Sep 13, 2010

Astrological Trends for September 13-19

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The relief is nearly palpable as you begin this Monday, September 13th, under the auspices of a direct Mercury. Keep in mind it can take a day or two to adjust to the shift of energy, but for the most part, you are safe to begin new projects, sign contracts, and generally trust that communication and transportation will go as planned. The Moon in the optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius may have you bounding out of bed early this morning, eager to take on a new week. Your plans conceived during last week’s new Moon energy are now germinating and you are ready to give them the attention they need to flourish. The Moon behaves a bit like lighter fluid on coals this morning, igniting the following planets to positive expression and action: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus in Scorpio. At the same time, Mercury in Virgo is encouraging Venus, Pluto, and Saturn in Libra. Mars, the planet of action, supports Jupiter/Uranus and Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. To sum up all these aspects, I would suggest that you have constructive, expansive plans and ideas along with the necessary passion and blind faith to achieve your objectives. You know that what you want to do is good for not just you, but everyone because when you are successful, your success is both an example for others to emulate and it enables you to share more abundance and positive energy with the world. There is no “no” now. If you can’t find a way through, you will go over, under, or around to advance your cause.

Yesterday, you left the starting block and on Tuesday, September 14th, you continue the race. The Moon is still in forward- and upward-looking Sagittarius, but without as many handshakes to other planets. Using momentum from yesterday and simply returning to the tasks you’ve already begun is the best use of your energy. In fact, you won’t even have to be fully present emotionally as you enjoy a benign and detached mood throughout most of the day. A feeling of rightness may slip in as masculine Mars moves from Libra to Scorpio. Feminine Venus recently did the same, but for a short time the pairing of Venus/Mars split into the two elements of air and water, which are not naturally harmonious elements. On the subconscious level, there may have been a niggling irritation from this, akin to not being able to tie both laces of your shoes with equal tightness. Now that Mars has returned to sharing the same sign and element as Venus, everything just feels better. Your relationships may intensify or deepen as these two planets of relating begin to swim in the ocean of emotional Scorpio. Thoughts of security, vulnerability, and trust may arise now and in the month to come. In the early evening, the Moon touches off some challenging energy with the Sun in Virgo. The Moon in Sagittarius likes to be flamboyant, spontaneous, and goofy. The Sun in Virgo leans toward prim, proper, and practical. At its worst, this aspect may predispose you to dressing inappropriately for an occasion, making social gaffes, or feeling at odds over desiring to do something outrageous, but thinking you must adhere to the conventional. You can avert difficulty by avoiding social scenes or decision making this evening – unless you want to watch Comedy Central and your partner wants to watch CNN!

You may hear the word “impossible” on Wednesday, September 15th. The Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn and squares the future-growth-oriented combo of Jupiter/Uranus. Both Jupiter and Uranus are retrograde in Pisces. Passionate Venus/Mars in Scorpio are actively exchanging positive energy with Mercury in Virgo, Moon/Pluto, and Jupiter/Uranus. Expect resistance to your ideas to come in vague or fear-based comments, such as, “It’s not possible.” “It hasn’t been done before.” “It’s too difficult, too big, too costly.” The resistance can come from external sources or from your ego. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. The terribly restrictive Saturn/Pluto square is now a thing of the past. Saturn has gentle backup now from Venus/Mars and Mercury. I know you can gather your facts or present your proposition and blow all those cowardly, nebulous, and unfounded excuses right out of the water. In matters of love, a push for commitment that meets with the resistant fear that independence may be lost can also be overcome.

Thursday, September 16th, is an absolutely lovely day. It is free of any major stressful aspects between the planets and the Moon in secure Capricorn is trine to Mercury in logical Virgo. Your mind and emotions are aligned and you feel calm, centered, and secure. The Sun is now quincunx to Neptune. Either inspired creativity or romantic pursuits take precedence over all else. Venus and Mars conjunct in Scorpio enhances sexual magnetism and deepens the pleasure that intimacy brings. With Mercury, the planet of communication, sextile Venus, the planet of affection, and Venus, in turn, sextile Pluto, the planet of intensity, you may be overwhelmed with the urge to declare your undying passion for your partner. You can use this potent planetary energy to attract a partner now if that is what you would like. You can also maximize today by pouring yourself wholeheartedly into a creative passion, such as music, dance, drama, or art. An overall increase of sensitivity on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level makes today remarkably memorable. Spend some time in nature – your senses will be delighted.

Can Friday, September 17th, get any better than yesterday? Yes, I think it can. The late-degree Capricorn Moon gains more strength and security from a trine to the Sun in Virgo. The Moon is also semi-sextile Neptune/Chiron. While not a major aspect, the extra emotional boost to the healing Neptune/Chiron conjunction may have you feeling that your life is now a dream come true. We have all had struggles for a while now. If you have been praying, desiring, working very hard for help, love, money, a healing, or just a bit of slack to catch your breath, get on your feet, or get ahead, now is a moment of grace and open possibility. Things are definitely lightening up and there is strong peace and harmony present now. Struggle can become a habit like anything else. Let go of the need to struggle and allow and accept. Share more smiles and words of gratitude now and wonderful things will come to you.

The Moon moves into the fixed air sign of Aquarius on Saturday, September 18th. The bliss bubble bursts a bit when the Moon squabbles with Venus/Mars. Even the most perfect of romances or the most fascinating passion needs some space. Like the Huntingtons’ song says, “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?” The cerebral Aquarius Moon is emotionally chilled even further by a trine to dutiful Saturn in Libra. Yes, trines ARE “good” aspects, but today it encourages you to take care of chores, business, and life’s necessities. It may not feel like a “good” aspect if you are still buzzing from a passion marathon and discover you or your partner more concerned with washing the sheets than rolling in them. *sigh* Late this afternoon, when the Sun in Mercury opposes Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces, the Moon also forms a quincunx with Mercury in Virgo. A very rational, detached critique and discussion of relationship may ensue. Boundaries, personal freedom issues, past relationship “mistakes” may all come up for review. None of this indicates an end of romantic feelings or a leaving of love. It is just a consideration of the realities of relationship.

Aquarius energy still reigns on Sunday, September 19th. Late in the evening, the Moon does regain some emotional warmth when it joins dreamy Neptune, but during the day it stays friendly to all rather than enamored of one. Use your free time today to connect with friends or share in group activities. The Internet may have practical information for you that you can use. Any relationships or creative endeavors that were begun this week are powerful and intense. They will also trigger growth and change. Sometimes that growth and change may be approached reluctantly or the person or project you are passionate about will uncover things hidden deep in your soul that you were not aware of. The ride can get bumpy on this rocky road due to the erratic, electrifying Sun/Uranus opposition, but it will not be dull. Rocky Road works for ice cream, right? Keep your focus on what’s sweet. Use the Moon/Neptune conjunction at bedtime to pre-program your mind to receive revealing dream messages for your future or work on lucid dreaming or out-of-body skills.

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