Jan 30, 2011

Astrological Trends for January 31 - February 6

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New planetary positions, aspect patterns, and a new moon make this a week of fresh starts. On Monday, January 31st, the day begins with Venus in Sagittarius forming a challenging square to Uranus in Pisces, calling for a change in relationship status or dynamics. Venus in Sagittarius also forms a supportive sextile to Neptune in Aquarius, creating an idealistic and high-spirited romantic feeling between lovers. For those who are unattached and looking, the urge to find a lover who is also a forever best friend is strong and the drive of these two planets in fire and air will send hopeful lovers out to actively search for partners in places where people gather socially to relax, compete, have fun, or support causes. A mild semi-sextile between Venus and Mercury, the planet of thought, in Capricorn indicates that while the search for true love may be an adventure, it is also a serious quest. If you are already in a relationship, there could be a question of whether you are both on the same wavelength - is it real love or is one of you just having fun? The moon is in steady Capricorn, semi-sextile to the sun and Mars in Aquarius, adding the quality of endurance and patience to the brilliant jumpiness of the current sun/Mars combo. It is a good time to get people motivated to do things and delegate tasks effectively. There are no aspects of note to Pluto in Capricorn until later in the week. The energy of Pluto in this sign is one that you have become accustomed to because of its very slow path through the chart. Early in the afternoon, the moon in Capricorn forms a square to Saturn in the relationship-minded air sign of Libra, which brings a serious tone to all exchanges you may have with other people. Squares are not all bad, just like trines are not all good. You can use this afternoon and evening to get a clear picture of your relationships and see where you can make improvements or build better foundations of trust and respect. Mercury in Capricorn begins a sextile flow of energy to Uranus in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Aries, which will have an effect all week long. It will be felt most strongly when the moon joins Mercury briefly. Later this week, as Mercury leaves grounded Capricorn and enters the eclectic and electric air sign of Aquarius, the Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter blend will make your mind feel like you drank a six-pack of Red Bull energy drink.

On Tuesday, February 1st, the moon in Capricorn conjunct Mercury sextile Uranus/Jupiter can make the Venus/Uranus square a bit more erratic. If you have any questions or uncertainties about a relationship or any situation, you may be chasing your tail in circles mentally. In the early evening, when the moon moves from earthy Capricorn to the air sign of Aquarius, the restless urge increases and the need to ask questions or make something happen increases as you feel the electric charge of the new moon to come. Generally speaking, air and fire sun signs can handle this energy better than the earth and water signs. If it feels too intense for your nervous system, I recommend physical activities like yoga, tai chi, or martial arts that emphasize breathing and the mind/body/spirit balance.

The crazy Aquarius new moon joins the sun and Mars on the morning of Wednesday, February 2nd. Astrologers tell people to expect the unexpected when the moon is in this cerebral and unpredictable air sign. I’ll go one step further and suggest you double check anything related to electricity or fire before you leave your home - this conjunction of planets is crackling and sparking with energy that can manifest in both your emotional and material world. Late this evening, the new moon arrives in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. The moon, sun, and Mars are all conjunct and together they exchange a harmonious trine with Saturn in Libra. This is a most excellent energy for launching a plan for the future that requires a solid foundation of mutual support upon which to build. You may not be able to do something at this hour, like break ground for a building or incorporate a company, but you can commit your plan to paper or make a declaration of your intent. The trine between the sun and Saturn will be in effect until February 8th, which gives you plenty of time to follow through on your stated intention. I feel this new moon emphasizes integrity and right relations in a distinct order. First, you must be in right relationship with yourself. Do you like yourself? Do you follow your inner guidance and respect your own mind? If the answer is yes, then rightness flows easily in your one-on-one relationships and that allows you to have true and correct relationships with groups and humanity. The new moon can help you meld independence with interdependence. When you look at the words, you see that you can’t spell interdependence without independence - now that’s a koan to meditate upon.

Mercury spends its final day in Capricorn on Thursday, February 3rd, where it is heavily aspected by a sextile to Jupiter conjunct Uranus, a semi-sextile to Neptune conjunct Chiron, and a semi-sextile to Venus in Sagittarius. You should be able to feel the mental quickening that the shift of Mercury to a new sign usually brings. It won’t require much adjustment on your part, though - you’ve already gotten a good taste of Aquarius energy through Mars and the sun transiting that sign. In fact, Mercury may have been behaving like a foot-dragging, reluctant child as of late. With the high burn rate of the current positions of sun, Venus, and Mars making things move at warp speed, the covered wagon speed of Mercury has been creating some pressure and stress as you have had to hurry up and wait for people and plans to coordinate properly. When Mercury moves into Aquarius this evening, the supportive energy of the other planets in aspect to it may give your attitude, imagination, and creativity a huge boost now that the feeling of riding the brakes is gone.

Love loses some of its playfulness and becomes more realistic and grounded on Friday, February 4th, as Venus leaves Sagittarius and enters the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Venus is also approaching Pluto in Capricorn now and as the conjunction gets tighter, your personal relationships may be affected by this in several different ways. The combination of Venus and Pluto intensifies passion, lust, sexual attraction, and longing. The negative side of Venus/Pluto is obsession, sexual manipulation, and jealousy. Capricorn is a direct, serious, and grounded sign with no tolerance for drama or games. If your relationship is good, things should get better. If it’s not the real thing or there is anything negative in your relationship that needs to be addressed, there will be no avoiding confrontations and reckonings. All relationships, not just the romantic kind, may be subject to this tempering process. The potter fires clay pieces in a kiln to make durable items for a practical purpose. Some pieces emerge from the kiln ready to be put to use and others break during the firing process. You and your relationships will spend the next two weeks in a kiln. The moon in the sensitive water sign of Pisces today is conjunct Neptune and Chiron and also exchanges positive energy with Venus, further emphasizing matters of the heart. Uranus and Jupiter activate Venus, as well, through a square. The square is a prodding, forcing energy calling for change and growth. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in the first degree of Aquarius making a supportive sextile to Jupiter conjunct Uranus, you may come to that point of reckoning now. The make-or-break energy the planetary aspects are creating will move some relationships to the next level, restructure some worth salvaging, or break others apart.

The moon remains in watery Pisces the morning of Saturday, February 5th. It forms a weak semi-sextile to Mars and the sun in Aquarius and they, in turn, continue to support Saturn in Libra with a trine. At midday, the moon also forms a quincunx to Saturn, which acts like an emotional underscore to the sun/Mars/Saturn trine. Any relationship decisions made yesterday are not likely to be changed or undone - if anything, they are being absorbed and integrated deeply on the emotional level. Take time today to honor and accept your feelings. Pisces represents the spiritual side of life and the totality of all emotions - the sorrow, the joy, and the bittersweet. Before the moon moves into the impetuous and initiating fire sign of Aries and directs your attention outward, spend some quiet time alone or in nature and get reacquainted with your soul.

The morning of Sunday, February 6th, flows on the same Pisces lunar energy as yesterday, but now the moon is stirring up Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius as it joins them. I have an image in my mind of a patch of fertile dirt surrounded by melting snow with a cluster of green leaves and purple crocus blooms in the center. When the moon leaves Pisces this evening and enters Aries, you should be able to turn your attention away from the past and see the fertile ground of the present moment, which opens to the beautiful potential of the future. What a week!

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