Dec 31, 2009

Blue Moon

French Painter Henri Matisse Working on Medallion of Virgin and Child for Chapel at Vence in Studio

Today is the birthday of artist Henri Matisse. Today is also New Year’s Eve and a blue moon – the second full moon of December, 2009.

When thinking of what to write for this auspicious event, I decided I would search for an image relating somehow to the blue moon before beginning to write. While doing so, I discovered it was the birthday of Henri Matisse, so I began looking through images of some of his paintings. This blue moon occurs in the feminine, nurturing sign of Cancer and has a strong goddess vibration. I was initially drawn to a painting titled Blue Nude, which is certainly fitting for a blue Cancer full moon with a partial eclipse. Then I saw this photograph of the artist himself working on a painting of the Madonna and child and I got goosebumps. The youthful masculine energy and the mature feminine energy seemed to speak to me of the eclipse. The Madonna herself, as we think of her in her heavenly blue robes, is truly the Cancerian energy of this moon. It is also fitting that the artist himself is pictured holding his brush, representing man’s part in the co-creative process.

Coincidentally, I am reading a book I received from a dear friend that ties in with my thoughts around this moon. The book is Sylvia Browne’s “If You Could See What I See – The Tenets of Novus Spiritus”. Sylvia Browne is not just a well-known psychic, she is also the founder of a Gnostic church called Novus Spiritus. Tenet 19 reads, “We believe in a Mother God, Who is co-Creator with our all-loving Father God.”

Last night I read the chapter explaining Tenet 19 and realized that although I have a firm belief in goddess energy as being all around me here in the feminine aspect of nature and I have always felt a strong pull to the Virgin Mary, despite not being a Roman Catholic, I have never truly communicated with a female Creator Being. Sylvia says that the female Creator – Azna – works miracles and that we can pray to her. Last night I meditated and asked to know her. I was filled with a beautiful calm and opened up my heart concerning many things. One of the things that felt unsettled to me was resolved instantly this morning.

The astrological energy today is an opportunity for everyone to open up a direct line of communication to the Divine Feminine Creator. Take the time today to open your heart and share all your desires and hopes for the New Year and a renewed life. Blessed Be.

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