May 30, 2011

Horoscope for May 30 - June 5

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
The energy of forward motion and the power of communication are evident in your life this week, Aries. The new moon and partial eclipse fall in your 3rd house of ideas, communication, siblings, and local neighborhood. There is an aspect that helps you connect with your Higher Self, guides, and angels. Let go of the need to order and control. Look, listen, and allow. Initiate conversations with your mate, family members, friends, and new people. Cultivate the art of listening to deepen your connections and learn information or skills that can help you grow emotionally, become more materially abundant, and lead a more effective life.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
Your finances and needs must be examined this week, Taurus. Big changes in your life are indicated by the new moon in your 2nd house of money and personal values. Self-love, self-worth, acceptance of healing, and new beginnings is your primary focus. Your negative self-talk and years of wrong thinking can be undone this week. I'm not telling you it will be a cake walk, but it can be a profoundly healing and enduring change. Whatever you begin this week will establish itself quickly and become a foundation or supportive structure in your life.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Before the new moon and eclipse activates your 1st house of self, Gemini, setting you off on a fresh cycle, you must go within to clean out your emotional closet. You may even clean out real closets and drawers to eliminate old papers, clothes, etc. that are simply cluttering your environment and weighing you down. Releasing old things allows you to attract things that are better for you. Later in the week, you may manifest a significant amount of money, a material object of great value, or create a connection with a group or organization that takes your career and income to a higher level.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
The new moon and partial eclipse in the sign of Gemini takes place in your 12th house of the subconscious, Cancer. Because it is a psychic water house and you are a psychic water sign, you may not be aware of just how intense this lunation really is. You are already a natural psychic and empath - how rough can a little more emotion be? Well, the 12th house taps you into the entire collective of society. You may be just one soul, but you can feel all souls at this new moon. When the moon leaves the 12th house and enters your 1st house of self, you may have an existential crisis that leads to a new and healthier path of working or relating. Authenticity and purpose will be your guideposts for future growth because the new moon will show you the significance of your own soul as it relates to the whole.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
Friends, groups, organizations, and wish fulfillment are highlighted by the new moon and partial eclipse in your 11th house, Leo. You must learn to take immediate action on opportunities this week through clear and direct communication. Do not allow a false sense of pride or your ego to stand between you and other people who may be able to make your dreams a reality. If you don't ask, you won't receive. If you are stressed by an increased workload, you may need to hire help (an opportunity for business growth!) or learn to delegate work and release your need to control every step of a creative process. Your alliances with others will not dilute your strength - they will empower you.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Your reputation and career can become new and improved this week, Virgo. The new moon and partial eclipse may bring several opportunities for new projects or business investments. Virgos who write, teach, or sell for a living may be especially busy with travel or communication relating to work. A crisis or sudden change in the values of a group or organization with which you have been affiliated may become the straw that breaks the camel's back. This may be just what you need in order to help you choose which new direction to take. If what has been falls apart, there is nothing to go back to that would prevent you from moving ahead. Once you get over an initial shock, you welcome the creative potential the planets are serving you.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
Examination of your thoughts and understanding that what you think is what you will create is important this week, Libra. The new moon and partial eclipse takes place in your 9th house of higher education, foreign travel, philosophy, and communication. It is a very busy, broad-reaching area of life and the planets also spotlight self, work, career, and relationship, which makes it difficult for me to give a very precise forecast for you. Immediately following the new moon, it looks like you will be forced to make a decision, take a stand, or choose what seems to be the lesser of two evils. Libra always has life lessons tied into weighing and deciding. This week, right or wrong, best or worst may not be clear and there may be no perfect choice. Keeping your thoughts positive and your attention on the present, not the past, is your key to knowing you are on the right path no matter how things may appear. If you need help, ask.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
The deep and intense 8th house of sex, death, taxes, metaphysics, investments, and inheritance hosts the new moon and partial eclipse this week, Scorpio. This is the house that is the domain of Scorpio. Other patterns within your chart this week make me think that relationship, intimacy, dissolving of personal boundaries, and sharing of deep emotions and beliefs with someone of significance is the true work of your week. If you are not currently involved with someone romantically, you may seek a partner now. If you are a solitary Scorpio by choice, the moon will still prompt you to open up to other people and merge. You may channel this energy into a creative outlet or into a passion for your career or business.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
The importance of friendships becomes clear this week, Sagittarius, or a friendship becomes more emotionally important to you as it activates romantic feelings within you. Although the new moon and partial eclipse occurs in your 7th house of marriage and relationship, other planetary positions and aspects make business, group, and friendship alliances just as important as a romantic relationship. Redefining roles or establishing boundaries through clear communication will keep you very busy. Your talent for wearing many hats comes into play. You may be surprised to find that other people are as eager to be as adventurous or flexible as you. Your biggest issue may be releasing your old views of how they should act or appear. We all have the right to change our mind.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
The planets are making you a creative volcano, spewing lots of lava, which is forming new land around you in your life. A lot of steam is obscuring your view and you can't really see what you've been creating. You need to send scouts on your behalf to look at the potential and to help you decide which options to choose. The new moon in your 6th house of health, work, and service is closely connected with your 10th house of career and social standing. A crisis point may be reached at work, where you must take a stand and go against the majority, or perhaps you have to defend a personal choice or your reputation. Use your family or closest friends to help you know which direction to take and to act as sounding boards. I suggest that you talk through likely scenarios with them before taking any action or you may become too emotionally intense for others to handle.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
Domesticity, family, creativity, romance, children, and relationships will keep you happily busy this week, Aquarius. Money may arrive through friends, a hobby, or as a surprise. The new moon and partial eclipse occurs in your 5th house of creativity, romance, children, and pets. If you have been overlooking play and relaxation, now is the time to make room for it. Sometimes when the wind goes out of your sails and you can't seem to get ahead in money or career, jumping off the boat to splash in the still water for the fun of it is exactly what you need to get back in flow. Enjoy the people closest to you. Stop striving to reach people on the career or business level. Your richest blessings are the people who love you - take the time this week to love them back.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Ah, malleable, mutable Pisces! You are no less malleable or mutable this week than you were last week, but you are more self-assured and outspoken. You are also less inclined to modify yourself to please others or gain their approval. The new moon and partial eclipse in your 4th house of home and psychological foundations may precipitate an actual change in your housing situation, family structure, or housemate situation. It can also help you see your early conditioning from childhood and the belief patterns that were put in place. Now you can decide what to keep and what to release. A conversation with a parent or an internal dialogue with a parent can bring you to a point of crisis that gives way ultimately to personal healing. There may be some things in life you can never forget, but you can forgive and move ahead.

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