Sep 20, 2010

Astrological Trends for September 20-26

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The Moon is in the humanitarian, thinking air sign of Aquarius on Monday, September 20th, where it joins Neptune and Chiron and is in harmony with the Sun in Virgo and Jupiter/Uranus, both retrograde, in Pisces. At the same time, the Sun is opposed by Jupiter/Uranus. With the Moon in a future-oriented, impersonal sign and most of the dominant planetary aspects involving outer, transpersonal planets, I feel that your day may be more focused on current events and global concerns than usual. You are primarily concerned about your own life as it fits into the bigger picture of the economy and your relationships in business and your community. Mercury in problem-solving Virgo, Saturn in truth-finding Libra, and Pluto in determined Capricorn all form weak, yet supportive, aspects to the blended energies of Venus and Mars in perceptive, intuitive Scorpio. You can use this configuration of planetary energy to discover ways you can make a positive difference in the world through your choices and actions. The Sun/Neptune aspect encourages dreamers and healers to present plans now while the opposition between the Sun and retrograde Jupiter/Uranus indicates a lack of backing, faith, and support or a resistance to more socially conscious changes. That is a natural human reaction, but it may seem more pronounced while this opposition is in effect. Scorpio is an emotional water sign that feels both light and dark, high and low strongly. In your own personal life during the Venus/Mars transit in Scorpio, you may frequently find yourself swinging from high to low emotionally or being in situations where you must choose between something easier, but shady, or something more challenging, but of greater integrity.

A choice between rational thinking and emotional knowing may begin the day on Tuesday, September 21st. The Moon in psychic Pisces opposes Mercury in logical Virgo, triggering the conflict between the mind and gut instinct. With the Moon supporting Venus/Mars in intuitive Scorpio and Saturn in circumspect Libra, when it comes time to decide, your feelings will prevail over thoughts. The Moon in sentimental Neptune exchanging favorable energy with Saturn in Libra, the sign ruling relationship, may have you taking love and romance seriously. The sexy Venus/Mars combo in passionate Scorpio gets a dose of planetary Viagra from Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio. Mars/Pluto aspects are about sex and power – if someone has captured your attention, it may be difficult to keep your thoughts purely platonic now. With Mercury in Virgo also lending energy to Venus/Mars, it is likely you will be thinking or talking about sex, too. Venus parallel Pluto and Mars parallel Neptune just add more fuel to the bonfire of desire the Moon has ignited. You may survive today’s potent seductive pull best by yielding to love, lust, and romance rather than arguing against it. If you find yourself behaving out of character or skipping over your own self-imposed rules, chalk it up to a momentary lapse of planetary control.

Your feelings are amplified on Wednesday, September 22nd, as the Moon in the late degrees of watery Pisces approaches fullness. This will activate the Sun/Jupiter/Uranus opposition. You may spend the early part of the day being critical of your feelings and motivations. Perhaps you may be wrestling between the urge to follow impulses leading you in new directions and the desire to be accepted. Will conformity and the acceptance it brings be enough to satisfy you, or will you only be stifled and feel lost in a world of sameness? Are you conforming just to please someone else? What might you lose if you go rogue? When the Sun in the final degree of Virgo makes a challenging aspect to Pluto this evening, a feeling of crisis may occur. The expression that comes to mind is, “When push comes to shove.” The effect of Jupiter is expansive and the effect of Uranus is stimulating and erratic. Pisces is empathetic and sensitive. Today, while the Moon in Pisces joins Jupiter and Uranus, you can expect to feel spacey or easily affected by the energy of others. Your moods may change from one moment to the next and your emotional reactions could be unpredictable or extreme. Knowing this, you can make allowances for the strange behavior of others and cut yourself some slack, too. The Sun/Pluto square can bring up fear and issues of self preservation. Set time aside this evening to do some emotional clearing and releasing.

Feelings of deja vu may spring to mind on Thursday, September 23rd, when the Full Moon in early Aries opposes the Sun in early Libra and Pluto in Capricorn challenges both the Sun and the Moon with some volatile square energy. Yes, very much like the Cardinal T-square of the not too distant past. Consider this a retake of some planetary rock, paper, scissors with Capricorn being rock, Libra the paper, and Aries the scissors. It is a short-lived configuration, which collapses once the Moon moves further into Aries, but it may have a profound effect on your life if you neglected to follow through on resolving issues that arose during the Cardinal T-square and Cardinal Grand Cross patterns of the last few months. The Full Moon in Aries highlights the self and new beginnings. The crisis point of yesterday may now culminate for you in taking a stand, making a decision, or initiating a new way of being. The Sun has entered Libra and you will be adjusting this week as the general tone of your life shifts from the practical, purposeful earth energy of Virgo to the cerebral, indecisive air energy of Libra. Aries represents the self and Libra represents the hidden self or the mirror self/partner. A present relationship may get a fresh start, a new relationship may begin, or your feelings about whether to have a relationship or not can suddenly do an about face. The Moon contra-parallel Chiron increases emotional understanding and the possibility for a karmic connection or healing to occur.

Honest communication is your primary focus on Friday, September 24th. The Moon in outspoken Aries is quincunx Mercury in Virgo. You are eager to air your feelings now in a manner which is precise and to the point. With the Sun creeping up on Saturn in Libra, you – and everyone else – expects a fair “hearing” conducted with courtesy and respect. The Sun/Pluto square underscores the seriousness of relationship issues. Personal boundaries, relationship expectations, and commitment may be key topics. Your ability to understand and be understood is enhanced by Mercury contra-parallel Chiron, helping to create mental harmony between people today. The absence of any other major influences makes today a good day to start a new lunar cycle on a new footing. After the intensity of the build-up to the full Moon, it is a day of relative quiet where you feel as though you’ve regrouped and are back on track, looking ahead – not back.

Some Moon/Mars/Neptune parallels and contra-parallels on the morning of Saturday, September 25th, can stir up emotional or sexual energy. You may wake up on the wrong side of the bed, needing an attitude adjustment, or if you share your bed with a mate, you may find a physical way to shift your attitudes together. The late-degree Aries Moon in a benevolent sextile to dreamy Neptune can encourage romance or hitting the snooze button for a few extra minutes of sleep. Late in the afternoon, the Moon enters the steady earth sign of Taurus and forms two pleasant aspects – one with Saturn in Libra and the other with Pluto in Capricorn. This should enable you to feel more grounded and secure in all your relationships, romantic or otherwise. It can also enhance your confidence, leadership abilities, and productivity. If there is a large project you would like to tackle around your home, now is an excellent time to launch do-it-yourself design and construction plans.

A mildly annoying opposition can get Sunday, September 26th, off to a rocky start. I say mildly because when the Moon opposes either “benefic” – Venus or Jupiter – the difficulties of an opposition are diluted or negated. The Taurus Moon opposes Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs and their elements of earth and water are compatible, which is why Taurus/Scorpio matches are rather common among long-term couples. One interesting thing I’ve noticed about the combined Taurus/Scorpio energy is harmonious fighting. Both signs seem to enjoy a certain amount of disagreement, drama, and sulking with each other, but they wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, nor could they imagine the partner who drives them crazy being with anyone else. They just love putting up with each other. When I consider the lunar exchange with Venus/Mars along with Saturn in Libra simultaneously being supported by the Moon, I get the same sense of harmonious disagreement and emotional commitment regarding any relationship issues for you now. The Moon contra-parallel Pluto intensifies your emotions today and deepens emotional bonds. The opposition loses effect as the Moon moves on and peace and calm are established by nightfall by a kind Moon/Venus contra-parallel and a forgiveness aspect of the Sun parallel Jupiter. Enjoy some rest or a favorite hobby or activity as a reward for making it through a rather emotional week.

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