Mar 1, 2011

High Weirdness in Peru

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A massive and thus far unexplained crack in the ground has opened up in Puno, Peru. Seismologists have confirmed that it is not the result of an earthquake but the cause has yet to be determined. A house was destroyed by the earth movement and, tragically, a five year old boy remains missing.

‘The exact cause of the crack in the earth still unknown. Peru’s geophysical institute ruled out the occurrence of an earthquake in the region, but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area.’
Over at the USGS website, the confirmation of the absence of earthquake activity in Peru on February 23, the date the mysterious crack appeared in southern Peru.

Apparently something similar happened in Bolivia last year but that can be at least partially explained by underground fires. The fires though, have not been fully explained. It's not one of those mine fires like in Centralia, PA. Those are well explained by human folly.

In yesterday's post on the Time Monks tipping point fulfillment language, one thing I didn't delve into was the earth change activity. Particularly in the Alien Addictions video, he discusses how the solar maximum cycle we're just entering will increase earthquake and other terra phenomena (and possibly cause a pole reversal). Earthquakes are already way up and according to High will get a whole lot worse. There has been, for instance, the weirdness of the earthquake swarm that is ongoing in Arkansas. The 4.7 on Sunday may be the most intense in 35 years but it's not as weird as the fact that they've been experiencing quake after quake for months now. These may or may or not be due to natural causes but where it gets dicey is the possibility of the New Madrid fault going. According to High, the US Government has been quietly allocating funds and resources to prepare for a major quake along the New Madrid. There is also reference, as per High, to a major California quake in an obscure US document. And, yes, I'm still very, very concerned about California.

But High also discusses some of the other existing and potential earth changes including another increasing phenomenon: sinkholes. According to High, sinkholes are increasing and not all of them can be tied to over-mining. They seem to be occurring naturally. If sinkholes and, now, giant cracks are just opening up on the planet surface, all bets are off.

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