Jan 3, 2011

Astrological Trends for January 3-9

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An intense and serious atmosphere pervades your day on Monday, January 3rd, when the moon in Capricorn joins the sun and Pluto, also both in the austere earth sign of Capricorn. This lunar configuration will enable you to follow through on any New Year’s resolutions you may have set. Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, is now direct in the excitable, mutable fire sign of Sagittarius and it forms a mild but pleasant semi-sextile to Mars, the planet of action, in Capricorn. Any plans you have been holding back because of the Mercury retrograde period can now be acted upon. In matters of the heart, Venus in Scorpio is still trine to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, but square to Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius, making some things in relationship absolutely wonderful and others problematic. If you use both aspects correctly, you can expand your love at the same time that you uncover painful things from the past that are impacting love in the present moment. With Saturn, the planet of duty and discipline, in Libra, the sign of relationships, now is a good time to do the work of relating and aim for clarity, understanding, and a shared plan for the future. With the moon transiting the higher octave signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces throughout this first full week of a new year, your attention is likely to be on the events and conditions in the world around you and what that means for you in a broader sense. Like an ocean explorer heading off to distant shores, who is busy watching the sky and sea to determine his course, you are watching society and the economy closely before you launch any new adventures or changes in your life.

A cautious new beginning is ushered in on Tuesday, January 4th, with the new moon and a partial solar eclipse taking place in the rather reserved and rigid cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. The new moon forms a difficult square to Saturn in Libra, indicating compromises or having to accept conditions less than perfect may be part of your new beginning. The next step you must take is clear, but you cannot foresee the end result and you have some trepidation about the journey. I have an image of a knight in armor on horseback preparing to join a crusade. Be careful and precise and follow methods and a pattern as much as possible, but be alert for any signs that indicate taking a risk or breaking an old, established order is what your best option would be each time you feel forced to make a decision.

On Wednesday, January 5th, the sun in Capricorn forms a challenging square to Saturn in Libra, which will shadow the entire week. The lesson in this square has to do with mirroring. It will be easy for you to point the finger at others now, but not so easy to see what underlying trait within yourself is being triggered that is causing you to point your finger. You can’t change someone else, only yourself. The best way to handle this square is to look at everyone as if they were you and accept them as they are. Work on improving yourself or policing your own attitude or mindset. In the morning, the moon in late Capricorn forms a supportive sextile with Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces and also a sextile to Venus in Scorpio. These are wonderful aspects that can help you take the high road in all that you do. Keep working on your plans while the planets are helping you lay strong foundations and work quickly. Early this evening, the moon enters the thinking air sign of Aquarius and forms a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, causing a “Eureka!” moment or aligning you with the vibration of practical genius. It’s a brief moment in time, but it could help you get your best Scrabble score ever or finish the Super Sudoku. A gentle parallel between the moon and Venus this evening helps you feel relaxed or romantic.

Call this Follow Through Thursday. On January 6th, the day begins with the moon in the fixed humanitarian air sign of Aquarius. As the day progresses, the moon in Aquarius moves into a favorable trine with diplomatic and strategy-minded Saturn in Libra. The moon is also happily engaged in a semi-sextile with the sun in enduring, earthy Capricorn. Today is made for reaching out to groups or organizations, finding solutions to problems, pulling together loose threads or scattered pieces into a cohesive whole, and preparing for a final presentation. People may be a bit quirky now, but they have their thinking caps on, radar tuned in, and mood rings synchronized with each other, making them attentive, cooperative, and agreeable.

An energy shift may be felt on Friday, January 7th, as Venus leaves the passionate fixed water sign of Scorpio and enters the enthusiastic mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. It feels like Venus was in Scorpio forever due to a retrograde period this fall. Sagittarius can be just as passionate as Scorpio in the love department, but less clingy and intense and more platonic and playful. It will take you a few days to adjust to this new vibe and I can’t predict how it will affect you individually without being able to see your own natal chart or know your current relationship status. In general, though, if love is a game and an adventure for you, you will feel a lift in your love life with this more expansive, high burn rate Venus. The moon in Aquarius joins Neptune and Chiron, also in Aquarius, and forms a supportive sextile to Mercury in Sagittarius. This energy pattern could bring a lightning strike of luck or a flash of fame. The image of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter popped into my mind along with the words, “a wild hare.” Let some of your crazy side out and see where it leads you. The aspects of Venus trine Jupiter/Uranus and Venus square Neptune are fading and their effect is waning – confusion in love matters will subside now. A new aspect that will be in place for a week arrives as Mercury in Sagittarius makes a hard angle to Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. Because the planet of communication and transportation is not in harmony now with planets of expansion and sudden change, I advise you go back on Mercury retrograde alert protocol. Little misunderstandings that should be comical can become an avalanche of blame. Impatience or inattention in transit can lead to getting lost or worse. Mercury is also forming a sextile to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius, which softens the square and gives some degree of protection, but don’t test your angels too much – they are there for emergencies, not continual maintenance and damage control!

I predict a weekend of noteworthy world events or celebrity news beginning Saturday, January 8th. The moon in dreamy and impressionable Pisces exchanges a supportive sextile to intensifying Pluto in Capricorn this morning that lasts until suppertime. It is easy to get pulled into drama and experience over-reactive emotions now. The sun is still in a challenging square to Saturn. Mars in Capricorn forms a sextile to Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces while Mercury in Sagittarius forms a challenging square to Jupiter/Uranus. I feel that something very big, dramatic, and outrageous, which may be deliberately staged or put into motion on purpose, will be making headlines. If it is some kind of a natural disaster or political event, then the foundation of it has already been set or some inherent characteristic will be activated by these aspects, which could produce “the straw that broke the camel’s back” effect. I do feel this is primarily global and not personal, but do be aware that your own life can experience big, outrageous events as well, depending on aspects and transits in your own chart.

You are wide open to seek, explore, and merge on Sunday, January 9th, as the moon in sensitive Pisces forms a sextile to the sun in expansive and companionable Sagittarius this morning. If my predictions are accurate, it could be that you and others are tuned to the TV or Internet to follow a story, or several stories. The moon in Pisces quincunx to Saturn in Libra until this afternoon predisposes people to believe the news, gossip, and the media, whether things are true or not. The energy makes you delight in the entertainment of the story more than the story itself. When the moon joins Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces later today, it also joins the square that Jupiter and Uranus are making with Mercury, indicating you should take anything sensational you hear with that proverbial grain of salt. If the passive, receiving side of this energy is operative, you may be subjected to someone putting a spin on the truth to make something sensational in order to manipulate your emotions. On the active, projecting side of this aspect pattern, you can use the energy to do the very same thing to someone else. In the positive form, you could use this for business and self-promotion, such as creating effective ads or videos. On the negative side, you can deliberately mislead or misrepresent in order to achieve your desired result. Today is a perfect example of astrology in action paired with free will. You are reading this, so you’ve got the upper hand and sit at the point of personal power.

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