Mar 21, 2011

Astrological Trends for March 21-27

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"Oh, what a beautiful morning!" is what you are singing on Monday, March 21st, as the moon in Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius. The flowing energy between these two sensitive planets in refined, intellectual air signs will enhance your imagination and communication skills, and is an extra bonus for anyone who works with words or appearances. Venus in intellectual Aquarius is snuggling up closer to dreamy Neptune, increasing romantic thoughts the closer the two planets get to each other. You could be having some lofty and idealistic visions of what love is all about now. This planetary pairing in the humanitarian and future-oriented sign of Aquarius also helps people open their hearts to their world family. Compassion and altruism combine with innovative thinking, bridging the gap quickly between world problems and their solutions. The spring season may burst and blossom suddenly as the sun in Aries joins Uranus in Aries. Extremes in weather are possible this week, most likely above-normal temperatures for many areas and increased thunderstorm activity. Aries brings feisty head-butting, in-your-face fire energy to the shocking and disruptive, yet genius, characteristics of Uranus. The Aries sun signals a new cycle of growth. When the moon in Libra forms a quincunx to the sun and Uranus in Aries at lunchtime, spring fever may strike and a lunch in the great outdoors or leaving work early for the day is irresistible. Because planetary vibrations eventually distill into our bodies, I recommend you burn off this restless and volatile combination through increased physical activity. If there are children in your life, make sure they get enough outdoor play time to work out the restlessness they are feeling now. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in the cardinal fire sign of Aries will be opposing Saturn, the planet of contraction, in the cardinal air sign of Libra all this week. This reminds me of our basic governmental system of checks and balances, which we were taught in early grade school, and also of the controlled burning the Forest Service conducts. Scenarios of give-and-take, losing to gain, stepping back or sideways to advance, and compromising and cooperating to achieve your objectives are all possible. The means to the end are not always easy, but progress is possible. Later this afternoon, the moon enters the deep fixed water sign of Scorpio, enhancing your sensual and intuitive side. The Scorpio moon trine to Chiron in Pisces tonight can turn lovemaking into a healing encounter.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, a quincunx between the moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio and Jupiter in the cardinal fire sign of Aries can be the extra energy needed to help Jupiter expand beyond the restrictions of Saturn in Libra. Scorpio is tenacious and does not tire when it knows what it wants. The moon gets an extra boost through a semi-sextile to Saturn. Persist and you will prevail this morning. This energy of endurance continues throughout your day, enabling you to take on difficult tasks and see them through to completion while the moon magnifies the warrior nature of Aries. Hum a few bars of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" if you feel your energy flagging! Later this evening, the moon in Scorpio activates Mercury in Aries through a quincunx and Mercury, in turn, triggers Mars in Pisces energy via a supportive semi-sextile. Your mind and imagination are stirred to express passion or intense emotions. Some may actively use this energy to write inspired speeches or proclaim undying love. A passive use of this configuration would be enjoying an emotional book or dramatic film.

A fly could land in the soup of love on Wednesday, March 23rd, as the moon in the fixed sensual water sign of Scorpio forms a difficult square to Venus conjunct Neptune in the fixed air sign of Aquarius first thing in the morning. Scorpio is a penetrating, investigating sign. The incredible, all-knowing genius of Aquarius is highly intoxicating to Scorpio and they resonate to each other in that they are both fixed - stubborn and opinionated - and very, very intelligent! Scorpio intelligence is emotional and Aquarius intelligence is cerebral. But Scorpio focuses on a defined point and Aquarius is like a map full of pushpins - one point of attention versus all points of attention. When this dynamic expresses through a challenge between the emotions, as represented by the transiting moon, and the affectionate nature and romantic yearnings, as represented by Venus and Neptune, you have a formula for some confusion and disappointment when it comes to love. A trine between the moon in Scorpio and the sun conjunct Uranus in Aries at lunchtime indicates your disillusion or upset could be a partner who is not behaving as you had expected or a situation not going as you had intended. The trine, however, is a favorable aspect and, as the moon leaves the more stubborn fixed sign of Scorpio and enters the mutable fire sign of optimistic Sagittarius a bit later this afternoon, you could have a quick change of mood. Your partner, or the situation, could present something new and exciting you hadn't envisioned that points you in a new direction. Now that the moon is past the controlling energy of Scorpio, you have less of a need for things to be as you would like them to be and more of a desire to entertain spontaneous potential.

You may get a bee in your bonnet the morning of Thursday, March 24th, as the enthusiastic Sagittarius moon forms a semi-sextile to intense Pluto in grounded Capricorn, creating a feeling that there is something you just have to pursue today. Geez, I must be noticing all the insect life spring is bringing to life around me. I began yesterday's trend with a fly and today's trend with a bee! By lunchtime, you will be busy as a bee when the moon in mutable (read: multitasking) Sagittarius forms a supportive trine to Jupiter, which happens to be the ruling planet of Sagittarius, in the impetuous fire sign of Aries. The moon also makes a friendly sextile to Saturn, the planet of work, in Libra, the air sign of balance. Thanks to great planetary energy, you should be able to do many things at one time while still being productive and balancing your time well. Everyone should also be friendly, polite, cooperative, and able to see the humor in life today. If you have to focus on marketing or work with a group, you can capitalize on today's win-win, happy energy.

Set your alarm early or plan on taking a three-day weekend on Friday, March 25th. You will be hit with a new energy pattern to integrate today that will be with you until March 30th. The sun in Aries enters an awkward square with Pluto in Capricorn now. The moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius is also challenged by a square to Mars in Pisces. A moon/Mars square always intensifies the emotions and increases the likelihood of flaring anger or emotional outbursts. When we factor in the elements of fire and water, we can expect a lot of hissing, spitting, steam, and fog. Your emotions may be triggered easily, but you may have no clear place to direct your anger. The best that you can do is let off your steam, but avoid scalding innocent bystanders. Some of the emotional reaction could be due in part to the sun conjunct Uranus in Aries square to Pluto. It is highly likely that this tough aspect affects the earth and activates earthquakes (Capricorn: earth/foundations) and volcanoes (Pluto: lava/transformation/intensity/power) suddenly (Uranus: change/instability) and even creates new land mass through earth changes due to the Aries influence. Aries energy is martial and Pluto also rules death and destruction, so the possibility that wars escalate at this time is strong. The entire foundation of certain governments or societies could collapse and things that were in place so long that we can't imagine life without them could topple. The sun and Uranus in Aries speak of entirely new beginnings that take place suddenly as a result of an upheaval or transformation. I'm sorry if it sounds extreme, but I think it is better to know that intense and extreme energy is in effect now. Your personal experiences may not be anywhere near as extreme in your own life. Your own perceptions and reactions to any situation are entirely up to you - only you can determine how to think and feel. Read that last sentence over and over again. The positive side of this challenging energy comes to you as an opportunity to increase your personal power and become more adaptable. I advise thinking for yourself and cultivating a positive outlook toward new experiences and change. Fear and worry about the future keeps you from creating a good one. At midday, a supportive trine is formed between the moon in Sagittarius and Mercury, the planet of communication, in Aries. This positive aspect gives the emotions a chance to express and be heard and acknowledged, which can go a long way in helping diffuse anger, hostility, or any other discomfort between people. Later this afternoon, when the moon/Mercury trine fades, a sextile between the moon and Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius increases tolerance and forgiveness between people in the spirit of brotherly love and higher principles. Later tonight, the moon leaves the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius and joins Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, intensifying emotions and activating the sun/Uranus/Pluto square. If you have to bring something to a head, now is a good time. Otherwise, lay low and avoid dramatic confrontations or getting caught up in the world drama on the news. Just as all trines and sextiles are not always positive, not all squares are negative. In at least one area of your life, things will never be the same again as a result of this square, but that may be just what your life needs most at this time. Some of you may have such a dramatic transformation or epiphany on an emotional or spiritual level that your slate gets wiped clean, enabling you to write a whole new story.

Saturday, March 26th, feels like an aftershock of yesterday while the moon in Capricorn continues its activation of Pluto in Capricorn and the sun conjunct Uranus in Aries. Later this afternoon, as the moon begins to say goodbye to Pluto, it forms a square to Jupiter in Aries, which can increase fear or anxiety over growth and new beginnings. Later this evening, the moon also forms a square to Saturn in Libra, increasing the possibility of emotional discord between people. Yep, it's another one of those pain-in-the-butt cardinal T-squares pushing your sharing, scarcity, and selfishness buttons. Well, all I can say is been there, done that. I've written about it many times before and you have ridden the energy out for longer stretches at a time. Today, you only have an afternoon and evening to work at balancing conflicting forces. The T-square in cardinal signs makes me think of a Tyrannosaurus rex facing off against two other carnivorous dinosaurs while a herd of plant-eating dinosaurs grazes placidly nearby. Greed, power, and a belief in lack seems to be what the recurring T-square keeps bringing us back to examine - truly, the biggest conundrum of our time. Stage a counterattack by going out of your way to be tolerant, giving, trusting, and kind today and tonight. Don't attempt to resolve any relationship differences now or issue any orders. High-and-mighty attitudes are short-lived and easily forgotten after today passes.

Emotions cool and steady somewhat on Sunday, March 27th, as the moon moves through the reserved earth sign of Capricorn, unaspected until the afternoon. On the mundane level, a Capricorn Sunday is an excellent day to plant bulbs, trees, shrubs, and perennials in your garden or to de-winterize your yard, home, or wardrobe. Venus, the planet of affection and pleasure, leaves the fixed air sign of Aquarius and enters the mutable water sign of Pisces. Pisces is the most exalted sign for the planet Venus to occupy. It brings refinement, beauty, and a spiritual sensitivity to love. Venus is now sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron, increasing the romantic nature of Venus. I predict many people will find their soul mates now or make loving relationships a priority in the weeks to come. This afternoon and on into the evening, the moon in Capricorn squares Mercury in Aries, but also forms a supportive sextile to Mars in Pisces. Mars, in turn, forms a semi-sextile to Mercury. You may take stock of your current situation in life with a critical eye from a practical perspective and identify problem areas or individual things that need to be addressed. The favorable Mercury/Mars/moon aspects can help you find imaginative or creative solutions that you can put into place right away. You should be able to determine what can be done within your means in the fastest way possible.

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