Dec 21, 2010


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Ethics and the First Shaman

"The ethics of shamanic practice were brought by the First Shaman who was of Divine origins and not entirely human. The First Shaman brought knowledge and the skills across that broken bridge between the Creator to the humans in each shamanic lineage," explains shaman and host, Christina Pratt. "The First Shaman brings the teachings necessary for survival in all aspects of daily life, both ordinary and non-ordinary. The First shaman brought the teachings for how to live in good relationship with ones self, with each other, with the Ancestors and the beings of the spirit world, and with the physical environment. Cultures, traditions, and civilizations were all built on the knowledge brought by the First Shaman. The First Shaman taught the next shaman, a human shaman, how to work with the spirits, conduct ritual and ceremony and to serve the people. This is important for us as contemporary shamans to realize. Each shaman, though human, endeavored to walk the path of that First god-like shaman. From this effort comes the morals and the ethics of the practice as well as the continual need for personal sacrifice, cleansing, and ongoing transformation to stay on that path.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche


12pm PST --- One on One with Michele ----MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly 2012 & beyond update, answers your questions, and does channeled readings--- 12:45pm PST --- Welcome our Awakened Guest: IVAN STEIN --- Ivan Stein (pronounced "Evon") spent 25 years in the computer industry as an entreprenuer and founder of seven companies. In the early 90's, he was awakened to his spiritual path which led him on a journey that included: extended periods of meditating for up to 10 hours a day, contemplating becoming a Buddhist monk, and spending the night on top of the Great Pyramid (during a spring equinox). Over the past 15 years, he has become a spiritual advisor and lecturer, and has created a spiritual video series called "Healing For Positive Manifestation". Ivan eventually realized that his background in science and spirit gave him a unique perspective on the harmony between these two worlds. As a consumate seeker, he spent the last 10 years researching answers to our conscious evolution and the coming global events. What he found has become his motivation and dedication to helping raise global awareness. More recently, Ivan spends most of his time as founder of Project TriStar, a movement for creating off-the-grid self-sustainable communities.,

12/22/2010 3:00PM ET

Just Energy Radio

Nigel Kerner: Aliens, Souls & the Shroud of Turin

Nigel Kerner
Aliens, Souls & the Shroud of Turin
Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He was born in Sri Lanka, his mother from a British planting family and his father an officer in the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. This international family base provided the background for an obsessive and serious interest in international human affairs and how these interface with science, religion and philosophy.

Friday 12/24/2010 3:00PM EST/2:00PM CST

Awake: Now What?

Meet Bennett Gale, Channel, Unconditional Reality

Hi! My name is Bennett Gale and I am the host for The Masters’ Corner. My life choices became clearly articulated when, as a young child, I had a powerful vision with Jesus. I recognized Him immediately and had a deep sense of an already established personal relationship that was later confirmed by St. Germain. I was always connected although I didn’t realize what I was experiencing was anything unique. The concept of enlightenment and stories of great spiritual beings and their achievements always stimulated me. I immersed myself in the study of psychology and religions and participated in various spiritual groups. From these involvements I realized that ultimately I was responsible for all that I sought. I found myself extemporaneously ‘speaking’ to groups of friends without understanding my connection to the source of this information. The words resonated with my friends and yet I didn’t feel connected to what was being said and not wishing to be fraudulent stopped the speaking. The world of the arts always excited me with their unlimited potential for expression and so this was the direction I pursued. I was making entries in my journal when the language changed to the third person; such as “we suggest” and so forth! At first I thought I was losing it; however, I chose to listen and kept on with the journaling. A few years later I was given my ‘soul mantra’ and not until 2000 pages of communication and several years did I discover the main voices I had been hearing were those of St. Germain and Jesus. These relationships expanded dramatically as well as many others with several Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Teachers. This is what I call ‘Unconditional Reality’” I am passionate about assisting others be it through session work, classes and speaking to understand this new paradigm of unlimited potential and the ‘how-to’ steps to shift into the Unconditional. For more information go to

12/26/2010 6:00PM ET

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