Nov 8, 2010

Astrological Trends for November 8-14

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An overtone of excitement follows the new moon weekend as you greet the morning on Monday, November 8th. The moon is in the enthusiastic and optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius. First thing this morning, a supportive sextile between the moon in Sagittarius and Saturn in Libra helps you jump right into your day and follow through on any commitments or new resolutions you have put in place following the revelations of the new moon. Today, retrograde Venus slips from the emotional water sign of Scorpio back into the discerning air sign of Libra. A new aspect energy pattern for you to adjust to this week is affectionate Venus in relationship-minded Libra making a strong quincunx to genius Uranus in mystical Pisces. You will experience this predominantly as a positive and supportive energy, but because Uranus is involved, the qualities of unpredictability and shock can be mixed among those of excitement and fresh originality. For the slow-but-steady mindset, this Venus/Uranus aspect can be frightening, but for the leap-before-you-look folks, this energy is like a magic elixir. The art of relating moves from instinctual and sensual to intellectual and analytical. If you are in a romantic relationship or looking to be in one, you may be desiring a combination of beauty, brains, spirituality, and geek. Neptune is now direct after being retrograde since the end of May. One of my Twitter followers mentioned experiencing a feeling of melancholy, but also noted that things seem better now than they did during the summer. Some challenging aspects between the planets that we dealt with all summer are forgotten now. The current overall patterns support newness, hope, and better things for the future. So, yes, things do seem better. Some of that melancholy could be a transit in her personal chart or it could be the effect of a retrograde Neptune keeping hope and faith suppressed. Now that Neptune has turned direct, perhaps her feelings of melancholy will lift. Another high-octane aspect for future good is Mercury in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is a good motto to represent that energy. Using the combined strength of your mind and spirit persistently whenever you hear the word “impossible” will make miracles happen. In world news, we may hear of new science or medical breakthroughs.

Another new energy enters the week on Tuesday, November 9th, as Mercury, the planet of thought, communication, and transportation, moves from the water sign of Scorpio to the fire sign of Sagittarius. If you didn’t already feel a quickening yesterday, you will most certainly feel it when Mercury gets all “fired up” by adventurous Sagittarius. The moon in the last degrees of Sagittarius joins Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus briefly in the morning. This moon/Pluto conjunction also activates a supportive sextile to Venus in Libra at the same time the moon is challenged by Uranus. You may experience multiple strong emotions at the same time. Love, passion, excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, and trepidation may have you all over the map. The urge to move ahead and explore uncharted territory is strong. As the day progresses, the moon enters the stable earth sign of Capricorn. Your emotions may still be very strong, but you will feel more secure and centered as time passes. Mercury forms weak semi-sextile aspects with the moon/Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Libra. Although these do not have a strong effect, they can be used to help you communicate your feelings, especially feelings of love.

Cupid’s arrow may find you on Wednesday, November 10th, when Venus in Libra forms a beneficial trine to Chiron in Aquarius. Even if your love light isn’t directed toward one special person, you may find yourself experiencing a lightness of your heart and goodwill to humanity. Consider ways you can spread some of that light around. Is there a coat collection or a toy drive in your community? Can you help a neighbor, friend, or relative who can’t get out by asking if you can pick things up for them when you run your own errands? If we all did just one small thing to fill some need, there would be a whole lot less need in the world. The moon in stable Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra this morning, and lasting until just after lunch, keeps your emotional state serious and responsible. Your decisions and actions may be influenced by a sense of duty and what feels right, and you will tend to put the needs of others before your own. The second half of the day feels distinctly different as the moon leaves the awkward square behind and forms a kind sextile to the sun in Scorpio. There may still be an intense atmosphere and a strong mindset, but less feelings of obligation. A mix of minor aspects between Mercury in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Libra, sharpens the mind and gives you the physical energy to follow through on any projects.

Cupid takes another shot on Thursday, November 11th, as Venus trines both Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Romantic yearnings may be strong. The moon in the late degrees of earthy Capricorn forms an optimistic sextile to Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. In matters of love, you may be thinking something is just too good to be true. Actually, it may be too good not to be true! Around lunchtime, the moon in Capricorn challenges Venus in Libra with a square aspect until the evening. You may spend the afternoon doing the emotional equivalent of kicking tires on a used car for sale, but you aren’t buying a car – you are testing the viability of a relationship. When things seem too good to be true, it’s not a bad idea to imagine the what-ifs and worst case scenarios. Now is a good time to discuss pet peeves and the bigger expectations you have in a relationship. Your sense of self is strong today – and so is everyone else’s – due to the sun parallel Pluto and the sun parallel the moon. Everyone wants to have their say and their way. This evening, the moon enters independent Aquarius and exchanges mild energy with Mars and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. All your relationships, romantic or otherwise, benefit from this egalitarian vibration. Equality, friendship, acceptance, and tolerance of individual freedom must be the basis of any good relationship.

The moon in Aquarius is still activating Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius on the morning of Friday, November 12th. Elementally, air feeds fire and makes it grow bigger and stronger. Check your own natal chart to see where you have Sagittarius and Aquarius to make the most of this extra oomph. Making speeches, taking action, beginning a journey, or influencing groups of people are all favored activities. During the afternoon, the Aquarius moon trines Saturn in Libra. You may use analysis, logic, and reason to arrive at an emotional commitment. The sun in sensitive Scorpio is blessed by a trine to Jupiter in dreamy Pisces this evening. Now that you have arrived at a decision or taken a step forward, you feel happy with your choice and confident that things will continue to grow bigger and better as long as you give them the time and attention they require. This wonderful aspect can be especially beneficial for artists, psychics, and lovers.

Stubborn meets stubborn on the morning of Saturday, November 13th, when the moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius squares the sun in the fixed sign of Scorpio. A he said/she said situation is possible because the moon, which is watery and feminine in nature, is in a masculine air sign now. The sun, which is masculine and fiery in nature, is in a feminine water sign. Both signs are fixed in nature, which means neither sign likes to bend or budge much at all. For some absurd reason, this reminds me of the corny quip, “I must be upside down because my feet smell and my nose runs.” As a rule, Scorpio and Aquarius tend to have a deep fascination with each other, but except for the fixed quality they share, they are a lot like oil and water. The worst that can happen today may be plans going awry, mechanical or electrical things behaving badly, and debates between people who THINK they are right and people who FEEL they are right. Minding your own business and tackling things you’ve been procrastinating over is a good way to make constructive use of an aggravating aspect. I’ve gotten some of my best cleaning and projects done under the influence of a square such as this. Early this evening, when the moon forgets all about the sun and casts its soft glow toward Neptune and Chiron while making a flowing trine to Venus, life will be rosy, romantic, and peaceful once again. The sun in Scorpio favorably aspecting Jupiter in Pisces encourages you to mend fences, kiss and make up, forgive and forget.

Romance, fantasy, imagination, spirituality, meditation, psychic healing, and inspired artistic vision are all enhanced on Sunday, November 14th, while Venus is parallel Neptune and the moon is parallel Chiron. This morning, the moon in the first degrees of Pisces joins Chiron in the late degrees of Aquarius and creates a conduit for emotionally healing energy to flow to your heart and mind. The moon is also engaged in a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating your emotional healing and heart opening can be a life-transforming experience. The Mercury/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius sextile to Saturn in Libra works like the Scout motto. Everything you think and do now is influenced by “do your best” and “for the highest good of all” criteria. Later this afternoon, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius form a difficult square aspect to the moon in sensitive Pisces. Both Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius can make people blurt out whatever comes into their mind without thinking about the effect. Both of these planets in Sagittarius can bestow the gift of witty comebacks and funny one-liners, but while they are aspected by Saturn and challenging the moon, think twice before you say something that might be perceived as off-color or lacking in sensitivity. Without meaning to, you may offend someone with your words. If you are on the receiving end of words that upset you, know that planetary energy may be to blame for both heightened emotional sensitivity and unintentional thoughtlessness. This aspect can make any negotiations difficult, as well. If possible, avoid heavy talks or group discussions where consensus must be reached. Like all other aspects, this, too, shall pass. By Monday afternoon, it’s clear sailing in the sea of conversation once again.

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