Sep 27, 2010

Trends for September 27 - October 3

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A peaceful start to the week begins on Monday, September 27th, when the gentle, patient Taurus Moon is in harmony with Mercury in practical Virgo. This is an excellent influence for implementing plans and attending to the details of a project. Your day should progress calmly and predictably until the Moon makes a square to foggy Neptune in unpredictable Aquarius late in the day. Fortunately, the possible stressful effects of challenging square energy may be tempered by a fortunate sextile of the Moon to Jupiter/Uranus conjunct in Pisces. It is likely that you may become emotionally caught up in something extravagant and absurd. You may be disappointed to find that what you are desiring is just too far fetched and out of your reach. Venus is the planetary ruler of both the earth sign of Taurus and the air sign of Libra. Venus bestows beauty, softness, gentle refinement, and pleasure. With the Sun now in the sign of Libra, joined by serious Saturn and the Moon in Taurus, today is a wonderful day to work at decorating and beautifying your home or garden for the fall season. It is a fruitful, favorable Moon cycle for planting fall bulbs and chrysanthemums. Spend some time outside today appreciating the early fall season.

Tuesday, September 28th, has a lively feel to it with the Moon now in the mentally active and curious air sign of Gemini. Several favorable aspects are activated between the Moon and other planets today, which should keep you active and most likely juggling, or thinking about, multiple things at any given time. In the morning, the Moon engaging controlling Pluto in Capricorn adds intensity to emotional exchanges and may cause you to argue for your point of view. The Moon also trines the Sun and Saturn in Libra. Both Gemini and Libra are dual air signs that are usually able to see both sides of a situation. Factoring in the rigidity of Saturn and the potency of Pluto, however, turns air into a stiff breeze, if not hurricane force winds, appearing as strong mental convictions. This can be excellent for you if you have a task which requires a sharp mind or firm speech. The one possible caution is a square between Sun/Saturn and Pluto. If you find yourself having to choose a side or make a mental assessment of a situation, this square energy has an important lesson. The only option this challenging energy allows you is truth or the highest good, even if it means your own opinions or agenda must step down. As the day progresses and the Moon/Sun/Saturn aspect eases, the Moon connects in a positive manner with Venus and Mars conjunct in the passionate water sign of Scorpio. When passion and intellect mix, expect some flirting and stimulating conversation. Gemini loves to tease and play and Scorpio likes to uncover, disarm, and merge. I can think of many ways you can use tonight’s energy – can’t you?

Even with the Moon still in chatty Gemini on Wednesday, September 29th, the day is amazingly quiet right through lunchtime. There is an absence of any major aspects, either challenging or favorable. You will feel the essential energy of individual planets in their respective houses within your own natal chart more strongly than anything else as a result. Use the Gemini Moon and Sun/Saturn in Libra to write, communicate, or run local errands, such as shopping for business supplies. A brief Moon/Mercury square around rush hour may cause delays in your homeward commute or impatience with lines at the store when you would just like to be home already. Home or your favorite place of escape is truly where you wish to be this evening as the Moon makes a lovely trine to the Neptune/Chiron conjunction. A bubble bath, some wine, and a movie are just what you need to slow your busy brain down after a very cerebral day. As long as Venus and Mars are romancing each other, why not make it a night of complete indulgence? Cuddle with your pet, your kids, your partner, or a teddy bear.

A comedy of errors is possible on Thursday, September 30th. Mercury in Virgo quincunx Neptune in Aquarius may bring you pleasant dreams, but if you keep hitting that snooze button the squares and oppositions this morning may wreak havoc with a tight schedule and make you moody to boot. The Moon is now in touchy Cancer, opposing that mean old Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also squares Jupiter/Uranus in dreamy Pisces. Mercury in patient Virgo is opposing an impatient Jupiter/Uranus. Has the end of the month snuck up and caught you off guard with things left undone? Besides the potential for running late and being irritable as a result, you are also at risk for other out-of-synch glitches like spills, bumps, the dropsies, and tripping while running. Slow down, you are only one person who can only do what you can do. The Moon squares the Sun and Saturn in Libra later today, adding the potential for a short guilt trip to your already hefty emotional load. The Mercury/Neptune energy, while positive in its basic nature, leads you to think you can, and maybe even should, save the world or be completely perfect. The worst whiny, passive aggressive, and gloomy attributes of a Cancer Moon are liable to parade themselves today while the Moon is tied up in hard aspects. You can choose to take nothing to heart or you can have a good cry, if it helps. Avoid confrontations and go light on the comfort foods while emotional eating is likely.

Yes, it’s safe to come out from under the covers on Friday, October 1st. The sensitive Cancer Moon happily trines Venus and Mars in Scorpio, restoring emotional equilibrium and highlighting the finer qualities of a Cancer Moon, like nurturing, affection, and kindness. All your relationships can benefit from this affirmative, loving vibration. Is there a problem you have yet to solve or a dream you wish to see made manifest? Are you getting that “hurry up and do it, before it’s too late” feeling? You may be feeling that urgency because you can sense Mercury winding down its transit in practical, problem-solving Virgo. Mercury opposing Jupiter/Uranus retrograde in Pisces makes you think it is impossible or too big for you to tackle. This slightly panicky, overwhelmed feeling will pass in the next few days as the opposition loosens its hold. Next week, when Mercury joins Saturn and the Sun in Libra, your mind slips into the role of strategist, delighting in negotiations and joint efforts. As Mercury allows you to examine things from a new angle, solutions appear.

The aspects on Saturday, October 2nd, are perfect for a day spent with family and friends, having fun. The Moon is in the last degrees of Cancer early on and moves into gregarious Leo later in the day. Cancer rules home and family and Leo rules friends, creativity, children, and play. The Moon exchanges energy favorably with the outgoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, Mercury, and Neptune/Chiron. When the Moon enters Leo, it energizes Pluto in Capricorn. Today is a fantastic day emotionally from beginning to end. Gather the tribe, venture forth, and make the most of today’s good vibes. Consider the Mercury opposition to Jupiter/Uranus a reminder to check your vehicle for safety before taking any trips and to keep your attention on the road when driving as this particular planetary energy can cause mental distraction and transportation mishaps. Through the opposition, Mercury is passively channeling the retrograde energy of Jupiter/Uranus, making it feel a bit like a Mercury retrograde phase this week. Uranus rules electronics and computers, so watch out for computer hiccups, too.

The Leo Moon is not purring on Sunday, October 3rd. The Leo Moon is growling or roaring this morning while making a stressful square to Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Mercury is square to Pluto, making the uncomfortable emotional friction something that’s not easy to get out of your head. Mercury moves from the mutable earth sign of Virgo to the cardinal air sign of Libra, which can amplify the obsessive thinking triggered by the Mercury/Pluto square. Mercury shifting signs can contribute to a general uneasiness. Mercury opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto may bring up deep resistance and fearful thoughts surrounding anything that smacks of transformation or change. What else could be making you or a loved one out of sorts now? Well, the Moon is exchanging some energy with the Sun and Saturn in Libra, which suggests that there is something you or your partner must do to satisfy social obligations. And you or your partner may not be happy about keeping up appearances when there are much better things to do with free time – the Leo Moon being all about play, after all. Due to the fixed, stubborn nature of Leo and Scorpio and the bossy, cardinal energy of Libra and Capricorn, the potential for a battle of wills is great. Like most dramatic outbursts, this will burn out quickly as the lunar aspects fade over the course of the day. Peace and forgiveness come on the heels of a Moon/Neptune contra-parallel this afternoon.

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