Dec 9, 2009


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

The Importance of Essence

If you say, "I love that show" and "I love my car", what does it mean when you say, "I love my child" or "I love my wife?" The essence of love is weakened by casual or careless usage. Why does it matter to some that others take the Lord's name in vain? Because casual and careless usage weakens the essence of The Creator. Don't think this matters? Well, how do you feel when you pour your soul into a project and it is treated in a casual, ordinary, and careless way? Join shaman and host, Christina Pratt, as she explores the essence energies of life and why your relationship to them matters. We strengthen or weaken the essence energies through the quality of our attention to them. Essence energies are "essential" because they are the energies that nourish the soul. Shamanism gives us the skills and awareness to call on the essence energies, to tend them and to create a relationship of gratitude and reciprocity with them. Then they are there for the soul to grow strong and flourish.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 2PM Pacific

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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

Falling Into the New World

The ascension experience and plan was indeed created by ourselves at our soul levels. This fact alone, brought us together as one massive whole, thus creating in tandem, all the twists and turns as we came to experience them as one, all at the same time. In this way, we came together and felt together, we were oh so united, and we knew at our core, that something monumental was occurring, if even at times only at our soul levels.

In addition, the ascension plan always served to over-ride all other levels of creation, as it ran very high. For example, many of us were guided to move to specific geographical areas, or even found that we were simply unable to leave specific geographical areas, even though we may have had a strong desire to do so. We may have found ourselves in places of darkness, unable to get out, as at our soul levels we willingly agreed to assist the planet with the ascension process. Thus, it was never about attracting darkness because we had “issues” or the like, but simply because we were doing our jobs in regard to ascension. This is why our bags of familiar tools never worked in some instances.


This places us in a very different space than we have ever been in, in this particular lifetime. Up until now, our soul focus was ascension. Even from birth, as we chose challenging paths and dark situations in order to transmute these energies though ourselves, we have been on that ascension road for a very long time. “I always knew I was here for a particular purpose, but I just cannot remember what it is!” was a familiar mantra that many of us had in the beginning stages. Now many of us have come to know and remember that very real purpose.

Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Sheila Z Stirling -- Intuitive, Empath, Conscious Channel

Join us and our Guest Sheila Z Stirling as we explore raising the frequencies and consciousness of all humanity. Living an inspired life is Sheila's dedication. An international speaker, author and visionary, She is an inspiration to us all. Her book The new 2010 edition is now available at, barns & or an autographed copy at As an international inspirational speaker and author, sound, vibrational healer, Sheila is often introduced as one who connects us to the angelic and divine energies. Sheila lives in the energy of gratitude and brings her extensive experience in bridging healing and wellness for the body, mind, spirit connection as she shares healing channeled information for the betterment of all. Sheila has been leading seminars and teaching self-healing, inner connection and manifestation of a joyous life for over a decade. With divine direction She has created a breakthrough all day “Experience” she calls “Intentional Wellness TM” where she teaches a technique that enables anyone to take the trauma off all 100 trillion cells and relieve the need for illness.

12/09/2009 3:00 PM ET

News for the Soul

Sunday Dec. 13, 2009 2-3:30pm PST - - AMAZING INTUITIVE MEDIUM KERRIE O'CONNOR on News for the Soul- Call in live during the show to speak with Kerrie and find out why we coined the term ‘goggle and helmet’ readings regarding this extraordinary experience! Call(646) 595 4274 - Kerrie is able to tap into your soul to help you achieve and direct your purpose and passion in life. With loving compassion, Kerrie will help you identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances to assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns, both conscious and unconscious.


CALL IN: (646) 595-4274
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