May 10, 2011


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Power and Responsibility with Jonathan Horwitz

"With great power comes great responsibility." What will come of contemporary shamanism if we only focus on learning new skills to access greater and greater power? The helping spirits are trying to teach us to be better humans, but are we listening? Traditionally, the practice of shamanism requires significant and constant personal sacrifice, not so much to gain power, but to be come the person who can weld that power with responsibility. The responsible use of power is no small task when each act must be good for all living things. Join us this week as host Christina Pratt explores the relationship between shamanic power and responsibility with Jonathan Horwitz, co-founder of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies with Annette Høst. Jonathan is an elder and teacher in the UK, Scandinavia, Russia, and Hungary. His teaching focuses on shamanism as a spiritual path and is centered around his Three R's - Re-connecting with being alive, Re-discovering the spiritual power we are all born with, and Re-learning what it means to be a part of the whole. The shamanic path is excellent for learning these things about being human and learning how to use these gifts and powers with responsibility.

This week's guest:
Jonathan Horwitz

Jonathan Horwitz has studied and worked with shamanism since 1972. For eight years he was on the staff of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, USA. Jonathan has an M.A. in anthropology, and is a shamanic counselor (HMSC).

In 1986 Jonathan and Annette Høst began the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies where the courses are centered on learning to use the ritual tools of shamanism, experiencing shamanism as a spiritual path, shamanic healing, and embracing the Circle and all of Nature. He also runs a small retreat centre, Åsbacka, in southern Sweden where her offers training in personal healing retreats, Sitting Out weekends and shamanic guidance for those who have previously worked with him.

Jonathan now lives in southern Sweden at the Åsbacka Center for Shamanic Healing with his partner Zara Waldebäck. He feels his role in life is to help people to see where they are in the world, in their lives. "We never get anywhere alone. We're always being helped, although often we do not recognize this. But the shaman works by asking for help."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Multifacted Multidemtional Spirit Queen Uokes Ra

12pm PST --- One on One with Michele ----MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly 2012 & beyond update, answers your questions, and does channeled readings--- 12:45pm PST --- Welcome our Awakened Guest: Queen Uokes Ra is a multidemtional creator, from jewelry, head pieces to clay scupltures, and much more. She has many talents and gifts andis blessed to be able to teach the youth through the arts about culture and heritage of their own and others. The gift to empower their self POWER FULLY in all areas of their choice, which prepares them for a glorius future. Queen Uokes Ra is the keeper of an international artist colony non profit organization currenlty called MPAC and so much more.

Connect further with Queen Uokes Ra

Blog Talk Radio

Wed, May 11, 2011, 3:00PM ET

Just Energy Radio

Lost Civilisations & The Hollow Earth Theory

First Hour Guest

Michael Tellinger
The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
Michael Tellinger has become one of South Africa 's bestselling export authors. His regular articles on human origins and his book Slave Species of god have been praised by readers in over 20 countries. Michael is a scientist in the true sense of the word, never shying away from controversial issues, scrutinising every clue meticulously. He graduated in 1983 from the University Of Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, with a B.Pharmaceutics degree, a passion for the cosmos, genetics and human history.

Second Hour Guest

Brooks Agnew
The Hollow Earth Theory
Dr. Brooks Agnew spent most of his youth hanging aroung Cal Tech and the folks who co-oped at Jet Propulsion Labs. He entered the Air Force in 1973 where he became an electronics engineer. After earning an honorable discharge he attended Brigham Young, Western Kentucky, and Tennessee Technological Universities. He has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a master's degree in statistics, and a PhD in physics.

Fri, May 13, 2011, 3:00PM ET/2:00PM CT

Awake: Now What?

Meet Jill Renee Feeler, Channel, Teacher, Healer, Author

Jill is a spiritual teacher, channel, healer, writer and inspirational figure for many seeking to access their God-self in their current journey. Her awakening process in 2009 amidst the higher frequencies and her soul blueprint offered her ready access to many of her spiritual abilities, sharing them professionally since 2010. She is a gateway for bringing in the highest frequencies to Earth and she feels this is a key part of her purpose for being here at this time. She delights in assisting others in re-membering how to "be" in the higher frequencies. S

"I re-membered my psychic/intuitive abilities as recently as February 2009 and have been sharing them and expanding them ever since. Although some may interpret my experience as "losing it", for me this process of re-membering our God-self is entirely "getting it", perhaps for the first time in my life."

The intense energies on Earth at this time allow for very rapid expansion and somehow I feel like everything is right on schedule for me; waking up amidst the "New Energies".

Every one of us has direct access to these higher realms, because we are each a unique and valuable part of Source.

I continue to work part-time in corporate America, helping me stay connected and grounded in my journey. My “3D career” started with my bachelors degrees in finance and economics and I earned my MBA in the late 90s. I have taught corporate finance at the university level and managed global projects involving hundreds of talented professionals from around the globe coming together for a common goal.

Everything and everyone is a beautiful, valuable, unique aspect of Divine -- all of us, everything. To show people this is my mission, my service, my passion."

For more information go to

Sun, May 15, 2011, 6:00PM ET

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