Mar 2, 2011


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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Dr. Craig Martin: SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR - part II

12pm PST --- One on One with Michele ----MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly 2012 & beyond update, answers your questions, and does channeled readings--- 12:45pm PST --- Welcome our Awakened Guest: DR. CRAIG MARTIN ---- Dr. Craig is a spiritual counselor, relationship expert, and author of “Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship.” “Elemental Love Styles” offers a spiritual method for people to find and understand their deeper needs through the four natural elements which represent the human personality types: Fire (creative and enthusiastic), Air (communicative and social), Water (emotional and intuitive) and Earth (practical and grounded). Dr. Craig also provides counseling based on astrology and his lifetime of studying worldwide spiritual practices like The Kabbalah, Druidic Mysticism, the Norse Ruins, Native American Shamanism and other ritual ceremonies. In his work he focuses on teaching self-awareness, acceptance and love in a simple way. He helps people realize that introspection doesn’t need to be difficult - but it is needed - to build great relationships in all aspects of your life. Dr. Craig developed his unique method of counseling by combining his experience as a homeopathic doctor with his extensive knowledge of astrology. Dr. Craig says, “Everyone has their own personal dilemma to solve and their own healing process to unfold to create the foundation that’s needed to nurture all relationships.”

3/2/2011 3:00PM ET

KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour

Dr. Craig Martin

Dr. Craig is a spiritual counselor, astrologer, and interfaith minister. His book,“Elemental Love Styles” is a new, spiritual method for lasting relationship success. And his work is about consciousness elevation through relationships. He has made numerous appearances on broadcast and internet radio and was most recently featured on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER and WHOLE LIVING, Martha Stewart Sirius

Please join us on Wednesday March 2, 2011
5:00PM EST/2:00PM PST

Just Energy Radio

DaKara Kies: Heart Point Healing

DaKara Kies Heart Point Healing DaKara Kies is a gifted intuitive healer that specializes in clearing core issues and blocks that hold you back from stepping into your true power, passion and purpose. Working with the inner child to bless, heal and nurture that most sacred part of ourselves.DaKara has trained for over 18 years in many healing modalities; and supports her clients on multiple levels, through one on one sessions, teleclasses and workshops.

Friday 3/4/2011 3:00PM EST/2:00PM CST

Awake: Now What?

Welcome back Lisa Renee, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Quantum Therapist and Etheric Surgeon

Lisa Renee visits us again. Join us to talk about life, the universe and everything. Lisa Renee's mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impact of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Intuitive, Spiritual mentor, Writer, Quantum Therapist and Etheric surgeon. She writes a monthly column called Lifting Your Veil, which you can find here,, in the Resources section, and also at Her understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic Healer during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to "Ascension". She lives and has a practice in Santa Monica, California. For appointment or class information please contact her staff using the Contact form at

3/6/2011 6:00PM ET

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