May 22, 2012


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Soul Loss and Family Values

In today's vitriolic public discourse about marriage and family values the child is the banner held high and waved about. However, what we see from soul loss in contemporary life is that we no longer actually put what is best for the child first, but instead violently attack others for their differences or simply ignore the issue in our over-stimulated, virtually connected, self-absorbed lives. In precontact shamanic cultures two adults came together to create a stable economic unit in which to raise children. Much of the structure of these ancient unions was designed entirely for the support of the child and the preparation of that child to survive his or her initiation in to adulthood. The adults adjusted their lives and their desires because children were truly the most precious and valuable resource of the people. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she shares what she has learned from decades of soul retrieval work about what is really necessary to create a healthy environment in which to raise children. Fundamentalist thinking of any kind, divisive actions that separate us for each other and the environment, and the constant upheaval in the lives of adults without a practice of self-reflection cause soul loss in our children. If we truly valued children we would honor the union of any two adults whose actions express love, open-minded intelligence, and an honoring of all life in all of its magnificent diversity.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Just Energy Radio

Ethics for Energy Healing Practitioners & Time Travel

Dr. Rita Louise is joined by two guests this week on Just Energy Radio. In the first hour she will be speaking with David Feinstein about energy medicine and the patient experience. In the second hour she will be joined by Von Braschler where they will delve into the secrets of Time Travel.

About David Feinstein
David Feinstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology. Author of eight books and more than 80 professional articles, he has been a pioneer in the areas of energy psychology and energy medicine.

About Von Braschler
I am a writer who has previously edited and published both newspapers and magazines, including community newspapers in Alaska, Oregon and Wyoming. I have worked in the book publishing business and led workshops in the US and the UK, including the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. I have served on the headquarters staff of the Theosophical Society in America in Illinois.

Fri, May 25, 2012 03:00PM ET

Awake: Now What?

LGBTQ: Empowered and Free: Messages from the Divine: Part 3

Empowering the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community to embrace their authentic selves and ignite the power within.

This is an hour call-in opportunity for you to receive messages from the Divine. Any questions pertaining to life, relationships, life purpose, empowerment, forgiveness or being your authentic self… now is your chance to call in! Courtney and Lisa will channel in messages from your angels, spirit guides and God/Spirit/Universe.

Join us!

You can also listen in the Friends chat room at on The Awake Net.

Sat, May 26, 2012 01:00PM ET

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