Jan 10, 2011

Astrological Trends for January 10-16

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A high-intensity day is possible on Monday, January 10th. The morning begins with the moon in a late degree of Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Pisces is naturally an emotionally sensitive sign and the moon rules emotions. Jupiter and Uranus combine with the moon today to make your emotions bigger and more erratic than they would be if the moon stood alone. To make things seem even more extreme or out of normal proportion, Mercury in the expansive fire sign of Sagittarius is forming a problematic square to the moon, Jupiter, and Uranus. I would advise avoiding mainstream media and crowds today while the planetary energy can fan the fire of exaggeration and hysteria. Mercury does form a supportive sextile to Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, which can make people compassionate, but not necessarily practical or sane! The sun in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra, which cast a shadow of seriousness over your life last week, is still in effect today, but by tomorrow its influence will fade. Venus in footloose Sagittarius forms a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which can give just enough anchoring to love without curtailing too much of the flirtation and fun. Mars, the planet of action, in the determined cardinal earth sign of Capricorn gets strong support from a sextile to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces. This is an aspect that can keep you going even when things feel futile or you would rather quit. Mars also gets an extra shot of faith from a semi-sextile with Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. At lunchtime on Monday, the moon enters the cardinal fire sign of Aries and forms a flowing trine to Venus in Sagittarius. “All fired up,” is the best phrase to describe your emotional state now. If you have been waiting for the right moment to ask someone out, this could be the perfect time. The moon and Venus in a trine of fire support passion, pursuit, and risk-taking. Later this afternoon, the moon in Aries forms a challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn. The essence of this planetary clash is youthful, initiative energy seeking to overturn established order and control. An examination of your natal chart to see where you have Aries and Capricorn energy can give you a better idea of what area of your life will be affected by the busy aspects today.

Compared to yesterday, Tuesday, January 11th, is a walk in the park. Indeed, a walk in the park or some other physical activity is a perfect way to release any residual tension that may be lingering from yesterday. All the fire signs benefit from physical activity and each suffer in a particular part of the body when energy becomes backed up or stagnates. You do not have to be born under the influence of a fire sign to feel the same effect. When the moon transits through any sign, it can have an effect on the appropriate corresponding part of the body. Difficult planetary aspects are more likely to trigger physical discomfort, just as supportive aspects are more likely to produce feelings of physical ease and well-being. Aries rules the head. Later this afternoon, the Aries moon opposes restrictive Saturn in the thinking air sign of Libra. Complicated communications between people or issues of independence versus commitment, selfishness versus sharing can literally put your brain on overload and leave you with a headache by the end of the day unless you move some energy.

Some frustration and the feeling of fighting an uphill battle is possible early in the day on Wednesday, January 12th, as the moon in hotheaded Aries forms a square to the sun in stoic Capricorn. Some yearning for a romantic time out or simply some peace and calm is being triggered by the moon contra-parallel Neptune. Perhaps a lunch date with your mate can give you a bubble of love energy to float in today. At midday, the moon touches off several aspects - a stressful square to Mars in Capricorn, a supportive sextile to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius, and a social semi-sextile to Jupiter/Uranus in Aquarius. These aspects are the energetic equivalent of cooking at a stove with all the burners and the oven full. You just keep dealing with things as they arise and move on to the next as quickly as possible because the Aries moon doesn’t encourage lingering - you might get burned. By the dinner hour, the moon also activates Mercury in Sagittarius with a pleasant trine, ensuring you will have plenty to talk about when asked, “How was your day?” You may be out the door this evening for more activity, or possibly go right from work to evening engagements before you finally rest your head on your pillow tonight.

On Thursday, January 13th, Mercury enters Capricorn where it forms a loose conjunction with Pluto. This is a slower speed than Mercury in Sagittarius and you may notice that people slow down and think before talking or coming to a decision - a complete opposite from the spontaneity of Sagittarius. The moon, now in Taurus, adds more grounded earth energy to Mercury through a supportive trine. The moon in Taurus also forms a quincunx to Venus in Sagittarius, increasing sensual delight in lovemaking and any other pleasurable activity. Both these aspects will be felt until after dinner and then a deeply passionate and romantic tone is set with Venus contra-parallel the moon, Venus parallel Pluto, and moon contra-parallel Pluto. The moon in Taurus is steady and quiet the rest of the evening, making it a wonderful time to indulge in whatever makes you feel good in your favorite setting.

The moon continues to move through the fixed earth sign of Taurus on Friday, January 14th. As it forms a quincunx to Saturn in Libra, it encourages productive work, attention to visual aesthetics and perfection, and stabilizing relationships. In the early evening, Mercury finally moves out of the challenging square energy pattern it has been in with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces and your thoughts become lighter. The moon in Taurus creates a wonderful trine to the sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn. This is a big success and accomplishment aspect that also imparts a feeling of satisfaction. Use this knowledge to plan a culmination or completion of a plan or project late this afternoon or evening. Venus parallel Pluto intensifies sexual passion and possessive emotions in loving relationships.

The energy really pops on Saturday, January 15th, when the moon enters the mutable air sign of Gemini. As it does so, it forms a quincunx with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, a trine to sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn, a sextile to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, and a square to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. I have an image in my mind of birds flocking and nesting in the spring with all the busy flying back and forth and chattering. For most of you, the work week was just that - work - and a lot of it. Now the moon is encouraging social enjoyment, connecting with friends, traveling, and frittering time in entertaining or imaginative ways. The square and trine fade by evening, so things will settle down a bit by then. Do you know how children act at the end of a long day spent playing and eating too much sugar? Tonight, when the moon moves further along in Gemini, it opposes Venus in Sagittarius, causing you and others to act like overtired but wired children. It’s not really a terrible opposition because any opposition with the gentle planet, Venus, can never be very bad, but it will make you aware of your need to wind it down and recharge your batteries through some rest; otherwise, you may cross that line where you become so wired that you can’t sleep.

All is quiet on the morning of Sunday, January 16th. Mars has left Capricorn and has entered the fixed air sign of Aquarius, but is still getting a touch of Capricorn energy from a loose conjunction with the sun. Mars is the planet that makes things happen and, when it mixes with Aquarius, it becomes progressive, inventive, and more likely to bring significant change as opposed to the more practical Capricorn Mars, which is more likely to follow established order when acting. Except for Venus and Saturn, which each stand alone, the rest of the planets are paired now: Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius, Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. Planetary energy is already multi-layered, especially when viewed through the tint of the signs each planet occupies in your own natal chart. Now we have some deeper energetic blends, which I feel are enabling you to expand your awareness and opening you to more possibilities than you would normally consider. So, life used to be chocolate cake from a box mix and now it’s more like double fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse, topped with ganache, dark chocolate curls, and fresh raspberries. In other words, much more complex. Late in the morning, the moon in Gemini makes a favorable trine to Saturn in Libra, which lasts right through the day and into the evening. The strong communicative tendencies of both Gemini and Libra tell me you will not want to spend the day alone. There are things to do and places to see that are so much more fun with a partner. The sun and Mars are still sextile Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces and semi-sextile Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius are still semi-sextile Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. This preponderance of good aspects and the absence of any challenging aspects, along with the moon in a naturally happy sign, should make you feel lighter than air all day long. You’ve endured two weeks of some intense astrological events and hard aspects - I think you are entitled to a day this light. It could be one of those days where time flies, yet feels like suspended animation. Magical.

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