Dec 1, 2009

A Lunar Look at December

A Full Moon Shines on Winters Leafless Branches

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Holiday spirits will be especially lighthearted as December begins. The full moon of the 2nd in the playful sign of Gemini will fill us with a child’s wonder and anticipation of the season’s magic no matter what our age. The new moon of the 16th in the sign of Sagittarius will encourage us to put on our elf ears and Santa caps and share the joy with others. The desire to give, give, give will be strong this year.

A retrograde Mars in Leo as of the 20th will help us rein in overly zealous shopping urges. A retrograde Mercury in Capricorn begins on the 26th. As I have mentioned in previous forecasts, communication and transportation are the two key areas that can be adversely affected by a retrograde Mercury. I don’t wish to dampen your holiday cheer, but the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure definitely applies in this situation. Save receipts and packaging for everything you purchase this month. Double-check all your tickets and reservations before traveling. When traveling by plane, it may be wise to be prepared for delays or lost luggage. Winterize your vehicle and please…don’t drink and drive.

Hang that mistletoe everywhere! Strong romantic energy permeates this holiday season. I predict many Christmas engagements and new romances beginning with the New Year. Everyone will be blessed somehow by the extra love that flows this month.

December 1, 27, 28, 29 – Taurus/Earth
Favors hunting, gardening, caring for animals. This moon cycle is all about doing what needs to be done. Sometimes work really must come before play. Gift your favorite Taurean with anything tangible and practical or give them the cash to choose for themselves.

December 2, 3, 30, 31 – Gemini/Air
Mail cards and packages on the 2nd and 3rd. Purchase gifts, tickets, or make any reservations by phone or online now. Children and their needs or activities come first. Plans made previously for New Year celebrations may change on the 30th or 31st. Geminis on your gift list may be dreaming of a new phone, computer, or gaming system.

December 4, 5 – Cancer/Water
Plan your holiday menu now and shop early for food that will keep. This is also an excellent moon to bake and cook food that will keep or can be frozen. Many Cancer people have had an emotionally trying year. What gift would really help your favorite Cancer feel secure or relaxed, even for a while? A massage? A paid bill? New tires for the car?

December 6, 7 – Leo/Fire
There is plenty of spare energy now to launch new projects or complete old ones. Fun can be found in groups. Decorate, make ornaments or homemade gifts now. I predict there is a wish lurking in every Leo’s heart this year for one extravagant or large gift they would love more than lots of little ones. Can you get everyone to chip in for that one special gift?

December 8, 9 – Virgo/Earth
Favors hunting. Sort through the clutter now at home or work. Make lists and set any appointments. Wrap (and hide) gifts. You may be surprised to find you are better prepared for the holiday than you thought. Has recession worry caused your favorite Virgo to cut back somewhere? Find out what they’ve been living without and give it back to them.

December 10, 11, 12 – Libra/Air
These are the beauty days. Hair, nails, clothes, shoes, interior decorating. Ladies, take advantage of the beauty moon cycle now. Guys – well, go find the perfect jewelry gift for her now and keep out of her way or she’ll have you saying, “Yes, dear.” Any gift that beautifies a Libra’s body, home, or vehicle is perfect.

December 13, 14 – Scorpio/Water
Favors fishing. Now is the time for discovering someone’s secret wishes, buying surprise gifts, or making secret party plans. Scorpio people can be extremely protective of close friends and family, often working overtime or going the extra mile without complaint to see that the people they love have what they need. Often, they come up short on time for themselves. Can you give them the gift of time? Housecleaning, childcare, a prepared meal?

December 15, 16 – Sagittarius/Fire
Rock-n-Roll! Some of us will be at Heritage Hall to see “Elfis.” Now is the best moon for a Christmas party, visiting Santa, or last-minute shopping. Sagittarians love comedy and adventure in equal measure. Any gift that makes them laugh or sets their pulse racing is a sure thing.

December 17, 18, 19 – Capricorn/Earth
Favors hunting and yard work. Much like the Taurus moon cycle, this is a time for work and being serious, although it’s not easy to keep the giggles and enthusiasm in check. This is an excellent moon to share a tradition or begin a new one. What does Capricorn want this year? If you ask them, they’ll say, “Nothing.”, but if you’ve listened carefully during the year, you will know.

December 20, 21 – Aquarius/Air
This is an excellent moon for group gatherings and social activities, last-minute online shopping, and confirmation calls about visits and travel plans. Things are not as scattered as they seem. Aquarians on your gift list may be wishing for new techno gadgets this year. A Best Buy gift card is your best bet.

December 22, 23, 24 – Pisces/Water
Now the pace begins to slow and if we are lucky, a dusting of snow will give us a white Christmas. Sentimental Pisces energy has us recalling fond holiday memories and the same old Christmas movies seem better than ever. Light some candles Christmas Eve or attend a candlelit service. The glow of candles adds to the feeling of warmth. Any Pisces gift this year should be soft – think flannel, down feathers, suede, silk, velvet, fleece – or smooth like fine chocolate or polished metal.

December 25, 26 – Aries/Fire
Families with children awaiting Christmas morning will be awakened very early! Impatience and enthusiasm are keywords for Aries. Records may be set for unwrapping gifts this year and children of all ages may be so overcome with delight in their gifts that verbal thanks are forgotten in the heat of the moment. Have the camera ready for some great facial expressions. Whatever is the newest or the first of something or anything custom-made for them is the ideal gift for an Aries.

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