May 23, 2011

Horoscope for May 23-29

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
When you look back on this week, Aries, it may stand out as a pivotal moment in your life. There is a distinct difference between you at the beginning of the week and you at the end of the week, which will always be a before-and-after kind of thing. An event or internal shift will precipitate this. It may be meeting a life mate or marrying, achieving a title you have worked hard for, finding your life purpose, or simply feeling like you have finally met yourself and knowing you are meant to be.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
You've still got the planets on your side, Taurus. They are almost as good as a magic spell or charm if you are bold enough to go after the things you want. The more you pull together into a cohesive Taurus whole, the less your vibration will match with certain people or groups now. In the past, when you were a follower, going along with others to keep the peace or be accepted, you may have made allowances for differences in values or overlooked incompatibilities because you wanted to belong. Your self-esteem is healthier now and you are not afraid to express yourself. Now it is up to the others to decide how to respond to the full you and it may be up to you to let go of the ones who choose to leave.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
A time of gathering followed by a time of sorting and incubating is what the week has in store for you, Gemini. The sun is now in your sign, which should be bringing you attention and giving you that quickening feeling of a new cycle being initiated in your life, but the Taurus planets have you in a nebulous wait-and-see zone. You are just not ready yet. Do you feel you are just not enough on some level to step into a new role or expand your business? It is a good time to do deep meditations, hypnosis, Law of Attraction, or any other method that gives you a greater feeling of stability. Your biggest work this week takes place on the spiritual/metaphysical level. The rest of life drifts past you like a TV sitcom.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
Relationships and your interdependence with other people is what this week is about, Cancer. Friends, family, partner, coworkers - even the UPS man - are all necessary to your sense of self now. If your relationships are based on love and filled with gratitude, there is really nothing for you to do but observe how everything and everyone really works out for the best and supports you. As you contemplate your life from the observation deck, you are beginning to see that it is not about what you are doing, it is about what you are thinking and feeling.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
In the drive to be successful in business or to expand your business and build your reputation, Leo, you must make meeting new people and networking an actual discipline. Without that communication, you will fall short of the mark. The lesson this week brings you is the art of discernment. Not everyone is good for you and not everyone has the same internal moral guidance system that you do. Tune in to your instincts when dealing with people. Doing so can save you time, money, and heartache. Time is something you have just enough of now and it's important that you use it wisely.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Where you stand in relationships and the mingling of finances in love or business will keep you busy with phone calls or mail correspondence this week, Virgo. If you already have a mate or are in a business of some kind, there may be some confusion and a need for communication to help you sort priorities and get on the same page. If you are looking for love, a business, or investment opportunity, decisions may not be made until you ask a lot of questions and consider possible futures. The week is unsettled in many ways, but you will enjoy delving into details and imagining what any possible choice you make might bring.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
Not only are you a smart, savvy cookie this week, Libra, but you are not likely to crumble under pressure. You may be tested at work now to see if you have the necessary qualifications or commitment to be a leader. Well, duh, you and I both know that you do, but the planets are making you prove it. The hero or heroine must often take on seemingly impossible tasks in order to win the prize. You have manifesting magic now to help you get what you want. If you are in love, you may enter a phase of deepening sexual intimacy with your partner. This same strong sensual, material energy can also be applied to business and may help you attract financing or an investment partner.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
"Between two worlds" is what I heard when I looked at your chart this week, Scorpio. In general, Scorpio navigates through the material world fairly easily because the potent Scorpio combination of strength of will and intensity of emotion helps manifest what is needed to survive. There are times when Scorpio sees or feels realms or dimensions the rest of us do not. Rarely will Scorpio let on about this. It looks like the planets are prompting you to show someone close to you both worlds you live in, or maybe it is time to bring the hidden world out for us to see through your creativity. Exposure isn't to be feared. Only "those who have eyes to see will see."

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
Your horoscope is succinct this week, Sagittarius. Much money can be made through persistent work with a group or organization. It even looks like the work can be playful or fun, with folks tossing money your way for just showing up and being social. Camp counselor? Adventure tour guide? Just as plain to see is the itch for change in home, family, or relationship. Something is strange, off, unclear, or just not the right situation, person, or place anymore, but an actual decision and consequent action is about a week away. By then, the whole picture may look differently than it does now.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Your newer, more creative self may be difficult for your current job or work environment to adapt to, Capricorn. You may be trying to introduce new ideas or new methods of operating that aren't understood. The middle of the week may bring you to a point of ultimatum and possible independence that results in self-employment or a complete restructuring of your status at work. For instance, if you are employed by a company, you may leave, only to be contracted with the same company as a consultant. You have what it takes to do your own thing without a big name behind you and your enthusiasm in the things that interest you will make you successful.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
Self-improvement interests you this week, Aquarius. You want to know more, be more, and have more. Whether you study independently or decide to return to school or find a personal mentor, the motivating factor is the same. You know the only person you can truly control in your life and the only thing you can change is yourself. Some doubt, confusion, or misunderstanding is possible with a lover, or too much money may be spent on pleasure or unnecessary things. Now is not the time to make important decisions in love or in money. Be patient for a week.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
If you feel more Piscean than usual this week, you can blame it on the moon spending a few slow days in your sign, Pisces. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is also in your first house. Unfortunately, a confusing and distorting square between Neptune and the sun in fickle Gemini may have you wondering who you are. It's as if all the water of your sign has just been mixed in with air and all that remains is a fine, foggy mist that hangs everywhere. The rest of the planets are keeping you busy with friends and groups and dissolving your boundaries further through strong feelings of empathy. I think you need a day alone at the beach, Pisces, to feel less confused. You may still not know who you are by the end of the week, but I'm sure you will have had some amazing experiences feeling like everyone else.

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