May 27, 2012

Dragons in Spaaaaaace!

Not sure how I feel about the commercialization of space. NASA is concerned enough that they've already registered landmark protections on the moon. But as a matter of pure metaphor I love this story. The great dragon projects herself from the earth's surface into outer space.

"Smells like a brand new car," reported Don Pettit, who on Friday grappled the Dragon with a robotic arm and berthed it to the International Space Station.

During that critical operation, there was no time to philosophize about the historical significance of welcoming the first private vehicle to the station, Pettit said during a news conference from space Saturday.

But upon reflection, he likened the event to the completion of the transcontinental railroad — celebrated by the hammering of a golden spike — that opened the Western frontier to settlement.

"This is kind of the equivalent of the golden spike," he said.

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