May 24, 2012

Defending Pastor Worley... and Genocide

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This is cognitive dissonance. This is your brain on cognitive dissonance.

Cooper: Stacey, I know you're a defender of Pastor Worley and I appreciate you comin' on the program. Do you agree with his statements that he said on the pulpit that gays and lesbians should be put in, un, behind electrified fences until they die out?

Pritchard: Um, I believe that that was taken, I mean, yes, he said that, but of course he would never want that to be done. Um. Of course people are gonna take it and make it their own way and make it into what they want to. But I agree with what the sermon was and what it was about. [That's what he said, not what he meant. He doesn't really want to put anyone behind an electric fence.]

Cooper: But you're saying he doesn't want it done but he said he wanted it done on the, he said it from the pulpit. How do you, why do you interpret that's not what he wants?

Pritchard: I, uh, lessee, let me, let me try to say it a different way. Maybe um, maybe uh, that's what he felt like should be done. I mean it can be said either way, okay, just to make the short of it, yes I agree with him. If they can't get the message that that's wrong, then, um, you know, they can't reproduce and eventually they would die. [Okay... Maybe that's what he felt, not what he... and you know maybe killing the queers off slowly and painfully would teach them a lesson. So, yeah. Fence 'em up. Stop all the homo breeding that goes on.]

Cooper: So you believe only, that gay people are only born of other gay people?

Pritchard: I'm sorry, what?

Cooper: You're saying they can't reproduce. So therefore they would all die off.

Pritchard: Uuuh. (crosstalk) If man and man… [Wait... you mean killing all the homos won't stop the homos?...Not that we would ever do that...]

Cooper: Gay people get born to straight parents all the time, don't they?

Pritchard: No, that's not what I meant. If man and man were in the same fence and women were in the same fence, they can't reproduce together. That's what I mean. [See we'd be separating the men and women who don't want to have sex with each other anyway... so they can't breed... Wait...]

Cooper: Right, but that wouldn't eliminate all gay people. There would be more gay people born outside the fence to straight people, wouldn't there?

Pritchard: Exactly, but we were meaning the ones in there. See it's all taken outa context and twisted. The main point is always the same. [We only want to kill the ones we can catch and put behind a fence... except that we don't... See, it's called "a good start."... Stop twisting things!]

Cooper: So what is it about gay people that are worse than adulterers who Leviticus points  out and people who curse their mothers and fathers who should be put to death and promiscuous girls who could be put to death in Deuteronomy. What makes gay people worse than those people?

Pritchard: From the Bible, there's no difference. That is what he was talkin' about. [We'll talk about killing adulterers and mouthy teenagers another day... maybe... Let's talk about the homos!]

Cooper: So you believe people who, you believe adulterers should be put to death 'cause that's in the Bible.

Pritchard: Like you said. Like it was said. Uh, You know just not, not really whatever happened, but yeah, okay, I mean I'm not gonna, you know, keep answerin' the same question over and over. Yes. [Huh?]

Cooper: So, is it, does it seem Christian to you though to talk about putting people behind electrified fences and watching them die. 'Cause I've talked to a number of pastors in the last couple of days who say that just doesn't sound Christian. That just doesn't sound like the message of love that they hear in the Bible.

Pritchard: People keep once again harping, harping, harping, on electric fence, this and that. It's about the HOMOSEXUALS and it's WRONG. That's what it's about. [Stop talking about the electric fence. This is about the homos we want to put behind the electric fence. Not the fence we want to put them behind. Geez!]

Cooper: But you would understand why some people would be, would feel this is, this is wrong to say. I mean you say people are harping on it. Do you understand why some people might be concerned? I mean if some people were talking about putting Jews behind electrified fences I imagine that would be of concern to you.

Pritchard: Well, you know, it's not, it's, here we go again. Nobody's gonna put them behind an electric fence. [Why don't you understand that we'd never put them behind fences just because we really, really want to?]

Cooper: Well, actually, that has happened, Its called the Holocaust. It has happened. You said nobody's gonna kill homosexuals. Homosexuals are killed all around the world. It's happening right now in Iraq. It's happening right now in Iran.

Pritchard: Yeah, and this is 2012.

Cooper: Right. It's happening right now in 2012 in Iraq and Iran…

Pritchard: And you know, and you know what? This is a pastor that speaks the word of God. Anybody can take it anyway they want to. And if they don't like it they don't have to. They can turn around and go on.

Cooper: Stacey Prichard, I appreciate you being on the program. I know it's a difficult topic, so thank-you.

Pritchard: Sure, yeah. Thank you so much. [What. Ever. ::eyeroll::]

Any questions?

More on Pastor Worley's wild ride here.

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