches of the ocean.... dear god, she's a bad writer.

    In fairness, those deep ocean trench things are pretty fucking scary. They're full of Lovecraftian-looking nightmare creatures, which is apt considering that teal seems so enamored of things like the Necronomicon.

    So, yeah! If her eyes look like THAT, I still say, RUN!!!

    That wasn't the weirdest feedback she got in that thread, though. That would be this. This person even created the hashtag #consciousidolization. Isn't that an oxymoron? And, of course, teal loves this gushing, emoticon laden, sycophantic weirdness.

  114. Wh...what?? "consciousidolization"?!! Bwahahahahahaha

  115. Loved the ocean link, LV.

    Oh...so she's been to the void...that explains the eyes...




  116. Guess, it's only the likes of Jacques Cousteau who maybe have a chance not to fear Teal.
    We all need a diving saucer at least, you know, to deal with such scary vibration...and pressure and stuff


  117. this must have been the show where Teal stormed of the stage because one of the speakers "triggered" her as she stated in her long blog.

    http://vimeo.com/110643976 (Tea still there)

    (btw: jump to 01:02:43 - if looks could kill :D )

    http://vimeo.com/110642875 (Tea gone)


    I also found this interview series with Teal Scott and Dwaine Hartman who talked 1001 times. After you survived the loooong intros…be ready for some fairy tales and Teal's past.


  118. Wow. If looks could kill, indeed. What was that about do you think?

  119. She was probably thinking:

    "WTF i am sitting here between all these idiots and have to move like one of these human monkeys."

    btw: Hunger games have begun


  120. now somebody should setup a page

    ...considering that the other page is filled with comments of people who are high on teal powder right now. This stuff is dangerous. Have you noticed that her parents are shown in the second preview of the advertising campaign "open shadow". That means one of two things: 1. They gave their full view but only the compliments made it into the movie (10% of the whole interview) or 2. For the sake of their contact to the kid, they agreed, kept calm and Asked Teal what to say. Both ways are very suspicious as I doubt that teal would allow to have any contrary view in her marketing campaign. Wondering loud.

  121. Is this the place were an celestial being found some inspiration back in 2011 ( -;

  122. Okay, I have a few more random thoughts on the screenshots of the entities melee.

    One clear message that we can take from this is that teal does not want to engage her critics. She says she's open to discussing things, but it has to be on her terms, on her turf, with very specific phrasing. She can't be bothered with people who've "made their mind up" about her and joined the dark ranks of the "Anti-teal." You are either with her or you're with the terrorists.

    That this is divisive and polarizing is problematic enough. What's worse is that these in-group, out-group dynamics, are giving rise to increasingly alarming levels of group-think amongst her followers. Dare I say it, Teal Tribe is extremely tribal.

    The level of psychological disconnect on this is disturbing. At one point, teal says she won't allow anti-teal material in Teal Tribe because it's like her "house" and a minute later, without a trace of self-awareness, takes the piss out of Jordan for not wanting to discuss things there because he "says TT is not a 'neutral ground'."

    No, teal, YOU just said it wasn't neutral ground -- A MINUTE AGO.

    As for any kind of sympathy for Jordan, she is not havin' it.

    "do not say Poor guy about someone who is perfectly fine posting personally antagonistic posts. He is looking for a fight."

    Leaving aside for the moment, that Jordan said repeatedly that he wanted a discussion, not a fight, this is the strangest set of priorities I think I've ever seen. This is the woman who has called on people to have sympathy for Hitler, Elliot "the virgin killer" Rodger, Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, and violent felons everywhere, who should be loved and chanted back into community, rather than "punished." She claims to have forgiven her alleged Mormon Satanist abuser. But the barest whiff of sympathy for Jordan Lavigne, or any of her critics, is right out. We're the "hate group" to be ostracized and vilified. The Nazis, we should have sympathy for. It just so frickin' bizarre.

    - to be cont -

  123. - cont'd -

    By her own admission, she doesn't want an open debate with Jordan. And then, in a very strange twist, she explains the issue thusly:

    "He doesn't want to debate our conflict in perspectives, he wants to debate about my claim that I am extrasensory. And so the debate would be a personal attack debate."

    Having followed a good bit of Jordan's thread and having looked over all those screenshots of their back and forth, I have to say, that I really don't understand how she came to that conclusion. He was quite clear about what he wanted to hash out and that wasn't it. The only thing I can imagine is that she must of have seized on this one comment of his, taken it as a personal attack, and completely misread his meaning.

    "No Teal. You claim to have 'sight'. I have training in that way. I see things you apparently do not. We'd chat about that, nothing else."

    Taken in context, all he's saying is that he sees things emanating from her presence that she's not seeing -- which is graciously giving her the benefit of the doubt, if you ask me -- and that he'd like to discuss what concerns him about what he sees.

    She retorted moments later with this jibe.

    "like when I say you can't be 'trained' to do that and anyone who is, wouldn't spend their time attacking other people's perspectives?"

    The whole statement is arguable. In shamanic cultures there is actually a good bit of concern about dark sorcery and it seems to me that this is what Jordan is describing. So, her later assertion that he should be called on his "super non-shaman behavior" is risible.

    - to be cont -

  124. - cont'd -

    What I find more disturbing is her claim that people can't be "trained" to see. It appears that she doesn't subscribe to the idea that all people have psychic abilities which can be developed and refined. Needless to say, I disagree. Psychic ability is our birthright.

    These claims of specialness come up repeatedly in teal's statements. Back in the safety of her enclave, she entertained questions from people about her rare abilities.

    "I've never met one (meaning a person who sees just like me) in person. I don't doubt they exist, though."

    The result of this messaging is a concept of teal that is downright alarming. Her abilities have been so romanticized by her followers that one of them said they became disillusioned at the very possibility that she takes any information from books. Doesn't all of teal's information come from "above?"

    Indeed, teal has perpetuated an idea that she has never had any training or study, formal or informal. Where I think that this raises concerns about her credibility, to many of her followers her credibility depends on all of it being revealed knowledge.

    It turns out that teal occasionally reads books, and even underlines stuff. To not get information from many sources would be "super limiting" says teal. "I tell people where I get things from, if I get them from someone specifically, which is why I have so openly promoted Byron Katie."

    Yeah, remember that time teal cited a source. Byron Katie, one of only obvious sources of her words and ideas that teal actually acknowledges... except when she doesn't.

    All in all, this was a fascinating look at teal's communication methods and rhetoric. No one is ever a victim, not of people, not of any kind of entity, and she cannot be held responsible for what people law of attract. Yet she is a master at garnering pity from her followers for the horrible abuses she has suffered, whether it's from Mormon Satanists, or from her critics. No one is an injured party but teal victimized and revictimized and struggling to recover.

    "if you would have seen me at age 19... cutting every week and seizuring and having sex with anything that gave me anything..."

    And, man oh man, does that woman like gifts.

  125. Just in case somebody missed the heated exchange of comments between Jessica Schab, Cameron, Gary and some mysterious avatars ( ; about the now deleted or hidden Video by Gabriel Kundaniki which was called:

    "Reply to Jessica Schab and her attacks on Teal Swan by Gabriel Kundalini"

    The comment section had some very interesting exchanges there. You might want to dive into it until the cache gets deleted. Cameron also left very clear statements.


  126. I've been following this thread for months now. I started following teal. Her messaged temporarily made me feel better. But something seemed off to me. Her narcissism really tipped off my BS detector. I searched and found this thread. Thanks for exposing her. People need to see the truth.

    I saw the video that Gabriel Kundalini made about Jessica and her "attacks"

    He really kisses teal's ass and there is no getting through to him.

    He seems like a generally ok person to me but he is blinded by teal just like a lot of her followers are. She says things that make them feel better and they are blinded by her appearance.

    And it really irks me that her followers think that anyone who has an opinion against teal...that it means they must be SOOOO jealous of her...her followers can't even entertain the idea that people can be against something for legitimate reason and not because of jealousy.

  127. "She says things that make them feel better and they are blinded by her appearance. "

    I read Cameron's posts about feeling better after she had release of energy cording. I do not know personally to see energy but I am becoming more respectful of how we create energetic "bonds" with others in an energy form. If we could see them, I bet we'd have a much better chance...like when we can "see" a threat.

    But I also am having more and more respect that it is MY grounded, integrated (fully together with myself in a sound field
    of self respect) and "wholesome" quality (meaning I am committed to being in alignment with my truth) that is THE protection against false Guru's, false prophets, false self help mavens, all the vamps: parasites looking for me in my weakness.

    IMO it is a run-in with a bad experience with looking outside self that then creates the impetus inner search. So despite all attempts to persuade that we need to eliminate the "predators", IMO the BEST recourse is that we support one another's great strength to stand firmly innoculated and not susceptible...like LV and others do. This is important...calling the truth. Hopefully some may may avoid or recover more quickly and easily from learning vicariously. The run-in with energetic vamps who would bind us and milk us, bilk us and bash us up is NOT inevitable.

  128. But I also am having more and more respect that it is MY grounded, integrated (fully together with myself in a sound field
    of self respect) and "wholesome" quality (meaning I am committed to being in alignment with my truth) that is THE protection against false Guru's, false prophets, false self help mavens, all the vamps: parasites looking for me in my weakness.

    I agree with you. If more people were in alignment with their own personal truth then they would not be blinded by people like teal.

    However, many people need a wake up call to this fact. They are blinded because they are not in alignment with their truth. I feel for them. We have all been lost at one time or another and on the surface it seems teal offers some direction. I felt that way about her at first. But I regained my balance and aligned with what my true self was telling me.

  129. ARnold, Teal should take on the challenge. 1 mio in few hours. All her dreams become true and she doesn't need to trick herself and others anymore. :D I watched Randi's fantastic documentary "An honest liar". Maybe tEal's documentary can be called "A lying truth-teller"?

    Teal take this challenge. It is made for aliens like you with super power. I am sure YOU will find a way that the unprovable can be proven in an experiment.

    5a058b54-a166-11e4-a041-0b2c3d811fa4 :
    I am also amazed how Kundalini is standing behind her. HE will be probably one of Teal's "qualified" teachers who will go out in the world and teach teal stuff to the masses. He looks very smitten...if you follow his comments on teal's videos. She has him tight around the pinky and gives him "material" so that kundalini can also grow his channel. He seems like a lovely fella tough and street is right up his street.

  130. Holy hot mess batman! How is it that people don't realize that they sound like assholes when they get into this YouTube comment mud slinging stuff?

    I didn't see the video GK originally posted, but I must say he came across as polite and respectful in his comments. Jessica Schaub on the other hand... gah. It is very difficult to muster up much support for what she has to say when she acts like... that.

    Cameron comes across as fairly even keeled and credible on video, but there were a couple of comments there on that YouTube thread that were a bit of a disaster.

    Mostly, recent events make me feel a tad embarrassed at myself that I'm even following all of this. Because 90210. (2.0, which was totally worse. More embarrassment for admitting that I even know this.) Seriously, this is like a poorly written script featuring catty and bratty clueless young ones. Only Hollywood wouldn't touch this with a 10 ft pole because they'd never be convinced that anyone would buy it as remotely possible, even for a far fetched television program.

  131. Why don't people just follow whoever they want to? This catty fight sounds like evangelicals fighting with mormons who fight with catholics about who has the "one true church".
    There's a little bit of truth and lies in what everyone has to say. The truth is that we don't know for sure what happens in the afterlife. As humans, we want hope that something wonderful awaits us. As a result, we are willing to believe whatever gives us comfort.
    If people want to believe they are cosmic alien spiritual gurus, then let them believe that. Let them have followers. This is no different than people following a pastor's words. As long as they aren't hurting anyone, then what's the problem?
    I have decided to live as a secular humanist where I believe I don't need any type of spirituality or religion to make my choices. I'm okay with this and I really don't care who is lying or telling the truth.
    Teal can say what she wants. Gabriel can say what he wants. Jessica can also say what she wants. As long as they are all happy, who cares?

  132. ^^If you think the issues being raised here are about belief systems, you've really missed the point.

  133. You know, LaVaughn, I respect your blogs and I respect what you have to say. I think you should reconsider your flippant response and step outside your perspective and consider what I wrote, above.

  134. If there's one thing that is credible about Diego and Jessica's EOF program it's that they made one good point: "Indeed we see things not as they are but as we are"

  135. I fully considered your comment. I found it to be completely off-point. This is not about belief systems. Maybe that's Jessica's point, in a sense, but it's not Cameron's point and it's not my point and it's the not the point for the very large number of people who've posted comments on this issue. This is not a sectarian squabble.

    I, for one, have never cared what people believe. I care how we treat each other as human beings and that's really the central issue here.

  136. What I am saying is who cares what Teal says / thinks / writes?
    She could tell the world that she is God or the virgin Mary or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. She could tell people she's some alien being from the 11th dimension that possesses Congress and makes laws. So what? Let her tell the world this. Let people believe her. Isn't that how all religions were started? Someone claimed to be a prophet and now has a following?
    Let her be "evil" or "good". Whatever floats her boat and her followers' boat. I don't see anything wrong with what she is doing, what you are doing, what Jessica is doing, etc.

  137. "This is no different than people following a pastor's words. As long as they aren't hurting anyone, then what's the problem?"

    That's what you wrote above. The the thing is, we do think people are getting hurt.

    Cameron feels that she was harmed by her experience. That's what she was expressing in that interview. Numerous former followers have written comments about feeling harmed by teal. Family and friends of followers feel that they've been harmed.

    This is not about beliefs. It's about people getting hurt.

    I appreciate that you're open to a range of beliefs, no matter how whacky those beliefs may seem. I feel the same way. I don't care what people believe. I care when people get hurt.

  138. Then all religions and spiritual beliefs are harmful, following that argument. People get hurt by the LDS church. People are hurt and scarred from the Catholic church. People are harmed from many New Age followers. People are harmed by Islam...
    This can be extended to people being harmed by political beliefs, societal values, school rules, laws, etc... I think you get my point.
    Where do we draw the line?

  139. I disagree. I don't believe for a minute that religious belief is harmful. It's not what you believe. It's how you believe it. Any belief system, religious or secular, can be abused. It's not about the belief system, itself, it's about how it's wielded. Abuse of authority in many contexts.

  140. We've got another three-alarmer here, folks. I thought that last tea thing was bad, but I'm in possession of some screenshots that are truly terrifying.

    Apparently, a Teal Tribe member got wind of the fact that teal does not read her own private messages and emails. She has people for that. Perhaps this gal saw her comment during recent entities melee, discussed in this comment thread. She told her tribe then that it's up to her staff to decide what's important enough for her to address. I won't post this triber's commentary because it was of a highly personal nature, but suffice it to say that she was disturbed to learn that her messages about "depression," "suicide," "deep pain," and "complete desperation," over a period of years, were not deemed important enough by teal's staff to be brought to her attention. As am I.

    Let's face it, teal does not have the best track record when it comes to dealing with suicidal clients and followers. If this is any indication of her methods for dealing with this issue, there substantial is reason for concern.

    Having the issue stated on Teal Tribe did rouse teal's interest and she made an appearance on the thread. Her response does little to quell concern. It's actually pretty disturbing for a number of reasons.

    According to teal, she is actually awash in emails from suicidal tealers, to the tune of ten per day. She can't possibly read them all. It would just wreck hell with her schedule. Priorities people! She has books to write and Ask Teal episodes to make. No really. She says that.

    So, okay, let's be fair. She's very, very famous and she can't possibly address all the messages she gets, even the really serious ones. But, good God, if she's "law of attracting" ten suicide threats a day, shouldn't she have some sort of referral system in place to deal with that?!

    No. She'd rather let God sort it out. See, if the universe thought it was really important, teal would have been made aware somehow. In fact, she assures this tealer, she should feel flattered that the universe thinks she has her shit together enough that teal didn't need to be bothered.

    - to be cont -

  141. - cont -

    Now, teal is not quite omnipresent and all-knowing, not yet, but stay tuned because that ability may well be coming soon. As it is she is "aware of much more than most people walking the earth." Yes, my God in heaven, she really fucking says this.

    I'm so glad this is not a "cult" with a "charismatic leader" who has special, super-human abilities. What a relief that is.

    She's still a mortal being. You know how we know that? Because she says things like, "Even I..." Yes, even her nearly all-knowing self still has the same problems the little people do.

    Besides, she's created Teal Tribe so that problems like suicidal ideation can be addressed by a loving group of people on FACEBOOK. She knows we're all lonely sometimes. And sure, loneliness is something we should resolve internally but it's also good to let people find people to go through it with you. Yes, that's right. You heard it here first. Loneliness can be reduced by finding friends. Wow. That's fucking deep.

    So, what's wrong with this picture?! How about the fact that teal has positioned herself as a helping professional. If she were a clinician, she could lose her license and even face legal chargers, because helping professionals have an affirmative responsibility to prevent suicide. She may think it's enough to let the universe tap her one the shoulder or leave for a Facebook group to handle, but there are laws. And more to the point, there are ethical standards.

  142. http://gabypetris.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/an-open-letter-to-teal-swan-noticeable.html Well here is an interesting link... I doubt Teal will respond, but it would be interesting to see whether Teal;s web lackeys amend Teal's sites to include a referral system for all the suicidal people Teal is "law of attracting" to her. It is completely irresponsible for her to be marketing herself as an "expert shadow worker" and not being equipped to handle people who actually are struggling with real world problems and real world traumas. These traumas are way too tough for Teal and her tribe to navigate. It's becoming increasingly evident that Teal can only handle traumas from spoiled little girls within herself (inner children) who are healing from the traumas of having mommies who don't understand them and want them to be independent and autonomous adults who can fetch their own juice... God forbid. Teal would be a joke if vulnerable people weren't coming to her for answers and killing themselves after loading up on her rubbish information. I really hope a psych ward shows up to her house and carts her off one of these days before things escalate to a mass suicide orchestrated by Teal herself.

  143. Go, Gaby Petris! Precisely! If she's getting so many emails from suicidal people that she can't help them (by telling that suicide is a perfectly reasonable solution to unhappiness and much like winning an energetic lottery), she needs to have referral info at the ready. How many of her followers have kill themselves before she takes this problem seriously? I don't call her the Typhoid Mary of Suicidal Ideation for nothing.

  144. Reading teal's most recent blog post. Kind of can't believe my eyes. Strap the fuck in!


    "It truly is a land of beautiful people. I’ve never seen a higher concentration of Arian looking people in my life. I hear that both Sweden and Denmark are the same. Tall people with crystal blue eyes; prominent bone structures and platinum hair are not a rarity to put it mildly… Nothing short of gorgeous."

    She spelled Aryan wrong, but I think we all know what her white supremacist self means.

    "I feel as if the mental chess games I will be forced to play tomorrow with the people of Oslo (with their natural erudite ways) will be an invigorating challenge indeed. 'A good match' as they say. This affords me the opportunity to become even more adept as a teacher of the concepts I am the most interested in disseminating."

    Yeah, she's the fucking chessmaster! It must be because of her stunning intellect... ironically. ;-

    "Nonetheless, I’m particularly excited to speak to the Norwegians as a whole. As a teacher, I feel personally compelled to end the age of emotional ignorance. But I am also a very intellectual person and so I feel a great deal of faith that I can use intellect to appeal to the emotional content of the people here and catalyze a good deal of expansion. I feel that given the collective intelligence level of the people here, tomorrow’s talk will be particularly intellectually appetizing and many of the confusing nuances that are a part of spiritual practice will be properly sorted as I am pushed (more so than usual) to explain things in ways that the mind finds capable of grasping."

    "Despite trying to keep an open mind, I found the sculpture park disturbing. I am all for the full range of artistic expression but being an extrasensory, I feel it is very important to select high vibrational art if it is to be a main focus of a city. Focus sets the tone of the collective consciousness of an area. The main frequency in Vigeland Park (contributed by human consciousness) is confusion, especially around the images of babies interacting in various ways with skeletons. The mental and emotional dysfunction of the artist is now on permanent display for the world to be affected by. It would be interesting to find out about the artist’s life because there is a cruelty to his work."

    Could she be a bigger hypocrite. Babies interacting with skeletons?! It sounds like every blog post and interview she's ever issued. Oh, let me tell you about how I had to fuck corpses and then be sewn into them and lure little Mexican children to their deaths... while I giggle and tell you how "high vibe" I am.

    She really is incapable of self-reflection. Amazing. And Sarbs clearly took any last filter governing her mental expulsions with him on his way out the door.

  145. Her "energetic diagnosis" is also off, apparently. You know. That's the part where she decides what's "wrong" with a population she's visiting for a day or two, based on her own likes and dislikes. Norwegians are just cold, says teal. They're not emotionally available. Therefore, insists teal, they're secretly miserable.

    "It is not like the people of Oslo are happy to keep their internal worlds closed o! from each other. Indeed I must just say it like it is... I would not rate the people of Oslo high on any happiness scale. Loneliness (the kind that exists even in a crowded room) is rampant here."

    What's funny about that is that Norwegians rate their happiness quite high. They're the fourth happiest people in the world.

    "The top five happiest countries have reshuffled since last year, but the study's authors noted in their report that 'the differences between them are not statistically significant.'"


    How did the intellectual giant, mental chessmaster, and super-psychic get it so wrong? Oh, and add "demographic" to the list of words she misuses to death.

  146. Amazing post, Gaby.

    "A human spiritual life on this planet can't be lived as a disembodied spectator. Spirituality followed this way becomes an addictive chase for diminishing returns. As the addiction grows it detaches from sense and the concern for human life altogether. And people kill their soul chasing the very spirituality that is meant to express it."


  147. I guess we all make mistakes when it comes to ex spouses. Unfortunately for Sarbdeep, his will follow him for a long time to come. Will he be able to find a job again? Will he be taken seriously? I mean most of the stuff that Teal writes is batshit crazy. How did he fall for this? This is something that will haunt him for quite a while.
    I bet what made him leave was him realizing that she was making all of her stories up. I am sure he believed her at first. I wonder if she'll bribe him to shut up. If we know this much from the outside, one can only imagine how much he saw and had to put up with.
    People are so messed up and stupid that they fall for Teal's stories of false hope, hook line and sinker. "Twin Flame" and "Divine masculinity" my ass. She said the use thing about Fallon / Jared.

    1. I don't know. He still seems to feel the need to play the white knight to her damsel in distress. Someone has to protect her from... um... people giving her money. (???)


  148. Has anyone here visited tealtribe.com? Holy trainwreck. These are her devout followers. They are no different than evangelical Christians listening to some crazy pastor who takes all their money. The ironic part is that they think they're "more spiritual" or "more enlightened". Many of them are lazy and refuse to work hoping that the law of attraction will help them and also because they believe Teal doesn't work or struggle at all due to the law of attraction (as she puts forth).
    See the posting on "squares". I guess us "regular folk" who have our shit together (and see through Teal's bullshit) are less spiritual.

  149. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=18&v=zbKMPLavo5w WOW! This parody using the children's movie Coraline to detail Cameron's experience living with Teal was spot on!!!

  150. It looks like Cameron will be speaking about the Teal Swan organization on a podcast this month: http://sacredradio.com/schedule/

    I'm not sure if anyone else noticed it already so I though I would share ;)

  151. LaVaughn, what do you think of Teal's latest diary posting, "The Lotus of Completion", where she states "I saw that in every interaction, we are presented with the choice to be right and justified or to love and be loved." That's EVERY INTERACTION, and EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET at ALL TIMES. Interesting way to cripple all resistance to Teal isn't it? If you disagree with her, you are petulantly resisting your higher purpose, which is, of course, to be loved. Awwww, love conquers all, how sweet. (I despise that overused, under-contemplated word, "love")


    1. Good point, Shnatty. The whole post feels very calculated to me. Publicly burying the hatchet with her parents... could she perhaps be noticing what happened to Rachel Dolezal?

      It will be interesting to see if there's a broader behavior change. The way she's gone after people like Mary Sayard is only 180 degrees out from the ideals she's stating here. So, time will tell. She talks a good game, but she really shows her true colors when anyone disagrees with her. She's about as loving as the Queen of Hearts.

      She's also quite obviously getting editing help that she didn't have before. The grammar and word use is markedly different.

    2. I've only seen a few of her videos but she struck me as off and my friend keeps fwding and asking me my opinion. Is she misrepresenting basic principles? To be loved does not mean to be right. You can disagree with someone and understand that you were not "right" in your previous assumption that they were good for you. You outgrew them and what is most loving is to simply accept and not resist it by trying to squeeze them into some box. Respect your and their path and move on. I'm getting upset bc there ARE actual spiritual experiences and phenomena authentically unfolding through us which is why we seek answers. I myself have experienced decades that I would more than willing be able and eager to provide witnesses, lie detector tests, government records, whatever to make you feel secure about opening your mind to my accounts. And ppl like Teal are just messin git up for authentic ppl that want to get their message out. Sadly, they stay silent bc of their neurotic need to feel they are doing the right thing for humanity in all ways and in themselves but ppl like Teal that throw caution to the wind and don't calculate long term effects may force their hand when they prefer to be more than sure before they speak. In other words, unless they are levitating things at will with their ind, they hesitate to say they know more than others.

  152. Thank you for exposing this charlatan Teal Swan. I live in Sydney Australia and attended a conference on consciousness in London 2 weeks ago where she shared the panel with many esteemed scientists. I had never heard of her and was shocked that this uneducated arrogant women was so popular with the crowd. Furthermore that she has books published by Hay House and is on there event circuit!! I trust that she will be exposed as a fraud, its only a matter of time. thanks again

  153. A question : Why is Teal's 'art', the vibrational pictures so 'similar' to Tracey Taylor's? Who has been doing this a lot longer? Why is it that any and all 'advanced abilities' in the paranormal field all are mastered by Teal? Teal seems like the Gilderoy Lockhart of the New age.


  154. Oh my God, Vanco, you're right. Teal's is like a very amateur version of this Tracy Taylor's. Taylor's is still busier than I care for, but it doesn't make me want to hide under the bed, so that's something. I found a video on her and it said there are symbols from different cultures and histories that she intuited. Meanwhile, teal puts symbols in hers and they turn out to things from Full Metal Alchemist or the Necronomicon: Necronomiteal

    And something tells me that if she could cast memory charms on all the people whose work she's, um, intuited without ever having heard of them, she would.

  155. I can already picture her on the cover of 'Magical Me'.

  156. So Teal decided to have a CEASE AND DESIST letter sent to Guru Ethics...


    But it is ok for Teal to say whatever she wants about other people...but God Forbid someone says anything about her she doesn't like...and might ruin her "business"...

  157. It's worse than that, Alyssa. Think about this. She doesn't want to "spill the beans" or "bring down the hammer of justice" on her alleged abuser. Sure, that means that some children will continue to be abused, even murdered, but she says you can't protect those children from the law of attraction anyway. If they're gonna die, they're gonna die. Can't stop that by putting a man into a horrible, venal prison system. Oh, but she'll threaten the magazine that interviewed that man with a lawsuit. I guess the law of attraction isn't protecting her very well from that, so she'll go the legal route there definitely.

    It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

  158. Yeah I guess according to Teal, it is everyone else's own fault that they attract bad things in their life...but of course Teal is always the victim..

    Hypocritical and stupid indeed..

  159. I don't know if my comment went through. Teal Tribe is a joke. Teal promotes self love. But abuse on her website where you can learn all her processes? You will see that the moderators put up with people who talk about worshipping Satan, wanting to mutilate people, and hunt and mow them down. Talk to a moderator about this and you will either be ignored or they will ban them "until 2018" then a week later that person is right back on, because the moderators "gave them another chance." They will you you the sense that it's a safe place for you. (Or God forbid) your children go on to learn spiritual concepts, psychology... But if you are rude to these abusers the people on Teal Tribe, some of the mods will gang up on you and tell you what a bad attitude you have for not being more tolerating. Of course pornography is immediately banned but not psychopaths. They are welcomed. You'd think with Teals past she'd want to help people who have been seriously abused, but no. It's ok, because as she wrote in one of her blogs, her career is more important even if some "taboo" issues make others uncomfortable.
    I guess she figures her target audience is the SEVERERLY DERANGED.
    I don't know but I thank Cameron Clark, La Vaughn and everyone who points out these things she tries to keep hidden.
    I don't believe she gets her information only from "source." She is corrupt. I could go on....

  160. Yes, if you go on Teal Tribe, you or your children will be subject to those saying they want to kill you, that you should kill your self, etc. And everyone is supposed to tolerate this when she does interviews with spiritual people, saying not to tolerate abuse. I can to,erase some things but this is preposterous! It's about as low as one can sink.
    Advertise yourself as being the poster child for ritual abuse, but on your main site let others be ritually abused. Way to go, Teal!

  161. Long story short, same thing happening here when trying to break away from her teachings. Teal has become something else than she used to be or maybe now I can just see it clearer. I post against her teachings but in a nice way and I get the same thing others before posted about. Extreme negativity, bad things happening in my life. Simple reason, even for those of you who are spiritual. There is a lot of hate in her forum. It comes from the "minions" who attack you if you 'go against her mission.' An arsenal of unresolved trauma, hate she encourages....but don't be on the other end of it. I've learned something. There is something to be taken (not abused) as Teal has done from other religions

  162. For instance, Christianity. It's no joke when they say if you feel a bad spell, or energy has been cast upon you, to go sit in the church, or have a priest "get the demons out." Why. Because for thousands upon thousands of years, people have prayed "thought" together forming a group energy of (whatever it is) hate, love, loving to get the hate out of you....
    Well anger is good but Teal promotes it in the wrong way. You will find yourself stuck in anger over there, because that what she promotes!
    She promotes the shadow, living the shadow. Well I'm sick of it! As I sat in church today (I came for a meeting with a friend) I could feel the hate, scorn, victimization.....all being torn out of Me with a cyclonic force. I felt her her tribe inundate me with the hate of her 'attackers' now mind you, she says theyre Satanic....but this energy did not know that. I stood against her principles psi it was out to shred me, regadless of WHO I was. My message is this. If you feel torn, energetically vampires or blown, go sit in a church. For every maybe....ten thousand at most, she has joined that tribe....there are millions upon millions, more, who have sat in a Christian church and have absolved to have that sort of thing taken away by the grace of God.

  163. And it's not about religion. I'm not religious. But Teal is not qualified to be a spiritual teacher. She's not. She is more about fame, fortune, etc...talking about which of her groupies sent her the best love letter while still attached to Sarbdeep! In her very own blog! And her scars. I have ones worse from childbirth, or being burnt by my very own stove! I mean, I felt sorry for her a long time ago but this is what's missing: (for one) how to relate to people...if she claims to be an Acturian (alien) wouldn't she know how to tell people in the midst of celebrating how beautiful and wonderful she is.....how to bring people up the "vibrational scale, taken from Abrahams teachings...." So they're mot pissed off about it, because it's made their lives better.bas a "follower" for many years, not just Teal, but on the spiritual path....I realize she has many problems far beyond most realize including narcissism, which ok, but on the bad side it doesn't give you a clear view of reality....Chhchh...I don't know where to start over than A SPIRITUAL TEACHER SHOULDNT BE A KIM KARDASHIAN WANNA BE! I mean really, a pig, for thousands of dollars! That's where our knees going, to a mini pig that she returned without the money back.....oh my freaking god, she us out of her mind....,I am not kidding.

    Take an ego check (or collective reality assessment mile out if body-roll my eyes) and do the math!

    This girl is either an out an out fraud or she's losing her principles BIG time. And by the way, no more hate.....I'll go sit in a Mormkn church.
    Yeah. That's how pissed I am.

  164. Sorry, all of our money is going to a mini pig pet (typo)

  165. (Out of body assessment on the collective reality,) typo agian

  166. In fairness, she gave the mini-pig to a follower who came to dinner. So, one hopes, the pig is okay and all's well that ends well. Animal lover me, I more concerned about its welfare than the money she blew. I'd rather see it spent on uniting an actual pig lover with a pet than on her "mission" of BUYING COUNTRIES and establishing her Teal Tribe fascism in the meat world.

    Emily, Teal Tribe is toxic. The venom unleashed on anyone who looks sideways at the gift to humanity that is teal is horrifying. And, that pattern goes back a long way. I noted it in my first post on her and then received a dose in the comments. But, worse, and far more concerning is the support for the suicide option that occurs in Teal Tribe. I wrote about it here and I'm still receiving screenshots from alarmed people in that group. Personally, I think it's a very toxic environment that she's fostered.

  167. HERE IS A RIP ROARING EXPOSE-- A COMPLETE INTERVIEW WITH TEAL'S ALLEGED abuser, "DOC." http://thetruthaboutcameron.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-complete-interview-of-teal-swans.html

  168. She's a witch. Nothing more nothing less .

  169. Unless you have been abducted tortured and brainwashed and then had to go on living in YOUR normal world, while experiencing extreme PTSD whenever and where ever, you should not be thinking you know anything about Teal or others who have gone through it. We feel and know who is telling the truth. You have no idea what it is to try to have a life after abduction, torture and sexual slavery, brainwashing and PTSD.
    Educate yourselves at least as to what is normal behavior after a real abduction and all that usually goes with it. You will be ashamed that you threw stones at a wounded but daring survivor attempting to heal and find safety in numbers. Each survivor has her or his own path in the aftermath of abduction and torture. Each as unique as you are. Your judgements are very hurtfull to me. I feel you would do the same to anyone who has an experience you have no way of understanding.
    YOU girls scare me more than anyone.
    I'm not signed up with Teal in any way.
    I just listen to her and don't feel totally alone with my similar experience. She is much braver than skilled with interpersonal relationships but that is exactly what is expected afteran experience like hers and mine.
    She is for real every minute. She is trying to survive it all. She is a comfort to me as she brings the experience into the light of day and this gives me more strength and hope that i will not feel like a total "alien" and stranger ti the entire world around me, except for the experts in the field of psychology who have learned all about the experience of abduction and how nearly impossible it is to function at times. Normal functio ing is not an option for us.
    Please educate yourselves specifically on the experience of abduction that involves all the things that Teal describes. Your ignorance is absolutely fueling the abductors in the world with
    Confidence and deeper cover from justice. The prevalence of this horrific crime will surely increase with the willfull ignorance you display and advertise. You are feeling like accomplices to the crime to me.
    You are not just hurting the very very wounded but heroic woman that Teal is, you are also frightening thousands of survivors who need validation and comfort and trust in the world.
    You are hurting us all.

    1. HI the kitchen mathematician. I just came across your comment and I am feeling your raw emotions. I can follow you and understand why this blog and all commentators upset you. And there is a big conflict between taking it personal towards your experience (as you align with and trust Teal ) and the nagging doubt of many people interchanging here in regards to Teal's story. Only this doubt is responsible for the activities at this page after many hours of research, listening to her carefully etc. I know I can't speak for others = my content is born out of logical and analytical disbelief of her abduction, torture and sexual slavery stories. I am sure you read Doc's interview, so did I.


      As far as I am concerned I am not hurting a woman who went through greatest torture but expose somebody who is using painful stories to progress in her business and self marketing and certainly has a tendency to believe her own phantasy and the ligns are getting blury. I don't see a very 'wounded but heroic woman'. I am talking about a person who uses profil information of true victims to camouflage her true intentions. I am sure Teal went through a great amount of pain as all of us do by growing up … however her stories don't make sense once you try to lign them up. So I am not sure if you will hear and read it but I am not talking about somebody who got abducted, tortured and raped the way it is told. How can I insult somebody who got abducted, tortured and raped when I am busy exposing sb who is putting out lies. I am sorry you feel attacked by a group of people whose compassion is the cause to expose sb who is playing with a vuneralbe group of people, full with good intentions.

      Who is right? I am sure the answer looks very different in both cases. However = if you decide to believe her story and identify with her story.... then I understand that this blog doesnt make any sense to you and showcases negative activities and there is no solution to it other than being confused about the other's perspective on the same person. I understand why we protect our heroes once we are convinced of having identified one. But your hero is not my hero - the opposite in fact. I wish you well and there is no way around that my comments or this blog will keep upsetting you. I am far from ignorant but It doesn't bother me if you see this as a form of ignorance. How could it be any different from your point of view.
      All the best.

  170. I didn't know that Jessica Schab lashed out against LaVaughn. Have you seen this video here? It's made by a man who lost his fiancee to Diego and Jessica's EOF program. They also had her give tens of thousands. Although, I would be interested in hearing the fiancee's side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xl4m5f-AuE

    1. Yes, I have been the recipient of numerous broadsides from Jess and Diego. They don't have any respect for what I do and think I'm dangerous, and I feel the same about them. But, whatever my personal feelings, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the video in question gives one side of a messy break-up. Melissa, the woman in question, has responded with a very different accounting. As with most things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

  171. It's a waste of life to to spend any time trying to convince others of your point of view. No one has the exact same filters so we perceive it all differently. If Teal Swan is in your life experience it's because she is projecting onto you, a part of yourself :) Why is she in your life at all?? Happy Days!

  172. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQiNVSfJVq0

    Peace to all and dive deep into yourself to see where all the negativity comes from. Why do you care so much about another person's life, have you ever questioned that? Be in your own business, not in other people's business or don't even be in God's business. You lose the precious moment of the present. Don't live the life of another person :)

  173. ^^This is obviously spam, but it's too funny for me to delete. Rock on with your bad self Dan Jerry.^^

  174. I don't think Teal is pretty.

  175. From article that brought me here that comments are disabled on:
    So many mothers were like, no, if my daughters watch Teal, they will not be raped. How dare you say such a thing? You try to warn people, and they are so blind.

    This virtue signaling related to teal swan is just as ridiculous as anything shes doing. Someone would be offended & weirded out by above comment. Imagine that. Gross

  176. I miss LaVaughn ... and the updates.


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