May 22, 2012

Whom Would Jesus Exterminate?

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As stated, Leviticus 20:13 calls for gay people to be put to death. But where the Andy Gipsons and Bradlee Deans of the world like to talk about God's absolute justice, they flinch on the follow-through. No, they say. We would never call for the death of anyone. Not even the homos.

Not so with Pastor Charles L. Worley. Not only does he have the courage of his convictions, he has a plan. It involves an electrified fence, rationed food, and time. Students of international law will recognize his description as an act of genocide -- forced relocation, prevention of procreation, bodily harm, extermination... But that's cool. The Old Testament fully endorses genocide:

  • The worldwide flood at the time of Noah as described in Genesis, chapters 6 to 8. From the description, it almost completely wiped out the human race, with the exception of Noah, his wife and sons and their wives.
  • The Passover incident described in Exodus chapters 11 and 12, in which all of the firstborn of all Egypt were slaughtered. This included newborns, children, youths, adults, the elderly -- both human and animal.
  • The conquest of Canaan, in which God ordered the Hebrews to completely exterminate the Canaanite people -- again from the elderly to newborns and fetuses. This is described throughout the book of Joshua as occurring in Jericho and other Caananite cities.
  • The near extermination of the entire tribe of Benjamin by the remaining 11 tribes, triggered by the serial rape and murder of a priest's concubine by a few Benjamites. See Judges, chapter 20.

A little more digging from the folks at Good As You finds that this is only Worley's latest proposed solution to the homosexual problem. In 1978, it was lynching... "from a white oak tree."

Well, perhaps where Hitler failed, Worley will succeed... by the grace of God.


  1. His proposed genocide is flawed. Same sex couples have NEVER been able to reproduce. Where exactly did this moron think gay people originated from? Homosexuals are born from straight couples. Now what's he gonna do?
    This man makes me angry.

  2. I get the sense that logic isn't Pastor Worley's long suit. His parishioners, it would seem, suffer from a similar disability.


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