Dec 5, 2009


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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

Owning Our New Power...Creating the Life of Our Dreams

Over the week-end of November 28th and 29th, more new and higher vibrating energy arrived for us. It could be felt as the now familiar leg and foot pain (as we are still grounding into the new Earth), lower back pain, sinus headaches or face pain, a giddiness (I could not stop laughing), perhaps feeling drunk or lightheaded, flu symptoms, and a need to nap or sleep.

Immediately after, it may have been difficult to sleep, and some tenseness or tightness soon arrived. As we prepare to create a new heaven on Earth, we also begin living and being in the higher vibrations. In this way, even though we may not be aware of it, we are creating more easily now. And as always, we create the fastest simply though the beliefs that we embody within ourselves.

So then, we moved into a new space, knew at our soul levels or higher self levels that it was time to begin having the life of our dreams, and thus, we moved into a new “take charge of our lives” space. We were beginning the stage of owning our power, so in some ways, we may have felt more powerful, more assertive, in command of our space, and now most certainly, owning the position of “the director” of our new reality and new lives.

News for the Soul

Sunday December 6 at 2pm pst - OPEN LINES - Rose Sangregorio is the founder and director of the Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation, a holistic school and healing center. Since 1994, she has been coaching people on their spiritual journeys worldwide. Rose´s international client base has recognized her as a very clear channel, gifted healer, and inspirational teacher. Website >

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