Nov 17, 2010

Watching California

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I noticed when I opened my start page last night that there were two more minor quakes centered in Baja California, Mexico. I have earthquake feeds on my start page. It has seemed to me for a while that there has been a sharp uptick this year in California quakes, particularly centered in Baja, where a big 7.2 quake shook the entire region last spring. So I did a bit of googling to see what I could find. I found that there's been a sharp uptick in Baja centered quakes this year. Here is a graph:

As per my recent post, I am increasingly concerned about the potential for major quake activity in California. I also noticed this morning that there was 3.2 in LA in the wee hours. It seems like every time I look at my feeds, something is rumbling in the California area. There is a school of thought that says that lots of minor quakes relieve pressure and reduce the chances of a larger quake. I'd like to think that this is so and that the stomach turning pressure I feel about that area will be relieved through a series of 3 point quakes. But if this guy is right, all these little tremors are more likely predictive of an impending quake of some magnitude. Sometimes quakes actually up the pressure on other fault lines and cause more quakes, as indeed happened following the big Baja quake. As they've recently discovered 50 more fault lines in California, that could another point of concern.

I'm not a seismologist. I'm just a psychic who has been very troubled by what I'm picking up in readings and dreams. I'm not saying the big one is necessarily on its way. I'm saying the system is blinking red and to please, please pay attention to your preparedness, animal behavior, and your own instincts and intuition.

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  1. The earthquake dreams have begun for me, started last night.


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