Nov 22, 2010

Horoscope for November 22-28

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
The moon is supporting you in the flow of holiday happenings this week, Aries. Running errands, shopping, preparing your home, spending time with the family, relaxing over the weekend with entertaining or creative pursuits all happen in a logical, sequential way, making it easy for you to go on automatic pilot while you sit with your koan. Do you know what a koan is? It is a story, statement, or question the meaning of which cannot be understood by rational thinking, but may be found through intuition. A koan is often given to a meditation student. You have a koan in your life now. A brief glimmer of understanding breaks through midweek, but the true solution or enlightenment will take approximately two more weeks of deep inner searching. You may think you are ready to move ahead with something, but until you know it is already a done deal, nothing will take hold properly. Love feels more Universal and less personal now.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
Avoid impulsive moves with money, investments, or property at the start of the week, Taurus. There is a short-lived, but potentially destructive, aspect pattern that leaves your money vulnerable and your judgment faulty on Tuesday. You can easily charm customers and increase sales now and you enjoy working cooperatively with groups of people. If you are in a retail business that looks forward to Black Friday every year, you can anticipate good numbers. The planets are influencing people to shop enthusiastically the day after Thanksgiving. Your own Turkey Day looks full of good food and happy family moments that become fond memories. Avoid getting on a soap box over a personal passion or cause and avoid engaging in debates with anyone over their viewpoints and you should sail through the week with more pleasure than discomfort. Take in a movie or a quick getaway this weekend.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Me, me, me is what the moon wants you to look at as your week begins. How do you feel about your relationships, your work, and you – and are you experiencing life as you would like it to be? Mix a serious attitude with pie-in-the-sky wishes and you can bring at least one of your dreams into reality. Some Twins eager to increase income may be working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Your partner shouldn’t mind – he or she may be working, too. If you are off from work, it looks like you will be out early with the other shoppers in the wee hours on Friday to get the best deals at the stores. The family feeling that Thanksgiving brings catches up with you later in the week when you may get together with relatives and friends for some potentially emotional reunions. Gratitude is an ever-present awareness this week.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
Overwork can create stress and fatigue the first two days of this week, Cancer. Pamper yourself on Tuesday evening and get to bed early because you may be busy with holiday preparations on Wednesday. The moon is in your sign this Thanksgiving, putting you in the spotlight. Your sensitive nature and strong emotions will be doubly so. I am sure the presence of family members and memories of family gatherings in the past will affect you deeply – mostly for the good, from what the planets tell me. In fact, if you have any hatchets to bury, now is a wonderful time to do so. Will you be among the early shoppers on Black Friday? The stars and your money are burning a hole in your pocket – prepare to shop. You have a penchant for glam now, but avoid buying extravagant gifts that really have no use. Shop with cash, not credit, when you can. “What was I thinking!” could be your lament now while the planets are throwing mental distractions your way. Make a list and stick to it. Please keep tabs on rest and proper nutrition this week to avoid burnout, headaches, or colds.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
A desire to race into something new in love or business is in direct opposition to a desire to be sovereign. The fulfillment of wishes usually comes with a side dish of change and uncertainty. The moon encourages retreat and contemplation in the two days before Thanksgiving. Friends or family have a listening ear on Thanksgiving and are more than happy to share their wisdom. In the final reckoning, you know yourself far better than they can know you and you will be the person living with your decisions. It’s a planetary toss-up on Friday between a social day or a work day, so maybe you will split it down the middle. The day favors being with a child or acting like one. If you do hit the stores, the people on your list are liable to wind up receiving games, toys, and sporting goods because your emotions are in the play zone. Sunday may present a work offer that is so lucrative you can’t say no.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Inspiration or the desire to make more money while the opportunity presents itself keeps you busy at work. This may create stress for your family or partner at the beginning of the week. Everyone wants you, but you can’t be everywhere at once. The desire to connect with friends on Thanksgiving may overcome the desire to just lay low at home and do nothing while you have a holiday from work. Accept an offer to go out – you will be glad you did. Some difference of opinion may stand between you and a mate for about two weeks, due to a stressful aspect involving Mercury, the planet of communication and thought. It could be that love needs some space to grow. If you are single and looking, you are likely to attract the exact opposite of your dream lover or someone who ultimately follows a different path than you. Black Friday, Walmart, 5 a.m.? – NOT! Most likely, you will be fast asleep, dreaming of the handcrafted gifts or goody baskets you plan on giving this year. The germ-free Internet shopping option wins over crowds any day.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
The urge to write a romance novel or live a fairytale romance is strong for you this week, Libra. The same glowing energy that has you craving love can enhance your artistic and creative skills, too. You may enjoy crafting gifts for those you love this year, but if shopping is your thing, you have the knack for picking the perfect gift to suit each person on your list. Double check travel plans, tickets, and reservations on Tuesday when the planetary aspects behave a bit like a Mercury retrograde in your chart. Being a guest rather than host or hostess this year at Thanksgiving suits you best. If you do have to entertain, consider using a caterer or suggest everyone meet at a fine restaurant. Work and outer world activities keep you away from cooking and cleaning now. If you shop on Black Friday, go with a friend for company and “damage control.” The weekend brings a welcome respite from the week’s activity in the centering environment of your own home.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
The planets currently incline you to see the good in everybody and believe what you hear. If a get-rich-quick scheme or business opportunity is presented on Tuesday, the best answer is, “I’ll think about it.” Waiting a day will change the entire situation. Your home is your private retreat lately and you are not too keen to have guests for Thanksgiving, but the planets do indicate the potential for long-distance travel. Worry over the cost of travel will be replaced with the pleasure you derive from the journey and the excitement of reconnecting with friends and family. It looks like a good career and money day for you on Friday. You are more likely to be the seller this holiday rather than the buyer. Be sure to promote your service, product, or business heavily now while the planets are favoring self-promotion and your cash flow. A hidden love may remain a secret because you are not yet ready to make a move, but you can increase the time you spend together as friends.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
Watch your temper and the tendency to choose for others on Tuesday when the planets are making you a bit too full of yourself and other people less tolerant of your expansive energy. You are cool with Thanksgiving at home, but you would like it best if someone else did the shopping, cooking, and cleaning parts. You’ve got too many jokes and stories to catch up on with friends and family to sign up for the kitchen duties. Maybe a potluck is the way to keep everyone entertained and out of the kitchen. Black Friday shopping? You could be among the first to the mall. The fire Leo moon that day revs up your travel and adventure engine. The planets show you may have some spare cash or available credit to spend. Some Sagittarians will travel to more than one holiday reunion this year. If a chance to earn overtime presents itself this weekend, you may opt for holiday pay instead of holiday time off.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Work is productive and lucrative, but you have an inner resistance right now to ideas for expansion and growth because you are afraid change would upset the apple cart. An, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality will be with you for two more weeks before you can take full advantage of the blessings of Venus and Jupiter, which are just waiting for your mind to shift. You are in a passive stance regarding Thanksgiving plans this year and will yield to the wishes of a mate or the rest of the family. Truthfully, while you are usually a traditionalist who enjoys the whole meal and family routine, this year, the planets are inclining you to be a bit reclusive. There are pleasant aspects shining on your day, but you will be glad when you can put away the last dish, give the last farewell hug, and turn out the lights. The planets also indicate anxiety or confusion around spending money and navigating crowds combined with heightened sensitivity, so Black Friday shopping may not be the best scene for you. On Sunday, the moon moves you to express your feelings persuasively.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
Frustration with finances and the feeling that you must increase your income motivates you to seek more work this week, Aquarius. You may receive some inspired, creative ideas, but find yourself temporarily unable to decide what your best options are or what order of operations to follow. Despite your impatience, things follow a natural course and work out for the best. On Thanksgiving, you could be performing a job or service for a friend or an organization instead of cooking a meal or visiting family. Perhaps you are serving a meal in a homeless shelter or caring for the pet of a friend who is traveling. Black Friday appears to be more of a day for romance and activities with friends than for shopping. You have no patience for crowds now and prefer the speed of Internet shopping and package delivery right to your door. Sunday brings a spiritual connection or psychic revelation.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Using your natural healing abilities or intuitive skills professionally is the way to greater personal growth and success for you. On Tuesday, you may have an attack of uncertainty at work, wondering if you are doing the right work, having any effect, or doing things the right way. The answer is yes – keep doing what your talents indicate you should do and things will work out. You may be dividing your time between work and a Thanksgiving invitation this year or celebrating with co-workers while on the job. Your own life or work situation could prevent you from committing to being a host or hostess. Whatever the situation, a non-traditional holiday is a strong possibility. The planets tell a work story on Black Friday, too. If you are in a retail trade, sales should be strong while there are transits and aspects amplifying popularity and mass appeal in your career sector. Romance is a pleasant escape and a friend could become a lover now if you are single and willing.

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