Jan 17, 2011

Horoscope for January 17-23

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
Communication, mental activity, and plenty of restless energy keeps you very active at the beginning of the week, Aries. All that mental power is being directed toward your career, friendships, groups, and your own spiritual development. The more you decide to be more, the more opportunities appear for you to excel at what you do and be an example for others to emulate. The day before the full moon, you have a desire to travel, relocate, or open even further to a new way of being and looking at the world. The full moon itself can bring you to a turning point in your life concerning home, your psychological foundation, and your career and lifelong goals. You have been expending a great deal of energy and now you are wondering if it is pointing you in the right direction or not. Following the full moon, the planets support you in taking a vacation or some time off so that you can get a new perspective on things before coming to any irrevocable decisions. A change of scenery is a necessity of life now.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
Negotiate for more money on the job this week, Taurus. If you have your own business, re-work your business plan and make adjustments accordingly. You have been doing all the right things - now it is time to see some more profit. Some Bulls may receive an employment offer from another company that is worth considering. The full moon encourages you to rise above fears and realize that security is not something guaranteed, nor does it come from the outer conditions in your life. Trust that all you need will come to you easily when you follow your intuition and emotions. The week brings many chances for material blessings and fortunate connections if you keep yourself open to the possibility that unusual, unexpected, and exciting events and exchanges are a boon rather than a threat.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
The pressure feels intense for you at the beginning of the week, Gemini, as the moon ripens toward full and moves from your house of self to your house of finances and personal values, where the full moon may bring you to a point of major breakthrough. Business, career, and your self-promotion are important to you now. What this full moon teaches you is that you must look out for yourself, nurture yourself, feel good about yourself, and then go about getting what you know you deserve. If you don’t show up and stand up and shout, don’t expect to be seen or heard. Romantic encounters have the potential to be deep and bonding. Your mate may be a source of creative business ideas or the two of you could team up and work together. As the week ends, you feel more grounded and calm. Your push to make things happen at the beginning of the week may have resulted in favorable changes and more security.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
A large amount of emotional exchange is happening between you and a partner and a lot of communication and information is coming at you all at once from many directions, Cancer. Every connection you make to other people seems to occur in a kind of hyperdrive state and you are needing to scuttle off in your classic sideways crab shuffle so you can process it all. Yes, this full moon is in your sign and, therefore, a very potent moon for you, full of manifesting potential. Any fear or anger that comes up now should be processed and released - not ignored. There is a potential for you to project your “stuff” out on others, especially a mate. Be responsible for yourself and resist the temptation to point a finger now. The potential energy wasted in blame or a victim mentality could be used to create your own positive situation in your life. The days following the full moon offer opportunity for flowing conversations, pleasant relationships, and good management of money and resources. Energetically, your week moves from a brooding, threatening storm to wind, rain, lightning, thunder, hail, and then a rainbow, blue sky, and warm sunshine.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
A business partnership with a friend or a larger organization is possible at the beginning of the week, Leo. Something fluid, flexible, changeable, or unknown comes into play here. On the positive side, this can bring greater opportunity for creativity and a free rein, but on the negative side, things may not always appear equal or fair. Proceed cautiously and don’t be afraid to draw up a tentative business plan or written agreement. The full moon brings an opportunity to heal a very old soul wound that can be felt somewhere in your physical body. Neptune and Chiron flow grace and healing to this wound and Jupiter and Uranus assist in moving forward. Working with a healer or having energy work done on the 19th, when the full moon helps you go into the emotion that is also trapped in the physical, could have a very beneficial effect. A strong positive state of mind settles in for the rest of the week following the full moon. Venus and the moon lighten your heart and soul later this week - if it is fun, beautiful, or makes you feel fuzzy inside, have some more of it. If you were able to release past pain, the joy in your future will be that much greater.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Between the demands of work and your friends seeking your company and advice, it seems that you have little time for yourself or your partner at the start of the week, Virgo. The planets are blessing you with a generous spirit, a creative problem-solving mind, and compassionate healing energy, so it’s no wonder that you are in high demand now. The full moon highlights friends, groups, organizations, and wish fulfillment. You may be so caught up in acts of service that you need this lunar reminder to bring your focus back to your own heart’s desires. What wishes and dreams do you have? What relationships support and nurture you? If you have been creating something artistic lately or using your healing ability, you may want to consider charging for your creations and energy work. Near the end of the week, you get in touch with your emotions and come to a decision, which may relate to work, relationship, or both.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
Do you feel uppity this week, Libra? The planets will be giving you a good excuse to be full of yourself and to strut a bit of attitude, especially on the job or in your career arena. Your strong self-esteem and positive mindset this week are helping you be your most authentic self without the limiting thought of what others may think. I think you may have a plan A and a plan B - maybe some more plans - to fall back on if your ideas are not accepted or requests not met. You may even be looking for a good excuse to move, leave, or quit. You feel like you are caught in a quicker cosmic pulse and if others don’t feel it, you will find the people and places that do. If you are in a more passive mode, you may have a new work or relocation opportunity presented that pushes you to a point of decision. The nice thing for you and all the other signs this week is that immediately following the full moon intensity and uncertainty, the remaining transits and aspects for the week indicate the right decision will be reached and the next highest course begins to unfold.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
What won’t you experience this week, Scorpio? Home, family, children, creativity, romance, resources, and future plans may be the dominant themes up until the full moon of the 19th. The full moon energy itself is not as critical for you as some other signs, but you could find yourself mentally overwhelmed as you over-speculate or put yourself too far ahead into the future. Remember that now is where you are and don’t let the enormity of what you feel you must know or do to get to where you want to be shake your confidence. Like the other fixed signs, Scorpio has plenty of perseverance in reserve to draw upon when needed. After the full moon, your focus shifts to business, income, and opportunities for a business partnership. Even if the other person has approached you first and seems to be in control, you have the greater drive and probably the better plan for how to conduct business. Put things in writing now to avoid any future misunderstandings. Enjoy connecting with friends at the end of the week for an emotional pick-me-up.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
The planets are making a lover out of you, Sagittarius. You could be attracting some admiring glances now or feeling the desire to spend as much time as possible with a mate or partner. The full moon may take you from the stage of light and playful romance to the point of following through on desires and finding a way to share more of your life with someone. The rosy glow of future promise and the excitement of new beginnings are enough of an incentive for you to take action and speak your mind. After the full moon, your income and career could get a helpful boost, but the additional money may require more work that requires you to shift your mind, attitude, and family life schedule. “I love the money, but the hours it takes to earn it - not so much.” It’s time to put holiday lag behind you.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Monday is a heavy-duty work day, Capricorn. Set your week up now and clear as much from your desk as possible. Some plans may have to change or appointments be reset midweek, but if you don’t get your ducks in a row now, they could scatter as the week progresses. As the full moon gains intensity, it acts upon your heart and the emotions you keep hidden concerning love and affection. The full moon moves you to be open, vulnerable, and receptive in a relationship. Your emotional needs and those of your partner, if you have one, must be acknowledged and acted upon now. The aspects on the days following the full moon indicate you will be able to open your heart and soul and have a serious talk about love or decide to allow love into your life. From the look of things, you have a lot to think about or share.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
Creative possibilities abound at the beginning of the week, Aquarius. An almost childlike anticipation of the new cycle being triggered by the full moon midweek can feel a bit like a camping trip. You are sorting through your belongings and beliefs, trying to decide what you may need and what is not worth bringing along. The message of the moon is that there is only so much you really need or can carry. What are your essential needs? Clear out everything else and your burden will be lighter. After the full moon of the 19th, you embark on a completely new course of action with renewed enthusiasm and faith. As this week and the next few weeks progress, your clarity increases, life begins to quicken, and horizons broaden.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Your guidance comes from the creative or spiritual realms this week, Pisces. Follow your intuition to music, films, or books whenever a question or uncertainty arises. When I looked at the planetary energy for your week, a movie from 1982 starring Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken called Who Am I This Time? came to my mind. The start to your week may bring up questions of self-identification. The full moon could bring examination of your external world to see what lines up with your interior world. Friends, clothes, tastes, fashion, art, and pleasurable pursuits may all be affected now. Things that you loved may bore you; things that you could not live without could lose all importance. A feeling of liberation comes along with a side dish of mild sorrow for what is being outgrown, changed, or discarded. After the full moon revelations and rearrangements, a contentment and acceptance for your new identity and your redefined relationships settles in.

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