Nov 1, 2010

Astrological Trends for November 1-7

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Conscientious feelings may clash with some inner urge for fun and freedom on Monday, November 1st, as the fastidious Virgo moon forms a difficult square aspect with rambunctious Mars in Sagittarius. If you have children to hustle out the door to school or you have put off some of the little things you do on a Sunday night to get ready for Monday, the morning routine may feel a bit frantic and short on time. This challenge is short-lived and once you get through the morning routine, you may wonder where all the high energy and drama disappeared to so quickly. A friendly trine between the moon and Pluto in Capricorn along with supportive sextiles between the moon and Venus and the sun, both in Scorpio, indicate that you are actually happy to get back to work today. The lunar energy and aspects are like a new blank notebook or a fresh canvas. Just seeing day one of a new month on your calendar points you in a new direction with purpose and precision. The intense Scorpio sun is enhanced by a semi-sextile to Saturn in Libra – this gives you some extra determination and savvy. Mars in the fire sign of Sagittarius semi-sextile both Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn gives extra passion and drive. You can use the newness of the month and the week along with the discerning skills of Virgo to make lists, eliminate unnecessary clutter or time thieves, and prepare for the launch of something new when the new moon arrives this weekend.

The analytical Virgo moon pokes Mercury in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 2nd, and you might have to say what is on your mind or listen to what someone else has to say. The moon opposes both Jupiter and Uranus as the day progresses. The conversations that take place today may be unusual, revealing, or even shocking, but I wouldn’t call them negative. In general, the energy can make you more aware of unique individuality and personality quirks that make us all different. Virgo likes to put square pegs in square holes. Mercury forming an open-minded trine to Jupiter in nebulous Pisces and the moon forming a favorable quincunx to dreamy Neptune conjunct Chiron in experimental Aquarius this evening will knock those sharp edges off your thoughts, leaving you with pegs of different shapes to sort. What you believed in the morning may not be what you believe by bedtime. The energy for manifesting miracles is strong this evening and your thoughts are optimistic. Journal a probable future for yourself or write down some affirmations tonight.

A bit of a smackdown between the moon in fair-minded Libra and Pluto in authority-minded Capricorn takes place the morning of Wednesday, November 3rd. You may have a situation in your individual life that demonstrates this energy clash or be aware of an issue in the news which reflects it. A perfect example would be a story about gay marriage laws. In your personal life, you may come up against something unfair or have to challenge established old-school rules. The challenging aspect passes quickly and is followed by a semi-sextile of the moon in Libra to Mars in Sagittarius, which creates a warrior or crusader energy. The moon makes an exact conjunction to Saturn in Libra this afternoon, strengthening your convictions. If you have a wrong to right today, the planets will back you. The favorable trine between Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces ensures that you will negotiate until a resolution is reached and things will be settled peacefully. Forgiveness is a key feature of this aspect, which will be present every day this week. It is an excellent time to forgive your enemies and yourself, as well.

On Thursday, November 4th, Mercury in Scorpio forms a challenging square aspect with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius for several days. You might want to handle this with special care now. Traditionally, these two planets in aspect to each other mean lies and deception. The secretive nature of Scorpio can magnify this potential for deception. Aquarius rules friends, groups and organizations, and future-oriented science and technology. Does this mean a friend would deliberately deceive you? Probably not. It does mean you should be above board in your own dealings with people. Any attempt to keep things hidden will most likely backfire. Personally, I would not want to buy a new computer now, invest in a new technology, or have any diagnostic tests done for my health. On the current events level, you may read or hear about corruption or secrets being exposed. On the global level, I feel the chances for disasters happening are increased. Hopefully, the positive effect of this aspect would be an increased public awareness and support that would be directed toward correcting negative situations and helping people who are affected by them. This evening, positive energy flows from the Libra moon conjunct retrograde Venus in the early degrees of Scorpio to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius and Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. This is a very healing, openhearted, optimistic, and faith-filled combination. It promises second chances and succeeding against the odds.

If you have been following my weekly forecasts, you may recall that last Friday sizzled with some super hot sex and romance aspects. Perhaps you’ve skimmed through my forecast this week hoping to see the words love, romance, and sex jump out at you again. Although the love vibes are not quite as potent as they were last week, there is still plenty of planetary warmth to keep the fire going. With the moon, sun, Venus, and Mercury all in sexy Scorpio, how can you not think passionate thoughts? For all their reputed sexiness, Scorpios can often be chilly and repressed. Intimacy can trigger fear of total exposure and loss of control. The current planetary transits may have you torn between desire and terror! If you have been holding back on love, Friday, November 5th, may be the day that breaks your resistance. As the moon moves through Scorpio, she (the moon is feminine and there is a lady in the moon – not a man) activates your affectionate nature and your physical desire. The sun parallel Venus acts like Cupid’s arrow. Be courageous, get out and be seen, or get your profile on the dating sites if you are single and looking for love.

The new moon in Scorpio occurs in the early morning hours on Saturday, November 6th. All new moons are new beginnings. This particular moon may have karmic or past life overtones for you. Scorpio has associations with death and the spiritual realm. Now is a good time to honor your past and think of loved ones on the other side as you begin a new lunar cycle. Emotionally, you may feel like the phoenix rising from the ashes in some area of your life. Check your natal chart to see where you have Scorpio energy and if you have any planets in Scorpio. They can tell you more about your own personal resurrection or rebirth. This evening, the moon joins Mercury in Scorpio and trines Jupiter/Uranus. The Mercury/Neptune square is beginning to fade now and mental clarity will soon replace any deceptive influences. You may be thinking that the new beginning in your life is crazy or foolish, but, oh boy, does it feel good!

Action is the word of the day on Sunday, November 7th. The moon moves into the rowdy fire sign of Sagittarius where it joins Mars, the planet of action. Couples may be singing “Flashdance…What a Feeling” or “Let’s Get Physical.” This aspect makes everyone want to dance, twist, and shout. Speedy things like bikes, motorcycles, horses, sports cars, rollercoasters, zip lines, and skates are appealing. Showmanship and competition are highlighted while the moon and Mars can make people want to be the fastest or the best, but Sagittarius energy encourages fair play and good sportsmanship, so there are no hard feelings or sore losers. Later today, the moon also activates stable Saturn in diplomatic Libra, further enhancing the social graces and inclusiveness in relationships. If you followed your impulses yesterday and began a new romance or some other new endeavor in your life, this moon/Saturn aspect is a quiet assurance that you did the right thing.

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