Dec 1, 2010

Revealing Secrets

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

In terms of the earth giving up her secrets, which I discussed here, this looks like what I was waiting for. Wikileaks is promising to out a major financial institution. If that information is revelatory and shocking and also embarrasses some governmental body, that would be in line with what I was sensing.  (The other possibility that I get an intuitive hit on could be something previously unknown regarding the torture scandal.) Obviously the recent Wikileaks dump has greater implications but none of it really speaks the gravity of revelation I was sensing. In fact, none of what I've read thus far has been terribly surprising. It does, though, facilitate the pattern that to my mind ties into the tipping point. That is the crumbling of international relations which is one of the major themes that is emerging. Having the internal communication of our diplomatic efforts exposed doesn't help. Bearing in mind the failure of the G20 summit to bring assurance of the dollar remaining as the reserve currency, the US is losing its grip on international hegemony. The implications of that are fairly staggering.

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