Dec 2, 2009


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Season's Greetings, one and all. The holidays are upon us. And, I'm tired already. Be sure to check out the Rituals Boutique, recently updated, with lots of new product, for the Christmas shopping season.

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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

The Power of Faith

"Faith is freefall. It is the liquid state of grace in which all change is possible," explains shaman and host, Christina Pratt. "Without faith we are unable to cross that gap between what was and what needs to be." It really doesn't matter whether that gap is the size of a whole life that you are being asked to leave behind or the microscopic gap between two neurons in your brain as you desperately try to think a new thought, with out faith we cannot cross that Void. The most interesting thing about faith, given humanity's history of killing each other over it, is that it doesn't really matter what you have faith in. In terms of transformation and enlightenment it only matters that you are capable of that state of grace; that you can surrender all that you are and know to simply be in a state of faith. Join us this week as we explore the power of faith. When is faith the excuse for delusion and fantasy thinking and when is it the power needed to dance with the Unknown?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 2PM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Naisha Ahsian --Crystals

Does size matter? Does polishing a crystal hurt or change its energy? How important is color in crsytal healing? When a stone breaks, can it still be used? These and other frequently asked crystal questions will be addressed in this show, sorting out folklore from factpinion on the subject of crystals and crystal healing with best-selling author Naisha Ahsian. Naisha is the creator of The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self-Knowledge...

12/2/2009 3:00 PM ET

News for the Soul

Sunday December 6 at 2pm pst - OPEN LINES - Rose Sangregorio is the founder and director of the Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation, a holistic school and healing center. Since 1994, she has been coaching people on their spiritual journeys worldwide. Rose´s international client base has recognized her as a very clear channel, gifted healer, and inspirational teacher. Website >

CALL IN: (646) 595-4274
Listen right after the show ends or anytime thereafter:
PLUS The Broadcast Version will be archived on News for the Soul (dot com) next week!

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