Jan 3, 2011

Horoscope for January 3-9

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
Get ready for a rough ride this week, Aries. The good news is that you are the one who has decided to break in some wild horses – nobody and nothing is forcing your hand. All the turmoil or disturbance in your life will be of your own making, which is how Aries likes it best. The new moon of the 4th falls in your house of career and standing in the outer world. The moon is joined by other intensifying planets, making the focus even stronger. If you have a partner, they may be concerned over any job-related moves you take or decisions you make. It also could be that you are having to call upon parts of your nature that have been dormant or never tested before. It is a week of important soul growth.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
Relationship is your true north this week, Taurus. Both your lover and your friends think the world of you now and support you like crazy. The bad side of this is that they are not impartial observers of your life and situations. They may love you, but they won’t always know what is best for you. The new moon this week is asking you to know your own mind and apply it primarily to your habits and routines, and work and career. It is your responsibility to be self-aware and mature. If you have problems, feel free to share them with others to get support or feedback, but make your own decisions and claim them. Get the education or training you require, or show up and participate or teach when asked.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Take care of business plans this week, Gemini, while the planets are giving you some ballast and Mercury, your ruling planet, is finally moving forward again. You haven’t lost your light heart, but you are laser-focused now on the serious side of love and money. A romance could become more established and secure. A craft or hobby could become a source of income. You are also communicating more effectively, collecting necessary information, and making plans to advance your career and social recognition. The new moon turns your attention to laws of manifestation and lessons of self-mastery.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
Defining the terms or boundaries of a significant relationship is what this week’s new moon energy will center on, Cancer. You will be taking love, family, and home life seriously. A shift may be occurring at home, such as someone moving in or out or changing the schedule and pattern of their days so that you feel the effect and must adjust to the changes taking place around you. It looks like there will be a great deal of thinking and talking to go along with any changes. A core feature of your sign is the ability to understand people’s needs and find the means to meet those needs. The tightrope you walk this week may be having to strike a balance between your needs and the needs of others or one particular someone.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
Attention to your physical health and moderating the demands of work are the issues the new moon early this week highlights, Leo. Many areas of your life are being activated by planetary energy now, so you have many things on your mind at one time. Leo, being a fixed sign, is better at approaching one thing at a time and taking it from start to finish. You may be so in-demand right now, both socially and professionally, that you overextend your energy. It’s hard to imagine a sun-ruled Lion ever lacking in the vitality department, but this week it is possible to drain your reserves and bottom out. Make time for play and rest and enjoy the pleasures of home and an intimate relationship on your down time to restore your energy.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
The new moon falls in a multifaceted house of your chart, Virgo. Creativity, art, children, pets, cooking, gardening, gambling, romance, and more are all packed into that one house. This makes it a bit more difficult for me to write a pinpoint horoscope for you. Your money, health, work, and relationship areas are also receiving energy and several planets are being aspected in classic good news/bad news ways. It’s as if you are floating in a sea of potential right now. You are aware of both what you desire and what you detest. The best advice I can give you is a law of attraction: Whatever you put your attention on grows.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
You’ve taken, “In with the new and out with the old,” to heart on the first week of the new year, Libra. You have a desire to bring constructive and sweeping changes to many areas of your life, but your core beliefs, values, patterns, conditioning, and habits are under close scrutiny and subject to sweeping change now. Have some patience and kindness for yourself and do not chastise yourself or be too critical if you feel you fell short of your mark. You may just have to set that mark a bit lower and slow down a bit. Have patience for those in your immediate environment who may not be aware of the new “program” or are reluctant to accept the new you. When you change, everyone you relate to must change, also.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
The power of your mind and the image you choose to project are your new moon lessons, Scorpio. The Scorpio tendency to want to control your environment while remaining at arm’s length and out of harm’s way while doing so will be triggered quite strongly in you and it should be interesting to see how you handle things, since your words can be like swords now. There are other planetary factors pushing you to expose yourself verbally and creatively that are nearly impossible to resist. Perhaps the biggest mind lesson for you now will be the overcoming of a fear that prevents you from a full acceptance and assertion of your complete self. Facing your denials, especially denials of your desires, is another possible scenario.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
All the mutable signs seem to go through fractal cycles of personal development. Just as they seem most perfectly themselves, moving ahead in a clear direction, they can fall apart into numerous chaotic directions only to begin the cycle of coming together again. Like the spiraling images of fractal math, you are a bit scattered now, Sagittarius, but there are signs of a new phase of reintegration. The new moon is helping you pull together in the area of personal values and finances. You are wanting to be progressive and proactive, but you can’t quite see how you are going to do what you are not even sure you should be doing or what you want to do. Like a surfer, you may be waiting for the perfect wave and you will know it when you see it. In the meantime, don’t turn down any paying offers! Accept work – whether it’s your perfect job or not.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Duck, duck, goose! Remember that childhood game? The new moon tags you as the goose this week and that means you will attract a lot of attention, be in high demand, and probably be busier than usual as the one to go to most with problems needing solutions. This can work to your advantage in sales, your income, and recognition at work, but there are other planets making you want to be left alone. This combination may influence you to behave in non-typical and out-of-character ways since your ability to put up with all the extra attention the new moon delivers is being compromised. When you break your normal patterns of behavior, you could learn to your amusement that shock value does have value and you find yourself thinking, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
The time before a birthday, or a return of the sun to its position in your natal chart, is always a time of cycle completion and entering a period of dormancy or darkness. The new moon is putting you in the dark closet this week, Aquarius. There may be a few monsters there, too, and some lingering things from the past that will take true discipline to erase from your mental programming. Think like a two-year-old and ask, “Why?” whenever you catch a negative thought running rampant. Why would you want to think that? Why would you want to believe that? Then, use the other favorite two-year-old word, “No.” and let that thought go. Your future isn’t crystal clear right now, but you are making room for its arrival with a good degree of hope and optimism. Keep imagining the best possible future you can.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Friends, groups, and organizations are the sea in which you swim this week, Pisces. The new moon also touches off a planet in a sensitive house in your chart and you experience a few days of overwhelm or hypersensitivity to the energy of other people early in the week. If there is a Capricorn in your life, the two of you may be very alike but very different right now and push each others’ buttons because of certain planetary factors. In general, you are busy at work and with friends and enjoying it, but when you have the chance to retreat into your own mental space, the whirlwind of energy all the social contact has created takes some time for you to calm and control. Meditation, ambient music, and the element of water can all help quiet your mind and can improve the quality of your sleep and dream state, where you can receive guidance.

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