Dec 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

It’s here! The shortest day, the longest night, and then the light returns, bit by bit, a few minutes more each day. It will be a few more weeks before we really notice the dark is diminishing, but tonight we can mark the solstice and know it can only get lighter from this point on.

Before beginning to write, I visited Wikipedia to learn more about this special day. People throughout time and across the entire planet have observed the winter solstice in various ways and it was interesting to read about them. My roots are German and Swedish. Some of the Swedish traditions were a part of my childhood. Despite my Scandinavian blood, I am not fond of these dark, cold days and most certainly feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder each winter. The solstice is like a buouy in the sea of endless winter for me. When I reach it, I cling to the thought that the days will get longer once again.

A painting by one of my favorite Swedish painters, Carl Larsson, titled Midvinter Blot caught my eye. As I read about the midwinter sacrifice of animals and humans, discontinued in the 1200s due to missionary persistence, I empathized with those ancient Swedes. After three days of snow, cold, and gray skies here in Tennessee, I am wondering what might appease the gods of winter enough to let a bit of sunshine return.

Astrologically, the sun and Pluto are now conjunct in Capricorn square to Saturn. Mars and Chiron are opposing each other. Venus is square Uranus. Overall, I think these planets are giving us a serious reality check. Things are not working, we don’t want to read or hear the BS anymore. We want a real change. We expect our time, work, and energy to yield results. The energy is akin to casting a baited line out again and again only to reel in an empty hook, no fish and not even the worm! Thankfully, the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction in idealistic and future-oriented Aquarius is helping us keep a positive state of mind. My concern is that the overly optimistic energy of Jupiter and the nebulous energy of Neptune will keep us fishing in the same pond until we are out of bait – and still, no fish! While Mercury in Capricorn is sextile Uranus in Pisces, it is time to change some thinking and think in some change.

A common theme to many of the world’s solstice celebrations is that of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. In my own life, I will be saying goodbye to my monthly lunar forecast. I will be writing a more comprehensive monthly view that incorporates all the planets and allows me to express myself as myself rather than expressing specific information edited for a specific readership. Be sure to check back at the New Year for my new “look” at the heavens.

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