May 23, 2011

Astrological Trends for May 23-29

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Significant advancement in work is possible on Monday, May 23rd. The moon is in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, which gives you an extra dose of genius and a vision of how your completed project will serve in the future, which helps it to manifest in the present reality quickly. Venus, the planet of affection and pleasure, Mars, the planet of action and drive, and Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, are all conjunct in the fixed and stable earth sign of Taurus, where they form a supportive trine to Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn and a favorable quincunx to Saturn, the planet of discipline, in the cardinal, relationship-minded air sign of Libra. This potent combination of aspects works well for both work and romance. It enables you to stay on task and cooperate well with other people. It also outweighs the potentially confusing effect of the sun recently arrived in the mutable air sign of Gemini square to Neptune in the mutable water sign of Pisces. This sun/Neptune square settled in last week and continues to be with you this week. Doubt and confusion are the primary energies it may create. I have heard people mention a feeling of stagnation or plateauing where suddenly they feel as though nothing is happening or energy is not moving. I believe the earthy Taurus planets can contribute to this feeling of slowness or stuck-ness, as well, if earth is an element that is lacking or afflicted in your own natal chart. I have personally noticed that manifestations are happening in a backward sort of way for me or the signs I receive as confirmations of things come after the fact. I attribute this to the distorting effect of Neptune, which can make everything feel like you are looking in a funhouse mirror. You may be feeling this sun/Neptune square profoundly on an emotional level or you may not notice it other than some odd little events or people behaving strangely. You may be frustrated by your inability to see around the corner or you may not be bothered at all. It is an aspect that is best interpreted through a look at how it applies to your own planets. Today, the strength of the other planets and aspects keeps the strangeness of the square in the background. The planets are telling you to keep working and stay focused. A sextile between the sun and Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of Aries indicates that there may be flashes of genius-like clarity or visions of the upcoming future that will encourage you to keep going through any doubt or fog. In the early evening, the Aquarius moon makes a square to Jupiter in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. This is a "biting off more than you can chew" aspect. It is not a negative aspect because Jupiter is generally benevolent, even when squared or opposed by another planet, but it is an aspect of emotional overwhelm. Chillaxing may not be easy due to the electrifying, unsettling effect of an Aquarius moon. You may find that playing video games or surfing the Internet are good ways to unwind gradually after a busy, productive day.

On Tuesday, May 24th, the moon enters the mutable, dreamy water sign of Pisces and joins Neptune, the planet of inspiration, and Chiron, the planet of healing, also in Pisces. This will activate and amplify the square to the sun in Gemini, which I detailed yesterday. Now you will definitely feel the doubt or confusion on a personal, emotional level due to the moon. The presence of both the moon and Chiron will allow you to deal with negative or painful emotions in a compassionate, healing way. This reminds me of the R.E.M. song, "Everybody Hurts", which may have a healing effect for you now if you listen to it. At lunchtime, yesterday's trine between Venus/Mars/Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn fades and Pluto shifts its powerful intensity to the moon/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces through a supportive sextile. Yesterday's thrust was cerebral, material, practical, and work-oriented. Now the energy shifts to the realm of emotions and spirituality. Introspection, nurturing yourself and others, and examining your dreams and subconscious behavior patterns or beliefs is the work of the day. It is also a good day to give or receive energy work or alternative healing and to connect with people at the soul level.

"Malleability" is the word of the day for Wednesday, May 25th. The moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces is quincunx Saturn in Libra. The sun in the mutable sign of Gemini is quincunx Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. I looked up the word "malleable" and it means that something can be hammered without being broken. Therefore, whatever you may be going through, you will not be broken. A quincunx can be a difficult aspect or a supportive aspect depending on the characteristics of the signs and planets involved and also depending on an individual's attitude. Today's aspects are a lot like neutral and tasteless tofu. I can do amazing things with tofu that would make you think you are eating real egg salad or chocolate mousse or whatever I decide to make with tofu. It all depends on what I mix with the tofu. What you get out of the potential of today's aspects depends on what you put into them. There is great potential for intelligent and creative conversations and powerful alliances - or not. The Pisces moon sextile Venus/Mercury/Mars in Taurus can make your work beautiful, your dreams real, or your romance sweet if you use intent and gratitude. The moon quincunx to Saturn fades at midday, taking the emphasis off the rules of etiquette and relationship. A supportive sextile between Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, in pioneering Aries and fruitful Neptune in mystical Pisces indicates something you have wished for may come to you now. If you use this energy in an active way, you may find that you can be instrumental in granting someone's wish.

A creative, emotional, and inspired day of growth is possible on Thursday, May 26th, as the moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces forms mild but favorable semi-sextiles to both Jupiter in Aries and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. "Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…" as you row gently down the stream of your day. Enjoy this feeling of internal peace and integration because things are getting ready to pop. Late this evening, the moon moves into the cardinal fire sign of Aries, where it joins Uranus, the erratic planet of change. The moon/Uranus conjunction is sextile to the sun in curious, mutable Gemini. You might have memories surface of wild and crazy things you did in your childhood. You are not too old to play, meet new people, explore new places, or try something you have never done before. If you have a naturally inventive mind or have a problem that seems to have no solution, you may be shouting, "Eureka!" as the light bulb turns on in your head. Due to the sun/Neptune square, your bolt from the blue may even be a blast from your past. Thinking of old friends may bring them into your current life.

A clash between old and new or resistance to change is likely on Friday, May 27th, as the fiery Aries moon conjunct reforming Uranus in Aries squares controlling Pluto in Capricorn. At the very least, you may notice more impatience and irritability as you go through your morning commute and the first half of the day. At midday, people may get even more opinionated and haughty as the moon in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. You may not like being told what to do now and if it is your job to tell others what to do, you will meet with resistance or attitude. Whenever possible today, a policy of "you go your way and I'll go mine" is best. Later in the afternoon, the Aries moon makes a semi-sextile to Mars in stubborn Taurus, adding more fuel to the fire. Avoid confrontation and be careful driving. If you have a garden to weed, today is a wonderful day to do it. I imagine successful hair removal by electrolysis is also indicated by the current moon sign and aspects. By the evening, the square between Pluto in Capricorn and the moon fades, which releases some pressure, but there is still instability and tension in the air. The best way to release it is through physical activity. The Aries moon encourages competition and breaking your own personal records for physical feats. It also rules the head, and with today's aspects, I recommend wearing protective headgear, eye protection, and keeping the headache remedies nearby.

An Aries moon cycle could never be considered calm, but at least Saturday, May 28th, is not as personally challenging as Friday the 27th was. Now the moon in the cardinal "me-first" sign of Aries is semi-sextile Venus/Mercury/Mars in Taurus, which makes people active and productive, but also encourages cooperation and sharing. The opposition between the Aries moon and Saturn in Libra is gone, which means people are less likely to play favorites or feel as opinionated, slighted, or arrogant as they were yesterday. As the moon in Aries joins Jupiter in Aries, the benevolent and gregarious energy of Jupiter brings out all the best qualities of Aries, such as leadership with integrity and the urge to do your personal best. The sextile between the moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries and Neptune in Pisces indicates that you may have the opportunity for a spiritual breakthrough or a metaphysical epiphany of cosmic proportions that becomes a defining moment in your life.

I hear The Beach Boys singing "Good Vibrations" in my head as I look at the planetary aspects for Sunday, May 29th. This is the perfect day to spend in the company of friends and family, enjoying fun, games, good conversation, and good food. Picnics and barbeques will be memorable today. The moon in sensual, earthy Taurus joins Jupiter in Aries, creating a desire to be active, physical, and companionable. Moon/Jupiter is sextile to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces, which helps to make pleasant, nostalgic, and even romantic moments. The sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Libra activates mentally stimulating and entertaining conversation between people. Good just rolls along into better when the moon in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn at dinnertime, making your mealtime deeply satisfying on all levels. The good vibrations continue into the late evening, as the moon in Taurus forms a semi-sextile to the sun in Gemini, creating pure delight and childlike joy. All these supportive aspects and the signs and planets that are involved really encourage a gathering of family, because the varied generations will harmonize well and enjoy each other's company today. Do you have any friends or neighbors who are alone? Invite them to join your activities while the planets are making everyone feel welcome.

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