Dec 9, 2009

Energy Allergies

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Very interesting post on regarding "energy allergies."

As we raise our vibration we often can experience what is called an energy allergy. This happens as a natural growth process as we evolve, (especially for us empaths:-) But I have noticed many people even those who aren't light workers going through these shifts. These energy allergies can manifest in many ways and for many reasons. Most often the result is fatique. Sleepiness, headaches,anxiety, allergy symptoms, depression, and the list goes on. The often occur as a result after an event or realization that raises our consciencness. These realizations can be both postive or negative. We have all had it happen after a negative event when we find ourselves retreating to heal. After a positive event it happens as a result or being out of sync between our spirit and our soroundings. Often times they can be a result or a block in creative energies because of the limiting beleifs we are learing to let go of. When we raise our spiritual vibration the spirit longs to express itself in these new understandings. When we don't allow this energy to flow it results in the energy becoming stuck within us and these conditions result. It is extremely normal as we all take 3 steps forward then 2 back, so nothing to worry about or feel responsible for.

This one jumped out at me, because I am having a horrible allergy attack... for several days running, now. I have had these before, following major shifts. My sense of this has been that as we move to the next vibrational level, we can go out of sync with our environment. The result is a discomfort in our living (or work) space. For myself, I've always found that after I move up a vibrational level -- or a few of them at once, in some cases -- there can be a lag before my living space catches up to meet my new vibrational level. Until things catch up, we're out of sync. There a number of things you can do to reclaim your space. Cleaning is one. Dusting and vacuuming are fairly obvious, because even a very low level of dust can really set off allergies, when you're also in an "energy allergy" response. I've been dusting like mad, even though there is very little dust; much less than would normally bother me at all.

I've also found it helpful to use sage and other energy cleansing and renewing incenses; lavender, sweetgrass, cedar, frankincense, copal, sandalwood... That's if my sinuses can withstand the smoke. Right now, they can't. In that event, misting with water, or rosewater, is another good option. The goal is to clear out residual energy patterns that are longer appropriate to where you are. They will shift on their own, eventually. This just helps to speed things along.

I have, in some cases, had to consciously direct the energy. I remember one time in particular, some years ago. I was meditating and my guides drew my attention to my car. I was shown that while my apartment was back in sync, I had ignored the car, which I still had to be able to safely drive. So, I focused my attention on the car, and observed a spiral of light swirling up through it, for several moments, until it looked, energetically, bright and shiny.

The shifts since this summer have been fast, furious, and incredibly abrupt, in some cases. I keep finding myself reeling. This most recent shift has left me very out of sync. In addition to the allergies, I'm extremely sensitive to sounds and smells. As I have so many times throughout this ascension process, I feel like I have no skin; no defenses against even the most innocuous disruptions.

I know I'm not alone, on this one. I've talked to several clients who are having the allergy responses. So is my husband. December is not generally allergy season, so it's noteworthy. If you're having this problem, I hope these suggestions help; or feel free to suggest some of your own tips and tricks for moving through these shifts.

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  1. thanks for posting!!!! reeling is a word i might use as well;-) flow~~flow~~flow~~no matter how low it goes~~flow and let go~~




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