Jan 13, 2011

New Message from Karen Bishop

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For those who don't receive emails from Karen Bishop, I am posting her recent message in full, as she no longer posts anything online. An explanation for her lack of web presence right now can be found on the front page of her Emerging Earth Angels site. It's a great, little explanation of what's been going on that, for me, is very resonant. Now, here's the current missive.

Hello everyone!

It has been an interesting few months of twists, turns, trials, and experimentations with the energies in regard to the ascension process, but nonetheless, everything has been designed and implemented in support of the end times, and adjusted in accordance with how things have chosen to unfold.... and always, but always in unpredictable ways in recent times, even though the end result will remain the same.

Below is a brief update of the latest news offered to you as a support and validation of your own experience, as well as yet another way of touching base while my latest book promised to you is still in the writing stage (I am still in a seeming endless transition as my new geographical, spiritual, personal, and professional destination abruptly changed in accordance with how the planet chose to experience the end times). Please know that for various reasons, I am currently without a website and have also shut down my PayPal account, so for now, e-mail (not my favorite modality) is all that remains for communicating to large groups when needed. If needed, my mailing address is posted at the end of this e-mail, and mail will be forwarded from there to the temporary address where I am currently residing. Below is a brief planetary update:

Generally speaking, things are right on track in regard to our spiritual evolutionary process as a planet, even though things unfolded in a very different way than expected. Currently, there is very little darkness left, and what is left is up and out...the very last tendrils which are just hanging on by a thin thread.

We have made tremendous progress, even though it may not seem like it at times. Many of the tweaks and attempts at holding together the higher energies did not stick, so other things too complicated and long-winded to describe here were tried. While all these things were occurring, a new structure was being implemented nonetheless, and during this time, the remaining darkness was allowed to run rampant. The light, or those holding most of it, was encouraged to go underground, lay low, and conserve itself, and this manifested in various ways (described further on). The reason the light had to hold tight within itself was because there was nothing to tap into at this time, and because the darkness was being allowed to run rampant so that it would implode or destroy itself as part of the remaining purging process. In addition, allowing the darkness to go as far is it could with no interruption would also allow many souls on the planet to finally wake up to the fact that something indeed needed to change. But mostly, things were being put into place from above and we simply needed to be removed from the old grid during this time. It was hoped that the souls on the planet would take over on their own, holding the light and higher ways on their own (thus, all the attempts at trying things this way that were not successful), but this did not happen, and now we will be receiving light from the outside in times to come (more about this as well, further on).

The purging of the remaining darkness is unfolding in some of the final stages right now. This means that old energies deep within the earth are rising up to be released. Old darker energies in regard to old battles, ancient energies of the past, races and indigenous cultures of long ago and even in recent centuries, and so forth, are now rising up from the earth where they have been held and will be released. Prior owners of land or races and residents of land areas are all being shuffled around now, as the old earth and all its history will no longer be. A massive cleansing is at hand.

Because of this situation, it can feel as though there has been a lot of darkness in the air that we breathe or rather in our surrounding energies. And because so much of the last remaining energies are being purged right now, we can at times wonder if we are living in hell and have fallen down into a deep black hole of darkness with an inability to get up. In addition, any parts of us that are connected to the old energies are leaving as well. We may find ourselves cleaning out closets, getting rid of old signature jewelry and the like, as we rid ourselves of this old planetary energy. During this time, I found myself ridding my house and my jewelry box of anything that was of southwest or ancient energy, as these energies were no longer a part of me. This has been a life-long energy of mine, now to depart. And all part of the many endings that we will now experience as part of this final stage (this is what my new book is all about).

With this “allowing” of the darkness to run rampant, it can feel as if the earth has gone mad and that who knows what is now at the helm. We can feel as if we can no longer breathe, as if there is absolutely nowhere left to go, as if all our coping and self-nurturing mechanisms have been depleted and exhausted, and as if we have been beaten down too low to get our heads up once again. With so many removals and nothing new to tap into, thereby forcing us to rely on our own personal energies, these times can serve to severely deplete us.

During this time, there has also been a lot of energy around our hearts. We may have experienced esophagus problems (an inability to swallow what is occurring out there), or lung and breathing problems (an inability to breathe in the darkness). As our hearts are opening very naturally through the on-going ascension process, what are they currently opening to? Nonetheless, our hearts are expanding still and this process may result in chest pain and pressure, middle back pain, and the like. And as always, these symptoms are not always related to the ascension process, so it is always best to consult a health care professional.

During this time of the release of darkness, we are of course, releasing the remaining darkness or imbalances within ourselves as well. The higher energies are here, even though it may not feel like it at times, and these energies are molding and forming us into the purer states of being that we were always intended to become. We are being pushed and molded into a pure gold nugget with nothing extending outside of our new pure boundaries. If you are an over-giver or over-helper, you will be encouraged to discontinue this practice, as it is now all about self and center without reaching (and always has been). If you are a perfectionist and like things the best that they can be, you will be encouraged to see that everything is really all about love and that is all that really matters. If you have believed that you are here to make something happen on the planet and to make change, you will be encouraged to realize that you are simply here to experience and create and love one another. These are but a few of the higher states of being that we are naturally being pushed and shoved into now.

While these last stages of the ascension process are unfolding in regard to the removal of old planetary ways of being from the old world, we are being encouraged to conserve our energies and keep them close to the vest. There is a reason behind this. We are all being taken care of and all our needs will be met during this time. There is no question about this. In this way, we are not receiving any big bursts of money, manifestations, new creations, and the like. We are being encouraged to lay low and stay steady and wait. It has not been time for new creations quite yet. We are still waiting for the new grid to become steady and solid. It has taken some time to form, as the majority of souls chose old patterns and ways, and chose not to change, grow, and look within. Being knocked down countless times always serves as a great vehicle for the removal of remaining ego, as well as placing us in a more gentle state of being.

But things are about to change. With the last tendrils of darkness now in the forefront sadly serving as our entertainment at times and blocking us from moving forward or creating anything new, we are nonetheless making progress. With each purging of darkness comes more stability into the higher realms. With each date of 11 (November 11th, or January 11th, for instance), we move oh so slowly into the higher realms. 11-11-10, or most recently 1-11-11, pushed us forward as we move through the opening of the 11 portals. At these times, we can feel that everything is going to be just fine, and that we are now more stable, but then over time, things fall again. It is a step-by-step process...one tiny step at a time. So even though it may feel that the darkness has taken over, it is simply just the final purgings that are taking place.

Part of this process also involves a massive removal of the old for each of us. Again, massive endings are part of this process and must occur if we are to move forward into a very new reality. Anything and everything that no longer fits us will fall away, be taken away, or simply leave. This process can be grueling, acutely depressing, and shocking at best, but once through the thick of it, the arrival of our own personal new is well worth it (the new book outlines the stages and feelings associated with it).

February will bring in a new anchor and things will really grab. But it is with the equinox in March that we will really see great movement, and it will be a movement like no other. It is now possible to predict these things with more accuracy as we are now no longer dependent upon human beings to make things change and grab. This philosophy did not work. Human behavior was more unpredictable than ever imagined, and sadly so. So in this way, with the light now arriving from the outside once again, planetary changes in energy will much more easy to predict, as they will not be dependent upon human beings. We will be returning to the old stages and methods of the ascension process that were utilized in years past (prior to the last three years when we were supposed to take over on our own). For instance, solstices encourage going deep and equinoxes encourage forward movement and manifestation, along with numerous other supports from our other celestial bodies at differing times along the way.

Come March and especially into April, we are scheduled for a massive influx of movement and of receiving. It is finally time. This is because so much darkness has been removed in recent times, and also because the new grid is becoming more solid. With the arrival of the light, the old will now begin to fall away more rapidly and we will feel much more at the helm with something more solid to now hold onto. And hopefully, if we have learned from all we have been through so for, we will finally wisely utilize what we receive.

Wishing you starlight in your soul, heaven in your heart, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times,

Karen Bishop

[I am withholding the address information as I am not comfortable publishing another person's address online. I will provide that info upon request.]

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