Nov 7, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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I've posted on a couple of predictions this year that I, personally, find concerning. My concern is growing. I might even say that it's reached critical mass on a couple of these; partly because of external affirmation and partly because of my own psychic impressions and reactions to shifts in earth energy. The first is the tipping point predicted by Time Monk Clif High and his webbot technology. The second is the possibility of major earthquakes in California.

As far as the tipping point is concerned, we are in it. Clif High's most recent report has expanded the time-line of the plateau period from Nov. 8-11 to Nov. 5-14. He has also revised his assessment of it to something much more akin to what I was getting from the outset; which is to say that he, too, now expects it to be largely financial. (A change from his war with Iran prediction.) What he describes sounds like a rapid acceleration of the "death of the dollar." (High's recent interview on Veritas was posted in the YouTube player. It has been pulled. I hope to replace it as soon as it becomes available on YouTube again. In the meanwhile, it will available through, I think Friday, here.)

The primary reason for the spike in my own concern is the things I am seeing, feeling, and otherwise experiencing. The past few months seem to have flown by at an accelerated speed and I am not the only person who has experienced them this way. August and September I'm calling Augtember and October was a blur. For my part I've been battling illness and injuries of one form or another throughout, mostly affecting my digestive system. Currently, I am incapacitated by a pulled muscle in my ribs. The thing is I don't know how I did this and I don't remember doing it. But the injury itself is quite real and quite debilitating. I don't really know why I'm so physically affected by earth changes and massive shifts in the collective consciousness. I only know that I am and that the past few months have filled me repeatedly with a sense of foreboding.

Over these past several months, in addition to a sense of ennui -- a perpetual boredom with current issues and events -- I have also been experiencing profound feelings of nostalgia. Vivid snapshots and sense memories of the past keep surfacing going all the way back to childhood. Most are pleasant, some wistful, and still others periodically reduce me to tears.

I have also been getting some clearer psychic impressions that are, at the very least, intriguing. I won't go into all the nitty gritty but there are some things that I've been shown that indicate to me a massive event of some kind. One is that I was recently pulled, rather forcefully and dramatically, to a power spot I sometimes visit when I'm in the area. There was a feeling of intense, heavy darkness that I had to move through to get there that I've never experienced in the area before. After I'd parked, I asked my guides what was going on and I was told, "the end of the world." After that I was shown a new gridwork being laid; a sort of fabric of light. I took from this that one world was ending while the next was beginning. This may be a seamless transition from one template to another or something involving dramatic upheaval. As of now, I'm more inclined towards the latter interpretation. I also don't know if this transition refers to the current "tipping point" scenario or if it's tied to some of the later events we'll be facing.

The other thing I was told at that time was that "the earth would give up one of her secrets." I feel that this ties directly to the "tipping point." My sense of the coming events is that they will involve a major financial shake-up with global implications. But also that there will be some sort of revelation of some government (or government connected) secret. In other words there may be a scandal related to all of this. In the very long Veritas interview, Clif High also refers to a major, emotional shock. Unlike him, I think that shock may be based in this previously hidden information; not just new events.

Last spring I expressed my concern over some predictions of major quakes in California. Over the past month, that concern has intensified based on things I've been seeing and experiencing. My concern is over both the San Diego area -- which has been extremely and unusually seismic, with numerous quakes apparently still issuing from an epicenter in Baja, Mexico -- and the San Francisco area. A friend of mine recently posted that she felt a 3.7 in Long Beach. When my husband traveled to the San Diego region in September, I became violently -- and I mean violently -- ill. I can't say for sure that it had to do with the potential for quakes and I did not sense that he was in any real danger at that time. I did note that shortly before he left there was another significant Baja centered quake that was felt throughout the San Diego region and into Yuma, Arizona, which was also one of the stops on his trip.

I have also seen images of San Francisco that have disturbed me. Much of this is in private readings so I cannot go into detail. But a recent dream intensified my concern. It involved symbols I associate with the opening of energy vortexes and led me to a fictional Inverness Avenue in Manhattan. (I spent most of the dream inexplicably unable to find the 9th St. Path Station in NYC.) When I googled up Inverness, I learned that among other associations, there is an Inverness in Marin County which is close to the San Andreas fault. There is also an Inverness Council in Manhattan, which is an investment firm, so that would be another way to read that -- as being tied to the coming financial upheaval. There was also an issue of theft in the dream, which would make sense if it was a financial thing.

Also in the Clif High interview posted in the player is some discussion of more solar discharge related quake and volcanic activity pending for January. What I'm seeing may be associated with that. But I just want to, again, urge my beloved friends in California to please prepare for the possibility of something very disruptive that could happen at any time.

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