Sep 28, 2010


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

What is a Shaman?

What is a shaman? Host and shaman, Christina Pratt, freshly inspired by the diversity and community synergy of the UK Shamanic Conference, will explore this most interesting question. It is not true that every energy practitioner today is a shaman because not every altered state is a shamanic altered state. And something isn't shamanic just because you don't understand it or have a name for it. In this time when anyone can call themselves a shaman, what is a shaman? A shaman is a particular type of practitioner who works in an induced shamanic trance state with invisible and reliable energy beings. With the assistance of these invisible beings the shaman makes changes in the invisible world that create the desired changes here in the physical world. And the shaman does this work in response to the need to set things; people, communities, earth energies, what have you, into right relationship with the Greater Flow of life force energy. Shamans are called by Spirit and initiated through that relationship. And, traditionally shamans have worked with other types of healers in their communities. This week we will explore what this definition actually means in the past and the present, how you might select a shaman, and why even shamans argue about who is a shaman.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche


Jim Gilkeson, BA, CMT, CST, creative bodywork therapist and teacher of energy healing, joins Michele Meiche on Awakenings Radio this week. Jim has a background in meditation and spiritual practice, and his love for experiential learning has made him keenly attentive to the developmental and initiatory dimensions of bodywork and energy healing. Jim uses techniques like Craniosacral Therapy and Zero Balancing® that allow him to work on the cusp between the structure of the physical body and the energy that moves around and through it. Jim is the author of “A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process” and “Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth”

9/29/2010 3:00PM ET

Just Energy Radio

The Monsters Of Texas & Creative Intelligence

First Hours Guest

Ken Gerhard
The Monsters Of Texas
Ken Gerhard is an accomplished cryptozoologist and field researcher for The Centre for Fortean Zoology and The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization , as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute . He has investigated reports of monsters and mysterious beasts all over the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, winged creatures and even werewolves.

Second Hours Guest

Gregory Sams
Creative Intelligence
The story of Gregory Sams is the remarkable story of the British counter-culture since the 1960's. In 1982, he launched the first VegeBurger and was soon selling over 250,000 burgers each week. In the mid-1980's Gregory dedicated his life to the new scientific ideas of ‘chaos theory' and founded Strange Attractions, the world's first ever shop dedicated to chaos theory from which he created and sold computer fractal designs for everything from posters to t-shirts to jugsaw puzzles. His interest in chaos theory led to an interest in consciousness that led to writing this book.

Friday 10/1/2010 3:00PM EST/2:00PM CST

Awake: Now What?

Chat with Dale Blackford, Speaker, Author, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor

Dale Blackford is an Awakened Soul and Master Teacher who facilitates the shift from the pain and frustration of trying to become better, to realizing the immediate joy and freedom of knowing your perfection, exactly as you are. He helps others connect with their brilliance and immediate potential. A no-nonsense visionary, Dale believes in the urgency of experiencing present moment bliss. His teaching, coaching and workshops are simply and extraordinarily empowering. The end of suffering is at the foundation of Dale's teachings. He is intimately familiar with the intensity of this struggle and how it leads directly to peace. Release from compulsive thinking about the past, the future and problem solving, opens into immediate access to present moment fulfillment, where you are not only shown the way, but escorted by spirit into the full experience of living it. Presently Dale serves as the senior Minister of Unity Church of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is the author of Seeds of Content and other publications, producer of several empowering CDs, and hosts a weekly radio show, "The Heart of Being", on Unity FM Radio Dale's presence on radio, TV, podcasts and webinars is far more than instructional. It is a transcendent experience. To see Dale in presentation see his new Video page. You can contact Dale at, or call 716.425.8979

10/3/2010 6:00PM ET

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