Nov 19, 2010

Holiday Shopping with Astrology

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The biggest holiday shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is just around the corner. You know the retailers will be offering fantastic bargains, but do you know what to get for the people on your gift list? Astrology can help you find the perfect gift. The recommendations below are based on sun sign personality traits. The sun is vibrant and masculine in nature, expressing sun sign character traits strongly for most people. The moon is subtle and feminine in nature and moon sign personality often expresses more strongly in a woman than her sun sign. If you want to make a woman happy, choose a gift for her based on her moon sign rather than her sun sign, unless her personality strongly expresses her sun sign traits. There are many free chart services online, including the one on my website, which make it easy for you to quickly and accurately find sun and moon signs for anyone with a birth date.

Aries loves the first of anything, whether it is a new video game, the first issue of a coin or stamp, or a signed first edition print or book. A scrapbook all about them; a portrait of them, their pet, or their home; or a gift certificate for something they’ve never done before, like a rock climbing lesson, makes them feel special. Monogrammed items and diamonds speak to them of luxury and wealth. In fashion, they are drawn to black and white together and accents of fire-engine red. Aries rules the head and they often are drawn to hats, scarves, headbands, and hair accessories that draw attention to the head or face. A gift certificate to their favorite styling salon is appreciated.

Taurus is an easy sign to please because they revel in all the senses. If it looks good, tastes good, sounds good, or feels good, Taurus says it is good! They have a keen aesthetic sense and know quality when they see it. Ask them what they want; they’ll be glad to tell you. Both sexes tend to enjoy wearing gold jewelry and colorful stones. Music or tickets to a live performance are a hit, as is a gift certificate to a fine restaurant or their favorite gourmet market. Some Bulls are collectors or love antiques – check to see what is already on display in their home. The weight and texture of wood and stone appeals to their earthiness and gives you a springboard for more gift ideas.

Gemini has a tendency to become bored easily and have a restless, imaginative mind, which makes computers, video games, and cell phones highly appealing to a Twin. They enjoy going places, so tickets to events or attractions give them the tingle of anticipation – their favorite feeling! Many Geminis are word lovers and puzzle addicts. Books about their favorite subjects, magazine subscriptions, blank writing journals, and Sudoku and crossword books are possible gifts. Birds, butterflies, kites, and airplanes are all a part of the youthful air realm of Gemini and offer more gift possibilities. Dexterous Gemini loves the jingle of a bunch of bangles or a charm bracelet on the wrist.

Cancer is an emotional and protective water sign that appreciates any gift that makes them feel nurtured or remembered, be it a heated stadium seat, a certificate for a massage, or a framed photo of their family. Homemade goodies and handmade gifts touch their hearts. Most Cancers are attracted to water. How can you make them feel in their element? A soothing fountain, a fishing pole, a tropical escape, and recordings of whales and dolphins are all watery gift ideas. Some Crabs have a strong traditional streak, which likes fine china, crystal, and silver. Silver is their metal and pastels are their colors. Cancer rules the fourth house of home, so when in doubt, a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card is the way to go.

Leo is fun to shop for because they enjoy getting gifts. They especially like fancy wrapping or the box in a box in a box before they get to the small gift inside trick. Usually, they try to guess what their gift is, if they haven’t already pressured you into telling them what it is – they dislike waiting for anything. Monogrammed plush robes make them feel royal, as does a signed coupon entitling them to a day of your royal servitude. If you knit them a sweater or scarf, they will wear it proudly no matter how it fits or what it looks like because they really do value the love that goes into a handmade gift. Some like caps and T-shirts with humorous sayings. Take them to Las Vegas or an amusement park. Gold coins and gold bars have more appeal than gold jewelry, but they love any gold. Most Leos I’ve met will ooh and aah over a carnelian stone and tuck it right into a pocket. They must instinctively sense that carnelian is good for their temper and heart.

Virgo shares some earthy tastes with Capricorn and Taurus, but it is ruled by Mercury, an airy planet, making “how tos,” DIY books, kits, and systems attractive to them. Although most Virgo females enjoy flowers and jewelry, the majority of them are more interested in things that are both beautiful as well as useful, such as cashmere sweaters or sheets with the highest thread count. Male Virgos feel the same way about their tools and toys. The detailed nature of scrapbooking or bead work is very Virgo. Many Virgos are information junkies, so any device that connects them to the Internet is an ultimate gift for either sex or any age.

Libra enjoys gifts that are visually stimulating or attractive, whether it is an item to entertain them, such as a game or movie, or something to decorate their home, yard, or themselves. A gift certificate to a day spa or nail salon appeals to the ladies. A Libra woman can never have too many pocketbooks or shoes. The key word for Libra is “accessory.” A Libra male in a sporting goods or automotive store will spend far more on all the accessories for their sport or vehicle than any other sign. Although most Libras love scents, if you choose the wrong one, you may receive it as a gift from them – in new wrapping paper – at some future point in time. If you don’t know their taste, give a gift certificate to be safe.

Scorpio is the most difficult sign to shop for unless you know their passion – and they all have a passion for something. Unless you have an insider’s edge, stick with money. Cash is never tacky to a Scorpio, who enjoys being in control of how, what, and where to spend. Some Scorpios are into the Goth, dark, or macabre side of the sign and the others may have a secret wish to be. A book of spells for love and money or some other occult subject may elicit a laugh when they unwrap it, but they will enjoy reading every word. If your favorite Scorpio is already pierced and tattooed, get them a certificate for more body art from their favorite place. Sexy gifts are good, but present them in private. Scorpios know they are sexy, but it’s for them to advertise – not you.

Sagittarius is easy to shop for. They enjoy humor, adventure, and friendly competition. Gag gifts, joke books, comedy movies, sporting equipment, season tickets to their favorite sport, or a gift certificate for clothes from a place like Land’s End or L.L.Bean are great gifts. Some enjoy the pursuit of entertaining knowledge, making Guinness World Record books or Trivial Pursuit games a good gift choice. Send them to Disney World, Space Camp, river rafting, horseback riding, or hot air ballooning, no matter what their age, and they will never forget you.

Capricorn appreciates quality and practicality in gifts and is attracted to wood, metal, and stone. Beautiful wooden boxes or turned wood items appeal to them as do wood, stone, or metal sculptures. When they receive a gift that increases in monetary value, like stocks, or flavor, like some wine, whiskey, or cheese, they feel they’ve scored big! They will proudly display a one-of-a-kind chess board, leather-covered books, framed family tree, or heraldry coat of arms in their home. Leather jackets, boots, and briefcases please many Capricorns. Tweeds, fine wools, corduroys, dark velvets, and raw silks are their favorite fabric textures and suit-wearing Caps will love a good-quality power tie.

Aquarians are as unique as individuals as they are from other signs, making them tough to shop for, although any new tech device is a safe bet. Like snowflakes, no two Water Bearers are exactly alike. Weather monitoring stations, lava lamps, an astrology reading, or a subscription to their favorite magazine (they all have some off-beat interest) are possible gift ideas. Weird, off-beat things, like those tiny metal bits on a magnetic base that you can sculpt, that wave thing that tips back and forth, or a kazoo or a didgeridoo fascinate them. They go through phases and change their tastes often enough that, unless you know them very well, a gift certificate to Amazon or eBay is the way to go.

Pisces are attracted to the sea greens, blues, purples, and misty and sparkly things. Silver is usually preferred over gold and they will enjoy a mood ring as much as a semi-precious jewel. Some Pisces are psychic or sensitive and appreciate books on New Age, spiritual, or metaphysical subjects. The symbolism in a deck of tarot cards speaks to them and they are natural tarot readers. Dolphins, whales, mermaids, angels, unicorns, and gods and goddesses of mythology may appeal to them. Romantic, sentimental movies, music, or books; scented candles, incense, and bath salts give them an escape from reality, which they love. Pisces rules the feet, so you can’t go wrong with pretty toe rings, comfy slippers, quality socks, or a gift certificate to a shoe store. The ultimate gift would be a trip to a place they romanticize in their imagination – Paris? Bali?

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