Mar 14, 2011

Astrological Trends for March 14-20

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Your feelings, thoughts, and actions are all amplified on the morning of Monday, March 14th, as the moon in Cancer busily exchanges energy with multiple planets. Cancer is an emotional cardinal water sign, so you will be feeling these planetary aspects strongly. The moon trine to Mars, the planet of action, in sensitive Pisces will get you moving in the pursuit of your dreams. The moon quincunx Venus in intellectual Aquarius will make you appreciate innovative ideas and unique perspectives. The moon square to Mercury conjunct Jupiter in hotheaded Aries will make you challenge selfish or arrogant behavior until the square fades at lunchtime. Finally, the moon square to Saturn in relationship-minded Libra will challenge any lack of equality or fairness you encounter until later this evening. All the lunar aspects are played out by bedtime and you will most likely look back on today as being one of those days that felt like a week rolled into a day. Enjoy the lull of an unaspected, peaceful Cancer moon by doing something that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and comfortable or enjoy some time with your family. You need some decompression time to unwind and prepare for another emotional day tomorrow.

Heightened emotional sensitivity continues on Tuesday, March 15th, when the moon in Cancer makes a favorable trine to the sun in Pisces. The moon is quincunx inspirational Neptune in future-oriented Aquarius. This morning would be an excellent time to brainstorm solutions to problems that affect feelings of security or the basic needs of home and family life while the aspects provide positive support. At lunchtime, the trine between the moon and sun fades to be replaced by a trine between the moon in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. For some people, this may be the first awareness of something feeling distinctly different. Although Uranus entered Aries last week, this poke from the moon could be the emotional equivalent of sticking one's finger in an electrical socket. Surprise! Some area of your life is beginning to feel very different or radically disturbed. Check your own natal chart to see what house Uranus in Aries is transiting and you won't be caught off-guard. Later this afternoon, the moon leaves the cardinal water sign of Cancer and enters the fixed fire sign of Leo, where it continues to aspect Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus. The overall emotional tone is still strong and ardent, but Cancer is a cardinal sign that gives orders and Leo is a fixed sign that is more inclined to do something. Anything decided upon earlier in the day can be acted upon more easily during the second half of the day. With Venus contra-parallel the moon along with Mercury contra-parallel both Mars and Mercury this evening, you have the perfect climate to initiate a heart-to-heart talk with someone you love. The longer-term square between Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which shadowed communication, has fallen apart, taking mental tension and a sense of restriction away, as well. The day ends on a contented note as the warmhearted Leo moon favorably aspects dreamy Neptune and healing Chiron. No matter what may be happening in the world or your life that seems disturbing, you are filled with gratitude for the good in your life.

The morning moves quickly, creatively, and a bit impatiently on Wednesday, March 16th, as the moon in the fixed fire sign of Leo trines Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the cardinal sign of Aries. People can get feisty and set on having things go their way, even though this aspect is considered favorable rather than challenging. The very nature of fire plus more fire is challenging, as anyone who has ever played with fire knows! Despite all the flamethrowers being shot off around you, this can be a very productive and enjoyable day. The moon also makes a supportive sextile to Saturn in Libra at midday, which helps keep you mentally focused on details and your schedule. A new longer-term aspect forms now that can affect transportation and communication. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries squares Saturn in Libra, which can be challenging at times, but acts like a quality control supervisor in your life. You may find yourself - and other people - much more concerned with perfection and getting things done correctly the first time around. In your mind, there is no margin for error and no exception to your rules. Notice that I said "your rules." The challenge in this square is that what you consider to be the rules and what someone else considers to be the rules can be two different things. Everyone is convinced their way is the best and only way for everyone. It could take real effort for people to listen, share, and cooperate while this aspect is in effect. The passionate, creative Leo moon gets dramatic this afternoon when it forms an opposition to Venus in cool Aquarius and melodramatic when it forms a quincunx to temperamental Mars in Pisces. Unrequited love, a lover's spat, or feeling thwarted from attaining something you have been strongly desiring or pursuing are possible outward manifestations of these aspects. The sun parallel Uranus and the moon contra-parallel Neptune tonight indicate a mix of repelling, separating energy and romantic longing. When combined with the moon/Venus opposition, it could be that one half of a partnership is in pursuit while the other half is wanting some space and independence now. The earlier enthusiasm of the day may be gone and now you could be feeling somewhat ornery and spent, but still keyed up. Some physical exercise, team sports, or competition can burn off friction and restlessness.

Confusion and lack of clear direction can start your day on Thursday, March 17th, as the moon in the fixed fire sign of Leo forms a quincunx to the sun in the mutable water sign of Pisces conjunct electrical Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Water, fire, and electricity don't exactly mix well, so it is likely that this quincunx is more difficult than supportive. Most likely, the Leo moon is still wanting to believe it can have what it wants, but it just can't see how to go about getting it - at least not as quickly as it would like! The moon in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius at lunchtime makes you feel like your dreams or desires are impossible to fulfill. A cooling of the emotions happens later this evening when the moon leaves the fixed fire sign of Leo and enters the mutable earth sign of Virgo. Although the challenging lunar aspects to Uranus and Neptune are still in place, you are able to step back and consider things from a more detached and practical perspective. Later tonight, another yoke lifts as the quincunx between Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Libra leaves. Even a positive Saturn aspect adds a weight to another planet's energy. Now Mars in Pisces can operate more freely. Pisces and its planetary ruler, Neptune, rule drugs and alcohol. Today is St. Patrick's Day, which for some people is a very big party day. Now that the restrictive influence of Saturn has eased up on Mars in Pisces, it is possible that drinking can get out of hand at St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The other aspects today indicate a possibility for poor thinking, misjudgment, and overindulgence. Mind your Ps & Qs (pints and quarts) and please do not drink and drive.

Will you be hungover on Friday, March 18th, or will you be one of those without much pity for those who are hungover? The moon in Virgo quincunx to Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries can literally translate to critical examination of a big head, among other possibilities. I do hope you are not moaning, "What was I thinking!" as you hold an aching head this morning. The ironic synchronicity of astrology always makes me laugh and also makes me wonder why more people don't use it to plan ahead. If you knew the planets could make the aftereffects of a night of partying feel worse than usual the next day, you could modify your night for a better day after. Beyond drinking and hangovers, today's aspects support examining your big ideas and checking on your personal growth and self-improvement. Virgo is all about details, facts, lists, and methods. It's time to sort and tidy anything that is spilling over the edges. This afternoon, the moon in Virgo forms a weak semi-sextile to Saturn in Libra, which simply enhances the whole beautification, balance, and order impulse. Some emotional challenge arises in the early evening when the moon in Virgo opposes Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces is not energy that can be sorted or contained - it is spontaneous, creative, sloppy, and diffuse. If you live with other people, this aspect may create friction between one who wants to get things neat and safe and another who could care less or can't seem to get emotionally pulled-together. Later this evening, the moon in fussy Virgo quincunx Venus in analytical Aquarius could bring the friction to a point of examination, discussion, and solution in an almost clinically cool way where the practical supersedes the personal. The full moon intensity is beginning to build and some of you will be active and analytical today, whereas others will be passive-aggressive or emotionally avoidant, depending on how today's transits interact with your own natal chart.

Aren't you glad the full moon in Virgo is on Saturday, March 19th, instead of a weekday? Instead of dealing with work issues with today's intense energy and aspects, you can divert the energy to spring cleaning. Today's full moon in the mutable earth sign of Virgo opposes the sun conjunct Uranus in Pisces. How to take scattered inspirations or fragmented aspects of your life and distill them into practical purpose and a plan? Form follows function. Some of the how may come to you via the moon in Virgo quincunx Neptune in Aquarius, which melds invention with spirituality and makes things impossible seem attainable. Mercury, the planet of speech and communication, conjunct Jupiter in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. People may not be listening well while the full moon has them focused on their emotional world and the task of pulling themselves together. Now is not a good time to present your own ideas or take too opinionated a stance when talking to others. Later this afternoon, the moon leaves the mutable earth sign of discerning Virgo and enters the cardinal air sign of diplomatic Libra. By bedtime, the full moon intensity begins to subside and a quiet quincunx between the Libra moon and Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Chiron in Pisces has romantic overtones that encourage reconnecting with your partner. Now that the full moon irritation has decreased, you find it easy to forgive others any sleights or outbursts the full moon may have precipitated.

One potent energy pattern dominates Sunday, March 20th, as the moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra joins Saturn in Libra and opposes Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries. When taken together, the moon conjunct Saturn in the sign of relationships can mean serious emotions and Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the sign of the individual can mean expansive thoughts. Mars in Pisces forms a mild semi-sextile to Mercury and Jupiter, putting some extra action behind the Aries impulse to make things happen. Misunderstandings or differences of opinions, especially between couples, are possible all day while this opposition is in effect. One person may want to break some new ground, take risks, or assert some independence while the other may be reserved, cautious, indecisive, or too concerned with image or appearances to make any bold moves. Internal conflict within yourself is possible as well as feeling torn between watching, waiting, and maintaining an emotional equilibrium or chasing after something new or big. The pendulum may swing in the direction of new beginnings and expansion as the sun shifts from the vague mutable water sign of Pisces to the headstrong cardinal fire sign of Aries. Spring has arrived! A lovely trine between the moon in Libra and Venus in Aquarius very late this evening and a quincunx between the moon and Mars in Pisces indicate there will be a meeting of the minds and emotions between couples who may have been at odds, followed by some physical reconnection, too. The week ends on an upswing of anticipation and hope.

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