Nov 2, 2015

The "Mormon Satanist" Speaks – UPDATED

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UPDATE: How did Doc not know?! See below for details.

For years we've been hearing about "Doc," the alleged, ritual abuser of Teal Bosworth Scott Swan. Her recollections of him infuse her work as a "spiritual catalyst" with no small element of horror. He has hovered over her public life like a specter, more myth than man. His deeds were monstrous, as recounted in numerous blog posts and interviews. In this post, she explains her violent history with her former mentor/captor – and that veterinarians have easy access to peyote, for some reason.

For the thirteen years that followed, I was systematically and progressively separated from my family, I was tortured physically and sexually in rituals, forced to participate in sacrifices, raped, forced to eat and drink out of dog bowls, forced to undergo 3 abortions (all fathered by my principal abuser himself who was in his sixties at the time).  He performed them himself with veterinary equipment, which is why I had such a hard time conceiving my son.  I was photographed for sadomasochistic pornography, sold for money to men for sex out of outdoor gas station bathrooms and motel rooms, kept in basements, kept in a plank covered hole in the ground in my abuser’s back yard, exposed to electro-shock programming, forced to undergo isolation torture, left overnight tied up in lava caves in southern Idaho.  I was forced to participate in bestiality and necrophilia, drugged by my abuser with Ketamine, Dormator, Xylazine, opiates, peyote and speed (all of which he had unlimited access to due to being a vet).  I was chased through the Idaho and Utah wilderness by my abuser who loved to “play” tracking games in which he would hunt me, and if I won, I got a reward, if I lost, I was either raped, or he would “count coup” by making cut marks on my rib cage.  I was used as a lure to other children that ended up being hurt or on occasion killed by the cult group.  And the list could go on.  But this experience is still something that seriously affects my life today. On one hand it is obvious that I would not be doing the job I am doing today around the world if it wasn’t for this experience.  On the other hand, a life that is spent in a constant state of recovery from the past is a difficult life.

He also killed her dog and threatened to kill her family members, as means of controlling her, and to keep her all to himself. He took some rather surprising risks, such as hogtying her with cables in a public parking lot, in full view of passers by. We're meant to believe that people didn't even notice an 11 year-old girl being bound and tied by a middle-aged man.

According to teal, Doc was both a "Blood Covenant" Mormon and a Satanist. He managed this paradoxical existence by having Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). He was also, by her estimation, a "sadistic psychopath."  

I have made no secret of the fact that I think teal's story beggars belief. During her formative years,  stories about Satanic Ritual Abuse were accepted with little criticism. People were tried and even went to prison with a paucity of physical evidence, on the basis of "recovered" memories and half-baked theories about occult practices. This "Satanic Panic" has been pretty thoroughly discredited. Verdicts have been overturned. Therapists have been sanctioned for creating false memories. And, stories very similar to teal's have been thoroughly debunked.

A recently released edition of Ethics and the Modern Guru, the publishing arm of a cult-watching organization, takes up the question of teal's SRA narrative. An interview with "Doc" was conducted by Cameron Clark and John Anderson. Cameron has posted the text of that interview, with some grammatical and factual corrections. A complete version of the interview, including follow-up correspondence appears here.

To say that Doc's version of events differs from teal's would be an understatement. He did know teal from an early age, but having moved when she was very young, had only minimal contact during her childhood. He was enlisted by her parents to give her some guidance. But, as per his telling, that guidance had nothing to do with her incipient psychic gifts, or any conflict with her family or community over them. It was not during her childhood years, but in her early teens, and it was because she was exhibiting behavioral problems. Her parents hoped he could provide some focus for her interest in animals, particularly horses. He is not a "blood covenant," nor any other kind of Mormon.

Doc also provided a letter sent to him by teal in 2004, roughly a year after her supposed "escape." It does not read like the letter of someone who has fled from a captor. No doubt those committed to her storyline would argue that this letter is a display of Stockholm Syndrome. Recent coverage of Elizabeth Smart's story has addressed the fact that Stockholm Syndrome is an unproven theory, with virtually no supporting scholarship.

The New Yorker’s new profile of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart makes an intriguing point about Stockholm Syndrome: It isn’t a recognized psychiatric disorder.

The term was coined after a 1973 bank robbery in Sweden spurred bank employees to bond with and eventually defend their captors. In America, Stockholm Syndrome was made famous by Patty Hearst, an heiress who joined the violent left-wing group that kidnapped her.

Some experts speculated that Smart had Stockholm, too, even though the disorder has rarely been studied and isn’t listed in the DSM V, the bible of psychiatric disorders. One of the few academic studies on Stockholm Syndrome concludes that there’s hardly any academic research on the subject.

“There is very little evidence to sort of validate that Stockholm Syndrome exists,” Emory University clinical psychologist Nadine Kaslow told Business Insider. She added, “It is mostly talked about in the media.”

The letter is affectionate, friendly, and a little needy, in tone. Completely absent is even the barest whiff of fear or intimidation, quite different from the dynamic teal has described with Doc.

I have this recurring dream, where I am back with my childhood abuser.  I’m trying to placate him and pretend I’m on his team so he won’t kill me and I can escape.  In my opinion, it is the worst feeling a human can experience.  I had that feeling so much as a child.

Pathos: 1, Logos: 0

When teal learned that her alleged abuser was interviewed and given an opportunity to tell his side of her very strange story, she went on the offensive. In this blog post, she explains her apoplectic response in this ridiculously long paragraph. My questions and commentary are inserted in brackets.

This last week, they began harassing and threatening my extended family members, including my parents (right after I made things right with them for once and for all). [If you can call offering them an opportunity to present their side of the story harassment, okay, sure.] And today, I was told that as a result of an epic level of betrayal on the part of a former member of my intentional community, they managed to find and interview none other than my very own childhood abuser.  They have threatened me with the release of the interview, which they are planning on going public with today. [Were they threatening to release it, or were they releasing it? Well, we know the answer to that. We also know that teal does not know what the word "threat" means.] Blake could hardly breathe reading the e-mail.  The chief of police who was in charge of the original case was informed.  Of course, they were not stupid enough to think they would call up a man who has been implicated in ritual child abuse and he would say “Yes, I did it… it was all me!”  They did it because they have already made up their mind that it is all a fabricated story.  But consider for a moment…  If what they claim they have done is something they actually did, they do not have the slightest understanding of what they have done. [Huh??? What have they done?]  The potential ramifications for so many people, including myself are just too much to wrap my head around.  The only people, who could possibly relate to what this feels like on an emotional level, are those who know what kind of internal strength it takes to come forward and speak despite the grip of terror after abuse has occurred.  I would love to describe it.  But I am without words to do so at the moment.  I let myself hide under the covers with Graciela and cry with my compression vest for over an hour when I found out.  Blake left the house to ride his bike into the mountains and process his emotions there.  He has been there for me through the worst of it since the beginning of my recovery.  So he was more furious than even I was.  I hesitated writing about this latest event in my life seeing as every time I do, I manage to drive a truckload of attention straight to my detractors.  Which is exactly what they want.  I’m sick of people getting their dose of significance from hating me. [Good Lord. If teal's ego gets any bigger, it's going to need its own zip code.] But I can think of little else and it is the truth of my life at the current moment.  It feels better to get it off my chest.  For a long time, it has not been in alignment to respond in any way to their slander or threats.  I decided to just carry on with my inspiration and let them yell from the sidelines.  But this strategy is beginning to feel less and less in alignment as time goes on and so it may very well change.

What I find more than a little odd here, is that teal claims to be so concerned about her alleged abuser being interviewed that she called the police. This is the same woman who claims that she has absolutely no interest in ever seeing him prosecuted. And, sure, if he's the monster she claims he is, his continuing lack of incarceration would put other potential victims in danger. But, as per teal, you can't protect them from the law of attraction anyway. Victims are ultimately responsible for their own victimization.

People ask me all the time, “If you could have your way, what would you hope would happen to your abuser?”  I usually answer by saying; “I wish he could find relief.”  The average person HATES this answer.  They tell me it is because I am still bonded to him (an aftermath of Stockholm Syndrome) that I feel this way.  The thing is, there is no simple answer to this question.  I did not go through an entire enlightenment process, where the oneness of the victim and the abuser was made obvious to me, to then turn around and wish him unwell.  Our jails do not rehabilitate people.  They destroy people.  I am a spiritual teacher first and foremost.  Our system of reward and punishment is not in alignment with universal truth.  This means, I am not in alignment with a system whose justice is based on a system of reward and punishment.  But I don’t want to see any other girls go through what I went through, which of course is the potential if someone who hurts children is still on the loose.  It feels like I am between a rock and a hard place.

People seem to enjoy revenge.  They call revenge justice so they can feel better about wanting it.  But the truth is, pain begets pain.  I gain nothing by watching my abuser suffer.  There is no justice in this system.  Even if you locked away every abuser you could find on earth in a jail cell, you could not save people from their own creations. Victims are not exempt from this creation process. They too create their reality.  We live in a society that does not yet recognize the vibrational reality that directs and dictates and trumps everything that is physical in nature, so no one wants to hear it when I say this…  But locking up the perpetrators does nothing to improve the powerless state of those who sit squarely in a vibration of victimhood.  It changes nothing about them at all.  And so they remain a match to what comes as a result of that vibration.  They will be victimized by something no matter how hard you try on a physical level to prevent it for them.  You could not physically do enough to save them from their own point of attraction.  And yes, you should listen to this, because it’s coming from me… someone brave enough to own up to the reality that I held a vibration of powerlessness and attracted the experience I had as a child into my life.  The only answer is to empower the victim so their point of attraction changes, and empower the perpetrator, so their desire to hurt others wanes.  All pain on both sides (victim and perpetrator) is a result of the perception that they are powerlessness.

So, potential victims can't be protected from the law of attraction, but teal should be? It's everybody else's responsibility to protect her from the discomfort of this man being given an opportunity to speak his piece, but protecting children from a murderer is no one's responsibility but their own?

She doesn't want him to ever see the inside of a jail cell, but he should, what, be confined to his home and kept incommunicado? She should be able to talk about his alleged crimes to anyone with a YouTube channel, but he shouldn't be allowed to be interviewed by a magazine? No wonder she has such disdain for the criminal justice system. The law at least attempts to be fair.

For someone who blames victims as often as she does, teal sure can play the victim card when it comes to herself. Anyone who is willing to consider that her alleged perpetrator might be innocent, is really just out to get her. They're all "haters" who don't appreciate, for some mysterious reason, her Christ-like divinity.

After this appeal to pity, came an appeal to lack of logic. This she did in an Ask Teal video on "Skepticism." The text can be found here, for those, like myself, who cannot stand the sound of her voice. In order to invalidate skepticism, teal inverts the meaning of the word. It is not, according to teal, a willingness to accept uncertainty. "It is instead a state of rigid certainty, the certainty of invalidity."

This she can state this categorically, because of its "energy" and how it "feels" to be skeptical.

Skepticism is the opposite of suspended judgment. It is the rigid judgment that absolute certain knowledge is impossible. This is why skepticism does not feel good emotionally to the skeptic or to those who are on the receiving end of the skeptic. It is tempting to think skepticism can be healthy but it cannot. There is no such thing as healthy skepticism. To experience how unhealthy skepticism is, next time you encounter skepticism, pay attention to and feel how skepticism robs things of energy and forward movement, a bit like water being thrown on a fire.

Yes, being skeptical will surely make you ill. Having doubt is also bad for you.

The actual vibration of doubt looks nothing like genuine uncertainty, instead it looks like disbelief. To doubt is to consider something unlikely. To consider something unlikely is to act as if you know. It is to pretend you know something that you do not know. It is to bring a sense of certainty to a universe of uncertainty. For this reason, doubt in all actuality, is the flip side of faith. Doubt is only another kind of faith. It is faith in the negative instead of faith in the positive. Like the shadow side of faith, to consider something unlikely (doubt) is to act as if you know. People use doubt to gain a sense of certainty and cognitive closure in the same way that people use faith to gain a sense of certainty and cognitive closure.

What does the vibration of manipulation look like? That's what I want to know, because I suspect it looks a lot like this video. The whole thing is a brain pretzel. In my humble opinion, what she's attempted to do here is leverage the cognitive dissonance that might be created by an interview that deymystifies her all-purpose bogeyman. She's flipping any qualms back on her followers and criticizing their potential loss of faith in her.

The Originality Gap

The self-quoting info-graphics that teal generates troubled me from the beginning. And, sure, in this age of "memes," this passes for normal. It is, however, extremely problematic, as anyone who's ever passed on some viral quote from a politician or historical figure that proved to be entirely fictional has discovered. Quotes should have citations, whether or not they're your own. If it's from a book, an article, or a speech you wrote, it really should be cited.

The problem with teal's self-quotes, as compared to other self-help authors who do this, is that so many of them are inscrutable. These are not pithy aphorisms. They don't really stand on their own. Invariably, they're extracted from a blog post, Ask Teal video, or some other recent outpouring of teal verbiage. Of course, the more familiar I've become with teal's writings, I have to admit that the context doesn't help much. It's all a headache inducing mind-scramble.

One of the things we learn from the interview is that both the incoherent writing and the self-quoting go back years. "Doc" passed along a letter he received from teal in 2004. It reveals more than a very different relationship dynamic than anything teal has claimed. 

This is a portion of the text from her letter to "Dearest [redacted]":

 photo tealletter_pg1_zpsjon5kl0n.png
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I wish I wasn't flawed, but still had places to go towards Self Improval however small. So I Could Stare at the grain of Sand and feel the world. Instead of walking beaches and still feeling small or Large, depending on the day.

This is one of teal's early self-quoting "memes," from the original Teal Eye site, showing a copyright date of 2004. (I have blacked out some portions of the image to remain within family-friendly guidelines.)

 photo selfquoteonbathtub_zpsmjz3xzwn.png
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I wish I wasn't flawed but still had places to go towards self improved, however small, so I could stare at the grain of Sand and feel the world. Instead of walking beaches and still feeling small or large... depending on the day.

Aside from some unsuccessful attempts at corrected grammar, the text is identical.

There is a larger problem with teal's tendency to quote herself endlessly. She doesn't only do this on her "memes." She recycles her own material routinely, without noting the repetition. My husband and I found numerous instances wherein the text of her Ask Teal videos, which is published as articles on her main site, is reused nearly word for word as large segments of her "new" blog posts. For instance, this ghastly self-justification for homewrecking recycles this article on being open.  This blog post about New York is almost entirely a word for word rehashing of this article about fear of the unknown. Worse, she'd already pirated the text of that article in this post on letting yourself be lived, not even a full month before. That's three posts with large swathes of identical text. The last several paragraphs of this post on fear and division are retrofitted from this article on false selves. This blog post on the voice of faith is rather predictably to be found mostly in an earlier article on faith. This post on hay fever naturally derives from the article on allergies. Her recent self-serving defense of her many marriages and divorces is largely made up of this article on whether or not to marry.

These are not deeper explorations of earlier ideas. They're word-for-word lifts from other material, shoehorned into longer posts, sometimes on topics that are only tangentially related. What difference does it make if it's all her own material, you may be asking. Surely you can't plagiarize from yourself. Well, yes, you can. It's called self-plagiarism. It's a a potential copyright issue and violates APA guidelines.

Per APA Rule 6.02 "Self-plagiarism refers to the practice of presenting one's own previously published work as though it were new" (p. 170).

It's also disingenuous and a crappy thing to do to your readers.

Beyond that, teal's self-plagiarism underscores a larger problem with her work that we could call her "originality gap." This has been discussed a great deal on this blog and elsewhere. Cameron covered the issue well in her recent blog post, found here and here, in which she confronted the issue of teal's library and how much she may actually be relying on other people's books and web-surfing. None of this would be an issue if teal cited her sources, but she doesn't do this anymore than she cites her own recycled paragraphs. It was also noted in the dust-up over Gabriel's post that a number of people in her field will no longer work with her because they think she's stolen their material. Considering that she appears to have even plagiarized my ideas, this surprises me not at all. (page search: butterflies)

 photo gvctealplagiarizes_zpsmrep9h5d.png
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A Squandered Opportunity

The attempted interviews with teal and her associate Blake Dyer are more interesting for what they do not say. As the magazine makes clear, they gave them every opportunity to respond and to have their commentary published word for word. The conversation with Blake that they did publish is mostly a lot of hemming and hawing and then, as they say in the postscript, "negotiations completely broke down."

They provided no formal statement. Dyer also refused to have any of their answers to our questions published without their final approval of the finished text. We advised them that none of our interview subjects have this kind of editorial control or approval over the publication, therefore, their provision could not be met. At press time, we have no agreement from them and no official statement. We will continue to seek clarity from them and a statement addressing these questions. An addendum will follow on our website....

It's really quite bizarre that they should be so reluctant to have their side of the story included in the publication. This was their opportunity to refute the assertions made by teal's alleged abuser. Why would they demand final approval over their text, when they were promised that it would be published verbatim, that it would all be in email form so that any changes could be proven? It just seems terribly foolish and self-defeating.

So, what were these questions that they ultimately refused to answer on the record? As it happens, I am in receipt of a copy of the questions sent to Blake. I am redacting some portions, as I think this material risks revealing too much about the alleged abuser's identity.

  • You referred several times to Teal’s alleged abuser as a “potential” murderer during our first conversation. Can you expound on what you meant by “potential” murderer? Teal has, on many occasions, stated as an absolute fact that her abuser murdered countless children? Do you believe that he murdered those children or is there some question in your mind?
  • You stated repeatedly that Teal has been keeping her alleged abuser’s name under wraps and seemed very concerned about it being made public. You have described it as “extremely sensitive” information. But, Teal gave his name and a lot of other information about him to Cameron. You have since stated more than once that Cameron only lived with you for two weeks. You both seem to be minimizing Cameron’s past relationship with Teal and with your intentional community. So how is it that Teal told Cameron such sensitive information about her alleged abuser “in confidence”? Was Cameron a trusted member of your inner circle for a period of more than two weeks? Or are you releasing Teal’s abuser’s name to anyone who comes over for a brief visit or stays for dinner in your household?
  • You also stated that Teal hasn’t named her abuser publicly. You said all public mention of him has been done under a pseudonym. However, we have spoken to 000, 000 00 000000000 000 00 00 0000 00 000 0000000000. 00 00000 000 00 000 000000 00 000 00000. The magazine is not going to publicly release this info, but we need some clarity on this point. How can you say that this is closely guarded information, when Teal 000 0000000000 000000000 000 00 000 0000 00 0000 000 00 000000 0000 000000 0000 000? What does Teal have to say about this?
  • Teal has publicly described her alleged abuser using specific identifying characteristics, such as, 000 0000 00 0000, 000 00000000, 000 000000000 00 00000000 00000000, 000 000000000000 0000 000 0000000, and so on. It would not be hard for anyone in the region to identify him. How is this protecting his identity? What does Teal have to say about her decision to publicly reveal all of this information?
  • You also stated that Sarbdeep identified Teal’s alleged abuser to a television station only after he had moved out of the house. It is our understanding that he left Teal in late April or early May of this year, well after her interview with this network. Are you saying he has continued to communicate with the network? Why would he give this information to them? Were you aware that he was planning to turn that information over to the station? When did you learn that he had done so? Did you find out before or after he had already turned over the information?
  • We must ask about the Jason Freedman question. In an online publication, evidence was shown that you and a “free lance journalist” named Jason Freedman have the same phone number. You have stated that you do not know who he is or why he has posted your phone number. But, Teal was interviewed by Mr. Freedman in a face to face interview. Weren’t you responsible for arranging and scheduling all of Teal’s interviews? You yourself promoted an interview with Jason Freedman on your Facebook page. This appears to have been one of Teal’s first interviews around the time of her first book release. Jason Freedman even wrote in one of his articles that he interviewed Teal’s parents. Don’t Teal or her parents know who he is?
  • As we told you previously, we have consulted with morticians. It is physically impossible for an eight year old child to fit inside a corpse, but this is what Teal has claimed on more than one occasion. How do you reconcile this with the facts of human anatomy? How does Teal?
  • The stories Teal has told about her abuse are hair-raising. Why doesn't Teal feel that this man needs to be prosecuted to protect other children? He's not really as old as she has publicly claimed, and it’s not as though he’s too old to still be a threat.
  • What does Teal have to say to people who think that it showed a lack of concern for other children who may be killed by waiting so long after she escaped to notify police? Also, a number of people have pointed out that the timing of Teal’s police report was right around the time of Teal’s first book release. Was this just a coincidence?
  • Teal has mentioned on many occasions that she is in hiding from her abuser and the cults since she escaped. Did Doc make any attempts to reach her? Did she have any further communication with her alleged abuser or any former alleged cult members?
  • Did Teal pose for Playboy at any point? Did she appear in that publication? If so, what was the date of that publication?
  • Was Teal scouted by a New York modeling agent outside of a feed store at age 12? Did she travel around the world as a supermodel? If so, where are the ads? Why does she have no online portfolio?
  • Teal writes: “When I was acting as if I was in an altered mental state because of the drugs that had been administered to me, or because of the extrasensory abilities, it was explained away as schizoaffective.” ( So, now that Teal is no longer under the influence of drugs, how is it that Teal has definitively determined that she is extrasensory and not schizoaffective?
  • How is it that it is safe for Teal to drive a vehicle even though she reports regularly experiencing pseudoseizures? Teal has stated that she cannot risk being left alone with her young son, because of the chance she may get triggered and seizure in front of him? Is there some element that Teal is confident she can control with her seizures that makes it safe for her to drive a car or careen down a ski hill, without fear of injuring herself or others?
  • Was Teal aware of her history of Satanic Ritual Abuse previous to her therapy with Barbara Snow? Or was this a recovered memory? [Barbara Snow DSW/LCSW accepted a voluntary probation in 2008, rather than face charges for creating false memory in patients. In the course of that investigation, police fed her false information, which her patients subsequently "remembered."]
  • Teal has mentioned that her alleged abuser was a lifelong bachelor with no children. After speaking with him, we learned that he has been married for 35 years to his current wife and 15 years to his first wife. He also has two stepsons. Why has Teal never mentioned that her alleged abuser had a wife? If Teal’s claims are true, they would seem to implicate Doc’s wife as well. How could she be married to a man for 35 years and never notice he was a sociopath with multiple personalities who took an interest in Nazi-Germany style mind control programming? How did she not notice that he had Teal tied up in holes in their backyard, or was administering electroshock treatments in their basement, or any of the multiple abuses she has claimed took place on their property?
  • What position did Teal place at nationals when she was telemark skier? How many seasons was Teal on the Olympic ski team? When did her telemark ski career end?

I, for one, would have really liked to see their answers to some of those questions. For instance, I've wondered for some time how she reconciles driving through the mountains of Utah with her claimed pseudoseizure condition. I was reminded of this conundrum when I saw the most recent trailer for the "documentary" currently under production. In it, Blake makes the startling claim that teal used the address of a police station on her driver's license.

 photo illegallicense_zpsw9edutjb.png

The address information, shown in this image is, indeed, that of a Salt Lake City police station.

 photo saltlakepd_zpspjlbjodk.png

The problem is that it's illegal to list anything other than your own address on your driver's license. I called the Utah DMV and asked if there were any exceptions to this, like say, if you were afraid for your life because of an unindicted violent offender. Could someone in a case like this, for instance, use the address of a police station? The woman I spoke to seemed mystified by the question, but assured me that there are no exceptions. The DMV must have your actual address. You cannot, under any circumstances, falsify that information on a driver's license.

I also asked if there were any instances in which it was acceptable not to inform them of a condition that causes seizures. I was told that any seizure causing condition should be reported and required a doctor's note verifying that you're safe to drive and under what possible restrictions. They admitted that this was hard to enforce, as people obtaining licenses are on their honor to report such conditions.

The law in Utah does not pertain only to physically induced seizures, and in fact, cites mental and emotional impairments as cause to deny or restrict driving privileges.

Individuals must refrain from driving if there is uncertainty due to a physical, mental or emotional impairment which may affect driving safety [UTAH ADMIN. CODE R708-7-5(1)(A)]. This is meant to include side effects of medication or associated problems that may affect driving safety. Individuals who apply for or hold a license and have, develop, or suspect that they have developed a physical, mental, or emotional impairment, or associated side effects, which may affect driving safety, are responsible for reporting this to the Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division. [UTAH ADMIN. CODE R. 708-7-5(1)(C)]. Restricted licenses are available. [UTAH CODE ANN. § 53-3-304(2)(a)].

In addition, "Any physician or other person who becomes aware of a physical, mental or emotional impairment which appears to present an imminent threat to driving safety and reports this information to the Department of Public Safety, through its agents, in good faith shall have immunity from any damages claimed as a result of so doing." [UTAH CODE ANN. § 53-3-303(14)(C)].

The driver's license picture above shows restriction code A, which means that there are no restrictions on teal's driving. But, it would appear from numerous statements on her own blog, that she suffers from mental and emotional impairments known as pseudoseizures. Pseudoseizures can be indistinguishable from and misdiagnosed as epileptic seizures. The only real difference is the causation, which is psychological.

In one post, teal describes one of these episodes in graphic detail.

My son came up to me while I was cooking in the kitchen today and when I said “Winter, how are you lovey?” he replied by saying “Winter is gone.  He went to another planet and only Jack is here now”.  I felt my body go weak.  The panic hit my chest and my vision began to go dark.  Even though Winter was playing a game, it was a PTSD trigger for me.  When children undergo things they can’t cope with, they often invent a personality (or multiple personalities) of someone that can cope with the experience.  When I escaped from my childhood abuse, the torture of it all had left me with 12 alter personalities.  I had developed what they call dissociative identity disorder.  I spent nearly six years with one of the leading psychologists in the country for ritual trauma, integrating those personalities.  I associated Winter calling himself by a different name today, with my own childhood.  I passed out on the kitchen floor and slipped into a dissociative seizure.  Blake saw me fall and carried me upstairs to my partner, who was reading over a business contract in our bedroom. 

In another post, she describes her propensity to be triggered by things as innocuous as movie previews – not movies, the preview is enough to cause a seizure.

People expect me to always act like the perfectly enlightened being they imagine me to be in their minds.  And then, they feel let down or tricked when they see me seizure or get triggered as the result of a movie preview that reminded me of my past.

Here she describes her terror of washing machines.

I still haven’t ever done laundry in a washer dryer.  I do it by hand in my bathroom sink and hang it out to dry.  The three times that I have tried to wash my clothes in a washing machine, I get a far as opening the door and I loose consciousness and fall into what is called a dissociative pseudo seizure.

It seems to me that she's taking quite a risk when she gets behind the wheel. How many everyday sights and sounds might cause her to collapse while she's driving down the highway? What risk might a song or commercial on the radio pose to other drivers? Why would she risk her son's safety by driving him to the museum or library, when some imagination game of his could cause her to collapse behind the wheel?

We are not a cult!!!

On this point, at least, Blake was clear and non-equivocating.

Alright. WellI meanthe last thing we are doing here is trying to start a cult. We dont want anything to do with thatuhwe constantly tell people to believe themselves, check their own information, decide for themselves.

It is true that teal makes statements about people trusting their own inner guidance. The problem, though, is that she undercuts this message at every turn, arrogating to herself the authority of "source awareness" and setting herself well above her followers.

This conflict is on full display in this recent blog post, in which teal can't seem to decide whether or not she wants to be on a pedestal.

Not all people are ready for the sacrifice of the guru image. Not all gurus are ready for it either. It is a challenging task for the guru’s ego (including my own) to lose idolization, respect and reverence and still try to teach as an expert in the public sphere. I can feel my own ego react when people feel free to come up to me at workshops to give me personal advice. At my last workshop, a woman came up to me and said in a mothering tone, “I hope you take some time to get to know this new guy you’re with and don’t get married right away again. These things take time.” I said nothing, but internally I thought to myself, “This is the unfortunate consequence of the authenticity movement, people completely forget they are talking to a spiritual teacher”.

Yes, it's so "unfortunate" when the little people think of you as an equal, just because you keep claiming you are.

I think her latest ex-husband, Sarbdeep [Singh Swan] – to whom she alluded with an image of a man hiding in swan camouflage – has the right of it. She's an exhibitionist.

What teal is doing with all of her "tearing down the velvet curtain" isn't about authenticity and it certainly isn't about being equal to her followers. It means that her "teachings" are all about her. Her practice isn't client-centered. It's teal-centered. As is so often the case with cult leaders, she is operating as a charismatic authority.

Her language is larded with allusions to her specialness and higher vantage point. One phrase that I've noticed comes up repeatedly is "even I." A quick search of her blog brings up numerous examples, such as this one:

We (even I) get to a point where we feel utterly powerless to all the suffering in the world.

This one:

I can see that even I had become addicted to knowing.

This one:

Think about this for a minute, we all do this to our children.  Even I have tried to “make it ok” for my son when he has felt badly because I cannot stand to feel the way that I feel when I see him upset.

This one:

Even I found it confusing.

I could post these all day, but the result would be a blog post so long it would wrap around the earth twice. The implication is that teal mostly transcends the issues that plague mere mortals, but not quite.

A Nova Zem interview has been much discussed for her vain and grandiose claims. I touched on some of her jaw-dropping statements here. In that interview, we learn that she is distinguished from average folk, by her extraterrestrial perspective.

Most people are the higher self and their human perspective, two points of perspective. I'm three, human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.

Not only that, but she's higher on the spiritual totem pole than channelers like Esther Hicks. Hicks is a terrific channel, very accurate, according to teal. As the "really high vibratory being" that she is, she likes her. But, Esther still has "problems with the floor." She and her late husband Jerry: mortal humans. Hicks can function like an antenna and pick up the channel of Abraham. This, as per teal, is what channelers do. They are still, you know, humans with problems. But, teal IS a being like Abraham.

I am more like the physical expression of this energy. So, if Abraham was able to come down and physically manifest, that's what I'm like.

As long as teal goes about saying things like this, I will have to take with a grain of salt any suggestion that she's about empowering her followers to think for themselves and acknowledge their own divinity. She can't really do that if she's constantly putting herself up above them.

She also divides the world into "tealers" and the "anti-teal" "hate groups" that oppose her "mission and movement." If that isn't cult-speak, I don't know what is. And, let's not forget that she wants to BUY COUNTRIES.

As I've already said, I think teal's organization fits many of the criteria of a cult. That it caught the attention of a cult-watching organization surprises me not at all. I would be more inclined to call it a quasi-cult. It doesn't fit all of the cult criteria. But, the concerns about teal's influence over a large number of people are very real and very serious.

She is a text-book example of a charismatic leader, capable of winding up her following – that she has described as an "army" – into intense and erratic emotional states. She corrals them into despair, endorses suicide, and enlists them in her near-constant, personal struggles. She plays her "mental chess" with a devoted following, many of whom are psychologically injured and emotionally vulnerable.

Some die-hard tealers don't care whether or not her stories of horrific abuse at the hands of a Mormon Satanist are true. I have always found this more than a little odd. As I wrote here, it would substantially undermine her role as a beacon for other abuse survivors. More than that, without that story of tortured personal history, how can teal justify her own "problems with the floor." We are talking about a woman who can't plug in an appliance or do her own laundry without collapsing in a seizure. A great many psychological problems are explained by this dark history. We are meant to judge her not by where she is, but by how far she's come. Without that story, she's just an inexplicably low-functioning adult in a leadership role – the blind leading the blind.

Other followers, though, are very invested in this story. They are moved to passionately defend her honor against her detractors. Members of her "army" can be counted on to appear in comment sections, as they have on this blog and on YouTube videos critical of teal. They can get very hostile, even wishing death on anyone critical of teal.

 photo justkillyourselves_zpslkcafymh.png
Click Image to Expand

In fairness to her followers, even teal struggles with these feelings of intense rage and animosity.

I am a spiritual teacher.  I am not supposed to have prejudice in my being.  But I have spent nearly my whole life in a state of prejudice towards the Mormons.  If I saw Mormon missionaries while driving around town, I would point them out and rant for the next ten minutes of the drive.  We’d play a non-Mormon game called ‘ten points’ where you joke about the idea of gaining points for running missionaries over.  Five points for one and ten points for two.  If someone told me they were Mormon, I could feel an absolute rage come over me and I would instantly shut down to them.  I would not entertain the idea of ever talking to them again.  I would go so far as to say there was a violent hatred in me towards Mormons for the better part of my life.... If even I could feel the kind of rage that would lead to war, what hope is there for someone with less compassion and empathy inherent in their personality structure?

Yes, teal is a box of contradictions – such compassion and high mindedness mingled with intense rage and self-pity. It's a good thing she's so recently transcended all that homicidal anger. Otherwise, someone might mistake her compassionate desire for her alleged abuser to be put out of his misery for some kind of dog whistle to her army.

What do I want to experience out of life before I die?... My abuser being free from this life.

Update: How did Doc not know? (11/11/15)

Cameron has updated her Complete Interview with "Doc," in part, to address some confusion as to his lack of awareness about teal's accusations against him. Some readers saw a discrepancy between Doc's assertion that he'd read up on teal, including her bio, but that he claimed he was unaware that he was being implicated as the abuser she has described. Many of the details she has provided describe him well enough that it should have been obvious. Cameron pointed out that it is only in her more recent bio that teal has provided this level of detail.

It is important to recognize that Teal doesn’t appear to have provided any clues that point directly to “Doc” in her online bio until the end of 2014. The first online bio of hers that I can find appears to have been published on her website on or around October 13, 2011. Its only reference to her alleged abuser is this: “she was inducted as a child (unbeknownst to her parents) into a local cult by a family acquaintance, where she was routinely ritualistically tortured and programmed for a period of thirteen years.” By contrast, the first version of her online bio to mention “Doc,” as well as other identifying details, appears not to have been published until November 22, 2014 (or around that time). Point being, Teal has had many bios, in many places, with numerous revisions, and it's difficult to pin down exactly which version "Doc" ran across online in recent years.  

While true, this may be a moot point, as Doc's explanation in their recent exchange clears up the matter completely. Firstly, what he was calling a bio was most likely none of the versions that appeared on her main website. As he explains, he doesn't really recall what he read or where.

Not really, one was a promo for her book, another one or two articles on the internet at various times about her initial interview with a journalist from the local paper.

Moreover, he was aware of the resemblance between teal's alleged abuser and himself, but assumed she was just drawing on some details of his life to create her fictional character.

I did realize that I was probably the model for her fabricated villain but did not think she would ever go so far as to specifically name him, simply because he was not a real person.

He also had assumed that her "fabricated villain" was a composite character, because the most salient feature does not describe him at all.

Because I am not and never have been a Morman [sic]. Morman [sic] cults were a central element of her story.

So, he knew she was including elements of his life in her newest fantasy story, but it simply never occurred to him that she had given her character a name and that it was his. This explains why he was taken aback when he learned, during their first interview, that she was disseminating his name to housemates like Cameron, members of the media, and to the police. It was the first time he learned that he had directly, by name, been implicated in multiple crimes.

There is some other new material that Cameron has added that fleshes out the interview, but this, I think is the most important part. It clears up, to my satisfaction, any possible confusion as to the seeming disconnect between his being aware of her story and his shock at being specifically accused by name.


  1. You always I mean always hit every nail on the head. This woman and her followers are the dumbest people ever. You point out every contradiction she makes and people will follow that up with "I don't care if she's lying, because she's helped me." I mean wow. If it were anyone else they'd not listen to them. Thanks for showing to hand written letter. Hard evidence. But of course it will be ignored. Is it really harder believe that one person is lying rather than being an alien made pretty (sorry but she's not. Big ass head/chin, skinny body) who can she the future but got tricked for 13 years? I've been on the teal tribe site spread common sense but its too much for them to handle. I thought Teal was transparent? She doesn't want to answer any of this straight out? I thought she was innocent? Why get mad if she's been right this entire time? Thanks for your work again.

    1. Hi Waterbear365. :-) I like your messages on tealtribe. By the way, did you really get to speak to Jared/Fallon back in Nov 2013? Did you convince him that he was brainwashed? It seemed like right after you talked to him, he changed by waking up and realizing he was being manipulated.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "What does the vibration of manipulation look like? "
    OMG, so spot on! I read the magazine from Guru Ethics and the full interview on Cameron's blog as well but really enjoyed this blog that sums everything up so perfectly. I think you have touched on every one of the "red flags" that have come up for me regarding Teal in the last few years. How every "teaching" seems to be a justification for some part of her life or personality, how she uses "even I" in nearly every single blog and interview. How she repeats the same material again and again, down to the exacts words, how everything seems to be a big contradiction. How can she have compassion for her abuser but think it's out of line for him to defend himself against her accusations?! I think she is absolutely operating as a charismatic authority for fame, money and because she is absolutely enthralled with manipulating people into believing her lies. It is so clear that she uses the abuse story as a way to give her "specialness" credibility while also providing the perfect shield against any criticism. How dare anyone question her, she might seizure or be triggered! It really is seriously concerning that so many people follow this woman who is obviously a pathological liar. I just don't get it.

  3. Hello, LaVaughn. Here's a question. Teal Swan has often stated that she was chosen to be ritually abused because of her 'extrasensory' abilities.. Do you happen to know whether she has ever given a description of how, or in what way it was, the Blood Covenant Mormon Satanists tried to use her so-called extrasensory abilities to their advantage?

    1. It wasn't the Blood Covenant Mormons who exploited her abilities. According to herself, It was the local Satanists who'd been infiltrated by those Mormons. As she explains it, and she goes into a lot of detail in this insufferable interview, she was being venerated by the Satanists for her abilities, as the Mormons abused her to drive the demons out. Also, her Mormon Satanist "handler" (interviewed above) had multiple personalities so he hadn't just infiltrated the Satanists, he'd become one of them. She was "drug" back and forth between the groups.

      Her claim is that Mormons are against women and girls having extrasensory and healing abilities, because they belong to the priesthood. But, Blood Covenant Mormons take it up themselves to torture the abilities out of you.

      She's also wrong. Mormons have nothing against women who have these abilities, not any of the Mormons I've known. I did a little digging into this question a while ago. I found this:

      "Although the authority to administer most ordinances and preside over most gatherings was restricted to a male priesthood, the gifts of the Spirit were not considered to belong to men alone. Women received personal revelation, healed the sick, prophesied future events, and performed various other actions that required spiritual gifts. The faith of these women and their ability to develop spiritual qualities were essential for keeping the Church alive during its difficult first years."

      And this:

      "Women are, of course, excluded from the priesthood. This practice in effect says that a woman's prepubescent son is more qualified to advise her than she is to advise him. The official explanation is that women are kept from having the priesthood because women are more spiritual than men, therefore, men need to have the priesthood to teach them how to be better people (Johnson 86). Women are also told that, because they have the all- important ability to bear children, men need the power of the priesthood merely to remain equal with them."

      Mormons don't restrict women from the priesthood because they think men are better qualified and more spiritually dialed in. It's quite the opposite. The men are just trying to keep up with women's innate, superior abilities.

      So, if the local Mormons were ostracizing her and the Blood Covenant Mormons were torturing her over these abilities she claims to have demonstrated, none of them knew their own religion very well at all.

    2. Thank you. I have watched her interview with Sean Stone. He is a Muslim, by the way, and she says elsewhere that the Muslims are going to 'destroy everything', but they don't discuss that.

      She claims she drew attention from both Mormons and Satanists because of her 'extrasensory abilities', but exactly how did she demonstrate these 'abilities', and how were they used in any rituals? I still don't think she's given much of an explanation... Whether we assume her story is true or not it raises far more questions than it answers.

    3. Hold the phone... She says Muslims are going to destroy everything? I hadn't run across that. Do you know where I might find that little gem? I know she's no fan of organized religion, but I hadn't heard her single out Muslims. It wouldn't exactly be original if she did, but it's still puerile.

      You're right. She's never really explained in detail how her abilities came into play, only that they did. She does enjoy regaling people with icky details about torture, abuse, being sewn into corpses, chained in pits, having sex with corpses, on and on and on... You don't generally see that with abuse survivors. I don't know a one who enjoys reliving their experiences over and over and over in interviews.

    4. Teal fans: She knows because she can see auras, speak to "source", see energy on a "vibrational level", etc.

      Critics: Proof.

      Teal fans: Dude she's only human.

      Critics: *Sighs*

      So sad. Powers that can help people. But ask her to do it. And you're being too judgmental.

  4. Here's the link: Teal Swan Discusses Jesus, Christianity & Islam – She says, 'The Muslim religion is about to destroy everything'. I don't think Sean Stone would be too pleased, but then her general narrative suits his purposes. She is also asked in that video about Australian cult leader, AJ Miller, who claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus, but doesn't seem to have heard of him before. Some of the techniques he is known to use to break people down emotionally possibly have some similarities to Swan's 'shadow work'.

    I don't mean to harp on because ultimately it's not that important, but putting aside the fact that the whole thing is a PR stunt to make herself into a New Age celeb, Swan's backstory is such that she emphasises the abuse, as you've said, yet she is supposed to have been selected specifically because of her 'extrasensory abilities'. How her 'abilities' were recognised and utilised must therefore be of key significance, but she doesn't even bother to explain it. She would also have been heavily indoctrinated by two conflicting belief systems, but as far as I know she has never discussed that aspect of her story either.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the way Miller breaks people down being similar. I saw this video a while ago. He's fun. Could Gabriel Kundalini be any more suggestible? Next, he'll be telling us that this Ted Neeley wannabe isn't creating a cult, either.

      As for teal and her views on "the Muslim religion," or what most of us call Islam, how very unhelpful. That's all we need, more divisiveness and blame-throwing.

    2. 'Gabriel Kundalini' made another video -- -- which shows him at a shrine that has a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba on the wall outside. He is unsure if it really is Shirdi Sai Baba or if it's Sathya Sai Baba, which is pretty amazing considering he's actually in India, both these people are major figures there and they look nothing like each other.

      Teal Swan has come out with some outlandish comments but the one about her being Shirdi Sai Baba has to be one of the most ridiculous. Probably the idea is that when she goes to India wearing a sari the crowds will be expected to fall to their knees and kiss her feet.

      Mr Kundalini fails to mention the fact that the last notable person before Teal Swan to claim they are the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi was the con man and alleged sexual abuser, Sathya Sai Baba, who was exposed as such many times but was protected by various political figures in India up until his death in 2011. If she was Shirdi Sai Baba in a past life, how does she explain Sathya Sai's past life as the same guy?

    3. I actually know the answer to this and it's something she explains in that interview. People are thinking about reincarnation in too linear a fashion. Part of Shirdi Sai Baba's "soul stream" went on to become Sathya Sai Baba and other parts of the "soul stream" went another way. Somewhere she breaks down exactly what intentions went this way or that way and for what reasons. She says the same about AJ Miller. He's not all of Jesus, only part of his "soul stream." I don't necessarily disagree with the spirit of what she's saying here.

      What's funny is that AJ Miller makes a different claim. He's Jesus and she is Mary Magdalene. There's only one Mary Magdalene... until he's asked directly if he's ever told any other woman that she's Mary Magdalene, which he has.

  5. Yes, I guess she would say something like that.

    I have been a bit late in catching up with the Teal Swan story and have a few more questions... Although I might know some of the answers already would just like to double-check...

    Is it correct that, apart from attending one semester at the University of Utah in Philosophy, Teal Swan has no formal qualifications?

    The photos of her as a 'model' appear to be amateur portfolio shots rather than examples of work done on any professional assignments. Is there evidence of her having done any paid modelling work at all?

    1. According to Blake, that one semester is the extent of her "schooling."

      As far as her modeling, as you can see, that was one of the questions Blake and teal were offered the opportunity to answer, on the record. As you can see, they did not.

  6. Thank you, much appreciated.

    A lot of people seem to take it for granted that she was a professional model just because she had an online modelling portfolio, but the fact is there's no indication she ever got any work.

    Is it correct that there is no evidence of Teal Swan ever having been involved in any spiritual, esoteric or occult groups or teachings?

    I read somewhere that she has made derogatory remarks about Mexican people but I can't find them. Is there a link to a relevant quote somewhere?

    Also, has she given a reason for why most of the 'Shadow House' videos have been deleted?

    1. The only "esoteric" or "spiritual" education she's made reference to, that I'm aware of, was under the tutelage of her Mormon-Satanist "handler," interviewed above. Look at her bio, any version. Do you see any reference to trainings or certifications, accredited or otherwise?

      Many of teal's notorious racist outbursts were in things like Shadow House episodes which have gone down the memory hole. Some extant examples exist, though, and have been discussed in previous posts of mine and in comments. Cameron addressed this issue in this post and she's provided a good summary of some of the more egregious examples.

  7. Glad to hear you agree TS is prone to racism, cause it just confirms my suspicions, but in order to find out if those videos just deleted without any explanation I have to venture further down some rabbit hole...? Okay.

  8. Do you have a link for the anti-Mexican comments? We need proof!

    1. I think the proof of her racial bigotry is there, with or without those Shadow House episodes. Her bigotry against "Asians" is extant. And did you not catch her recent Ask Teal about how political correctness is just weak and we should just let our bigot flag fly? It's full of all sorts of gems, like how silly it is that we think it's okay to say white men can't dance, because slavery.

      Then, she turns around, days later and says THIS. Comments are deleted and she starts whinging whenever SHE is criticized. She calls her critics HATE GROUPS but we should all just shut the fuck up about actual hate and bigotry. She's a protected minority group of one.

  9. Teal has absolutely stolen the intellectual property of others' and presented it as her own. In her Spiritual Bypassing video (April '14), she blatantly lifted lines from the following article published on in January of 2013...

    Starting at the 13:25 mark, she states nearly word for word the author's third tip to avoid spiritual bypassing (near the end of the article).

    And beginning at 15:00, it's glaringly obvious that she just re-phrased the author's ideas presented in tip number 1.

    If she possesses all of these extrasensory abilities and is an "otherwordly" being sent to save the world, WHY would she need to copy someone else's work and pawn it off as her own? *rolling my eyes*

    1. You nailed it, blairgilbert. Great sleuthing. And, it gets worse. I've updated my post on the topic with several examples of unquestionable plagiarism in her Spiritual Bypassing material. It's nothing short of audacious.

    2. There is no one on PLANET EARTH that has any idea or comment on spiritual topics that is new or original. No one. Teal is in fact repeating the same information that spiritual teachers have stated for CENTURIES. Every single word that comes from the mouth of any spiritual teacher has already been spoken thousands of times. It is simply impossible for Teal or anyone else to have a new spiritual lesson.

  10. Why are you so obsessed with Teal?

  11. How about this one...can't people simply decide for themselves? If what Teal has to say doesn't seem true or valid, just change the channel. Why would Teal be any different from anyone on planet earth with an opinion? Don't like Teal, change the channel. Don't like Islam, try Zen. Don't like Zen, try Jesus. Don't like Jesus, try Donald Trump. Don't like Donald, go for Bernie. Teal's ideas or comments by their very existence are not her own, everything she talks about has been spoken of for CENTURIES, it's not nothing new folks.

    1. If she weren't plagiarizing so much of that material, sometimes word for word, and without citation, and if she were teaching things in context, with proper safeguards, I might agree with you. At least, in terms of her content. There are problems beyond her body of work, but that's a separate issue and one that has been well-covered over multiple posts.

    2. Sadly, and sometimes tragically, some people CAN'T decides for themselves. I'm not drawing an equivalency here, however it is a matter of historical fact, that not everyone who drank the kool aid at Jonestown made an autonomous decision to do so.

      As to your question about Teal and her opinion, she is not merely offering her opinion, she is clearly disseminating what she believes is THE way, the truth, and the light--not something to be taken on faith but as a given.

      Finally, while her ideas are not her own, her synthesis of new-age mysticism is NOT centuries old. You can read the biographies of hundreds of such prophets and not find one that has made similar claims--annointed by Aliens because of her universal beauty to spread her gospel, after being a tortured young girl who suffered horrors that not even Stephen King could conjure. Every mystic has had their "Damascus Moment" but how many may have had it while, among other ghoulish experiences, being sewn into the chest cavity of a cadaver by a man who would be, if he did these things, among the most demonic human beings who ever lived?

  12. Hi! You make many valid points. Teal has accumilated a large understanding of the "new age" (and 'old age') spiritual practices. But, she is human. When she said "even I", it is not meant in the way you are perceiving it through your lens of harsh judgment and ridicule. In my opinion, she understand she is speaking to a wide audience with a diverse view what someone who stand in front of a large crowd to speak not only what they feel/perceive as spiritual practices of betterment but also personal experience (AKA "gurus"), and approaches it in a perspective that INCLUDES herself as an equal as some people may see her as superior. I do not believe she says "even I" to show superiority, but rather level with people with "big ideas" of people like her (eg. Abraham Hicks, Depock Chopra, etc.). Though this is irrelevant (and yes, poorly written-- sorry that my typing is not the best), I am only trying to demonstrate how an overly-biased (AKA overly logical) approach to Teal, will only allow you to see what you believe and perceive as truths. You do not level with her emotions, and infact disregard them (eg. "Pathos: 1, Ethos: 0). There is also a heavy judgment placed on "teal fans" (who do not actually perceive themselves as 'fans'-- no, she is not Coldplay), and an over-generalization that actually gives you a 0 for Ethos (as well as a 0 for Pathos, and a bit too much of Logos). I personally believe you, I, Teal, Billy, Sandy, Louis, Bob, your dog, all have a unique perception of what we call reality (AKA what we see, feel, and think when our eyes are open). As such, it is only natural that Teal has an intimate perception, as well as a universal perception. Her intimate perception is hers, and is not for ANYONE to judge. She needs compassion and love. Just as if you approached me and said you were having psychological seizures, PTSD, confusion, and so on, you would yearn for LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE of your reality... rather than judgements. I'm not asking you to believe what she believes, but rather level with her as a human being. Just like if a child came to you and said " I really love dinosaurs and will become a T-Rex some day," or "My imaginary friend, Jacob, says hi," I don't believe your natural response would to make fun of them, but rather level with their perception of reality and show them love, and kindness. I honestly don't know why I am writing this other than to say that it will help you, your heart &mind if you approach life with compassion. As demonstrated above, you approach this topic with a firey logical passion (which is honorable in many ways), but never once honor how her perception of reality may be/feel. Even if every word of what she spoke is complete bologna, it cannot be ignored that somehow, her perception of reality became embedded with so much pain; otherwise, how could she "make up" what she wrote (she wouldn't)? An appeal to her emotions and feelings would be nice. Though it seems like I'm offering an argument/judgment, I assure you I am not. I do not wish for us to go back-and-forth with our beliefs (though I welcome a response) as that serves no real purpose. I only came to offer my perspective. I am sure you are a great person, and I sincerely hope you do not find offense or discouragement from this comment-- in fact, I am trying to spark the opposite. I wish to ENCOURAGE a new, or expanded perception of your reality as to allow more LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNDERSTANDING in. I love you, though I have a feeling you will laugh at this or say names, I really do and I wish you the best in your endeavors. As I digress, I would also like to add that I appreciate you presenting so much information in a single post. Also-- I did not proof-read this so please over look all errors. <3 "All we need is love, love is all we need."

    1. Alyssa, my heart is brimming with compassion... for her victims. You know what the primary catalyst was for my writing the very first blog post on teal? The way she treated Fallon, because it set off major alarm bells for me. Because he is a human being and NOT a sociopath.

      Here's what psychologist and author of The Sociopath Next Door Martha Stout wrote about the biggest tell that you are dealing with a malignant personality.

      "After listening for almost twenty-five years to the stories my patients tell me about sociopaths who have invaded and injured their lives, when I am asked, 'How can I tell whom not to trust?' the answer I give usually surprises people. The natural expectation is that I will describe some sinister-sounding detail of behavior or snippet of body language or threatening use of language that is the subtle giveaway. Instead, I take people aback by assuring them that the tip-off is none of these things, for none of these things is reliably present. Rather, the best clue is, of all things, the pity play. The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy."

      Now ask yourself. How often does teal leverage the pity of her followers?

      I would endorse you to look, not only at the other posts I've written on teal. Read the comments. Read what the many people who have been burned by her have to say. Read Sarbdeep's Black Swan blog post, if you haven't. Ask yourself how much compassion she has for anyone who gives her any negative feedback, anyone who doesn't gush over. Ask yourself how much compassion she had for the woman she blogged about recently, whom she went out of her way to try to exclude from dinner. Then come talk to me about the importance of compassion.

    2. People are responsible for their own choices, the people that want to follow her. For you to risk tearing someone down that possibly went through this horror is truly evil. I hope you never have to experience the trauma of abuse and having no one believe you.

  13. There have always been "prophets and false prophets" (I'm not a Christian) but there are some good lines in the bible and inevitably the latter inflict death by papercut on themselves. (I'm speaking metaphorically, of course.) The colossal weight of
    their deception becomes too much too bear.

    I refuse to judge Teal Swan only because I have more skeletons in my closet then there are buried in Pinelawn. While it might not be an acceptable sentiment for many of her critics, I feel a measure of compassion for the woman. She's beautiful, quite intelligent, and had she not been governed by unknown primary, secondary, and tertiary influences, one can only wonder the kind of life of true service she could have lived.

    To borrow from Robert frost, two roads diverged, she chose, if we do have free will, a path that will almost certainly lead to a great deal of pain and sadness. If it is true that she experienced sexual abuse as a young girl from anyone, the way she has attempted to deal with it, will inevitably have a fearful corrosive effect on her role as a wife and mother as well as all her relationships and in the end life is about the quality of our relationships.

    A variation of Isaac Asimov's quote about the incomprehensibility of the universe might be said of Teal Swan: Not only is she stranger than we think; she is stranger than we can imagine.

  14. Teal is a unique wonderful enlightened being, and you who have put this much effort in devaluing something beyond gold eludes me...Please put such effort toward helping humanity, perhaps a homeless shelter and adress the problems there, wars, starvation, and leave Ms Teal alone in peace and she has brought much peace to others.

    1. Well said. She has brought much actually peace and understanding to others, and that's what counts in the end.


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  16. I am impressed with all of the effort put into trying to put someone into a negative light. If I had a preconseived notion this person wasnt legit and a taste for making myself right about that this article might satisfy me. The overtone here makes the author seem more bitter than factual. The holes in her story listed here and docs testament are unconvincing. The fact that this is a "spiritual" website only further proves the points she makes about the flaws we find in this community. Bravo to proving her right and keep following your bliss here. 👏

  17. I don't consider you an an authority and I don't give a crap what you think, Teal is fine

  18. I don't consider myself an authority, either. Nothing I've written here need be taken on faith. Check the links, assess the logic, and, by all means, draw your own conclusions.

  19. you are absolutely disgusting. there are no other words that need to be said. disgusting.


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